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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 16 (Ff,anal,spank)
by LL

Now if you'd asked me last night I wouldn't have said that Katherine Mayfair
was a lesbian, a slut or a submissive. That said if you'd asked me a few
months ago I wouldn't have guessed that I'd be bedding Mom, Bree is pornstar
or that Edie and Gabby are getting married - so I guess you never can tell.

I persuaded Mom to use my new camera to take some nude shots of me (not that
she needed much persuasion, especially as I rewarded her with a workout
afterwards). Choosing the best one, (where I was standing naked, slapping a
ruler against my hand) I blanked out my face (making a better job of it than
Katherine) and sent it together with a letter and contact e-mail to the Box
Number in the advert.

The next evening after doing my homework (twenty minutes - a new and
depressing record) I checked my e-mails. It was all spam, apart from one
from '[email protected]'

Opening it up I read the message,

'Dear Jules [my porn star name having a use]. Thank you for your photo.
With your permission I would like to frig myself senseless over it, whilst
imagining you standing behind me and sharply telling me what to do. I would
love to meet so that my fantasy can become your reality. Your obedient slave

'PS - I live in Fairview, California, but will travel to wherever you want.'

I opened the attached picture. It was the same picture as in the magazine,
but without the face blanked out. It was Katherine.

I sent a reply, suggesting a nice, but expensive, restaurant nearby (and
giving her permission to wank herself over my photo).

The reply came almost immediately.

'Dear Jules. I am looking forward to it all ready. And I am looking at your
picture even now and thinking naughty thoughts. I hope you do not need to
thrash me too hard. Your obedient (and bad) slave Katherine.

PS - What day? I have a daughter and I do not want her to know what a naughty
Mom I am.'

I almost responded telling her not to worry I'd deal with Dylan, but I
thought it might come best if it came as a surprise and instead just sent
back 'Thursday'.

I was quickly on the phone to Danielle, arranging that her and Bree should
invite Dylan over to work on her DP technique that day. Danielle was
agreeable, and at my urging said she'd give Dylan a ring straight away to
arrange it.

A few minutes my computer beeped, as a third e-mail from Katherine arrived.

"Dear Jules. Thursday is good for me, my daughter is having a sleepover at a
friends [that's what you think]. I have been very naughty and your photo
already has my cum on it. Please let me pay for dinner. I know that is not
punishment enough and I am quivering waiting for your hands to spank my naked
ass, ignoring my squeals for mercy. Your obedient wanton slave Katherine.

PS - I am so naughty you may need to bring the ruler to smack across my

I switched off the PC - no point in getting Katherine too excited before

* * *

I entered the restaurant and gave my coat to the maitre d'. Katherine was
already sitting at the table, nervously sipping at a glass of water. She was
wearing a slinky, but conservative black dress. Whilst it showed the flesh of
her side, it covered her titties completely and went up to a buttoned collar
round her neck.

I walked over and sat down opposite her, "Julie," she said in shock.

I slid the picture across the table, "You can call me Jules," I said
wickedly, then I paused, "actually call me Julie." (Jules makes me sound like
a high-class hooker).

She nodded her head in acquiescence as I looked at the menu. The food was
expensive, but I was hungry and more importantly, not paying.

The waiter came over with professional ease to our table, "Ladies, are you
ready to order?"

We both nodded and Katherine opened her mouth to say what she wanted. I cut
across her, "The lady will have leek and potato soup, and then lobster. I
will have prawn salad for starters, followed by veal."

The waiter nodded and backed away as gracefully as he had arrived.

"I don't like leak and potato soup," said Katherine.

I fixed her with, what I hoped, was a dominant stare. "You will eat it all
and not complain."

It worked as Katherine blushed and apologised.

The restaurant was as good as its reputation and I certainly enjoyed my meal.
I don't think Katherine did enjoy her starter, but under my watchful gaze she
finished it. As we talked over coffee, I rubbed at her leg lightly with my
foot just to make sure she remembered what the ultimate aim of the night was.
From the look on her face, and some comments she'd made during the meal I
didn't think she'd forgotten, but there is no harm in making sure

I waited whilst she paid. I then allowed her to help me put on my coat and
walked to the car. We drove back to Katherine's in silence. I noticed she was
shaking, though whether in fear or anticipation, or a mixture of the two I
wasn't sure.

Entering the living room, I sat down as Katherine took our coats to put
in the closet. When she returned, she downcast her eyes to the floor, and
fidgeted like a teenager caught smoking behind the Mall.

"I've been very naughty and cheeky during dinner," she said.

I thought about this for a few seconds, well there had been the initial
complaint about the soup I suppose and her tip was on the mean side. I guess
this may count as naughty.

"Yes, you were," I agreed.

She continued to wring her hands together and look down, "Will I need to be
punished?" she asked plaintively.

I nodded sternly, "Over my knee Katherine," I ordered.

She did as she was told. I pulled up her dress to expose her panties. They
were black, like the dress. I slipped my hand between the elastic and her
skin and dragged them down to the top of her thighs, leaving her naked
butt-cheeks exposed. I could feel her body shuddering beneath me as I lifted
up my hand.

"Thwack," I brought it down as hard as I could. Unlike my role-playing with
Mom I made no attempt to cushion the blow - Katherine wanted to be dominated
for real.

"Youch," Katherine yelped as my hand cracked against her skin.

She didn't have time to recover from the stinging before I spanked her again,
and again, and again.

"Ouch, Yarrgh, I'm sorry Julie. I'll be a good slave from now."

I didn't believe her and continued to slap her ass until my arm was tired and
her buttocks were a cheery red.

"Stand up," I ordered, "Now go and bring my bag over."

Katherine started to pull up her panties, which were still around her thighs.
I stopped her, "Did I tell you to pull them up?"

She shook her head, then waddled over to my bag and brought it over to me. I
pulled out the strap-on I'd brought. Katherine's eyes widened as she saw the
size. I took her chin in my hand and pinched hard, "On your hands and knees
and lift up your skirt."

Katherine did so, and as she positioned herself I moved behind her, slipping
out of my dress and sliding the leather up my legs until the dildo was in
place. I stood behind her and gave her ass another slap, being rewarded with
a cry of shock.

"First I'm going to fuck your ass, then you're going to deepthroat it," I
informed her. Normally I'd do it the other way round, but I wanted Katherine
to get the full unlubricated treatment. Katherine just nodded, but I could
see she was shaking again.

I lifted up her dress, and went in. Without any oiling it was a struggle,
especially given that it was way above average size. Katherine cried out in
pain, and wriggled to so that I could slip in the full length. Once I was
sure it was in I began to pound energetically at her ass, ignoring her cries
and concentrating on speed and precision.

With my hands I went for her titties. They were still covered by the satin
material of the dress. I groped upwards feeling for the collar. I found it
and slipped my hand between the cloth and her flesh. Then I gave it a yank.
I could feel the button pop away and the tearing sound as the dress ripped.

The dirty minx hadn't been wearing a bra beneath her dress and her boobs
dropped free. I began to squeeze and fondle them tightly, nipping at the
nipples and pulling them out. Katherine's groans of pain were now intermixed
with cries of absolute pleasure, and I could smell the cum bubbling from her
lips and dripping onto the carpet.

The dildo thrust back at me, rubbing and pounding me into a state of ecstasy.
I gave a cry as I came, and Katherine couldn't help following me with a low
shuddering moan.

I pulled the cock out of her ass and moved to her front. She got up of her
hands, but remained on her knees - looking like a puppy begging for a scrap.
I could see her dress was torn and her tits flapped through the ripped
material, red marks glowing where I had grasped hard at her soft flesh.

"Open wide," I demanded and as she did so I thrust the dildo deep into her
mouth. Her eyes widened in horror as I pushed in deep, and I could see her
gagging and choking against the rubber.

I continued to throat fuck her, making Katherine deepthroat the cock until
she could swallow no more, then pulling it out and thrusting it again. Tears
began to form in her eyes, mainly from the humiliation of having me ram a
plastic prick down her.

I pulled the cock from her mouth, watching as Katherine's saliva dripped to
the floor and she bent over and choked.

"That was one of the poorest blow jobs I've ever had," I lied (actually it
was pretty damn good, but Katherine didn't need to know that).

She bowed her head and blushed from shame, "I'm sorry Julie," she sobbed.
Then she grasped my legs, "I'll do better next-time, please."

I shook her free and snorted in derision (the derision mainly being that I
wasn't sure it could get much better).

"Well, we better see how good you are at pussy munching," I said and went and
sat back down on the sofa.

Katherine crawled over to me. I spread my legs and Katherine crawled between
them, before looking up at me for permission.

"Begin," I pointed down and then lay back relaxing.

Katherine wasn't an amateur, she started by licking round the edges of my
slot, teasing me and wiping away the excess liquid that had spilled from me
earlier. Once satisfied that I was both clean and alert, she moved in for the
kill. I could feel her tongue clipping within me. I moaned as I went into
that state of being relaxed as your bodies goes tense with enjoyment.

She had expertly found my bud and was enveloping it with her tongue. Waves of
pleasure rendered into me and it was all I could do to stop myself screaming
down the ceiling. Instead I gripped Katherine's head tightly and pushed up my
pelvis. She went faster and I could hear the sound of her tongue sloshing
through the wet, sticky liquid I was excreting.

Finally I couldn't stop myself and let out a final scream. Katherine still
didn't pause (lucky for her - as I'd have had words to say if she had), but
continued to eat me to another orgasm, even stronger and more intense than
the last.

I pushed her head away, and reached for my dress. She continued to kneel in
front of the sofa, watching me. Her lipstick was smudged with my juice, and
eye-shadow stained her face where tears had run down.

"Will I see you again?" she asked.

I thought about saying, "Yes - try to stop me,", but decided that if she was
going to be my sexual plaything I shouldn't allow her even the possibility of
control. Instead I shrugged and said, "Perhaps."

I let myself out, as I closed the door she was still sitting their in her
torn dress looking at me longingly.

* * *

Mom was just out of the shower when I got in. She was sitting in front of the
fire drying her hair. If it wasn't for that stupid no sex on school nights
I'd have jumped then and there.

I asked how her date had gone. She had been out with the twenty-something
that liked watersports.

Mom said it was very interesting. I grinned, and replied that I too had been
having an interesting evening (though some little spark of decency stopped me
saying who with). However, when I asked her how the swimming had been - Mom
stared at me blankly and then burst out laughing, before explaining.

Aaah, so that's the meaning of watersports.
_ _ _

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