By Wonder Mike

Andie had organized an all night study group. Joey would close the resteraunt
early and Andie her new boyfriend Pace, Dawson and Jen would all be there.

Jen was especially happy to have Andie around, it meant she was no longer the
new girl. This study group would also allow her to get close to Dawson again,
it really bothered her to see Dawson dating Joey, she was sorry she dumped
him, but she didn't know if she wanted him back because she missed him or if
it was he was with Joey now. It didn't matter to her because Dawson and Joey
were having problems and it was an opportunity.

Joey came to study, and she didn't want any horse play, horse play was
Pacey's middle name, he knew he could keep his D+ average without studying.

Andie was in a different situation. She was the new girl in town and was
still trying to make an impression, she was a straight A student and
workaholic, she wanted it to stay like that.

They arrived as a group, and sat down with the books, Andie had sat up a
series of test for the group. They took her test until 2:00 am.

Pacey was going to crack, he did a song and dance to liven up the group.
Andie never appreciated his humor but even Joey thought it was time for a
break, there was only so much you could learn at one time.

Pacey suggested a game of truth or dare, he was the one person in the group
who knew the truth about everybody's true feelings and he could exploit them.
He also could use this as a chance to get into Andie's pants.

He took out a bottle of everclear and told everybody they had to take a
drink, Jen was the only person in the group who knew what it was, she just
laughed, and helped Pacey talk Dawson into taking the first drink.

After Dawson forced down a glass everybody else had to do the same, just as
Pacey knew they would. They then started the game.

Pacey went first and called on Jen, she called dare just as she had secretly
told him she would, he dared her to take off her top.

She immediately removed her shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra and she had the
biggest tits anybody had ever seen. She cupped them in each hand. They gave
her a standing ovation.

She called on Joey. Joey called dare and Jen called on her to stick her
tongue into Pacey's mouth. She didn't want To do it, but the everclear was
taking over her mind. She walked over to Pacey and they locked lips. Pacey
stuck his tongue don her throat, they had always fought but Pacey knew what
a babe she was long before Dawson did.

Dawson had passed out from the grain alcohol. He was laying face first on the
couch. Jen suggested they take off his pants and hide them. He would have to
go home in his boxers. They pulled off his pants, and his boxers came right
off with them. The drunken gang thought it even more funny that way.

Dawson had a raging hard on. Pacey dared Jen to put it in her mouth. She just
smiled and wrapped her lips around his cock. She managed to swallow it all,
and Dawson never moved. She started to Bob her head faster and faster, when
Joey decided that she didn't like watching her do that to the guy who could
be her boyfriend. She kneeled down next to her and pulled his cock out of her
mouth and began to suck it herself.

She was not as good as Jen, but she was learning. She had never done it
before. She tried to deep throat him but she couldn't, Jen and Andie started
laughing at her, Joey asked if Andie could do better so she tried.

Andy wasn't as good as Jen either but she managed to go down further then
Joey did. Dawson shot her load into her mouth as she was forcing her mouth
down. She didn't get a chance to pull up and he shot his load directly down
her throat.

Pacey told her "How dare you" he told her that she had to do him now. Andie
was so drunk she could barely stand and she dropped to her knees and pulled
down Pacey's pants. Andie wrapped her lips and Pacey and began to suck him as
hard as she could. Jen had crawled over to Dawson and began to suck his cock
until it sprang to life again.

When it sprang up she lifted her skirt and sat on his cock. she ran her hands
over his chest as she slammed her box up and down on him. Pacey told Andie
that it looked good and she should try that, he wanted to get his cock out of
her mouth before he came to fast.

He laid down next to Dawson and Andie plopped down on his cock facing away
from him. Andie and Jen grabbed each others shoulders for leverage. They were
having a contest to see who could fuck the hardest. Jen was going out of
control, she was slamming down on Dawson so hard they thought she was going
to collapse the couch. The combination of her fucking and alcohol cause her
to have a screaming orgasm. She fell off Dawson to the floor.

Joey seized the opportunity to fuck Dawson. She took her place on top of the
unconscious teenager. She slowly sat her virgin pussy down on his cock. She
slowly reached bottom and began to grind her cunt side to side on his member.

Pacey had bent Andie over and was now fucking her doggy style. He was
thrusting his hips as hard as he could and Andie was rocking back matching
his every thrust. The everclear had turned Andie into a wild women. She had
been repressing her emotions for so long that the came out completely out of
control. Pacey had to pull out, he couldn't handle her anymore.

Joey's eyes rolled up into her head. She was having a massive orgasm. She
collapsed on the ground next to Jen. Andie took the opportunity to jump on
Dawson's cock which was still standing straight up. She slammed her ass down
on him as hard as she could. She was screaming to be fucked.

She reached down and slid two fingers into her blonde pussy as she was riding
him. Pacey removed her fingers and climbed on top of her and slammed his cock
into her pussy also. Andie kept riding them both, it was so tight Pacey
couldn't handle much of this. He started to thrust down, then he slid two
fingers into Andie's ass hole. That was what she needed and she climaxed on
the two cocks.

Pacey pulled out and shot a load into Andie's willing mouth, she had
developed a taste for cum. She then leaned over and began to suck off the
still unconscious Dawson. She shot his load into her mouth also.

Andie then spit the two loads into Joey's mouth, she thought that was what
she needed. Andie then passed out.

Dawson than got up and told Pacey "I love it when a plan comes together."



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