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Desperate Housewives: MJ's Mom (Fb, F-solo, b-solo, oral, inc)
by Neenah

Eleven year old Maynard James Delfino, known as MJ, looked out the window of his room into the backyard below. Susan Delfino was on her hands and knees, weeding the plants. She was wearing a short pair of denim shorts that barely covered her ass and a cropped T-shirt that left much of her back bare. Despite the fact that she was in her late forties she looked very, very hot. MJ was more worried about the fact that he fancied an older woman than the fact she was his Mom. From the conversations he and his friends had it seemed socially acceptable to fancy women up until the age of forty, but not older. The fancying of Moms was slightly different, something was only hinted at, but it seemed most of the boys thought their Mom was the best and if pressed also that she was the hottest. Which was easy for Bradley Mixton, who's Mom was a sexy thirty two year old or even Pete Capal who's Mom wouldn't be celebrating her fortieth for another two months, but hard on MJ who's Mom was forty-seven. A very sexy forty seven, but forty seven all the same.

She did have a hot ass though. It wiggled as she moved, tight against the denim shorts. MJ sighed and unzipped himself, he couldn't help that he liked older women. He took his ten-incher in his hand and began to slowly stroke it, it was bigger than virtually of any of the boys in his class and when his teacher, Miss Klass, had accidentally seen it after he'd been changing after gym she had gone pale and muttered something about seldom seeing something that big. MJ didn't know about that. He did know if he moved his hand up and down over it that he could make it spurt white cum, which made his legs weak and his head spin. And that he wouldn't go hard or think about sex for ten or fifteen minutes and not thinking about sex meant not thinking about his thingie and his Mom and how they would go together.

He began to stroke at his cock. Below him his Mom carried on unaware that her son was looking down at her sexy ass and masturbating over it. In his imagination she stood up and peeled down her shorts, wearing nothing underneath. She turned towards him so that he could see her pussy and stretched so that her breasts pushed hard at her top. She looked up and smiled as she took off her top as well, showing MJ her gorgeous bosom. Unperturbed the imaginary naked Susan walked into the house and up to his room. She walked in and without a word kissed him, not like she did when he went to bed, not even like she did when he was sad and needed cheering up, but like they did in the movies, on his mouth. She reached out and took his prick in his hand and started jacking it back and forth.

MJ closed his eyes as the imaginary Mom brought him to climax. In his dream his cum shot over her, in reality it shot over his wall, leaving damp globules dripping down. He opened his eyes and looked out the window again. His real Mom was trying to dig out a particularly difficult weed. He sighed in frustration that his dream couldn't be reality, she had such a hot ass.

* * *

The gardening done Susan Delfino headed to her room to change from her dirty clothes and have a shower. She walked past MJ's room, inside she could here him breathing and the sound of the bed moving. The door was open and she couldn't help herself peeking. MJ was lying on the bed, his eyes closed and a smile on his face, as his hand jacked off his massive ten inches of meat. Susan stood still watching, her own pussy tingling as she watched. She had known MJ was big, he took after his Dad who had been a nine-incher, and certainly when she had last seen his prick when he was smaller she had guessed he would grow up to make girls very happy. And she couldn't deny she had seen a bulge in his pants and swimming trunks which had told her his cock had grown at an even quicker rate than the rest of him. But seeing it now, live and naked made her so horny she wished she could go in, kiss and take it in her and jerk him to completion.

She went red at the thought, as much from lust as from embarrassment. Her husband, Mike, was dead several years and whilst she had managed one or two quick encounters being a single Mom had stopped her dating and it had been several months since her pussy had anything which wasn't self inflicted. She looked at the hard schlong in her son's hand, pumping up and down and wished there was an equally hard and large dick ramming into her own pussy. She continued watching for a few more moments as MJ's hand moved up and down at a rapid pace. Then she walked into her own room.

Her plan had been to get undressed, shower and then get dressed again. But the hot and horny feelings that looking at MJ's prick had stirred within her made her change her plans. She pulled off her top and pulled down her denim shorts and panties and knelt down at the bottom of her wardrobe where there were her fine collection of dildos and other sex toys. She picked out a red ribbed dildo and walked over to her bed. The door to her room remained open, she thought about closing it and decided not too, MJ had done her a favour by watching him masturbate, she would do the same. It was unlikely he would be turned on by his Mom, especially as she was in her late forties, but he might be and the thought of being watched by her son was a big turn-on.

She lay on the bed and took the toy in her hand. She opened her legs and slid the toy in, pushing it hard against her G-spot and hammering the bud with the plastic dildo. The excitement quickly rose, a feeling of warm pleasure suffusing through her like being wrapped in a blanket. With her spare hand she grabbed and rubbed her bosom, playing hard with it. Her eyes closed and she began to imagine that she wasn't alone playing with herself, but with... MJ, yes MJ, her son. For a second she felt a small trace of guilt again, but it was quickly consumed by lust. She hit the toy harder at her clit as she imagined MJ's hands over, kissing every part of her body as his hard cock pressed into her. Then she imagined sucking it and licking it, making it as wet as her pussy before MJ placed his schlong in her and began to fuck her as good as she'd ever been fucked before. In both her dream and reality Susan moaned and bent her body as the orgasms flowed through her. She hammered the toy harder into her cunt, all the while imagining it wasn't plastic but flesh and it wasn't her hand ramming it in, but MJ. MJ sweaty and slick and hard, ramming her, ramming her hard until she came and then he started again, ramming more and deeper, his large schlong racing down her liquid filled cunt. She gasped in pleasure.

Little did she know that the object of her fantasy was outside her room. MJ had finished masturbating and had decided to go downstairs to see if there was anything to eat in the fridge. But as soon as he left his room he had heard groans from his Mom's room and he had quickly hurried over to see if she was alright. It was lucky the door was open as otherwise he'd have barged right in and she was bound to have stopped. Now he stood there watching his beautiful, hot Mom stuff what looked like a plastic dong up her pussy, though the plastic wasn't as big as his and didn't shoot cum. But his Mom didn't look like she cared. She was twisting and turning, writhing and rolling as she hit her own cunt. With one hand she was playing with a tittie, making the nipples hard and stiff. It wasn't the only thing being made hard and stiff by the masturbation. For about the fourth time that day MJ had unzipped his pants and was beating his meat, standing in a trance as he watched his Mom play with her hot body.

He jerked his cock harder and harder, his hand slipping up and down the massive member as his Mom rammed the toy into her wet cunt. She was so sexy when masturbating, even more so than when she was gardening. Soon MJ could feel the familiar feeling of ecstasy growing in him. He jerked harder, aware that his Mom's cries were getting louder and he needed to cum before she orgasmed and opened her eyes to see him standing there, schlong in hand. He moved quicker and quicker, driven on by his Mom's cries and moans as her body bounced with the dildoing she was giving herself. His face twisted and his eyes briefly closed as the orgasm hit him. Cum shot from his cock and onto the floor. He hadn't thought of that. But it was too late too do anything about that. His Mom was screaming so loud she must have orgasmed, confirmed as she pulled a dripping wet dildo out of her snatch. MJ quickly turned and ran for his room, tripping over his still undone pants and then getting in and slamming the door as he recovered and zipped himself up.

Susan sat up, the noise waking her from her post-orgasmic trance. Had MJ seen her? Or was that bump something else and the door slam a coincidence. She blushed, she was sure he had. When she had started she had been so sure that MJ would either not mind or be turned on, but now she thought about it in the cold light of post-orgasm would a young boy really want to see his Mom masturbating. She got up and walked over to the door to put on her gown, she'd think about it in the shower she decided. She slid on the gown and looked down at her feet. On the floor was a pool of white goo. Susan hadn't had sex in a while, but even with her terrible memory she remembered what semen looked like. She knelt down just to be sure, it did look like cum. She put her finger down and slid through the goo, it felt like cum. She raised it to her mouth. It tasted salty and like cum. So anything that looked like cum, felt like cum and tasted like cum was obviously cum and fresh at that. She smiled in relief, MJ hadn't been sickened by seeing her masturbating but had been so turned on he had jacked himself off whilst watching her. A tiny part of her was disturbed the fact her eleven year old son saw her as a mastubatory fantasy, but it was drowned by the bigger part of her that was turned on by the thought that she was still attractive enough to be jacked off over, like a twenty-one year old big titted porn star. She headed to the shower, her pussy was starting to tingle again and as soon as she got under the warm water she would start to play with it again, and again she was sure she would imagine that MJ was in the shower with her.

* * *

Over the next few days every time Susan masturbated, and the forty-something masturbated a lot, she was imaging MJ taking her in every hole, his large oversized piece of man meat leaving her gutted and satisfied. It was strange sitting down to breakfast and dinner with him every day, knowing that she had been dildoing her cunt over him not long before. She wondered if he was still thinking about her as he masturbated, she knew he was still jacking himself regularly, the cum stains in his bed and the splashing when he was in bath told her that. She looked at him as he ate his breakfast, he looked a bit like his Dad, more smooth and younger, more boy-like - which wasn't surprising as he was a boy. She felt another rush of lust and knew she'd have to have a quick finger fuck in the car once she dropped MJ off. He was prattling endearingly about some television programme he was watching, but all Susan could think off was his large prick and how it would feel in her cunt.

She shook her head to clear them off her fantasies and looked at him, "Are you ready for school?"

"Yes Mommy," he said.

"Go and get your tie, I'll do it up," said Susan.

He turned and walked over to where it was hung. He had such a cute ass, thought Susan, so sexy and firm and she was sure as he turned back to her she could see a bulge in his school uniform as his massive cock pushed at the pants. She took a deep breath and forced herself to concentrate on doing up his tie. But she knew it would be a two-fingered shuffle in her pussy as soon as she had left MJ at school, she wouldn't even get home before she was stuffing her cunt. She'd have to find a secluded spot and pull over, slamming her wet pussy until she came with thoughts of MJ's super schlong filling her mind.

MJ stood patiently as his Mom tied his tie. He was aware that with her so close his hard-on was out of control, almost breaking out of his pants to spring at his Mom. She smelt so nice, perfume and mint shampoo and a certain womanly smell, which smelt just as nice as the other two scents, probably nicer. He wasn't sure whether she had, over the last few days, started to wear tighter jeans and tops which showed more of her sexy breasts. It might have just been his imagination caused by the frequent jacking off he did as he remembered her naked body writhing in front of him as she toyed herself. It was an image he hoped never to forget, his hot Mom naked and screeching in pleasure. Even the thought of it was enough to make him almost cum and he could feel his cock stirring in his pants. In desperation he started to talk about something, anything, he'd already been forced to talk in length about some TV programme he hardly watched as his Mom had bent over the butter dish with her cleavage on display and now he talked about his Math assignment as if his Mom had any idea.

He was so glad when his Mom finished knotting his tie and stepped away from him. She stood looking at him for a moment, "There's my handsome boy," she said and kissed the top of his head. If his cock could have broken through the stitching at the top of his pants it would have done. She gave a sigh, "Last day of school."

"Yes," nodded MJ. For him that meant more vacation time in his room staring out at his Mom in tight tops and pants and jacking off as he thought about her. Plus if he was really lucky a week at the beach whilst his Mom pranced around in her swimwear. That would be heaven.

But his Mom was thinking more of the last day prom, "What time is the dance? I don't want to miss it."

"Four," said MJ sulkily, "You don't need to come. It'll only be a bunch of stupid girls wanting you to be their boyfriend and trying to get you onto the floor." MJ thought girls were stupid, okay they grew into women like his Mom, but at the moment they were all flat chests and dumbness. The thought of loads of them, with their buck-teeth and braces, coming up and asking him to dance didn't appeal. If he could he'd have missed it, but sadly it wasn't his choice. But if he had to go he saw no need to embarrass himself in front of his hot Mom.

Susan smiled, "Well, I'll make sure I'm there. And I'll want a dance so I hope I'm not counted as a stupid girl."

MJ thought of dancing with his Mom. His cock, which had begun to ease down at the though of dancing with Smelly Nelly and Fiona the Fatty, began to rise again at the thought of dancing with his Mom. He nodded and tried to remain calm as his schlong pushed at his pants, "Sure Mom, I'll dance with you." It would be all he thought of all day.

* * *

Susan got out of her car at MJ's school. She had masturbated over him on the way home from dropping him off that morning, again once she'd got home, with a cucumber over lunch and as she showered before getting ready for the parent-student dance. She had put on a sexy red dress, daring in its low cut cleavage and even more so in its short thigh-length. She looked round the school parking lot, she wasn't the only Mom dressed to impress - a large number were wearing slinkier evening dress than was needed at a school prom for ten to twelve year olds. Normally she wouldn't have risked wearing something so sexy for her son, but she was a widow at a school which had a number of wealthy divorcees among the Dads and everyone would think she was on a single Mom on the prowl for a new hubby. It was a shame that MJ wouldn't realise she was dressing for him, she didn't really need a new man in her life taking away from her son. She hoped that even though he wouldn't have been aware of her reasons it would give him some eye candy he could remember and fantasise about later.

She entered the school hall, decorated with balloons and cakes, the only drinks being orange juice in plastic beaker for the children and sparkling water in wine glasses for the adults. She waved at MJ, he waved back. Like all the children he was dressed smartly in his suit and tie - he looked very dashing thought Susan; and sexy. The Principal was up at the stand and he began to talk, a long and boring speech telling the children how well they'd done and thanking the parents for their support. He said it so many times in so many different ways Susan almost became somnolent, the best that could be said for it was that it allowed time to eat enough of the little pastries she wouldn't need to cook tonight and wash it down with some sparkling water. She clapped enthusiastically when he had finished, her eye quickly seeking out MJ.

He was coming towards her, obviously remembering that she wanted a dance, though she wanted more than that. She gave a curtsey as he approached, deliberately down low so her bosom jiggled in his eye line, "Kind sir, will you do me the honour of this dance?"

"Yes, Mom, I'd love to," said the eleven year old smiling broadly.

She took his hands and went into the middle of the rooms, plenty of other parents were dancing with their children - the first dance often was Dad-daughter or Mom-son or the other way round. Unfortunately none of the dancing styles were the close dance that Susan would have wanted - they ranged from vague movements where neither Mom nor son touched, but danced almost independently to ones where they were holding hands as they moved round like Ring a Roses, but with a gap between their bodies as long as their arms could reach. Susan decided to go for that, as it least it kept her in contact with MJ. She took his small hands and began to move round. They were so sexy and warm in her touch and she imagined those hands on other, more intimate parts of her body. It was a nice thought, especially as he was smiling happily with his handsome boyish Delfino face and with his cock bouncing and pushing at his pants; Susan was sure no-one noticed her surreptitious glances down there - though with the size of his hands she knew that was one urban legend laid to rest.

"Can I dance with you MJ?" it was an ugly spotty girl, with braces and pigtails. For a moment Susan was tempted to tell her to 'fuck off' and that MJ was all hers, but she saw the girls Mom was looking and had obviously encouraged her to go talk to her classmates. So Susan just smiled and said, "Of course, I don't want to keep him all to myself." She saw MJ's disappointed face so she reached down and kissed him on the forehead, she wanted to do the lips but people would talk, "We can dance at home MJ."

"Promise?" he said plaintively.

"Promise," replied Susan. She quickly turned and walked away to talk to some of the other Moms rather than stay and watch MJ dance with another, even if the other was a ten year old girl.

Susan watched as MJ danced with the girl and then a succession of other girls. Susan tried to fight the green-eyed monster, barely struggling to keep down her jealousy of the girls even though she knew they were no threat. The only plus point was that MJ looked miserable, and was only dancing with them because if he didn't another girl even more fat and ugly than the last would bully him onto the dance floor. Susan tried to make polite conversation with the other Moms, Dads and teachers, but it was all very boring and even if she was looking for a husband she wouldn't find one here.

Then it was all over. Susan waited for MJ to say goodbye to his friends and then walked with him to the car. He looked very handsome as he got in and Susan asked, "Did you enjoy tonight?"

"No. The girls were all horrible. I don't like them." MJ replied. He folded his arms and put on a sulky face, before seeming to suddenly remember something, "I liked my dance with you."

"I promised a dance when you got home," said Susan, "I remember."

MJ smiled, "That will be fun. I liked dancing with the most."

"I liked it as well," said Susan, feeling herself getting hot.

They were soon home and in the house. Susan immediately walked over to the stereo and turned it on. It started to blast out the Meatloaf CD that was in, Susan swiftly ejected that and put in something more romantic, though she was sure MJ wouldn't notice the change of mood music - at least not consciously.

She walked into the middle of the room and held out her hand, "Shall we dance?"

MJ nodded and took her hand. They began to dance as before, but Slowly Susan came closer until their arms were almost bent. She looked down at her son, "Shall we dance closer? If you put your arms round my waist that'll be more comfortable for us both."

"Okay," said MJ with an enigmatic smile. He put his arms round her waist, which meant his head was resting in her cleavage. The poor boy didn't realise the effect he was having on his Mommy, thought Susan as she put her arms round his upper back and began to dance slowly. It was fun moving with MJ, his head between her bosoms so that his hair was brushing innocently as her bosom and his small hands clamped to her ass as if he was scared that if he let go he'd fall over. Sometimes as they slowly moved back and forth Susan could feel the hardness of his schlong brush against her leg; it made her excited and wet, and she knew she'd be dildoing herself hard when MJ and she were finished.

"This is nice," she murmured, squeezing MJ closer to her. He grunted and nodded something before squeezing her in return, his hands pinching at her butt cheeks. Susan almost gasped in pleasure, her face reddened. Was it an innocent touch of MJ, a boy unaware of the sexual connotation of his touch? Or was it more, a growing adolescent with rampaging desires? Susan would have a few days ago thought the former, even if she desired the latter, but a few days ago MJ had been masturbating over her masturbating - he was discovering his desires and what if one of them was a desire for his sex-starved Mom? Susan pulled him a bit closer, squeezing him again. He returned the compliment, his fingers squeezing sensually at her ass. This time he didn't let go, but kept them drilled into her, slowly moving them in a sexual massage. Susan did moan, "Oh MJ that does feel good."

He blushed, but kept in place. The two of them continued to dance, Susan pulling her son close into her cleavage and him keeping a sharp hold of her butt. She definitely could feel his hard-on, the stiff schlong pressing against her thigh. It was hard to believe his movements were accidental, not the way he was rubbing against her and not the way he was holding her, any more than she could pretend her hold of him, gripping him close and pushing her between her bosom, was purely maternal.

The CD stopped. For a moment Mom and son remained clasped together and before Susan stepped back. She was filled with desire for MJ, but some taboos were not easily broken. She wiped her head, trying to pretend her flushed expression was from the exertion of the slow dance and not from her inappropriate lust, "Whew that was hot. I mean fun... I mean it's always nice to dance."

MJ nodded, "Yes. It was hot...the dance." The bulge in his pants told the lie of that. He might have noticed his Mom's glance down, but whether it was that or just a natural reaction to the pressure on his pants his hands fell to cover his bump and his legs crossed, "Shall I go to my room and change into my PJs?"

"Yes," said Susan, "You better get ready for bed. You can watch your TV if you like." It was still early, but MJ had eaten at the Prom and after their slow sexual dance Susan wasn't sure she wanted to spend the rest of the night with her son beside her on the sofa as they watched television together. MJ didn't seem to want to either, as he didn't complain, but just scampered upstairs.

After a few moments Susan followed him upstairs to change out of her dress. His door wasn't quiet closed and it was no surprise to see that he hadn't bothered to get rid of his tie, shirt or jacket, but had just pulled down his pants and was busy jacking himself off. Susan paused to watch, her breathing slowing as her heart rate sped up. MJ's massive cock was hard in his hand as he pumped it. Almost in a trance Susan pushed the door open a bit more to get a better look. MJ's eyes were closed and his face was happy as he rammed the cock up and down. Susan felt herself getting hotter, her pussy tingling more than it had tingled for a long time. Instinctively she reached down with one hand to pull her dress up to her waist, with the other she slid into her panties. Her finger moved through the sparse, neatly trimmed tuft of hair at the top of the pussy and then into the smooth slit. She slowly worked her finger in and out of the hole as she looked at MJ.

Suddenly his eyes opened and he saw, within milliseconds, firstly his Mom standing in his room as he jacked himself, secondly that she was fingering herself as she watched. For a moment MJ almost let go off his prick and dived under the bedding, but he was too close to cumming to stop and seeing his Mom with a finger in her cunt was making him close to stopping. He watched her as he beat harder at his meat, seeing her blush as she saw him looking back at her, but either unable or unwilling to stop. MJ's hands worked up and down his cock faster and faster until he felt the orgasm reach up within him. He closed his eyes again, continuing to ram his hand up and down the hard schlong as the cum spurted out, over his hand and down to his pants. He continued to beat it until the orgasm died and the rod stopped spurting. He opened his eyes again. His Mom had gone.

* * *

Susan sat on her bed. Two things surprised her, one - that despite her lust for her son she had stood there masturbating herself as he watched; when he watched her dildoing herself a few days ago she could pretend she didn't know he was masturbating as he watched. But she couldn't pretend that she hadn't been watching him as she fingered herself, she had been too up-front, standing there as she diddled her cunt. But the second thing that surprised was how hot and horny it had made her feel and how quickly she'd come as she watched her son's cock being jerked in the flesh.

She stood up and undressed. Picking up her gown she quickly put it around her and headed for the shower. What she needed was a cool shower, cold enough to cleanse her mind of her improper desires. She set the temperature for freezing and stepped in. She wasn't sure it worked, sure for the few moments she could bear to stay in the freezing water had driven all thoughts of MJ out of her mind, but as soon as she stepped out her imagination drew her a picture of MJ standing naked and erect. She dried herself, embarrassed by the fact that however often she was towelling her pussy the tingle didn't go away and all that happened was that she became damper.

She went back into the room and looked into the mirror. God, she wanted her son to fuck her, she wanted his rock hard schlong in her so much it hurt. She knew she had to fight the desire, but she also knew that it was next to impossible. "I need a drink," she said to herself and put the gown round her and headed down to the kitchen. MJ's door was closed, but she could hear the sound of his television. For a second she briefly thought about opening it and going in, but she didn't know whether she'd talk to him about what had happened or drop her gown to take him.

She uncorked a bottle and had a glass of wine, then a second. They didn't make her feel better. She gave a sigh, she would have to think about it overnight and work out how she was going to stop herself having the hots for her son and how she was going to explain their mutual masturbation, perhaps she could say it was to show she wasn't embarrassed about him growing and that sex was natural. She didn't think he'd buy that was why she was fingering herself as he watched, but it was worth in try. In the meantime she'd stuff her cunt with dildo all night and hope that drove all thoughts of MJ from her mind. Upstairs she quickly cleaned her teeth and brushed her hair, hanging her gown on the back of the bedroom door she got into her nightdress, a short one held up by straps which just about covered her cunt. She picked up a dildo a slid it under her pillow, she would use it later, but she'd start with her fingers.

Susan started to pull back the covers of her bed to get in when her bedroom door opened and in walked a pyjama clad MJ. She turned to speak to him, desperate to get him out so she could get into bed and jack herself, "What is it MJ?" she forced herself to appear casual as if nothing had happened earlier.

"I love you Mom," he said sweetly.

"I love you too, sweetie," said Susan her voice husky as she looked at the large tent under his PJs. He was obviously fully erect again.

"No, Mom, I mean I really love you," said MJ. He pulled down his pyjama bottoms, his massive schlong straight and erect, hard and humongous. Susan gulped, her good attentions going out the window as MJ continued to pull down his bottoms and stepped out of them. "I love you, like Daddy loved you."

Susan wasn't sure what was more inappropriate, that her son was stripping in front of her or that he was already telling her he loved her, normally you had to be going out for months before you dropped the L-bomb. So all she said was 'Oh' as she looked at his large cock; ten inches of real meat.

"I want to use my thingie on you," said MJ. He pulled of his pyjama top and stood naked in his Mom's bedroom, his body thin and small apart from the huge, oversized hunk of muscular manmeat, a horse cock if Susan had ever seen one. He smiled sweetly and endearingly, "I want to put my thingie in you until I shoot my stuff into your hole."

The last remains of Susan's self control vanished, "It's a cock, a schlong, a dick, a prick, a dong, whatever you want to call it, but not thingie. And I have a cunt, a pussy, a twat and I want that big fucking dick in my fucking red hot cunt. I want you to fuck me until you flood my twat with your white sticky cum and then I want you to use that massive huge fucking schlong to fuck my wet, soaking, fucked cunt some more."

She walked forward the few feet between her and MJ and lifted him up. He was heavier than she remembered, but it was long time since she had carried him and never as she had now with his legs up and around her side and his hard cock pushing at her chest. His weight didn't matter it wasn't far to the bed. She walked backwards and sat down on the edge still clasping MJ. "I love you, Mommy," he said again and kissed her like a man kisses a woman.

"I love you too MJ," said Susan, no longer worrying about the inappropriateness. She kissed him hard back, enjoying his mouth on hers and the way he felt as he moved against her, his small naked body brushing against her, whilst his massive naked prick pressed like a weapon at her chest. His heels moved over her back as they moved together, kissing like they were lovers not Mom and son, and lovers they were, for only a lover would stroke MJ's erect dick so it remained hard and ready. She fell back onto the bed, MJ on top of her as they continued to kiss. Her hand moved down to her pussy, rubbing it as she took MJ's cock in her other hand and rubbed the hard schlong. She moved herself away from him and sat up. He looked surprised but Susan smiled and patted the bed next to her, "Come stand here and Mommy will lick that prick of yours."

MJ did as he was told, his quivering cock sticking at face height. Susan leant up and lick underneath the shaft, her tongue drawing a trail. At the same time her hand moved down under her nightdress to stroke her cunny - if she was going to have such a big schlong in her pussy, and she was, she wanted to make sure they were both as wet and ready as possible. MJ groaned, but otherwise waited patiently as Susan's tongue moved up and down and circled his massive meat, leaving not a touch of it unlicked from its tip all the way down to his hairless balls (which were sucked into her mouth passionately). All the time she played with her twat - until it was warm with the anticipation of the cock she was licking and wet with her fingers. Only when her pussy was soaking and the manhood was dripping with her saliva did Susan stop.

She moved further back onto the bed, so that her feet weren't off the end, and pulled off her nightdress to expose her Mom titties and her neatly trimmed twat. She looked at the hard, erect lump of meat in front of her - it was ready for action and so was she. She smiled at MJ as she lay back, naked, naked on the bed, feeling the softness of the satin against her back. Her legs opened and she said, "Come fuck me, honey, come fuck Mommy with that huge fucking schlong. Come fuck Mommy's cunt with your huge hippo dick. Mommy wants your big piece of manmeat."

MJ moved on top of her, his prick pushing into her moist hole. Susan groaned as it slowly moved in, MJ sparse frame on top of her so his head was over her tits and his feet reached down over her ankles. He put his hands on each side of her and began to fuck her.

"Oh yes, oh, oh, oh," moaned Susan as the massive member banged into her twat, pushing at her G-spot and making her gasp with excitement. He moved slowly, at first, partly to give himself confidence, but mainly to allow her to get use to his wide girth as even with the lubricating of his cock and her hole the schlong was a tight fit and without her juice and saliva the friction would have burnt. Even with it Susan's pussy was warmed and stretched. But she enjoyed that, it was nice to have some dick again, especially such big dick. And MJ was a gifted amateur knowing exactly what to do with it and where to stick it for maximum pleasure for Susan. The Milf found herself groaning again as the schlong hit at her spot, forcing out pleasant orgasms.

"How's this?" asked MJ, "Should I start going faster? Can you take more?"

"Oh, oh, oh, yes, honey, go faster and give it me all," Susan groaned as his cock hammered her.

MJ began to go faster, moving quicker and quicker and now, knowing his Mom could take it, driving his cock in as deep as it could go so his boy balls were slapping at his Mom's cunt. Each thrust was slamming hard at the Mom's G-spot, making her cum and cum again, orgasm after orgasm wracking and wrecking her body. She moaned in excitement as the schlong went far down her wet twat, "Oh, oh, oh, oh." MJ was moving even faster, grunting himself as he pounded pussy. Susan's hands reached out and grabbed his small, but very firm, butt cheeks, gripping them as they went up and down. She groaned more as he pushed up and down, "Oh, oh, oh, oh."

Another orgasmic flush hit her and then another. Susan had had great sex before, but she had never expected that she'd be getting such a fucking from her eleven year old, she presumed, virgin son - even with a schlong that other men would kill to have. She grabbed his taut, small bottom tighter, demanding his cock. He continued to give it her, pressing up and down on her body and motoring his manhood well into her cunt.

He stopped and Susan's cunt filled with his seed, the warm liquid spunk shooting into her like a hose. He shot one spurt and then a second and then a third, a fusillade of male semen blasting into her twat. Susan groaned happily as she felt it slide further down the hole. MJ collapsed down on her for a moment, his huge cock starting to recede to merely being large. Then he pulled it out and lay on his back. He looked at her a little worried, "Was that alright?"

Susan snuggled him towards her, kissing his forehead, "Sweetie that was the most wonderful banging I've had since..." she was going since your Dad, but she didn't want to remind MJ of his dead Dad at a time like this so instead she said, "since forever."

"Good," MJ snuggled closer, his small head resting against her tits. He looked up into her eyes, "If you want I can do it again in a few minutes."

He wasn't bragging. MJ knew he'd need a few minutes to get his breath back and allow his aching muscles to recover, but he also knew that his prick would be hard again very soon and if his Mom had enjoyed it as much as he had, and he had enjoyed it a lot, it would be fun to do it again. His Mom looked a little surprised at this and he guessed that she was unused to her boyfriends being able to do it again so quick, but then they were a lot older than him and he guessed that when he was as old as his twenties his dick would also start to become limp after one or two uses. He smiled and reached down, stroking the manhood with his hand and making it go semi-erect. His Mom looked down, her teeth lightly biting her lips for a moment and then she giggled, "I'd like that MJ."

Her hand moved down to stroke at his cock and her face moved down to his, kissing him on the lips. MJ opened his mouth like he'd seen on the movies and slid his tongue against his Mom's. It was fun, not as much fun as fucking, but he thought it would do for a few minutes until he was ready to mount his Mom again. He reached up and put a hand on his Mom's head, pulling her down so that his tongue was forcing itself in. His Mom's eyes opened wider, surprised at his forcefulness, but she didn't resist or complain. He pushed his tongue harder into her mouth, pressing down her own tongue and pushing himself onto her. With his second hand he took hold of one of her tits and began to play with it, squeezing the nipple hard between his finger and thumb and then rolling his hand over the erect stubs. He thought his Mom enjoyed that, from the look in her eyes, the faster urgency in her lips and the way her hand moved from stroking his prick to gripping it and moving it back and forth. He knew he needed to move quickly before his Mom pumped him into cumming again. MJ pulled back his head, "Spread your legs Mom," he said.

Susan immediately did as she was told. MJ clambered back onto her and took his hard member and rammed into her pussy. The hole was still soaked, her cum mixed with his and the cock went in easily. Last time he had been slow and gradual to make sure he was doing it right and his Mom was alright with a schlong of his size going into her twat. This time he went full-speed straight away, thrusting his manhood hard and deep, pounding into his Mom's sopping wet pussy. She was grabbing his buttocks, encouraging him on as she groaned and writhed below her, her naked sexy Mom body twisting and bouncing as he hammered into her. His face slapped down between her titties, they bounced at his ears, smacking him again and again as he went down. His Mom cried out in pleasure as he deliberately drove himself at the spot he had found made her moan the most, a little bud of flesh that quivered and bounced as his male member repeatedly hit it hard.

He moved up and down, his small body slapping against his Mom's as he drove his massive prick into her. He could feel her cumming again and again, her body moving with pleasure and bouncing, twisting and turning as the orgasms came hard and fast. It made him more excited, driving him on until he could feel the excitement of the pre-cum come upon him. He thrust harder, moving as quick and deep as he could and bringing the pleasure quickly on. He felt a warm electric current surge through his body, a wave of pure ecstasy and then his cock was pumping more of his white male seed into his Mom's pussy and she was squealing and groaning and writhing as she felt his sexy goo splatter down her cunt. He thrust again and a second explosion of cum shot out of his cock. A third thrust and a third spurt. It was enough. He raised himself up and out, falling beside his Mom. He raised his head to look at her, she was breathing heavily and red faced. He smiled, glad that he had made her cum. But he also knew he had more, he gave a happy grin and said, "You want to do it again?"

* * *

Susan awoke the next morning aching, cum stained and totally happy. MJ was nestled against her, as naked as she was, one hand over her shoulder and his cock, large even when flaccid and asleep, pressed into the small of her back. Susan was still stunned by last night, not at fucking her son, she had soon got over that and her only concern was how she could keep it secret whilst still getting as much MJ as she could. No what stunned her was how great it had been. The fucking had been out of this world. Susan had had great sex before, Mike had been virile and whilst her first marriage hadn't been great Susan couldn't complain about Karl's skill in the bedroom, just that he shared it with lots of other woman besides Susan. And she had had other lovers who were studs as well, all the time from college to some casual pick-ups since Mike had died. But she didn't think any of them could compare with her son. It wasn't just the number of times they'd done it, they had fucked five or six times and MJ's cock had still been as hard as rock, it was only because her son was exhausted at it being way past his bedroom that made them stop. It wasn't just his size and girth, though he totally filled her and left no part of her cunt unfrazzled. No, it was his skill and technique, a master class in how to pleasure a woman. Susan had never orgasmed so much or so often. She knew she wanted more.

She pulled back the covers and got out of bed. MJ gave a little sweet and sexy snore and for a moment Susan wanted to wake him so that he could fuck her again. But he had been up way later than normally, literally up she thought and smiled to herself and he needed some sleep. She walked round to the other side of the bed, on the floor was her nightdress and her son's discarded pyjamas. She picked up the nightdress, folded it and was about to slide it under her pillow when she decided that might be tempting fate that she'd be wearing it tonight, rather than naked under the ploughing of MJ. Instead she dropped it in the laundry. She did fold up her son's PJs and placed them on the chair, she wasn't sure whether MJ would want to put them on before leaving her room or whether he'd be happy to walk to his room to get dressed whilst naked, but she wanted to give him the choice.

She walked into the shower and had a long, hot soak - there being little better after a good hard fucking that feeling the relaxing water run over her skin and hair. She lathered away at her body, feeling the pleasure as she ran a soapy hand over her cunt, though nowhere near as much as last night. Shower over she stepped out of it and wiped away the worst of the water and suds before wrapping the towel round her and heading back to her room.

MJ was awake and lying up in her bed, only covered by a sheet through which Susan could see his sexy lump. She felt very hot and turned-on as he looked up and gave her his MJ smile, "Morning Mommy. I loved last night."

Susan dropped her towel so that MJ could see her naked body, it would tell him as much as her words did, "I loved last night as well. You did such things with your prick, I've never had it before." She smiled, "I'd like to carry on."

MJ smiled and nodded with enthusiasm, "I'd like that too Mom." He pulled back the sheet and Susan watched as his schlong rose to its erect ten inches. MJ smiled, "I'd really like that."

Susan got onto the bed and crawled towards her son smiling, "Shall we seal that with a blow-job?"

"A blow-job?" asked MJ innocently.

"Yes, a blow-job. You'll enjoy it honey, I promise. It's where a woman takes her boyfriend's prick in her mouth and sucks it. Most men love it," she smiled.

"As much as fucking," he asked.

"Some men more," replied Susan remembering her time as a cheerleader behind the gym with the football team.

"Okay Mommy," smiled MJ, "Give me a blow job."

"A BJ for my MJ," giggled Susan as she lent over her son's rock hard member. She started licking it at first, moving her tongue in little teasing dabs. MJ gulped and gave a smile as his Mom moved her tongue down the shaft and then up again, moving round the diameter of the cock in a corkscrew. Then she slid down again to his balls and started to lick the bag, sliding her lips over the nuts and suckling gently at them. There was a slight shake and a groan from MJ as his Mom's mouth played with the sack. Then she was moving up again, her tongue slowly moving up the huge ten inch slab of manmeat. At the top she paused, raising her mouth and smiling, "It's best not to start too quick."

MJ nodded, but didn't say anything. Susan continued to move her tongue around, sensually licking at the humongous member. It remained stiff and hard as she brought her tongue up the shaft one more time. She paused as she got to the top, but this time she didn't lick down, but opened her mouth and started to slowly move down the huge rod. The width was massive, almost making her mouth stretch and as she took more of it in she struggled to breathe properly and had to use her nose. But it was worth it for MJ, as she took more she rolled her eyes to look at her young son. A wide smile was on his face, almost splitting it and his eyes were bright and alive as his hands grabbed a pillow and pulled it to his chest. He saw his Mom looking at him and said, "You're right Mom, this is great."

Susan wanted to tell him that he hadn't seen anything yet. But that would have meant bringing her mouth off his cock and spoiling her rhythm, so she just continued moving her mouth up and down and clenching the massive meat between her lips. She slurped and sucked as her head bobbed. MJ gave a satisfied moan as she moved down further and one of his hands moved to the back of her head, pushing down lightly and keeping her pressed in position. Susan allowed her little boy to lead, letting him push her down more onto the cock so that it was pushing deep into her mouth, pressing her cheek out and slipping at the back of her throat, making her drench it with her saliva and only coming up for breath as his pressure lightened. He pressed her down again, "Oh Mommy this is so much fun. I love it." Susan was pleased.

He pressed down again and let her up, moving faster and faster. Susan kept with him, letting him have control off her speed and depth. Soon she was moving quicker and quicker, slurping more of his cock. She kept her eyes on his face, seeing the smile change into a grimace as the orgasm hit him. It gave her a tiny warning before the schlong started blowing into her mouth, enough time so she didn't choke from the explosion of salty spunk that filled her mouth. She pulled her head off his prong, swallowing some of his goo and letting the rest dribble out of her mouth and over her chin. She wiped her chin and smiled, "I told you you'd love it."

"I want lots more blow jobs," said MJ, "And lots of fucks as well."

"You'll get them," smiled Susan and licked some of his cum of her lips, "but first breakfast."

* * *

After breakfast they went shopping. Susan couldn't make any displays of open affection, but it was strange how often when MJ was behind her she had to bend over to pick something on the lowest shelf, her tight jeans clinging close to her Mom ass.

When they got home Susan didn't even finish unpacking, only putting away things that would be ruined if they weren't in the freezer, before she took MJ into the main room, removed her jeans and had sex with him on the couch. Over lunch she masturbated herself as she crouched under the table sucking MJ in between him eating slices of his peanut jelly sandwich, almost so much that he choked. Mid-afternoon they went up to her bedroom and he screwed her again - twice. And for dinner she jacked him off over her Pizza and fries and ate them like his seed was a salty mayonnaise. After his bath MJ came down in his pyjamas and asked his Mom, "Which bed do you want me to go to?"

"Which bed do you want to go to?" she asked.

"Yours," he said and smiled cheekily.

"That's the bed you should go to then," giggled Susan, "And I'll be right up after you."

She Desperate Housewives: MJ's Mom
was and they spent much of the rest of the night banging.


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