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Scenerio: Dawson and Gretchen are dating. Pacey and Joey are not and have
not been a couple and the story isn't based on episodes either.

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Dawson's Creek: Morning Ritual
by DCForever ([email protected])

The alarm sounded much to Dawson's yawning dismay. For it was the start of
another day in Capeside, Mass, which meant another day of being bored and
lectured at for much of the day. Dawson lazily scooted himself out of the
bed and made his way to his dresser...thus beginning his morning wakeup
ritual. Staring at his reflected image he slowly repeated, "I'm unlike
everyone, I'm intelligent, quite hansom, I'm an emerging film maker, I'm
college bound, I have a stunning girlfriend, and I will be the next
Spielberg...I am.. Dawson Leery."

He continued his ritual by laying down on his bedroom floor and commenced
with his sit-ups and push-ups. If there was one thing that young Leery
cherished more than film making, it was the shaping of his abs and the rest
of his body. Too bad his peers had no idea of the body that he hid under
all his oversized pull overs that he was known to wear...for all occasions.

Dawson looked at his alarm clock and quickly made a bee-line for the
bathroom, but was suddenly distracted from the noises coming through his
parent's bedroom door. He never understood why the sound of his parents'
screwing always caught his attention. By now he thought he would be used
to the mundain sounds, but as always, even if he wouldn't admit it, the
thought of his parents fucking always caused his tent to pitch in his
boxers. And as always, he had to release the building off to
the shower he went.

Opening the back of the toilet, Dawson reached for his lamented picture
collection. With no time to choose, Dawson made the obvious jack-off
choice for the day...a nude picture of his current and beautiful girlfriend,
Gretchen Witter. The way in which the picture was obtained is a story in
itself...maybe some other time. As always the shower blocked the loud
audible sounds originating from his parents' room. It wasn't long before
Dawson's hands engulfed his member and was stroking as fast and as hard as
he thought possible. The image of his nude girlfriend made the task all that
much easier and much quicker. Before long the result of his imagination and
hard work covered the lower half of the shower walls. His goal for release
had been reached and it was a good thing because he still had to shower and
get to school. Upon exiting the bathroom Dawson's mind was still racing with
the images of him and Gretchen intertwined that he didn't even stop upon
hearing his mother's earth shattering moans of ecstacy.

In minutes, he was dressed and walking back out of his room with his
schoolbag in hand...thus almost completing his morning ritual. All he had
left to accomplish was getting to school on time. He knew that it was
possible to sleep in an extra 30 mintues and still follow his normal morning
pattern and still..make it to school on time.

As he walked toward the stairs he turned to hear his mother's voice,
"Sweetie, oh know you need to get to school. You are the last
person that should be lateee..ohhhh..yeah...come on really need... get..oh fuck it..oh shit..just keep doing what you are doing..oh
damn..what a tongue fucking..oh shit...godddddd....damn what a tongue...I..
don't..know..whattttt....has gotten into youuuu..this morning...but damn I
love it...Oh Hell, what a feeling...damn.. ahhhhhh, ohhhhhh, ahhhhh!!!!"

As much as Dawson hated to admit it, he could have heard that all day,
everyday for the rest of his life. He always wondered what his mother would
be like in bed, but that was one thing he would never know. Hell, he figured
he got off just as much as his mom did through her throws of ecstacy. Every
orgasm was a new high and new experience for both him and her. He figured
his dad must be toting a loaded gun with all the orgasms his mother
experiences in a day.

Dawson rushed through the front door and drove as quickly as he could to
get to school on time. As he entered the parking lot he spotted his dad's
vehicle in the parking lot. Bewilderment flushed his face as he tried to
figure out how in the hell his dad was able to finish fucking his mom,
clean-up, and get to school before he could... realization hit him like a
ton of bricks...the feat was impossible. Then who the fuck was his mom
fucking in her bedroom?

It was obvious to Jen that something was bothering Dawson through first
period so she made it her task to find out what was wrong. As first period
ended, Jen made her way to Dawson's locker where she caught him before
leaving. To her dismay, she wasn't able to get anything from him before he
retreated to his next class. She didn't see Dawson..muchless any of her
friends until lunch. She caught up with Dawson and Pacey at their normal
luch table. When she reached the table Dawson and Pacey were in the middle
of a heated discussion so she just sat and listened hoping that she could
find out what was wrong with Dawson. Actually, Pacey was along for the ride
as Dawson was making no sense at all. I don't understand it, she said,
" know you need to get to school..." who could she have been
talking about? If it wasn't my dad then it had to be someone else from
school. Then it hit him, who was the one person in school that was known
for seducing older women...PACEY!

"So Pacey where were you this morning? Enjoying...let's say a little clit
action..with say...someone else's woman? Pacey shockingly responded, "How
did you find out Dawson? We were careful..." Before Pacey could finish,
Dawson's fist flung across the table and struck Pacey squarely in the jaw
upon which the impact quickly sent Pacey flying to the lunchroom floor.
Dawson's food went flying through the air as he dove on Pacey. With all
the strength he could muster, he wailed lefts and right across a stunned
and defenseless Pacey. Blood spewed from his lips as the fists connected
on each blow. The fight...if you could call it that...more like a
slaughter.. drew a huge crowd including a few nearby teachers. The teachers
reached in and separated the boys, but Dawson escaped their grasp and speared
Pacey's beaten body back up against the nearby vending machines, thus taking
all his breath from his body. Finally, the teachers were able to separate
the boys, but not before Pacey had been afflicted by a tremendous amount of

Shortly after, Pacey was hospitalized as Dawson was facing an enraged
Principal Green and father in the principal's office. No one was able to get
anything out of him, but from the look in his eyes they weren't too sure that
they wanted to know what had caused him to flip. Principal Green figured
that he needed to cool off so he sent Dawson home and told him that a
suitable punishment would ensue on his return to school...whenever that might
be. Joey had heard, through the grapevine, about the fight and tried to get
in touch with Dawson, but he wasn't reachable.

Hours after he left school, Dawson found himself entering Pacey's hospital's
room with his enraged eyes intact, but upon seeing his best bud hooked up
to all the hospital monitors those same enraged eyes turned tearful. He
couldn't believe what he had done to his life long friend. He went from
having a friendly conversation to half beating the life out of him. As he
slowly approached the hospital bed, Pacey opened his eyes and the look of
pain and bewilderment still showed in his eyes. Before Dawson could say a
word, Pacey chimed in... "Clue me in on one thing..cough..cough..cough...why
would the idea of me..cough..cough...having sex with Drue's girlfriend set
you off like that? Can you that? We hate Drueeeeeeee!"
Dawson was speechless upon hearing the words that came from Pacey's mouth.
He didn't know what to do..his only reaction was to flee the room...which he
did. Pacey once again flashed signs of bewilderment upon his face.

Dawson ran from the hospital and never turned back. He headed toward the
marina in a sorryful and enraged state of mind. All he could think about
was how he could have been such an idiot. His sulking was interrupted by
a familar voice.

"So Dawson, what in the world has gotten into you today? Please talk to me."

"Jen, I'm not in the mood and I'm not sure you should be around me right never know when I might flip."

"I'm your friend and if you've ever needed one of is that time."

"Well, fine...stay, but remember...I warned you. I don't know what to tell
you except that I made a major mistake today that I'm not sure I will ever be
able to least not in this lifetime. It all started this morning...
(tears welling up in his eyes) my house. My mom was fu..."

"Sorry to interrupt you D, but did you say this at your

"Yeah, why? Do you know something?"

"Wait, before you get any ideas or anything..not sure if this is part of your
problem or not..."

"Hey, don't stop there Jen...what do you know?"

"Does this problem of yours have anything to do with mom?"

"So you do know something...spill it and I do mean...Now!"

"Well, I was running late for school this morning so grams agreed to take me
to school. Well, as we were pulling out of the drive I saw your mom standing
in your doorway..let's just say her robe wasn't covering much...more like...
hardly anything.. and the person she was waving goodbye to was still in a
slight state of undress..."

"So who was the loser? I know it wasn't my dad and it wasn't Pacey..."

"So that's why you almost killed your best friend no idea.
If I had known, I-I-I would have told you this earlier, Dawson."

"Yeah, I'm not too proud of what I did..told me what earlier? Please don't
tell me that it was that Drue character. I saw him flirting with my mom last
week at the restraunt...if it was him, you won't be able to recognize him
when I'm finished with him."

"Dawson, it wasn't Drue...sorry to tell you this, but the slightly still
naked person was...well, Joey!"




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