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Desperate Housewives: One Last Great Romance Part 2 (Anal, BDSM, Ff, Inc, Oral, Spank, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

MJ was finally asleep, a tiny adorable bundle of cuteness, with his Dad's eyes and his Mom's mouth and nose. Susan leant over and placed him in his crib, for a second she stayed absolutely still, like a bending statue. He didn't wake and Susan let out an almost silent sigh of relief; she loved him dearly, but new babies were not only needy, but needy at the most inopportune times. She had just been about slump down in front of the TV and catch up on the programmes she'd recorded when MJ started crying, a raucous wail that didn't stop until he'd been changed, fed and sung to. She sighed, she'd just have to watch them another time - Julie would be home soon and Susan wanted to look her best.

She stepped out of the baby's room and into the corridor. There were still pictures on the wall of her and Julie, now joined by MJ, but to her they seemed different. Julie no longer seemed so innocently demure, Susan now knew that the picture hanging of Julie when she was sixteen and on a church trip had been taken whilst Julie was in a sexual relationship with one of the younger Sunday School teachers. The one beside it, with a seventeen year old Julie standing with a prize for winning a State Wide Math competition had been taken a day after the teen had butt-fucked her then girlfriend in Susan's bed - without her Mom's knowledge. Julie had told her these stories and others, over the last few months, wanting to make sure her Mom knew she wasn't an innocent teen, but a young woman who was experienced in the ways of lesbian lovemaking.

Not that Susan needed Julie's to tell her that her daughter had mastered the art of great sex. It had been several months since Susan had found herself inviting Julie into her bed, only to find the teen putting the moves on her, culminating in ramming a strap-on up the pregnant Susan's butthole. Susan hadn't known such pleasure could exist, the orgasms had been mind-blowing, a tsunami of ecstasy which had switched her from being straight to lesbian in one night. If that had been the end of it Susan would have tried to push the memory from her mind, tell herself it had been a dream and that she was solely into men. But it hadn't ended that night, in fact the first thing that had happened the next morning was that Julie had begun to snuggle into her Mom, playing with her milk enlarged titties, kissing the back of her neck and whispering naughty words into her ear. The second thing she had done was take the strap-on and use it again on her Mom's asshole. The screaming orgasm that had blown Susan had proved the sexual bliss of the night before was not a fluke.

They hadn't talked about it, but both had known that the next night Julie would end up in Susan's bed and the night after that and the night after that. The teen was the most skilful lover Susan had ever had and energetic, keeping going long after others would have stopped, bringing her Mom to multiple orgasms with every session. Susan, in her more contemplative moments, had wondered if it was her hormones that was making the sex so great, after all they were making her incredibly horny, so why not as well as increasing her sex drive wouldn't they make her orgasms more intense. In fact she was so sure of this theory, that whilst resting in hospital after MJ had been born she decided that enough was enough and that she'd stop having sex with Julie. As a resolution it had lasted perhaps two weeks before one night she'd put MJ to bed and sat down on the couch next to Julie. Her daughter's perfume had been too alluring, the curves of her body too sensual, her touch too overpowering and that night ended with Susan lying face down as her daughter pounded her ass into orgasm.

Susan hadn't made herself any promises since, she knew she wouldn't keep them.

Susan sat down at her dressing table and began to apply the lip gloss, making sure it was a shade that Julie had said she liked. It wasn't just the sex that was a turn-on to Susan, though God knew that was great, it was the fact that Julie was taking control. Even with men Susan had always been a bit on the submissive side, not so much that she was a total doormat, but she did like being told where to go for an evening, what channels to watch, what to wear. In the period after her divorce and again after Mike's death Susan had felt like the proverbial fish out of water, not only having to make the decisions for herself, but also for Julie. But recently Julie had turned all this on the head; taking control of their lives, telling Susan what the Milf should wear, not asking her views on what DVD's to rent, writing the weekly shopping lists and making Susan shop for it. Susan liked it and had quickly settled into the routine of letting her daughter tell her what to do.

Things were good, but there was one worry on the horizon. And that was Julie and college. Not getting in, Julie's grade average was so high that Universities were almost queuing up to invite her to join them. No, Susan's worry was which one and what it meant for them. She wasn't sure if this was a short-term fling, a school romance which would end with Julie going to Harvard or Yale, or whether it was a longer-term relationship and Julie would go locally so that she could return to the loving embrace of her Mom every night.

Susan looked in the mirror, she looked good, she decided. She'd put the off the discussion on what the future held long enough, tonight was the night she'd raise it. Though, she admitted to herself, that was what she had said yesterday.

Partly because the house was now deafeningly quiet, and partly because she had been listening out for it, Susan heard the sound of her front door opening. It was a sound that was lately causing her heart to flutter and her brain to initially worry that it wasn't Julie but someone else, anyone from a friend to an axe murderer would have been a disappointment in comparison. This time was, of course, no different, like most times Susan being able to probably dismiss a friend as she wasn't expecting anyone else and while an axe murderer might not be out of the question in Wisteria Lane it was unlikely they would politely unlock the door.

If there wasn't a sleeping child Susan might have ran at least to her stairs before slowly making her way down them in an attempt to be casual, her heart once again fluttering as she was greeted by the sight of her affection.

The mother and daughter exchanged a soft smile before Julie loudly whispered, "Is anyone here?"

Susan blushed. A few days ago she had neglected to let Julie know they weren't alone and had almost been caught kissing in front of Gabrielle. Afterwards Julie had informed her in no uncertain terms that it was Susan's responsibility to warn her of these things but so far Julie had taken it upon herself to check every time, which was probably a good thing as sometimes Susan could forget the little things, and the important things, at the most inconvenient of times.

Bringing herself out of her thoughts Susan returned the whisper, "Just MJ, and he's asleep."

"Good." Julie beamed, quickly moving so that she met her mother at the bottom of the stairs so she could give the older woman what was now her official greeting to her, namely pulling her Mom into her arms and kissing her.

Sometimes when Julie was in a hurry or distracted it was brief. Sometimes it was even just a kiss on the cheek, as if they were still in a normal mother/daughter relationship. Most of the time though Julie would linger, either beginning a long gentle kiss which might turn into something more heated or practically shoving her tongue down Susan's throat right from the get go.

Susan had been definitely hoping for a lingering kiss and she got it, Julie kissing her with a tenderness which made her knees go weak and her mind get cloudy. Although truth be told that was a side-effect of most of Julie's lingering kisses, especially when her daughter's tongue invaded her mouth, this time only gently caressing Susan's tongue rather than forcing it into submission. Although it was still clear who was in charge, Julie setting the tone for the kiss and Susan happily going along with it.

After a few long minutes of kissing her Mom Julie reluctantly pulled back and softly told the other woman, "Sit down on one of the chairs."

Susan obeyed without question, mostly because her mind was trying to remember what she was going to talk to Julie about. Oh, that's right...

"Mom, I wanna talk about the future." Julie said softly, sitting down on a chair facing her mother.

"Me too." Susan smiled, then worried maybe she didn't want to have this conversation given the serious look on Julie's face, but that look prompting her to mumble, "You first."

Julie smiled softly, reached over and gently took her Mom's hands with her own and softly said, "I love you Mom... I, always have. Unconditionally. But... I've wanted you for a very, very long time. And part of me wondered if fucking you a few times would get these feelings I have for you out of my system, but it just made me want you more. Like I kind of knew it would. In fact I was pretty sure it would make the crush I've always had on you turn into... well, for now let's just say I've fallen pretty hard for you."

Susan knew she shouldn't be, but she was really flattered, "Really?"

"Really." Julie confirm with a soft smile, "Now, since you can't fake cum shooting out of your cunt we both know how much you love it when I fuck you, but I'm pretty sure it's not all just physical for you either... is it?"

There was a brief pause in which Julie tried and failed to hide her nervousness while Susan felt overwhelmingly grateful that her daughter was giving her the chance to say she just wanted sex, or even back out of this whole thing. And sure, Susan knew she should be choosing the latter, that she should have put an end to this a long time ago, but she'd become far too addicted to Julie's skilful love-making to want to ever stop having sex with her daughter. The question was now - 'did Susan want more?'

If she was honest with herself, it was the easiest decision Susan had ever made; even if she could have probably done a better job of answering it.

"No. I mean yes! I mean... it's not all just physical for me... I, I want more." Susan stammered, exchanging a gentle smile with her daughter before asking her, "So... does this mean we're, you know, secret girlfriends?"

"No." Julie said simply before explaining, "I don't want to date you in secret. I don't want to hide that were a couple. I don't want to pretend I'm not fucking your hot ass every single night."

"But Julie, I... we can't come out." Susan quickly protested, "I, I mean, I... I don't think anyone would care if I was gay, or if you were, but-"

"They wouldn't accept a mother/daughter couple, I know. Which is why I want you to come away with me." Julie said, pausing for a few seconds before continuing, "I have my pick of colleges so we can pretty much go anywhere. Pack up everything and then you, me and MJ can start a new life together. A life where no one knows we're related so it won't be too scandalous if I kiss you in public. I mean sure, we'd be in a lesbian relationship with an age gap so there would be some talk, but nothing we couldn't handle. And even if it's rough at first it's better than staying here and getting ridiculed and shunned. Because I know you're close with a few of your friends here, but do you honestly think they'd understand? That they'd be willing to accept our relationship? That they could even fathom just how much I love you?"

Julie hadn't meant to let those three little words slip out, but it was hard. Truthfully she wanted to scream that she was in love with her mother from the rooftops ever since the first night she'd fucked this ravishing woman, hence why she was dead set on leaving with her.

"Besides..." Julie said, finally continuing after a pause, "I know you love your friends but bad stuff seems to be happening around here all the time so it might be nice to raise MJ somewhere a little safer. Like maybe a war zone."

That thankfully got a little laugh out of her Mom, although it quickly faded as old memories started to resurface. She hated herself for it, but it was what Julie had been counting on.

"And... and I think it would be really good for you." Julie said softly, "I think you could do with a fresh start. This house is filled with too many memories. Of Dad. Of Mike. Of me just being your kid. But we can leave that all here... or at least as much as we can, and... just be together. That's what I want. More than anything."

Those last words seemed to echo throughout the room as it fell into deafening silence, Julie unable to stop thinking about them.

She had rehearsed this conversation so many times, had thought about it non-stop since she and her Mom had first started having sex, and had promised to remain strong. Not demand anything as it was important to give her Mom enough leeway so she was making the choice for herself as the last thing Julie wanted to do was force her mother into something she wasn't ready for. But she still fully intended on making her case and then sticking to her guns. Not compromising. Because she couldn't afford to compromise.

This was her future. What she had been planning of and thinking about for her entire existence. Nothing, not even regular mind blowing sex with the most amazing woman she'd ever known, should jeopardise that.

And yet Julie found herself adding after about a minute, "I mean, there's no rush. You can totally think about this for a few days or something if you want. And... and if you really don't think you could leave we could try the long distance thing..."

What the hell was she doing, Julie thought. She was totally caving even though the positives of moving far outweighed the negatives. However while in every other aspect of their lives Julie found it so easy and natural to stay calm and confident this one time she was finding herself so nervous she was threatening to become a wreck. Not because she was afraid of commitment, but because she was afraid her Mom would say no.

Coming so close to truly having this woman only to lose her had become unbearable for Julie, which was why she reluctantly added, "And... and the local schools aren't that bad..."

"No Julie, I can't ask you to do that for me." Susan quickly blurted out. Then Julie gave her this really serious look and as usual the first thing that came to Susan's mind stumbled out of her mouth, "My friends... I..."

The hurt look on Julie's face immediately had Susan regretting her words but her daughter was quick to cut her off, "You could still keep in touch with them. Call every night, or every other night, and visit. Them I mean, because then coming to us may be tricky, but... which would you rather, a long-distance relationship with them, or a long-distance relationship with me?"

Susan smiled softly. Really, when she thought about it, there was no contest. Because sure, she would have let Julie go and live her own life as any mother should, but now their relationship had changed the idea of not seeing her everyday was so much more painful than it had been. And certainly more painful than not seeing her dear friends everyday. However she loved them so much, and despite everything loved her home here so much, that the idea of leaving was not one Susan was jumping for joy at and she never would be. It would always be a bittersweet decision, but in her heart Susan knew she was making the right one.

Of course all the silence had obviously made Julie very nervous, Susan being awoken from her thoughts first by a gentle squeeze to her hand and then by her daughter softly speaking, "I, I think we can be happy. I know I'd do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"I believe you." Susan smiled, "That's why I'm coming with you."

Julie beamed possibly the widest smile Susan had ever seen, wrapped her up in a tight hug and softly squealed, "Oh Mom!"

Susan smiled and hugged her daughter back, the embrace oddly reminding Susan of previous celebrations like when Julie had one a spelling bee or scored a goal in soccer (which had only happened once or twice). The difference was now they were celebrating their relationship moving to a level Susan could never have imagined a few months ago, and would certainly have never imagined being so happy about it.

After just enjoying the hug for a few long moments Susan softly asked, "So... what do we tell MJ?"

Unable to wipe the smile off her face, which was now perhaps permanently on there, Julie pulled back and explained, "We'll tell him that we're his parents. When he's older we can tell him about Mike, if you want, but we make sure he never finds out that I'm his stepsister. As far as he's concerned I'll be his Mom, and you'll be his Mommy. Obviously that means I'll have to start calling you Susan when he's around and when we're in public, but in private you can still be my Mommy slut."

While Susan blushed at the term it also sent a tingle throughout her body which made her immediately want to beg Julie to take her right there on the table. But, as much she hated herself for asking, Susan had one final question, "What if... you know..."

"It doesn't work out between us?" Julie helpfully finished for her, "Well, I guess we have a year or so to switch back to our normal roles. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen, but if it does you could move back here with MJ if you want and I could simply be his sister. Honestly I'd rather be his Mom... but no matter what, I swear I'm going to be there to help raise him. I mean, he's going to need one responsible adult in his life, isn't he?"

Susan laughed and then with a smile said, "I think you'd make a great Mom."

Julie smiled, allowing silence to fall between them for a little while before she said, "There is one more thing... but first, I want you to do something for me."

"Anything." Susan said earnestly.

A wicked smile crossed Julie's face as she lent forwards ever so slightly, "I want you to bend over the table."

"Ok." Susan said softly, a much stronger tingle running through her as she was pretty sure mother-daughter playtime had just begun.

That Julie closed the kitchen blinds were a good indication of this, something they never used to do before Julie started regularly bending Susan over the kitchen table for a nice hard butt fucking. And over the sink, and riding Julie while her daughter sat on the sofa or one of the kitchen chairs, or even just on the floor.

Susan was awoken from her thoughts of all the ways that her daughter had fucked her all over their home when Julie came up behind her and squeezed her butt. It was far from the first time, however the difference was Julie lingered on groping Susan's butt while her jeans were still on. This was highly unusual as normally Julie couldn't wait to tear her clothes off. Plus normally when Julie told Susan to bend over it meant that the teen was about to rush off to her room to grab one of her nice big strap-ons so she could brutalise her mother's butt hole until it was a gaping mess.

"You've got a real cute butt Mom." Julie murmured, waking her mother from her thoughts, "Have I ever told you that?"

This caused Susan to smirk, "You may have mentioned it."

One of the many new things Susan had learned about Julie was that her little girl was definitely a butt girl. It seemed so obvious now Susan couldn't believe she missed it. Then again she had no idea her little girl was a lesbian either, so she really hadn't been on the ball as far as knowing her daughter's sexual preferences. Of course now Julie openly checked out girl's butts in front of her, talked about girl's butts and yes, was very complementary about Susan's butt. Plus Julie had openly admitted to being a butt girl, and with the exception of those two weeks after giving birth Susan had been taking daily butt fucking from her daughter, so the evidence was pretty conclusive.

"Well, it really is." Julie murmured, again awaking her mother from her thoughts, "It's so cute... and fuck-able... and lick-able... and spank-able!"

Susan suddenly let out a sharp cry as Julie's hand suddenly lifted up and came crashing down on her backside.

"Have you ever been spanked Mom?" Julie asked softly.

"N... no." Susan stammered.

"Well you're about too." Julie said, smacking her Mom's ass twice more, "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No." Susan shook her head quickly.

"Good... now, do I need to gag you?" Julie asked, delivering a couple more strikes to the older woman's butt.

"N... no." Susan softly stammered.

"Really?" Julie murmured before hammering her mother's backside with a couple of deliberately hard blows which had the older woman crying out much louder than before, "Because I think you do... which means I need to go all the way upstairs to get one."

"I'm sorry Julie." Susan said softly.

"You will be... now pull down your pants and panties." Julie said, waiting until her Mom had done as she was told before continuing, "Now place your hands back down on the table and wait for me. The doors are locked and the blinds are closed so I expect you to still be like this when I come back. No excuses. Do you understand?"

"Yes Julie." Susan whimpered softly.

The response made Julie smile and practically skip upstairs to grab what she needed. It was far from the first time her Mom had acted so submissively, everything about the other woman's tone and willingness to do this proving that Julie was right that this was something they both wanted.

When she came back down Julie was provided with further proof, her Mom still in the exact position she'd left her, that fact making Julie beam with happiness. It was difficult to keep her smile under control as she returned to her mother's side, placed one of the objects she had grabbed from her room in front of the dark haired woman and watched as her eyes went ever so slightly wide.

"This is a butt plug." Julie explained, "Think of it as your reward for taking your spanking like a good girl. Now open your mouth."

Without a word her mother did as she was told allowing Julie to quickly pop the gag into her Mom's mouth and fasten it securely around the back of her head. She then quickly moved around and stared lustfully at her prize for a few seconds, then slowly reached out and grabbed onto it for another groping session.

Julie had always been good with words but even with her extensive vocabulary she didn't think she could come up with anything which did justice to how much she loved her Mom's ass. She could have probably written a book about the subject and still not been able to do justice to it. However as much she loved her mother's ass she had a perverted desired to mistreat it. To beat her Mom's butt until it was an angry red and then beat it some more.

Of course for this first of what would be hopefully many times Julie would not allow herself to become carried away. She was determined to remain strong, and although that proved to be increasingly difficult she was able to remain in control as she had the time of her life. Well, this didn't quite live up to eating her Mom's pussy, or fucking her ass, or making her cum, but it was incredibly enjoyable, easily more so than spanking any other butt.

True, her Mom's ass lacked some of the jiggle possessed by her favourite Sunday School teacher, and wasn't quite as firm as several of her previous conquests, yet it was a rather intoxicating mixture of the two. Every blow made her Mom's butt jiggle, yet it still seemed firm and tight. It was in Julie's eyes perfect, although admittedly she was in a biased state of mind. The point was that Julie loved her Mom's butt, so much so she wanted to make it hers. Luckily Julie had a way to do that which would give both herself and her mother what they really wanted.

"Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do this?" Julie whispered huskily into her mother's ear, delivering another strike before continuing, "All you're silly little mistakes, and you're not so silly or little mistakes, all those times you embarrassed me... you've had this coming for long-time mother. You know that, don't you?"

As Julie gave her a few extra hard spanks Susan whimpered into her gag and nodded in agreement.

This made Julie smile and briefly pause the spanking to caress her Mom's butt, "I'm glad you agree... because I think this should become a regular thing. See, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I've always thought you were submissive but I never knew how much until I started fucking you. Now I think... well, even before I thought you could use a spanking every time you fucked up. Now I think you need more. To have someone dominate you completely. To own you. To make all your decisions for you so you can just concentrate on looking pretty and pleasuring them. Does that sound good to you Mom?"

Susan blushed furiously as her head nodded pretty much of it's own accord. Although while it didn't feel like she gave her head permission to nod deep down she knew it was true. Susan really, really liked the sound of that.

"I thought it might. Partly because I can smell just how dripping wet your hot little pussy is, but also... it takes a real submissive slut to let her daughter fuck her up the ass." Julie whispered softly, smirking as she squeezed her mother's ass, "So... this is what I think we both want... in public we can be girlfriends, although I'm pretty sure anyone who meets us will guess in like five seconds who's the top and who's the bottom in our relationship. What they probably won't guess is that when we're alone you won't just be the bottom, you'll be my bitch. That means you will do whatever I say when I say and asked my permission for everything even eating, drinking and using the bathroom. You will take daily spankings and a minimum of three butt fuckings to help you remember who's in charge. You'll also be wearing a butt plug at all times for the same reason, and to keep your ass nice and ready for my cock. Or at least you'll be wearing a butt plug whenever you're ass hole isn't too gaping to take it, or when I'm using it for my pleasure. And perhaps most importantly of all Mommy, you will call me Mistress or Mistress Julie. Do you understand mother?"

Again Susan blushed, whimpered and nodded as her pussy, and really her entire body, burned with desire.

"Answer me through your gag." Julie demanded.

"Yes Mistress Julie, I understand." Susan mumbled through her gag, the sound coming out muffled but just about coherent as the older woman once again blushed furiously.

"Good." Julie whispered, softening the firm tone she had been using before, "Now, I'm pretty sure this is what we both want, but just to be sure we're going to have a trial run tonight. That means for the rest of the night you will continue to call me Mistress or Mistress Julie and do whatever I say, then at the end of the night I will ask you if you want to be my bitch. If you say yes then moving forward you will be my bitch and I will be your Mistress. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress Julie." Susan again mumbled just about coherently through her gag.

"Good." Julie said, smacking her Mom's ass again, "Now let's get back to your spanking."

Susan might have tried to say 'yes Mistress Julie' again but honestly she had no idea given just how stunned she was, the reality of her situation hitting her like a freight train. It was so overwhelming Susan almost didn't notice the return of the stinging blows to her butt. Almost. Then as it seemed clear she was distracted her daughter stepped up her game, smacking Susan's ass so hard that the older woman was soon crying out loudly into the gag again.

Not that the experience was completely unpleasant like Susan thought it would be. In fact between Julie's last revelation, the anticipation of the fucking she knew that her daughter would eventually give her, and the constant strikes to her backside Susan Delfino's pussy juices were running all the way down to her pants and panties which was still down around her ankles.

There was a part of Susan which felt ashamed for being turned on so much by being spanked, by her own daughter no less. However it was the same part which was ashamed at herself for becoming addicted to having sex with Julie, and as before it was quickly drowned out by the twisted pleasure she felt from being disciplined by her daughter. God she was a whore. A filthy slut... a submissive slut. Her daughter's submissive slut. Her daughter's bitch.

It was wrong. Deep down Susan knew it was wrong, but it felt so right thinking of herself as her daughter's bitch. And it seemed so natural to think of Julie as her mistress. And Julie was so right, after all of Susan's many screw ups she deserved to be spanked. In fact Susan wished Julie would really let her have it because as much as these blows hurt she could tell that her baby girl was holding back when really she shouldn't have. Her... her mistress should teach her a lesson for being such a clumsy whore.

Suddenly Julie grabbed hold of the butt plug and put it into her mouth for a little cheap and easy lubrication. Susan had seen Julie's wide selection of sex toys but so far her daughter had only used her strap ons so this would be a new experience for them, one which had Susan trembling with anticipation.

Julie continued the spanking for a little while as she sucked on the toy, then without warning she spread her mother's left ass cheek with her free hand and pressed the butt plug firmly against her Mom's ass hole. After all the anal sex they'd had lately it wasn't exactly surprising that the older woman's back hole stretched quickly and easily to accept the toy inside, but it still had Julie smiling wickedly.

"Wow, that's one of my biggest butt plugs." Julie murmured after the toy was fully embedded in her Mom's butt, smacking one of those pink little ass cheeks before adding, "Now stay where you are. I want to be able to look at your pretty pink plugged-up ass while I'm cooking dinner."

"Yes Julie," said Susan through her gag dutifully keeping in position. There was something deeply satisfying about exposing herself in such an intimate way for her daughter that made the humiliation seem worthwhile. Which wasn't to say that the position wasn't uncomfortable, her weight was resting on her arms and she realised that as Julie had pushed the toy into her she had automatically moved onto her tiptoes, straining both her toes and calves. But she didn't dare go back to the balls of her feet - not without asking Julie permission and Julie looked like she was busy cutting the carrots. Susan grimaced and took a risk in stretching her fingers out and back again. Julie didn't seem to notice and Susan decided to risk lowering her heels. Julie didn't look up from her chopping, but said in a tone that allowed no dissent, "I thought I said to remain as you were."

"Yes, Mistress Julie," said Susan and moved herself back onto her toes, "Sorry Mistress Julie." The name came so easily off her tongue that it was like Susan had been using it all her life, except she felt a little quiver of excitement as she said it. She repeated it in her mind, 'Mistress Julie, Mistress Julie, Mistress Julie.' Yes, thought Susan that sounded good.

She stood, her body aching, her back to her daughter. Behind her she could hear the swipe of the knife through vegetables followed by a dull clunk as it would hit the chopping board. Swsh, clnk, swsh, clnk. Then silence. Susan felt herself redden, she was sure Julie had stopped the cutting to look at her, to devour her Mom's nakedness with her eyes. Susan never knew if she was right as Julie didn't say anything, but after a few moments the cutting resumed. Several times there were pauses, sometimes for what seemed like hours, other times for seconds. After some of the pauses Susan could hear the sound of things being dropped into pan, until the chopping stopped one last time and Susan could hear the sizzle of flame against metal and a wooden spoon scraping against teflon. "It'll soon be ready, you dirty slut," said Julie conversationally as she stirred, "Don't worry, I'll take your gag out while you eat." She paused and carried on stirring, the pop of bubbling gravy and vegetables and the scrape of the spoon in the pot the only sounds Susan could hear, until Julie spoke again, "I'll think I'll keep the butt plug in; you'd like that wouldn't you slutty Susan?"

Susan nodded. She wasn't sure she would like that. She had become used to her daughter ramming her ass with big dildos, but at least they continually moved up and down, keeping her ass open; without any motion she could feel her walls creeping back round the plug. They squeezed at it like a grip - uncomfortable and little bit sore, like a slowly expanding sludge of concrete was in her ass. She imagined sitting on it would be even worse. At the same time allowing her daughter to so completely dominate her that she was willing to be so completely subservient to all demands, no matter how uncomfortable or demeaning, was a major, major turn-on. Patiently she waited as Julie sang a little ditty as she carried on cooking. "My Mom she is a dirty slut, a dirty anal whore; she loves stuff up her butt, more and more and more."

The song was tuneless but accurate.

There was a clank of plates being pulled out of the cupboard and the splash of goulash onto them. Susan felt Julie move behind her and the brunette gave a expiration of air as her daughter remove the gag from her mouth. Julie's hand moved down, squeezing at one of Susan's butt cheeks before moving over the plug and pushing it a smidgen further in, "Dinner's ready," the teen said, "Sit down and I'll put it on the table."

"Yes Mistress Julie," said Susan and sat down. The butt-plug moved further up her ass and Susan's face twisted half-way between a grimace and lustful sigh. Julie put the plate in front of her and then took her own place. Susan began to eat, making all the right noises about how tasty it was and what a great cook Julie was. The teen grinned and ate her own food more slowly, but then she didn't have a butt-plug quivering in her backhole every time she moved. Susan slurped down the last of the goulash and waited for her mistress to tell her what to do; probably wash the dishes or clear the table.

"I could do with some post-dinner pussy licking," said Julie as she pushed aside her plate, "I want you to get under the table, remove my jeans and panties and lick me good."

"Yes, Mistress Julie," Susan said submissively. She pushed back the chair and got under the table, the butt-plug up her ass wiggling in her as moved. There wasn't much space beneath and Susan more than once knocked her head as she forward and removed first her daughter's pumps, then peeled off her jeans and finally slid down her panties to expose her mistress's succulent pussy lips. She pushed aside Julie's legs and moved forward again, so that the teen's thighs were rubbing against her ears. It felt even more claustrophobic as she put her face down, like being in a very small box. She supposed that was what Julie wanted, to push her further, to see how far she could go - Susan was confident she could go far. Her tongue leapt out and her mouth closed on her daughter's tasty twat.

The teen quaked as Susan entered her, her thighs clasping together and knocking at Susan's head, "That's it slut, eat my cunt, oooohhh, that's so good." Susan stuck her tongue deeper, pushing deep at the wet hole, wanting to make sure her dominant daughter had no complaints. Julie bucked, pushing the chair back and forcing Susan to follow her, "You're a whore, Susan, a complete and fucking utter whore. Eat my cunt like the tramp you are. I want you to eat me like a bitch."

The Milf bobbed up and down, slurping deep into the pussy and then coming up to gasp for fresh air and swallow the cum. Her head accidentally knocked the table again, a slight moment of soreness, but it didn't matter - aches, discomfort, humiliation were her life now, something she would have to learn to love. She suspected it might be an easy lesson. Her tongue continued to scoop out her daughter's cum, slapping down deep against the clit and slithering over warm wet flesh. Julie groaned again, her expression not quite a mystery to her Mom, "Fuck, I've known some fucking whores, but you're the biggest, dirtiest, sluttiest whore I've known. You should be selling your whore ass for five dollars down the street. Remind me later, whore and I'll toss you a nickel for the pussy licking."

The words were humiliating, but the meaning behind them was exhilarating. Susan wanted to be a slut for her daughter, as that was what the teen wanted. She continued licking and lapping, making Julie gasp and scream and twist, her body turning brutally as she came - loudly, passionately; an explosion of girl juice slashing over Susan's face like a hose had been turned on it.

Julie gave up trying to talk after her third orgasm. Or was it her fourth? It was so hard keeping track when she was fucking her mother. And sure, the taboo nature of their relationship made every nasty little sex act so much sweeter but there were certain things that had only improved over time, most notably oral sex. Every time her Mom went down on her she got better at it, enthusiasm soon being joined by skill and technique to make Julie cum harder and faster.

Of course Julie had been horny all day thinking about making her Mommy her official sex slave, and then getting to spank her Mom's ass, and being able to make dinner while staring at those pretty freshly spanked cheeks with a little butt plug buried in between them, honestly Julie was surprised she was able to hold out as long as she did. Not that Julie had been super focused on holding back. No, she just wanted to spend enough time savouring the feeling of her Mom's tongue buried in her cunt, and savour the feeling of making the 'responsible adult' eat her pussy underneath the table they'd had countless family meals at.

Ultimately though Julie had cum like a geyser, drenching her mother's face in girl cream and yet the middle-aged slut was quick enough to swallow a decent amount of sweet girly liquid. That may Julie very proud, although the teen tried to keep that to herself for now. After all she had made sure to be complimentary and reassuring while teaching her Mom to eat her pussy but now Julie was training her Mom to be the perfect fuck slut she would need to adjust her methods a tiny bit as soon her mother would find out that this was no longer a treat for Julie but a privilege for the older woman.

Realising her mind was wandering during her fourth, or possibly fifth climax, Julie forcefully said, "Stop. I said stop!"

Her mother pulled her mouth away on the second stop, prompting Julie to jump up and glared down at the woman who gave her life.

Quickly realising she'd made a mistake Susan tried to apologise, "Julie I'm, I mean Mistress Julie, I'm-"

"Crawl out of there!" Julie interrupted flatly, waiting until her Mom did as she was told before continuing, "Now kneel before your Mistress. Hands behind your back and keep them there. And lower your head. You don't look at me unless you have permission too."

Once the older woman had obeyed those commands Julie knelt down, looked her mother over and then reached out to squeeze a nipple. Immediately the Milf flinched and began moving her arms. She even tried to say something. Julie couldn't have that.

"Keep your arms where they are!" Julie snapped, only twisting her mother's nipple harder once the older woman had done as she was told, even grabbing onto the other nipple so she could twist that as well, "Do you think this is a joke? That I only want you to address me by my proper title some of the time? That you can just forget whenever you want? Well, do you? Answer me!"

"No!" Susan whimpered, "No, I'm so sorry Mistress Julie. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry."

"Well sorry isn't good enough." Julie growled before adding, "Wait here. Don't you dare move."

Susan did as she was told. The wait was long and uncomfortable, but the worst of it was that she had disappointed Mistress Julie. Sadly it wasn't an unfamiliar feeling as Susan knew she had let her daughter down on countless occasions, but it felt so much worse now, so much more... vivid, and Susan silently promised herself it would never happen again. Of course that was a promise she'd made before, but Susan had never been more determined to keep it.

So naturally when Julie returned Susan kept her head down and waited for her next command. She didn't have to wait long, "Bend over the table again. Arms stretched out over it and your legs spread. Make sure to keep that cute ass up in the air for me."

Without looking her daughter in the eye Susan quickly did as she was told, resisting the urge to question the teen as she started tying her hands to one end of the table.

Proving she hadn't lost her touch from her time in summer camps Julie expertly tied the knots, securing first Susan's hands and then her feet to each chair leg so that the older woman was spread-eagled, even lightly pulling at her mother's hands to make sure she couldn't move if she wanted too. Then Julie quickly popped the ball gag back inside Susan's mouth, fastened it tightly around her head, and then grabbed the big strap-on dildo she had been hiding and placed it in front of her Mom.

"I want to make something absolutely clear." Julie said softly after giving her mother a few long moments to stare at the toy, "If you agree to become my sex slave I will punish you as I see fit. That spanking I gave you earlier, that was just something to keep you in check. The paddling I'm about to give you will be what you can expect as a punishment for any more of your little screw ups. It may get easier, and the punishments may vary in harshness, but I'm going to give you the best I've got. Not just because you've forgot my title and didn't stop when I told you too, although that will be part of it, mostly I will be taking every frustration I've ever had with you out on your pretty little ass. But, and I know this will sound weird, I'll be doing it at least partly out of love for you, and after it's done I'm going to reward you by shoving every single inch of that strap-on up your butt and fuck your slutty little butt hole to multiple screaming orgasms. So however hard it gets for you just imagine how amazing that big dick is going to feel in your ass. It's 12 inches long and nearly 3 inches wide, but you've been taking my 10 incher pretty easily so I think you're ready, don't you?"

Susan nodded happily as she continued staring at the dildo which was about an inch away from her face, eventually mumbling into her gag, "Yes Mistress Julie."

"Good, because I promise you Mommy, you're going to take every inch up your ass like a good little anal whore." Julie said, grabbing the paddle and pressing it against her mother's ass, "Now remember, I love you more than anything, but you totally deserve this."

With that Julie raised the paddle as high as she could lift it and then brought it crashing down as hard as she could against her Mom's ass. Immediately her Mom screamed in pain but Julie ignored it in favour of giving the older woman's ass another hard strike, and then another, and then another, and then another, the teen beginning to mercilessly spank her mother.

There was part of Julie that wanted to show mercy because even through all her screw ups she loved her Mom, and not just in the normal mother/daughter way. No, Julie was in love with her Mom, and she didn't want to really hurt her. However she wanted to look after and protect the clumsy older woman, and if she was going to do that Julie felt she needed to be able to discipline her klutz of a mother. So, Julie reminded herself, this was for her Mom's own good.

Of course, even though it made her feel a little guilty, there was part of Julie which was really enjoying finally getting to live out her BDSM fantasies. She'd never had the guts to talk to any of her former lovers about this side of herself, but with her Mom it just felt so natural, like she was born to be her mother's Dom, and her mother was always meant to be her Sub. Because really, just the sight of her Mom's ass cheeks jiggling from the impact of the paddle was making Julie so wet she could barely stand it. And when combined with the sounds of her mother's cries and the sound of the paddle hitting flesh, and the power Julie felt, it was all the teen could do to keep up the spanking and not just grabbed the big dildo, strap it around her waist and shove every inch of it up her mother's ass.

While Julie was fighting the urge to butt fuck her mother, or more accurately put it off a little longer, Susan was praying her daughter would stop spanking her and fuck her ass. Partly because the spanking was honestly one of the worst pains Susan had ever known, ironically rivalled only by giving birth to Mistress Julie. However no matter how bad it got, and after a few minutes Mistress Julie seem to get a second wind which made the pain feel literally unbearable, Susan didn't beg Mistress Julie to stop. Why? Because Mistress Julie was right. Susan did deserve this.

Susan had been a terrible mother, failing her daughter time and time again. And not just failing her daughter, but embarrassing her. Even humiliating her as Mistress Julie was forced to admit Susan was her mother. And Mistress Julie had always come to her rescue but Susan could tell it frustrated the younger girl, and now finally Mistress Julie had an opportunity to let out all that frustration.

It definitely felt like she did and then some, Susan experiencing an odd feeling of pride as her daughter put her in her place and punished her for years of bad parenting. Which didn't make it any easier to take the now brutal paddling, but Susan was at least able to distract herself by staring at the huge strap-on in front of her, the submissive anal slut literally quivering at the thought of having that monster dildo buried balls deep in her ass hole.

Finally when her ass had been beaten an angry red Susan got an up close look at that dildo, Mistress Julie quickly moving around so she was facing the older woman before removing any remaining clothing, grabbing the toy and pulling it up her thighs. For the sake of convenience there was now anal lubricant hidden away in every room of the house so once the dildo was strapped firmly around her waist Mistress Julie grabbed the lube she kept in the kitchen, squirted some into the palm of her hand and started rubbing it into the large butt buster, Susan again quivering as she watched the beautiful sight. She even got an up close look, Mistress Julie nice enough to stand directly in front of her so the dildo was right in her face.

Julie was glad there was nothing but excitement on her Mom's face. She'd been worried she would be nervous given this was the largest toy in Julie's collection and this would be the first time she would be using it on her Mom's ass hole. Of course her Mom's ass hole was super slutty so it wasn't a total surprise, but still Julie was grateful as it meant it would be easier for her to get her dick up her Mom's ass.

The lubricant would make extra sure of that, and once there was enough of it on her cock Julie quickly moved around to admire the beautifully red cheeks of her Mom's ass. Then, still stroking her cock, Julie reached out, grabbed hold of the butt plug and said, "Mommy... get ready to feel every inch of my big dick up your slutty ass!"

With that Julie gave the butt plug a sharp pull, the large toy coming out with a soft pop. The second the butt plug was out of her mother's ass hole Julie pressed her strap-on against her target and then shoved forwards as hard as she could. Whether because of the plug or Julie constantly sodomising her mother or a combination of both the big dildo shot quickly up Susan's shit chute, Julie burying almost half of her cock in her Mom's butt on the first thrust. Julie's second thrust was far slower and softer, yet at the same time it was unrelenting until the teen's thighs smacked against her mother's ass cheeks as at that point it was impossible to continue the thrust as every inch of the strap-on was now firmly up Susan's butt.

"See I told you you'd take every inch, didn't I?" Julie grinned, smacking her Mom's dildo filled butt to emphasise her point.

"Owww, yes Mistress Julie, you did, you told me." Susan mumbled through her gag.

"And why was that?" Julie enquired.

Susan had to think for a few seconds, but then promptly answered, "Because I'm a whore?"

"An anal whore!" Julie corrected, giving her Mom's ass a hard smack as punishment.

"OWWW, YES! I'm a anal whore! I'm your anal whore Mistress Julie! My ass is yours!" Susan whimpered, trying to appease her mistress/daughter.

"Yes it is." Julie murmured, her eyes locking on where her hips were pressed against her mother's butt cheeks, "Your ass is mine, just like every other part of you, which is why you're going to take it up the ass for me like a good little anal whore, aren't you Mommy?"

"Yes! I'm going to take it like a good whore." Susan quickly replied, "I'm going to take your big beautiful strap-on up my slutty ass like a good little anal whore for you Mistress Julie! Mommy is going to take it like a good little anal whore! Mmmmmm, oh Mistress Julie, fuck me! Fuck my butt. Butt fuck me like the anal whore I am! Ohhhhhh Mistress Julie!"

While her mother continued blathering Julie began slowly pumping her Mommy's pooper, her eyes locked on to the sight of her strap-on stretching her Mom's butt hole just like every other time she sodomise this beautiful woman, or any of her previous others for that matter.

To Julie there was no sight more breath taking than that of a woman's ass hole stretching for her strap-on. Or at least she didn't think they used to be. Now she knew the most breath taking sight in the world had to be the sight of her Mom's ass hole being stretched, rivalled only by her mother's firm ass cheeks jiggling as Julie rammed into the rectum of the woman who gave her life. Of course then there was the perfection which was her Mom bent over in front of her, sometimes made only more perfect by her mother spreading her ass cheeks in total submission, either offering up her forbidden hole for Julie to use as a fuck hole for her pleasure or showing off her gaping butt hole after a particularly passionate round of anal sex, the gaping itself another breath taking sight. The point was Julie loved everything about fucking another woman in the ass, and every aspect of it was like a thousand times better when it was her mother who was on the receiving end.

That's why tonight had to go perfectly, why it would go perfectly because Julie refused to fail. She'd never wanted anything more than this. In fact she needed it. Her lust for her own mother had turned from want into a burning need, Julie feeling like life wouldn't be worth living if she didn't own her Mom. She had to make her Mommy her property, to make her mother submit every part of herself to her. And most of all she needed to own this ass. Julie needed to have her Mom's butt hole as her personal fuck hole to use whenever she felt the urge to sodomise her mother, which Julie felt she needed as much and as often as she needed air.

With that in mind Julie skilfully loosened her mother's rectum with gentle but firm thrusts, moving side to side and up and down as well as in and out for several minutes until she had her Mommy moaning and whimpering into her gag in pure pleasure. Then Julie gently increased the pace of the sodomy until the sound of her thighs smacking off her Mom's butt cheeks were echoing throughout their home, Julie joyfully butt fucking her Mom to near climax only to deny her at the last second.

All the while Julie increased and decreased the pace accordingly, cruelly ass fucking her mother to near climax after near climax before finally reaching down and gently removing the gag.

Immediately Susan opened her mouth to beg Julie to make her cum but before she could her daughter shoved something in her mouth and said, "Here, clean this."

Recognising the taste of her own ass Susan quickly realised it was the butt plug Mistress Julie used to stretch her ass out. The toy somehow felt bigger in her mouth, but to be fair Susan's ass hole had become surprisingly used to being widely stretched thanks to her anal loving daughter and while Susan had given Mistress Julie plenty of blow jobs she found it much easier to take large toys in her ass than she did in her mouth. Of course Mistress Julie had noticed that and pointed out that it was a sign that Susan was a natural anal slut, and even though it was kind of embarrassing Susan couldn't argue, especially considering the ecstasy she was feeling right now as her daughter continued butt fucking her over their kitchen table.

Honestly it was really difficult for Susan to concentrate on sucking on the butt plug in her mouth when her daughter was giving her a skilful ass pounding, but as always Susan was determined to try her best.

She wasn't used to sucking on such a small toy but Susan was very familiar with the taste of her own ass which helped motivate her in her sucking. Which again, was embarrassing, but it also reminded her of the first time doing this. It was right after her second ever ass fucking, Mistress Julie moving up the bed and just shoving her cock directly into Susan's mouth. The way Mistress Julie had looked at her and told her to suck it clean had made Susan shiver with delight, the memory doing the same thing as she joyfully sucked the butt plug clean.

As if sensing it was totally clean Julie pulled the butt plug out and said, "So, Mommy, how do you like being my bitch?"

"I love it!" Susan moaned, quickly adding, "Ohhhhhhh Mistress Julie, Mommy loves being your bitch. Please, please allow me the privilege of being your bitch full-time. Mmmmmm oh, I want you to own me Mistress Julie. I want to be owned by my daughter."

"Really..." Julie murmured, pausing the ass fucking momentarily so she could lean down and whisper into her Mom's ear, "Because remember, this is only a taste of what you can expect as my bitch. When it's official I will own every little fibre of your being. Your clothes, money, every single one of your possessions, I will own all of it and you will be a possession to me. My prized possession which I will love and cherish more than anything else in this world, but a possession nevertheless. You will have no say in anything ever again, all your decisions made for you by me, your owner. You won't even be able to take a shit without my permission. Not that you'll ever shit right again, because no matter how much you think I've been abusing your ass over the past few months it's going to seem like nothing once I own this tight little fuck hole. And if you think it hurts to sit down now just you wait, because if I own you mother I swear I will end up ass fucking you so much you won't ever want to sit down again. I will even embarrass and humiliate you whenever the mood strikes me. Make you pull down your pants and panties and show off your ass hole which I promise will be constantly either gaping wide or filled with a butt plug. I'll make you do that to total strangers, maybe even our new neighbours and friends, make you explain how you are owned by a younger woman who loves fucking you in the ass. Maybe sometimes, when it's a total stranger, I'll even make you tell them I'm your daughter. That you're the property of your daughter. That you let your daughter fuck you in the ass whenever she wants because you have given up control to her completely and become her bitch, and you've never been happier. Do you understand mother? Do you understand the power I will have over you? The control? And that soon there will be no turning back. No changing your mind. That I want you to be mine forever and if you agree I will never allow you to be anything except my bitch. Do you Mommy? Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Julie. I understand, and that's what I want. I want to be your bitch. I want to be owned completely by my daughter. To become your possession, your property, no matter what the cost." Susan promised, "In fact I love being humiliated by you Mistress Julie because it makes me feel like such a bitch. Your bitch! Especially when I can't sit down because you've ass fucked me so hard."

"Really?" Julie questioned.

"Really." Susan blushed, "My friends think there something wrong with me because I don't sit down during poker night anymore. Or any time they see me. Oh if they only knew my butt hurt all the time, that I can't shit right and most of the time I'm walking funny because my daughter loves wrecking my ass with her big strap-on cock. Mmmmmm, they would all be so disgusted at me, but if they knew how good it felt they would be so jealous. Jealous that I am my daughter's bitch. Oh please Mistress Julie, let Mommy be your bitch. Mommy wants to be your bitch!"

Shoving the ball gag back into her mother's mouth Julie growled, "We'll see, now shut up and take my dick up your ass Mom!"

Susan moaned with approval as Mistress Julie quickly fastened the gag around the back of her head then lifted herself up to grab a hold of Susan's hips to restart the daughter on mother butt fucking. Mistress Julie wasted no time in establishing a steady rhythm and then increasing the pace, the earlier ass reaming ensuring that Susan's rectum was loose and ready for whatever her daughter had to give her. That included a skilful and increasingly hard butt pounding which soon had Susan hurtling towards an orgasm, the older woman fairly certain that this time she would not be denied.

She wasn't, her daughter made her cum in what felt like seconds, Susan incredibly grateful for the gag as she screamed as much as she wanted into it, allowing her youngest child to sleep peacefully in his crib while her oldest child joyfully sodomised her to climax. Not that Mistress Julie had ever been satisfied with giving her Mom only one orgasm from anal sex, the teen continuing the now brutal pace so she could make Susan cum over and over again, the mother's juices literally squirting from her cunt like a fountain.

Again Susan couldn't understand why she had taken so long to try anal. Not that she could imagine anyone being able to fuck her ass half as skilfully as her own daughter so clearly things had worked out for the best. Because sure, as a mother maybe she should have been trying to convince her daughter to date someone of her own age but as a extremely submissive woman Susan was extremely happy her daughter had chosen her to be the lucky female who got to be Julie Meyer's girlfriend. Perhaps more importantly Susan got to be her daughter's bitch, and while on some level she knew it was wrong it also felt so overwhelmingly right, like Susan was always meant to be her daughter's bitch and now finally she was being put in her rightful place while Mistress Julie was taking hers as the head of the household.

With that in mind Susan felt oddly proud of her daughter. Her baby girl had become such a butt busting stud. The girl had bagged her own mother for Christ sakes, effortlessly turning the woman who gave her life into her bitch. How much more of a stud could you be?

Oh yes, Susan thought, she was so proud of her Mistress Julie, and Susan couldn't wait to be officially this little woman taming stud's bitch. That's all she wanted.

As if reading her thoughts her Mistress Julie grabbed hold of her hair, pulled it back and growled, "What do you want to be Mom? What do you want to be?"

"YOUR BITCH! I WANT TO BE YOUR BITCH MISTRESS JULIE! I WANT TO BE MY DAUGHTER'S BITCH!" Susan screamed loudly and proudly through her ball gag.

To Julie's delight her mother continued repeating those words over and over again in some variation through a couple more orgasms, then the older woman clearly became so lost in the ecstasy she was feeling she could no longer form coherent words. Of course both the words and the lack of words encouraged Julie to ass fuck her Mom with every ounce of her strength, the sound of her thighs smacking off her mother's ass cheeks echoing throughout their home so much Julie was surprised MJ didn't wake up. Luckily he had proven to be a heavy sleeper, but Julie was glad she'd already picked out several places with soundproof walls, and brought a baby monitor to go along with it, when looking for a new home.

Of course this was home and always would be. Not the house, her Mom's ass. Deep inside her mother's butt was Julie Mayer's home; where she belonged. The place she always wanted to be, wanted to spend the most time in, was her own personal little slice of heaven.

Julie loved spanking her Mom, and going down on her, and making the older woman eat her pussy and ass, but for all the dirty things she did to the woman who gave her life there was just something special about fucking her Mom with a strap-on. It was primal, Julie mounting her mother as if she was a man and taking the older woman who was supposed to be in charge of her as her submissive mate to do with as she pleased. And while Julie got that feeling from fucking her Mom's pussy, along with a delicious feeling of violating the place of her origins, she also was haunted by visions of her father, Mike and other men having their way with what Julie was now convinced was always meant to be hers. Butt fucking her Mom never made Julie feel like that as she was the one who took her mother's anal cherry, that hole only having ever been used by Julie so the teen saw it as her own personal fuck hole. Her Mom's butt hole was hers, only hers, and nobody but her would ever use it because it was her property.

That's what her mother's entire body would soon be. No, it's what her mother's entire body was now and would forever be. Something Julie owned and cherished. But while her own mother would soon become her prized possession her very favourite part of her prized possession would be her Mom's butt. Her home. The tiny little hole her mother pooped from which would always be available for Julie to fuck with her strap-on, fingers, tongue and whatever else she wanted to shove up her Mom's ass. The tight little shit hole Julie was going to fuck, and fuck, and fuck, and make sure it was always gaping wide so it would be nice and ready for her big cock. That back passage Julie was going to live in. The woman who gave her life bending over at a click of her fingers, and spreading her cheeks, and begging for the anal abuse that the ass whore who called herself her mother would want as much as Julie.

As Julie became crazed with these thoughts she came over and over again, the stimulator inside the harness drilling her clit until the teen collapsed with exhaustion, almost slipping off her mother in the process given how slippery with sweat they both were. Luckily by that point Julie had nothing to be ashamed of as she had butt fucked her Mommy to countless orgasms resulting in the older woman being barely conscious by the time her daughter finally stopped ass fucking her.

For a few long moments Julie just lay there panting. Then she nuzzled her Mom's neck and whispered sweet nothings into her ear like, "Mmmmmm, that was so good Mommy. You took your daughter's cock so well up your ass. Mmmmmmm, your ass is the perfect depository for my dick."

After a while Julie untied her mother's hands, removed the ball gag and rhetorically asked, "Shall we see just how gaping your ass hole is this time?"

"I bet it's wider than ever Mistress Julie." Susan murmured submissively.

Julie smiled wickedly and then proved her mother to be right, quickly lifting herself up and pushing herself back so that her strap-on rushed out of her Mom's butt hole. Julie's wicked smile then got even wider as she was presented with her mother's completely destroyed ass, the cheeks even more red and sore than before while the hole itself was a gaping mess. Then somehow the older woman's butt hole looked even worse, Susan submissively reaching back to pull apart her ass cheeks and provide Julie an even better look into the deepest depths of her Mom's bowels via her gaping ass hole.

To Julie this was her Mom showing total submission to her, Julie in turn feeling totally dominant as she stared at her handiwork for a few long seconds. Then she untied her Mom's legs and ordered, "Get on your knees in front of me."

Without hesitation her mother did as she was told, however she didn't then suck Julie's ass flavoured cock, no matter how badly she clearly wanted too. This made Julie smile again. Her bitch was clearly learning.

"Good girl, now... suck my cock clean." Julie ordered, impressed that her mother waited for the command before wrapping her lips around the shaft and beginning to bob her head up and down, "Mmmmmm, that's a good bitch, that's right, you do what I say, when I say it! That's what a good little submissive bitch does, and that's what you want to be, isn't it Mommy? You want to be your daughter's bitch? Then show me! Show me how badly you want to be my bitch by sucking my cock clean of every drop of your slutty anal juices! Mmmmm yes, suck it you nasty ATM whore!"

After the first time Susan never really needed verbal encouragement to do this because while she could have never imagined herself enjoying the taste of her own ass, especially off a dildo strapped around her daughter's waist, the truth was she had become an ass to mouth whore. Susan loved the taste of her own ass, craving it almost as much as her daughter's sweet pussy juices and delicious cum. Plus it was another chance for Susan to please her Mistress, the teen's continuing words only helping to revitalise her strength so she could give Mistress Julie's cock a long, thorough blow job.

Of course Susan had started off concentrating on the first few inches of the strap-on so she could savour the taste of the deepest part of her ass. As if she needed further proof she was a perverted slut Susan found the knowledge that the head of Mistress Julie's dildo had been buried so deeply in her bowels to be an incredible turn on and whether it was psychological or not the deeper the cock had been the tastier she found the flavour of her own anal juices.

However when it was clear the first few inches were completely clean Susan didn't hesitate bobbing her head lower on the dick, relaxing her throat muscles so she could take it as deep as possible into her mouth. Sadly Susan was still to master the fine art of deep throating, something she'd never really done or in most cases never really had the option of doing with previous male lovers, and given this dildo was longer and wider than any Susan had ever sucked before she really didn't stand a chance. She still tried her hardest, but Susan was only able to get a few inches down her throat before she started choking.

Julie admired the way her Mom continually tried and failed. Well, that wasn't always the case, but when it came to taking her dick down her throat Julie definitely enjoyed watching her mother continuously trying until her eyes filled with tears, she began shaking violently, and finally she pulled away gasping for air.

The older woman repeated this several times before Julie said, "Well, we still need to work on your deep throating skills, but for now just lick the rest of my dick clean. Come on Mommy, clean that cock with your tongue, then when you're done we will see if you really want to be my bitch."

Those words made the Milf move faster, Susan quickly sliding her tongue over every inch of the shaft before moving away and looking up at Julie expectantly.

"Mom..." Julie asked, letting that word which she would use sparingly from now on if at all hang in the air, "Do you want to be my bitch?"

"Oh yes Mistress Julie, more than anything." Susan said without hesitation.

"Prove it." Julie said with a grin, "Kiss my feet and beg me for the privilege of being my bitch."

Immediately Susan lent forward and began covering her daughter's feet in kisses, shamelessly begging between each kiss, "Oh please Mistress Julie... please allow me the privilege of being your bitch... I want to be your bitch so bad... more than anything I've ever wanted in my entire life... oh please Mistress Julie... allow me the honour of being your bitch... I'll eat your yummy pussy and ass whenever you want... let you fuck me in the ass whenever you want, with whatever you want... I'll take whatever you want to give me Mistress Julie... I'll do anything for you... anything... just please, let me be your bitch... I want to be my daughter's bitch... I want to spend the rest of my life getting fucked up the ass by my own daughter... obeying her every command... being nothing but her property... please Mistress Julie, let me be your property... let me be your bitch..."

"Look up at me." Julie interrupted, waiting until her mother had done as she was told before she reached down, brushed some hair out of her face and said, "Congratulations Mom... you just became my bitch."

* * *

Susan opened an eye, slowly turning her head, careful not to make too sudden a movement, towards the electronic clock sitting by the side of the bed. Satisfied that it was time to get up Susan opened the second eye and carefully, so carefully, pushed back the quilt. She paused, her heart beating speedily, as Julie made a sound. For a second Susan feared she had woken her daughter by accident and that would not be good, Julie had specific ways she liked to be woken and sudden bursts of cool air fanning over her naked body was not one of them. After a few seconds Julie gave a little grunt and turned back on her side, still asleep. Susan let out an internalised sigh of relief, it was too early in the morning for a spanking, not that she would have made any complaint.

She walked over to the mirror and took a look at her reflection. She had to admit she looked good, her titties were firmer than they had any right to be, her tummy ironing board flat and her thighs, if not those she had when she was twenty, were near to those she had when she was thirty. There wasn't a doubt Susan thought, that her energetic sex life with her daughter Julie was keeping her in trim, being banged in every hole all the time got rid of any excess flab faster than any gym equipment. Susan continued to look at the reflection, noticing the other signs of her daughter's dominance - last night Julie had spreadeagled her Mom over the bed, tying her wrists and ankles so tight that the burn marks were still visible and thrashed her bare cunt. Susan couldn't remember what the transgression had been to deserve a pussy whipping. It didn't take much for Julie to decide she needed to be punished and Susan took her punishment like a good well trained bitch, neither complaining at her treatment, or trying to explain in an attempt to wheedle out of it. Julie had thrashed the slit, until the teen was sweating and Susan was blubbering in pain.

Of course Susan's pain couldn't, and shouldn't, stop her daughter butt-fucking her Mom's back hole, after all she owned it, and so after the whipping Susan had been turned on her front and anally fucked until Julie was so exhausted that she collapsed on her back. Susan had cleaned the cock with her mouth, before gently taking it off her daughter and putting it away with the rest of the teen's large collection. By the time Susan had returned to the bed Julie was asleep, that had been slightly disappointing, as if she had been awake Susan might have asked permission to snuggle into her. If Julie was feeling in a good mood she might have let her, but Susan knew she shouldn't wake Julie for something so inconsequential as making Susan's night comfortable, so Susan had just slid into her own side of the bed and fallen asleep.

Susan always slept best when she was lying in Julie's arms or was being spooned by her daughter. Partly because of the comfort factor, but mostly because it made sure she didn't roll over onto her back in the night, the effect of putting weight on her constantly sore ass often enough to wake her up. Luckily Susan was fairly sure that hadn't happened as considering the butt pounding Julie had given her last night she would have almost definitely woken up if she had.

Turning her back to the mirror Susan lifted her nightie up. Her back hole was almost completely closed, Susan even having to spread her own ass cheeks just to see her hole properly. This was an extremely rare occurrence, Julie living up to her word as she obsessively butt fucked her own mother multiple times a day, and honestly Susan loved every moment of it. After all what was a constantly aching butt hole if the result was such ecstasy? Besides, walking around with a constantly gaping or plug filled ass hole was a constant reminder of Susan's role in her relationship with her daughter.

Susan slid out of her nightwear, folding it neatly and putting it away; Julie hated nothing more than a messy bedroom. That done she considered what she would wear for the day; if they were expecting visitors or going out she was allowed to wear jeans, sweaters etc, but if they weren't Julie expected her Mom to wear something more sexy. As they weren't planning going anywhere today Susan slid into her suspenders, leaving the rest of her naked - perhaps if Julie wanted some peace later she'd add a ball-gag later, but that was a decision for her daughter, not Susan.

The Milf walked out into the landing. Adorning the walls were pictures of her; all in compromising positions - after an anal fisting, or being lesbian dped at that orgy Julie had taken her two, masturbating in the front room or flashing in the shopping aisle. They were quick to take down when they had visitors and replace with fully clothed pictures of Julie and MJ (except for a couple of her baby son in the bath), but otherwise Julie liked her Mom's submission to be on display. Susan carried onto her son's room, MJ was asleep and looked like he would be for a while. The only thing which ever interrupted Julie's domination of her Mom was MJ crying; but Julie took her step-motherly duties seriously, often playing with MJ and trying to teach him to talk or walk far in advance of what was expected as a baby, whilst her naked Mom washed the kitchen floors with a butt-plug in her ass.

She headed into the kitchen and taking a stool, stood on it so that she could reach the top of the cupboard. There were a card and a box. She took them down and sat at the table, grimacing only slightly as she rested her weight on her ass. As always when she sat down Susan briefly thought of Julie, and on this occasion of her morning butt fucking which she would soon be receiving from her daughter. Then she returned her attention to the items in her hand.

Outside the Mayer house it was Mother's Day, but as far as Julie was concerned that day didn't exist and Susan couldn't disagree - if it had been submissive sluts day she'd have been happy, but why celebrate her being a Mom, when that was the least of her roles and meant nothing to her lover. But Susan had wanted to do something, so she took the Mother's Day card and crossed out the word 'Mother' replacing it with 'Daughter' then she added her name and a sexy message about how much she loved Julie. That done she added the X's for kisses, stopping when she got to fifty as she didn't want to overdo it. She slid the card in the envelope and licked it shut, before opening the box.

Inside were ropes and whips and nipple clamps, together with ball-gags and a large butt-plug. It scared Susan to look at the equipment she had mail-ordered and know that her daughter would use all of it on her, but it also excited her. And she knew it was something that Julie would appreciate. She wrapped it up in paper and then went upstairs again. MJ was still asleep and so was Julie. Susan put the card and present on the bed next to the teen and looked at the clock again; it was time to wake Julie up - the proper way.

The Milf went under the covers and between Julie's legs, the teen grunting something as Susan spread her legs and placed her head between her daughter's thighs. She licked slowly and carefully, gently sliding her tongue into the hole and bringing Julie gradually into consciousness. The teen gave a sleepy moan, followed after a few seconds by one of pleasure. Susan continued to lap away, pushing her tongue into her daughter's wet slit and waking her in the most pleasant way imaginable. Julie stretched and groaned. "Uuurrrhhh," she yawned. "Mmmmnn," she moaned. Susan moved deeper, her tongue pushing down the teen's hole and playing with her special spot. "Oh that's good," Julie said, "Is this a present?"

Susan didn't reply, just carried on eating away at Julie. Above her she could hear Julie opening the envelope and reading out, "'Happy Daughter's Day. To my dear Mistress Julie, May you have the Happiest Daughter's Day ever, With all my love, Love Your Two Bit Anal Whore.' That's sweet you slut, I may not cane your ass so hard today, let me see the present - oh whips, and leather rope and is this a ball-gag, you dirty naughty whore and a whip as well/ I'm taking what I said back, I'll be hanging you from the rafters later and using this baby."

Susan lapped away, happy between her daughter's legs and knowing that her place was to be a bitch to Julie. It might not have been conventional, but Susan was more than content with her one last great romance.

The End


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