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Time Frame: Set in Season 5. Dawson is with Jen, Pacey is somewhat with
Audrey, and Joey has kissed Professor Wilder twice.

Arthor's Note: This is the second story where I have included breast sucking
self-gratification. Not sure why...oh yeah, I remember...there was
originally only one story and I finally divided them into their own stories.
There are a few similarities to my other DC stories.

Dawson's Creek: Student-Teacher Affair
by DCForever ([email protected])

[Outside Grams house. Dawson is rushing out of the house when he
unexpectedly runs into Joey.]

"Hey Dawson, where you rushing off to?"

"Getting together with Oliver to go over some editing spots on his film.
Sorry, but I really don't have time to chat."

"That's okay. I'm not here for you. Is Jen around?"

"No, she isn't. She's working at the radio station today. Her show should
be on by now. Is there something I can help you with?"

"No, just wanted her advice on something."

"Well, you do know that you could always call her on the air. I'm sure she
would answer any questions you might have."

"As much as I would like to be like my roommate, Audrey, and place my life on
a pedestal for the world to analyze, I think I will pass. Audrey is an open
book, can't say the same for myself. Oh well, have fun with Oliver. Tell
Jen I stopped by and would like to talk with her if she is ever available."

"Will do."

[She starts to walk off, but turns back toward Dawson.]

"You know Dawson, why can't life be like it used to be? Simple!"

"What, always happy endings?"

"Yeah, Spielberg-like!"

"Alright now, you know that is a touchy subject with me. hehe...just joking.
Ah, speaking of the past. You won't believe who I saw at school the other

"Who'd you see, Dawson?"

"Miss Jacobs."

"What? Tamara is in Boston? Better not tell Pacey. So how has she been?
Why is she in Boston? She live here or something?"

"Well, I was pushed for time and she was talking to an older gentleman."

"So you never approached her. Just like a man to pass up a great opportunity
to talk with a beautiful woman. Never know Dawson, you might could have
gotten her number."

"Watch yourself girl! There is always time."

"Yeah, like you would ever leave Jen. The same girl you drooled over the
first day she was back in Capeside. Sunflower dress, blonde hair, blossoming
breasts ring a bell. Time just has a way of circling back around. And now;
prettier, still with the blonde look, radio show, great body with melons for
breasts, experience, and probably night-by-night sex. Yeah, I'm sure you
would leave that."

"You're right, Jo...but you are still treading on thin ice. And what if
Pacey was standing right here beside us right now. Bet those words would
never have left your lips. Pacey still has a little something for Miss

[Joey sparked up as if she had a brillant idea.]

"Ah man...Dawson, she would be perfect?"

"Perfect? Perfect for what?"

"She would probably be even better to talk with than Jen. Say, you think you
might see her again?"

"Its always a possibility. School's campus isn't all that big."

"Great! If you do see her, could you give her my dorm number and address? I
would really appreciate it."

[Leans over and gives Dawson a quick kiss on the cheek and grins that grin
only Joey knows how to make.]

"Sure... I guess I can do that. Well its been a pleasure as always, but I
really need to get going. See ya."

"Sorry I took so much of your time, Dawson. Again, good luck on the movie."

"Thanks, Jo."

[Dawson and Oliver sitting at an outside cafe on school grounds.]

"Dawson, man, this little computer of your's is awesome. Don't know too many
people around that has a setup quite like yours. Portable editing machine as
well. You definitely have the film-making hook-up."

"Yeah, Oliver, between my dad and myself, I'd say I have everything I need.
Wanted the portable aspect more than anything."

[Dawson looks up from the editing screen and catches a glimpse of Miss

"Oliver, I'll be right back. Just saw a someone I know."

[Oliver pays Dawson no attention as he smoothly advances the screen from
frame-to-frame. Dawson runs over to the fountain where Miss Jacobs sat
eating her lunch.]

"Miss Jacobs, is that you?"

"Oh my goodness, if it isn't Dawson Leery. How? Where? What are you doing
in Boston? Thought your dad mentioned you were off to USC film school?"

"I was...and did...didn't really work issues...relationship

"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure your father didn't take it lightly. He
was all for you going to USC. That is all he ever talked about when we got
together to discuss the warehouse and loft."

"Matter of fact, he didn't take it lightly. Actually, we fought a long, good
fight. But I guess you haven't heard."

"Heard what, Dawson?"

"My dad died a few months back. Car accident. I'm just now getting things
back straight in my life. One reason for me enrolling in this film school.
Trying to get back to what I like to call my

"Oh Dawson, I'm so sorry. No, I hadn't heard. Stupid me for bringing him
up. You know, if you ever need someone to talk to...I am a good listener."

"Thanks Miss Jacobs, but I'm doing fine on my own. I appreciate the offer

"Please Dawson, call me Tamara. We are both adults here."

"Okay, Tamara it is. Well, Tamara, I just came over here to say hello and
to give you a message from Joey. I mentioned to her that I saw you around
school the other day, but that you seemed occupied by an older gentleman."

"Oh him. Don't you know who that man was, Dawson? That was Mr. Peterson.
He is the Assistant Dean here. I'm taking one of his seminars this week."

"Oh. This week? So you don't live here, in Boston?"

"Nope. Here visiting family and saw a flyer about Mr. Peterson's seminar.
You know, if you have time you should check as much of it out as you can.
Its all about the film industry and the persuasion it casts on itself and
others. Quite fascinating."

"Sounds like it could be of my best interest to at least catch some of it.
Have to think about it. Speaking of films...I'm sorry, love to stay around
and chat some more, but I need to get back to my film editing."


"Yeah! I'm directing one of my classmates movies. Its been quite an
interesting adventure so far directing someone else's words."

"I bet. Maybe I will see you around again sometime before the week is out,
Dawson. If not, I wish you the best of luck on the film."

"Oh, here."

[Hands her a card.]

"Joey would kill me if I forgot to give you her number. If you have sometime
I'm sure she could really use your advice. Sounded like she was in over her
head in something, but no idea what."

"Thanks. I'll try and get in touch with her after tonight's session."

"I'm sure she will appreciate your knowledge and ears. Guess I'll be going
now. Have a good day Miss J...I mean, Tamara."

[Oliver waits patiently at their table.]

"So Dawson, what was that all about? I mean, who was the gorgeous blonde you
were just talking to? Man did she have a body."

"Its nothing like that man. She was a teacher at my high school a few years
ago. My friend Joey wanted me to give her something if and when I saw her


"My man 'O', get your head out of the gutter. Can we please get back to work
now? We have a lot of editing to get done."

[Dawson looks down at the frames Oliver attempted to re-edit.]

"Ohhhh... no, you don't. Sorry, but that scene will never make it in my
edited version of the movie. Sorry. Not sure Audrey would appreciate you
including certain upskirt shots of her without her permission."

[Phone rings in Joey and Audrey's dorm room.]


"Hello. Is there any chance that Joey Potter might be around?"

"Yeah, she is right here. Whom may I ask is calling?"

"Tell her its Tamara Jacobs."

"No way! The Tamara? The same Tamara that seduced our friend Pacey?"

[Joey jumps up from her studying and grabs the phone from Audrey.]

"Audrey, give me the phone."

"Sorry about that, Miss Jacobs."

"Please, Joey, you know I like to be called Tamara. Ms. Jacobs makes me feel

"Sorry, didn't mean to insult you."

"That's okay. Just remember its Tamara, though. Who was I just talking to,
if you don't mind me asking?"

"You were just talking to my overboard and obsessive roommate, Audrey."

"Tell her I said hi."

"Audrey says hi."

"Back at ya, Audrey."

"Audrey. Tamara says its mutual."

"From the sounds of two are very close...that, or you talk in your

"Sorry about her abruptness. She doesn't always know when to control it. So
I'm assuming you talked to Dawson today or you wouldn't be calling."

"Yeah. That boy hasn't changed a bit. I'm sure you two are happy together."

"That's in the past. He's back with Jen and I don't see those two parting
anytime soon. Yep, my one-time, destined soulmate maybe marrying Ms. Lindley
sometime in the next year or so. I'm happy for them. But as for me, I really
need to talk with someone. I have a private issue I need to discuss with
you... in private. A situation has occurred that I think runs right up your
alley of experience. If you know what I mean."

[Screaming across the room.] "She means you sleeping with Pacey, Tamara."

"Okay, that roommate of your's Joey... needs to go. How do you deal?"

"Not always easy, but once you get to know her she is way cool...a walking a good sense."

"Tell you what. Meet me at this address tomorrow night and I will try and
answer whatever it is I can."

"Thanks Tamara, you're the best. See you then."

[Tamara's hotel room. Room 69. hehe...couldn't pass that one up.]

"Wow, sure have grown up. Been a while since we've seen each

"Sure has. You haven't aged a day yourself."

"Flattery gets you everywhere. Can I get you anything to drink? Eat?"

"Not hungry. Just confused and looking for some advice."

"Please, do sit down and tell me all about it."

[An hour later, after Joey has filled Tamara's ears with the whole story
behind her and Professor Wilder's building tension and kisses.]

" do you like this Professor Wilder? Does he make your engine run,
so to speak?"

"Oh yeah. Just thinking about him...that's a definite yes."

"I see. So what is the problem? I mean, your situation isn't as bad as what
Pacey and I had to deal with. I was an adult trying to seduce a minor and to
make things worse...I was a teacher and he was my student. In your case, you
and this Wilder character are both adults. Does it matter that he is older
than you or that he is your teacher?"

"No, not really. Well, that is part of it. I think that we are right for
each other. I guess its mainly the teacher/student aspect. Do you think I
should drop his class? How did you and Pacey handle it?"

"Handle it? Pacey couldn't handle it. He dropped sub-text hints all
throughout our class talks and discussions. I'm shocked that we were able
to get away with it for as long as we did. I knew then and I still know that
it wasn't accepted or legal, but it felt right...where it counts."

"Was it obsession with Pacey or could it have been any other young stud?"

"No. It was Pacey. He was special and to this day I still hold a special
place in my heart for his warmth, laughter, and love. Not to mention
something else."

"Oh yeah, I remember that something else. It was quite...something...
something remarkable."


"We dated... ran off and sailed the eastern seaboard without permission...
and he took my virginity in a snow lodge."

"Had no idea."

"There was no way you could have."

"Where were we again?"

"You talking about a special place in your heart. I see what you two did as
being illegal and unwelcomed...but, it sounds like it was the perfect choice.
You both agreed with the idea and went with it. I would've never known."

"As you just told me, Joey. There was no way you could have."

"I thought you two hid it pretty good. Your relationship was way over when I
ever found out."

[Starting to feel a little uneasy, Tamara changes the subject.]

"Well, you didn't come here to talk about me. You came here to find a
helpful solution to your own problem. Though, from listening to you talk, it
seems that you have a special place in your heart for this Mr. Wilder. So,
do ya?"

"Yeah, I think I do. Just never really realized it...until now. I really
appreciate you giving me this time."

"Don't mention it. I'm here for the rest of the week and here is my number
back home. Call or come by anytime you need to talk or just want to get away
from that roommate of yours. What is up with her anyway?"

"Audrey! Yes, that Audrey. She is something else. You just have to get to
know her to understand her and're really only half way there. The
girl is an incredible person."

"Maybe I'll get a chance to meet her before my plane leaves on Saturday.
Sounds like it could be an adventure just meeting her."

"What an understatement. Did Dawson give you my dorm address as well?"

"Yeah, its all on this little card. Even gave me your cell phone number.
You two may not still be together, but he is still looking out for you. That
is the true meaning of a soulmate if you ask me. A special someone that you
can always count on no matter the situation. Maybe he would be a good person
to repeat this discussion with when I'm gone. Hey, just a thought."

"A thought well taken. Thanks, Tamara. If you are in the area this week
just stop on by the dorm. We can get dinner or something...on me."

"Thanks, Joey. Its a nice gesture. Guess we will just have to see."

[Friday night in Joey and Audrey's dorm room.]


"Audrey, is that you?"

"Hey Tamara."

"You remembered my voice, Audrey?"

"I remember those that interest me. And you definitely interest me. Oh,
don't worry, I'm not hitting on you. I don't swing that way."

"Didn't even think it. Is Joey around?"

"Yeah, but she is in the shower. Can I give her a message or something?"

"No, don't think so. I'm right around the corner from your dorm. Figured I
would drop by if she was available. I'm leaving tomorrow so I figured this
was my only chance to say goodbye and possibly meet you."

"Well, I really wanted to meet you as well, but I have to be jetting across
campus. My date...I think you know him...goes by the name Witter. Its
possible that you know him. Well, he's waiting for me and I hate to keep the
stud waiting."

"Congrats. You have a great, young man in that Pacey. Heard he's quite a
guy...from the grapevine and all. Sorry I'll miss you. Tell Pacey I said

"Me too. And don't worry, I'll let him know what you said. Oh, I'll leave
the door unlocked. Just come on in. I'm sure Joey won't mind."

"Thanks Audrey."

"No prob. Gots to go."

[Tamara enters Joey's unlocked dorm room. Joey is in the bathroom and hears
her room door open.]

"Hello? Anyone here?"

"Audrey, is that you? Who are you talking too?"

"No, Joey. Its me...Tamara. Audrey let me in."

"Oh, hi Tamara. Be out in just a minute."

"Ah, no hurry. Take your time."

[Joey exits her bathroom wrapped in a towel. Hair somewhat still wet.]

"Sorry. I had no idea that you were coming."

"It was a spur of the moment thing. I called and talked with Audrey. She
told me to come on in. Hope that was okay."

"Sure, no problem here. Make yourself at home while I get my clothes. Can
I get you anything?"

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine. I would like to use your restroom if you
wouldn't mind."

"Its right there. I'll change out here while you use it."

[Tamara enters the bathroom and closes the door, but leaves a slight crack.
Joey waited until Miss Jacobs had closed the bathroom door before she started
to search for her clothes. Tamara peeked through the crack and watched in
splendor as Joey removed her towel. She thought Joey had a magnificent body
and what a site it was to see it in the flesh. Joey picked out her clothes
and was putting on her panties when she heard a scream coming from her

"Tamara, is everything okay?"

[The door opens.]

"I'm fine dear. Just slipped on the wet floor. Think I twisted my ankle."

" you think I need to call an ambulance?"

"No dear, I think I will be okay. Just need to get off it for a while and
relieve the pressure."

"Here, give me your arm and I'll take you over to my bed."

"Appreciate the attention and all, but don't you think you should be worried
about your half-nakedness."

[It hadn't crossed Joey's mind that her breasts were exposed, she was only
wearing a pair of panties.]

"I think your ankle is a little more important at the moment."

"That is sweet of you, Joey."

"Here you go. A pillow under your ankle should do the trick and I'll get an
ice-pack for the possible swelling."

[Joey arrived back at the bed holding an ice-pack, cold pepsi, and some
asprin. The ice's coldness had an immediate effect on her breasts. They had
already hardened by the time she got back to the bed.]

"You're a dear. Thank you."

"Take the asprin while I hold the ice-pak on the ankle."

"Joey, hate to mention this, but maybe I should take that ice-pack from you.
Seems its having an ill effect on you."

"Its nothing. Happens when I get cold or have shivers. Your's would be
doing the same thing."

"Yeah, guess you're right. What is a little breast hardening around us women

"Exactly my point. No pun intended."

"Mind me saying, without being out of line of course, but you have very nice
breasts, Joey."

"Well, thank you. They are okay. Now if you really want to see a nice pair
you should get an eyeful of Audrey's breasts. They are massive and perky and
nicely shaped."

"Sorry I missed her then."

"hehe...yeah, sure you are?"

"Hey, woman-to-woman here...breasts are beautiful creations. I used to
admire my own and pay special attention to them, but as you age they don't
tend to look as nice. Its nice to see other's and to remember what mine
used to be like."

"Well, since we're talking personal here...from my advantage, those aren't
prunes sticking against that fabric of yours. I don't know if they droop or
if you use a miracle bra or what, but they seem to be holding their own."

"Not really. See for yourself."

[Miss Jacobs opens her shirt and pulls down on the front of her bra, exposing
her left breast.]

"See, they do droop."

"I wouldn't necessarily call that a droop. Its not like I'm judging them or
anything, but they seem pretty sturdy to me."

"Well, if they were sturdy and perky like they used to be then I would be
able to pleasure them with my tongue."

"Your tongue? Your own tongue? I could never do that."

"Sure you could...with practice. I used to do gymnastics when I was about
your age and could pleasure all the necessary spots all by myself.
Flexibility does a world of good...especially when a man isn't around."

"No way. Even down there?"

"Ahhhh...especially down there."

"You liked your own flavor so to speak?"

"Not at first, but it grew on me. So, how close can you get your tongue to
your breasts?"

"Not sure. Never tried it. I just know I'm not large enough to even try

"Hey, never know until you try."

"Okay, this is starting to feel a little weird."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It is kind of ackward talking about...well,
what we've been talking about."

"So you feel the same? I thought you were into this?"

"Oh no, please...don't think I was...definitely not, Joey. I wasn't hitting
on you. Just trying to do anything to take my mind off the ankle pain. Sex,
well, usually takes my mind away from everything."

"Yeah, it seems to do that. I guess I should put some clothes on. Getting a
bit nippy in here."

"Do you have to?"

"Have to what?"

"Are you going to make me spell it out? Do you really have to put your
c-l-o-t-h-e-s on?"

"But you just said you weren't..."

"I know what I said, but I also remember saying that I enjoy a nice pair of
breasts. And those... you have. And you know what. I would prefer that you
not only put those beautiful orbs on display, but that you play around with
them as well. Possibly even try some tongue action yourself. What do you say
about that? Maybe even remove the only article of clothing you are wearing as

"As much as my mind is telling me to cover up, my body is telling me
differently. If I do what you are asking me, even though it is against my
better judgement, you must tell me how you learned to tongue pleasure your
breasts. Deal?"


[As Tamara starts telling her story, Joey eases herself off the bed and
slowly removes her panties. She sits back on the bed and starts massaging
her own breasts. Tamara was getting excited by the scene unfolding before
her and finds a way to continue with her story.]

"Actually, it was quite innocent. I was playing a few rounds of the famous
'Truth or Dare' game with some friends of mine and as often happens, the game
got a little out of hand and turned toward sexual acts. My best friend at
the time, Janney, dared me to suck my own tits and if I failed to accomplish
the task I had to let her suck them for me. Might I is quite nice
when a girl sucks your breasts. Totally different and more pleasureable than
a man could ever imagine giving a woman."

"Yeah, I know that game. It definitely brings things out of the wood-works.
First time I kissed Dawson was the first time I ever played the game. He was
with Jen at the time. Interesting how things always come full circle. So,
it was off a dare?"

"Oh yeah, but I didn't even try all that hard. I just wanted her lips on my
breasts. It wasn't until everyone left that I really attempted the feat.
I never let on that I knew Janney had walked in and caught me and she never
mentioned it either. She sucked my breasts many a 'Truth or Dare' games.
Now you know."

"So you two were totally into each other?"

"No, not like that. Just loved the feeling her lips gave me. We never
kissed or went beyond the breasts."

"So, are you now going to live up to your end of the bargain or would you
prefer a round of 'Truth or Dare?'"

The End!

(I love cliffhangers and this would be the perfect cliffhanger to end the
story on. Not sure if there will be a sequel or not. Guess I will have to
see if I get another creative burst of energy. Hope you liked it. It was
a quick and dirty story. Feedback is appreciated. I have no problem if
someone wants to grammatically fix the story. Actually, would greatly
appreciate the assistance.)


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