Designing Women: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 2 (MFF,MF,oral)
by JH

It had worked. After years of study, practice and experimentation it had
worked. He had taken an illusion and turned it into a reality and not just
any reality his reality.

Since that first time he had continued to experiment to try and understand
the limits of the worlds he could create. The first thing he learned was the
only medium that worked well in the creation was TV. He was not sure if it
was the character definition or how immersed he could become but the fact was
he never could duplicate the effect with books or movies. Second, he did not
have to script the world. It would flow along any plot or path as he thought
or wished. Finally, he believed he did not have to be present for the story
to unfold...though this was not a point he had experimented. He was now ready
to attempt another creation.

The TV set was tuned to a rerun of Designing Women. He put the headgear
webbing on and flipped the switch. A low hum began and then light bent around

The petite redhead was wearing a short leather skirt, red skin tight
turtleneck and knee high spiked heeled boots. She was half turned on the
couch and he could clearly see the nipples outlined through the thin material
of the sweater.

"So you see, Mr. Long we can not only do this job for you but guarantee your
satisfaction." Her accent was hardly southern but had a clipped professional
air to it.

Behind him he could hear the business manager, Charlene Frazier, on the
phone, "No. I understand. Yes it was fun but..." her voice tailed off in

He forced his attention back to the redhead sitting next to him. "I don't

Mary Jo slid a bit closer to him. Placing her hand on the inside of his right
thigh she lowered her voice "I do mean your complete satisfaction."

The movement had caused her nipples to stand out beneath the sweater like
two hard pebbles. She slid her hand up his thigh as she looked into his
eyes finally coming to rest on his hardening cock. This she began to stroke
through his pant. She let her tongue slid across her lips causing them to
glisten. She began to slide his zipper down, still never saying a word.

He cleared his throat. "Uh, what about...?"

Mary Jo smiled. "Charlene?" Her voice was still low and husky. "Just wait."
She had his zipper down and was stroking his cock from base to head. "I said
complete satisfaction."

With that she pulled his prick loose and lowered her head to the tip. Her
tongue lapped at it like a stick of candy. She worked all sides letting her
tongue move like a snake around the head. She had turned and was kneeling on
the couch. Her skirt was pulled up over her hips. Joshua could see she was
wearing pantyless hose, the pale skin of her ass was in sharp contrast to
the skirt and hose. She had inserted his cock in her small mouth and was
straining to stuff it completely in. She sucked her cheeks in and drew him

"MARY JO !!!" Charlene's voice cut the thickening air.

Mary Jo lifted up but the licked the entire shaft. "Come on Charlene, you
know you want some."

Joshua looked over at the blonde. She was a complete contrast to the redhead
where Mary Jo was petite Charlene was full figured. Her hair in blond curls
piled high on her head.

After a moments hesitation she pulled off her dress. She was wearing a white
corset pulled tight around her waist, pressing the flesh of her breasts up,
almost over the lace cup. The garters held white nylons and she had four
inch spiked pumps.

She sat next to Joshua and with an almost glazed look began to lick the other
side of his cock. The two women worked with a steady practiced rhythm. Every
time their lips met at the top they would kiss trapping his cock between
their four lips while their tongues played over the head. When Charlene began
to gobble him, letting his cock slip deep into her throat Mary Jo licked at
his balls. The they would switch and Mary Jo deep throated him and Charlene
lapped at his scrotum.

This went on for an eternity or what, at least, seemed like an eternity. They
finally began to suck and stroke him to a climax and as he began to shoot
they both lapped at his cum as fast as it shot out. They ended the session
french kissing each other.

"See, I told you complete satisfaction." Mary Jo was almost triumphant
sounding in her statement. "Charlene and I have another appointment but I
know Julia wants to talk to you."

She stood and straightened her clothes as Charlene dressed. Blowing him a
kiss they were out the door.

It took only a few minutes and the door opened. Julia Sugarbaker was a sharp
contrast to her two partners. She was of average build but had a strong
willed bearing that bordered on imperious. Her wide set dark eyes were
highlighted by high cheekbones and almost black hair.

"Mr. Long." Her voice was distinctly cultured southern and obviously used to
being taken seriously.

"Yes." Joshua's reply was slow almost languid.

"I hope Mary Jo and Charlene made you comfortable." She sat to his right.
Her starched white shirt in sharp contrast to the navy blue skirt and suit
jacket. The only sign of affectation were the five inch spiked heeled pumps
and the seam running up the back of the nylons.

"Yes, they were most accommodating. They said you wanted to talk to me?"

She crossed her legs and in the silence the soft sigh of the nylons rubbing
together was almost deafening. The skirt rose up to expose a dark welt and a
flash of chrome. She did nothing to pull it down. He placed his hand on her
thigh and slid it up pushing the skirt out of the way.

"MR. LONG! I am not sure what my associates indicated to you..."

Her voice was muffled as his lips crushed against hers. She kept he mouth
closed and pushed against him...then relaxed. Her arms went around his neck,
her lips opened and her tongue dueled with his. His hand was beneath her
skirt and found bare skin at the top of her thigh. He felt the heavier
material of the welt and the chrome clasp of the garter. He moved his hand
between her legs. She uncrossed her legs and opened them. His hand hit the
mound in her panties and he could feel the damp heat. Julia moaned.

He pulled his hand out and pushed her jacket of and threw it on the floor.
He pulled at her blouse popping the buttons exposing the white lace of a
strapless long line bra...her pink nipples just showing at the top of the
cups. He lowered his lips to one and began to tongue and suck it to rosy
hardness. Her hands were in his hair. "Suck them. god how I love that."

He moved from one to the other in turn sucking and licking them. The effect
was incredible. Julia Sugarbaker was transformed from an icy queen into a
wanton slut in a matter of moments. She had unzipped his pants and as he
sucked her tits she began to stroke his cock. "Do you want to fuck me?"

She stood up and pulled her skirt and blouse off. She was now wearing the
long line bra, a wide lace garter, tan hose with a seam and the five inch
black spiked heels. She straddled his legs and reached for his cock. She
lowered herself down. He felt his prick enter the soft wet folds of her
cunt. She continued until he was totally entrapped. She pulled his mouth
to her waiting breasts and as he sucked and licked her she began to ride
him. She would lift up until only the head was captured then sit back down
letting his entire cock slip into her. She kept repeating this movement
until she began to orgasm. She pulled him to her and her whole body
shuddered. She kept moving up and down on his cock.

He pushed her off and positioned her kneeling on the couch her hips upraised
her arms over the back. He got behind her and after a few strokes in her cunt
placed the head of his cock at her anus.

"No!" she almost shouted as he began to bury his prick in her ass. "OOOOhhhhh
nnnnooooo!" She was moaning as his cock was completely buried in her.

He reached around and squeezed her tits hard enough so the nipples could be
felt beneath the lace. He was stroking in earnest. Julia was moaning as she
pressed her impaled ass back to him.

"Fuck my ass. Come on fuck my ass." Julia began to move faster as he pounded
his meat into her. "Cum in my ass." Her voice sounded like the lowest slut
crossed with the most cultured women. It pushed him over the top and he
pumped his cum in her.

She slid off and sat on the floor her head on the couch cum leaking from her
cunt and ass.

Light began to bend around Joshua Long. He was back in his laboratory.
_ _ _

Part 3: Night Court


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