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Desperate Housewives: Making It Part 1 (FFbb,anal)
by Neenah

"Don't look, they're looking at us," said Susan to her friend. Bree forced herself not to immediately turn, but to angle herself so she could get another look in the reflection of the shop window.

The two boys were about twelve years old, dressed in the clothes that seemed to be the fashion with messy hair and gorgeous cute faces. Bree's breath came quicker and she flushed with desire as she looked at them. It had been so long since she had a real meaty schlong and she knew both the two boys were packing. She wiggled her ass as if by accident, her eyes watching at the boy's lustful expressions as they followed her butt jiggling. Beside her Susan artfully jiggled her rump as well as she pretended to be stretching to have a look at the price in the window.

"They're very nice," Bree said, still pretending to look in the window of the shop.

"Would you think about buying one/" her friend smiled, licking her lips.

Bree paused for half a second, "Yes," she said and turned walking further down the mall. Susan was quickly beside her, the two hot Moms walking slowly but seductively, their hips swaying as they waved their behinds at the boys. They kept their eyes on the shop windows making sure the two grinning boys were still following them.

They were.

The two Moms continued until they came to a women's wear shop, the dummies in the windows wearing the sexy lingerie. Bree and Susan halted again, turning to the window and looking in, both at the dummies and the reflection of the two cutesicles behind them. Bree felt herself quivering with excitement, "They're definitely interested."

"Yes, should we introduce ourselves?" Susan said, licking her red lips hungrily.

"They're coming closer," said Bree as the two boys approached. She turned and placed a hand on her hip. She had picked the dress especially for the day, one with a low cleavage and tight around her so you could admire her body. "Hello boys," she purred.

"Hello," the boys chirruped in unison. They carried on walking, confident and calm, beams across their faces as they approached the prowling cougars. "I'm Todd," said the taller. He had light brown hair which swept down over his forehead in an untidy mess and his smile was a killer.

"I'm Pete," said his friend. His hair was darker, but just as messy, jutting out at odd angles and covering his ears. His eyes were deep and his nose was as cute as a button. "We were just admiring your dresses."

"You like them," Susan's was as tight and low-cut as her friend's. She wiggled slightly so her bosom strained at it and the boys' eyes lit up. "I'm Susan."

"And I'm Bree," the redhead said, copying her friend's sexy wiggle. "They're lovely dresses, you boys have taste."

"So we've been told," Pete grinned.

"We were about to go and try on some new dresses, what about you boys come in and tell us what you think?" Susan grinned.

The two boys looked at each other, their mouths spreading in happy delight, before they turned nodding, "Yeah, that'd be good."

"Okay, let's wrap the location scene," the Director stepped in waving to the camera operators who'd been following them to stop, "and get going to the studio."

It wasn't a moment too soon, as some Mall Cops were approaching, at a pace that was leaving them puffing. Straight shota porn might be legal, but it didn't mean that shopping malls wanted it being filmed illicitly on their premises. Bree and Susan paused long enough to take off their shoes and then joined the rest of the cast and crew in walking fast towards the exit, easily outpacing the panting and overweight guards.

Sitting in the back seat with one of the cameramen driving Bree felt nervous again. It was her friend Gabby who had introduced Susan and her to the director (who was also the producer and script writer - what of it there was) at a party. The hot Latino had been doing straight shota modelling for a while, ever since she and Carlos had split up and was getting a following. She was also getting well paid and loving it. Bree and Susan were both having financial worries and getting paid a $1000 for a day's work was an incentive to do a movie. But a bigger reason was what Gabby had told them about how much fun it was to have super-endowed boy meat in her holes, making her cum more than she ever had - the young shota studs being much energetic and with higher stamina than even young men who were in their late teens and twenties. The thought of some hard young cock ending her dick drought had got Bree signing on the dotted line and Susan signing immediately after.

She glanced at her friend. Susan seemed as nervous looking as her and Bree squeezed her hand encouragingly. Her friend squeezed back, "I'm looking forward to this, even if I'm anxious."

"I am also," said Bree and she was. There might be butterflies in her stomach, but it was also exciting.

The studio wasn't far and they soon pulled into the lot and entered the building. The Director was already there, bustling about the set and making sure it looked like the inside of a deluxe clothes shop. He gave a wave of welcome to the two Moms as they arrived and pointed to a buffet table, "Have some lunch, we'll be ready to shoot shortly."

Bree and Susan walked over to the table. The two boys were already there, drinking soda and eating some chips. They grinned in greeting as the two women joined them, "I heard this is your first shoot," said Todd.

"It is," confirmed Bree.

"But we're looking forward to it," added Susan. She then added, "What about you boys? Have you done a lot of scenes."

Todd nodded, "I've been making movies about six months. I was banging this hot college cheerleader chick and she was a straight shota fiend, kept telling me I was big enough to be in porn. So I auditioned and turned out she was right."

"What about you Pete? You made many movies?" Bree asked.

The boy nodded and smiled, "Since I was ten, two years. It was my Mom who noticed I was hung like a hippo and took me along to try out, she reckoned the extra money would be useful for my college fund - turns out I enjoy the fucking as well. I was pretty inexperienced and nervous, first time I had lips round my schlong was at the audition. I learnt fast."

"It's a good job to have, it pays well, you can do it over the weekend and we get to bang the best looking broads in the US," said Todd, looking the Moms up and down appreciatively.

Bree giggled, still nervous, but her nerves going as she talked to the young boys and imagined how good it was going to be to have their large cocks, "You'd recommend it then."

"Hot dawg, yeah," Todd punched the air.

"Best job ever," nodded the other shota stud, "Fucking hot cougars is great."

"Seriously, you'll love it as well, I've never had any of my co-stars claiming they were short changed."

"Me neither," said Pete.

"We're ready for you," the Director came over. "Remember ladies you've just come in the shop from the mall and you're wanting to impress the shota studs, be sexy."

The four of them moved to the stage, ignoring the technical crew standing around and waiting for the Director to call action. As soon as they were in position he did. The two Mom's sashayed into shot, followed by the two boys. Another woman dressed as the shop assistant (but in reality the make-up girl moonlighting) gave them a smile, "We're really busy downstairs, but if you need anything just holler."

"We should be fine here," said Susan as she and Bree gave the boys a fuck-me look.

The woman nodded, "I'll leave you alone up here," and left the stage.

Bree and Susan turned their backs to the camera, wiggling their bodies as they did. "Could you unzip me, Pete," said Bree seductively. The two boys stepped forward, reaching up to slowly slide down the older women's zips. Bree and Susan wiggled their way out of the dresses, sliding them slowly down their bodies. Neither were wearing a bra and their panties were both tiny thongs which dug between their cracks and didn't cover their round rumps.

The two women turned, not bothering to conceal their tits from either the boys or the cameras. "Any suggestions?" said Susan with a cheeky smile.

"Plenty," said Todd.

"For us to wear..." Bree purred.

"You're both good like that," Pete said.

"You're both naughty," laughed Bree taking a tiny dress off the rack and holding it to her body. If on it would have barely concealed anything, but she still shook her head with a smile and said "Too big?"

The boys grinned and nodded.

"What about this?" Susan held another dress up to her body, it would have been longer, but still well-cut at the front.

The boys shook their heads and the two Moms giggled together, before picking up a pair of dresses. In the movie they wouldn't see them putting on the dresses, but Bree and Susan had to get into them to get out of them. Neither of the dresses were designed for normal wear, Susan's was totally see through, her body easily visible through the thin gauze and whilst Bree's was thicker at the bottom, covering her panties it turned to net above her navel and was even more see through than her friend. Both women walked into the fake dressing rooms and waited for the Director's call.

He called and they exited, striding out through the curtain and across the carpeted floor to stand in front of the two shota stallions. "So do you like our dresses?" Bree said, as her and Susan slid their arms round each other's waists, standing close together and looking as sexy as sin. "Do they make us look hot and sexy?" she purred.

"Oh yeah," Todd grinned. Susan moved a step away from her friend, twisting slightly and her hands under her melons pushing them together and squeezing them through the thin material. Bree moved with her, dancing slowly, her body turning and her tits jiggling at the net.

The two boys came close. The two hot cougars bent forward and latched their mouths to theirs. The two studs kissed back, their hands groping at the titties, grasping the boobs tightly and squashing them. Bree felt so excited, being filmed adding an extra dimension of hotness. Her hands were down on Pete's ass, squeezing his buns and he squeezed her mounds. The two women broke, beaming widely, the boys equally so. "You'd pick these dresses then?" laughed Susan sexily.

"They suit you both," nodded Todd and Pete gave his agreement.

"We should take them off," said Bree and slowly slid out of hers as her friend did the same. Her hands slipped under her thong elastic and she briefly brought them down, flashing her pussy at the camera and the boys. She'd almost shaved apart from a thin streak of red hair and she hoped the camera caught it, "You think we should buy some lingerie to go with our dresses Susan?"

"Yes, some really sexy lingerie," Susan said, "and let's see what the boys think of our choice."

The two women quickly changed into suspender belts and stockings, before removing their panties and going into the fake changing rooms and waiting for the call. It came within seconds. "Action."

Both of them put their hand through the curtains and dropped their thongs to the floor in front of the camera. Then they opened the curtains and pranced out sexily, hand on hip like they were modelling the catwalk. The look of lust on the boys' faces wasn't acting and the hard lumps under their pants weren't caused by fake prosthetics. "So what do you think boys?" purred Susan.

"Dang hot," growled Pete and Todd grunted his agreement.

"Looks like we've given the boys' boners Bree," said Susan.

"We should do something about that," Bree smiled. She dropped to her knees on the carpeted floor, a clothes rack behind her and pulled down Pete's pants. A massive schlong slapped out, as big as a forearm. It looked lovely, especially to someone as dick starved as Bree had been recently. She started to lick it gently as her friend did the same to Todd. The two cougars' tongues moved slowly round the mighty pounders, leaving a glistening trail behind them. They slipped down to the balls, gently sucking at the sacs before returning to lick and kiss the massive sausage sticking out from both boys.

"Suck it," grunted Pete and Bree's mouth opened. Her lips pressed down the meat, rolling over it. She looked at him as she sucked, loving how his facial expressions changed as she went deeper. He grunted and moved his hips, to meet her part way. Susan was moving in near unity with her, the brunette taking Todd's cock far into her mouth.

"Fuck yes," the two boys enjoyed the blow-job, as the Moms, mouths engorged their large dicks, taking more and more of the massive members down. Their heads banging forward the two cougars devoured the manmeat eagerly, gulping at the dick and choking it down. Their wet mouths left the dicks slippery and soaked and at the Director's call the two women shot their mouths back.

"How was that?" Bree licked her lips and didn't wait for an answer before standing. "Let me get that off," she said pulling up the sweater and vest.

Even as Pete was taking it off he was kicking away his shoes and stepping out of his pants so he was even more naked than Bree. Todd was the same as Susan stripped him. The two Moms stood and kissed the boys, leaning down and pressing their mouths at them. The boys munched back as they embraced the older women, squeezing their buttocks and grasping their waists.

"That pussy sure looks juicy," said Todd.

Peter licked his lips and smiled at Bree, "Yours does as well."

The two boys got to their knees, craning their heads at the cunts. Just as the Moms had sucked their genitals the boys licked at the women's. Both Susan and Bree giggled in pleasure as the younger studs licked eagerly at their funholes, their tongues shooting up the lips to hit the clitoris at the top, concentrating their power on hitting that spot.

"Oh, oh," Bree moaned. It felt so good to have a young boy swapping his saliva for her juice, his licking making her so wet, that she was sure the camera would be picking up her glistening. Pete's hands clung her to thighs, rubbing them as his face thrust deep into her. He licked with the eagerness of youth, but the skill of a practiced Lothario (which was what he was, she remembered). She moaned loudly, her cunt blazing with desire. Susan was groaning as well, her sounds merging with Bree's so that it was hard to tell them apart; the boys only sound was the ploughing of their tongue in the women's gashes.

"Oh, oh," Bree moaned again. It was so good, Pete's tongue was sending her into a warm state of pure bliss. He continued, quicker and stronger, an expert in cunnilingus transporting her to heaven. She groaned louder, her face red and hot, her expression - desire.

"Ooohhh," Susan became even louder, so that if was a real shop the assistants would be running. The brunette's hand gripped Bree, squeezing it. Bree squeezed back, crying out as Pete's tongue clapped at her bud, sending orgasms through her. Bree wanted it to last forever.

But it was a porn movie and it couldn't.

"Lie on the floor, time for the pussy fuck scene," the Director said.

Both women complied, lying next to each other, their legs spread wide and their finger brushing their pussies and spreading them apart, "You want to fuck us properly?" purred Susan.

"We're waiting," Bree added seductively, her fingers opening her hole apart.

"Let's do it," agreed Pete and Todd nodded his enthusiastic agreement.

The boys swapped round and Todd moved between Bree's legs, holding his huge whopper in his hand as he guided it towards her funhole. And then he was in, penetrating her pussy and she was making her debut at being fucked on film. It felt great. Todd was so big and long, his dick seemed to go on forever and filled every cubit of her tunnel. He thrust in, his cock ploughing deep and her wet walls clinging to it. "Oh," she cried as the dick went in, sliding over her erogenous zones and clipping at her bud as it filled her. "Ohhh."

"Oooohh, oooohh," Susan moaned in unison, her body rocking as she was slammed beside her friend.

The two women's legs wrapped at the boys, not letting them go. The two shota stallions beamed happily and galloped faster, riding the cunts like they were racers. The pussy owners groaned and rocked, their melons bouncing and jumping like they were trampolines. The two boys shoved harder, burying their shafts in the hot holes. The two women shook and shuddered as they were shoved, their bodies rocking against the carpet, their skin burning with the friction. The rest of them was heating as well, sweat appearing in driblets, sliding down their naked bodies. "Oooohhh, ooohhh."

Bree couldn't remember when she last had such a hefty schlong in her, not her husband or her lovers after her widowhood. She was sure not her pre-marriage boyfriends either or she'd have married them. It was pounding her so strongly that every thrust was making her cum, her cunt as juiced up as a fresh orange. Her friend was crying out loudly as well, her expression one of such pure pleasure it was obvious she was enjoying her meat feast as much as Bree. The redhead cried out again, squeezing her legs tighter round Todd and looking up at him. His face was a mask of concentration as he went at her, but seeing her looking at him he smiled a gap-tooth smiled, looking so cute she came again. "OOoohhh."

"Time to swop," called the Director.

The boys pulled back, grinning at each other. They lay back on the floor, their hard pricks upright. Bree and Susan got up, criss-crossing each other and standing over the boys. Bree lowered herself down onto Pete, her fingers spreading her hole for his meat. She slid down it as her friend was penetrated by Todd's manhood. The two women continued down, spreading their holes to accommodate the massive members. It was the cougars turn to ride and they did with the same speed and spirit as the boys, their funholes driving down the hard dicks. It was as fun to be on top as below, their sopping cunts warm with bliss as they rammed the cocks, their tits jiggling and bouncing as they galloped.

"Ooohh, ooohh, yes, oooohhh," Susan and Bree groaned again, their bodies shaking as they pounded down. "Oooohhhh, yes, oooohhh."

The two boys thrust up, meeting the women with their own bodies, their dicks going all the way in. Bree groaned out, her cunt soaked with her juice, as the schlong hit in and out. Every second was ecstasy and she rode Pete like there was no tomorrow, her mature body crushing down on his slender one. He seemed to be enjoying it, beaming widely and holding her as she came down. "Ooohhh, oooohh," she groaned.

"Swop again," called the Director and this time it wasn't just a different boy and different position, but a different hole.

Bree and Susan got up and lay on the floor, facing each other inches apart. They raised their upper legs and gripped their butt cheeks, "I want you to fuck my ass," said Bree.

"Me too," said Susan.

They had prepped the holes earlier, ready for the huge dicks. The boys still poured on some lubricant to help. Then they moved behind them, Todd again for Bree and Pete for Susan. Bree felt Todd's young hand on her rump, easing her further apart. Then she gave a small groan as the tip of his huge schlong pressed at the entrance to her poophole, pressing forward and in. Susan groaned as well, her facial expression twisting as the small hole designed for getting stuff out got something very big in. The boys grasped the women's tits and sides, pushing their dicks further in the taboo passageways. The two cougars groaned in pleasure, both being anal lovers. Luckily for them the two dicks in them were owned by a pair of shota studs, way larger than average and with the stamina and strength beyond their years. They thrust and shoved, pushing their schlongs deeper and deeper into the shitholes.

Bree moaned in excitement. The dong was deep in her and she could feel Todd's smooth balls beating at her as he thrust. "Oh yes, fuck my ass," she called out.

"Fuck me, oh, yes," Susan cried and the two women shook and shuddered together as the boys anally rode them fast and deep. Their bodies were inches from each other, the camera getting them both in shot and the crew looking down with a professional dispassion as the two cougars passion rose and exploded.

"Ohhh, fuck my ass," screamed out Bree. Todd's dick drove deep, her tunnel stretching as she took it. He rolled her on to her front, her boobs squashing beneath her and him on top. He went even quicker, his cock going all the way in, each vigorous shove gaping her asshole open. Bree loved, "Oooohh, fuck my ass, fuck it!"

The young boy drove his dick into her shitter and she cried out as she came. Susan was cumming half a foot from her, her face twisting in excitement as she came. The two boys slammed their light and slender bodies at the Moms, what they lacked in weight be made up for by size, speed and strength. Both women came again, their mouths roaring their appreciation of the super-sized schlongs slapping down their shitholes. "Oooohhh," they cried out, their shouts long and loud, "Oooohhh, yes."

The shota stallions continued their deep dicking. Bree felt herself cumming again. She had never orgasmed so often or so powerfully, the money was nice, but it wasn't for it that Bree knew she'd be repeating the experience. From the cries and grunts of her friend, Susan would also be looking for more opportunities to be a shota slut for boys to fuck on film.

"I'm almost ready," panted Pete.

"Me too," Todd panted as well.

The director called out his instructions and Bree and Susan sat on their knees, hugging each other close and smiling brightly as the two boys stood and pumped. It wasn't long before they were spurting their jizm all over the cougar's faces, covering them with their seed. Gallons of it shot out drenching the women with white goo. They continued smiling happily as their faces were transformed into dripping slime patches, the cum sliding down them and onto their round boobs.

It had been fun. The two of them sat for a moment as they waited for the final shot. The make-up lady playing the shop assistant appeared from behind one of the rails and gasped in shock, her hand covering her mouth as she looked at the two naked boys standing over two spunk shot Moms wearing only stockings and suspenders.

Bree smiled, "Can we pay on credit?"


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