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Desperate Housewives: Bree My Valentine (Fb)
by Neenah

More in hope than anything else Bree van de Kamp walked to her mailbox. It was Valentine's Day and the single divorcee was about the only person on Wisteria Avenue who didn't have someone to share it with. She opened the mailbox, there were some bills and some junk and there on the top was a card. Bree felt her heart flutter with excitement, she had an admirer, someone who was sending her a message of their love. She reached and pulled out the card and her excitement went away as she read the childish scrawl on the envelope, "Bree". She turned away from the mailbox the card clutched in her hand. Staring excitedly out the window of her friend's Susan Delfino's house was Susan's ten year old son, MJ. It was his writing on the envelope, the young boy had a big crush on the older redhead. Bree smiled and gave him a wave, it might not be exciting, but it was cute. He was still staring excitedly, waiting for her to open the card. Bree did so. It was a picture of two teddy bears holding hands; very cute thought Bree and romantic. She opened it and smiled at the message, "Bree, my valentine." "MJ" "XXXXXXX". It was a shame he wasn't a little older, he was intelligent and polite and a credit to his Mom, who had raised him virtually alone since Mike had left.

Bree went back to her house and then, because it was the only Valentine she was likely to get she put the card in pride of place on her fireplace. Thinking of Valentine's was making her horny, but then it had been so long since she had a date, anything made her horny. She sat down on her sofa, a coffee beside her and a book in one hand. The words blurred and didn't make sense as her hand was rubbing at her pussy through the dress. She put down the book and slid her hand under her dress and into her damp panties, her finger went into her cunt, angling in and out as she touched herself sexually.

The doorbell rung. Bree whipped her finger out and quickly stood up, flattening her dress and straightening her hair as she forced herself to return to a calm serenity. She walked to the door, not hurrying or looking flustered or that she had been interrupted when fingering herself.

It was her friend Susan Delfino, a widow since her husband had died a few years ago, though she had long since got over his death and was dating again. "Hello," said Bree, "Come in, Susan."

"Hello Bree," said Susan and followed her friend into the main room. She saw the valentine day card and walked over to pick it up, "I see MJ sent you his card. He spent half of his allowance on it last week."

Bree joined her friend and the two of them looked at it together, "It is cute," said Bree, "It was really adorable for him to send me one as no-one else will."

"He's got a crush on you," said Susan.

"It's very sweet," said Bree, "Boys his age often do. I remember the Scavo boys, they were continually trying to peep in my bedroom and bathroom. MJ's much better behaved and I don't mind."

"It's about MJ I've come," said Susan, "I've got a hot date for Valentine's, he's a sure thing as the old movie said, or I'm a sure thing for him. But I was wondering if you could look after MJ. I could pick him up from school and then drop him with you, if you could give him dinner and sit him I'd pick him up about ten."

"It's Saturday tomorrow, so why don't you pick him up at eleven, He can lie in in the morning and you can have an extra hour tonight with your beau," Bree said, she felt a bit jealous but she was a good person and she would go the extra mile in doing a favour for a friend.

"Thanks Bree," said Susan.

"If you're going to be late," Bree said, "MJ can have a bath here."

"That sounds good," said Susan, "but make sure he does his school work first."

* * *

The phone rang and Bree walked over to pick it up. About ten minutes before she had seen Susan's car pull back into her drive after picking MJ up from school and she expected the young boy over shortly.

"Hello, Bree van de Kamp speaking," Bree said in her well modulated telephone voice.

"It's Susan," said her friend, her phone voice betraying anticipation for her date, "MJ's coming over in a few minutes. However, I need to warn you he's very excited at coming over to you on Valentine's day, he made me stop off and buy some flowers with the rest of his allowance."

"That sounds nice and sweet," said Bree smiling at the boy with the crush, "I'll see him in a minute."

She put the phone down and looked in the mirror. She looked a bit dowdy, she thought, as she'd being doing things round the house all day. She quickly headed upstairs thinking that if MJ came over she didn't want him to see her looking like she was the cleaner, that would spoil his crush and also he might mention it to his Mom that Bree wasn't always a model of domestic perfection. Upstairs in her room Bree got out of her clothes and into a dress and then pulling on a tiny pair of panties. She sat at her dresser and wondered if it was perhaps a little low-cut, but she didn't have time to change. She took out some lip gloss and painted it on her lips, smudging them together to get rid of any excess. Finally she ran a brush through her hair and then sprayed it so that it would be in place. It was barely a moment to soon, through her bedroom window she saw Susan coming out of her front door. A moment later MJ followed her, almost invisible behind a bug bunch of roses. Bree quickly headed downstairs so that she would be ready when the door rang and not looking like she had rushed from another part of the house unprepared.

Ding dong, the bell rang. Bree counted to five, so she didn't look like she had been standing behind the door and then she opened it. MJ was standing there, his hair combed neatly and his shoes so brightly shined that they sparkled in the sun. His bag was over his shoulder and his hand he held a big bunch of red roses. "For you Mrs van de Kamp," he said and thrust them out.

There was a beep from Susan's car as she drove off and Bree gave her friend a quick wave. Then she turned back to MJ. "Thank you," she said and bent down to give him a thank you kiss. As she did so she realised that her titties were almost bursting out, she had never bent so far over this dress. It was too late to stop so she carried on and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek. She straightened up, he was going red and she couldn't blame him, not from the eyeful she'd given him. "I'll put these in water. They're lovely."

"Thank you Mrs van de Kamp," he said politely, "I chose them specially, to go with your hair."

Bree looked at him, he was charming, his embarrassment was quickly fading and he looked sweet and cute, he would be a catch for some girl in a few years. "Come on in," she said, "Your Mom said you had to do your study first. You can go into the kitchen and do it at the table."

"Okay, Mrs van de Kamp," he said and walked towards the kitchen.

Bree stood to let him past, accidentally he eyes slid down to his butt. His buns looked tight under his pants. Bree shook her head, as she tried to get rid of the momentary arousal his firm cheeks had flared in her loins, "Call me Bree," she said, pushing any sexual thoughts of the ten year old firmly away.

He went in the kitchen and sat at the table. He got out his book as Bree poured him an Orange Juice. She realised as she placed it on the table she'd bent over far enough to give him another good look at her cleavage. She straightened and looked at him, luckily he didn't look embarrassed. "I'll leave you alone," she said, "you don't want me disturbing you."

"That's alright, I don't mind," he gave a charming smile.

For a moment Bree thought about staying and watching him work, it had been a long time since her own children had sat in her kitchen, she was estranged from them both. But then she turned away, she didn't want to encourage MJ in his crush, not more than she accidentally done already with her cleavage flash, "I want to polish my silver," she said. She didn't really, as she'd polished it yesterday, but she could polish it again.

Bree was impressed by how studious MJ was. Her own two had always dashed it off as quickly as they could, not caring whether it was right or wrong. MJ spent time trying to get the answer right, even if he failed. Bree briefly looked in once she'd finished polishing the silver and before she reset the main table to see him crouched over the book, a look of concentration on his face. She smiled at the adorable sight and went to get a new tablecloth to put over the table.

"I'm finished," MJ came back into the main room as Bree finished putting down the last of the cutlery.

"That's good, I'll go in and make dinner," said Bree.

"Do you want me to give you some help?" asked MJ.

That was something unexpected, her old children had never asked if she needed assistance; MJ really was such a polite and well brought up boy. Bree briefly considered it, but the kitchen was her playground and she was capable of making a meal for two with no help. She shook her head, "I'll be alright. Do you want to have your bath now or after dinner?"

MJ thought for a moment, "I'll have it now."

"If you go into my room and get changed I'll get you a towel, let me just turn on the stove," said Bree. She turned into the kitchen, thinking she would have plenty of time to turn it on and then get a few things ready before MJ had time to get undressed and into the bath. She would leave it waiting for him beside the bath so that it was there when he went from her room. But once she turned on the oven, she thought she had time to toss the salad and then chop a few potatoes. She looked up suddenly from the chopping board she realised she hadn't brought up the towel. She put down her knife and headed upstairs, hoping MJ wasn't yet in the bath. However, even as she approached the door she could hear splashing. She paused with the towel in her hand, wondering whether she should just leave it outside. But that would mean he'd get water everywhere when he got out. But if he was in the bath, it would be rude to come in. She paused and thought about it, before deciding she'd rather not having him spreading water everywhere. She compromised, however, by knocking on the door first, "I've got your towel. I'm coming in."

"Okay Mrs van de Kamp." MJ called back.

"I said call me Bree...oh!" Bree had expected MJ to be covered in bubbles, but he hadn't put in any and instead was lying naked in a clear pool of water. But it wasn't the lack of bubbles that made Bree stare, but the size of his schlong. It was probably only seven or eight inches, but on a boy who was a about four foot and quarter it looked huge. Bree felt herself warming, part in embarrassment at her inability to move or stop staring at the huge wanger dangling between MJ's legs, but also from lust and desire. It had been so long since she'd seen such a whopper, and seeing one again reminded her how long ago she'd had a good fucking. She took another step forward, feeling the breath catch in her throat as she looked down at the massive dick. Quickly she closed her eyes, forcing herself, when she opened them, to look at MJ's face and not his meaty member. It helped a little, but not a lot, as he had such a cute smile. She put down the towel, "Your towel."

"Thank you. It wasn't here when I got ready, but you said you would bring it, so I thought I might as well get in," he gave her a smile which melted her heart.

"I'm sorry, I forgot," said Bree, flashing the boy a smile back. She paused, wanting to turn and leave, but equally not wanting to take her eyes away from the naked flesh in front of her.

MJ sat up and solved her problem, "Could you give my back a quick wash. Mom says I never do it properly on my own."

"Yes," said Bree jumping forward. She got down on her knees, not caring that her boobies were straining at the top of her dress. "Where's the sponge?" she asked and put her hand into the bath. The sponge had floated between MJ's thighs and Bree made sure her fingers slipped over his skin and onto his dick as she tried, not too hard, to get the sponge. The sponge moved again and Bree followed it, her hand moving under MJ's smooth balls and briefly cupping them in her hand. His schlong began to go hard, rising up so that the tip surfaced like a submarine's conning tower. Bree drew back slowly, running her finger along the schlong.

"Sorry, it does that sometimes," said MJ. He was smiling and didn't look sorry.

"It's natural," said Bree, she felt herself lusting after it as she spoke. Bree's hand moved again and she stroked down, but she knew she couldn't continue missing the sponge, so mentally gritting her teeth she took hold off it and moved to rubbing and cleaning the back of MJ's body. If she had thought that as she was no longer touching it that his prick would go soft she should have been disappointed - it remained hard and erect, jutting out of the water like a rock. However, it was hard to remain disappointed when her eyes were feasting on the thick, meaty schlong making her pussy buzz thrillingly. The redhead slowly moved the sponge up and around MJ's back, cleaning him as he'd never been cleaned before, all the time lustfully staring at his manhood. But she couldn't clean him forever, not without rubbing his skin away. With a mental sigh she dropped the sponge and stood back, "That's done."

"Thank you," said MJ politely.

"I was more than happy to help," said Bree. She took a step backwards trying to angle herself so that she could gaze at the ten year old, whilst seeming like she was just casually talking to him. But before she could get the perfect angle MJ got up, the water coursed from his body, splashing down. He turned towards her and Bree got an eyeful of his large schlong. He stood there for a moment, the water draining from him. Bree reached for the towel, "Would you like me to help dry you?" she blushed aware that her lust was overtaking her sense, "Make sure you're properly dry?"

"Yes, please," said MJ. He got out of the bath and lifted his arms up. Bree took the towel and bent down in front of him. She began towelling him, slowly rubbing at his body and wiping away all the traces of water. His dick remained hard as she rubbed. She moved down to his dick and began to dry it and under his small ball sack. She could feel the member throb as she rubbed over it. She knew it must be her imagination but it seemed the vibrations of his cock flowed up her arm, down her chest to her pussy and make it vibrate in turn. She carried on drying every inch of him, his chest, inside his thighs, his firm buttocks, his prick and balls again, his tummy, again his butt. Finally he was as dry as he could be. Bree blushed as she stood up, somewhat ashamed of how she'd allowed herself to be consumed by lust. She turned away and hung up the towel, "Get dressed MJ. I am just going to finish dinner."

Bree went downstairs and continued where she had left off.

"Hi Bree. I'm dressed, when's dinner," MJ came into the kitchen. He was dressed again, in his well-cut slacks and his pressed shirt, with his hair combed neatly. He looked very handsome and sexy.

Bree felt her lust rise, she forced it down. "In a few minutes."

"Shall I set the table?"

"Yes, please," said Bree, again impressed with how well mannered he was. With his sexy smile and the mound under his slacks it made him the complete package, he'd make some woman very happy. Bree forced down the inappropriate thoughts and concentrated on her cooking as MJ bustled around the kitchen, asking her where the condiments were and then taking them out.

"I've almost set the table," MJ came back into the kitchen, "Have you a candle?"

"A candle?" asked Bree.

"Yes," replied the ten year old, "It would look nice."

Bree added an unspoken thought, 'nice and romantic, especially as it is Valentine's day'. Out loud she said, "That's a good idea." She wasn't sure whether she wanted the candle so that she could turn off the lights and not see the sexy young boy or because it was romantic and she was horny for him.

Whatever the reason when she sat down for dinner she discovered that she could see him perfectly well in the candlelight, the light making his teeth gleam and his skin look even more flawless. He ate politely, thanking her for the food and passing her the plate whenever she asked, talking to her about school and asking how she was. He was so good looking and handsome, so sexy looking that Bree spent the dinner in a state of continual horniness and she thought that when she went to bed that night her finger would be finding her spot as she thought about MJ.

They had just finished when the phone rang. Bree dabbed her lips with a napkin and stood up to get it, "Bree speaking."

"Bree, it's Susan," said her friend, she sounded stressed, "I'm really sorry, but the cars broken down and the mechanic can't sort it out tonight. We're going to have to stay the night in a hotel. Can you keep MJ for the night?"

Bree looked towards the table where MJ sat bathed in candlelight, looking so sexy. She knew then that they would be having sex that night. She said, "Yes, he can sleep with me... I mean sleep over with me."

"Thanks," said Susan and put the phone down.

Bree walked back to the table, "MJ, your Mom is stuck you'll have to sleep here tonight."

"Okay. I haven't any pyjamas though," he replied.

"You'll have to sleep naked," Bree thought about him sleeping in the nude, it wasn't an unpleasant thought.

He got up from the table. Bree found her eyes drawn to his crotch and her own pussy stirred passionately as she remembered the size of the member and how hard it had looked as she had dried his sexy body. He smiled, a sexy smile, "That's fine Bree, where do want me to sleep?"

Bree looked at him, her loins aflame with passion. She had one last chance to avoid fucking him. She didn't take it. Instead she reached up and undid the straps of her dress. It dropped to the floor leaving her in just her shoes and panties. MJs pants bulged as Bree walked towards him, she started to lean down, "I guess you could sleep in my bed," she purred and she pressed her lips against his.

He opened his mouth and pushed his tongue into her, making her tingle as he moved it around. His hands had reached up and were on her back, stroking at her. It felt good. Hs head moved back and she straightened. MJ was smiling, "That sounds good."

"I think it's time for bed," Bree said and took MJ's hand as he nodded in agreement. She led him upstairs, leaving her dress on the floor, and into her bedroom. She switched on the light as they entered and shut the door behind them. Bree let go off MJ's hand and took a step in front of him before turning towards him and letting him gaze at her. Her hands moved under the elastic of her panties and she pulled them down, exposing her pussy to his lustful gaze. His pants expanded as his schlong pushed outwards at the sight of her wet cunt, almost smooth apart from a small red bush above the hole.

Bree stood still for a moment letting MJ stare at the first naked woman he'd probably ever seen in the flesh. She felt so hot and horny she had to have him, so after letting him stare at her she took a step towards him and began to undress him, undoing his shirt buttons and then taking down his slacks so that he was just in his underpants. The schlong bulged against the cotton as she pushed him towards the bed, "Sit down MJ, I'm going to give you a blowjob."

"That sounds great," said MJ and sat down, leaning his hands back on the bed. Bree got down in front of him and pulled off his underwear. The big cock sprung free and up. Her tongue began to lick at the super-schlong, moving up and down and coating it with saliva. MJ gave a groan of appreciation, "That feels great," he said. Bree licked down the shaft, moving her tongue slowly down from the tip down to the smooth ball sack. Once down there she licked around, her tongue sliding over every inch of his balls and then up again. As she licked her hand moved down to her own pussy and she began to touch herself, feeling the warmth of her cunt as her finger dipped in.

"That feels so good," repeated MJ as Bree's tongue slid all the way up his cock. She opened her lips and slid them over the dick, her head bobbing up and down as she slurped at the dick. MJ leaned back hard on his hands and moaned in appreciation. Bree redoubled her efforts, enthusiastically sucking at him as she fingered her wet cunt. The ten year old's cock filled her mouth, so delightfully hard and firm; she pushed her finger deeper into her hole, jacking at herself - good as MJ's cock was in her mouth she needed it somewhere else.

Bree's head pulled back and she looked at the firm schlong. It was hard and soaked with her saliva, all ready for her cunt. She looked up at MJ, he was looking at her lustfully, she got up onto the bed beside him. She spread her legs open and began to stroke her pussy, prying the lips open between two fingers. MJ turned to look at her, slowly rubbing his hand up and down his member - not that it needed much help in remaining hard. Bree spread her legs a bit wider and wiggled her body, "I'm hoping you know what to do with that thing?" she giggled.

"I stick it in your hole and bounce," said MJ.

"That's close enough," Bree tittered. She remembered the message in his card and gave an inviting look as she said, "Come here, I'll Bree your valentine."

MJ was on her and entering her, shoving his thick slab of meat into her wet cunt. His body was small, his member wasn't; it filled her and stretched her. It was so good. His small thin legs covered hers, his feet rubbing at her shins and calves and his head was just over her breasts, so that as he came down he came between the two boobies. His hair and ears tickled at the side of the bosoms, but the tickling sensation was just an after touch to the feeling she was getting from her pussy as he thrust up and down. Bree's hands reached down and she clasped his firm buttocks, squeezing them tightly as he went up and down, "Oh, oh, oh, oh yes MJ, oh yes. Give it me, bang me on Valentine's day" she moaned.

He moved slowly, but thrust deep, with a deliberation, which was exciting and pleasurable. He rose and rammed down, each time his small body hit her as it followed his big schlong. Up he'd raise himself and then angled himself as he went down so that he hammered her spot hard, slamming into the button and making her squeak with excitement. Bree gripped his ass cheeks, encouraging MJ up and down, crying out in pleasure, "Fuck me. Oh, oh, oh, fuck me MJ, I want you to fuck me hard."

He began to move faster, speeding up and slamming down quicker though just as hard and deliberate. Bree cried out in pleasure, her body turning as MJ buried his hard manhood deep into her sex. Her bosom was bouncing, smothering at MJ as he stuck his head between the two mounds. Bree could feel her pussy muscles stretching under his slamming, his thick member filling her and thrilling her. It was the best sex she could remember, he was so big and fast and hard, his vigorous pounding making her explode with ecstasy. She screamed again, as an overpowering orgasm hit her, her hands gripping her ten year old lover's ass so that the nails ripped at them. He just went harder, thrusting at her cunt and filling her with his schlong. Bree cried out again, "Oh, oh, oh, That's my baby, fuck me, fuck me with your big one."

Bree gave a final squeal of pleasure as his warm, sticky seed blasted into her wet womanhood. It flooded down her tunnel and deep into her, soaking down. MJ was pulling out, his face red with exertion. He dropped down beside her, "Thank you. That was fun."

"No, thank you," giggled Bree, "That made my Valentine Day."

"Mine too," said MJ. He rolled into her arm and lay on his side looking at her, "You are beautiful."

Bree blushed, "You are cute as well," she said.

MJ leant further forward and kissed her. She kissed him back and in no time they were turned towards each other, mouths open and tongues playing. His hand moved over her side and she slid hers over his waist, feeling the smooth boyish skin and his slender frame. Bree gave a moan as his head moved down to her breast and he began to suck and lick at one of her boobies. She was horny for him again and she reached down to stroke at his schlong, which soon became hard again. "You want to do it again?"

"Yes," said MJ taking his mouth from her nipples.

"Lie on your back," giggled Bree, rolling him over, "I'll go on top."

MJ did as he was asked, lying back, his big dick jutting upwards. Bree moved over him and lowered herself down, gripping his dick so that she guided her pussy onto it. It pushed in, filling her with hardness. The redhead began to move up and down, working her thighs and calves as she bounced up and down. MJ leant on his elbows, levering himself half up so that he was looking at her big boobies bouncing up and down. Bree moved quicker and quicker, thrusting herself deep down onto her lover's schlong. "Oh, oh, oh," she cried, "This is good."

MJ began to thrust up, his pelvis meeting her halfway as they fucked. His big cock hit her sweet spot and made her squeal. The pleasure surged through her, as she orgasmed. Her hands reached for her boobies and she squeezed and played with them as she squatted up and down. MJ thrust harder, ramming himself upwards, and making Bree shiver and shake. She squealed louder, "Oh MJ, oh, oh, oh. That's it. Give it me."

MJ's back bent as he pushed upwards, his prick slapping into her ball deep. The redhead rode him fast and hard, bouncing on him as she squeezed and played with her bare bosoms - all the time enjoying the thrill of MJ in her. She jumped him vigorously, until her thighs were aching with the strain of her energetic movement and her pussy was streaming juice.

MJ gasped and grunted again and Bree felt the heat of his cum as he shot within her. She gave another moan of pleasure as she dropped down onto the bed beside him, "MJ, that was fantastic," she moaned, as his cum trickled down her cunt.

"Happy Valentine's Day," he replied.


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