By Wonder Mike

It had been a week since their encounter. Andie still had the model pyramid.
Jen was asking for t back every day.

Joey had been keeping to herself. Andie and Jen assumed she was embarrassed
by what had happened.

Andie and Jen had become good friends, it had worked out better than Jen had
planned. Everytime Andie and Pacey went out. They invited her and Dawson. She
would win him back.

A couple of days went by and Joey called Andie and Jen. She had something to
show them. They would meet on Saturday. She told Jen to bring her pyramid.

The day came Jen was the most excited of them all. She was truly Bi, the
other 2 were just learning. She would convert them to her way of thinking.

Jen and Andie arrived together, The first thing they did was look around for
Joey's sister. They were alone.

Jen took the initiative and told Joey she wanted to show her some more tricks
that she had learned. Joey had something she wanted to show them too.

Jen started with Joey. She thought she would be the easiest to convert.

She laid her on the couch and pulled off her jeans. Joey pulled off her
shirt. Jen called Andie over, they each took one of Joey's breast in their
hands. They rolled her nipples, then they each stuffed their mouths with

Joey started a slow moan. Her tits were really sensitive and her nipple were
hard. Jen reached down and began to rub Joey's pussy, she was surprised to
see that Joey had shaved. She had to taste it.

Jen got on her knees in front of Joey and slipped her tongue into her pussy.
Joey immediately raised her hips and grabbed Jen by her short blonde hair.
She forced Jen's tongue deeper into her cunt. She ordered her to eat her.

Andie had stripped completely, she was on the couch next to Joey with her
legs spread. She pulled Jen by the hair over to her. Jen stuck out her tongue
and stuck it into Andie.

Andie began to gasp for breath, Jen began to shake her head from side to side
with her tongue inside of Andie. Andie let out a scream. She tried to shove
Jen's whole head inside of her. Jen Couldn't breath and pulled away, she
didn't want Andie to come yet anyway.

Jen went back to Joey and slid three fingers into her box. Joey was screaming
now. Jen didn't know if she should stop or not, she didn't want anyone to
hear what was going on, she was already an outcast. She especially didn't
want Dawson to hear and find out about them. She wanted to involve him later.

Jen put her free hand around Joey's throat. She started to slowly choke her
as she buried her fingers into her bush. That quieted the screaming but it
also pushed Joey over the edge. Jen buried her tongue deeper into Joey, the
juices began to flow.

Joey's legs began to shake. She than wrapped them around Jen's head and
squeezed. Joey's juices covered Jen's face with a shiny glow, Joey tried to
stand but her legs would not cooperate.

Jen told Andie to give her the pyramid she was hot and ready for anything.
She snatched the model from Andie and shoved it hard and fast into her cunt.
It was made of ivory and slid easily in and out.

Jen spread her legs as wide apart as she could and shoved the pyramid with
both hands in and out. She managed to bury the whole thing deep inside of
her. She then sat the pyramid on the couch and sat on it.

Jen kept her feet on the floor and bent over the object. She began to slam
her cunt down on it harder and harder until she took it all. She then but her
knees on the couch to see if she could bury it even further.

Jen was jumping up and down on the pyramid. Andie stood in front of her so
Jen could hold on to her and fuck it harder. It just wasn't enough for Jen

She climbed of the pyramid and laid on her back. She spread her legs and
turned it upside down. She placed the base of the Object against her cunt
and began to push. She shoved and shoved, but couldn't get it in. She cried
for Andie to help her.

Andie placed both hands on the bottom of the pyramid and shoved. It finally
went in. That was all the help Jen needed. She screamed in pleasure. Their
was no doubt in her mind that everyone in the neighborhood heard her, and she
didn't care.

She grabbed the pyramid by the tip and began to ram it in and out, There
was no stopping her now. The pyramid was a blur as Jen worked herself into a
frenzy. It didn't take her long to cum and leave it covered with her juices.

Andie was hot, bothered and ready for her turn. She laid on the couch and
spread her legs. She yelled for Jen to take care of her. Jen was in no shape
to help her though. Andie pulled the pyramid from Jen's cunt and was ready
to slam it into her cunt. Joey stopped her though.

Joey told Andie she had been working on something in art class She had been
inspired by Jen's pyramid. She made a piece of useful art.

They went to Joey's bedroom. She told Andie to cover her eyes, Andie did as
she was told. Joey went into the closet.

When she pulled it out Andie heard Jen laugh. She wanted to look but Joey
told her to wait. She dragged it over to the bed and laid it down. They moved
Andie in front of the bed and told her to look.

Andie gave Joey an ovation. Joey had created a statue. She said she was
inspired by the nude painting she had done. It was a replica of Andie's
brother Jack, but it was exaggerated in on area. Joey told them she finished
it at home.

The statue was about six feet tall, between his legs was a cock 16 inches
long and about 9 in diameter made out of ivory. Joey told her she hadn't
tried it yet, and since it was based on Jack Andie should take the opening

Jack was laying on his back with the giant cock standing straight up. Andie
straddle the monster and slowly began to work her way down. It was as thick
as the pyramid base, but it was longer.

Andie made it two-thirds of the way down and started to raise up. Joey would
have none of that. She grabbed Andie's shoulders and shoved her all the way
down on it.

Andie Screamed at the top of her lung. Jen joined the two girls. She and Joey
grabbed Andie under the arm pits and began to lift her up. They got her to
the tip of the cock, then they shoved her back down again.

They repeated this a couple of times until Andie started to ride the monster
on his own. She began to move faster and faster. She placed her hands on her
friends shoulders.

Andie was now easily able to handle all of the statue. She shoved it all the
way in and then began to rub her cunt in a circle on Jack.

She was gasping for breath now, She then began to bounce up and down even
faster now.

She was riding Jack so hard, the bun in her hair came loose and her hair
was flying wildly. She placed her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming.

She fucked the statue for 10 minutes, she could take no more and climaxed all
over Jack, She then slumped over face to face with her "brother." She slowly
raised her head and said "Same time next week."



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