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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 7 (fff+, anal)
by LL

I think Mom expected me to be cross when she told me she'd being practising
nude gymnastics with Edie. Perhaps I should have been, or at least jealous.
Truth is that I didn't mind in the slightest. I'm certainly not a firm
believer that just because you're fucking one person, you should only do
them, as you might have guessed from my own adventures.

"Mom is that all?" I replied.

Mom looked at me with doey eyes, "You don't mind, sweetie?"

I gave her a bright smile, "What you do during the week is up to you... If
you want to fuck Edie silly go for it," I took her chin in my hand, "just as
long as you leave enough for me on the weekend."

To show there was no hard feelings I then removed her panties and gave her
pussy a good munch.

* * *

Two further interesting things happened that week. First of all Edie and
Gabby came out, and secondly I was involved in my first cheerleader orgy.

To start with Edie and Gabby, on Monday evening I'd done my homework (they
really need to give us more - I can get it done in just over an hour!!!) and
was just getting ready to go to Annalise's for a quick session. I glanced out
my window and looked towards Gabby's house, in the back of my mind I was
wondering whether I should ask her for another modelling session.

It was a bit of a waste of time, I soon realised. Even as I looked Edie came
out of Gabby's house. She stood in the doorway and I could see a barely clad
Gabby follow her out, put her arms round her and give her a goodbye kiss. It
wasn't a peck on the cheek either, the two of them must have had lungs like
steel to hang in for that long.

Gabby barely had time to close her door, before Mom called up, "Julie, I've
just returning some sugar I borrowed to Gabby." And then she was out our
front door like a greyhound chasing a rabbit.

She was beaten by Bree who almost sprinted to the Gabby's (delicately
carrying a walnut cake at the same time - which took some doing). The speed
the two of them moved makes me wonder if they do anything but stare out the
window all day waiting for gossip?

When I came back from turning Annalise into a quivering orgasmic wreck, Mom
was waiting for me with the news. It turned out that Gabby and Edie had been
seeing each other for weeks (the cheating hussies had even been seeing each
other at the same time I'd be doing Gabby and from the tone in Mom's voice,
when she'd had her little fling with Edie). But now they wanted it to be
official - they were even talking about moving in together, though according
to Mom they weren't sure about this step as it might mean they became
exclusive, rather than inclusive. Personally I couldn't see that living
together should stop them fucking other people - still it takes all sorts.

The next day I was fully expecting the Gabby/Edie bombshell to be the main
piece of morning conversation when I walked to school with Danielle. Instead
all Danielle wanted to talk about was the cheerleader slumber party she had
organised for next Saturday. Bree was going to be away on Saturday and had
agreed Danielle could have some friends over. She'd even agreed to do some
cooking before she left (not that I imagine Bree saw that as a chore).

As we got to the school gates, Danielle said to me, "You'll come won't you?"

I replied that I thought it was a cheerleader slumber party and I'm not a

Danielle pouted, for a second and then I could see the lights come on as she
had a brainwave, "We'll make you an honorary cheerleader for the night."

So that's it then - I was going to my first cheerleader slumber party.

* * *

I'll say this for Bree, when she puts on a spread she pulls out all
the stops. I could have eaten all night and would have done if drunken
cheerleaders hadn't kept pulling me away from the table to dance. I say
drunken cheerleaders, that wasn't quite accurate. Bree had left plenty of
beer and wine, except it was non-alcoholic beer and wine.

Danielle and the rest didn't seem to quite notice that though, and as the
night wore on they gave a good show of becoming steadily more tipsy. At
least I think they were becoming tipsy, there seemed to be a lot of
giggling and during the dancing I noticed a lot of wandering hands. Though
when Jenny clasped my ass I wished she'd do it a little more gently - I
think I may have a bruised butt tomorrow.

For the record I better mention who was here apart from me and Danielle.

Annalise - who I have already introduced you to. Big titted and very

Lisa Chung - a girl of Chinese extraction. Definitely the smallest of the
cheerleaders, but with a sexual appetite which made up for her lack of

Jenny - who had the cutest Southern drawl and probably the best pussy eater
on the squad (and there was some competition).

Billie - tits so small they barely troubled her sweater, but with a cute
butt and nice legs.

Chloe - another big titted girl and according to Danielle the Queen of Double

And my nemesis, Charlie Watson, - who's whilst attractive was also stuck so
far up her own ass that her own head pops out her mouth (though in an earlier
conversation Danielle has confided in me she also screams like a rabbit [sic]
when she orgasms).

Well (non-alcoholic) beer was consumed in quantities, the food devoured
(mainly by me - I don't have the same fetish about my size as the others did)
and in between we danced and gossiped about school and boys. It seemed a
typical teenage party (not that I've been to that many and the last one was
chaperoned by the parents of the birthday girl).

I was just trying to house train Jenny in the subtle act of dancing close
without crushing your partner to death, when Danielle called out "Time for a

I must admit to being excited. If I was lucky it would be Trivial Pursuits,
where I now find it hard to get anyone to play against (Mom is such a sore
looser it must be said), but I could have coped with Monopoly (Mom, again
being a sore looser - it's not my fault she has no money sense).

Instead Danielle made us all sit in a circle and put an empty bottle in the
middle (well almost empty - a few drops spilled onto the carpet, I don't
want to be in Danielle's shoes when she explains that one to Bree). Then she
brought out some hand drawn cards and put them down in front of herself as
she sat cross-legged. Danielle span the bottle and it pointed at Jenny.

Jenny squealed in delight and picked a card at random from the pile. She read
it out to all of us, "Lick the tits of...". The others giggled as she as span
the bottle so that it ended up facing Chloe.

"...Chloe" finished Jenny.

Chloe pulled of her pyjama top and threw it in the corner. Jenny was over at
her side slurping away at Chloe's large orbs and by the look of it the two of
them were having a whale of a time.

Danielle clapped, "That's enough, we've still got a lot of cards to get

Sheepishly Jenny withdrew her head, rubbed her hand under her mouth to get
rid of the excess saliva and sat back down. Chloe looked a bit disappointed
that Danielle was timing them. Actually so was I - thirty seconds of tittie
licking does no more to quell an appetite than a candy bar does to a man who
hasn't eaten for two weeks.

Danielle span the bottle again and it pointed at Billie, who clapped her
hands in glee and almost literally leapt towards the cards. I think I'm
getting the point of this game. Billie picked up the card and look of sorrow
passed through her face, "Peck the cheek off..." disconsolately she span the
bottle, "Annalise".

Annalise offered her cheek and a disappointed looking Billie planted one on
her, before sitting down again. I knew how she felt...

The bottle span and returned to point to Danielle. She picked a card, "Get
your pussy licked to orgasm by...." I swear she's marked these cards.

Danielle span the bottle and it whirred towards Lisa. Whilst Danielle was
divesting herself of her bottoms, Lisa took the time to remove her top so
that we all see her jugs bouncing as she crouched over to energetically lick
at Danielle. I thought that was very considerate.

The sight of the two of them going at it made me reach below my pyjama
bottoms and give my own little pussy a light rub. Lisa's tongue was buried
deep in Danielle slot and Danielle was pushing Lisa's head so hard the poor
girl had no choice, but to keep it there. Though she didn't seem to be
complaining and had placed one of her own hands into her pyjama bottoms and
seemed to be moving it very vigorously indeed.

Eventually she took Danielle to a screaming orgasm (I'm not boasting when
I say I could have brought her off a lot quicker) and reluctantly withdrew
her head. Danielle spent a few seconds recovering before respinning the
bottle, so that it pointed to Annalise.

Annalise read the card slowly, her mouth curling upwards in a smile, "Dildo
the pussy of..."

Danielle reached into a bag beside her and brought out a small, plastic
phallus which she tossed to Annalise, "You'll need this," she said grinning.

Annalise spun the bottle and it pointed at Danielle again, Jeez some girls
get all the luck. Danielle lay back down and used her hands to spread her
twat lips, so Annalise could easily thrust the dildo in. Annalise went to
work with a passion and soon Danielle was moaning and thrusting her hips
back and forth, as a trickle of juice slid from her hole.

Annalise grunted and worked the dildo in and out so fast she was almost a
blur. As Danielle continued to gasp I slipped the fingers to my cunt again,
out of the corner of my eye I could see I wasn't the only one.

Danielle let out a final orgasmic scream and Annalise withdrew the dildo,
gave it a quick lick and dropped it back in the bag, before crawling back
to her spot.

The bottle span and I watched mesmerised at it slowed and finally came to
a stop before me. I calmly leant over and picked up a card, reading it aloud,
"Fuck the ass of..." Mmmnnn, interesting.

I spun the bottle. Looking up as the bottle span six very excited faces and
Charlie Watson - who like me, was hoping it didn't stop in front of her. I'd
previously done Danielle, Annalise, Lisa and Jenny, so I was hoping for
either Billie or Chloe (though to be fair I'd be quite willing to fuck the
first four again). It slowed to a halt and with dread I noticed it was
pointing at the only person I didn't want it to stop in front of - that bitch
Charlie Watson.

Eight faces lit up in disappointment - six at not being the recipient of an
ass plunging, one at being the plungee and one at being the plunger. "Perhaps
I could spin again," I said hopefully.

One person nodded (Billie) and six hands went to their mouths in shock. "You
can't do that it's bad luck," said Danielle ignoring the fact I'd already had
my bad luck for the evening.

Charlie planted herself on all fours in the middle of the circle and I stood
up pulled of my bottoms (swivelling round so that my audience could get a
good view of my freshly shaved cunt) and picked up the strap-on Danielle was
offering me.

Slipping it on good manners suggested I ought to give Charlie a chance to
lubricate it and I waggled it in front of her face.

"Julie," said Danielle in her most Bree like voice, "the card says fuck the
ass. If the God of the bottle wanted you to have a blowjob first it would
have said."

I nodded and took my unlubricated cock round to behind Charlie. She was still
bent over on her knees, but had moved her hands so that she could stretch her
puckered back hole as far as it could.

Still it was quite a squeeze to put it in, and I had to push hard against
Charlie's wiggling ass before I was happy it was in tightly and snugly. Once
it was in Charlie put her hands back down on the floor and I began to shaft

I was surprised, but Charlie was actually quite a good ride. She didn't move
until I got into my rhythm and then began to match it, doing half the work
herself. I grabbed at her hips to hold on as we began to get more energetic,
before moving a finger (without Danielle's permission) and starting to finger
her pussy at the same time.

I was actually enjoying myself when I could start to hear Charlie coming to
fruition. It started with a few little sobbing moans, uh, pause, uh, pause,
uh. They gradually came together in a very soft "uuuuuhhhhh" (I'm no expert,
but it did kind of sound like an orgasming rabbit).

I pulled out the dick and Charlie fell face forward on the floor, muttering
"wow, wow." I certainly enjoy having that impact on girlfriends - perhaps
Charlie isn't to bad.

Whilst we'd been fucking the others had obviously decided the game had gone
on long enough and it was time for a free for all. The remaining pyjamas had
come off and six of them were intertwined in a variety of positions. As a
neutral observer I noticed that it didn't seem to matter where tongue's and
fingers went, or who they went into.

Danielle was lying on her back with Jenny squatting over her face. At the
same time Chloe was bouncing up and down Danielle's strap-on on. Chloe turned
round to me and said "Fuck me now."

"Aren't you doing Danielle at the moment?" I asked.

Chloe laughed, and with a free hand pointed at her butt, "I've got a spare

I blushed that I hadn't spotted the obvious - I'm such an innocent at times.

I've never done a DP before and made Chloe stay still for a moment, whilst I
positioned myself. I ignored Danielle's complaints that I was breaking her
rhythm (because as far as I could tell she was just lying their concentrating
on Jenny and letting Chloe do all the work).

Chloe gritted her teeth as my cock slid in her backdoor. I didn't get as much
traction as I normally like so I had to wrap my arms round her front, though
in such a way that I could play with her tits at the same time.

I started to push and felt Chloe start to move, so that she could get maximum
pleasure from the two dicks. As we got into our stride I began to relax and
started to kiss the back of Chloe's neck, whilst grappling with her titties.
From the sounds she was making she seemed to be enjoying the ride as much as
I was. The dildo might not be as firmly entrenched as normal, but it was
slapping quite hard against my pussy and giving me bursts of pleasure.

A feeling that intensified when Jenny got up off Danielle's face and Danielle
transferred her attention to thrusting upwards into Chloe. My dildo banged
against me even harder and I turn redoubled my efforts to make sure this was
a dp'ing that Chloe would properly appreciate.

Suddenly I felt a tongue sliding over my butt cheeks, before entering my back
hole. I turned round to see my nemesis, brushing hair out of her eyes and
give my ass a good tongue reaming. Good girl, Charlie.

Chloe meanwhile, was screaming loudly, as she orgasmed. I slipped a hand from
her tits and moved down to feel the plastic cock planted in her pussy. It was
drenched. Chloe looked exhausted and I certainly felt like a bit of a rest
myself, so I stood up and watched as Chloe slid off Danielle's pole and lay
beside her, kissing.

Billie had seen her opportunity and was beside me, moving almost as quickly
as Mom and Bree when there's a chance for potential gossip.

"So you going to fuck me next?" she asked. I had to admit that I would do,
but I needed a bit of a rest first.

She looked at me and grinned, "Don't worry - you lie down and I'll do all the

I did as she instructed and lay down next to Chloe. Billie lowered herself
down and I reached up to help guide her ass so that it was sitting on the
top of my pole. With a grunt she pushed herself down, hard and the strap-on
slammed greedily against my pussy. I gave a small murmur of pleasure as Chloe
started to bounce up and down. I'll say this for cheerleaders - all that
dancing around gives them at lot of energy and Billy was going at it with a

I didn't think it was fair that Billie did all the work and started to move
my hips to time with hers. This just made Billie all the hornier and she
continued to slam down on me as far as she could go. Chloe had disentangled
herself from Danielle, and was busy eating away at my bosoms - which was
nice. Danielle in turn had positioned herself over my mouth and was expecting
me to slurp away at her cunt. Ever the lady, I obliged.

With a final scream of pleasure Billie came, with a groan she slipped off my
pole and collapsed across my legs. Danielle got off my face and moved over to
clean Billie's pussy. I just lay there, utterly exhausted as Chloe continued
to eat at my tits.

All round the room the exhausted cheerleaders were beginning to wind down and
lying in strange combinations across the floor.

Danielle looked up from Billie's pussy, "Girls, if you've finished I've
rented out a copy of Pretty Woman for us to watch."


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