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Desperate Housewives:
Danielle And Friends - The Adventures Of A Teen Nympho Part 1 (mf,inc,anal)
by LL

Danielle's Disclaimer: If you've read Julie Mayer's stories you'll know what
a studdette she is (is that a word? - I must ask her later). And I'm a
nymphomaniac. Unlike her I'm not stupid enough to post my adventures on the
web for everyone to see - so if you're reading this you cracked my pass you
bastard - that's illegal and you're going to jail to sharing a shower with a
tattooed white supremacist called Clarence.

Of course if you haven't cracked my password your screen will be looking like
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Still here? Well whilst you're waiting for the FBI you might as well read on.

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Danielle Van de Kamp
Aged 17

I grew up in a very liberated household, it's just I didn't know it at the
time. My Dad was a Doctor with a fetish for leather and being stamped on by
rubber clad dominatrix. My Mom is a homemaker, who stars in lesbian porno
films. And my brother turned out to be a gay sociopath.

They hid it well and to all appearances we seemed a very conservative slice
of middle class America. All we needed was a dog called Rover and we could
have appeared on TV as the perfect family. Which may be why I rebelled. Now
if I'd known then what I know now I'd probably have been best shocking my
parents by becoming a Sunday School teacher.

But I didn't.

I mentioned my brother, Andrew; he's run away now and is probably selling
himself for a few dollars on the streets of LA. Still, at least I got his
room, which was bigger than my old one and has a double bed.

I was always closer to Andrew than Mom. Andrew may be a sociopath, but at
least he was a charming sociopath with a massive cock. And he knew how to use
it as well, as I found out before he went to bat for the New York Yankees.

I first discovered his size and girth when we were in the back garden one
day. I was fifteen at the time, and discovering my highly charged sexuality.
Dad was working and Mom was out at the gun club, so I had taken myself into
the back yard and was happily sunning myself, when Andrew came out for a swim
in the pool.

He was only wearing a pair of trunks, through which I could detect a large
bulge. I pulled down my sunglasses to get a better look at his physique, or
rather one particular part of it.

Andrew saw me staring and started to pose, hand on hips and then flexing his

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," he said.

"That seems like a deal," I replied.

Andrew pulled down his Speedo's and his dick sprang to attention. I didn't
have the expertise I have now, but even then I knew that ten inches was
pretty impressive. And it wasn't thin either.

"Does it taste nice?" I asked.

"Why don't you find out," said Andrew and waggled into invitingly at me. I
got up and knelt down beside him, and started to lick around the top.

"Danielle!" came a squeak. It was my friend Julie, who always seems to arrive
at the most inopportune moment.

Andrew and I both blushed, and I stammered something about Andrew having a
lump he wanted me to check out. Whilst this may have been technically true,
from the look on Julie's face I don't think she believed me.

* * *

That night Mom and Dad went to their country club for a meal. As soon as
they'd gone I went up to my room and changed into my nightie. I looked in the
mirror, it was a long flowing, white satin one that Mom had bought me. And it
was about as sexy as wearing a superman costume with glasses.

I took it off and stood nude. That was a lot better, I thought as I admired
my naked body. I'd recently started shaving my pussy and was rather proud of
the shaven slit that poked out at me. I hoped Andrew would like it too.

I went to my brother's bedroom and opened the door. He was lying on top of
his bed, naked, and gently stroking his large dong.

"I wondered if you might come round," he said.

I climbed onto his bed and started to stroke the top of his cock, "Well here
I am," I said.

Putting his hands behind his head Andrew leant back, "Does it taste nice?" he

I bent down and started to lick at the tip. A small sliver of pre-cum came
out as I rolled my tongue over his bell-end. It tasted salty.

Andrew groaned in appreciation, sounds that got louder as I opened my mouth
and began to lower my face down on his knob. Once it was in a far as it
comfortably could go I closed my mouth around it and began to tickle him with
my tongue.

"Oh Danielle," sighed Andrew, "suck it baby, suck it."

I started to bob my head up and down on his cock, sucking away at it. Andrew
sat bolt upright and gasped as my lips did things to him which are illegal in
all states except Arkansas.

"Yes, yess, yesssss," he cried and arched his body.

Spunk spurted from his cock and filled my mouth. I swallowed it and continued
licking and sucking away until his cock was both clean and flaccid.

I sat back, and could feel my brother's sperm dribbling from my mouth.

"Take me Andrew," I said, "I want you to take my virginity."

"Give me a moment," Andrew replied, "this boy needs to recharge," pointing at
his dick.

I was willing to give a hand with that recharging, literally. Starting to
stroke at his knob I was rewarded with it starting to straighten and expand.
I continued to ply my hand along it until it was fully erect.

Then I lay back down and spread my legs, exposing my pussy to Andrew's greedy

"You ready now?" I asked mischievously.

Andrew didn't reply, instead he moved on top of me and pushed himself into my
hole. It was tight, nothing larger than a candle had ever gone up there. But
we grunted and strained, and with my pussy getting wetter all the time, it
was soon in.

Andrew began to press against me, and I groaned in pleasure as I felt his
knob rub against my flesh. He pulled it half-way out and then pushed it back
in with a shudder.

My legs came up and I spread them round his back, as he continued to thrust
manfully away. Getting into the stride I began to push back against him,
feeling the cock tunnel in as far as it could and hitting my clit with
seductive pleasure.

Soon I was being taken to a place I'd never gone before. It was lucky Mom and
Dad weren't in, as my cries of excitement were loud and unrestrained.

Andrew too was enjoying himself. I could see sweat trickle of his face, as
we looked at each other, feeling the muscles pumping under his skin as we
touched, hear his heavy breathing as he exerted himself.

"I'm gonna cum," he finally cried.

"Not in me, your not," I said and pushed him off.

Just in time as it happened. He held the cock in front of my face, tugged at
it a few times and then closed his eyes and threw his head back, as the white
liquid jumped from him to me.

I too closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the sensation as his sticky cum dumped
all over my face. Once he had finished pumping I leant forward and sucked
away at the last remaining drops, impervious to the goo trickling down from
my face to land on my naked tits.

Andrew struggled to get his breath back. It didn't help than I began to play
with his cock again.

"That wasn't the virginity I meant," I said to him.

Andrew looked at me blankly for a few seconds, and then understanding finally
smote that lightbulb in his brain.

"Your ass?" he asked.

I just smiled.

"I've never fucked anyone there," he said.

"Well, in that case, we can both lose our virginity at the same time," I
responded logically.

The thought of taking his sister up the ass swiftly got his cock to full
attention again, helped my playful ministrations.

I lay on my front and pulled my ass-cheeks apart.

It had been tight before, but it was even harder now. I grunted as Andrew
pushed his cock up my back entrance. It hurt, but the pain was interspersed
with thrusts of delight. And this continued and improved as Andrew began to
ram his cock in and out.

Clutching at the bedclothes I wailed, as Andrew's cock hit some g-spot hidden
up my backdoor. The first fucking had been good, this was unbelievable. My
brother seemed to think so too, as he was pushing so deeply in I could feel
his balls rubbing against my flesh.

"Fuck me big boy..." I cried.

Andrew just grunted in return and pushed himself further in.

"Yesssss," I squealed and hammered at the bed with my fists as the orgasms
swilled into me.

"I'm cumming," my brother cried again.

This time he didn't pull out and I could feel a sudden spurt of warm liquid
inside me. It was too much to keep inside, and the excess spilled out and
flooded across my ass cheeks.

We lay there for a few minutes. Then I got up and went to have a shower. Mom
and Dad would be back soon.
_ _ _

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