This story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are underage or easily
offended, please stop reading.

The Rape Of Andie Part 2: A Dawson's Creek Story (MM/f,ncon)
by Wonder Mike

Andie was terrified for her life, she was fighting to avoid a nervous
breakdown. She started to sob uncontrollably.

This made the two rapist laugh. The first guy walked over and grabbed Andie's
hand and started her rubbing her pussy again. he then started to insert her
fingers one by one inside of her.

He got her whole fist in again, and then he started to finger her himself. He
started with two fingers, then two more until he had his fist inside of her

The second guy walked over and slipped three of his fingers into her asshole.
They began to twist and turn their fingers until Andie stopped sobbing. She
was gasping trying to hold off an orgasm. She didn't want them to have the

The two caught a look at Andie's shopping cart. She was preparing for some
fun and games.

They saw something interesting. They removed their hands from her and she sat
on the floor. They told her to cover her eyes and bend over. She did what
they said.

She felt something long and hard slip into her cunt. It was steel. She peeked
through her legs and saw that they had shoved a baseball bat inside of her.
The men saw her peek, and they both slapped her on the head.

She was instructed to lay down and spread her legs. They both grabbed the bat
with two hands and began to ram it into her.

One of the men grabbed her legs and pulled them straight up into the air. The
other one was able to push down on the bat and slam it into her even faster.

That wasn't enough for the two degenerates. He grabbed a second bat and
slipped it into her. He had a bat in each hand and alternately forced them
into her. The first man was pulling up on her legs, They almost had both bats
buried to the handle.

They grabbed a third bat and slipped that barrel into her also. Andie was
completely stuffed. It was so tight they could barely move the bats. They
found a bottle of cooking oil in Andie's basket and they squirted it down the
bats. They slid in and out now.

They grabbed a fourth bat and started to rub it against her ass. The oil
flowed into that hole and they slipped the bat into that hole.

The timer on the safe opened. They had been at it for an hour. It was time to
clean out the place and go.

The first rapist laid on his back and ordered Andie to sit on his cock. She
did so quickly. He grabbed one of the bats and slid it into her pussy also.
He ordered her to fuck him good and Andie started to ride the bat and cock.

The second guy slipped his cock into her ass. Andie screamed and they ordered
her to keep fucking. She managed to bounce up and down on them both. He then
grabbed a bat and slipped it into her ass also. Andie never stopped riding
them this time though. She was completely filled with two bats and two cocks.

Both men were ready to cum. They made Andie lay on her back and open her
mouth. They took turns shooting down her throat. They made her swallow it

As soon as the emptied into her mouth, the baseball bat came crashing across
both of their heads at the same time. The clerk had freed himself and was
waiting. He cold cocked both the robbers and tied them up. Andie grabbed a
bat, spread both their legs and made sure they would never do that to anybody



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