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Desperate Housewives: MJ's Mom Part 3 (Fb, inc, anal, oral)
by Neenah

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," gasped Susan Delfino. The Mom was naked on her hands and knees in her bedroom. Her titties bounced beneath, jiggling as her body was rocked back and forth. Behind her was her eleven year old son MJ Delfino, his hands gripping her waist as his ten-inch schlong pounded in and out of her ass. Since Susan had introduced her son to anal sex there hadn't been a day when his massive prong hadn't gone up her ass at least once, making her orgasm so heavily it was swiftly becoming their favourite hole and only the fact that his cock was too big to fit comfortably in her hole without hurting it stopped them using her ass a lot more than they did.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she moaned loudly as his huge cock penetrated her hard. MJ's body slapped against hers, the boy thrusting his massive manhood with skill and confidence down her back chute "Oh baby, oh baby, fuck Mommy's ass, fuck Mommy's ass."

MJ carried on pushing his big dick down her pooper, making her chute expand and stretch and making her cum again and again. Susan shrieked and scream her body shivering with a pleasure it hadn't felt in years, "Harder, baby, harder. Fuck my ass with your big dick. Fill my ass baby, fill it with your massive man meat."

"Mommy, I love you, I love fucking you," said MJ in response and them blew his load into her shithole. He gave a groan and fell back onto the bed. Susan remained in position a few moments, enjoying the sensation of the warm spunk trickling down her asshole and dribbling out the hole in the back. Then she turned so that she was facing her young son. He was totally naked and covered with sweat. His prick was going limp, still coated with the lube she coated it with, his cum and a few small traces of brown. But even though it was soft it was still massive and despite the major ass-reaming she had just had Susan felt another stab of lust - which wasn't a surprise - most the time she was around MJ Susan felt her body ache with lustful desire for her eleven year old son and his big cock. He smiled up at her and said, "I love you Mommy."

"I love you too," said Susan and bent over his large, flaccid cock and began to lick the manhood. MJ smiled and slid his hands under his head as his cock swiftly began to stir again - it was one of the many things that Susan loved about having sex with the eleven year old, he recovered almost instantly from cumming, needing hardly any help to become like rock again. She moved her tongue round and round his rod, licking away the cum and anal debris and lube and replacing it all with her spit, polishing and cleaning the massive schlong to perfection.

"Oh Mommy. That feels so good, you clean my dick so good. It feels so wet and warm when you lick it, like tickles," MJ said. He gave a small giggle of appreciation as Susan's tongue moved up the shaft to tickle at his tip, pushing her tongue at the small eye-hole and teasing it. MJ said, "I love it when you suck it. You're so good at sucking my prick."

Susan loved being complimented, especially by her son on her blowjob skills and after he had been so complimentary she felt she had no choice but to do as he wanted. She opened her mouth and slid her slutty lips down over his big dick. MJ gave a small groan and closed his eyes as his facial expression turned from relaxed happiness to overwhelming joy. Susan moved her head up and down, taking the schlong deep into her mouth and her throat. It tasted good, a bit bitter, but still good. She bobbed up and down quicker, sucking as she did so MJ expression showed an even deeper ecstasy and he groaned, "Oh Mommy, suck my cock, suck my cock dry. Oh you're the best cock-sucking Mommy in the whole wide world." Susan continued to gobble his schlong, sucking and slurping at the hard prong and slamming it against her cheeks and into the back of her throat. In the top of her vision she could see MJ's expression turn again, this time into what looked like a pained contortion - though it was anything but - giving Susan a quick warning, confirmed by MJ gasping, "I'm cumming, Mommy, I'm cumming."

MJ shot so much cum into her mouth that her cheeks bulged and she almost choked as she drank it. But she let hardly any of it out through her lips, instead Susan swallowed his jizz, drinking down the gooey white sperm like they were her favourite drink (and it probably was). Only when the last bit was down her throat and into her stomach did she dare open her mouth and lick her lips to clean the few spunk spots which she hadn't been able to keep in. Once she was sure that she was done and all MJ's spunk had been cleaned from her lips, she smiled at him and said, "I better get up and make breakfast. You better get dressed, you don't want to be late for your first day back at school."

She got out of bed and put a gown over her naked body before heading downstairs to make some breakfast for her son. MJ arrived down just as she was putting it on the table. He looked smart in his smartly pressed pants and shirt and tie with his dark jacket with the school logo. He looked so darling that Susan had to fight the urge to tell him to stay home so she could fuck his little socks off him. Instead she put the plate in front of him, though she made sure she leant forward far enough for him to see her cleavage - and from the way his schlong stirred in his pants she was sure he had. Sitting opposite she said, "It'll be strange not to have you at home."

"I had a great summer vacation," answered MJ, "The best."

"I enjoyed it as well, but they'll be plenty of times in the evening and weekends," replied Susan, "Just make sure when you tell your friends what you were doing over the Summer don't tell them you were ass-fucking your Mom."

"Can I tell them I was ass-fucking this hot older woman?" MJ gave an innocent smile.

"Better not," said Susan, "we wouldn't want people to start asking who this older woman is, as the only hot older woman you know is me."

* * *

Susan was sitting in the car waiting as MJ came out of school. He looked very handsome and dapper in his blazer, with his satchel over his shoulder. Susan gave a small hoot of the horn and waved at her son. Ever since she had dropped him off that morning she had been incredibly horny and had spent much of the day dildoing her pussy, to no benefit, and by the end of the afternoon she was still as desperately needy for thick and meaty schlong as she had been for the morning. MJ opened the back door and started to get in. Susan shook her head, saying, "Now you've started 6th grade, you should be a big boy and sit in the front seat next to me."

"Yes, Mommy," said MJ. He put his satchel in the back seat and got into the front. Susan leant over and wobbled her bosom at him, as she helped slot his seatbelt into the slot. She stretched and rubbed her boobs against his face. To an outsider it would have been an innocent accident, but not to MJ and Susan smiled as she saw his pants stretch up as his large cock went hard.

She started the car and pulled away from the sidewalk, "How was school?"

"I missed you."

"Good. I'm glad you missed me," said Susan. She reached over and unzipped her son's pant zips, keeping her eyes on the road at the same time - she didn't want to have an accident. She reached in and pulled down his underwear, allowing his massive manhood to spring free. Susan's fingers moved gently over the huge hunk of meat, feeling the veins and stretched skin, "I missed you as well," she said and put her hands round the dick squeezing hard at the member and feeling the beating throb of his pulse. She moved her hand up and down, "Very much."

MJ squirmed in pleasure, if anyone passed the car unless they looked closely they'd have thought Susan's hand was on the gear-stick and MJ was just fidgeting to get comfortable, unused to the front seat seatbelt. Susan worked her hand up and down, moving it naturally as she kept her concentration on the road. MJ moaned in happiness, "Oh Mommy, oh Mommy - I missed you, I missed your mouth, your pussy, your ass, your hand. That so great, jack my big dick, jack it Mommy."

Susan didn't reply, as it would be one thing too many to talk when she was also driving and masturbating her son. Instead she moved her hand quicker and faster, her speed moving up with the cars speedometer. They left the main bit of the town and entered a straight road with little traffic. Susan's hand went up and down in a blur. MJ grunted and tensed in pleasure and then let go, blowing goblets of spunk into the air. They rained down over Susan's hand, coating it in warm slime. She removed her hand and, raising it to her mouth, licked away the salty semen, her eyes still on the road. Once her hand was clean she replaced it on the steering wheel and allowed herself a quick glance at MJ - he was sitting there, a happy smile on his face, and his limp prick resting on the top of his pants. Susan said, "You better put that away now sweetie. That should do you until we're home..." she turned the wheel into the lane, "Look, we're home now."

As she turned into the drive MJ swiftly adjusted his pants and as he got out of the car and got his satchel from the back seat the casual onlooker would not have guessed his Mom had spent much of the ride home jacking him off, only if they looked closely would they have noticed that the wet patches on his pants glistened like cum. Susan locked the car and unlocked the front door and entered the house. As soon as MJ was in she closed the door behind him and turned to face him, undoing the buttons on the front of the dress as she did so, "Mommy missed her little stallion," she said and dropped it to the floor. It had been obvious to MJ, from the way her boobies had been bouncing, that his Mom hadn't been wearing a bra, but when her dress dropped to her ankles he saw she wasn't wearing any underwear either. His cock hardened as his Mom stood there wearing nothing but a pair of slip on shoes and she quickly slipped them off as well. The sexy dark haired Mom smiled, "Aren't you going to get undressed as well?"

"Okay, are we going to go upstairs?" MJ asked even as he tore off his clothes and dropped them in a heap on the floor.

"Why wait?" giggled Susan as her son pulled off his underwear showing her his big schlong, "I'm ready now and by the look of it so are you."

"Yes," said MJ, "I'm ready now." He stroked his long, thick dick, "I told you I missed you."

"I see," said Susan and hopped onto the couch on her hands and knees. She wiggled seductively at her son, "Come and fuck my Mommy cunt from behind."

MJ got on the couch and started to push his large dick into Susan's pussy. He gripped her sides and started pounding with his usual skills. The huge schlong swept in and out of her wet slit, ramming at her G-spot. Within moments Susan was gasping in excitement as MJ hit deep into her. His small frame slapped against her thrusting his oversized dong down her hole and making her drip juice. "Oh baby, oh baby, give Mommy your dick. I want your big prick in me. I want your supersized schlong to fuck Mommy."

"Yes, Mommy," replied MJ, "I'm fucking you. I'm fucking my slutty, yummy Mommy's slutty slit. I love fucking my slutty Mommy."

Susan stifled a gasp as MJ moved and pushed a thumb into her ass. She liked it, she quickly decided, as he pushed and moved it around one hole as he rammed the other. After a few moments he pulled out his thumb and stuck in a finger, pushing it deeper. The feeling of a large schlong in her cunt and smaller digit in her ass made Susan cum and she shrieked in pleasure, her wet pussy soaking her son's meat with her juice, "Oh baby, stick your finger up Mommy's ass."

MJ did more than that and added a second finger to join the first, thrusting in and out of Susan's asshole in time with his pounding of her pussy. Susan cried out, "Oh, oh, oh. Oh MJ, you're the boy, you're the complete package. You're filling your slutty Mommy." The Mom groaned and gasped in pleasure as she came for her stud son, greasing his prick with her cum and being rewarded by him sending the member faster and harder into her cunt, which in turn made her all the wetter. "Fuck me, MJ, fuck your Mommy, your Mommy wants a fucking."

All of a sudden MJ pulled his schlong out, leaving Susan surprised. 'He hadn't cum? had he?' she wondered, 'It would be early if he did." He could normally carry on for a lot longer before he shot his load all over or in her. But then he pulled out his finger from her shithole and started to push his cock in, "I want to fuck your pooper," he said. Susan nodded, it was too late to say no and anyway she wanted him to fuck her ass, it was a big turn on that he was putting it in her butt before asking.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned as he pushed his hard cock down her shit chute, ramming it down deep so that his balls slapped against her cheeks and his thin, weedy thighs hit her own Mommy legs, "Oh, oh, oh. Good boy MJ, butt-fuck Mommy. You know Mommy loves a good anal fuck."

"Yes," said MJ, his small hands gripping her sides again, "You're ass is so tight. It feels like your squeezing my dick with a giant hand. Mommy you're an anal Queen."

"Oh, oh, oh," Susan shouted out. MJ's schlong was deep down her anus, ripping at her walls and making her cum with pleasure. He moved back and forth, quickly ploughing down. Susan shouted out louder, "Oh, oh, oh."

"Yes," gasped MJ and came in his Mom's butt, blowing his cum down her ass.

"Oh MJ," squealed Susan at the same time as an orgasm hit her, "Oh MJ."


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