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Desperate Housewives: Banging Housewives Part 1 - Zach (Fm,ff,voy)
by Neenah

*There was no doubt about it*, thought Zach Young, *Susan Mayer is one
fuckable Milf.* He stared through his bedroom window at her, the shorts she
was wearing rode up her thighs and clasped tightly to her swaying ass
cheeks. She soaped at her car, water splashed down and clung to her t-shirt,
dragging it against her firm breasts and outlining the black bra beneath.

Slipping his hand down Zach undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. It was
much larger than average, perhaps disproportionately so on his scrawny
sixteen year old frame. He began to pump it up and down imaging Mrs Mayer
underneath him, her legs splayed apart and screaming his name. In his minds
eye his cock thumped in and out of her with the speed of a pneumatic drill.
He closed his eyes and felt the sperm spurt out of his dick.

He looked out the window again. Susan was gone. Zach sighed, his current
horniness had dissapated in the blast of spunk, but he knew from past
experience that it would soon be rising again.

"Zach," it was his Mom calling from downstairs, "Zach, could you come down
a moment?"

His Mom was sitting in the kitchen, the answer to where Susan had got to
also became clear as she sipped coffee at the table. Zach tried to stop
himself blushing, at meeting her just after she had been the inspiration
for his carnal imaginings. If either women noticed his change of colour
neither said so.

"Zach, Susan needs some help tomorrow wallpapering. You're free aren't
you?" his Mom placed her cup on a coaster and looked at him.

Zach nodded dumbly.

"What about you come over just after lunch," Susan said, "Some of the paper
in Julie's room is peeling. As she's away at her Dad's for the week and as
I thought I'd get it done while she's away."

Zach nodded again. He wasn't sure whether he was pleased at spending so
long in the close company of Susan or mortified that he might have to make
conversation with her.

* * *

It was Gabby who first noticed it. She was just coming back from her evening
jog when she saw Zach watering his Mom's garden. Never one to resist a chance
to cock-tease she decided to do her stretches just in front of him, bending
over so that her that the teen could get a good eyeful of her cleavage as it
fought to escape her tight top. Even through his jeans the bulge had been
visible, and it was some bulge. Gabby said it was like a curled up Annaconda
waiting to strike.

Susan had thought she was exxagerating, but looking at the mound beneath
Zach's short she thought that Gabby might have been underselling it. She'd
also discovered during the afternoon that three things happened when she
spoke to Zach, he blushed, mumbled an incoherent reply and went hard.
Mischeviously she'd talked a lot that afternoon.

"Thanks for your help Zach," Susan poured him a glass of orange juice, "I'd
still be balancing on that ladder at midnight if it wasn't for your help."

Zach mumbled something which Susan deciphered as "That's alright," though
it could have been "Thanks all night."

"Let me give you something for your trouble," Susan smiled again and Zach
went redder than a tomatoe as he desperately tried to look anywhere but at
her, "If you wait a moment let me go and get something from my purse. It's

She stripped naked. Since the divorce her sex life had been dryer than the
Sahara desert. Susan had decided it was time to break from her self-imposed
celibacy to get back into the game, and fucking a virgin would be an easy
way to break back in. Though, as she reimagined Zach's massive tool she
might have been better going for something smaller. She shrugged, it was
too late now to change her mind.

She headed for the door. Then she paused and as an afterthought reached into
purse and pulled out a crisp $10 bill.

Orange juice spurted from Zach's mouth as she entered the living room.
Anything he might have said was drowned by choking gasps as the remaining
liqiod went down the wrong way. Susan waited for him to recover, before she

"Do you want this?" she waved the bill and paused. She ran a hand slowly over
her twat, before purring seductively, "Or this?"

There was no answer from Zach, who just looked at the empty glass of orange
juice, with a look on his face which suggested that he wasn't staring at it
because he was hinting he was thirsty. Susan waited and began to wonder if
she misjudged the moment, perhaps he was gay, not shy. Or did he like natural
bushes and she had shaved this morning specially.

Then as if making a supreme effort Zach looked up and spoke clearly, "I'll
have that," he said and pointed to her cunt.

"Good answer," replied Susan. She let the note drop to the ground and
walked over to Zach. He moved away from the table, but seemed unsure what
to do next. Susan helped him to make up his mind. Her hands slid down to
unbuckle his belt. As she unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans Zach pulled off
his t-shirt, to reveal a chest which was so hairless it was almost

He let Susan pull down his jeans. There was a brief pause as Susan looked
at his y-fronts. She licked her lips, as she savoured the build-up to the
moment of truth. The movements of the large bump beneath the white cloth,
continued to confirm her earlier impression he was both large and active.
She pulled down the y-fronts and gave a cry, part surprise, but mainly
pleasurable anticipation.

"Ever had a blowjob," she asked.

Zach just shook his head and his cheeks returned to being deep red. Susan
leant forward and kissed the tip of his cock. She considered how to do it,
she wasn't sure her mouth was big enough to deep throat, at least without
getting back into practice. *Still*, she thought, as she opened her lips,
*I can get some of it in.*

Zach stood still, murmuring softly, as Susan's mouth engulfed his cock.
Susan began to bob back and forth, sucking at the cock. She wanted to make
sure it was nice and wet before it went in another hole. However, she'd
barely begun when she heard Zach give a cry. Even as he did so she felt his
warm semen pump out of his cock and into his throat. Susan swallowed and
swallowed as it kept coming, dissapointed that this was a far as they'd

"I'm sorry about that," said Zach as Susan used the back of her hand to
wipe away the excess cum from her lips, "I just couldn't stop it."

"Don't worry about it," lied Susan. The tingling anticipation in her pussy
was still there and now looked like it wouldn't be satisfied for a while.

"We can go again if you want?" said Zach.

"We can?" asked Susan. Her ex-husband only managed twice a night on his
birthday and even then he'd needed a long break in between.

"Yeah, just give me a few seconds to get hard again," Zach stroked at his
limp cock and even as Susan watched it returned to its previous hardness.

She took hold of his cock and led him over to the rug. She lay down on it
and opened her legs, "I take it you're a virgin."

Zach nodded.

"Okay," grinned Susan, "try and keep it up as long as possible, but don't
worry. Also try not to cum inside me, otherwise I'll have to get some
morning after pills and they make me ill."

Again Zach nodded, then he said, "Where do you want me to cum?"

"On my face or tits, I don't mind."

She spread her legs as far apart as she could manage and waited for Zach.
He lay down on top of her and fiddled around with his cock as he searched
for her hole. When it was found he began to push it in. It was well
lubricated with spit and spunk, and Susan was already starting to juice up
heavily. Even so such was it's size that Susan gave a few grunts of pain
and had to wiggle and pull at her lips to ensure it fitted down. Zach began
to thrust and Susan groaned as the rock hard dick stimulated her clit. It
didn't take long for Zach to enter into a rhythm. As her pussy became more
used to him and expanded slightly he was able to speed up.

There was a scream, Susan half realised it was her. But the orgasm
shredding her nerves had also reduced her mind to butter. Zach was still
continuing to fuck her even as she returned to a state more resembling
normalcy, if normality was little zings of pleasure shooting up from her
pelvis anyway. It was better than anything Karl, or indeed any of her pre-
marriage lovers, had ever given her. As Susan could feel another orgasm
building up she thought, *If Zach is this good his first time, what's he's
going to be like with some practice.*

The second orgasm made the previous one seem like a cold burst of rain
compared to a warm sensous shower. Susan screamed and yelled incoherently,
her hands ripped at the rug and she could feel her head banging against the
floor as her body lost control.

"I'm cumming," said Zach. He pulled the cock from her cunt and crouched
over her, pulling at it to finish off the approaching orgasm. Sperm lashed
out, almost by the bucketload, slapping onto Susan's tits to roll down into
her cleavage and sides.

Zach dropped to the ground beside her. For a few moments neither said
anything. Then Zach turned to look at Susan, "I'm ready again. Are you?"

Susan could only nod.

* * *

"It must have a been a foot long," said Susan, drawing out her hands in
measurement. Then she cupped them in a circle, "and with a girth to match.
It's your hand Bree."

Bree looked at her cards, her face betraying nothing, "I'll hold," she
said. "So how many times did you do it then?"

Susan put four fingers in the air. There were gasps of amazement from her
friends, "Well three," she decided to admit, "the first time Zach came in
my mouth."

"Spit or swallow?" asked Katherine mischeviously, "I'm folding I can always
tell when Gabby has a good hand. She grins like a Cheshire Cat."

"I always swallow," said Susan, the others nodded in agreement.

"It's so unladylike to dribble it out," said Bree, "It makes you look like
an incontinent old woman supping at porridge."

"Not an image I want to think about," said Gabby. She laid her hands on the
table, beating Bree. She pulled the chips towards her, "Remember I saw him
first, so I get to have a go."

Susan gave her a less than friendly smile, "But I was one who did something
about it."

"Gabby has a point," said Lynette. She started to deal the cards, "After
the description you gave us you can't keep him all to yourself."

"I'd agree," said Bree, "but as Susan said whilst the rest of us were
gossiping she went out and seduced him."

She turned to look at the sixth member of the group, "So what do you think,
Mary Alice? Is Zach free game or does Susan get him?"

Mary Alice refilled the housewives teacups, before answering
diplomatically, "I don't really mind, as long as his schoolwork doesn't

* * *

There was something strange going on, thought Zach as he returned from
school. Gabby doing a work-out in her front garden, with a revealing, tight
top wasn't that strange. However, Katherine weeding in a dress which went
far enough down her cleavage to show she was braless was a bit unusual and
Lynetter never normally wore skirts that short. But the weirdest thing was
that Bree was towelling herself from a shower, in the front room with the
curtains open. She waved at Zach as he walked past. Zach blushed and put up
a hand half in greeting, he had been staring so intently it was hard to
pretend he hadn't seen her.

"Hi Mom," his Mom looked up from the kitchen table as he came in. Zach
wondered if it was his imagination or was there an extra button undone on
his Mom's blouse.

"Hi Zach, Susan was telling me about yesterday," his Mom said.

Zach felt his heart speed up. *Surely Susan wouldn't have confessed all to
his Mom?* He smiled wanly at her.

"She said you'd done a great job with wallpapering," his Mom continued.

Zach sighed inwardly. *Of course Susan wouldn't have said anything* he
thought. He sat down at the table and waited for his Mom to continue.

"And she really enjoyed the banging you gave her afterwards," Mary Alice

Zach nearly fell off his chair, it was only by gripping at it sides that he
didn't. His Mom seemed unconcerned, she was talking about him loosing his
virginity to one of her best friends with the same air as if she'd been
discussing what he wanted for dinner.

She obviously sensed his confusion, because she gave him a smile; "You're
sixteen and were going to have sex sometime. I'm just glad its in a safe
environment with someone I trust, I'd be worried if you were doing it with
some teenage skank behind the gym building. With Susan I can be sure you're
in a safe environment."

Reaching over she patted Zach's hand in a motherly way, "Oh and speaking of
Susan, she's upstairs in your room. I think she's probably naked by now."

Susan was indeed upstairs. Her clothes were in a pile in the corner of
Zach's bedroom. She was lying on her front on Zach's bed, with her chin
cupped in her hand and her legs swinging up and down as she waited. Her
face perked up when the door opened and Zach came in.

He felt the familiar stirring in his pants, as Susan smiled at him, "I
haven't got much time. Just be a quickie."

It took Zach next to no time to become as naked as the milf. Susan got up
on her hands and knees as Zach sprung onto the bed. She stared greedily at
his cock and Zazch could hear the anticipation in her voice as she spoke,
"Do you want to do me doggy-style?"

Zach nodded and moved behind her. He clasped hold off her waist. He could
see Susan was balancing with one hand, the other was prying part her cunt
lips. Gripping her firmly Zach pushed himself in, Susan groaned and rubbed
at his cock as it went in. Zach had to push hard, without the lubrication
of yesterday it was a tighter fit. The grunts that Susan made suggested
that she didn't mind. He began to bang at her steadily.

Moving his hands to her chest he started to grip at her tits. The nipples
were hard against his palms and he kneaded the flesh, feeling it wobble
beneath the pounding. He gripped the flesh harder, tugging at the nipples.
Susan gave a shriek and nodded her appreciation, "Fuck me Zach, fuck me
hard. Mmmmnn my tits feels so good."

Then she gave a larger shriek. Zach could feel her body bouncing against
his like a jackhammer. She shuddered with excitement. Zach could feel her
warm liquid sliding against his cock, before dripping down her thighs.

"Oh fuck, yes, yesss, yesss," Susan yelled. She lifted her head like a wolf
howling at the moon and made a similar sound. Her body shook with excitement
and the movements of her tight cunt against his dick sent him almost to the
edge. He pulled his cock out, just in time. The white gooey semen flooded out
to land on Susan's buttocks and back. She fell forward with a swoon, groaning

* * *

"Hi Julie. How was school?" Julie looked up from her homework as her Mom
hobbled into the kitchen.

"Good. Have you hurt yourself?" she asked.

Susan winced, "Er, I think I may have slightly pulled a muscle. I slipped
on the steps," she lied.

Susan shut her schoolbook, "I'm just going to go on the computer for a

She went upstairs to her PC. Whilst she waited for it to power up, she
adjusted her video cam, so that it covered her chair. Then she undressed,
folding her clothes carefully and putting them on the bed. Finally she went
into her wardrobe. In a cardboard box, beneath piles of carefully kept old
essays, was her special toy. She pulled it out and gave the six inch dildo
a light lick. There was a faint taste of old juice on it.

She sat down at the computer and linked in. On the screen Dylan came up,
she was sitting in her bedroom, beside the PC, reading a magazine. She too
was naked.

"Hi Dylan, sorry I'm late. Had a lot of homework to do."

Dylan looked up with a smile. She put down the magazine she was reading,
"Don't sweat it. I wouldn't start without you."

Even as she spoke her hand was straying down to her cunt. She rubbed her
tight teen slot with a couple of finger's. Julie watched entranced as Dylan
wiggled one of them inside and began to push it in and out. Julie began to
replicate her friend's actions, watching as a sliver of juice slid down
from between the lips and slowly graze down her Dylan's flesh.

Watching Dylan masturbate was a huge turn on, for Julie. She guessed from
the way her friend's eyes were staring at her own screen that it was a
mutual feeling. But soon Julie needed soemthing longer than her finger. She
pulled it out of her hole and licked it clean, giving the camera a winsome
smile as she sucked away her own jizz.

She reached out for the dildo and eased it into her hole. She slid it in as
far as she was able, just keeping to fingers grasping its end.

"Good idea," said Dylan. Her hand went out of shot; when it returned it was
holding a toy. Julie slid in and out her own dildo as she watched Dylan
pull apart her lips with one hand, whilst pushing in the toy with the
other. The brunette gave a groan as it hit the spot. As her own dildo was
bashing against her clit, Julie knew exactly how her friend felt. She
worked it faster, as she watched Dylan frig herself.

Feelings of pleasure started to rise within her. She closed her eyes and
pushed her head back. From over the speakers she could hear Dylan's
orgasmic cries, the sound was as good as the sight and Julie could feel
herself cumming. She gasped as the orgasm hit her, rippling from her pussy
down to her toes. She was aware her skin was damp from her jizz and that
there would be a dark stain on her seat. She continued to play with
herself, pushing the waves of pleasure into one continous tidal wave. She
came again.

There was a call from downstairs.

Pulling the dildo out, Julie gave it a quick lick, "Later," she said to
Dylan, before calling to her Mom, "I'll be down in half a minute."


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