This story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are underage or easily
offended, please stop reading.

The Rape Of Andie Part 1: A Dawson's Creek Story (MM/f,ncon)
by Wonder Mike

It was Pacey's birthday and his new girlfriend Andie was planning his party.
They had been only going out for a couple of weeks and this was the first
real thing she had ever done for him. She wanted to make it special. They
were going to have a huge picnic with all his friends, then a quiet dinner.

She stopped by the general store to pick up he could think of. The market was
closing and she didn't see anybody in it. She thought it was weird but Cape
town was small so she didn't think anything about it. She had a basket full
of supplies and went to check out, but there was nobody at the counter. She
called out and nobody answered. She didn't think the store was closed already
and somebody should be here.

Two men came out. They didn't look like they worked here but they asked what
she wanted. She showed them the basket and told them she wanted to check out.
The two men just stared at her.

One man walked over to her and said she was cute. She just thanked him but
then he grabbed her ass. She pushed him away, but he came right back. She
pushed him away again and asked the other man for help. He went into the
back. Went he returned he had another man with him. The shop keeper and he
was tied up with duct tape.

Andie screamed and the first man went to the door and locked it. He said
"It's closing time."

Andie kept screaming but she knew nobody would hear her in the huge store.
The first man grabbed her by the neck and she kicked him in the shin. Andie
was about to break away when he pulled out a switch blade and held it against
her neck. She tried to twist away and he pressed the tip in just hard enough
to break the skin. Andie knew to fight was useless.

They stuffed her into her shopping cart and pushed her into the store office.

When they got her there they started to caress her breast through her silk
top. Her breast were perfect, they stepped back and made her take her top

The men then each grabbed a tit and began to suck, they fit perfectly into
their mouths. They then stepped back and told her to pull down her skirt. She
quickly complied. She was wearing thong panties that showed off her ass. They
had her bend over and wiggle it. She was then instructed to pull her panties
to the side and stick a finger inside of her cunt. When she did that they
told her to stick a finger from her other hand into her ass hole. The men had
raging hard one now.

The first man walked in front of her and pulled out his cock. He shoved it
into her mouth and told her to suck it, and she better be good. She wrapped
her lips around his cock and did the best she could. She had never done it
before but she was learning.

She wasn't learning fast enough for the rapist though, the second guy walked
over to the store clerk and stabbed him in the shoulder. He told Andie she
better deep throat his partner.

She managed to swallow his whole cock. The second guy came over and slid his
cock into her mouth also. She couldn't get them both in so he pulled out the
knife and placed it against her shoulder. She managed to swallow both cocks.

She started to bob her head on both cocks until the rapist began to moan.
They both shot their loads into her mouth. She started to spit it out and the
first man slapped her. He made her lick it up and swallow it all.

The men started to leave with the stuff they had stolen but then they saw
the safe, it was on a timer and would open in an hour, they decided to stay
clean it out and have some more fun with the cute blonde girl.

They told her to fuck her self. She started to rub her pussy. They told her
she could do better than that and she began to rub faster and faster. They
could see the juices start to form.

The first man held the knife to the throat of the shop clerk and told him
"You better hope I don't get bored watching her."

Andie then slid two fingers into her cunt and started to slam them as hard
as she could. The rapist stuck the point of the knife into the clerks neck.
Andie then reached down with her other hand and spread her cunt as wide as it
could go. Them she slammed two more fingers inside of it. The man pulled the
knife out of the clerk but then he shoved it back in a little further. Blood
began to trickle down the knife.

Andie slid her thumb into her pussy. She started to twist her hand until she
got it in past her watch. She then grabbed her wrist with her other hand and
started slamming her hand into her Pussy.

The man pulled the knife out, looked at the clerk and said "I'm sorry but I'm
bored and started to plunge the knife into his neck.

Andie screamed "No" please don't" The rapist stopped for a second and then
went to plunge the knife. Andie reached down with her other hand and slid two
of those fingers into her pussy. They could see the juices really flowing
now. They told her if she could get her other hand into her cunt, they would
spare her and the clerk.

She slid a third finger inside, she let them rest inside of her and the men
told her she better fuck herself. She started to work them in and out. She
then added the fourth finger from her second hand. She managed to keep
working them in and out. All that was left was her second thumb.

She started to work it in, she began to twist and turn the two hands she had
in her pussy, but she couldn't get that thumb in, the angle was just too
strange and she was too tight. The rapist said too bad, and goodnight now.



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