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Desperate Housewives: MJ's Mom Part 2 (Fb, oral, anal)
by Neenah

"Morning Mommy," said MJ walking into the bathroom.

Susan was sitting on the toilet seat, finishing the last of the shaving of her pussy. She reached for a towel and rubbed away the last of the shaving cream, her bush shorn apart from a small tuft above her cunt. She knew her son loved her being smooth and not hairy. She looked at him, he was just up from bed and hadn't bothered to get dressed, his cock, ten inches of schlong when erect was still close to half a foot when soft and swung in front of his body as he walked, looking even more oversized against his small eleven year old body. Seeing his Mom's legs spread in front of him his manhood began to go hard quickly. Susan licked her lips lustfully, staring at the humongous dick, over the last couple of weeks she'd been fucking and sucking the massive muscle of meat several times a day. It still surprised and impressed her how quickly MJ could go hard and how fast he could recover after shooting his load into her cunt or mouth or over her face or tits. The housewife moved her fingers to her pussy and spread the hole, she was already hot and wet with excitement at her son's cock.

"Morning sweetie," she simpered, "It looks like you've got your morning hard-on. Shall I deal with that?"

Susan didn't wait for an answer, but got off the toilet and onto her knees. MJ replaced her sitting on the lid with his large dong sticking up. He gave his Mom a cheeky smile and moved his hand up the meat, "That would be nice Mommy."

Susan started to lick at the shaft, moving her tongue up and down the throbbing and pulsating prick. The muscle beneath went even harder and the prick was like iron beneath her tongue. She moved from the tip of his cock down to boyishly smooth ball sacks, wiping and cleaning and licking the schlong until it was covered with her spit and as damp as her cunt. Then she opened her mouth and brought her mouth slowly down the cock. She knew MJ loved BJs, even if he hadn't told her several times, she would have been able to tell from the contented smile that covered his face and the low purrs that came from his mouth. She moved her mouth down, taking more of the huge rod into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked, feeling the cock pound into the back of her throat and the top of her mouth. She moved quicker and quicker, sucking like a vacuum cleaner to give MJ the best BJ she could give.

MJ's hand pressed on her head, driving her to greater efforts. His body quivered and shook with excitement and Susan knew that soon he would be cumming. She looked up so she could see his expression changing and carried on sucking his huge member with enthusiasm. She could taste the salty pre-cum in her mouth and she knew that any second he was going to blow. She had to make a quick decision whether to let him cum in her mouth or pull back and finish him so that he shot over her face. She chose the second, as she hadn't yet had breakfast and didn't want too much salt in her stomach. She pulled her head back and gripped the slimy cock hard. It only took a few tugs and MJ's face changed as he schlong shot out huge wads of silvery goo. It splattered all over Susan's face, over her lips and in her mouth and in her eyes, making them sting and blinding her. She carried on tugging the schlong, her arm working as hard as her mouth had been, as her son shot wad after wad, loads of spunk coating her face in its thick goo. She only let go once she was sure the cock was empty. The cum dripped off her, she licked at it, tasting the salt and letting it fall down her body, leaving her titties glistening with cum. She stood up and reached for the towel to dry herself from her son's cum. "That was fun," she said.

* * *

As was normal by dinner Susan and MJ had fucked several more times, each one leaving Susan more than satisfied, but stopping MJ's pre-teen horniness for little more than a few hours each time. After dinner they sat on the couch to watch TV. There was nothing on so Susan said, "Shall we watch a DVD?"

MJ nodded.

Susan stood up, "Which one?" she asked as she walked over to where the DVDs were.

"You choose," said her son politely.

Susan had been thinking he was going to choose a cartoon or a Disney film and she had mentally prepared herself for a couple of hours of boredom until MJ was ready to go to bed with her, even if it would be a couple of hours of boredom with MJ snuggled next to her, which made it not so bad. But MJ saying she could choose gave her an idea, "Just a few minutes," she said and went upstairs to where the adult DVDs she and Mike had owned were kept. Often before he'd died they'd watch porn before fucking, it turned them both on and even after he'd died she'd watched it a lot before dildoing herself. Now she planned to watch one with her son. She picked one at random and went downstairs.

"What have you got us?" asked MJ.

Susan looked at the title, "Anal Drillers," she said and slipped it into the machine.

"That sounds good," said MJ, a little bit disbelievingly. However, Susan saw that as soon as he started watching it his scepticism vanished at the same speed as his dong rose. Susan smiled and moved closer to him, gently stroking the mound beneath his pants as it strained against the material. MJ watched fascinated as a young woman with big tits sucked off a guy, before bending over and taking it up her ass in various positions. His schlong strained so much that Susan wondered if the zip was going to burst and the manhood shoot out.

The second film on the DVD didn't give any further relief, as a woman a couple of years younger than the first gave up all her holes to an older man. The man was about four times MJ's age, in his late forties, but Susan thought proudly as his cock hammered the teenager's ass, he was still probably an inch smaller than her son. The man shot his cum over the woman's face and MJ hit 'pause' on the remote stopping the screen with the cum dripping down the girl's face. He looked at his Mom, "They looked like they were having fun?"

"They did," agreed his Mom, "We're not the only ones who like fucking. Most people do."

MJ nodded wisely, "They looked like they enjoyed doing the girl's bottom. Do people like doing that?"

Susan smiled and nodded, "Anal fucking is very popular among many people."

"Could I fuck your butt?" asked MJ. He gave a charming smile and he looked very excited at the thought.

Susan paused. The thought of his huge member penetrating her ass was both appealing and scary. The appeal won, "Sure, sweetie. Shall we go upstairs? I'll need to lube your dick so it'll fit in."

They headed upstairs to Susan's room and quickly got undressed, Susan admiring the hardness and width of her son's super schlong and lusting at the thought it would soon be up her ass. But there was no way that the meaty dong could fit it without lube, at least not without tearing her a new one. She turned to her naked son, "Wait here a moment MJ, Mommy's just going to get something from the bathroom."

She went into the bathroom and opened the cabinet. Inside was some Vaseline in a jar. She took it and headed back into the bedroom. MJ was lying on the bed, stroking his erect prick as he waited for his Mom. He smiled as she came in and sat beside him, "What's that?" he asked pointing at the Vaseline jar.

"It's to help your dick go down Mommy's ass," smiled Susan as she unpopped the jar. She dipped her fingers into the oily substance and pulled them out with a large glob of gooey Vaseline on them. She began to rub it all over her son's schlong, making sure it was rubbed deep and covered all of it. One handful wasn't enough so she got out some more and continued to slap it on the schlong. MJ smiled happily as his Mom massaged the Vaseline into his member, leaving it oiled, slippery and erect. Susan looked at the large dick, her insides turned queasy with excitement as she thought about that thing pounding her butt. She rolled over on her front and pulled apart her butt, ready to give her son his first stab at a woman's ass.

"Now sweetie," instructed Susan, "You'll need to push hard, use all you strength to get it in me. It's so big it might hurt me at first, but don't worry it soon goes and then I'll enjoy it lots."

"Yes Mommy," said MJ and climbed on top of her. Susan could feel his thin body move over her, his warm skin of his thighs resting on her as he positioned one hand on either side and lifted himself up so that his cock was over her hole. He pushed down, forcing himself into her back crevasse and making her squeal with pain as the massive schlong pushed apart her hole. Slowly he moved in, ripping open her anus painfully. Several times he had to stop and pull back a bit before pushing in again and gaining quarter of an inch or so. Each time Susan gasped in pain, tears clouded her eyes and she bit the quilt in front of her. She knew it would be worth it, both for her and MJ. It did, gradually as MJs schlong worked its way in and out of her pooper it stretched to cope with the big dick and it began to give her pleasure as it went deep enough to hammer at her G-spot from behind. MJ's body moved up and down thrusting down. The young boy laughed in pleasure, "Mommy, your butt is so tight."

"It is baby, it is," said Susan, her arms spread in front of her and her legs wide as her little, or not so little, boy pounded her pooper. She gave a moan of pleasure as his hard dong slammed at her pleasure palace again. Susan asked, "Are you enjoying it sweetie, are you enjoying Mommy's tight anal hole?"

"Yes," said MJ as he continued to pound, "Its more fun even than when you suck me."

Susan knew her son must really be enjoying it, as MJ loved his blow-jobs. She was enjoying it as well, there was still a bit of pain, how could there not be when she had a ten inch schlong pounding fast and deep into her anus, but the pain was not as important as the orgasmic pleasure she was receiving, a pleasure which was making her cry with bliss and throb with enjoyment as her son's manhood rammed down her anal passageway and made her cum repeatedly.

"Oh, Mommy, I'm cumming," said MJ. He straightened up and shot wad after wad into Susan's backhole. The brunette Mom groaned in pleasure as the cum filled her hole and soaked it. It dribbled out and over her buttocks as MJ pulled out his member and flopped down next to her. For a few moments Susan carried on lying down, letting the over-spill flood over her cheeks and the rest soak down her hole. Then she turned over on to her back and let it all trickle out onto the bed, making it damp.

"I enjoyed that," said Susan turning her head to look at her adorable son.

"I liked it as well, Mommy," said MJ, "It was so tight on my dick, it almost made me cum straight away."

"I'm glad you held off until you had fucked me properly," smiled Susan.

"We can do it more, Mommy?" it sounded like a question, but was more a statement.

"Yes, sweetie," said Susan, "Let me just get you hard again."

She moved her head down to limp cock and began to lick at the muscle. It soon began to stir back into life, rising up quickly and stiffly. She continued to lick her tongue moving over the hard flesh; it tasted of cum and Vaseline and her anus, but she didn't mind the taste, just seeing the look on her son's face, an expression of happiness as his Mom tongue teased him, was enough to make any salty bitterness turn into a sweet honey. Her tongue moved down to tickle her son's balls and then up the hard schlong to the tip. She moved her tongue round the top, licking the bald-flesh, still ripe with cum. Then Susan opened her mouth and brought it down the cock. MJ gave a start and groaned in pleasure as his Mom's mouth took his member. Susan moved up and down the top-half of the schlong gently sucking and keeping the cock cleaned. She didn't want to go too fast or hard and make him cum, not when her ass was wanting another fucking. After a few minutes content that MJ was excited and ready she pulled her mouth off and looked at her son, "I'll go on top this time," she said.

She got up onto her haunches and turned her back on her son. Gripping her butt she pulled it apart and lowered herself on the huge prong. It went in easier than before as her ass was still wide from the anal pounding she had got earlier. It still stung as it went in, but less and it didn't take many bounces up and down until it was doing its work in pleasuring her. She continued to go up and down fast loving the feel of the thick prick in her anus as it stretched and tore pleasurably at her. She moved up and down the cock, working it hard, until she was sweating and gasping in pleasure at the orgasms it was giving her and MJ was grunting as she drove at his schlong. Her titties bounced and moved as she jumped up and down. Her cunt was wet with excitement as her ass stuffing led orgasm after orgasm. She moaned, "Oh baby, cum in Mommy, cum in Mommy's ass."

Her wish was immediately granted, not that she minded, the pleasure from the schlong was more than enough to keep her happy. She was leaning back, her hands either side of her son and she could hear him panting in her ears as he thrust up to meet her thrusts down. The moved quicker, her butt going all the way down his young, but meaty, rod and slapping against his smooth ball boys. He groaned, "I'm cumming again, Mommy," and shot wad after wad of cum into her back chute. She pulled herself up and away from him, but remaining sitting on her haunches as the cum dribbled out of her open hole.

She stayed there until the last bit of spunk had dripped out, then dropped down beside MJ smiling, "Oh sweetie, that was so good, you were so good. I loved it."

"I loved it too," smiled MJ back.


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