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Desperate Housewives:
Danielle And Friends - The Adventures Of A Teen Nympho Part 2 (mf,anal,inter)
by LL

Mom says confession is good for the soul. I think that's a lie and is just an
attempt to make me and my psycho brother own up to our various felonies and
misdemeanours. Still, I have felt a release tension by writing down how I
introduced Andrew to anal sex. Of course, that may because I frigged myself
as I relived the memories.

However, Andrew selfishly decided that anal sex was better when the ass was a
mans, which put a stop to his jaunts up my ass and pussy. Without his regular
fillings I began to wander round in a state of perpetual horniness. Well, for
a few weeks at least, until my new neighbor, Matthew Applewhite, moved in.

He was totally different from Andrew. For a start he was black (or
African-American as Mom would say when sober, she had a much different word
for him when she was drunk). He also wasn't my brother. Of course they had
similarities - both were so well endowed they'd have put a horse to shame and
both turned out to be psychotic sociopaths (and people wonder why I've turned

It was a nice day and I was sitting in the backyard in my bikini. I'd also
just discovered that smoking is both cool and sexy, so whilst Mom wasn't
around I was having a quick puff, whilst fantasising that Andrew would
rediscover he was heterosexual and give me a vigorous banging.

My musings were interrupted when Matthew came round. I'd met him briefly, but
we'd hardly spoken. He was attractive, in `I'm Mr Mystery Man' kind of way.
I'd also noticed that either he often put a sock down the front of his
trousers or.

He didn't seem to notice me at first as he peeked in the kitchen window. I
thought I better introduce myself.

"Hello," I called out.

He jumped and turned round to look at me. I moved to my most sexy pose.

"Hey," he responded lamely.

"Looking for something?" I asked.

He looked embarrassed, as well one might when caught sneaking around
someone's back yard.

"Uh, yeah. Actually, I'm looking for you," he said, which wasn't the answer
I expected, but was just the right one to push any thought's of Andrew to the
back of my mind.

I played it cool, "Me? You're looking for me?"

He looked down at his feet, he was obviously shy, probably not that
experienced with women, "Yeah. I've been thinking about you, and that
time we met, I thought you were really cool."

I looked at his trousers, the snake beside his zip seemed to be gradually
moving of it's own accord. Well, I was wearing a low cut bikini and smoking
sensually, so I can't say I blame it. I decided that I'd acted cool long
enough, and didn't want Matthew to get the wrong message. "So you came to
ask me out? 'Cause I'll say yes."

He nodded. I stood up and dropped my robe to the floor. I followed that with
my bikini and allowed my titties to feel the sunlight against them. Matthew
tried to avert his eyes, but the male instinct when faced with naked female
flesh was too strong. He stayed still, as I walked towards him.

"Well, now we're going out." I murmured and dropped to my knees in front of

Getting his cock out wasn't easy. It was so hard that I struggled to pull it
out through the open zip and eventually had to undo the button of the top of
his jeans and pull them and his boxers down. It was large, even bigger than
Andrew (and he wasn't small).

"What do we do now?" asked Matthew innocently.

Well, there's a dick standing to attention an inch from my mouth - what's a
girl to do?

The answer is to start to lick the knob-end. Teasingly, I ran my tongue round
the tip. As I did so I could hear Matthew groan something, and then he rested
his hands on my shoulders. I continued to lick at his dick, running my tongue
down to the shaft, and allowing it to bump gently over the hard veins, which
were bulging out of the skin. I continued down until I was at his balls, and
I ran my tongue over the wrinkled sacks.

I then did the same on the way back, flicking away with my tongue until I got
back to his bell-end. A tiny bit of pre-cum had appeared and my tongue slid
over it, rewarding it with the taste of semen. I looked up at Matthew, his
eyes were closed, but his mouth was open. He looked like he was in shock.

I leant forward again. This time instead of licking, I opened my mouth and
started to swallow. There was a sound of surprise from Matthew, who obviously
hadn't met many girls who are willing to go as far as I am on a first date. I
continued to move forward, getting the cock past the comfort zone and deep
down into my throat, so that it banged against my tonsils. I thanked Andrew
for allowing me to practice my deep-throating skills on him, otherwise I
think I'd have withdrawn. But I knew I could take it all.

I only stopped when my lips brushed against Matthew's ball, my mouth wasn't
wide enough to take them in as well. Matthew began to recover as his cock
slipped down my throat and gently began to move back and forth. As we both
got used to it he began to move faster and push his cock in as deeply as it
would go.

Suddenly I could feel him tense and spunk began to fill my mouth, as it
jetted from his prick. I swallowed and felt the goo slide down my throat.
When the last drop had been squeezed out I let go off Matthew's dick and
wiped the residue from my lips.

Matthew, jeans and boxers still round his ankles, had staggered over to my
sun-lounger and was lying down, gasping from a mixture of post-orgasmic lust
and surprise. I hadn't cum myself yet, so there was no way I was going to
allow him to end the session now.

I dropped my bikini bottoms to the floor. I could see Matthew staring at my
smooth snatch, and as he did so his flaccid cock started to rise again. I
went over and stroked it, feeling it come fully alive to my touch.

"Lie back, big boy," I instructed.

Matthew did as he was told. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and started to lower
myself down. I felt his hard knob scrape up my ass-hole. It pushed against
the sides of the tunnel and I closed my eyes, as the friction burned within
me. Gradually I went down, and ever so slowly I could feel the dick being
buried deeper and deeper, until I could feel the flesh of my buttocks rubbing
against the top of his thighs. I let out a moan of both relief and

I could feel Matthew strong hands on my waist, as he started to lift me up. I
came down hard, under my own speed. The girth of his cock was such that as I
moved I could feel it within me, stimulating my anal g-sport and causing me
to give out gasps of passion.

Moving one hand to my cunt I began to slip a couple of fingers in. Matthew
was so big, and I was pushing them so deep, we were almost connecting. With
my self-pleasuring of my clit and Matthew's cock doing wonderful things to
my ass I came in no time. Matthew's cock was drained from its earlier workout
and I could tell he wasn't ready to cum again. Which was good for me.

I continued to meet Matthew thrust with thrust. I could hear his grunts of
exertion mingled with my cries of pleasure. Our sounds reached a climax of
intensity, just as I could feel a blast of semen spew from Matthew's dick
and flood through my asshole. He withdrew with a pop, and the cock slid down
my passage, and down the top of my thighs.

Matthew stood up and started to button his trousers, "I better go," he

I kissed him on the cheek, "We'll have to do this more often," I said.

I quickly got dressed and was just back to reclining on the sun-lounger when
Mom came out of the house. She sniffed at the air, "Have you been smoking?"
_ _ _

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