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Desperate Housewives:
Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 13 (Ff,inc,anal,spank)
by LL

It was Saturday night and I was lying naked in Mom's bed. Between my legs was
a strap-on that I was stroking absent-mindedly and wondering which of Mom's
holes to stick it in. After an energetic session after dinner Mom had gone to
work on her illustrations and I'd settled down to reading Dante's 'Divine
Comedy' and wondering whether my Italian was good enough to read it in the

Once I'd heard Mom starting to pack away her things, I'd put down the
translation got naked, grabbed the cock and jumped under the covers, waiting
for Mom to appear.

When she did she had a sheaf of papers in her hand. "Would you like to have
a look at my new book?" she asked.

Like I'd done every time she'd said the same thing since the age of eight
I feigned enthusiasm. She passed me the papers and started to undress. I
settled down to read the latest adventures of 'Scamp the Naughty Pup' or
'The Fireman and the Missing Pussy' (not nearly as exciting it sounds).

I looked at the first page, then up at Mom (who was pulling off her t-shirt
to reveal a lacy black bra), before returning to the page. Certainly this
publication seemed to be aimed for older readers than most of Mom's works.

"Jaynie and Friends" read the title, below that was a sub-title, "The
adventures of a teen nympho" with "written and illustrated by Susan" tucked
away in the corner. But it was the picture that had my main attention.

Bending over a box of massive dildo's was a long-haired blonde teen (with a
startling resemblance to me), whilst in the background lay an older woman
(who looked like Mom) with her legs agape and looking on in obvious

I turned the page and began to follow the story. In it Jaynie cooks a meal
for her Mom, before seducing the Milf and in the final scene banging her ass
(I'm not sure that came entirely from Mom's imagination). By the time I'd
finished devouring the comic, Mom was naked and snuggled up beside me, "Enjoy
it?" she asked.

I'd liked it so much that it was all I could do not to throw the pages in the
air and start to roger her there and then. However, I thought Mom wouldn't
appreciate seeing her all her hard work strewn across the room. Instead I
nodded, carefully collected the pages and passed them to Mom, "It was a real
turn on... reminded me our first night."

Mom giggled, and carefully placed the pages in her bedside drawer. "Did you
like the last frame?" she licked at her lips seductively.

I nodded and said, "It was so hot Mom that I want to fuck your ass."

"Good," Mom replied, "just let me prepare." And with that she dived beneath
the cover.

Milliseconds later I felt her mouth squeeze down onto the cock and could see
her head bobbing up and down beneath the covers. I mused that if the strap-on
hadn't already been erect Mom's sucking skills would have brought it to life

Lying back I relaxed, whilst Mom finished her work. After a few minutes her
head reappeared and she gave me that naughty look that tells me she's ready.

I turned her on her side and taking the strap-on with one hand I guided it
into her ass, pulling her cheeks apart with my other. Mom struggled for a
moment as she adjusted to the girth and length.

I slipped my hand from her ass, and moved it so that I could comfortably
fondle at one of her tits. I began then to fuck her.

Mom moaned and stretched as the rock hard toy, brushed deep with her. As I
bashed forward I started to stick my tongue out and briefly slide it across
the top of her back. I grappled with her tits, snapping the nipple with my
fingers and prodding and poking so that it bounced like a jelly mound.

As Mom's hole got used to dildo I began to move faster and faster. Soon her
titties were bouncing with no help from me and I moved my other hand to start
fingering her clit.

I knew from previous experience that this is how Mom likes it and as usual it
showed in her reactions. Screeching in pleasure she began to thrust her ass
back towards me, and then release it so that she thrust forward to jam in my
finger in so deep I almost fisted her.

"Go, Julie, go, go, aasssss fuuuuuck meeee!" she screamed. Like any good girl
I always do what my Mommy says.

She clutched and the sheets and pulled them towards her as she came with an
explosive yell. Mom started to go limp, but I hadn't finished and continued
to pound away. Mom wasn't going to let me get away with this and recovered
sufficiently to soon be bouncing away back at my cock.

Mom was sweating now, and that and juice spewing out suggested we'd either
have to sleep in a damp bed or change the sheets. I decided we might as well
go for it and really went to work on fingering her pussy. If Mom was going
to be hot and sweaty, I might as well make her as hot and sweaty as possible.

The second orgasm was even louder than the first, and I wondered whether if
fucking Mom might not lead to permanently impaired hearing. I wound down my
movements, finally popping out of her backside, but continuing to slide my
finger across her clit until she was whimpering like a stray cat on heat.

With a final gasp, and a fresh liquid brew Mom came again. I removed my
finger and held it in front of Mom, who very kindly licked it clean for me.
What are Moms for...

* * *

When I awoke, Mom was already up, and probably had been for hours, as it was
past ten. It's a well known medical condition that teenagers need more sleep
(laziness, Mom calls it). I wasn't in any hurry to get up and lay in that
somnolent state between dreams and reality for half an hour, before finally
calling all my strength and getting up.

Getting dressed I headed downstairs to help myself to breakfast. Mom was
sitting at the table drawing. She was also wearing a school uniform.

Actually whilst I call it a school uniform, any school which permitted it's
students to wear it would probably be closed down, with the principal finding
himself spending some quality time with a six-foot, six tattooed black man
called Bubba. Now, I don't go to a school with a uniform policy, but I
assumed few of them had skirts which barely reached the top of your thighs
and the blouses wouldn't expose your midriff to the leers of onlooking
schoolboys (or school girls in my case). To top it off, Mom was wearing
suspenders and a straw boating hat.

I whistled appreciatively and Mom looked up from her art, "Do you remember
what you said about role-playing?"

As it happened I did. A few weeks ago I'd suggested to Mom that we play some
role-playing games together. I then had to explain that by role-playing games
I didn't mean Dungeons and Dragons (hey, I may be a geek, but I'm a girl
geek). Mom, had said something non-committal and I hadn't pressed (not much,

Mom stood up and put on her best teen whiny voice (which make her sound like
a dying Texan I have to say), "Miss Mayer, I've forgotten to do my homework."

I looked at Mom sternly, "Well Mom, er Susan, that's the third time this
month. I warned you last time that it'd be a spanking next time."

Mom tried to look downcast and stared at the floor, whilst shuffling her feet
aimlessly. Though by the smile she was trying to control I guessed that the
forgetting the homework might be deliberate.

I pulled out a chair and sat down, "Come here Susan, and get over my knee."

Mom did as instructed and draped herself across me. I pulled up her skirt and
was rewarded by her naked butt, "No panties?" I enquired.

Mom shook her head and the dying Texan spoke again, "Sorry Miss Mayer, I
forget them as well."

I shook my head, kids today - it's all the drugs and computer games sapping
their minds. I kept my voice hard when I spoke back to Mom, "Well it's six
for forgetting your homework and another six for coming to see me bare

Mom nodded and waited. I lifted my hand and brought it down with a slap,
just hard enough to sting, but not enough to hurt (I didn't want Mom
revenging herself on my bare ass because I'd gone too far).

"One" I said.

"I'm sorry Miss," whined little Miss Texas, "I'll be good."

"It's too late for that now." I said and brought my hand down with another





"Four - wow Mom, er Susan, your ass is starting to warm-up."

"Julie, this role-playing won't get anywhere if you keep going out of

"Okay, don't be cheeky to teacher or it'll be another six".

Mom's ass was starting to glow a cheery red, as I continued to lay down my
hand across her buttocks. I counted out the strokes and then gave her another
six for talking back to me.

When finished I stood her back up and looked at her with what I hoped was an
expression of dominance - as Mom looked like she was about to giggle I'm not
sure it came across that way.

"I hope Susan, that you have learned your lesson. Though from your wanton and
slutty behaviour I suspect I may have to spank you again."

Mom nodded contritely, "I certainly have Miss Mayer, but I was wondering if
was true that if you eat the teacher you get better grades?"

As Danielle managed to get a B- for history I can safely record that this
rumour is a fact.

Instead I answered, "It depends how good you are."

Mom has licked me a lot of times, so as I under my jeans and pulled down them
and panties I was expecting an A+ experience. And I wasn't disappointed.

Aptly giggling like a naughty schoolgirl Mom placed her head between my legs.
I could feel her teeth starting to gently nibble at my lips, as she started
on her sexual manoeuvres.

"If I don't cum, Susan, it'll be another six of the best for you," I could
tell Mom was one of these schoolgirls who need encouragement to do their best

Mom brought her head away from my cunt, to reply "Yes, Miss Mayer," before
returning to her homework.

And what a study it was. After a bit of light biting and lip snacking she
went for my moist hole. Her tongue was in and I moistened up as she expertly
hit me where she knew I enjoyed it most.

"Oh god, Mom," I cried, all attempts at role-playing forgotten, as I grabbed
the back of her head and pushed her deeper in.

I screamed again and again as Mom took me to heaven. Even as I orgasmed she
continued, ignoring the juice seeping out and covering her gorgeous face. She
was soon awash with liquid and I was filled with sexual bliss.

Mom was going for a good grade, as she paused to allow my heaving chest to
return to some semblance of normality, before going in again. Her tongue
cracked wildly against my clit. I spread my legs as far apart as I could
get them and pushed even harder at the back of Mom's head.

Her face was buried so deeply in my twat she must have been surviving on
whatever oxygen was left down there. And the speed and energy with which she
was going suggested that would run out soon. Fortunately for Mom's welfare I
came again before she suffocated and with a yell I let go off my inhibitions
and sprayed out my juice, so it dripped down Mom's face.

I sat sated in the chair, "That an A+, Susan," I muttered weakly.

"Thank you, Miss Mayer."


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