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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 5 (Ff,anal)
by LL

Amongst my many hobbies I'm keen amateur photographer. Like many amateur
photographers I take a lot of photos of my Mom. I have a great one of her
sitting legs, akimbo fingering her cunt. Another one I am particularly proud
of is Mom with her back to the camera, shoving a dildo up her ass. Though my
favourite is her lying naked on the bed with `Susan Mayer - lesbian slut'
lipsticked on her belly.

Okay, these aren't particular usual Mom-daughter snaps. But then we're not a
usual Mom and daughter.

I mention this because the photography club at school was holding a
competition, with the prize of a snazzy new digital camera. Now, they did
this each year and every time the winner was either a picture of a stunning
sunrise or a cute furry animal - and the club president was sick of it. This
year his rule was that the picture had to be of a person.

Now most of my friends, after a quick grumble about not being able to take a
picture of their new puppy, had co-opted parents and siblings into posing for

I, however, didn't want to damage my relationship with Mom by asking her to
pose clothed. And whilst nude pictures of her might be interesting (and would
certainly win votes from male society members) they might lead to some rather
embarrassing questions from the Principle, and weren't likely to make the
yearbook either.

My Mom had a brilliant solution. Our neighbour, Gabby, is an ex-model (she
claims to have done Vogue - though I suspect it might have been more Sears)
and Mom said she ask her if she'd pose. With my photography skills and
Gabby's experience I felt sure I'd win first prize.

* * *

Which is the reason why I found myself one evening snapping pictures of
Gabby, round the house. Now for an ex-Vogue model she didn't seem very
confident or alluring, (though I got a great one of her showing me the
new dishwasher and an even better one of her displaying her new sofa).

"You're a bit wooden." I said as I snapped.

"Honey - who's the professional here you or me?" Gabby responded. If she
spoke to all her photographers like that no wonder she's an ex-model.

"Still," she continued, "when I did modelling for a living, I tended to
specialise in lingerie and swimwear. What about I go and change into a

I'd seen Gabby's bikini's and there was no way that the Principle was going
to let a photo of a sexy Latino, falling out of a swimsuit, win top prize.
Still, it's not every day that one of your Mom's friend's offers to get
semi-naked for you (usually just Wednesday in my case). So I agreed.

A few minutes later Gabby returned with a bag and an undersized swimsuit.
I'd mention the colour of the bikini, but it was so small it hardly seems
worth it. It just about managed to cover her slot and nipples, and when she
turned round I could see it didn't bother with her ass cheeks.

I resumed my snapping, and had to admit Gabby became a lot more lifelike.
Especially when she twirled off her top and allowed me to take some pictures
of her naked titties. She pranced around topless for a few minutes. Then she
turned her back to me and began slowly to remove the bottoms.

I'm rather proud of the next few pictures, which were a mixture of close-up
and wide frame. But all of which involved Gabby holding her cheeks well apart
for the camera or turning round and prizing apart her pussy lips.

She then flopped on the sofa, "Do you want some more pictures?"

I nodded, trying not to show my eagerness about what pose she'd try next.

She pulled a dildo out of her bag and started to sensually lick it. I'm more
of a Newsweek fan so don't tend to read Vogue. However I'm pretty sure they
don't do that on the cover.

I continued to snap away as Gabby transferred the dildo from her mouth to
gently massaging a nipple and then to caressing the outside of cunt and
finally stuffing it up her hole.

"Bree was saying you fucked her," said Gabby conversationally as she thrust
the dildo in and out. I almost dropped my camera. Jeez, Bree has obviously
being taking lessons from her daughter in keeping secrets.

Gabby didn't wait for my answer (which was lucky as I wasn't sure what it was
going to be), but instead lay on her front and started to rub her tush with
the toy, "Have I mentioned that after a photo session I like to fuck the
snapper," she purred.

Well, it hadn't come up in any conversation I'd ever had with her before.
And it certainly sounded like a come-on - what is it with my Mom's friends
wanting to ravish me?

"Have you finished? " Gabby slid off the sofa and knelt in front of me,
fiddling with my jean buttons.

I decided I'd taken enough pictures and perhaps a little release of tension
was in order. I put down the camera.

Gabby had managed to undo my jeans and pull down my panties. Without so much
as a `do you mind?' she plunged her head face first into my pussy. At first
she nibbled lightly at my pussy lips, before she went in full throttle. She
had a way with her tongue and it wasn't long before I was babbling
incoherently in between gasps of pleasure.

Once I'd covered her face with juice, (which with the photography and cunt
licking, was fairly gushing out) I returned the favour. I lay her on the
floor and stripped of my clothes, before kneeling over her and starting wash
her twat.

I'm a pretty good pussy eater, even if I was the only one to say so (and from
the squeaks I've aroused in the last few weeks I don't think I would be). So
as a reward for agreeing to be my model I gave Gabby the full Julie Mayer
special. This involves a lot of teasing round the outside, then a few quick
flicks into the hole to get the recipient excited, before a bit more teasing
round the quim lips. Only when Gabby was about to explode with lust did I
push my tongue in deeply and begin to slurp directly at her clit.

Gabby pounded the floor with her fists in delight and screamed so hard that I
hoped the house was sound proof. I continued with this until her screams had
become vague sobs of satisfaction. And then I started again with pretty much
the same result.

"Fuck me, fuck me" Gabby moaned.

Well I would have done, but I had only brought my camera. I lifted my head
long enough to let her know that (which counts as an extra special tease)
before resuming position.

Gabby pulled herself away from me and slithered to the bag, from which she
brought out a strap-on. I can take a hint and took the toy from Gabby and
slipped it on. Gabby used this brief interruption, to position herself so
she was leaning on the sofa wiggling her ass at me.

I took this as open invitation and plunged right in. Gabby took it like a
pro. And soon my thighs were whacking merrily against her as I bounced away

"Yessssss, Jules, fuck me. Fuck my asssssss." (Jules?)

I was quite content to comply and continued to ream her. Once I'd got my
balance I was able to use my hands to hold apart her cunt and slip in a
finger in. Double the pleasure as they say.

As I slammed at her butt and pawed at her pussy Gabby continued to scream
away "Yesssss, yesssss, fuck, yesssss". I plunged her strap-on deeply in,
feeling it push away at her tunnel walls and drive her into even louder

At the same time I could feel her sopping wetness dribble down my finger. I
only withdrew it temporarily to lick it clean, but Gabby demanded, "Put it
back, I want to be fingerredddddd". What's a girl to do, but comply. Still
I did slurp it clean first, pussy juice is full of important vitamins and
minerals - honestly.

When Gabby couldn't take anymore (or rather I was so knackered I was about
to faint) I withdrew. Gabby collapsed in a heap.

"Thanks for the pictures," I said.

* * *

Mom was waiting for me in the kitchen when I got home. Her face was like a
thundercloud. I looked at my watch - I wasn't late.

"I've been talking to Bree," she said, "about you having sex with her."

I guessed Mom wasn't happy about it and decided silence was the best option.

"Did you think you could keep it secret?" she continued. Well I had done, but
reckoned without Bree deciding to unburden her conscience with everyone she

"No?" I replied, hoping that was the right answer.

Mom ignored my answer, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you. On Friday
we won't be having sex."

I gaped at her open mouthed, that was a bit harsh I think. But then she began
to smile "because I want you to keep all your strength for Saturday when I've
invited Bree and Danielle round for dinner."

Whew, good joke Mom. Though, unless this is a secret plot of Mom to poison
her competitors, I guess that means I'll be cooking.

Oh, and if you want to know about the photo competition. I got second prize
for my picture of a fully clothed Gabby displaying the sofa. The winner got
his cute five year old sister to pose with their new kitten at sunset..


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