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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 1 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

Susan Meyer poured the cereal into the bowl, just as her sixteen-year-old
daughter, entered the kitchen.

Sitting down and reaching for a bowl, Julie asked her Mom, "So how did the
date go?"

Susan groaned. Ever since she'd split from that jerk Mike Delfino her dating
life had been a disaster and last night was no exception, "Men", she replied.
"He spent the entire night telling me about how his ex had taken him from
every cent he had. He even made me pay for my part of the meal - saying he
couldn't afford it. I swear I'm going to become a lesbian."

She didn't know it, with her flippant, throw-away remark, but Julie's
interest sparked up when she heard that. She hadn't told her Mom yet, but
Julie had discovered that it was women who turned her on. To be specific
MILFs. And her own Mom was a prime example of that gorgeous breed. At first
Julie had felt guilty about the fantasies she entertained, but they had
quickly dissipated. Now she just wanted to get into her Mom's panties.

Her Mom's disenchantment with men gave her a brief window of opportunity,
which she'd been planning for a while.

"Tell you what, Mom, I'll cook us a special meal for when you come back from
your poker game tonight."

Susan nodded. She hated cooking, though possibly not as much as other's hated
eating it. Normally the two of them existed on processed food and some very
simple, bland dishes that even Susan couldn't ruin.

"That'll be great."

* * *

Susan was expecting a slightly less formal setting when she opened the front
door. Soft music was playing gently from the hi-fi. A couple of candles
illuminated a white table cloth, laid out with her best cutlery and dishes.

Julie came into the dining room from the kitchen. She was wearing a silky red
dress, which started just above her cleavage and ended just above her knees.
She twirled round, "Like it?" The cut at the back exposed more of Julie's
back than it concealed. If there had been a sliver less material the top of
her daughter's panties would have been on view.

Julie continued, "I told you I'd make us a special dinner. I've laid out a
dress for you in your room. Why don't you get changed while I just finish

Susan went upstairs. Julie had laid out one of Susan's date dresses on the
bed. It wasn't the most exposed, but it still showed Susan's shapely legs,
and it's design accented her tits, so that they seemed larger than they were.

Susan changed and went downstairs.

Julie served some soup and both of them sat down.

As Susan ate, she became aware that Julie had got her leg mistaken for the
table leg. Her daughter was running her naked foot up and down Susan's calf.
Susan was about to say something and then stopped. It was quiet soothing and
relaxing, and it wasn't doing any harm.

The soup finished, Julie cleared away the dishes. In Susan's imagination as
Julie picked up the dishes she overdid the bending to pick them up, showing
her Mom a better view of the tops of her tits.

Susan put the thought to the back of her mid, though it resurfaced as her
daughter again bent low when serving the main course.

Susan ate the main course. It was delicious and her feelings of pleasure were
not harmed by the fact that Julie again got her leg and the table confused.

The main course finished, she leant back "I'm full."

"There's a third course."

Susan put her a hand out to gesture to her daughter not to tempt her. "We'll
have to wait a few minutes. I couldn't eat another things."

Julie nodded. "Do you want to dance?"

Without waiting for an answer she switched the tune on the Hi-Fi, and stood
up extending her hand to her Mom.

Susan took her daughter's hand and stood up. The two of them walked to the
centre of the room. Julie began to sway slightly to the music and pulled her
Mom closer to her.

Susan complied. She felt slightly surprised when Julie lay her head against
her Mom's bosom. That surprise was even greater when Julie, began to move her
hands down her Mom's back to rest lightly on her ass. Susan continued to
dance, even as her mind grasped the fact that the innocent moves her daughter
had been making had an ulterior motive. There was little doubt about it,
Julie was trying to seduce her.

But Susan didn't pull away. It was nice to be close to someone, even if it
was her own daughter.

Sensing no resistance, Julie began to gently massage her Mom's tushie. Susan
let her, then gently kissed the top of her daughter's head. The two of them
continued dancing together for a few minutes until Susan pulled away.

She looked at her daughter. In the dim light she looked ravishing. Leaning
forward Susan kissed her. Julie opened her mouth and allowed Susan to slide
her tongue in. The two of them french kissed passionately.

Susan became aware that Julie had her arms around her back and was unzipping
her dress. She waited until the zip was fully down, broke the kiss for a
second so she could shake the dress of her shoulders. It fell to the floor
and Susan resumed kissing her daughter, her naked tits pressed against Julie.

Clumsily, as she'd never taken a dress of another woman, she began to full
down the top of Julie's dress. Julie assisted her and soon that dress, too,
lay on the floor. Julie wasn't wearing anything underneath, Susan admired her
small, but perfectly formed breasts and her shaved pussy.

She got down on her knees and pulled her daughter closer to her. For a second
she savoured the close up sight of her daughter's twat. Then she began to
kiss the outside of it gently, with small butterfly kisses. The light moans
coming from her daughter suggested that Julie appreciated the care.

Susan pushed out her tongue and began to gently lick at the flesh just
outside the pussy lips. Getting more daring she then began to lick at the
puffy lips themselves. Then she started to push her tongue in her daughter's
tunnel. At first she entered shallowly, licking the flesh near the top, but
as she got more used to the taste she began to enter more deeply, until she
could feel her tongue licking at the bud of her daughter's clitoris.

Julie's moans became more urgent and Susan licked harder and faster. She
could feel her daughter shudder in orgasm, and the only the fact she had her
hand on her Mom's shoulders, stopped her knees buckling and falling over.

Susan pulled her head back and looked up at her daughter, who was breathing

After a few deep breaths, Julie spoke, "I could do with the third course,

"I've just eaten," giggled Susan.

"Take down your panties and lie down," ordered Julie, "I'll be back in a

Susan did as instructed. Julie returned with a bowl and a scoop. Scooping
into the bowl she dropped a dollop of ice-cream on Susan's naked twat.

Susan gasped at the coldness, a little bit of the ice cream melted and
trickled into her crack. Her clit began to feel numb.

Julie flicked her hair back and knelt over her Mom, she began to lap away at
the ice cream. As she ate her way through that Susan began to briefly feel
her daughter's tongue getting through to the flesh.

The ice cream finished Julie continued to eat. She lapped enthusiastically at
her Mom, and gradually Susan felt the feeling return to her clit in sudden
rushes of heat. "Oh fuck." she groaned, as Julie tongue thrust in and out of
her wet hole.

Eventually Julie pulled her head back. "Let's go upstairs," she offered her
Mom her hand. Susan took it and the two of them headed to Susan's bedroom.

At the door Julie paused. "Why don't you go in and I'll join you in a

Susan climbed into her bed and threw the bedclothes back, so that her naked
body would be on full display for Julie when she returned.

When Julie returned Susan's mouth opened in pleasant surprise. Jutting out in
front of Julie was a rubber dick, held in place by some leather straps. On
any man that Susan had ever slept with the size and girth would have looked
disproportionately large. On her petite daughter it had the same effect, but
Susan was overcome by lust.

"Look's like I'm going to get some cock after all."

Julie nodded.

Susan spread her legs and with her hands opened her pussy as far as she
could. Even so it was a bit of a squeeze for Julie to push it in. For a few
seconds the two women lay still, as Susan got used to the size. Then her
daughter began to move up and down. The large dong filled Susan's cavern,
rubbing roughly against her pussy walls before slamming hard against her

She began to push upwards in time with her daughter's thrusts and soon the
two of them had entered a rhythm. Susan swung her legs so they clasped round
Julie's back, pushing her in deeper.

Susan orgasmed, but Julie still continued, pushing the cock in as deeply as
it would go, before pulling it back and hammering in again. Susan's squeals
rent the night, until exhausted Julie pulled out the dildo one final time and
lay on her back.

Susan drew her naked daughter closer to her and they feel asleep in each
other's arms.

* * *

When Susan awoke, she'd have thought the last night was a dream, except for
the fact she had been awakened by Julie finger fucking her.

Julie continued jamming her finger into her Mom's pussy, tickling the clit,
until Susan gave a shriek of pleasure. Julie withdrew the finger and smiling
at her Mom licked the juices off it seductively.

"Have you ever been butt-fucked?" she asked Susan.

Susan grinned, "No, but I guess my anal cherry is about to be popped."

Without any hesitation she turned onto her front and waggled her ass. Julie
put the same finger that had just been in her Mom's front into her back
passage, pushing it and out to enlarge her Mom's hole. Susan gritted her
teeth, it was uncomfortable. But gradually she got used to it and began to
get brief shots of pleasure.

After a few minutes Julie decided her Mom's asshole was big enough. She
climbed onto her Mom's back and taking the strap-on dildo, (which she'd worn
all night) in both hands she began to push it in.

Susan gasped. Whilst her ass had been loosened, it was still not ready for
the giant phallus and it seemed to take an age for Julie to push it in as
much as it would go. Once it was fully in, Julie began to slowly draw it
about half way out and then with a grunt returned it to its snug home.

Susan gasped with pleasure. If she'd know that being taken up the ass could
have been this pleasurable she'd have done it years ago. Julie was starting
to get into her stride, slow pull-out and quick push-in.

"Yessssss!" screamed Susan, "Fuck me!" Julie did as she was bade and
continued to ram her Mom's poop chute. Susan moved one of her hands beneath
her and began to rub harshly at her own clit, soon not being aware of whether
her orgasms were originating from the front or back.

With a final pull, Julie withdrew the dildo with a small pop, and collapsed
on top of her Mom. "God, Mom, you're good."

Susan blushed with pleasure.

* * *

"I'm back!" Susan called to Julie as she put the shopping on the table.

She walked into the living room, "I've got us a DVD to watch."

"Not Pretty Woman I hope." Julie replied, "We've seen it about twenty times."

"Close," laughed Susan, "Lesbian Milf Hookers."

"Sounds good," said Julie and kissed her Mom.

Susan slotted the DVD into the machine and went to sit down beside her
daughter. After a few seconds of warnings about piracy, the DVD started with
a redheaded MILF appearing on camera.

Julie and Susan looked at each other, "That's Bree" they exclaimed in unison.


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