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Desperate Housewives:
Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 20 (Ffff,anal,inc,BDSM,ws)

"So all three of you fucked her up the ass?" Mom said.

I blushed. I guess I'm an old fashioned girl at heart. Despite my liberal
exterior and modern thinking, I have the heart of a conservative prude.
Whatever is said by modern child rearing specialists I just don't think
Mom's should swear in front of their teenage daughters (well, except dirty
talk during our own marathon sessions).

"Yes, Mom," I replied, "all three of us had anal sex with her."

Mom's mouth opened in a smile, "So how did it happen?"

The trouble with being close to my Mom is that she expects me to share
everything. And if you are as free and easy with your favours as I am, this
does lead to some interesting conversations. Especially as Mom is never
satisfied with me saying, "Danielle, Dylan and I had sex with Katherine on
Wednesday," but wants to know all the details, such as positions, number of
orgasms, was she any good etc.

I sighed and began the story.

* * *

It was after school and I was in `Fetishes r us' (serving Fairview since
1998). I looked in the mirror at the outfit I was trying on - a short
leather skirt complemented by thigh high rubber boots. The whip I cracked
playfully onto my hand completed the image of me as dominatrix.

I turned to Dylan, "Think your Mom will like it?" I asked.

Looking round briefly Dylan nodded, "Yeah."

She returned to looking through the half-price vibrator rummage bin. She
was a bit pissed off. It wasn't that I was banging her Mom that was the
problem, it was that I was doing so and she wasn't being invited to join

A few seconds later Danielle came out of the changing booth. She pushed me
aside from the mirror and gave a twirl in front of it. She looked

"Do you think my bum looks big in this?" she asked.

Given that she was wearing a black leather cat-suit, which clung to her
curves I'd normally have had to say `yes'. However the designers, in an
attempt to placate the bigger bottomed customers had decided the cat-suit
needed a rather large hole in the back. As Danielle's naked ass was wiggled
in my face I had to admit that her ass looked delectable.

Danielle looked at what I was wearing. "You need a different colour?" she
instructed, "black looks good on me, but I think you're more a red."

I nodded whatever her faults I have never been able to disagree with
Danielle's fashion sense. I picked up a red suit from the rack and headed
into the booth to change. As I slipped out of the leather (my God those
boots were tight), Danielle casually asked, "Is that costume for

"Yes," I called back. I was sure my neighbour would literally wet herself
when I bounded (or rather limped) downstairs dressed to impress.

"Lucky bitch," I heard Dylan mutter.

I grinned too myself. Having Katherine on my own had been fun, but I was
starting to think it might be fun to share. I called back out through the
curtain, "The two of you can come too if you want."

There was a sound of pattering feet, and I saw Dylan and Danielle's heads
pop through the curtain. I put my fingers on my nipples to hide them -
obviously a bit late where those two were concerned; they have after all
seen me in more compromising situations. Still it's rude to burst in when
someone is changing.

"When?" asked Dylan.

"Tonight?" I suggested.

Neither dissented.

* * *

I had the house to myself that night. Mom and Bree had gone to Juicy Lucas
and weren't due back until late. Mom had offered to make me something
before she left, but I managed to talk her out of it and instead I rustled
up a quick egg-salad for the girls and myself.

Dinner completed, I called up Katherine on the phone, "Come over bitch," I
ordered and put down the phone before she could reply. Behind me Danielle
and Dylan were giggling. I'd decided not to go for the leather outfit in
the end, because it chafed my thighs. Instead we had gone for the daringly
original option of complete nudity.

The door rang and I opened it, "Come on in," I instructed Katherine.

She entered demurely and then her mouth opened to let out a squeak. I
imagine seeing your naked daughter grinning lavisciously at you will have
an impact. I allowed her a few seconds to get over her shock and get her
voice back. She pointed at her daughter and stated the obvious, "Dylan."

"And you know Danielle as well," I said, waving a hand towards Danielle.
She smiled and waved back merrily, I'm not convinced she fully understands
what being a dominatrix means.

I took Katherine's hand and pulled her into the house, "I was just talking
about sharing things with the girls," I explained, "and they pointed out I
hadn't shared you. They're right - it has been a bit selfish of me."

I could see Katherine's face going red as she started to understand that it
was no accident her daughter was naked in my lounge, "I c. can't," she
stammered, "Dylan's my daughter."

I gripped Katherine's wrist forcefully and led her towards the dining room
table; "I don't think her being your daughter is an excuse. And, Katherine,
you're embarrassing me in front of my friends."

She gave a little whimper, though as she saw the dining room table it
turned into a louder noise and she couldn't quite conceal the lust beneath
her whines. We had prepared the table earlier; ropes were affixed to its
legs. It was the work of a moment for me to slip them round Katherine's
wrists and ankles and tie her into position so that the top of her back was
lying on the table and her pussy dangled in front of it.

I hoisted Katherine's dress up. She sensibly hadn't bothered with panties
and as I exposed her pussy, Danielle and Dylan gave claps of appreciation.

"You've been a very naughty Milf," I said.

Katherine nodded, "I have, I have," she replied excitedly.

By a strange co-incidence there was a riding crop leaning against the wall
(okay not that strange as I'd put it there earlier). I picked it up and
flexed it in my hands, making sure that I was within Katherine's eyeline as
I did so. I then walked round to the front of the table. Katherine
desperately tried to follow me with her eyes.

I stood in front of her and thrashed the crop through the air. It made a
swishing sound and a crack as it hit the table leg. Katherine trembled in
anticipation and I could see she was starting to get wet already. I raised
the crop again and brought it down.

There was a snapping sound as it landed on Katherine's quim lips. She gave
a cry, part pain, all pleasure. I lifted it up again and brought it down in
the same place. A red weal ran across her pussy where the crop had
imprinted itself. I belted her again and Katherine gave a cry.

"I've been bad," she sobbed, "I need to be punished."

"Go for it," shouted Dylan at me. She has serious Mother issues if she gets
off on her Mom being whipped, I thought.

I spanked Katherine's pussy a few more times, leaving red bruises covering
it. Juices sopped from the hole and Katherine's cries were less anguished
than pleas for her to be hit harder.

"Can I have a go now?" asked Dylan.

I handed her the crop, "What are you punishing her for?" I asked.

Dylan flexed the crop and replaced me in front of Katherine, "This for not
letting me go to the gig on Saturday," she said and thwacked her Mom's
pussy with all her strength.

"This is for making me wear that horrible red sweater"


"This is for making me tidy by room, twice."


Years of pent-up feeling poured out of Dylan and she whipped Katherine's
twat mercilessly. Soon the lips and the flesh around them were covered with
dozens of bright red weals. Katherine was sobbing. She flinched with each
new blow. But I could also see her pussy was producing more juice than a
freshly squeezed orange.

Eventually Dylan paused and wiped the sweat from her face. I took the crop
from her and Danielle closely examined the Milf's cunt.

"There's no way we can stick anything up there," she whined, "it's way too

"Don't worry," I grinned, "she has another hole."

I hooked my arms through my friends and led them upstairs. We took our time
choosing the strap-ons we wanted, having a girlie chat as we did so. It was
about half an hour later that we returned downstairs. From the look of
relief of Katherine's face she'd thought that we'd forgotten her and she
wasn't going to get a plunging that night.

I untied Katherine and she rubbed each wrist, where the rope had burnt into

"Isn't the dress going to get in the way?" asked Danielle.

She had a point. I grabbed the material and pulled down. There was a
satisfying rip and it tore in my hands. I threw the shredded dress in the
corner and retied Katherine to the table, this time with her ass facing up.

The three of us stood admiring her puckered ass. I stepped forward and was
about to begin, when Danielle put her hand on my shoulder, "I ought to be
first - I am oldest."

There was a snort from Dylan, "She's my Mom - I should go first."

"Just a minute," I snarled at them, "I'm the one who brought her over."

We were interrupted by a pitiful shriek from Katherine, "For God's sake,"
she cried, "I don't care who goes first - just fuck me now."

Before either Danielle or myself could react, Dylan had moved into
position. She grabbed at her Mom's butt-cheeks and pulled them apart,
before forcing her cock down the hole. Katherine gave a satisfied moan as
Dylan began to bang away at her ass.

Dylan worked herself into frenzy and a sheen of perspiration covered her
body. As she went to it I noticed that liquid of a different sort was
starting to trickle down the inside of Katherine's thigh. It seeped down
the skin and onto the carpet.

Finally an exhausted Dylan pulled herself from her Mom and slumped down on
one of the chairs. I quickly replaced her, whilst Danielle was fiddling
with her fittings. I hardly had to pull at Katherine's cheeks - her
daughter had opened her up well. The cock slid in as easily as I've known
it, but Katherine still gave a cry of pleasure as its ribbed surface slid
against her.

I gripped her waist and started to fuck her. I've discovered Katherine
doesn't need finesse; fast and deep is how she likes it. And I have to say
sometimes a ruthless, if unskilled, screw does wonders for me as well. Soon
I was sweating like . like Dylan. I kept having to let go off Katherine's
waist to wipe the sweat from my brow and stop my sodden fringe getting into
my eyes.

The backend of the cock rubbed against my own pussy. The deeper I pushed
into Katherine the more it sprung back into me. I groaned in pleasure as
the warm feeling in my cunt started to spread wider. Eventually it became
uncontrollable and I came loudly. I'd barely pulled the cock out when
Danielle replaced me.

I also became aware of a new feeling; a tightness in my bladder and a
general tenseness throughout my body. I turned to Dylan, who was engrossed
in watching her Mom being buggered, "I've got to have a pee. Be right

Dylan grabbed my arm and pulled me closer and whispered in my ear. I

"Okay. I can wait," I conceded, "Hurry up Danielle."

Danielle gave me a wicked grin and then slowed down. By the time she'd
finished I was crossing my legs and more than a little uncomfortable.

Dylan untied her Mom, "Here?" she asked, as she took her Mom and guided her
to a spot.

"Kitchen," I gasped and staggered after them..

"Okay crouch down," instructed Dylan to her Mom. Katherine did as she was

I squatted over and let loose. I sighed in relief as the piss left my body
to splatter against Katherine's face. I gave a final groan as the last of
the liquid dropped out. I didn't have any toilet roll, but Katherine's
tongue was the next best thing and she gave my twat a clean.

"I could do with a pee," said Dylan suddenly. She squatted over her Mom and
opened her pussy. Katherine's opened her mouth and tried to catch as much
as she could of the warm wet spray. She didn't get much of it and most of
it bounced of her face to drop down her body and create little puddles on
the kitchen tiles.

"Do you want a pee, as well?" I asked Danielle.

"Just a second," said Danielle. She opened the fridge and pulled out a can
of beer Mom had stashed there. Flicking off ring-pull she poured it down
her neck. She dropped the empty can in the bin and gave an unladylike burp.
"Pardon," she blushed as Dylan and I tutted at her.

She moved over Katherine and then loosed a waterfall of urine. The brunette
was drenched in piss. Unable to drink any more than a fraction she let it
run down her body and soak onto the floor. As she gave Danielle a clean I
looked a puddles of piss - no way was I going to wipe them up.

Luckily I didn't have too, "Clean up this mess," I ordered Katherine.

"With your tongue," added her daughter. I think there may be a new power
dynamic in the Mayfair house.
_ _ _

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