This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Dead Rising: A Last Request (MF)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With his foot on the gas pedal and a van full of explosives Frank plowed
through hundreds of zombies as he raced towards the exit of the Willamette
Mall maintenance tunnels. The severely damaged van died after careening off
the exit barricade. Frank spotted a shopping cart nearby as he climbed out
of the van, but first had to take care of zombies quickly advancing towards
him. He opened up the back of the van and took out the two chainsaws he
stole from Adam. Frank spent several minutes dismembering every zombie that
could possibly pose a threat while he transferred the explosives from the
van to the shopping cart.

Once the coast was clear Frank carefully stacked the explosives in the
shopping cart and started pushing it up the ramp. At the top he gave it one
hard push towards a mob of zombies and dove behind a nearby convertible
taking cover. Seconds later the bombs exploded sending fire and shrapnel up
into the air. Once the debris was done landing Frank dusted himself off,
climbed into the convertible, and headed back into the maintenance tunnels.
All that was left to do now was to find Brad who had chased Carlito deep
into the tunnels after their vehicles had crashed and overturned.

Frank began to have a bad feeling after finding no sign of Brad or Carlito
after half an hour of searching. He then decided to check one last place.
Driving into the corridor that lead to the storage room Frank found Brad
sitting outside the door with his stomach gashed wide open and his
intestines hanging out.

"Holy shit," Frank muttered as he got out of the car and went to Brad's

"Hey Frank," the dying man mumbled looking up at him. "Carlito got away, but
at least you got the bombs outside before they exploded..."

"Jesus Brad, what happened to you??" Frank asked turning to put a bullet
into the head of a zombie that was getting a little too close for comfort.

"I lost the fight with Carlito and a zombie got me before I shot it. It's
just a matter of time before I'm one of them." Brad said coughing up blood.
"Do me a favor Frank."

"Sure, what is it?" Frank asked shooting another zombie.

"Get my gun for me," Brad said pointing towards his handgun several feet
away. Frank quickly retrieved it and handed it to him. "Don't tell Jessie
what happened to me."

"Shit!" Frank shouted as Brad placed the gun in his mouth and pulled the

He stood there momentarily staring at the body of the dead DHS agent for
several minutes before getting back into the convertible and heading
outside. As Frank drove through Leisure Park back towards Paradise Plaza his
transceiver started to ring.

"What is it Otis?" Frank answered in a monotone voice.

"We saw the explosion on the monitors. Great job Frank."

"Thanks, I'm on my way back..."

"Hey listen. Isabela mentioned something about Carlito's hideout and a
laptop computer and then left. She left directions on where to find the
hideout and wants you to find her when you get a chance."

"Okay. I'm going to stop at Colombian Roastmasters and get something to
drink then I'll stop by for the directions and see what she wants."

"Oh, and when you get back be sure to talk to Jessie. She said it's

"All right. I'm on my way. I'll be there in a few," Frank said as he darted
through Paradise Plaza. "What the hell do I tell Jessie about Brad?" He
mumbled to himself.

* * *

"Great work!" Greg congratulated as Frank climbed out of the ventilation


"Welcome back Frank," Otis said. "The directions to Carlito's hideout are on
the desk and Jessie said to meet her outside near the helipad."

"Outside? Why?"

"I don't know. I guess it's about something she doesn't want anyone to

Walking through the security area Frank picked up the directions and stuffed
them into his pocket. He then made his way up the stairs and outside. In the
distance he saw Jessie leaning against the side of the helipad and walked
towards her.

"What's going on Jessie? Why did you want to meet out here and what's with
the blankets?" Frank asked noticing two stacked behind her on the helipad.

"I didn't want anyone else to hear this, but something's wrong with me. I
don't know what it is, but I feel different. I think I'm going to turn into
a zombie."

"That's impossible! Dr. Barnaby didn't bite you! Isabela searched your body
and didn't find any wounds."

"I know Frank, but I'm infected. I don't know how, but I am."

"You're not showing any symptoms and we don't know for sure that you are
infected, so go back inside while I track down Isabela. She said something
about Carlito having a laptop. Maybe there's a cure or a way to keep you
from turning while we find one."

"Wait Frank," Jessie said grabbing his as he turned to leave. "Nothing can
save me. I will eventually become a zombie and when I do you're going to
have to be the one to keep the survivors calm and safe until rescue

"Don't talk like that Jessie. You're not infected."

"Yes I am."


"Keep everyone calm and safe Frank. Please?"

"All right I will. Everyone should be fine as long as they stay in the
security room and remain calm."

"Thank you Frank."

"You're welcome..." Frank muttered. As he quieted Jessie leaned forward
kissing him on the lips. "What was that for?" He asked as their kiss broke.

"Like I said I don't have much time," Jessie replied as she reached behind
her head and unclipped her hairband letting her blonde hair fall down. "And
since joining the department I haven't had much personal time for myself or
for a relationship." Jessie unbuttoned her suit jacket and laid it over the
side of the helipad before picking up the first blanket. "Give me a hand,"
She said unfolding it.

"Sure," Frank said taken aback bit Jessie's frankness and eagerness. As the
two of them laid the first blanket down Jessie unbuttoned her shirt and took
it off. "Damn," he thought as he stared at Jessie's large breasts that were
hidden behind her bra.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare or are you going to help me,"
Jessie asked tossing one end of the second blanket at Frank. As they both
bent over to lay the second blanket on top of the first Frank's eyes were
fixated on Jessie's massive cleavage.

"Why are you doing this?" Frank asked as Jessie began to wiggle from her

"Because of my job it's been over a year since the last time I've had sex. I
knew what was involved when I took it and the risks involved coming here so
I'm okay with dying because of my job I guess. But before I turn I want to
have one last fling."

Frank pulled Jessie close to him and planted his lips on hers. "Okay," he
said when their lips broke apart.

Frank began stripping as Jessie removed her bra and panties and began
helping him. Once they were both naked they kissed again with Jessie
finishing with a smile on her face. She then kneeled down on the blankets
and sat on her knees in front of Frank.

He was already partially erect when Jessie took hold of his shaft and began
gently stroking her hand back and forth over it. The soft smooth touch of
her hand quickly made him fully erect and Frank let out a moan when her
tongue began to move up and down his shaft. His hardened cock even began to
throb each time her tongue nipped his balls.

It had been a very long time since Jessie had been in the position she
currently was in and was able to pleasure a man. Frank groaned even louder
as her lips wrapped themselves around the tip of his cock and began to push
forward taking him into her mouth.

Sure Jessie was cute Frank thought and he was no stranger to sex, but
something about her completely aroused him. Watching her head move back and
forth over his dick, feeling her lips and tongue pressed against his shaft
was making Frank get excited in a way he hadn't in a long time. Looking down
at Jessie's face as she continued working his cock in and out of her mouth
Frank could see a smile on her face.

"My turn Jessie," Frank said pulling away from her face.

"Okay," She grinned turning herself around on the large blanket and lying on
her back.

Frank reached down and stroked his throbbing cock a few times as he got to
his knees positioning himself between her legs. Leaning over her Frank took
Jessie's massive breasts into his hands gently squeezing them. She moaned as
his lips touched the flesh of her left breast and his tongue began flicking
back and forth across the nipple. As it became fully erect Frank took it in
his mouth continuing to work it over with his tongue. Jessie groaned loudly
and her body arched ever so slightly as Frank tugged on her nipple with his
lips. She moaned loudly as his hands began to gently squeeze her breasts
again. Then as Frank began to move further down Jessie's body towards her
legs he could see her slit already glistening with her juices and leaned in
to lick them up.

"Oh Frank!" Jessie gasped as his tongue began to slide up and her slit.

"Damn, it really has been awhile for her," Frank thought at hearing Jessie's

Thought not as loud as the initial one, Jessie continued groaning as Frank's
tongue kept working up and down her cunt licking up any of her juice that
leaked out. Frank then slipped his tongue inside Jessie's opening working it
against her insides to stimulate her. As he felt her start to get moist
again Frank let Jessie's cream build up on his tongue before sitting up and

"Oh god Frank!" Jessie moaned as her body ached yearning for more and her
hand started to move towards her legs. "Fuck me now!"

Completely forgetting the gravity the situation around him or why he was
fucking Jessie in the first place Frank saw the wanting look in Jessie's
eyes and needed no further encouragement. With Jessie spread-eagle and his
cock in hand Frank pressed the tip of his penis up against her slit and
teased her working it up and down. Jessie then gasped when he finally pushed
it inside her.

"God, it must have been a really long time since her last time," Frank said
as he slowly started working his cock in and out of Jessie's very tight, but
non-virgin pussy.

Jessie moaned with each thrust into her. As Frank's cock brushed along her
inner-walls pushing deep inside her she moaned loudly at each thrust.
Jessie's entire body burned as her pussy started to relax and Frank's pace
began to increase. As he pushed his shaft deep inside Jessie Frank felt his
cock started to throb. Jessie's cream started to flow freely covering
Frank's member and her pussy began to burn as her pleasure intensified with
each hard push inside. She began moaning so loud that it was borderline
screaming. Jessie's breasts heaved back and forth and she clenched handfuls
of the blankets as Frank continued to drive his cock as deep and as hard as
he could into her pussy.

Soon it became too much the DHS agent. Jessie began whining as her body
shook with orgasm. Her cunt choked down tightly on Frank's cock as her pent
up excitement was released. Frank continued to thrust his shaft into
Jessie's pussy even after it had tightened on him and her cum exploded onto
his member. With one last hard push he slammed himself hard into Jessie's
cunt as his throbbing cock exploded opening up and releasing his semen. Shot
after shot of Frank's cum squirted deep into Jessie's womb. Once he finally
went limp after half a dozen shots Frank pulled out of Jessie and sat down
on the blanket next to her as she sat up.

After a few minutes of silence and staring out into the evening sky Frank
spoke. "Isabela is waiting for me so I should probably go and see if she
found her brother's laptop and if anything useful is on it."

"Thank you Frank," Jessie said without looking up as he stood up and began
to dress.

"You're welcome..." he replied disheartened as the gravity of the situation
at the mall and Jessie's plight returned. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Don't worry about me," Jessie replied standing up to clean herself with one
of the blankets before redressing. "I'll be fine for a little while longer."

Frank softly kissed Jessie on the lips before heading back towards the
security room. As he opened the door he looked back at Jessie who was
staring into the darkening sky. "Please have something useful Isabela,"
Frank muttered stepping through the door.


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