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Desperate Housewives: Making It Part 2 (bbF,anal)
by Neenah

Bree watched the two young black boys acrobat on their skateboards. The elder, Cameron, was just turned 13, with hair so short you could hardly see his curls. His friend Jayden was near 11, with shoulder length hair in cornrows. Despite the risk of falling and scraping their elbows and knees both boys were wearing tight t-shirts and even tighter shorts which showed off the massive packages they both sported. Bree wasn't wearing sensible clothes herself, a very short black dress which barely covered her ample titties. The boys saw and were giving her appreciative looks. She gave them a sexy little wave, which obviously showed her interest and stood as sexily as she could. The boys stopped their skating and came over.

Bree smiled as they approached. "Hi boys," she purred, "That was some show. You're very talented."

"You liked what you saw?" Cameron smiled, his white teeth gleaming and his hand reaching to his junk to push it up under his shorts.

The trunk moved sexily as Bree looked down, "Yes," she said, her voice gravelly with sexual desire, "I did . A lot. What about you boys? Do you like what you're seeing?"

The boys looked her up and down, their faces split by beaming smiles. She posed seductively, waiting for them to nod. "Yes. We like it," said Jayden, his eyes already stripping Bree down to the buff.

"We've got a den nearby, you should come to that," Cameron could barely take his eyes of her cleavage as he beamed excitedly, "We can all get a better look."

"That sounds like an offer I don't want to refuse," Bree purred. She reached out and took the boys' hand. They grabbed hers readily enough, tucking their skateboards under their arms. They left the concrete park and headed onto the ill-kept sidewalk. Bree wiggled her ass sexually as she walked.

"Let's head to the set," the Director called out, "Now we've got the intro shot."

The two shota stallions put down their skateboards for some members of the crew to pick up, but still held Bree's hands as the three of them walked the couple of hundred meters to the film set. Bree held them back, listening as they talked and joked. She wasn't the slightest bit racist, even if she couldn't see the appeal of Obama and thought Trump's reputation ill-deserved, but she had never been fucked by a big black cock before, nor had she even taken two stiff schlongs at once. A couple of days after her last movie (which was also her first) she'd been rang up and asked if she'd like to do a bbF scene with a couple of young black boys; Cameron was an experienced pro with quiet a reputation and Jayden, whilst only in the business a few months was also making a name for himself. Bree had accepted without hesitation and now she was really looking forward to being doubled up.

As they were still setting up the lights and other equipment when they arrived Bree stood outside with the boys and ate a sandwich as she talked to them. Cameron was arrogant, but with every reason to be, Jayden was quieter and more polite, asking about Bree and not just telling her about how many porn stars he'd banged (Cameron was well into triple figures, he informed her - several times).

It wasn't long before the set was ready and the Director called them in. He went through the script with them and reminded them of the various positions they'd be in. Bree's cunt was gushing at the thought of it and even if Cameron was arrogant he had a massive dong and Jayden was more than cute as well and he was also hung like he had an elephant's trunk between her legs.

The Director finished his direction and called "Action". Bree held out her hands and the boys grabbed them, pulling her forward as the three of them jogged into the set like they'd been enthusiastically pulling her all the way there.

"This is our den," said Jayden proudly.

"Like it?" asked Cameron grinning.

Bree looked around the set, it was an old warehouse conversion, complete with crumbling brick walls and it looked like it, with some near empty shelves at the back and a cheap couch in the middle, with a mattress in front of it. Normally Bree wouldn't have been seen dead somewhere so classless, but here she was Bree the porn actress not Bree the housewife. She looked at the two boys, staring up at her with rapt attention, "I love it," she giggled, "It's so homely."

The boys grinned and gestured to the couch. She took a seat, it wasn't the most comfortable of seats, and it squeaked when she moved which they'd need to remove when they edited the movie. But as Jayden and Cameron immediately took a seat on either side of her she wasn't complaining.

"So what do you want to do?" she asked sexily answering her own question as she put her hands on their thighs and slid upwards, over their shorts to rub the massive hidden hillocks beneath the material. "I've got some ideas."

"So have I," beamed Cameron. He reached up and grabbed her head, pulling it towards him. They kissed eagerly, their mouths moulding together. He tasted the same as other boys, to her slight surprise, she had expected there to be a different taste to her first black boy. But his taste was delicious and his cock got harder.

She broke quickly and turned to Jayden. He kissed her with the same eagerness, but with more partnership in it, letting her tongue roll around his as he explored back. His dick trembled beneath his shorts, the python turning to an iron sword under her touch. As she kissed Jayden she could feel Cameron's hand on her bosom, squashing the melons and squeezing them lustfully, less than gently helping them out of the dress. They swung free, bouncing together and Bree broke the kiss, standing up and making sure she was in camera shot, "I'll take this off?" she giggled, reaching round for the knot at the back of her neck.

"Yes, go on," Cameron said as she undid the dress and dropped it to the floor, Jayden nodding excitedly in agreement as she stepped out of it and revealed her naked body, no panties. She stood still, just wearing her heels as the boys and the camera admired her. Then she dropped to her knees in front of the couch and reached up for Cameron's shorts. She pulled them down and got her first look at his dong. It was massive and hard and made her salivate.

Her mouth went down it, slurping greedily, her jaw opening wider to take it in. The boy groaned, his hand gripping her head, her red hair spilling through his fingers as he encouraged her down. The cougar sucked him deep, slobbering down the mighty manhood and leaving it soaked with her spit. Her own pussy was turning wet with desire and she fingered it as she sucked.

After a few minutes she moved to Jayden, pulling his shorts down. If anything the younger boy had even bigger and meatier manhood and Bree brought her mouth down on it and sucked it greedily. He grinned and jerked it into her mouth, helping her swallow it deeper and push it against the soft wall of cheeks. She slurped eagerly, her lips pressing down the huge shaft, leaving it covered with her spit. She reached over to Cameron and gripped his hot rod, jerking it as she sucked off Jayden. The two boys grinned with enjoyment as the older cougar treated them to her mouth and hands, soon swapping back to Cameron and sliding her mouth down his gland. The young boy pushed at her head, making her deeper and she went willingly, sucking up the massive member, her hand now pleasing Jayden.

They removed their tops and shorts so they were just wearing pumps and socks, their near naked bodies gleaming. Bree got up again, "I want that dick," she said as she moved over to straddle Cameron. He held his large cock upright and she lowered her sopping funhole onto it, the massive meat spreading the sex funnel open and pushing deep as she descended. She kicked back, kneeling on the couch and pushed down, her hands gripping Cameron's shoulder. His cock shoved up her soaking hole with ease. She bounced herself, her round tits juggling and her red hair whipping at her back. Cameron grinned and grasped her rump, digging into the fleshy rear. "Ohhh, ooohhh, oooohhh," Bree moaned.

"Let me taste a titty," said Jayden, licking at the boob. Bree groaned and twisted slightly so that he got easier access. The young boy sucked the melon happily, his tongue shooting out to tease the tit as his lips wrapped round it.

"Oooohh," Bree gasped again, going faster and faster on Cameron's cock. The older black boy sure knew what to do, thrusting into her and filling her with prickly pleasure. His schlong was bigger than many boy's forearms and it felt like she was being fisted not fucked. That made it even better, even if she knew she'd be aching tomorrow. "Ooohhh, yes, ooooohhh."

"Jayden, your turn," called the Director.

"Great, I've been really looking forward to this," the younger black boy said and gave Bree a sweet kiss on her cheek, "For luck."

She blushed and giggled, "You won't need any."

"I've already got it," he smiled.

Bree lay back on the mattress, her legs wide apart as Jayden got in her. She gave a pleasurable little moan as he pressed on in, if anything he was even bigger and thicker than his co-star. He lowered himself onto her, thrusting his large wang into her overflowing cunt. Bree squeaked and groaned, reaching for him and pulling him towards her. His stomach pressed onto her and his cornrowed head slipped between her breasts, scratching them gently as he banged up and down. Bree came within moments, crying loudly as the orgasm burst within her. Jayden looked up, smiled, and then carried on nailing her juicy hole.

Cameron crouched above her and slapped his cock at her face. Bree giggled and tried to catch in her mouth, her bouncing body making that even harder. But Cameron paused it, holding his balls over her lips and she was able to lick and suck them greedily for a few seconds, before he pulled back, grasping his schlong and smacking it at her face. It was hard, but without weight, and Bree giggled as the large meat swung enticingly above her, but just out of reach. Jayden grinned at her, slamming his manhood in harder and faster. "Ohhhhhh," Bree gasped loudly, as ecstasy wracked her body.

Cameron guided his cock down again, except this time he pushed the shaft at her lips. Bree opened her mouth and sucked it in, for the first time having two cocks in her, even if the angle meant that Cameron's wasn't getting too far into her mouth. She pressed her tongue and wiggled it at the tip before he pulled it out and whacked it at her face again.

"Go doggy style," the Director instructed the three porn stars. Bree got onto her hands and knees, reaching down to her cunt to hold it apart for a second as Cameron entered it for the second time.

Jayden stood in front of her, "You ready?"

"Yes and looking forward to it," Bree nodded eagerly.

The young boy took his oversized dick in his hand and aimed it at her mouth. Bree opened so wide her jaw ached and took it. He pushed forward, sliding it against her cheek and starting to fuck it. Behind her Cameron pounded her pussy, his massive schlong filling her up and pleasuring her pussy, making it soak with lust. Bree shook with excitement as she was banged at both ends; she wondered what her old school friends and the members of her old church would think, never mind her deceased husband. Fuck them, Bree thought, this was too good too worry what people thought, she was a shota porn star and loving it.

The two boys seesawed at her, thrusting and banging at her holes. Her round boobs jiggled beneath her and her red hair brushed down the sides of her face, covering her cheeks and swinging as she was pushed back and forth. Pleasure rushed through her, so intense she felt like she was going to snap. Jayden smiled as he looked down at her, so cute and sexy, his teeth gleaming like pearls. He held her shoulders, keeping her in place and shoved his dick at her cheek, pounding the soft flesh. Cameron was going hard as well, his massive schlong slapping all the way in, as he filled her cunt with weighty cock. Bree would have been groaning loudly if her mouth hadn't been fully filled.

Even as he was fucking her funhole, Cameron's hands were gripping her rump. He squeezed the buttocks and gently slapped them, giving them a red tinge to match her hair and then pulling them apart so her starfish hole was exposed to his lustful gaze. It made Bree even wetter with desire and even though she was enjoying this part of the scene she was desperate for the next.

"Cameron, shove it in her pooper," said the Director.

Jayden pulled his cock out and moved away from her so the camera could catch her expression, a mixture of pain and happiness, surprise and desire. The big cock pressed at her jewel and then pushed in, the already prepped tunnel giving easy. Bree groaned happily as the dong opened her asshole, Cameron shoving behind her to give her the dick. Her hole stretched further open as his thick meat entered and his hands gripped her, squeezing her tight as he shoved. "Oooohhh," she groaned, "Oooooohhh, yes, oooohhh."

"Uh, uh, uh," grunted Cameron as he pounded the poophole, ramming his dick all the way in. His thin legs battered at her round ass as he went at speed.

"You want my dick, again," Jayden asked sweetly.

"Oh yes," said Bree - not only because it was part of the script but because the thought of being taken in her ass whilst she sucked a prick was exciting her. It was as good as she hoped it would be, the schlong sliding into her mouth complementing the one hitting her heinie from behind. She was squashed between them, her body filled with both cock and pleasure, the anal orgasm intensifying and the rod between her lips feeding the pleasure.

The two boys worked together expertly, sharing her body to maximize the pleasure for all involved. Cameron was thrusting in all the way, his smooth balls brushing at her with each thrust. Jayden was going in less deep, but no less skillfully, his large dong opening her mouth and pushing at her cheek, fucking it like it was a wet pussy. She looked up at him, smiling with her eyes, he beamed happily back, holding her shoulders and keeping her in the best position.

"Uh, uh, uh," Cameron continued to grunt from behind as he rammed his huge member into her shithole. His hands gripped her so tightly his nails were cutting in, but with his dark dick banging her so well Bree was in heaven, her ass in a constant state of excitement.

"Time for the dp," said the Director.

Again the cast moved into their new positions. This time it was Cameron on the mattress, half sitting, half lying, his dick held up as Bree lowered her ass onto it. The gaping hole slid easily down the enlarged prick, filling her with Joy. Bree leant back into the young boy, her back against his stomach and lay her hands on the mattress. She worked her ass up and down until his meat was fully embed in the shitter, her ass walls gripping the dong tightly. Jayden waited patiently, one hand stroking his dick as the other rubbed at the cornrows on his head. He waited until Bree was down and was ready before asking, "Do you want me to come in now?"

"Yes, double fuck me," she giggled invitingly. It was the fulfillment of a dream taking two dicks at once, especially from such cute boys with such large schlongs and who knew what to do with them. She groaned as her cunt was spread again as Jayden guided his member between her lips. He moved slowly to let her get used to it and pressed at her legs with his hands to spread her wider and open the pussy more for his oversized cock. Gradually he came down, pressing his dick down her tunnel. Cameron held her waist, keeping her in position for the second dick, but letting her descend as she was pushed so she impaled herself even more deeply on his meat. She moaned again, once more with feeling, "Oooooohhh."

"How are you? You alright?" asked Jayden, "I'm not going too fast, am I?"

"No, I want it fast and deep, give it me all big boy," the redhead moaned and Jayden smiled and nodded.

He came in harder and faster, plowing his member into her field. Bree gasped and groaned, her eyes rolling in her head and her chest pumping. The orgasms were hitting her in rapid succession, filling her with excitement and exhilaration. Below her Cameron was starting to fuck as well, his massive meat pummeling her backdoor with the same passion and commitment that Jayden was giving to her front. The redheaded cougar felt herself being bounced between the two of them, her head rocking like her neck was elastic and her boobies bouncing and jumping like they were trampolines.

The two boys pounded without let up. Bree cried out in pleasure. The reality was as good as the imagination and she was loving her first DP more than she could say. She hoped the two boys knew how much she was enjoying them. Certainly from the way Jayden looked at her she was sure he did and was enjoying her in return. Her body rocked back and forth and her pussy and ass walls clamped at the dicks, making the boys ram harder and harder to loosen them.

"I'm going to be ready in a minute," grunted Cameron.

"Me too," panted Jayden.

"Let's go for the final shot, cover Bree in cum," the Director said.

Bree was on her knees eagerly as the two shota stallions tugged their dicks for the finale. She stuck her tongue out off her open mouth and waited for them to finish. She didn't have to wait long, as first Jayden and then Cameron shot out wave after wave of delicious sticky cum, all over her face and into her mouth, over her hair and down her chin. She closed her eyes to stop them stinging and waited for the last dollop to explode over her and slide down over her mouth and tongue.

"That was so much," she said to the camera as cum trickled down her.

* * *

Bree had showered and washed her hair, washing away the cum and sweat. She'd changed into more conventional clothes, her sexy dress back in her bag. She walked into the main room and saw that Jayden was still there, next to the refreshment's table having a soda and cookie. She walked over to join the cutie. He smiled as she approached, "That was a really good shoot. I enjoyed it so much."

"Me too. Cameron left?"

"He's got a bike, he's cycling home. I'm waiting for my Mom."

Bree looked at him, he was so handsome and slender, his cornrowed hair so neat and his smile so cute. Almost without thinking she said, "Perhaps once she's here I could get your phone number and we could arrange to go out on a date?"

The young boy smiled up at her, "I'd like that."


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