Dawson's Creek/Sabrina The Teenaged Witch (ff,herm,f-dom,trans,magic,ncon)
by Hamster

TV ANCHOR: Today Beyonce Knowles announced her candidacy for president, when
reached for comment she said that the country would deffinately vote for a
black person and a woman when the circumstances were right. In other news
pigs were seen flying in formation all over the country today. Here's Misty
Daze with the weather.

WEATHER BUNNY: It was ten below freezing in Hell today...

Sabrina sighed. There was nothing on TV today Sabrina thought flipped through
the channels. Little did anybody know that good girl Sabrina was secretly a
closet pervert who had domination and S&M fantasies that she was afraid to
act out on. What she was really looking for as she flipped through the
channels was something sexy with girl/girl potential.


Finally she stopped on Dawson's Creek and Bob knew that he had a winner. But
when struck by the love arrow her self-control dissolved like an ice cube on
a frying pan. She stared at Joey Potter on her TV screen and smiled evilly.

A brief flare of energy, and Joey Potter was no longer on TV but in Sabrina's
living room.

"What happened? Who are you? What am I doing here?" A thoroughly confused
Joey asked.

"Silence!" Sabrina slapped the stunned girl. "I am a powerful witch named
Sabrina, and that's Mistress Sabrina to you. I summoned you here to serve as
my sex slave."

"No please I'm not gay." Joey pleaded.

"Ask me if I care." Sabrina said.

Sabrina pointed at Joey and a burst of magical energy enveloped the girl.
Joey was quite suddenly completely naked and laying bound securely on a bed.
Sabrina drew in a deep breath as she took in those twin globes of Joey's
creamy sweater meat. The leather-clad Sabrina wiggled a finger and pointed
and admired her handy-work. Joey was now sprawled on her back, her arms under
her, still tied together, while her legs were stretched wide with the aid of
the pole Sabrina had conjured which was now fastened to Joey's ankles.
Sabrina leaned back, and admired Joey's golden beautiful body which was laid
before her like a buffet.

The witch stepped forward and felt the luscious curves of Joey Potter's body.
As the helpless girl struggeled Sabrina grabbed her tits and fondled them
lovingly. She let her hands trail down Joey's smooth tummy before coming to
the girl's glorious cunt. Sabrina grinned as she manipulated the slick folds
of Joey's pussy with her hand, and was rewarded when her fingers found the
gates to her personal heaven, and slipped inside. Joey's hips bucked up
against Sabrina's probing fingers, and a muffled moan of pleasure came from
behind her gag. Sabrina and taking hold of Joey's thrashing hips with both
hands, dove in. Her tongue searched out, then proceeded to drive her tongue
as far up Joey's inner channel as she could. Joey's thrashings soon gentled,
and the muffled curses coming from her changed to murmurs of pleasure.
Sabrina, her hunger temporarily satiated, slowed her attack on Joey's loins,
and began to gently explore the delicate flesh she'd desired for so long.
The little bud of Joey's clit emerged from within it's fleshy hood, and
Sabrina lavished much care and attention on the little bundle of super
sensitive nerve clusters. The muscles in Joey's thighs flexed as she tried
to bring her legs together, wanting desperately to pull Sabrina's face deeper
into her sex.

Sabrina's left hand crept down her belly, and found her own little love bud.
Stroking herself frantically, she continued to lavish attention of Joey, soon
bringing that girl to an orgasm. The damp folds Sabrina's tongue was probing
convulsed, squirting savory juices into Sabrina's mouth and over her face.
Sabrina raised her face up, and leered down at Joey, her tongue darting out
to lick the remainder of Joey's juices from her lips. Sabrina felt her own
juices soaking the inside of her leather cat-suite.

"I will remove the gag." Sabrina whispered. "But only if you promise to be a
very good girl."

Joey nodded in response. Joey's gag was quickly removed and Sabrina's tongue
probed at Joey's mouth, and then darted inside. Sabrina straddled one of
Joey's legs, and pumped her sex against the blonde's thigh as she engaged in
dueling tongues with her beloved cunt-slave. Her fingers sought out Joey's
cleft, and rubbed her frantically in time with her own pumping hips. Sabrina
could feeal the friction on her cunt even through the leather. Both girls
reached an orgasm at the same time, and their muscles stood out in stark
contrast as their bodies convulsed with pleasure.

Sabrina was far from done though. She stood and placed the tip of her boot on
Joey's wet pussy and as joey gasped in surprise and pleasure Sabrina sank the
spiked heel deep into Joey's hungry cunt. Sabrina began to zealously heel
fuck her fuck slave causing Joey to buck and thrash wildly. Finally Sabrina
removed the cum-soaked heel and brought it to Joey's face so she could lick
it clean.

Sabrina recovered first and then had a wicked idea. She removed her belt
then unzipped her leather suit. After peeling off her cloths and tossing
aside her bra and panties Sabrina prepared to cast a very special spell
she had learned for this sort of occasin. As Joey rubbed her wrists
Sabrina cast another spell this time on herself. Now her clit grew and
extended then thickened until finally what she had was a large erect

Joey pointed at Sabrina's new fuck-meat and said, "What the hell is that?!"

"It's a cock and I'm going to viciously fuck you with it." Sabrina replied.

Joey boggled, both at the sight of Sabrina's hard man meat, and the
implication of her words. She took in the size of the damn thing hanging
between Sabrina's legs. Limp, it had hung half way to her knees, erect, it
was not all that much longer, but it's thickness had almost doubled. Joey
licked her suddenly dry lips as the situation suddenly struck home. Sabrina
planned on sticking that enormous thing into her. Curiously, the thought
didn't fill her with fear, or loathing. Rather she felt a sense of
anticipation, and a great curiosity.

"I'm going to release you from your bonds but you better behave or I'm going
to turn you into a cat for Salem to fuck understand?"

"Yes Sabrina."

A few minutes later, Joey was kneeling between Sabrina's legs, Joey
hesitantly took the fleshy stalk in her hand, marveling at the warm solid
feel of it.

"Lick the tip, slave," Sabrina ordered.

She was leaning back, her hands keeping her torso upright. She was watching
Joey with the anticipation of someone watching a friend unwrap a present they
knew the person was going to love. Joey leaned forward, and ever so lightly
licked the bulbous end of Sabrina's shaft. A salty, musky flavor flooded her
mouth. Very strange, but not altogether unpleasant.

"Mmmmm, that feels nice," Sabrina said, her hips twitching slightly.

Emboldened by Sabrina's response, Joey grasped the witch's meaty shaft just
below it's end, and began to lick it like an ice- cream cone. Sabrina's
murmurs of pleasure became more vocal, and she let herself slip backward,
until she was laying flat on her back. Joey's initial uncertainty vanished
quickly, and she became enthused with her task. She began to pump her hand
up and down Sabrina's new-formed cock, sliding the loose outer skin up and
down the rigid inner core. All the while she licked the plum sized tip,
vacuuming up every drop of pre-cum that seeped out of the narrow opening at
the very end.

Sabrina became even more vocal in her enthusiasm, and her hands reached out
and tangled themselves in Joey's thick black hair, pulling the girl's head
downward. Joey, who had been licking the top of Sabrina's shaft, was taken
by surprise. She suddenly found her mouth stretched to its limit by Sabrina's
cock. A muffled protest filtered out around the bulky object, one that
Sabrina, lost in her own pleasure, didn't hear. The hands tangled in Joey's
hair pulled harder, and a third of Sabrina's cock slid into Joey's distended
mouth, and started down her throat. Joey pulled back, and had almost managed
to drag herself clear, when Sabrina pulled with more urgency, and four inches
of cock slid back between Joey's ruby-red lips. Back and forth Joey's head
bobbed, up and down the pink, fleshy stalk now glistening with her spit.
Sabrina's moans turned to words, and her hips bucked frantically.

"Yes, yes, yes, Oh Joey, you're so good, yes, yes, now, now, now. Oh
Yes!!!!!" Sabrina's hands pulled Joey's head down hard, just as her
fresh-minted cock jetted it's first pulse of creamy filling into Joey's

Jet after jet flowed, more then Joey could handle. Driblets of sperm spilled
around Joey's stretched lips, and flowed stickily down Sabrina's shaft. In
desperation, Joey swallowed hard, and the heavy cream in her mouth flowed
down her throat and into her belly, where it lay like a pool of hot pudding,
warming her insides. The moment seemed to go on for ever, for both girls, but
for different reasons. Sabrina finally gave one last, "Oh Yes!" And slumped
backward, her hands loosening their death grip on Joey's hair, allowing Joey
to pull her sore, over-stretched mouth free of Sabrina's rapidly shrinking
man-meat. She coughed, and a thin trickle of creamy fluid flowed down her
chin. Unconsciously, her dainty tongue darted out, pulling several droplets
back into her mouth.

Sabrina lay sprawled on the bed, her legs spread wide, her recent masculine
addition laying damp and limp across one pale thigh.

"Oh, mmmm, Joey, you were so good." Sabrina purred. "Why don't you join me I
want to taste that juicy cunt of yours."

In a flash she was kneeling with a leg on either side of Sabrina's head, her
legs pinning the blonde's shoulders to the bed. Joey pulled Sabrina's face
into her crotch. Sabrina's talents at muff diving were renowned and Joey was
learning that in a hurry as Sabrina's tongue wormed its way into every nook
and cranny it could reach, causing Joey's juices to flow in streams, and when
it occasionally passed over that sensitive little bud at the top of Joey's
love channel, little bolts of lightning exploded in her head. Joey continued
to use Sabrina's face like a dishrag, wiping up all the nasty, sticky juices
from between her legs. A duty Sabrina eagerly performed. Joey's estimate of
Sabrina's talent was climbing, along with the fire between her legs. The
blonde's tongue was eagerly vacuuming up every last drop of juice between
her thighs, those un-countable bowls of ice-cream Sabrina had licked clean
proving to have been excellent training for this activity.

Joey's pleasure climbed steadily, until at last she could take no more, and
her whole body exploded with pleasure. She pulled Sabrina's face so tightly
into her groin that for a minute the blonde couldn't breath. Sabrina's
thrashing about only added to Joey's, already great pleasure. For long
moments Joey hovered over Sabrina, her body frozen with the overwhelming
sensations filling it. Finally, with a small moan, Joey's eyes rolled back
in her head, and she rolled off Sabrina, a limp bundle of overstimulated

Joey came back to her senses to find herself face down on her bed, and a pile
of pillows under her stomach, which raised her ass high into the air.

Soft hands stroked Joey's back, and over the upraised cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, Joey, you're so beautiful," Sabrina said from behind the propped up
priestess. Joey craned her neck around, and saw the Sabrina kneeling behind
her. The curve of her own buttocks blocked her view of Sabrina's loins, but
the feel of something stiff and warm bumping against her thigh proved that
Sabrina was still sporting her magically generated cock. Joey suddenly came
fully awake, her eyes widening in apprehension as something hot, hard, and
very large pushed into her delicate, and still very sensitive cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh," She gasped as she felt herself being stretched open. The hands
on her ass, shifted to her waist, and she felt her flesh being pulled
backward as Sabrina withdrew slightly.

Sabrina gave several little jogs with her hips, stirring Joey's sensitive
honey pot with her massive shaft. Joey's fingers clenched into fists, and she
bit back a gasp as she felt her insides being shifted by that large presence
inside her body. At first all she could focus on was the stinging of her
sundered virginity, but, true to Sabrina's words, the pain became less, and
the warm wetness of arousal grew. Sabrina managed to take it slow for a
little while, only using the first five inches of her cock, working it slowly
in and out of Joey's black-furred pussy. Soon, however, a combination of her
natural energetic nature, and the sight of her stiff flesh plunging in and
out of Joey's pink slit caused her to start fully fucking, shoving more and
more of her large member into Joey with each thrust.

Below Sabrina, Joey vocalized in grunts of expelled air as Sabrina rammed
deep into her body again and again. The feel of that large cylinder of flesh
moving in and out of her was like nothing she had ever experienced before.
Her whole world was focused on the activity taking place between her legs,
and nothing else in the world mattered. She began shoving her hips back in
time with Sabrina's thrust, and the slap, slap of flesh hitting flesh grew
louder and louder. Above Joey, Sabrina was in heaven. The feel of Joey's
cunt wrapped around her new organ was like nothing she had ever experienced
before, and her whole world was tied up in the cylinder of flesh that jutted
out of her loins and was currently plunged into the streaming cauldron that
was Joey's cunt. Sabrina hunched over the black-haired priestess, her hands
reaching around to grasp a pair of swinging breasts. Her hips moved as fast
as she could swing them. On each out stroke the glans on the head of her
cock came into view, and then disappeared back between the folds of Joey's

Joey's grunts were turning into high pitched whimpers as skyrockets once
again began shooting up her spine. Sabrina's voice joined in with her as she
panted out in time with her thrusts. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes . . ." The
speed of her humping increased, and now with each out-thrust she came fully
out of Joey's body, and then plunged back inside.

Sabrina felt her newly minted balls draw up into her belly, and liquid fire
filling her loins. Realizing from her one previous experience that she was
about to once again fill Joey to the brim, Sabrina pulled far back for one
final thrust, the head of her cock exiting Joey's body by a good six inches,
she plunged forward, just as Joey screamed out her own orgasm. Joey's flesh
clenched like a glove around her, slowing and almost halting her inward
movement. Desperate to cum deep inside Joey, Sabrina dug her toes into the
bed, and shoved with all her might while pulling hard on Joey's dangling
breasts. The added effort did the trick, and she slid deep inside Joey's
vice like opening. Just in time. Jets of sperm flooded up her shaft, and
out the head in capacious quantities. Under Sabrina, Joey bucked like a
bronco feeling the cowboy's spurs.

Sabrina and Joey's voices rose in counterpoint.



Finally Sabrina exploded into Joey's cunt filling the girl's tummy with warm
goo. The pair collapsed into a naked panting pile.
_ _ _

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