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Desperate Housewives:
Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 17 (Ffff,Ff,anal,spank)

It was Saturday and for once I had the house to myself. Mom had headed out
with Bree and Gabby for the 'Hen night', which according to my Mom would
involve them getting a mud bath, having a sauna and then a few drinks with
a meal. And if they don't all end up naked in Gabby's hotel room I'm top
candidate for vestal virgin of the year.

Still with Mom gone I had a nice lie in, before a leisurely breakfast and
then some light housework. I had just finished the ironing when Danielle
arrived, with Dylan in tow.

"Have you seen Edie?" asked Danielle.

"She's not here," I replied, "Why? Who's looking for her?"

Dylan answered, "No-one's looking for her. She's outside doing the

I was confused, "So if you know where she is why are you asking me if I've
seen her?"

Danielle groaned "No - have you seen what she's wearing?"

I wish that girl would explain what she meant - it would save us all sorts
of trouble.

I shook my head, and walked over to the window to see what the fuss was
about. It was either going to be a fashion disaster which even I would
notice, or...

It was the or....

Edie was bent over her flowerbed (or hers and Gabby's flowerbed as I must
get used to calling it). Whilst the red flip-flops were a daring fashion
statement, it was the rest of her ensemble which drew my interest. Her denim
shorts were so small and tight, I couldn't see how she managed to have any
panties on underneath (this being Wisteria Lane bets were she hadn't). As a
counterpoint to being squeezed at the bottom, the armless vest she was
wearing was so loose that it was only by some miracle of gravity that her
titties did pop out for the three of us to view.

"It's a big garden," I mentioned, "she might need a hand. C'mon" I gestured
to the other two.

"I hate gardening," whined Danielle. Well, so do I, but that's not the point
when a neighbour needs help. I grabbed Danielle and half led/half dragged her
from the house.

I said, "Hi, Edie. Want some help?"

Edie must have thought all her Christmases had come at once when she looked
up from her potted plants. Well it's not everyday three teens in shorts or
micro-skirts come up and offer to help with your weeding. Of course I noticed
the wicked glint in her eye which suggested gardening wasn't the only thing
on her mind - thank goodness.

"Sure girls," she replied, "I could use a hand."

Unfortunately she meant that and set us all to work. Luckily not for long,
and I managed to position myself so that I got a good view of Dylan's ass as
she plucked at the weeds, so it was worth it.

"This is thirsty work," announced Edie, after about twenty minutes, "would
you girls like to come in for a lemonade?"

Three heads nodded in unison.

The four of us trooped in. As we passed through the door Edie stopped and put
a fake scowl on her face, "All that gardening has made you muddy. Gabby will
kill me if you dirty the furniture."

She seemed to ponder this puzzle for the moment, though I have a sneaking
feeling (well an iron certainty to be more precise) that she had been
planning this for about nineteen and half minutes.

"Well perhaps, if you get undressed and leave your clothes here, that'll
work," she finally came up with an answer.

Well it worked for me, and the speed with which Danielle and Dylan stripped
suggested that they too thought it was an idea with merits. Quite why this
also involved stripping off our pants and socks I'm not sure - they didn't
have any dirt on them.

Edie had meanwhile gone into the kitchen, so we went into the main room,
draping ourselves artistically over the sofa (and leaving a gap for Edie in
the middle).

She was as good as her word and returned a few minutes later with three iced
lemonades, and a bottle of beer (which Danielle was eyeing more greedily than
she had been eyeing my baps a minute ago). Edie sat herself in between us,
not batting an eyelid that she had three nude teens next to her - I sometimes
think she has ice running through her.

I quickly gulped down my lemonade. It was refreshing, certainly one of the
better brands (I can't imagine either Edie or Gabby get budget soft drinks
from Walmart so that wasn't a surprise).

Putting down the glass I started to slip my hand under Edie's vest to tweak
at her nipple. Dylan had had a similar idea, except she was lifting up the
top to get her teeth and tongue involved.

Being late, Danielle had no titties left to go for. Being a game girl however
she got on her knees and removed Edie's shorts to expose her naked pussy (why
wasn't I surprised about the lack of underwear, I wondered).

I helped Dylan remove Edie's top and we went for a bap each, slurping loudly.
Though not as loudly as Danielle who by the sounds of it was going for some
speed record. Between us we had Edie hollering in excitement in no time. And
once she came I eased Danielle out of the way (by kicking her shoulder) and
replaced her at the coal-face.

Due to Danielle's artful persuasion Edie was already nice and damp by the
time I went in, allowing me straight away to taste her nectar. Very nice, I
must say. With the other two munching away at Edie's titties I decided not
to waste any time with my normal teasing, but instead go straight in.

With all my recent practice I've been learning a trick or too, and from the
screams Edie was making I think she may have enjoyed my tasting session more
than Danielle's.

It's also best not to be too selfish during an orgy, so after Edie had cum
for the second time, I stood up and allowed Dylan to replace me. I in turn
went for the tittie she had been slavering over and suckled on the nipple
like I was a baby.

By the time Dylan had finished Bree was in a state of bliss, unable to
vocalbularise anything more complex than whimpers.

Danielle soon managed to buck her up, "Me and Mom have been practising DP on
Dylan. She's getting pretty good at it."

I eyed the blushing Dylan, who muttered something about "It's nothing."

However, the thought of giving Dylan one revitalised Edie, who managed to sit
up straight "Really?"

Danielle saw the trap that she herself had set, "Not as good as me," she
whined as Edie whipped from the room, soon to return with a pair of

Edie handed one to me and I slipped it on as Dylan looked on excitedly (and
Danielle sulkily).

The cocks in position we both offered them to Dylan, who moved from one to
the other, sucking greedily. I had to fight back a sniffle, thinking that
only a few weeks ago she'd been a virgin and now she was auditioning to be
the best cock sucker in Fairview. I felt a glow of pride, she really has
come a long way in such a short time.

"Which hole?" I asked Edie politely (those etiquette lessons Mom sent me to
when I was younger paying off).

Edie considered a moment, stroking Dylan's hair, as she sucked at the toy.
"You're younger than me - only by twelve years [double that, I think]. So if
I go beneath and Dylan can crouch over me, you can bang her ass."

"You happy with that?" I asked Dylan. As she had her mouth full, she stuck up
her thumb in an 'Okay' gesture instead.

"So what do I do?" whined Danielle.

"Use your imagination," I replied. I forgot what Danielle's imagination can
be like, if you don't hear about her over the next few paragraphs that's
because she went and got a bottle of beer from the fridge and sat drinking
it moodily.

Satisfied that her cock would be well lubricated Edie disengaged and lay back
on the floor, waggling her tool invitingly. Dylan went over and crouched down
over it, guiding it into to her slick pussy. She gave it a few thrusts, to
make sure it was firmly in place.

Then, whilst Edie held her in position, she started to pull apart her ass
cheeks, exposing her back hole. I in turn crouched over her and guided myself

Once we were all in position the double penetration began. I balanced myself
by gripping hold off Dylan's large boobs, whilst Edie continued to grab at
her waist.

Soon we were all bouncing away in unison. Whilst there were some moans of
contentment from Edie and myself, we were being drowned out by the frenzied
cries of Dylan.

I have to admit, Danielle and Bree, had been coaching her well, and she
really was making sure my strap-on got knocked back hard into me, whilst
still, from the look on Edie's face, satisfying her other partner.

We quickly got Dylan to her first orgasm, which I think she enjoyed. But as
she seemed game to continue I didn't want to interrupt the fun and continued
butt banging her.

Then with a piercing scream, she came again. Seconds later Edie joined her in
the cacophony and I sped up my thrusts until I too joined the chorus.

* * *

The three of us sat in my room sipping chilled orange juice and recovering
from our exertions of a couple of hours ago.

"Can you keep a secret?" I asked.

The two of them nodded. I'm pretty sure Dylan can, but I'm not sure about
Danielle, so I asked how Andrew was. I'm pretty sure she got the hint that
this was a Julie use of the word 'secret' and not a Danielle use (how anyone
can get to eighteen and struggle to know the difference between 'don't tell
anyone' and 'tell everyone you know' is beyond me).

I switched on my PC and trawled through my e-mails until I found the one
the want. Clicking open the attachment I showed them the nude picture of
Katherine. My two friends grinned, and there mouths were even wider when I
explained that whilst they'd been playing over at Danielle's I had been
having some fun of my own.

"Let's see if we can get her to send a few more e-mails," I suggested and
picked up my mobile.

"Hi Katherine, it's Julie. Are you near your computer? I want to exchange
some photos... Dylan is with Danielle [technically true]. Okay, I'll send
something over in a minute."

The three of us scrolled through my nude piccie directory (and I promised to
send a couple of sexy ones of Mom over to Danielle later), until we found one
of me that we all liked. In it I was wearing a black-lace bra, and nothing
else, whilst lying on the couch.

I quickly attached it to an e-mail and sent it off to '[email protected]'.

A few seconds later I got a reply

"Oh Julie. I so enjoyed our night together. I've been diddling my pussy
every night as I recreate it. The photo you sent has been soaked through.
I'm already printing the new one out. And my panties are down my legs

Dylan giggled, then turned to me and said "Let me reply."

I shifted aside and let her type at the keyboard.

"Have you got any photos of you fingering yourself?" - hardly an e-mail of
great insight or sparkling wit, but forgivable as the response came through

"Here's one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

PS: Your new photo is already wet."

I opened the attachment and the three of us admired the new picture, which
was Katherine lying on her bed, one hand groping her tittie, whilst with the
other she planted a finger deep in her pussy.

"Mom's away." I replied, "Come over and make dinner for me at six."

The answer came back swiftly, "I'll be there. My tush is waiting for another

I switched off the PC. Dylan and Danielle were both keen to stay for the
meal, but I told them that I wanted a bit of exclusivity and then, seeing
their disappointed faces, agreed that once I'd broken Katherine in I would
do further introductions (warning Dylan not to try and seduce her Mom in the
meantime, or it would spoil the fun).

* * *

When Katherine arrived a couple of hours later, she came prepared; laden with
shopping backs packed full of goodies. I certainly wasn't going to starve.

I watched as she prepared in the kitchen, opening cupboard and pulling out
pans and utensils that hadn't seen the light of day since we moved in. After
she had laid out the food and equipment, I coughed discreetly and Katherine
turned towards me.

"You'll cook better nude," I told her.

Katherine blushed, "You want me to get naked?" she asked.

I passed her a small apron, "You can wear this."

Doing as I told her Katherine was soon stripped to the buff. Despite her
embarrassment I could tell she was turned on by the thought of me ogling her
whilst she cooked. And I certainly was. If I hadn't been hungry for a decent
home cooked meal I think I'd have jumped her, giving her a good banging on
the kitchen table.

I somehow resisted, the delicious smells coming from the oven told me that
patience would be a virtue in this case.

And it was. I had previously had Bree as my favourite cook on the street, but
Katherine pushed her into second place. I mused whether there was some way I
could get to judge the two of them in a cookery competition.

Pushing aside my plate, I went to the freezer as Katherine put our dishes in
the washer. I brought out a large tub of ice cream, before going to get some
chocolate sauce and a large scoop.

"Lie on your back on the table," I ordered the housewife.

I could see Katherine's eye's flick to the tub. She shivered - though I
couldn't tell whether it was excitement, a foreshadowing of the ice cold she
knew was about to bite into her, or whether she was just such a neat freak
the idea of messy food dropping onto the table horrified her. But she did as
she was told.

Watching Katherine wander around butt naked had given me an appetite, which
even her Dogfish with Lemon and Garlic hadn't managed to stifle. So I didn't
stint with dessert and plopped a large scoop onto each tittie (Katherine
giving a quick squeak as it hit her naked flesh), before dropping another
couple of scoops just above her pussy.

I like my ice-cream chocolately, so I was also liberal with the sauce
spraying both the ice cream and much of Katherine's midriff with it.

I chatted to Katherine for a few minutes as the ice-cream began to melt and
slide around her body. Though her mind seemed to be elsewhere and she was
gritting her teeth a lot.

Finally, I was satisfied the ice-cream was nice and soft. I went for the top
dollops first, they'd slid down between her titties and were congealed in a
sticky mess of vanilla and chocolate in her cleavage. I started to push apart
her puppies to eat my dessert, twiddling with her nipples as I did so.

Katherine bucked in excitement as my hand warmed up her frozen tits and as I
ate my way through the ice-cream I started to lick at her flesh to get up all
the ice-cream.

By this time the ice-cream on her midriff was also melting nicely, slopping
into her slit, which must have given her a numb clit. I soon heated her up
with my tongue and as her bud came back to life I could taste her juice
intermixed with the vanilla. It's how I prefer my ice-cream, I've decided.

Finally I'd eaten the last drops of the ice-cum, though Katherine was still
sticky from the sugar.

"I think we need a bath," I said, "You can wash my hair."

Whilst Katherine ran the bath (making sure it was at the temperature I'd
enjoy) I stripped off, and gave Katherine her first look of the evening at
my naked body. I swear she salivated.

I hopped in the bath and Katherine got in behind me. Picking up a sponge she
began to soap down my body, paying a lot of attention to making sure my tits
and pussy were clean. However, as she was making such a good job of it I
leaned back against her and slid my finger into her twat, giving it a wank
until I was sure I was clean and that she'd had an orgasm.

"Wash my hair, now," I said and Katherine switched on the shower head. The
warm water jetted all over me as Katherine sprinkled my head, until my long
hair was soaked and ready for shampoo. She then considerately put the hose
between my legs, so that the spray bubbled through the water and bounced
against my cunt.

Then I felt Katherine's hand massaging my scalp as she worked the shampoo in

As she rubbed my head she leant forward and lightly kissed and licked at the
nape of my neck, before picking up the shower-head (which was fine where it
was) and rinsing away the soap.

She was enthused enough to make an excellent job of it, I'm not sure my hair
has ever been so clean.

Bathtime over and hopped out of the bath, and let Katherine dry me off
properly. My hair was still damp and if you go to bed with wet hair you get
a crick in your neck, so I had to do something else before we went to sleep.

I decided this might be the time to introduce Katherine to my second career.
We went downstairs (still naked - it was a warm evening) and I pulled out a
DVD. I picked the one where myself and Buffy dp her sister.

Switching it on I went to sit beside Katherine. I kept my eyes on her face
and could see her eyes widen when she realised what type of film it was. Her
handing stole down towards her pussy.

"No touching," I ordered, keeping Katherine in a state of unfulfilled sexual

That rule didn't apply to me of course, I had rubbed at my pussy lips as I
watched myself fill Dawn's ass with a strap-on. I'm my own worse critic at
times, and watching myself I picked up several hints and things I ought to
watch out for. The way I pulled a face as I came was pretty unattractive and
I have a horrible habit of leaning forward and flicking my hair down with a
sudden nod of my head.

Katherine didn't seem to notice any of this. And she had dampened Mom's sofa
by the time the credits came on. My hair was also dry, so it was time for

"I hope you told Dylan you won't be home tonight," I said.

"She's not in. She's staying at Danielle's for a quick bite and some films,"
Katherine replied (a likely story, the little minxes, just because I didn't
invite them over for Katherine's dinner they're going to have a session
without me).

I took Katherine to my room, and got a large ruler from my desk. "There's
several things I wasn't happy about tonight, now I'm going to have to spank

Katherine submissively nodded, "What Julie?"

This threw me. I was expecting her just to bend over and be punished, not to
ask what she was being spanked for. I thought quickly, "Er.. um.. you made a
mess of Mom's sofa with your dribbling and er... er... er... you needed to
put less garlic in the meal."

Luckily Katherine accepted my explanations and leant forward against the
desk, thrusting her cute ass upwards into the air.

I swung the ruler I couple of times through the air, getting the pitch right.
Then I started spanking Katherine's bare bottom.

"Youch, aaiieee," Katherine cried as the plastic ruler swished across her
cheeks. Soon they were a bright red and I reduced the strength of my hits,
so as not to break the skin. Still with her butt being tender the strokes
probably hurt just as much, and Katherine's cries of pain, intermixed with
sobs of pleasure, told me that the spanking was having it effect on her.

Once her shrieks started subsiding into dull moans I put the ruler back. I
didn't want her to be anaesthetised to pain - that just won't work in a
dom-sub relationship.

"I think that should teach you a lesson," I said sternly (secretly worried
that it might and her next meal for me would be lacking in flavouring).

Katherine nodded, tears staining her face. I ignored them and instead ordered
her onto the bed.

"Put your legs back, as far as they can go."

As normal Katherine did as she was told and pushed her thighs back so that
they were almost touching her ears - quite impressive in a Milf, I thought,
even if very uncomfortable looking for her. I left her in that position,
her puckered ass staring out at me, whilst I slipped on one of my larger

With a little bit of effort I got it up Katherine's back passage, the look on
her face, a mixture of surprise at the size and excitement at how it's girth
was going to pleasure her. I began to fuck her hard.

Katherine began to cry in pleasure, and her body began to shake as the cock
rammed deep into her. Her pussy, already wet, was soon soak, the liquid
spilling out and dribbling onto my bed. Her legs thrust forward and landed
heavily on my shoulders, where her thighs rubbed hard against my flesh as I
went in and out.

I continued through our various orgasms, with each one her back arched and
her cries rent the air. She was almost as enthusiastic as her daughter and I
went wild with passion. I could see the sweat forming on her body and could
feel, with my energetic actions, my own perspiration begin to trickle down my

Finally spent, I collapsed wordlessly on the bed, ready for sleep. I had
reckoned without Katherine, she was up and over the cock. Wrapping her mouth
round it she began to suck it clean, whilst at the same time pushing it down
against my well used clit. I came yet again, and Katherine satisfied it was
clean, withdrew her mouth licking her lips.

We pulled back the bedclothes, and got into bed. I took Katherine in my arms,
and leaning my head against her back drifted into sleep.
_ _ _

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