This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Dawson's Creek: Lessons In Art (m+f,oral,anal,inter,rape,viol,ws)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Maybe if I wasn't spoiled rich kid I might feel bad for doing this," Matt
Caulfield said aloud to himself as he covered the mural Joey Potter had
painted for the school with spray paint. "Nah, there isn't anything for me
to feel sorry about."

Matt laughed as he spent the next few minutes completely destroying the
painting. When he felt he had done enough damage to upset Joey he wiped his
fingerprints from the spray paint can and left it there to be found with the
ruined mural. He ducked into the hall and around the corner as Joey and Pacey
came walking from the other end of the hall. Matt waited by the corner for a
few minutes as the two of them walked into the room. He laughed again when he
heard Joey scream. With a grin on his face Matt returned to the cafeteria to
eat lunch with his friends.

* * *

Pacey swore to Joey that he'd find out who ruined her mural and after several
days of asking around he couldn't find anyone who knew for sure who destroyed
her painting. One name kept popping up though; Matt Caulfield. He was a
snotty rich kid who nobody liked except for the other rich kids and he drove
a new model BMW that his parents bought him for his birthday. He was the type
of kid who thought he was entitled to everything and could do as he pleased.
Since it was Friday Pacey wanted to confront him before the weekend so he
could know for sure either way. He barely caught up to Matt in time getting
to him before he got into his car and drove off for the weekend.

"Hey Matt wait up!" Pacey shouted trying to get to the BMW before the car
door closed.

"What do you want Pacey?" Matt grumbled annoyed by the delay.

"Everyone I talk to says you're the one who destroyed Joey's painting."


"Did you do it?"

"No, why would I?"

"Because you think you can get away with it."

"Look," Matt said getting out of his car. "Even if I did and confessed to it
you have no proof that I was the one who destroyed it."

"Maybe not," Pacey replied gritting his teeth, "but I could make your life a
living hell."

"Are you threatening me?" Matt laughed.

"Did you destroy Joey's mural?"

"Yes I did. What are you going to do about it?"

Without a word Pacey threw the first punch landing squarely on Matt's nose.

"You little bastard! You broke my nose!" Matt screamed holding his face.

"You deserved it you rich asshole."

"Fuck you Pacey!" Matt threw a punch at Pacey who sidestepped it and

Matt grimaced in pain as he felt a hard blow to his ribcage. As Pacey reached
back to punch him again Matt threw an elbow and connected with Pacey's face.
Matt then punched Pacey in the stomach knocking the air out of him. He
grabbed Pacey by the shirt and flung him into the side of his BMW. There was
a loud thud of body hitting car and a deep dent was left behind. As Pacey
laid sprawled out in the parking lot coughing and wheezing Matt walked up to
him and started kicking him. Pacey got partially stuck underneath the
expensive car as Matt's feet continued to pound his body. A quick foot to the
face bloodied Pacey's nose nearly breaking it. Matt got ultra-violent and
angry at Pacey kicking his jaw several times trying to breaking it. He nearly
did before he felt a hand grab his shoulder and yank him backwards.

"Caulfied, Witter! Stop it right now!" Principal Green shouted as he got
between the two boys. "I hope you have a good explanation for this Mr.

"Ask Pacey, he threw the first punch!"

"He's the one who destroyed Joey's mural!" Pacey grimaced as he pulled his
beaten body up.

"I did not!" Matt shouted in defense.

"Mr. Caulfield one of the janitors saw you leaving the art room right before
Ms. Potter found her painting destroyed. You're expelled for the rest of the
year unless you think you have room to take it up with the school board.
Pacey you're suspended for a week."

"This is bullshit! You can't expel me! School's over!"

"You're still on school grounds and the rules still apply. The mural is
school property which you've destroyed and you've also been fighting. I've
had it with your antics and am expelling you. Go home."

"You son of a bitch!" Matt shouted glaring at Pacey and Principal Green as
he got into his car and drove off in anger.

* * *

Matt was furious. He was extremely pissed off and felt the urge to destroy
something. As he stormed around his room he was struck by an idea. Instead
of destroying something he decided to get something instead. Matt decided he
wanted his revenge and to get it on none other than Joey. It was her damn
mural he destroyed and her damn friend that got him expelled from school.
Matt picked up his phone and called his friend Ricky.


"Hey Ricky it's Matt."

"Damn dude I hear you got expelled from school. Something about getting
caught destroying Potter's painting I think."

"Yeah some fucking janitor saw me leaving the room and ratted on me. And then
Pacey started a fight that I got into trouble for."

"You want to go vandalize their houses or something?"

"No, I've got something much better in mind. I'm going to need your van to
teach Joey a lesson. You want to come along?"

"Damn straight I do. I've been waiting to smack Potter around. I don't like

"Good, bring your brother Nick along too if you want. Tonight for she'll be
at the library with her partner working on a history project that our class
is doing from about eight until nine. When she leaves we'll grab her and
take her to my family's cabin outside of town and show her a good time. I'm
going to bring my video recorder along and I'm sure Joey wouldn't want any
embarrassing video getting out. Are Louis and Steve back in town yet?"

"Just got back today actually."

"Good. That bitch needs a couple of massive black cocks too. See if they want
to come."

"You know they'll be coming Matt."

"That's what I'm counting on. Pick us up so we're at the library by seven

"Will do."

"Let the games begin then."

* * *

Joey had been relieved to hear that they found out who destroyed her mural;
though she wished Pacey hadn't gotten into a fight and been suspended in the
process. Even so she was happy that Matt was gone for the rest of the year.

Joey had told Pacey that she'd go with him to a late movie, but that she
needed to spend at least an hour to finish digging up some research for her
history project. She wasn't completely finished with gathering material, but
the library was fixing to close at nine as it did every Friday.

Joey gathered up her things and put them in her backpack. She left the
library and started down the sidewalk back home. As Joey walked she didn't
see the dark brown van with unlit headlights cloaked by the night sky inch
closer and closer to her. She didn't realize it was there until too late.
The van door swung open and a strong hand grabbed her shirt and flung her
inside. Joey moaned in pain as her face smacked into the window of the van.
She tried to sit up as the door shut and the van sped off, but was knocked
back down by a fist to the cheek.

Joey heard a number of male voices start laughing, as she finally was able to
sit up. After a moment of regaining her bearings she looked around bewildered
at the situation she was in. There was the driver and passenger seats up
front and a bench seat in the back, but the middle of the van had been
emptied out where she sat on the floorboard. She instantly recognized her
captors as Matt and a bunch of his friends. This was Ricky's van and he was
driving while his brother Nick also sat in front with Matt, Louis, and Steve
in the back.

"You ok Joey? You seem a little uncomfortable," Matt snidely remarked.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!?" Joey demanded acting tough.

"Shut the fuck up and listen you little cunt," Matt scowled his face suddenly
turning angry. "You and that bitch Pacey are the reason why I got kicked out
of school, and now it's time for some payback."

"It's your damn fault Matt! If you hadn't destroyed my mural none of this
would have happened!"

"Shut up bitch!" Matt screamed planting a foot in Joey's chest flinging her
into the side of the van.

"Watch it!" Ricky screamed from up front. "Don't be breaking shit unless you
want to pay for it!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Matt screamed back. "If anything gets damaged you know
Doug will fix it!"

"You won't get away with this!" Joey grumbled rubbing her chest as she sat

"I won't? Am I hearing you right? Did you just say I won't?" Matt asked in
feigned shock.

"I don't care how rich you are and how much you think you can get away with,
but you didn't get away with destroying my painting and you won't get away
with this."

"I won't will I?" Matt laughed. "The funny thing is," he said as he removed
a video camera from behind the back seat and turned it on handing it to Nick,
"a good many rapes don't get reported because often times the victims feel
embarrassed that it happened, that they did something to bring it on
themselves. Now while I have no doubt that you're not one of these types and
that you'd turn us in the first chance you got, technology makes it quite
simple for us to get away with this. Given a little time all of our faces and
voices will be edited out of the video and there'll be no way to identify us.
Now I guess you're wondering why make a video at all and the answer to that
is because if you decide to run your mouth we'll release it to the public. If
you still decide to talk well then... let's just say I can make you
disappear. Do we understand?"

Joey glared at Matt defiantly make no move and giving no answer. Matt grabbed
Joey by the throat and pinned her to the van floor. After several seconds of
no air and Matt's tight grip around her neck Joey began to flail her arms and
gasp for air. Matt smile widely as he reached behind him and Nick placed an
eight-inch hunting knife in his hand. Nick then got a close up of Joey's face
as her expression changed.

"Listen to me Potter, I'll keep this simple. When I said I can make you
disappear I meant it and I will do it. See the thing you and too many other
people refuse to recognize is that some people are just better than others
are. Take a close look at us. What do we have that you and your friends
don't? Money, pride, social stature. We're upper class, you're not. We will
never have to work menial bullshit jobs like you and your parents. We've got
it made and can do whatever we want whenever we want and there's not a
goddamn thing you or anyone else can do about it. Sure you and Pacey may have
gotten me kicked out of school for a year, at least until the schoolboard
hearing anyway, but so what? What is that going to matter in the long run?
Absolutely nothing. As for this weekend," Matt said his voice trailing off as
he waved the hunting knife in front of Joey sliding it across the chest and
stomach of her shirt. Joey's eyes bulged wide as Matt played with the knife.
"You're ours you white trash whore."

Joey screamed as Matt slide the knife under her shirt and starting cutting
towards her face. Steve sat down next to the couple and slapped Joey once
before covering her mouth with his hand. He screamed once jerking his hand
away as Joey bite it hard. Steve rubbed his hand momentarily before picking
Joey up by the hair and slamming her head into the floorboard.

"Fucking bitch, if you didn't scream I wouldn't have had to do that," Steve
grumbled. As Matt cut the last part of the shirt he ripped it and Joey's bra
from her body. He then pinched Joey's left nipple and pulled up placing the
knife at the base.

"Would you like me to cut your nipple off, or perhaps something a little
more painful?" Matt asked shaking his head and letting out a sigh. Joey's
fear soaked face shook no. "Good. Now please please please listen to me
Potter and listen carefully. I have no plans for you to be severely hurt
or maimed, but if you keep fighting like this then I'll be forced to do
something. Understand?" Joey shook her head yes. Matt grabbed a small
pinch of her long brown hair and cut it off with the knife. "Good. Just
remember I'm not playing games here."

Joey's body trembled in fear as Matt cut the sides of her pants open with
the knife and tore them away. As her panties came off Joey tried to cover
her nude body up from the peering eyes, but Matt would have none of it. Then
he blindfolded her with her own shirt and turned her onto her stomach. Matt
grabbed Joey's arms placing them behind her tying them together with a small
piece of telephone wire he had sitting behind the back seat. Joey laid still
and panic filled her body as the car trip continued on and she listened to
the boys chat and whoop it up about what they were going to do with her.

* * *

Matt looked down at his watch as they pulled up to his parents' cabin. It was
almost eleven. Joey heard the van door swing open and everyone climbed out.
Then she felt a pair of hands grab her by the ankles and yank her out of the
van. She let a small cry of pain when she landed on pine cones and rocks.
Still blindfolded with her hands bound she couldn't tell where she was or
where she was going as another set of hands grabbed her this time her arms.
Matt and company were quiet as they lead Joey into the cabin and into a room
where she was thrown onto a bed still bound and gagged.

The door to the room slammed shut and Joey laid on the bed quietly shivering
from fear and anxiety. She could here Matt and his friends through the door,
and though she couldn't specifically make out anything she could tell they
were definitely acting raucous and exuberant. Several minutes later Joey
heard the door open and the boys walk into the room. She felt a pair of hands
fumble for a few minutes with the wire binding her wrists together before
removing it. Seconds later the blindfold was removed as well. Joey slowly sat
up in bed surveying the situation. Everyone was nude gathered together in the
bedroom. Matt was standing at the foot of the bed with a deviant smile and
his four friends were lined up parallel to him. The video recorder Nick had
been playing with in the van was sitting on a dresser across from the bed.

"What do you want?" Joey pouted her voice wavering.

"Shut up," Matt calmly replied climbing onto the bed crawling towards Joey.

As Matt reached for Joey's legs she instinctively went into defense mode and
tried to fight off Matt. His face flared with anger and her punched her in
the stomach knocking the wind out of her. He signaled for the others and they
quickly converged onto Joey surrounding her. Louis and Steve each took one of
her arms and Nick and Ricky took her legs. Within minutes Joey found herself
spread-eagled and bound by more telephone wire to the bed's four posts.

Joey squirmed and pouted as Matt roughly grabbed her breasts squeezing them
hard in his hands. She cried out as he dug his nails into her flesh. Joey
peered through her tired teary eyes and the four guys were standing back
waiting their turns. She gagged and moaned as she felt Matt's lips wrap
around her left nipple and lick the tip. Joey couldn't help but feel her
nipple get hard as Matt continued suck and lick on it. Matt then switched to
her right tit and began to tongue it. His wetness on her nipple had the same
effect as before. It made it nice and hard which disappointed Matt. He sat up
for a moment and stared down at Joey.

"Please tell me you're not liking this slut?" Matt said to Joey.

"No... no I'm not. I can't help it. My nipples get easily aroused. I want
you to go away and leave me alone," Joey pleaded. "I'm sorry about school,
just don't do this. I'll talk to the Principal Green or the school board or
whoever to get you back in. Please don't do this."

"Do you mean that?" Matt asked with a half-cocked grin.

"Yes I do! I swear!"

"Good then. Some fun can definitely be had then," Matt replied as his face
disappeared between Potter's legs.

"Please god no don't!"

"Ricky get her to shut up."

"No problem."

"Stop! Please stop!" Joey begged as Ricky started towards the bed his dick
swinging between his legs.

Joey's eyes suddenly filled with tears and they started running down her face
as Ricky pushed his cock between her lips into her mouth. At the same time
Matt began to slide his tongue up and down her slit savoring her slut juices
in his mouth. Joey had a nice trim bush, which pleased Matt. It wasn't too
bushy and it wasn't bald either. Matt stretched Joey's pussy wide open
dipping his tongue into her now gaping and wee bit painful cunt.

As his tongue continued to dive inside and lap up her cream Matt decided he
want to check on something. He slid a finger into Joey's twat as he continued
to eat her out. Farther and farther her pushed inside until he found what he
was looking for. At that exact moment Joey's eyes bulged wide open as she
felt Matt's curious finger find its mark. She was in no position to fight
though. Her extremities were bound with wire to the four corners of the bed
and her mouth was stuffed full with Ricky's prick. Joey wasn't sure how big
she was expecting it to be, but it was bigger than she thought it would be
and Ricky's balls slapped against her chin every time he thrust his hips into
her face. Joey gagged several times as his cock head pushed into her throat.

"Hey Ricky get your dick out of Joey's mouth for a moment will you?"

"Sure what's up?"

Joey cried out and screamed as Matt's dick punched through her hymen breaking

"Nothing, I just wanted to hear the bitch scream. You can get back to work if
you like."

"In a minute," Ricky said climbing off of Joey and the bed. "I want to try
something tighter in a moment."

"I completely understand," Matt laughed as fucked Joey's newly deflowered
pussy. "This little cunt's got a nice tight twat you might want to try when
I'm done. In the meantime anybody feel free to stuff her mouth again and get
nice and lathered up."

Joey didn't have any time to cry or whimper from the pain as Nick quickly
took up the calling and forced his dick into her mouth. She felt degraded
and hurt as Matt and now Nick violated her. Joey had indeed been a virgin
up until tonight and they weren't lying when they said the first time hurt.
Unfortunately for her she wasn't losing her virginity to someone who loved
her and wanted to make it as easy and painless as possible. She was being
screwed over by someone who loathed her. Matt wasn't taking it easy on Joey
by any stretch of the imagination. His hands were firmly placed around her
hips with his nails digging into her skin. His balls bounced off of her ass
each time he knifed himself deep into her pussy.

Joey so desperately wanted the ordeal to be over and soon it was, but not
in the way she had hoped. In the blink of an eye absolute horror and panic
filled her body. Joey began to scream desperately even if she was muffled by
Nick's throbbing dick. Matt gasped loudly squeezing down even harder into
Joey's hips as his dick exploded shooting white streams of his hot cum into
her womb. Dripping from his peehole Matt pulled out after shooting three and
a half large loads of jism into Joey's belly. Matt crawled around the bed to
the side Potter's head was on. There as Nick continued to fuck her mouth Matt
slapped his dick into Joey's forehead wiping his excess semen in her hair and
on her face.

Joey filled with desperation as her situation worsened. Her arms and legs
were quickly cut free from their binding and her twat was quickly filled by
Ricky who now had the tight fit he wanted. Ricky could feel Matt's semen
inside of Joey, but he didn't care. He just wanted desperately to fuck with
Joey bad and get off on it. Joey started to cry heavily as Nick's cock
throbbed and pulsed in her mouth while Ricky followed up Matt's violation of
her with his own.

Ricky was perhaps a little more rough with Joey pushing and grinding his
groin into hers every time his erect penis dove back inside her moist dark
hole. Even when his scrotum was leaning against Joey's ass Ricky continued
to push and force himself inside of her until he was determined he was
completely bottomed out in her. Then for his own twisted pleasure he dragged
his fingernails down Joey's chest and stomach scratching her deeply. The
first time Ricky did that Joey nearly bit Nick's penis as she screamed out
in pain. Rather than glare at Ricky for causing Joey to do that Nick glared
at her before slapping her face with his hands. Satisfied with his own
induced Joey scream and the handprints still visible on her face Nick plunged
his member back into her mouth.

After what seemed like an eternity of Ricky pumping himself into her Joey
felt his prick start to throb and shake. She felt sick as he started to come
inside her his semen filling her womb and mixing Matt's. Joey finally felt
Ricky shrink down and pull out, as his orgasm subsided, but that was little
distraction from the bulbous prick still shoving into her mouth. Joey's eyes
filled with a confused terror as Louis and Steve started towards her. What
came next was a shot of the worst and most uncomfortable humiliation that
Joey had ever felt.

Louis and Steve took their place on each side of Joey's head as Nick pulled
out once more. The three boys surrounding her smiled as her eyes were held
wide open by Louis and Steve. Joey flinched and tried to shut her eyes as she
felt a shot of Nick's cum strike her in the left eye. Then a shot of jism
struck her in the right eye. Joey began to violently squirm as Nick switched
from one eye to the next coming directly into them until he emptied his load
out. The five friends laughed as Joey wiped Nick's semen from her eyes only
to smear the mess all over her face.

"You dumb fucking cum slut, don't you dare clean Nick's cum from your face!
Wipe your hands in your hair and don't make another fucking move until I say

Joey slowly complied looking down at the bed as she did so. Then as she
finished she felt a hand lift up her chin. She looked into the face of Louis
who smile at her. Without warning his hand came across Joey's face and she
fell back yelping. Louis grabbed Joey's side and flipped her onto her

"Oh god no! Please no!" Joey pleaded as Louis grabbed each of her ass cheeks
and spread them apart exposing her anus. Joey cried and murmured to herself
as she felt his tongue slid in and out of her ass crack occasionally pushing

"So tell me Joey," Louis sneered as he licked inside her asshole a few
minutes more before pushing the tip of his finger inside. "We know you're no
longer a vaginal virgin, but are you an anal virgin?"

"Please don't do this," Joey pouted as more of Louis' finger pushed into her

"Answer my god damn question!" He screamed yanking his finger from her butt
before punching her squarely in the back between the shoulder blades. Potter
screamed out in pain and Louis punched her in the back a second time.
"Fucking answer me now or I'll do this all weekend!"

"Yes I am!" Joey cried out, "Nobody's ever fucked me in the ass!"

"Good, that's all I wanted to hear," Louis replied placing the tip of his
cockhead near Joey's anus. She screamed again as her butthole stretched
painfully to accommodate the invader.

"Tell me Potter how does it feel to have an eight inch black dick in your
ass?" Matt taunted her.

"It hurts!"

"Good, it's supposed to. Steve get in there and help your brother out. Make
this whore really hurt."

"I thought you'd never ask," Steve replied wickedly as he climbed onto the
bed with Louis and Joey.

"Hey Joey I want you in a second to tell me how much two black eight inch
cocks feel in your ass ok feel?" Joey's lips quivered and fear shone greatly
in her eyes as she was pushed off the bed and looked at Louis as she got up.
Louis laughed hysterically as he and Potter looked at each other.

"Hey man when can I?" Nick whispered to Matt.

"You're a fucking weirdo you know that?" Matt replied shaking his head as he
watched Louis lay down on the bed ordering Joey around.

"Fuck you man, I'm not going to get off on it. I just want to leave my mark
so to speak."

"Alright fine. When Louis and Steve get done with Potter take her to the
bathroom and throw her in the tub before you do it ok? And get it on camera
while you're at it."

Nick and Louis' attention were quickly turned back to Joey, Louis, and Steve
as Joey let out a blood curdling scream of pain. Smashed between the two
black teens Joey's sphincter painfully stretched and tore beyond it's normal
size as the two large cocks forced themselves inside. Louis and Steve
grimaced showing an uncomforted look at the tight fit, but Potter's pain was
more than worth it to them and they continued on. Joey's ass turned red and
tears flowed freely down her face as the two thick eight inch cocks ripped
their way in and out of her tiny backside opening. It felt to Joey like ever
muscle around her hips and buttocks were being torn apart. Louis and Steve
continued to pump their pricks into Joey's ass even as it started to bleed
and her screams of agony continued.

The two brothers butchered Potter's butt fucking it relentlessly without slow
down. Behind her cries Joey desperately wondered if they would ever come and
end her anal misery. After nearly half an hour of interrupted sex Joey would
have felt Louis and Steve finally come filling her butthole with their seed.
Instead though the last thing she remember was Matt standing over her face
again scowling.

"Stop fucking crying!" He shouted before punching her in the mouth.

Hurting and humiliated Joey pulled herself into a sitting position after
waking up in a bathtub. She tried wiping the now crusty semen from her eyes
and became startled and scared when she heard Nick's voice.

"Good to see you finally woke up Joey," Nick said.

"Can I just go home now please?" Joey begged. "I'm sorry Matt got kicked out
of school. I won't say anything to anyone I swear!"

"Look Potter I have a proposition for you, but the others are outside waiting
for me to hurry up in here so we don't have a lot of time."

"What do you want?"

"How would you like to get your revenge on the others?"

"Leave me alone I just want to go home..."

"This is for real. Yes or no."

"What's taking so long Nick? Hurry up in there!" Matt shouted as he pounded
on the bathroom door.

"I need an answer quick."

"How do I know you won't just tell the others I tried to make a deal with you
and upset them so they can beat and rape me some more?"

"Alright fine forget it," Nick said as he stood up and started towards the
bathroom door.

"Please no! Ok, I'll listen, please don't rape me anymore!" Joey panicked.

"Listen Potter I'm not going to rape you anymore, and I don't have any
regrets about what happened tonight either. I want you for myself and am
offering the chance to at least get back at them. And you'd only be a slave
to one instead of five."

"You'd turn on your own friends, even your brother?"

"I can buy new friends and my family isn't that close to begin with."

"NICK LET'S GO!" Matt shouted pounding on the door again.

"I need an answer now Joey, yes or no."

"Ok fine, you win. What do you need me to do?"

"Nothing for now. I just to need to piss on you so they won't get suspicious
when I leave." Joey immediately shot Nick an incredulously glance. "It was
the only way I could get you alone."

Joey sat in the bathtub looking at the bottom of it and waited. Nick picked
up the video recorder off the top of the toilet and turned it pointing it at
Joey. She flinched momentarily a few seconds later as the first spray of
urine smacked her in the face and rolled down her cheek. Within minutes her
hair became drenched with Nick's pee and it dripped down her body. As the
last bit of urine petered out of his cock Nick set the camera down long
enough to zip up. As Joey began to cry again he squat down next to her.

"Listen carefully Potter. It's nearly two and it's almost a two-hour drive
back into town. Matt's going to leave you here with the idea of leaving you
to take care of yourself. While we're gone take a shower and clean yourself
up. Try to find something in the cabin to wear. I can probably make it back
here in an hour and half, but it'll still be between five and six before I
get back and after eight before we can get back into town. Think of something
to tell your parents about your disappearance and I'll take care of the rest


ENOUGH FOR ME TO PISS ON HER! I'M COMING OUT!" Nick turned his attention
back to Joey and whispered again. "Just do as I say and everything will
work out fine. You'll still be my whorish little slave, but the others
will be punished for tonight. Understand?"

Joey slowly shook her head yes and curled into a fetal position in the tub.
As Nick opened the door to leave Matt stomped in.

"Phew-we!" Matt said loudly. "Something stinks in here!"

"I-I stink. Nick peed on me," Joey muttered.

"Good for Nick then. You're were really starting to smell like a dirty cum
slut with the way you took all the dick you did tonight. Anyway, listen
Potter. Tonight's been peachy, but it's real late and the guys and I have
our own things to do later today so we're heading back to town. However
Ricky's real big on keeping his van neat and clean and since you're covered
in piss and cum he won't allow you inside. Like I said it's been peachy
tonight so take care of yourself bitch and I'll see you at school on Monday."

Joey laid quietly in the tub shivering as she listened to Matt and his
friends make a raucous exit. When she was sure they were gone Joey turned
the shower on and did her best to clean herself up. Clean, but still feeling
humiliated Potter turned the shower off and stepped out. She searched the
cabin looking for a towel to dry off with, but found none. She had to settle
for a roll of paper towels stashed underneath a sink. Clothing was an even
harder find for Joey. Her clothes were virtually destroyed and not wearable
by a long shot and the more she looked around the cabin the more she
realized how bare it was having not been used in awhile.

Joey found a flashlight in the kitchen peeked outside through a window.
About fifty feet away Joey spotted a shed standing in the distance.
Sticking her head out the door she checked for any other presence other
than her own. Finding none she quickly ran naked through the night sky
led by the flashlight. Inside the shed she found old broken tools and
various knick-knacks. About to leave Joey spotted a small chest barely
visible in the dark corner. Inside she was relieved to find several
pairs of overalls. They were big and dusty, but at least she had clothing
on her body. With the baggy overalls on she returned to the cabin in
hopes that Nick was telling the truth about coming back.

* * *

Joey was wakened suddenly by the sound of a vehicle skidding to a halt
sending dirt and rock flying. Outside the cabin she could hear loud voices
talking and she quietly left the bedroom making her way to a window near the
front of the cabin. With the bright Saturday afternoon sun shining overhead
Joey's heart sank when she saw Ricky's van outside and Nick and Matt standing
next to each other talking.

Panicky and welling with fear again Joey stumbled towards the back of the
cabin desperately trying to figure something out. She returned to the bedroom
and locked the door behind her. On the other side of the wall she could hear
Nick and Matt shouting for her daring her to come out. Joey raced to the
bedroom's only window and looked out. Seeing nothing she unlocked it and fell
the six feet to the ground.

She carefully looked around the corner of the house at where the van was
parked and saw nothing. Joey took off in a sprint towards the van and
breathed a heavy sight of relief when she found the van unlocked. She was
even happier when she found the keys still in the ignition. Joey then
started the key and slammed on the gas spinning it around and taking off
the down the road away from the cabin and away from the screams and shouts
of Matt and Nick. Joey started to smile and breathe a sigh of relief as
the main freeway back to town got closer and closer.

Then suddenly her dream turned into a nightmare. A telephone wire came over
her head and dug into her neck. The van swerved as Joey's hands instinctively
left the steering wheel and went to her neck to fight for air.

"Put your hands back on the wheel so we both don't die," a voice commanded
from behind her.

"You fucking bastard!" Joey choked out as she followed Ricky's orders.

"Now turn around and drive back the same way you came."

"Why are you doing this to me?!?" Joey screamed at the top of her lugs while

"You didn't honestly think this was all over did you? That you'd get my
own brother to turn on all of us? You're an even dumber bitch than we all
thought. Tell me, how does your ass feel right now?"

Without warning Joey slammed her foot down on the gas and pointed the van
at a tree on the side of road. Ricky let go of the wire and hurried to the
front where he tried to pull Joey's hands from the wheel. She refused to
let go fighting Ricky all the way and he decided instead to grab her head
and started slamming it into the window. With each hit to the side of her
face Joey's grip on the wheel weakened until she finally let go after Ricky
broke the window with her head.

Dazed she fell back in the seat letting go of the steering wheel and dropping
her foot off the gas. As the van slowed to a crawl Ricky pulled it off to the
side of the road and put it park. He moved Joey to back where he tore the
overalls off her body and hog tired her with more telephone wire.

"You stupid fucking bitch!" He screamed punching her in the back. "You broke
my fucking window and now you're bleeding in my van! God damn you're going to
fucking regret every crossing any of us!"

Nick punched her in the back for good measure. Racked by pain in her body
from her back and from the cut on her head Joey started to cry silently as
the van started moving again. Minutes later it came to a stop and the door
swung open with Matt and Nick standing on the other side with evil grins on
their face.

"You dumb whore," Matt laughed as he pulled the hog tied Joey from the van
and let her fall to the ground. "You didn't really think you could escape did
you? The deal with Nick, the van conveniently left unlocked with the keys in
the ignition, please. Bring her inside."

With dirt in her eyes and her head still throbbing Joey was slow to get up
as the wires were cut from her wrists and ankles. She was led back inside to
the same bedroom with the same video camera running where she had been raped
the night before.

"Now the only unfortunate thing is," Matt began as walked towards Joey on
the bed as he and the others started to strip, "Louis and Steve had prior
engagements today and aren't able to attend. That doesn't mean we can't
have a could time though."

Joey's body froze in surrender as Matt turned her onto all fours and his
tongue started to feel her snatch up and down. She continued to cry as his
tongue pushed inside her dark wet cavern and began to explore her insides.
With the grin of the evil double-crossing bastard that he was on his face
Nick got on his knees in front of Joey and pushed his cock to her lips. With
little resistance her slipped it into her mouth and she started to suck on
it rolling her tongue up and down its shaft.

Matt meanwhile had inserted two fingers into Joey's pussy and pumped them in
and out as he licked the outer edges of her twat. Ricky took his place next
to his brother and pressed his dick to Joey's face. She took her lips off of
Nick and wrapped them around Ricky. His hands took hold of the back of her
head and really began to pound it into his crotch. Joey sucked on Ricky's
shaft for several minutes tonguing his balls before switching back to Nick
and taking him all in.

As Joey split oral time with the brothers Matt spread her cuntal lips with
his dick and pushed himself all the way inside. She closed her eyes
desperately wishing for this to end and much like yesterday Joey became
somewhat relieved when she felt Matt's cock start to throb nearing orgasm.

"Just a few minutes more," she thought unexcitedly taking dick in her mouth
and cunt.

Just as she knew Matt was about to come she became deflated when he pulled
out. Ricky pulled out of her mouth as well and everyone was ordered off the
bed by Matt. Nick was the first to lay down on the bed and Matt ordered Joey
on top of him. She was slow in taking all of Nick in and Matt helped her out
pushing her down onto him. Seconds after being forced onto Nick's cock Joey
felt her ass being spread open by Matt's cock as he forced it inside.

With a renewed humiliation as Matt and Nick raped her, Joey closed her eyes
and wished something would happen to end all of this. Then it happened.
Another vehicle screeched to a halt in front of the cabin. Joey was praying
that this was somebody other than one of Matt's friends. She gained some
temporary hope as Matt sent Ricky to investigate acting as if he didn't know
what was going on.

Matt and Nick continued to pound her tight, but loosening holes as Ricky
checked on the visitors. He returned a view minutes later and announced the
fun was about to become a whole lot more. Joey was grateful if you could
call it that when Nick finally came his hot white cum squirting deep inside
into her womb. Matt was another story though. He kept thrusting his dick
deep into her poop chute even as she was moved as Nick climbed out from
underneath her. Matt released himself from Potter's ass as his prick started
to throb past his control. He grabbed Joey by the hair and turned her around
in time as his cum started to leap from his dick and splatter her in the
face. When his penis finally died down he grabbed a handful of Joey's hair
and cleaned it off.

"So this dumb whore actually thought she was going to get away," Louis
laughed. Joey's eyes shot open as she heard his voice ignoring the fact that
that Ricky's prick was now slipping and sliding it's way in and out of her
ass. Steve saw Joey's reaction to hearing his brother's voice and his grin
widened as big as possible.

"It's good to see you too Potter. Our engagements this morning got called off
so we thought we stoped by to check on you. By the looks of your face though
it seems you've had desert before dinner. Why don't you have a thick eight
inch steak to go with that?" Steve said dropping his clothes and forcing his
cock into her face.

Back to square one Joey had a new dick in her ass and one in her mouth.
Stretched by Louis and Steve the night before and having just been rammed
minutes ago by Matt Joey's anus wasn't nearly as tight as it was the night
before though it still hurt every time Ricky slammed himself into it. Steve's
dick was another story. She had never had one that big in her mouth and
before last night had never had one in her pussy or asshole and every time
Steve would try to bottom out in her mouth she would gag and almost throw up.

Finally just to punish her Steve slammed Joey's head into his crotch forcing
himself down her throat and as she started to gag and gasp for air as he held
her nose. Joey's body started to heave and she felt again as if she was about
to throw up. Before she had a chance to Steve let go of her nose and she fell
to the bed gasping for air. It was then Ricky pulled himself out of Joey's
rear end and turned her onto her back. As she continued to cough Ricky forced
his dick into her mouth and held her nose as he came. Joey's body began to
work off instinct and she could help but swallow as Ricky's semen dribbled
onto her tongue and down her throat. When he was done and clean Ricky pulled
out of Joey's mouth and climbed off the bed.

Wheezing and coughing Joey laid alone on the bed with three of the boys
having already come. All that remained where Steve and Louis who between the
two of them tore up her anus the night before when they double stuffed it.
Joey started to cry and fight as she was pushed off the bed and Steve climbed
on first. Ricky pushed his thumb into her head wound, which was now a cluster
of crusty blood. Pain shot through Joey's body and she stopped fighting.

With trepidation she climbed onto Steve all eight inches filling her snugly.
The same pain that surged from her butt the night before tore through her
cunt as Louis shoved his cock inside as well. Joey bit her lip with all her
might to keep from crying out and try to get through the pain, but it was no
use. At a stand still having the two thick dicks in her pussy wasn't too
painful, but having the two of them going through the motions of sliding in
and out was too much.

Joey felt as if her pussy was stretching and tearing beyond its limit. The
pain was just as great and she could help but cry out every time the two
blacks thrust back into her. Matt, Ricky, and Nick laughed and taunted her
as Matt himself recorded all the action. He switched between shots of Joey's
pussy being ripped apart and the painful tearful expression on her face.

"Tell me Potter, does your whore cunt feel as bad as your ass did yesterday?"
Matt asked getting a close up of her face. The only sounds he got were of her
crying and the brother's grunting. Matt walked up to her side and pressed his
finger hard into the cut on her head. Joey screamed out violently as he kept
pressing. "Answer my question bitch and I'll stop pressing!" Matt shouted.

"Yes it hurts... It hurts worse..." Joey finally managed to stammer out.

"Good that's all I wanted to hear," he replied punching Joey in the head on
her wound.

She cried out hysterically as the pain from her head shot through her body
eating at her. Joey's arms gave out and she fell forward onto Steve's chest.
He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

"Stop fucking crying already, it's almost over," Steve sneered as he started
to come inside of her.

If she wasn't in such pain and agony then perhaps Joey would have quieted and
tried to wait patiently as Louis started to come in her twat shortly after
Steve did. Joey was in near shock as the brothers pulled their penises from
her swollen cum filled pussy and wiped them clean in her hair. She laid
helplessly on the bed as the five friends started to dress.

"Ricky bury the sheets out in the woods. They won't be any good for us with
the blood on them," Matt ordered. Joey was pushed onto the floor as Ricky
took the sheets off the bed and disappeared outside. "Hey Nick you still have
the overalls Joey was wearing earlier?"


"Give those back to her. Listen Potter. Our time together is done. We won't
bother you anymore if you don't bother us. I don't care what the fuck you
say to your parents or friends or whoever, but if you so much as mentioned
leaving town at all we'll be visiting each other again. You can take a
shower and take the overalls, but that's as generous as I'm going to get
with you. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes," Joey mumbled slowly climbing onto the bed.

"Good, take care then," Matt laughed kissing her on the forehead.

Joey laid on the bed sobbing quietly for nearly half an hour after her
captors left. She wasn't sure if this truly was the end of her ordeal and it
took her quite awhile to pull herself together enough to climb out of bed
and get into the shower. She grabbed the same roll of paper towels she used
earlier and dried herself off. After she had finished drying herself Joey
put the overalls back on and set foot outside. With no bra or panties or
shoes on she set off down the road praying she could reach home without


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