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Desperate Housewives:
Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 19 (Fff,FFF,anal,voy,Ff,inc,bond)

Recently, my neighbour, Dylan, has been practising her double-penetration
skills. And she's getting pretty good at it. So good in fact that Bree had
suggested that she might want to earn a bit of extra pocket money by doing
it on film. Dylan, who's Mom is exceedingly tight with the cash to pay for
all those extra bits a teen girl needs, was supportive of the idea.

My other friend, Danielle, has also been pestering her Mom to allow her to
star in a porn movie. She pointed out that both her Mom and I were earning
quiet a bit of extra money by our starring roles, and pointed out the
hypocrisy of Bree refusing to allow her to fuck on film, whilst doing it
herself. Eventually Bree gave in, which is why the four of us were, on a
sunny Saturday, getting out of Bree's car in the neighbouring town of

As it happened Buffy hadn't set me up for filming today. However, Mom had
mentioned, during the week, that the yard needed a good weeding. Given the
choice between sitting on my knees in dirt ripping out plants and sitting
on a nice comfy seat watching Danielle and Dylan get fucked - well it
wasn't much of a surprise I volunteered to go with them to give moral

Not from the excited comments from the two of them that they needed it.

I chatted a bit to Buffy, as Danielle and Dylan went upstairs to get ready.
Danielle was going to be joined by Faith and Dawn, Dylan by Willow and a
chubby blonde I hadn't met before called Tara. Bree had filmed a scene
yesterday where she and Joyce had shared Cordelia.

First up was Danielle. I followed the film crew and stars into the back
yard. Pulling up a chair I helped myself to a glass of lemonade and waited
for the action to begin.

After starring in a school play with Danielle several years ago, I was glad
that Buffy hadn't decided to test her acting skills with any dialogue or
plot, and just went straight into the action.

Danielle was tastefully dressed in a bikini, whilst Faith and Dawn were
naked. There was a lack of surprise on my part that the two of them soon
managed to remove Danielle's top and bottoms, as Faith went for her pussy
and Dawn slurped at her titties. The cries coming from Danielle were either
real or she's being taking acting lessons over the last few years.

I looked across at Bree, who was staring engrossed as the two teens worked
over her daughter's naked body. The Milf's hand slipped beneath her slacks
and from the movements she must have had one hell of an itch.

"Cut," called Buffy and handed over a pair of strap-ons to Faith and Dawn.
The two teens wiggled into them as Danielle did some exercises beside the
pool, making sure she was nice and supple.

They started filming again. This time Dawn was at my friend's pussy,
filling it with the large strap on, whilst Danielle leant back her head to
swallow the cock Faith was thrusting into her throat. Bree's arm meanwhile
was hammering up and down like a jack-hammer, and I noticed that there was
a growing damp patch around the crotch of her slacks.

There was a pause whilst the stars readjusted for the scene's finale. Dawn
lay on the tiles beside the pool, and then Danielle lowered herself down
onto the strap-on. I could see her grunt and wriggle as she pushed her ass
down the pole. The filming started again and for a short while she bounced
on the cock, before Faith joined and stuck her cock up the remaining hole.

Danielle screamed and groaned in pleasure as the two other's fucked her. I
could see Buffy going forward with the camera for a couple of close-ups,
first of the dildos entering Danielle's hole and then of her face,
contorted in sexual excitement.

Stepping back Buffy continued to film, until the movements of the three
stars were getting slower, and the sounds were whimpers rather than throat
rattling cries. Then she called cut. The three of them disentangled
themselves and headed for the shower.

By the time Buffy was ready for the scene with Dylan, Willow and Tara,
Danielle had returned and joined Bree and me on the patio.

Sitting on a bench on a pool Dylan was joined by Tara and Willow sitting on
each side of her. Once Buffy called action, the three of them started
kissing each other, with Tara and Willow both sliding fingers into my
friend's cunt, which, with the attention it was getting, soon started to

Bree had her hand back down her slacks again, and I could see the outline
of it moving up and down above her pussy.

Soon Willow had a strap-on, which Dylan deep-throated nosily. At the same
time she was crouched over Tara who was sucking away at her cunt lips,
before gradually moving her tongue deeper into Dylan's hole. Dylan rocked
gently, rubbing her damp slit across the blonde's face. Tara probed
deeper, grabbing at Dylan's thighs and hoisting herself up so that her face
was deeply buried in Dylan's twat.

The three reluctantly disentangled themselves on Buffy's instructions. Tara
picked up the spare strap-on. She sat down on the bench, and Dylan went to
sit on her knee. Buffy started filming again, as Dylan pushed herself down,
squirming until the toy was fitted snugly up her back passage. Tara gripped
her waist and together the two of them thrust up and down.

The paused as Willow returned and pushed her dildo into Dylan's pussy.
Dylan shifted a bit to allow the cock to go in as fully as possible. And
then she relaxed against Tara as Willow started to fuck her hard. All three
of them were moaning and gasping, and I could hear little grunts beside me
as Bree continued to finger fuck herself to orgasm.

I looked back to the main action. Dylan had wrapped her legs round Willow
and was dragging her in deeply. Buffy, meanwhile, had moved in close and
was capturing the action - including a high-pitched orgasmic frenzied cry
from Dylan, as what seemed like a monster orgasm threaded through her body.

Stepping back Buffy continued to film as Willow pulled the cock out for the
last time and ended the scene by thrusting her tongue deep down my friend's

* * *

As I opened our front door I was feeling pretty horny. Luckily, Mom was
prepared - in a manner of speaking.

I said, "Mom?" as I entered the front room.

There was no answer. So I shouted out again louder, "Mom?"

This time there was a reply, "Julie, thank goodness you're back. I'm in my
room," she paused, "Come quickly."

I looked in the mirror and briefly brushed back my hair, whilst admiring
myself. Then I went upstairs. I hadn't quiet reached the top, when Mom
called out again, "Julie, come quickly."

I entered the room. Mom was lying face down on the bed. One hand was
handcuffed to the post, and with the other she was scrambling to try and
get a key that was just out of reach on the cabinet. Three other pair's of
handcuffs were lying beside it.

She twisted round and looked at me, glowing red from embarrassment, "I was
just testing out these handcuff's. And I put the key there whilst I tested
it out," she paused and blushed even more, "I forgot that I might need to
use the key again."

I groaned in mock annoyance, though the klutizness was typical of Mom and
(don't tell her) one of her most endearing features.

However, Mom lying chained to the bed, is a definite turn-on, especially if
your pussy is tingling with so much built up horniness it feels like a
cherry trifle is wobbling between your legs.

"Now, Mom, let's not be hasty," I sat on the bed and patted her rump.

Mom tittered, "Julie, you'll have to let me free so I can get undressed."

I slipped my hands beneath her belly and undid her jeans. I pulled back
back, tugging them off. And then followed it with her thong. I patted her
bare ass, "That'll do, won't it?"

I took Mom's giggle as acquiesce and bounded over her to get the other
handcuffs. Mom offered her wrist and I chained it too the bed-post, before
clipping her ankles to the bed rail down at the bottom. I got off the bed
and admired Mom's spread-eagled body. I could see her trying to twist her
head, to watch me as I got undressed.

I folded my clothes over the chair and hopped back on the bed. Crouching
over Mom, I slid my hand beneath her until I got to her pussy. Then I
slipped a couple of fingers into her hole and started to rub at her clit.

Mom groaned, and I could feel her rubbing her body against my arm, pushing
herself down so my fingers jammed into her slot. I rubbed harder and could
soon feel the dampness of her juices coating my fingers. I slid them round
and round her clit, making light patterns on her bud.

Mom squealed in pleasure as she came. I removed my hand and sucked my
fingers clean off Mom's liquid. With my spare hand I massaged at her tush,
gently pulling her cheeks apart and slipping a finger over the top of her

Even without my fingers in her twat she was still leaking and a damp stain
began to appear on the bedding. I slipped my finger in the top of her hole
and was rewarded with Mom groaning in appreciation.

Again I hopped off the bed and went over to our sex-toy store. I slipped on
a strap-on and moved to the front of the bed. Sitting in front of Mom I
pushed my legs under her arms and slid down the bed. Mom's opened her mouth
to allow the dildo to enter it. Moving back and forth I pushed it in and
out of Mom's mouth. She sucked at it, and I could see she was running her
tongue over it's ridges, leaving none of the toy dry.

Pulling out the cock I crawled over Mom. She tried to twist her head round,
but couldn't move her body round enough to see.

So when the cock entered it was a tactical, if not strategic, surprise. Mom
let out a long, drawn groan as I pushed the dildo deep into her passage. I
leant down and massaged at her butt, as I pulled the toy partially out
before ramming it back in. I could feel Mom pushing against the bed with
the force of the thrust and again she let out a cry of pain, mixed with

I got into a stride, pushing in and out, and feeling Mom quiver beneath me
as I brought her to orgasm. The damp patch on the bedding was getting even
larger, and I could feel my own juice sliding against the haft of the cock,
before dropping down to join Mom's.

A sudden orgasmic burst rushed through me, and I had to pause for a second.
As the warm flush creeping across my body subsided I re-started.

The second orgasm came just as Mom bucked back at me. My cries of pleasure
were drowned out by her screams of enjoyment.

I collapsed beside her.

"You better not have lost those keys," Mom said weakly.
_ _ _

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