Warning: This story contains sexual situations and adult material. If this kind of stuff isn't for you then read no further. Nuff said.

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Trent found Capeside High School and entered the building. He was in the WB show "Dawson's Creek". He was there for the
two girls Joey Lindley and Jennifer Potter. He located the 15 year old girls and put his plan into motion. Trent was posing as a
substitute teacher and he had both girls in his class.

He made both girls think they'd been in trouble and had detention. After school, they came to the classroom to serve their
detention. They sat on opposite sides of the room and did their homework. There was no love loss between the teenage girls.
They were each competing for the attention of Dawson Leery. Jen was the girlfriend and Joey was the best friend. She secretly
loved Dawson.

Joey was the tough girl tomboy who didn't know how to act like a girl. She was lean and had boyish hips and a straight figure.
She had medium sized breasts and hazel eyes. She had long brown hair that was tied behind her head in a ponytail. She was
cute but she always had a sour look on her face.

Jen was the sultry party girl from New York. She had blonde hair and a full round face. She had blue eyes and pouty lips. She
had wide hips and a curvy, vivacious figure. Jen had large breasts and was a real beauty.

Trent concentrated and Jen looked up at him. She batted her eye lashes at him and pursed her pert lips. He had her full
attention. Jen leaned back in her chair and sunk down. She wore a dress that opened in the front. She raised her skirt above
her knees.

Trent zapped her mind and rewrote her thoughts. Her will was gone and she was his to command. Jen unsnapped her dress
and revealed her bra clad breasts to him. Joey ignored them and kept reading her book. He had instructed her to ignore them.

The dress fell open and her lovely tits were exposed. Jen unclasped the bra front and the cups separated and fell to the sides.
Now her large breasts were bared to him in all their glory. Her tits were creamy white and flawless. They were firm and soft at
the same time. They were perfect twin mounds that were capped with hard pink nipples.

Jen looked at him naughtily and licked her lips slowly. Her cunt was moist and she was aroused. She brought her arms inward
and squeezed her breasts together. This pushed the globes out and made the nipples more pronounced. She cupped each
breast in her hands and lifted them up in offering to Trent. She rolled her nipples between her fingers and tweaked the sensitive

Jen freed her arms and the dress fell to her waist. The bra came off and she was naked from the waist up. She looked very hot
sitting there topless. She knew how to tease a man.

Trent whipped out his massive cock and Jen's mouth watered. She had never seen such a big cock. She wanted it in her mouth.
She got up and walked over to Trent. Her hips swayed from side to side as she slunk toward him. Her dress came off and fell
to the floor, leaving her wearing only a pair of silk panties. She smiled at him seductively and her tits jiggled as she walked.

Trent pulled away from the desk and took his seat to an open area. Jen got down on her knees and crawled between his
muscular legs. She opened her mouth and lowered her head on to his cock. Her tongue swirled around the tip and she took half
his prick into her mouth. He watched as Jen's head bobbed up and down on his cock.

Jen swallowed most of his rod and looked up at him with adoring eyes as she licked his throbbing shaft. She was a good little
cock sucker. He grabbed her by the hair and guided her head up and down on his hard cock. Jen sucked him like a pro.

Trent heard a snort and looked to see Joey staring at them. She was still under his influence but she still had the attitude as well.
She didn't freak out as she watched Jen blow him. He knew that he must've been unconsciously been sending Joey signals and
she responded to him.

"Is that the best you can do!?" Joey asked abrasively. Jen kept sucking. "I thought you were the big New York girl who knew
all about sex," she said in a sarcastic tone. Jen quit sucking and released his cock.

Jennifer was sick of Joey and her big mouth. They had never gotten along and fought constantly. She turned to Joey and
snapped "I suppose you could do better!" "Damn straight I can!" Joey replied.

The truth was that she had never touched or seen a real cock in her life. "Well go ahead and be my guest. Show me what you
got VIRGIN!" Jen shot back. "I will!" Joey yelled. With that, she got up and went over to them. She sat down beside Jen and
glared at her angrily. Jen moved aside and let Joey go to work. Joey wrapped her hand around his peins and started pumping
her fist up and down the shaft.

Trent was surprised by her actions. What Joey did was totally unexpectd. Just to spite the other girl, she was going to suck her
first cock. Joey meant to win this competition. The blonde bimbo wasn't going to win again.

She ovalled her mouth and lowered her head. His cock head slipped into her mouth. She paid no attention to Trent as she
scowled at Jen. She had seen Jen suck so she knew what to do. His penis stretched her mouth and her jaw ached. She gagged
as she drew more of the pole into her mouth. His meat reached the back of her throat.

She had to relax her facial muscles to accomodate his cock. Trent watched as the girl's head bobbed up and down in his lap.
Joey licked his cock and fondled his balls with her hand. Her cheeks hollowed as she blew him. She soon got the gist of

Joey didn't really pay attention to his cock. She never thought about what she was doing. She was consumed with the need to
best Jen at something. That was all that mattered to her. Joey was going to do whatever she had to in order to beat Jen.

The kid sucked and licked his cock the best she could. Joey had talent and she would make an excellent cock sucker. Trent
suddenly saw her head lower into his groin and he realized that she had deep throated his cock. Joey had ten inches of cock
down her throat.

It hurt like hell but she swallowed his entire length. Not even Jen had done that. She was truly amazing. Trent groaned and
came in the youngster's mouth.

Joey was startled by the sperm that flooded her mouth. But she qucikly saw it as the chance to win the contest. Joey started
gulping greedily and ate all of his cum. Trent gave her a heavy dose of his seed. She swallowed every drop he gave her. She
soon had a belly full of cum.

His cock exited her mouth with a loud pop and she wiped her lips with the back of her hand. "MMMMM! That was
goooddd!" she said so that Jen heard her. She sneered smuggly at Jen. "I'm impressed," Jen remarked in surprise. "I guess you
really are a cock sucker." "Damn straight!" Joey snapped.

She got up and went back to her desk. Jen had been rubbing her crotch while Joey had sucked Trent and she was very
aroused and needed to be fucked. Trent sat in silence. He couldn't get over these two girls. They had to out do each other at
every turn. Joey had just given her first blow job, eaten his cum, and she didn't think twice about it. These girls were unique.

Trent took off his clothes and stood naked before the girls, his cock bouncing in the air. Both girls stared at his erect cock and
salivated as it twitched up and down. Jen sat on his desk and put her feet on the chair. Her knees hung over the side of the
desk. She spread her legs and took off her panties. She opened her thighs and showed him her naked cunt. She had curly
blonde pubic hair and fat pussy lips.

Jen spread her cunt lips apart with her hand and showed him the glistening inside of her vagina. She was soaked with love juice.
Her hand brushed her slit and located her clit. She rubbed the tiny love button and shuddered as Trent made her masturebate.

Jen pushed her fingers in and out of her burning pit. Her face was a mask of pure lust. Her tits shook as she pumped her pussy.
One hand fingered her cunt and the other hand rubbed her breasts.

Trent looked at Joey. His eyes glowed red and she zoned out. Joey got up and walked to him. She had on blue jeans and a
t-shirt. She usually dressed in clothes that hid the fact she was a girl. She wasn't so fiery and cranky now that he had claimed
her mind. He erased her rebellious streak and made her submissive to him. But to anyone else, she would be the same old
smart ass Joey.

Joey stared blankly ahead and awaited his orders. He had her strip and she was forced to comply. She had on a sports bra and
cotton briefs. He could see her hard nipples through the bra. He saw tears run down her face. He controlled her but on some
level she was aware of what he was making her do. She was being humiliated and degraded.

Trent took a firmer hold of her mind and the tears stopped. Joey took off the bra and briefs. She was now naked in front of a
man for the first time in her life. She had a flat stomach and a thin bush of brown pubic hair. Her cunt lips were thin and she had
a tight pussy. Trent slid a finger into her hole and confirmed that she was a virgin.

He grazed her clit and Joey trembled with need. Her teen cunt started getting wet. He was arousing her and she didn't know
what was happening. Jen watched intently as she frigged her cunt.

Joey's tits were supple but not big. She was self-conscious about her tits. She had enough to grab on to but she wasn't that well
endowed. She had brown nipples that were like eraser tips. He leaned forward and sucked on her nipples. Joey gasped in
pleasure as he molested her tits.

Trent had her take a blanket from the closet and lay it out on the carpeted floor. He laid down prone on the blanket and
summoned Joey to him. She stiffly came to him and placed herself over his groin. Her feet were planted along his sides. Joey
bent her legs and squatted down. His cock was pointed directly at her virgin cunt.

Joey grabbed his cock and pressed the tip against her pussy. The head slid past her lips and her cunt. She winced as she was
penetrated by his monster cock. It going to hurt as she lost her virginity to this man.

Joey felt his rod touch her hymen and she knew she was about to lose her cherry. She placed her hands on his stomach to
support herself. Joey lifted up slighty and in one quick motion, she slammed her body downward as she impaled herself on his
cock. His penis ripped through her maidenhead and plowed into her newly opened cunt.

She was a virgin no more. Her head shot back and she cried out in pain as she was penetrated by his driving prick. The pain
was incredible and she screamed in agony as Trent raped her. Her pussy was being torn apart and she was bleeding.

Her vagina was too small but he still rammed his meat into her pit without mercy. The deed was done and Joey was now getting
her first fuck. She sat on top of him and tried to adjust to his drilling cock. Joey felt utterly stuffed. The pain vanished and she
began slowly sliding up and down on his cock.

Jen finger fucked her cunt and humped her hips back and forth in desparete need. She pinched her nipples and massaged her
twin mounds.

Joey's pelvis thumped up and down on his thighs as she was speared by his cock. Her pussy gripped his cock and wouldn't let
go. Her cunt expanded and contracted as he thrust into her nubile body.

Her knees were on the floor and she purred as she wildly bounced up and down on his staff. All thoughts of Dawson and Jen
left her mind. The only thing she could think about was the cock inside her pussy and how good it felt.

Joey gyrated her pelvis in circles as her cunt grinded on his pole. Trent kneaded her tits and pinched her hard nipples. Joey
squealed as she built toward her first orgasm. Her stomach rippled as she undulated her cunt back and forth in waves.

Joey moaned as she relished her first fuck. The tomboy was gone for now she was a woman. Her sexual nature had surfaced
and her primal urges would not be denied. She acted purely on instinct now. Suddenly, her head shot backward and her back
arched. The orgasm hit her like a train and she came like a cyclone.

Her body heaved up and shot back. Trent held her by the waist to keep her from falling. Her shouts of extasy were music to his
ears. He pounded her as hard as he could and Joey came over and over. She thrashed and convulsed as she bucked on his

"Oh shit! It's wonderful!" she yelled. "Fuck mee! Give me that cock of yours! I loove it! Gimmee more please!! AAAAA!
UUNGH! YAAA! GAAANH!" Joey went over the edge and rode his cock madly as she came. She had never known suck
total abandonment. She was a hot little nympho.

Trent groaned and sprayed his cum into her spasming cunt. This made Joey cum again. "Cummminng! YESSS! Cumm in meee!
I can feel it shooting in me! OOH! OOHHH! YESSS! AGGH! CUm in meee pleaasee!" she pleaded to him.

Trent gave her loads of hot creamy sperm. Her 15 year old cunt took all that he had. Joey heaved up once more and collapsed
on top of him. She hugged her body to his chest and cried on his shoulder. He told her it would be okay and held her tenderly.
His cock slipped from her cunt. He made her sleep so that she would calm down and accept her new role in life.

He turned to Jen and she was ready for him. She quit playing with her cunt and rushed to him. Her legs were weak and she was
shaking badly. She had worked her cunt furiously and had cum as he fucked Joey. Her body was covered in sweat and she
could barely walk. Her face was ashen and her eyes showed her need.

She went to the blanket and laid on her back. She put her legs up and placed her feet on the floor and spread wide. Trent saw
her drenched cunt. "Please fuck me!" she begged as she fondled her tits and opened her pussy for him. "I need you! Fuck
mee!" Jen was on fire and she needed his cock.

Trent was erect again and kneeled between her splayed thighs. He crouched over her and Jen screeched in delight as his cock
entered her burning channel. He slid into her with no trouble. "Yess! Give it to mee! It's so good! Fuck me hard!" she begged.

His thighs moved up and down as he pounded her cunt. He fit into her cunt easily and there was no resistance. Jen shouted out
in pleasure as her pelvis ground on his invading cock. She threw her arms around his neck and pumped her hips in time to his
thrusts. She had not been laid since she'd left New York and she was very horny.

Jen groaned as she stared into his eyes. Trent was her master and she lived to serve him. Her big tits wobbled as her body was
rocked by his powerful thrusting meat. Her hips grinded in circles as she worked her hips. Her clit buzzed as his cock scraped
against it each time he sank into he depths.

Jen twitched as a minor orgasm washed over her. She humped him faster. They fucked for a long time and Jen was able to
keep up with him. Trent rode the teenager into the ground. She fucked for all she was worth. Jen had multiple orgasms and she
screamed like a banshee as she came. He was the best fuck she'd ever had.

Trent blew his load into her hungry pussy and mouthed her tits as she gratefully took his jism into her body. Near the end, Jen
got loose from him and took his cock in her mouth so she could swallow his cum. Trent came on her face too and she soon
wore a mask of cum. He allowed Jen to catch her breath. He knew that he now owned the girls body and soul.

Joey awoke and both girls zoned out. They were his mindless slaves. They girls came together and Joey proceeded to lick the
cum from Jen's face. They became aroused and were soon kissing passionately, their tongues intertwining.

Jen and Joey embraced. Their breasts rubbed together as the girls pressed their chests against each other. Their hands came up
and each fondled the other's tits. It felt right for them to be together this way. Joey didn't hate Jen, she wanted her instead.

Jen felt equally attracted to Joey. They moved their bodies as one as they explored one another's bodies. Their hips grinded
together. Trent was treated to a show by the girls after that.

He watched as they rolled around on the floor and engaged in their first lesbian encounter. Joey ate Jen's pussy and Jen
returned the favor. They climaxed several times and their cries echoed throughout the room. As the finale, the girls scissored
their legs around their bodies and vigorously rubbed their cunts together until they came with screaming orgasms.

Trent left "Dawson's Creek" afterward and left the girls behind. He had changed the girls and now Joey and Jen lusted for each
other. They still acted the same in front of people but in private they couldn't resist being with each other. Their relationship
took on a whole new meaning.

The End.


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