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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 10 (FFf,anal)
by LL

I love my Mom dearly, but she can be extremely mean about my allowance. I've
got a digital camera, but my little snapper, whilst fine for holiday pics,
just doesn't produce the quality of photos that I really want to produce.
I've been saving up for a new one, but with various other expenses (like
paying $20 to my cheat of a friend) I could see that by the time I'd got
enough money to pay for a new one I'd be planning on how to spend my pension.

To improve my incomings I'd being giving hints that I'd do some work for
cash, perhaps a bit of medieval French poetry translation, or double-checking
any physics papers my neighbours wanted to submit to academic journals.
Unfortunately, there was a limited amount of this work available to a sixteen
year old and I had to settle with agreeing to wash Mom's car (at the
child-labour price of $10 and that included dealing with the pussy-juice
stains on the back seat).

Mom gave hints that it might be good if I washed the car wearing a pair of
very cut-off shorts and a bikini top. However it was a bit chilly, so I
settled for jeans and a sweater.

I was just cleaning the sills when I was aware of someone standing behind me.
Standing up and turning round I was greeted by the site of Gabby wearing a
glamorous, but short, satin dress.

"Hello Julie," said Gabby, in the type of voice she uses when she wants a
favour, "How are you?"

I replied by pointing out I was broke, cold and was spending my Saturday
afternoon cleaning my Mom's car.

Gabby put her arm round me in a conspiratorial way and gave the sort of grin
that women give just before they give their elderly husband his poisoned
cocoa, "How would you like to earn some money?"

"As long as it doesn't involve me smuggling drugs through customs..." you
never can be sure where Gabby is concerned.

Gabby laughed, "No, nothing like that. It's just... Well now Edie and I have
become an item we thought it would be nice to have a few pictures of us
together. And I was just thinking you could come round some evening and shoot
a few portraits."

I nodded. This sounded innocent enough. Though given that Gabby had
previously told me she liked to fuck her photographers (and then inducted me
into that unexclusive club) I did wonder if that was all she had in mind.

"That's fine - what about Thursday?"

Gabby gave a wolf-like grin, "Thursday will be fine," she purred. Methinks
I'm going to be doing more than snapping.

* * *

Come Thursday I pitched up on Gabby and Edie's doorstep with a smile on my
face, a camera round my neck and assorted toys in my bag. After ringing on
the doorbell for what seemed an age I could hear Edie clumping downstairs,
"Coming," she called.

The door opened and there stood Edie clad in just a towel. She too gave me a
wolfish smile, "Julie. Come in. We're just getting ready."

I entered the house. Edie led me into the main room and then disappeared into
the kitchen. She returned with what looked (and tasted) like a vodka with a
splash of martini. She passed it to me, "We'll just be a few minutes. Make
yourself at home."

I settled down on the sofa and sipped at my drink, whilst thinking about what
type of poses Edie and Gabby would like.

A few minutes later I got my answer when they came down. Edie had removed her
towel, but had neglected to put anything on its stead, standing as naked as
the day she was born. Well, almost... a rather large strap-on was attached to
a little leather belt and dangled enchantingly in front of her.

Gabby had a little more modesty and was wearing some lingerie which covered
her belly button whilst delighting the casual onlooker (me) by keeping both
twat and tits on full display.

Ever the professional I remained calm (well apart from a slight sheen of
perspiration, but that may have been because the weather had taken a turn
for the better).

"So who, er, um, what would you like me to do, er um, snap, um, photo first,"
I asked smoothly (okay, almost smoothly - but you try keeping your mind on
the job when there are two nude Milfs within groping distance).

Gabby gestured at the sofa, where I'd just been sitting, "We thought a couple
of us together on the sofa," she then moved her hand to the fireplace, "then
some in front of the fire," and then she pointed at the floor, "and finally
on the rug."

"Sound's good," I responded, "Do you want to keep things natural or let me
give directions."

Edie grinned, "Well let's start off on our own and see where that gets us."

It seemed to get Gabby to an orgasm is where it got us. Gabby lay on the sofa
and stretched her legs apart, allowing me a few quick shots before Edie (and
the strap-on) hove into frame. Edie didn't waste any time on pleasantries and
was soon banging Gabby's slot.

I shifted round to get a better position and capture all the action. Edie
rocked back and forth, as Gabby groaned and bucked on the sofa. I got some
very passionate and life-like action shots for their photo albums (though
as they all involved the toy being buried deep into Gabby I don't think
they're the type of snaps you show your grandkids when you're old and grey).

And as for instructions, soon it was Edie giving them to me. I have to say
she had a natural photographer's eye - she's wasted in real estate. I was
particularly pleased with some of the close ups she suggested. But the my
favourite was the one where she made me stand on the sofa over Gabby and
shoot a birds-eye view of the fucking (and talking of views Gabby managed
to get a worm's eye one of the fact I'd forgotten to put on my panties before
going out).

Gabby eventually managed to give out a shriek, which told me, Edie and
probably the whole street than she'd achieved lift-off. I managed to get a
great photo off her face contorted with the blast of orgasm.

Edie withdrew and she and Gabby took a few minutes to get her breath back.
Gabby recovered first and padded over to the fireplace. She put her arms
against the wall and leant forward - luckily there was no fire in the grate
or she might have had to make an interesting explanation to the burns units.

I took a few more pictures as Gabby pouted and preened for the camera. She
has the most the seductive way of licking her lips. It wasn't just me who
thought so, as the ‘come get me' look on Gabby's face seemed to help Edie's
recovery no end and she was up on her feet and standing behind Gabby in

The dildo was soon slipping between Gabby's ass cheeks as Edie also started
to fondle her lover's damp slit. At first I concentrated on the groping, but
as Edie and Gabby got into their stride I widened my focus and clicked away
at the toy battering away at Gabby's back passage.

True to form, it didn't take Gabby long to start murmuring her appreciation.
Edie obviously appreciated this, as she began to rub even more vigorously at
the Latino's pussy and was soon sliding in a finger for extra fun. I have to
admit Edie was a bit of an expert at this as she seemed to be timing it just
right and keeping a perfect balance. This was made even more difficult, by
the fact she kept removing her finger and allowing Gabby to taste it.

It was hard to concentrate on the job in hand, but I kept at it, getting some
further great shots. It's just a shame that I can't enter these in the next
school photography competition.

It was obvious for that this part of the session Edie was going for a big
finish, as she was slamming so deep into Gabby's ass that even the leather
belt was slipping between her girlfriends's ass crack and so fast that she
was almost blurring in the photos. Gabby thought so too and decided to meet
the challenge by giving a crescendo of an orgasm.

Sated the two women fell apart and tottered over to the sofa.

"No more photos," said Edie.

"Okay," I said trying to hide my disappointment, "though I thought you wanted
some more on the rug?"

Edie put her hand to her mouth in a fake exclamation of shock and Gabby
tittered, "Oh, Julie, you seem to have misunderstood. We were hoping you
could join in for that fuck."

That seemed fair enough, so I took off my camera and stripped down. One thing
I've learnt from the ‘Juicy Lucy' strip club is that a seductive tease can
help reinvigorate the juices. Judging by the looks on their faces as I
strutted my stuff it worked...

I finished disrobing by slipping away my bra and artfully throwing it so it
caught on a lampshade (the throwing practice I had been doing recently in
my room paying off). Still, whilst there faces said ‘let's fuck' the heavy
breathing of the MILFs suggested we shouldn't go straight into the main

However, I do like having an appetiser and damp pussy is always a great
starter. I knelt in front of Edie and began to probe at her slit. She moaned
happily, and ruffled my hair. Or rather someone did, as my eye line was
pretty much at clit level I couldn't tell whether it was her or Gabby.

Now, I don't like to dive straight in. So I artfully nibbled and licked at
the pussy lips to start with. Edie gasped, and told me in no uncertain terms
to cut with the teasing and get to the meat. I ignored her and continued to
go for the outside, now and then quickly slipping my tongue in her hole, just
to remind her of what was coming.

Not that she needed reminding, as the juice that was dribbling out told me.
I could also hear some muffled squeaks coming from Gabby. I raised my head
long enough to see that Gabby was pushing a digit into her own pussy. Then
I went down for the kill, stuffing my tongue deep within Edie's wall and
letting my tongue work it's magic.

Edie gasped and her legs came up and under like pneumatic pumps to rest on
my shoulders. Within unhindered access to clit I went at her with a gusto
and Edie groans changed pitched and became more frequent. Not wanting to let
her have a breather I ploughed away with my tongue, slurping up her juice.

I could feel the sofa shake as Edie's hands hammered against it and she
started to yell my name, followed by several oaths. Finally she reached an
ear shattering crescendo, coupled with a forward jerk which almost smothered

I shook my hair and wiped my mouth, and slid over to kneel in front of her
girlfriend. Gabby was still slipping herself the finger. I was quite happy
to lick her digit, though as it was buried deep in her twat this had the
side effect of my tongue also exploring her insides. Still Gabby didn't seem
to mind and together her finger and my tongue soon had her revitalised and
dripping. I ate away until she too bucked in pleasure and her cries gave a
passable imitation of a hungry werewolf.

I stepped back, licking my lips to get that final taste of tangy quim. My
selfless actions had got both Edie and Gabby back to full fitness and both
seemed raring for that bout on the rug.

"Just be a second, Julie," Gabby said as she stood up, "I just need to go and
get you a strap-on."

As Edie was still playing with hers (and I mean playing, if it had been real
she'd have been splurting all over the carpet by now) this sounded like a
romp where two dicks would be needed.

"No need," I said as I plunged into my bag and pulled one out, "I'm

Gabby helpfully buckled me in as Edie stood up and lay on the carpet. She
put her hands behind her head, "Come on sweetie, hurry up."

Gabby had finished fastening me (and had given my snatch a quick in-out for
luck as she done so). She lowered herself backwards onto the pole sticking
out of Edie's midriff.

I waited until they were comfortably locked into position, and that Edie
had a firm hold on her partner. And by firm hold I mean she was grappling
playfully with Gabby's titties. Gabby meanwhile was using one hand to
balance and with the other opening her pussy lips.

Once I was sure they were ready I slipped my own toy into Gabby's twat,
hearing her give a grunt of satisfaction as it slid it. Then I began to take
the strain, doing much of the work as Gabby gently moved and Edie lay back
and thought of... well butt-fucking Gabby I presume.

Dp'ing has a different rhythm from normal screwing. For starters you need to
concentrate more on keeping your balance, and then you need to be aware of
what the others are doing. Still, once you get used to it, it's the most fun
you can have outside of a half-price sale at Barnes and Noble.

I quickly got into a position I was comfortable with (and from the look on
Gabby's face she was pretty content as well) and began to slide in and out.
I didn't start very fast or go much beyond half way in, but as we continued
I could feel the toy slip in a little deeper each time. Soon I was making
sure it rubbed against Gabby's clit as it went in and she began to moan

Edie in the meantime was kissing the back of her neck and squeezing tightly
at her baps. I leant forward after giving an extra hard push and managed to
run my tongue across her lips. Together the lick and the thrust sent shivers
through my body and I was rewarded with what can only be described as Gabby
giving a swoonful look.

Plugging away I became aware that Edie had started to thrust her hips
upwards, I changed my speed to match hers and Gabby was soon getting an extra
special double stuffing. And she wasted no time in letting us know this was
exactly what she was looking for, both by screaming "yes", crunching her face
in orgasm and wetting my cock with her love-juice.

We continued until finally exhausted and wracked by orgasmic pleasure Gabby
cried uncle. The three of us lay naked on the rug for a few minutes, then I
got up and recovered my camera.

Edie stood up "Thanks for the photos. If you could e-mail them round

She went to her purse and pulled out $5, which she gave me. Jeez, I'd have
been better off cleaning Mom's car again.

* * *

You can tell when Mom is excited. When I'm fucking her she screams and
hollers and whoops my name, and when she is a non-sexual sense of excitement
she screams and hollers and whoops my name.

Even as I opened the front door I could hear Mom running across the kitchen
calling, "Julie, Julie."

She took me by the shoulders, "You'll never guess..."

"We won the lottery."

"No, no, no. Guess who's moved in?"

Luckily I was saved from this turning into a game of twenty questions by
Mom not waiting for my reply, "Little Dylan. You remember your best friend
Dylan Mayfair?"

I did, but before I could let Mom know this, she continued "She's not a
toddler anymore."

Well it would be worrying if she was...


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