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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 08:55:00 GMT
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By Uncle Mike

The day did not start out very good.

Whoa, let me back up first. I'm Anthony Bouvier. Ex-con. But I didn't do it.
Yeah, I know, everybody says that. So forget it: just call me an ex-con.
Black. OK, now you've got me pegged, right?

But I got out and I'm staying out. Got a good job, driving and doing odd jobs
for some interior designers, the Sugarbakers. Going to school.

That's it. Back to the story.

The day did not start out very good. I was supposed to play some basketball
with Big Rodney, Big Arthur and some other guys I met in prison. Yeah, pretty
much everybody I met in prison was called Big.

Anyway, we were supposed to play, but Big Rodney had gotten picked up by the
cops and most of the other guys suddenly came up with reasons not to show.

So I came back to Julia Sugarbaker's house. It's also the office for her
business -- well, hers and her sister's, but Julia doesn't like to be reminded
of that. It's a big, old mansion, but the inside isn't quite as fancy as you'd
expect from a bunch of designers. I guess they do better when they're working
with other people's money.

This is taking a lot longer than I expected to tell. Let me speed it up a

I come in. Nobody's there. I've got a pounding headache because I spent the
morning searching for -- well, you don't care about the details; it was some
designing stuff.

Anyway, I've got this headache, but I'm supposed to drive Julia and Mary Jo,
one of the other women who work there, over to a client's house that night. So
I take a couple of aspirin and I lie down on the couch. I've got my T-shirt
and sweatpants on, but I take off my gym shoes so I don't mess up the

I guess I must have dozed off, because I didn't hear the women come in. What
woke me was Julia shushing everyone else, I figure when she saw me on the

Let me run them down for you: Julia's, well, let's say well- seasoned. But
she's still got fantastic legs, long and curvy. She's always spouting off
about something or other, usually something about women's rights, but I have a
hard time paying attention sometimes because she's crossing her legs and the
view is terrific.

Then there's her sister, Suzanne. She's an ex-beauty queen, and she won't let
you forget it (well, she wouldn't mind if you forgot the "ex" part). She's
starting to get a little fat, but you wouldn't notice so much because she's
got huge tits.

And I mentioned Mary Jo. She's the thinnest one, nice red hair, perky.

One more: Charlene. She's sweet and friendly, but dumb. Reads the Enquirer and
believes it. But she's got big tits, too, so cut her some slack.

And that's it. Four women and me. It's not as great as you might think --
well, that is, it didn't use to be -- because most of the time they acted like
I was just one of the girls, and believe me, you don't want to know the kinds
of things women talk about among themselves. But there was one big fringe
benefit: they all are at least pretty, good bodies, and it seems like they
wear nothing but short skirts with slits up the side. No surprise that I spent
most of the time walking around in loose slacks to hide my hard-ons.

OK, back to the story. I'm sorry this is taking so long, but I wanted you to
understand what was going on.

So I'm on the couch, eyes closed, in my sweats. The four women walk in and
Julia wakes me by shushing everyone.

Now, I suppose I should have gotten up then. Only polite, right? But when
you're a young black man in the South, you learn not to make sudden moves
around white people. Or maybe I was just still feeling my headache a little.
Anyway, I didn't move.

I could hear the whispers as the women took off their coats.

"Poor Anthony. He must be all worn out from that basketball game." That was
Charlene, the office manager, secretary, receptionist, the only one who keeps
track of where we all are.

"I hope he had time before the game to get those toilet seat covers." That was
Mary Jo. See why I said you didn't really care what that design stuff was I
was looking for? And no, I hadn't.

"I'll look in the storeroom," Julia said. I heard her walk back there.

"He looks kinda cute just laying there, don't he?" Suzanne's voice seemed to
be just a few feet away.

"Like a little ..." Well, look, you don't want to know all of that. I'll just
say Suzanne, Mary Jo and Charlene had a little discussion, OK? Now, here's
where it gets good.

"Mary Jo? Have you ever ... you know?" It was Suzanne. Her whisper was very

"What? Have I ever what, Suzanne?"

"Have you ever seen a black man's ... you know? Live?"


"Well, have you?"

"Well, no. So what?"

"I was just wonderin', that's all. If it was true."

"If what ... Suzanne!"

Charlene broke in then. "You mean about their size? My cousin Lurlene told me
she doesn't think it's true, but I don't think she has any way to compare, if
you know what I mean?"

Now, remember, I'm still there on the couch, not moving a muscle. Well, one of
my muscles was moving a little.

So Mary Jo says they shouldn't talk about this, and Suzanne wants to know why,
and Mary Jo says she doesn't know, it just doesn't seem right with Anthony
lying there.

That's when Suzanne says, "That's why I'm asking, Mary Jo. I was wondering if
we should take a look."


"Well, just a peek. I mean, Anthony's practically passed out there, and I'd
just have to slip down his pants a little and see what he's got. I bet he's
got a big one."

Charlene whispered next, and her voice seemed to be close by, too. "I bet
you're right, Suzanne. Just look at the size of his feet! You know what they

"No, what do they say?" Mary Jo broke in.

"Well, that the size of the feet shows you how big they are, you know, up

"Oh, Charlene," Mary Jo began, "I don't ... Suzanne!"

I could feel a tug on the top of my sweatpants. I almost had to bit my lips
through to keep from moving or making a sound. I heard Suzanne shush Mary Jo
and I felt my sweatpants and my jock pulled down. I knew my cock was already
slightly rigid, so the women were getting a pretty good show.

"Oh, my God!" That was Charlene. No, really, it was. Would I lie to you?

"Is that all him?" That was Mary Jo. She seemed to be coming closer.

"Hah! I was right!" That was Suzanne. I think I could even feel her warm
breath on my shaft when she said it.

"Do you think -- I mean, he's really asleep, right?" Charlene's whisper came
from the foot of the couch. "Do you think I could touch it?"

"Charlene!" Mary Jo was at the other end, by my head. "We should just put his
pants back. What if he wakes up?"

"Oh, stop worrying!" Suzanne was in between them. "Look at him, he's out like
a light. Go on, Charlene, see what a real one feels like." I swear, I could
almost hear her wink.

Sure enough, a few seconds later came a light, warm touch right on my cock. I
almost leaped right up in the air. I gotta admit, I'd fantasized about having
one or the other of those women. Hey, the truth: That was how I jacked off
most of the time. But now that wasn't my hand on my cock, wrapping fingers
around in, rubbing up and down. It was Charlene, a blond fox. My rod started
to stiffen with her touch; she jumped back.

"Now look what you've done," Mary Jo said, but it sounded more curious than
complaining. "I've never seen one that big. Let me get a better look. Shove
over, Suzanne."

By now my cock was extended to its full eight inches, thick and hard and
rising up off my stomach. This time I know I felt Mary Jo's breath on it.
"Wow, would you look at that! God, I think I could get an orgasm just looking
at that thing."

"Could be," Suzanne said, "but I think it'd be a lot more fun to get one by
riding it."

"Would it fit?" Charlene asked. "I don't think I could put something that big
in me. Could I?"

Mary Jo sighed. "It'd fit, Charlene. I bet it would fill you up, though. God,
imagine what that would be like. I don't think I could get it all in my mouth,
though. Not that snake."

"In your mouth?" Charlene sounded stunned. "You don't ..."

"My ex-husband said I gave the best blow-job he ever had," Mary Jo said. She
sounded smug. "And I think he knew what he was talking about."

Imagine you're me. You're there, half-naked, and three hot women are kneeling
next to you discussing how big your cock is. But they don't know you're awake.
There's only one thing to do, right? Right. I kept my mouth shut.

Mary Jo didn't, though.

"Haven't you ever sucked a guy's cock?" That was Suzanne.

"N-no," Charlene said. "Put one in my mouth? Isn't that all icky?"

"It's not as good as getting it up your pussy," Mary Jo said, "but it's not
too bad. I kinda like it. In fact, I'm kinda thinking about doing Anthony,

"Oh, you can't!" That was Charlene.

"You touched him," Mary Jo pointed out.

"But that was different!"

"Well, look, this is just too good to pass up. When am I ever gone have a cock
this big waving in front of me again? And Anthony's asleep, so he'll never
know what happened. I bet he wakes up with a smile on his face, though!"

And then it really happened. I felt Mary Jo take hold of my cock in one of her
small hands, and then there was a puff of warm, wet air on the tip and her
lips came down over the shaft.

She was right, she couldn't take me all the way in. But she did a damn good
job of coming close. I felt the head of my dick hitting the back of her throat
and her lips were tight around the shaft, most of the way down. Her fingers
were slowly rubbing the rest of the shaft down to the hilt.

Her ex-husband was right, man. It was the best blow-job I'd ever had, too.
Mary Jo knew every trick to make my cock sit up and beg for more, licking the
shaft, tickling my balls. I thought for sure I was gonna shoot at least twice,
but each time she seemed to sense what was happening and she squeezed me and
held it in.

Lucky thing my face was toward the back of the couch, so they couldn't see me
scrunch my eyes up as I tried to keep from moving. It was almost impossible
with Mary Jo's Hoover lips sucking me in and out.

I got a chance to catch my breath when she lifted off. But then I heard her
say, "Now you give it a try, Charlene."

And another hand grabbed my cock and another pair of lips pressed down around
my shaft.

Charlene was awkward at first, but Mary Jo must have been kneeling right next
to her; I could hear her whispering advice.

I kept my eyes shut, but I could picture Charlene's red lips sliding up and
down my cock and her pale white skin looming above my dark meat. And, of
course, her big tits hanging down -- if I looked up, I bet I could see right
down her blouse.

My breathing was coming pretty fast, but the women were so into what they were
doing that I think they even forgot I was there. I mean, they sure knew my
cock was there, but I think they had stopped paying attention to anything

I heard some rustling noises but I couldn't figure out what they were, and
with Charlene's mouth swallowing my dick it was tough to think about anything
else. She was a quick learner. Pretty soon I was ready to blast again, and
this time nothing was going to hold me back.

I let loose a big shot of cum just as Charlene took me in on a downstroke. It
must have surprised her because she swallowed it all in one gulp and then
pulled right off me. A few last globs pulsed out as my cock started to shrink
and fall back.

Mary Jo explained about cum to Charlene then, but halfway through her
explanation I heard her gasp.

"Move aside, I'm coming through," Suzanne whispered. I felt her hand on my
cock; I figured she was going to tuck it in and put my pants back up.

Instead, she started rubbing it. Meanwhile, Mary Jo and Charlene were
whispering again, but this time they were so quiet I couldn't make out any
words; they must have been right next to Suzanne. Finally I heard her say,
"Just stay out of my way. I'm gonna do it and that's that."

The next thing I knew, the cushions on the couch gave way and I felt something
smooth and warm around my hips, and Suzanne's hand was on my cock again. It
was getting harder.

I felt something on top of it. It was Suzanne's slit! She was straddling me
with her cunt wide open. It was already wet; I could feel her juices as she
slid over me.

"Come on, big boy," she whispered. I thought she had figured out I was awake,
but then I realized she was talking to my cock.

"Come on, get nice and hard for me. I want to feel you inside my hot, nasty
cunt. That's it, that's the way. Oooo, you're gonna feel real good."

I was fully erect. Suzanne lifted off me, and when she came back down she
impaled herself right on my cock. I felt her hot, wet cunt wrap around my
shaft as she sank down.

She must have been crazed with lust. There's no way any man could have still
been sleeping after the blow-jobs I'd gotten, and certainly not after some
woman sunk her juicy pussy right onto his dick. But she didn't seem to care.
She started moving on me, sliding up and down. She had incredible control of
her cunt muscles. I could feel them massaging my shaft as she rode me.

"Fuck me good," she whispered. "You fill me up. Ohhhhh, yes, all the way in.
I'm gonna remember this fuck for a long time."

I heard some springs creaking, and I thought it was the couch, but it seemed
to coming from somewhere else. Then Suzanne said something to Mary Jo and I
realized what was going on. Mary Jo was in a chair next to the couch, and she
must have taken down her panties and started fingering herself when Suzanne
started riding me. From the sounds of it, she was really getting into it.

Suzanne was picking up the pace herself. "I'm gonna ride you like a bucking
horse, you stallion," she whispered. She was bending low over me, and I felt
something rub against my chest. My T-shirt was soaked in sweat by then; it
felt like Suzanne's nipples were right against my skin. Then she sat up again
and started moving faster. It felt like my cock was getting rubbed raw as she
squashed her pussy onto it over and over. This girl could fuck, man.

I had to fight back the urge to reach up and grab those massive tits. I wanted
to play this one out and see what happened.

So, anyway, Suzanne keeps riding my dick until finally I can feel her
shivering and shaking on top of me. "Ohhhhh, Anthony," she says -- and she's
still whispering, if you can believe that -- "Ohhhhh, Anthony, that was

Well, her shaking died down after a couple of minutes, and she started to get
off of me. Just then, I heard Julia's voice coming from the back of the big
living room, by the door to the storeroom. "I couldn't find the seat covers,
but ..."

"Sshhhh!" That was Charlene. "Anthony's still asleep."

Now Julia was whispering too. "Sorry. I did ..."

There was a thumping, bumping noise like a bunch of boxes tumbling to the
floor -- which, as it turned out, is what happened.

"Suzanne, what in the world are you doing!" It sounded like Julia was running
over to the couch, still whispering. "My Lord!"

"Oh, hush up, Julia," Suzanne said as my cock, still hard and thick, popped
out of her cunt. "I was just having a little fun, that's all."

"A little fun! Anthony's still asleep? Suzanne, you raped him!"

"Oh, come on, Julia," Mary Jo put in. "A woman can't rape a man. Besides,
there's no harm done. And I bet Anthony's having some really great dreams."

"Mary Jo ... Mary Jo, get your hand out of your pussy! Charlene, button up
that blouse. And Suzanne ... just get out of here!" From the sound of her
voice, Julia was moving around to the front of the couch. Then I felt a tug on
my sweatpants, like someone was pulling them back up.

Now, the only explanation I can give you for what I did next is that I was
still horny. Usually the first fuck I shoot off quick, but if I get hard again
I stay hard forever. And I was, and I wanted more.

So I opened my eyes and jumped back, calling out Julia's name. Because she was
the one tugging up my pants. Only, when I jumped back, the pants stayed in her
hands and she ended up holding them while I jumped out of them.

"Julia, what are you doing?" I tried to sound upset and sleepy at the same

She was looking good, like always -- a black cloud of hair, a bright red,
tailored suit hugging her curves tightly, those great legs looking silky in
black hose, pointy red high heels. But all I saw at that moment was her face,
a mask of shock and surprise. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was
working but, for once, nothing was coming out.

I took a moment to look around. Charlene was on a chair facing me. Her
cream-colored blouse was pulled apart and her tits were hanging out of her
bra. Suzanne was next to the couch, completely naked, a satisfied smile on her
face. Mary Jo was in a chair opposite Charlene. From the waist up she looked
normal, blouse in place, makeup perfect. But she had stripped off her skirt
and her panties were down around one ankle with her pantyhose. Her feet were
splayed apart. She had one hand holding open her pussy and three fingers of
the other hand were buried inside.

"Well," I said, "I see you all were having a good time. But it looks like you
haven't had your turn yet, Julia."

I turned back to her. She was still holding onto my sweatpants and jock,
squatting on the far end of the couch. "No, Anthony," she started to say. I
cut her off.

"Well, I can't say as I'm surprised. I've seen the way you women look at me.
Like a sex object. Well, all I can say is ... I love it. Come on, Julia, don't
be shy." As I said that, I moved toward her, my cock bobbing ahead of me.
Julia shrank back against the arm of the couch.

"An-Anthony," she tried to start again. By then I was on top of her, pressing
my lips to hers in a big, wet kiss as I stuck my tongue against hers.

While I held her down with the weight of my body, my hands were busy tearing
open her blouse and sliding up under her bra. I got to her tits and caressed
the sides as I ground my meat into her crotch, pushing up her skirt.

She managed to pull her head away, gasping for breath. "No, Anthony," she
said. "You don't understand ..."

"Oh, he understands, Julia," Suzanne broke in. I felt a tug and looked down.
Suzanne was yanking off her sister's shoes, hose and panties. I pushed up her
skirt the rest of the way and saw it at last: Julia's pussy.

Julia started to say "no" again, but Suzanne told her to hush. "You're just as
curious as the rest of us," she told her sister. "So lie back and enjoy it.
Take it from me, Anthony is one hot fuck."

By then I already had a finger at her slit, rubbing it around to get it all
juiced up. It didn't take long before it was slippery enough to slide all the
way in and I diddled Julia's cunt while my thumb twiddled her clit. I was
licking and sucking at her breasts, wondering why Julia had finally shut up.
She usually wasn't that easy to silence. Then I looked up and saw Charlene had
moved over to the couch and was kissing Julia square on the mouth.

"It's OK, Julia," Charlene said when she paused for a breath. "Really, it is."

That was an interesting development, but I wasn't going to waste time thinking
about it. My cock was hungry for some cunt. I spread Julia's legs and forced
myself in between. She resisted a little, but Suzanne helped me and I got the
head of my cock poised right at her cunt. She was so slick that I drove right
in, shoving my dick in up to the hilt in Julia's warm, wet pussy.

By the time I'd been fucking her for a few minutes she gave up the fight.
Charlene sat back and Julia pulled me down to her. "Oh, hell," she said.
"Suzanne was right. You've got a great cock, Anthony. Fuck my pussy for me,
fuck it good. Let's show them what sex is really like."

From then on Julia was possessed. She started humping back at me and pretty
soon we were bouncing up and down on the couch like it was a trampoline. "I
knew you wanted it bad," I started shouting. "Ride my stick, Julia. Fuck that
black cock!"

"You're so big!" she shouted back. "I've never been filled like this before!
Damn, it's true what they say about black cocks! I can't take any more! Shit,
I'm cummmmiiinnggg!"

She quivered and shook under me for awhile. When I pulled out, my stick was
still hard and I looked around for someplace else to put it. I saw Mary Jo
shoving her fingers in and out of her twat like crazy.

"I've got something better than fingers for that," I told her. Right away she
got to her knees on the floor. "Well, don't just sit there," she said. "Show
me what you've got, Anthony."

So I crawled up behind her and stuck my cock up her cunt. I started to pump
into her but she told me to stop. "Just hold still," Mary Jo said over her
shoulder. "Let me do all the work."

Damn if she didn't. She humped her ass at me, using her cunt muscles to
massage my shaft. Meanwhile Suzanne had crawled over and I was massaging her
huge tits and getting tongue from her. I think Julia and Charlene were
sixty-nining it, but I was a little too busy to really notice.

Mary Jo was so hot from her own finger-fucking that she came after just a
while with me inside her. She was a screamer, though, yelling and screeching
when it hit her. She finally crawled away, but before I could do anything
Suzanne had taken her place.

"Didn't you already get yours?" I asked her as I bent over her milky white

"I thought you were asleep!"

"Well, let's just say I had very vivid dreams," I whispered to her.

"In your dream you didn't get all of me," Suzanne said, wiggling her ample
butt up at me. "Let's see if you can make me cum both ways!"

I laughed and rubbed my hands on her cunt, still wet and sloppy. I covered her
asshole with her pussy juices and then slipped an index finger inside,

"Yeah, that's it," she said sassily. "My ass is yours. Fuck me again!"

I put the head of my cock to her hole. I could see it was going to be a tight
fit. I spread her butt cheeks apart and slowly, slowly fed her my dick. The
whole way in, Suzanne was urging me on, telling me to stuff her ass.

"OK, girl," I said, "get ready!" I started stroking.

"Damn, that's tight," she said.

"Do you want me to pull out?"

"Hell, no! Stick it to me! This is just getting good!"

I kept up the motion. With one hand I grasped her waist; the other was busy
getting a good feel of those huge boobs, with nipples the size of peanuts.
They hung down from her chest like overfilled water balloons, jiggling as she
shook from my fucking.

Mary Jo had slid her cunt underneath Suzanne and now she was getting a
tongue-lashing herself. "Suck my clit, Suzanne," Mary Jo called out. "Stick
that nasty tongue in me. Do it!"

Looking past her, I could see that Charlene and Julia definitely were locked
together, each with her head buried in the other's pussy as they lay side by
side. From the volume of the moans, they were having a good time.

My cock was having a good time too. The thrill of having all four of those
women naked and horny must have been magic, because I'd never stayed so hard
so long before. Once or twice it felt like I was gonna shoot, but then the
feeling passed and I kept pumping away. I slipped my hand down from Suzanne's
waist to her cunt, twiddling her clit. Almost at once she started flailing
around beneath me. "You did it, Anthony!" she shouted. "You made me cum! My
ass is sore but it was worth it!"

I couldn't believe it. My cock was still as hard as a rock. While Suzanne
collapsed on top of Mary Jo, I got up and walked toward Julia and Charlene,
still locked in a 69.

"It's your turn, Charlene," I said, grabbing hold of one of her big jugs and
giving it a squeeze. "Come on, Julia, let her go."

They broke apart. Charlene backed away from me. "I don't think I can,
Anthony," she said. "I've never done it before. And you're so big!"

"Big or small, they all fit," Mary Jo said lazily. "Go ahead, Charlene."

Charlene was whimpering. "I-I don't ... Will it hurt?"

"Only for a little while," Julia said. "But with Anthony's equipment, it'll be
worth it."

"Well, OK, but be gentle," Charlene whispered.

"Of course," I said as I led her to the couch and put her on her back. "Just
spread your legs. That's it. I want to see that sweet little cunt of yours.
Mmmmm, that looks good enough to eat." I bent down and started lapping up her
sweet pussy liquor. I could tell she was nervous at first, but pretty soon she
was getting into it and bucking her hips up at my tongue. I waited until she
was really going crazy and then I moved up. I almost had my cock to her slit
before she realized what was happening.

"Oh, God, look, it'll never fit!" Charlene tried to push me away but I bore
down on her. I watched as the fat head of my black cock pushed aside the pink
folds of her pussy. Slowly, slowly until the whole tip was inside and her cunt
lips closed around it.

"Now, I'm going to hold it here for awhile until you get used to it," I
whispered to her, bending down and nuzzling those massive tits. Her nipples
were like ripe cherries on top.

I was still holding my cock just inside her when she started to buck up at me.

"Oh, now you want it?" I fed it into her, inch by inch, until I could feel the
tension of her maidenhead. "You're going to get it!" I drove through the
membrane and as Charlene sighed softly I sank all the way in.

Her legs rose around me, giving me complete access. "You really did it," she
said, wide-eyed. "Oh, God, that feels great! Oh, Anthony, fuck me with that
monster! I want to feel all of it!"

I pumped her cunt, sliding my pole in and out while Charlene thrashed beneath

When I looked over, Mary Jo, Suzanne and Julia were writhing around on the
floor. It looked like they were angling for position.

"What are you designing, women?" I asked, but then it was obvious. They linked
up in a daisy chain. Julia's face was in Mary Jo's muff; Mary Jo had her
tongue up Suzanne's slit and Suzanne was eating out Julia to complete the

"Forget them, just fuck ME!" Charlene demanded. She was clawing at my back
with her fingernails. Then she grabbed hold of my ass and pulled it down.
"Slam that cock into me, Anthony," she shouted. "Why did I ever wait so long
for this? I've never felt anything this good. God, I could fuck you forever!"

She darn near did, too. We kept it up for almost half an hour, me pumping my
sausage and Charlene bucking that pussy up at me. Halfway through we switched
because I was getting too tired to hold myself up but she didn't want to quit.
Charlene sat me down on the couch and then squatted over me, feeding my cock
into her cunt.

"Now, Charlene, you said to be gentle," I said, but she stopped me. "Screw
that, I want to take you in," she screamed as she rode me wildly. She would
lift all the way off and then slam down on my cock so hard it almost bent
before her lips parted and I sank into her cunt.

"Yes, yes, uh huh, fuck me, Anthony," Charlene whispered as she bent down, her
boobs bouncing against my chest. She kissed me deep as she kept up her rhythm.

"I don't think I can hold it in anymore," I warned her.

"No, damn it, I want some more," she said. The girl was going crazy.

"It don't work that way, Charlene," I said. "When I gotta cum, I gotta

Lights flashed in my eyes. I never came so much. It seemed like buckets were
pouring out of me and my cock kept pulsing as wave after wave of jism shot

The impact sent Charlene over the edge too, screaming and smashing her fists
into the back of the couch. "SHIIIIIITTTTT! That's good! That's .. that's ...

I held her on my lap as my cock started to shrink at last. My cum and her
juices and our sweat all was pouring down. Her blond hair was plastered to her
face and stuck to her smooth back.

On the floor, Mary Jo, Julia and Suzanne came one after the other and fell
back exhausted, too.

I reached up and kneaded Charlene's tits as I looked over the room. Chairs
were tipped over, rugs were kicked aside, clothes were tossed all over the

"Julia," I said. She looked up, pussy juices smearing her face.

"What is it, Anthony?"

"I really like what you've done with the place."


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