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Desperate Housewives: One-Night Stand Part 6 - A Mother-Daughter One-Night Stand (MMFF, F-solo, exhib, anal, oral)
by LL

For seventeen years Julie Mayer had been a good girl; she respected her elders, kept her room tidy and got her school work in not only on time, but also to A Grade standard. This was all still true as she went through senior year, but something else had happened which had knocked off her good girl crown and left it rolling in the gutter.

Julie Mayer was a cockaholic...

She might have been a late starter, but as soon as she discovered sex she couldn't get enough. Others might have described her as a nymphomaniac or a sex-addict, but neither of those terms seemed right to Julie, they downplayed her absolute total and overwhelming need for dick (with a side-helping of sweet, sexy, hot pussy for variety). Over the last few months she'd worked her way through the senior year of Fairview High; the camera club and yearbook society nerds who were desperate for cunt, the football jocks who'd fuck anyone, the in-betweeners who just wanted someone half-way presentable. And because dick wasn't enough or because there wasn't enough dick she'd fucked half the cheerleaders and some of the hotter female members of the Math Club, as well as a threesome with the President and Vice-President of the Fairview High Diversity Alliance, who just happened to be sexy lesbians. But that still hadn't been enough and only last weekend she'd found herself sandwiched between her History and Physics' teachers, which hadn't cleared up her confusion on whether to go for arts or science at college.

It still wasn't enough; Julie needed dick; big, hard dick that could ram her holes open and make her scream, dick in her soft, shaven, slick pussy and dick in her small, tight, teenage ass - and for good measure dick in her succulent, sexy, mouth.

Which was why she was in her room secretly using her laptop, not to research medieval English Kings, but to research singles searching for no-strings sex in Fairview. But she was approaching it methodically as any other study. The first part of her research was to see what the talent would be like; it would be no point up-loading her details if all she was going to get were tiny-pricked fat guys - she was up for hardcore banging, not pity fucks. Her research proved fruitful, either the site only took guys who were well endowed or Fairview must have something in the water, every profile had the letter VWE and all of the pictures they put up were of hot looking hunks with all their own teeth.

Her next step was to look into the competition to see what she was up against and to work out what worked for the guys perusing other women the site and then steal it.

She clicked through the first few profiles, all women in sexy poses - some revealing, other hinting and teasing what was underneath - making a note of which types got the most stars beside the profile name. A couple of times she made a mental note where the picture was particularly hot and the profile had 'L' or 'Bi' in it. The teen had to admit, just scrolling through the pictures and the promises below them was making her hot, especially following the pictures of all the well-endowed studs. Julie decided she'd look at one more of the woman's profiles to give herself some final ideas, before writing her own one and then heading over to watch the soccer team's practice and make sure they knew she was available.

Looking at the site, she decided to click on Susie, who must have got the profile and pictures right as she was a five starrer. For a second the internet went blank, then the words of the profile flicked up and, before Julie had a chance to read them, a picture above, with links to more.

Julie wasn't sure what she'd been expecting the picture to look like, but she certainly hadn't expected it to look like her Mom; especially her Mom naked, on her knees with what looked like a heavy dump of cum dripping from chin and onto her tits. The teen stared at it for a moment, open-mouthed, wondering if it was a doppelganger. If it was it was a very good one. Ignoring the words in the profile, (though she did see that it included 'bi') Julie clicked onto the links to Susie's gallery, thinking that this picture was a fluke and others would be nothing like her Mom.

The pictures in the gallery did look very much like her Mom. And more like that there were also plenty which looked like her Mom and her neighbours Gabby and Bree. They weren't tame pictures either, there were one of the guy her Mom had sitting been sitting on hoisting her up under her thighs to expose her open asshole and another where she was draped over Bree trying to lick at a cock going into the redhead's butt. In another her Mom and Gabby were kissing passionately whilst lying on their backs with two guys ramming into them, their legs resting on the men's shoulders and their hands clasped together. A fourth picture had Susan being spit-roasted, whilst another had her been taken in the back and front holes (whilst Bree and Gabby sucked a titty each). In the next two pictures the three neighbours were clustered around an upright dick, licking top, middle and balls, whilst one which seemed to have been taken shortly after had them on their knees their faces clustered together, cum trickling from them all. Julie was looked at them in horrified, but horny fascination, this was her Mom...

She clicked on the next picture, Susan on her knees looking at the camera, two massive dicks in her hands. Julie gaped at it and as she did so she heard a gasp.

She whirled round.

Standing in her doorway, holding a laundry basket was her Mom, her face red with embarrassment was her Mom. After a second Susan managed to find her voice, "Have you anything you want washed? I'm doing laundry."

* * *

"... and that one was taken a couple of months ago, me and Bree picked up a couple of guys visiting for the convention and went back to their hotel room. We both got fucked in our pussies and then swapped and got it in our asses, as you can see," Susan pointed at the screen, though she didn't need to, the gaping butts of her and Bree were clearly visible as they both bent over the bed.

"They took the photo?"

"We asked them to, sometimes I like a souvenir of a one night stand," Susan explained. It had been a shock to open the door and see her daughter had found her profile on the adult friend finder. But after a few seconds of brain freeze the Milf had decided that honesty was the best policy and had sat down to tell her daughter that her Mommy was a cock loving slut, an addict to prick (and sometimes pussy).

"So what did you think?" Julie asked out interest.

Susan smiled, for each of the pictures not only had she painted a picture in a few sentences she'd scored them. "Out of five? " she smiled at the memory, "They were in their mid-twenties so old for us, but they were fit and fucked us a couple of times. But we only got one cock at a time, so I've got to mark them down for that." As a proper cockaholic Susan was seldom satisfied by just one guy at a time. "Four stars."

"Still pretty good," her daughter nodded wisely.

"Average," her Mom corrected, "I scored a lot of fives as well, and a few twos and threes." She paused, she had been open with Julie, now she needed her daughter to be open with her, "Were you on the site looking for sex?"

Julie nodded, her face briefly flushing red, though why that was so given that Susan had just been telling her about being anally banged, dp'd and being made airtight with Bree and Gabby. Susan smiled and put her hand encouragingly on her daughter's, wanting her to tell her everything and not keep anything bottled up, "It's okay, I'm your Mom you can tell me."

Her daughter took a deep breath, "I was going to put a profile up. I need fucking like a goldfish needs water, I need dick and lots of it. I've banged virtually every guy at school and those I haven't are gay. I've banged the football team and the Math club guys made me cum as well. And like you I've had several pricks at once, my first time being made airtight was whilst helping some of the Basketball team get their balls in and only at the weekend I was taken front and rear by a couple of older guys."

"Teachers?" her Mom asked; she knew what that was like from her own schooldays and how she'd banged by the school principal and librarian one hot and horny afternoon - her grades had still remained average, even if her reputation had plummeted."

"Yes," Julie said in a small voice, "Teachers and students and a few parents as well."

Susan had that experience as well, the Dad of her best friend (at the time, she hadn't seen her since college) had butt-banged her in the room he shared with his wife, whilst his wife filmed them. It had been hot and she still wondered what had happened to the film, was it hanging around in their attic or had it vanished in the mists of time; it surely wasn't on the internet, it hadn't existed then. After they'd filmed she'd had lesbian sex with the Mom as well; if you didn't count make-out sessions, it was the first time she'd done it with a woman and it was great. She tried to look caring to her daughter and not like she was being swept away in a sea of happy memories, "What about girls?"

"A few," her daughter admitted, "Some of the cheerleaders... quite a lot of the cheerleaders and some of the Math Club girls, the hot cute ones."

"So on the profile were you just looking for guys or were you going to look for both?"

"I hadn't really thought," said Julie, "Probably both, that way I'd get more hits. I wouldn't want to find I've got a quiet time as I've not spread the net wide enough"

"That's what I do, though I've no problem about getting hits, you should also put down you like threesomes. You'd never guess the number of respectably married couples who like to invite someone to join them in bed. And anal as well, guys like to know they can get you in the butt. Thinking about it, don't just stick at threesomes, put down group as well... me and Gabby once managed to hook a six guys on a stag party by putting that down," Susan smiled as her daughter looked at her wide eyed, "Aren't you going to type this into a profile?"

"Sure," said Julie sounding dazed.

She turned back to her computer and clicked on the open new profile box, putting in her details (including fake name and real credit card), before ticking the box as her Mom sat on the bed behind her. "Give oral sex check that... anal, as I said that as well... bondage, you can try it if you want... sex toys, I've always ticked but it only works with women, with guys I want the real thing... don't click relationship, otherwise you'll end up with bores who wanting to keep meeting you... age range - I usually got for the 18-24 and 24-30, you're going for any? Okay, I suppose you're younger than me and when I was your age I liked sugar daddies as well."

Julie finished the clicking the profile and pressed save. Her Mom smiled, "So what are you thinking about for a picture?"

Julie slid the mouse and opened her folder where she kept her snaps, they were tame compared to the ones Susan had up. The teen pointed to one of her and Danielle van de Kamp sitting in their bikini's beside the van de Kamp's pool, "I was thinking I'd crop Danielle out and would use this one, it's the sexiest shot I've got."

Susan looked at it with a small frown, in another context - say a school yearbook - it'd be risqu‚ and daring. Her daughter was certainly cute (even if she was biased) and with her tummy bare and the bikini showing more than a hint of cleavage she was sure many a guy would find her hot. But this wasn't the yearbook, but a sex site where Julie would be competing against hundreds of women, all trying to entice men to fuck their holes, and paddling your feet in the pool hardly said 'I'm a complete cockaholic, come fuck me.' She shook her head, "I think you need something I bit more sexy, you don't want to hint at what they'll be getting as they'll be others that are showing. Look at my photos, any guy I meet knows exactly what type of sexy slut he's going to get."

"I've not got any other photos," Julie said.

Luckily Susan had an answer to that, "I'll take some."

"Of me naked?" Julie asked, sounding surprised.

"Not just naked, but playing with toys," Susan smiled, "I've got some dildos you can use and if we do it in my room as well, it'll look less like you're a High School Senior and more like you're a woman."

"I am a High School Senior," Julie was always a stickler for accuracy.

So was her Mom, "And you're also a woman."

Turning she left her daughter's room and headed for her own, in less than a year Julie would be leaving to go to college, taking those final steps to making her Mom a middle-aged spinster without cats. But before she did they'd bond even further and make memories. Susan pulled out her camera, the expensive semi-professional one that she never took on one-night stands, and opened the drawer with her sex-toys ready for Julie to pick. She sat down and waited for her teen daughter; she had hoped Julie would follow immediately, thought that the teen might take a few moments to decide, feared that her daughter was so freaked at discovering her Mom was also a cockaholic she was barricading herself in the room.

"Is this right? I mean am I dressed right? ....Undressed right," Julie paused in the doorway. She was naked.

Her Mom lifted the camera, "Perfect, let's start with an arty shot of you leaning against the doorframe."

The teen did as her Mom asked, raising her hands above her head to hold the frame, whilst pushing forward the lower half of her body seductively, giving her a sloping look. Susan noticed that Julie's pussy was shaven apart from a tiny landing strip - another ways she was similar to the Milf. Susan raised the camera and snapped the shot - it was a good one, she might be an illustrator but she also had a photographer's eye. It was also the type of photo which went well in expensive coffee table books, but less so as an invitation to have a hardcore banging. "Why don't you get on the bed and spread your legs?"

"Okay," Julie slipped onto her Mom's bed, opening her legs as Susan balanced on the end and snapped a few shots. "Should I touch myself?" the teen asked.

"Yes, you want the profile pics to be hot," smiled her Mom, glad that Julie was going with the flow.

"MMmnnn," Julie moaned as she rubbed at her clit and pussy, sliding her fingers up and down the tight slit and rubbing at the bud at the top, her finger pushing at it. Susan snapped another couple of shots, making sure she managed to focus both on the sweet slit and the teen's sensuous smile as well as the slim, sexy body in-between. Julie continued to rub at her twat, "Oooohhh, Mom this feels hot, there's something so exciting about doing it and knowing it's going to be public."

Susan could agree with that, she was a bit of an exhibitionist herself, not just in having sexy pictures taken, but fucking with others and the thought of doing it with Julie beside her was making her pussy tingle with lust. She just smiled and said, "Open your legs a little wider sweetie, you want to show the guys what they're getting on a fuck-date with you."

"Ohhhh, uuurhhh," Julie was rubbing her slit faster and harder, slipping her fingers between the lips and opening them up. Her Mom snapped a couple more shots before going over to her drawer and picking out a dildo, a nice purple one which would look good when implanted in her daughter. Without words she passed it over to Julie, the teen reaching out for it with her spare hand. As Susan raised the camera Julie was prying open her slit and driving the dildo in. Susan had made the right choice, the purple really stood out and added a dash of colour as it went down her daughter's pink hole. The teen gasped and moaned as she slid the toy in and out, "Ohhhh, urrrrhhh, uuurhhh, oooohhhh."

It looked good and Susan took some shots they could use. But whilst masturbating her pussy showed a wilder side than just leaning against the door, she knew for her daughter's profile to stand out it needed harder pictures, "Julie, we need to take some of your ass."

"MMmnnn, in a moment Mom, let me cum first," the teen moaned and drove the dildo harder at her cunt, rocking and writhing as it slammed deep and hit her special spot. Susan snapped a few more shots, both of the toy sliding into the hot little cunt and of her daughter's face made even more beautiful as she crunched it up in orgasmic pleasure. "Ooohhhh, aaaaarrgghhh."

The teen gasped once more and pulled out the dildo, the purple toy dripping cum over the bed clothes. She dropped it to one side and looked at her Mom, "Did you say you thought I should do some ass shots?"

"If you want to do anal," her Mom smiled back.

"I definitely want to do anal," said her well behaved daughter. She rolled over onto her hands and knees, raising her ass for the camera. "How's this?"

"Good," Susan knelt on the bed behind her taking a couple of shots of the round, firm teenage ass. She imagined how hot it would be to have her own ass being filled with cock as beside her Julie took a dick there at the same time, the two of them screaming in unified anal ecstasy as huge cocks slammed them open. "Very nice and sexy, guys will love it," she breathed.

Her daughter put her hands on her cheeks and pulled at them, make her rosebud pucker and spread. "Do you think I should put the dildo in it? Or my finger? Show that's it not virgin and take things easily."

"I've got something better," said Susan. She put down the camera and went over to the drawer. There were plenty of sex toys in there, but she was quickly able to find the one she wanted. She presented her daughter with a butt-plug, it was one of her longer and thicker ones with a round handle at the end to help the user push it in and out of their ass.

Julie took it, giggling and swiftly began to insert it her butt. Susan picked up the camera, impressed with how far Julie had got it in so quickly, her daughter had certainly being getting her ass used to make it so flexible. She raised the camera, eyeing her daughter's butt opening through the lens and snapping away as Julie worked it in and out. Soon the teen had all eight inches between her cheeks, letting go off the handle to wiggle her cheeks at her Mom and show her how far it had gone in, "How's this?"

"Very sexy," replied Susan, "You're just lucky I'm not a guy or I'd bang you now."

"No Mom, I'm unlucky you're not a guy as I'd love to have my ass nailed now," said Julie, still the queen of the pedants. She reached back for the plug's handle and slid it in and out, moaning gently as the toy rubbed at her walls and down deep to hit her spots. "Mmnnn, though this is the next best thing," she moaned, her teeth gently biting her lip.

Susan snapped away, continuing to snap as Julie used the toy harder and faster on her ass. The Milf was wet as well as she thought about a real dick pounding into her daughter's ass whilst she lay over the teen's back licking the huge organ before taking it in her own mouth and ass. It made her pussy wet beneath her slacks and she snapped away, thinking about how much she too needed cock.

"Mmmnnn, oooohhh, urrrrrhhh," Julie moaned and grunted as she drove the toy down her anal chute vigorously, her young body rocking in pleasure as it slammed down to hit her pleasure zones. "Oooohhh fuuuckk, oooohhh, I'm making myself cum, oooohhh this is so, so hot."

Her Mom couldn't disagree, some of these shots would look spectacular on her teen daughter's profile and should get some hot hunks interested as well, hopefully enough to share. Her daughter was crying and gasping in enjoyment, the plug spearing in and out of her ass, going faster and faster as Julie put her spare hand between her legs and rubbed at her cunt. "Ooohhh, urrrrrhh, oohhhh, I'm going to cum, I really am going to cum. Aaarrrrgghhh, yesssss, aaaarrrghh."

The teen slumped down the toy quivering in her ass. Susan had an idea for one more shot, "Get on your knees again, sweetie, take out the toy and pull your cheeks apart... good."

Julie did as her Mom suggested, exposing the hot, gaping hole and showing any future searchers what a well used ass looked like, leaving no doubt that the teen was an butt girl.

"I think we've got some good shots for my profile," grinned Julie as she rolled to her front to sit cross-legged on the bed, albeit a little gingerly. Her Mom sat beside her, the two of them running through the photos and choosing the best half dozen to go on the profile.

"It's a shame there's no cum shots, nothing says 'I'm a hot slut who wants dick' like a shot of cum dripping from your face or flowing from your butthole," lamented Susan.

Her daughter nodded in agreement, "I really enjoy them as well. They feel so good."

"They do..." agreed Susan.

"But we'll have to do without," continued Julie.

Her Mom smiled, "For the moment, but if you wanted I could get a picture of you cum covered."

"Oh?" her daughter frowned and smiled at the same time.

"If we went to a few bars I know I'm sure we could pick up a couple of college guys to fuck us," Susan said. "If I brought my phone I'm sure we could get one shot of you with cum covering your face, at worse we could get a creampie - hopefully in your ass, that would cover two bases at once."

"Are you saying we should go and pick up some men for a one night stand?" Julie was smiling.

"Yes," Susan said. "It'll be fun," she added though she didn't think her daughter needed any persuading.


"What are you doing tonight?" Susan smiled.

* * *

"How about this dress?" Julie asked. She knew how to pick up guys at her school, both students and teacher - flash a smile, a bit of leg, some gash and they'd be fucking her in the supply closet within minutes. But tonight she was going to pick up college guys in a bar and that required a bit more sophistication and planning, if only because there were plenty of hot college girls after exactly the same things as she was.

"Mmnn," her Mom apprised her like she was valuing an oil painting. Then she nodded, "It's cute, I didn't even know you had a dress that short."

That was because Julie had it hidden; only Danielle and Dylan knew she'd got a cocktail dress that rose so far up her thighs and so far down her back and cleavage; she'd never dared show it to her Mom. But then she hadn't known that her Mom was a cockaholic too, it must be genetic, the teen surmised. And now she saw her Mom's dress she thought hers might have been conservative. At least hers covered about a half of her tits; with her Mom's one heavy breathing could have sent her boobs bouncing out and the dress was so far up her legs that whenever she sat you could see she hadn't bothered with panties. Julie hadn't either, but in her case it wasn't so obvious.

"I like your dress as well," she said, thinking at the same time about whether to borrow. She decided to wait see how good it was in action before making a final decision on if it'd look on her (or rather that'd it look good coming off her).

"It is nice," her Mom gave a whirl and if Julie had been a guy the way the skirt lifted and the top slid over the nipples would have given her a hard-on. Her Mom stopped and adjusted the dress. "The cab should be here in a moment."

Julie could still hardly believe that she and her Mom were going out to pick up some guys for casual sex. Not that Julie was regretting it; she needed cock, her Mom needed cock, why not get cock together? And to be honest, she'd also been a little turned on by the afternoon's photo-session, exposing and masturbating herself in front of her Mom; that had made her hot and wet, she'd probably explode if she was fucking some hot man whilst her Mom was getting it on with her. Besides, from the looks of her Mom's profile she knew how to pick up men and Julie was a big fan of learning from your elders.

The cab arrived and the mother and daughter were soon heading into Fairview, well aware that the driver's looks in the mirror were less about checking the distance of the car behind and more checking out how hot the Mayers were. Unluckily for him as he'd reached thirty he was too old for Susan, anyway one dick between two wasn't going to be enough. They soon arrived in the town centre, Susan paying the cabby and giving him a hefty tip, whilst her daughter enjoyed the look on his face as her Mom bent over to pass it him.

Adjusting her dress top so that her nipples were once again covered Susan pointed to a bar, "We'll try that one first, there's always lots of college guys there."

"What about my age?" Julie asked, "For drinks... I've not got an ID."

"Julie," her Mom sounded Momlike, "You won't be drinking, you're under twenty one. Anyway, we're here to fuck."

"Okay," Julie was secretly glad - she didn't really like alcohol and only ever drank it when Danielle forced her into it. She followed her Mom into the bar.

It looked like a typical college drinking den - not that Julie had expertise on them, apart from sneaking in to one with Danielle a couple of times - lots of students, lots of noise and lots of beer. Her Mom went to the bar to order a wine and a cola. Julie took a further look around - most of the guys were in jeans and T-shirts, the more fashion conscious also wearing jackets, the girls were dressed like her and her Mom, though none were pulling it off as well. Her Mom had chosen well, it was a dick market and the women were buying. She continued to look round, searching for likely studs. Her Mom joined her and within seconds was nodding to a table with two guys sitting at it, a half-empty beer jug in front of them. "What do you think?"

They looked about twenty and hot, with short hair and a trace of stubble, muscles evident under their T-shirts, with tattoos just visible where the sleeves ended and the flesh began. The teen smiled, "They'll do."

The Mom and daughter moved over casually, but sexually, catching the men's eyes as they approached. Julie could feel their gazes of appreciation as they looked up and down the sexy twosome with their uncovered legs and over-exposed titties. "Can we join you? I'm Susan and this is Julie." Julie noticed that her Mom didn't mention their surnames or the fact they were parent and child, which made sense to the teen, why risk complicating things with the guys who might think that a Mom daughter duo wouldn't go all the way and beyond.

"Hey, yeah," the taller one, with darker hair and stud in his ear grinned, "I'm Frank, the ugly dude next to me is Colm."

His friend grinned, he didn't look ugly to Julie, with a Kirk Douglas jaw and cheekbones that looked like they'd be chiselled by a Roman God, "Good to meet you, local?" He kicked a chair back for Julie to sit on.

"Yes," Julie said, "A cab ride away." It told the guys something, but not too much if they decided they weren't the young knights they seemed.

Luckily the guys were, as Julie and her Mom quickly established that a) they had a dorm nearby b) were single c) weren't interested in long-term relationships and d) were very interested in a short term one nighter.

Those facts established it was only a matter of deciding whether the Mayers took the guys back to their place or vice versa. The dorm was marginally nearer. The four of them didn't even finish their drinks before piling in the of a cab. Frank drew the short straw and found himself in the front whilst Colm got in the middle, a Mayer either side. Julie giggled in anticipation as the student slid his arm round her and her Mom's shoulders, his fingers playing on their naked arms. Her Mom turned his head and began to kiss him passionately, her tongue sliding over his and her lips moving round and round his mouth. Julie grinned and slid her hand down to his thighs, rubbing up over his jeans and the mound at the top, feeling the dick stirring and quivering under her hand and the denim.

Colm broke from her Mom and turned to face Julie, his mouth opening to meet hers. She kissed him hard, running her tongue out and over, slipping it round his and into his mouth, her lips pressing hard. His hand pulled her closer, leaning her into him before moving across and cupping her titty, his thumb drawing circular patterns on her flesh. She kissed him harder, feeling her Mom's hand joining hers in teasing the hard hillock between his thighs; it was just lucky the zip was firmly shut or there would have been a flagpole going up in the back-seat and neither Mayer would have been able to resist it.

They broke the kiss so that Colm could return to her Mom. In the front seat mirror Julie could see how jealous Frank looked, though wisely he wasn't saying anything and Julie knew he'd get his just rewards once they got back to the dorm. Beside her Colm and her Mom were slurping heavily, one of Susan's titties falling out of her dress and having to be placed back by the student.

The teen felt her pussy itch with horny excitement, the lustful feelings helped along by watching her Mom's get fondled and kissed. She breathed heavily allowing her Mom a few more moments of tongue before she gently took Colm's head in her hand and turned him back to face her. God knew what the cab driver was thinking, the show in the back getting even hotter as the teen kissed Colm hard whilst guiding his hand to her titties, encouraging him to play and squeeze at them, making them almost pop out. Her mouth moved at his and she pressed her chest forward, aware all the time that her Mom's hand was down on the bulge of his pants, massaging the lump and making a wordless promise on what was to come.

Luckily for Frank in the front the cab soon reached the dorm and he quickly paid the cabby, in his haste to get the Mayers out and up to the room, giving the driver a more than generous tip. Julie slid her arm round his waist as her Mom went with Colm. "Shall we go to your room?" asked Susan, unnecessarily as no-one was thinking of going anywhere else.

The two guys led the women up the stairs and down the hall, exciting the envious glances of more than a few other students as they passed, looks which got even greener as Susan and Julie wiggled their hips and asses sexily as they went by. The room they entered was typical college boys, two single beds and desks, posters of scantily clad women, some weights on the floor mixed with books that looked scarcely read, a wardrobe open showing its collection of jeans and little else. Not that Julie cared as soon as the door was closed she was kissing Frank, pressing her mouth at his and showing him that whilst he'd missed her, by being in the front, there was plenty of time to catch up. He greedily kissed back, his mouth moving over hers and his tongue spearing back. His hands went to her waist and he subtlety guided her from the doorway to one of the beds; she could see Colm was doing the same with her Mom.

The two couples slurped and kissed, their hands sliding up and down each other's bodies as the back of the Mayer's legs found the beds. They dropped onto them, hardly disengaging from Frank and Colm's mouth for a second. Julie kept one hand on Frank's side, feeling his muscular body through the shirt as with the other she reached down to between his legs. Her fingers found his button, popping it open and then the zip pulling it down. She was aware a few feet away her Mom was doing similar with Colm. The teen dimly thought that she was crossing the rubicon in her relationship with her Mom, when they would no longer be innocent of the other as a sexual being, but Julie had known that was what the night would bring ever since it was suggested.

Her hand went in under Frank's jeans and into his boxers.

She wasn't disappointed.

If it wasn't ten inches it was close. And thick. And hard.

Julie had it out, stroking her fingers lightly over it, rubbing the gland slowly, sensually, seductively. She pulled her mouth from Frank's so that she could look at his face, it was full of wonderment as if he couldn't believe his luck. It was going to get better...

Opposite them Susan was already on her knees her head bobbing up and down between Colm's thighs. Julie smiled sexily at his buddy, "Let me get this dick as wet and ready as my pussy." Even as she was speaking she was pulling at her dress so that it dropped down to her waist, exposing her teeny tits. He stared at them lustfully, keeping his gaze on them as she dropped down onto her knees, moving her head towards his prick.

"Oh fuck me," groaned Frank, unnecessarily as Julie's lips were sliding down the engorged prick, wetting the stiff shaft with her saliva. As she went down she flicked her long hair over her shoulder so that it didn't get in her way. Her mouth went deeper and deeper, the dick pushing over her tongue and into the side of her cheek. She looked at him as she took it, enjoying his lascivious expression. With a tiny twist of her head she slid the dong from her cheek and sent it deeper towards her throat.

"Ohhhh, fuck me," Frank gasped. If his first expression had been pleasure this was that with added surprise as Julie took the cock deep into her mouth, so far it in triggered her gag reflex. Not that even that stopped her, she wanted to give the best bj ever, especially with her Mom doing the same across the room so that neither guy would feel that the other had got a hotter, sluttier Mayer. She brought her head back up an inch, gasping and choking, blinking at the tears. Then she went down again, forcing herself past the gag and down. His cock was washed with her saliva, flooding out of her mouth and down the last couple of inches of uncovered cock, to drip over his balls.

"Shit, this is fucking hot, shit, fuck," Frank gasped, his eyes wide and his grasping the bed as if fearing that the laws of gravity were about to reverse sending him spinning into the stratosphere. "Fuck me, so fucking hot. You're the blow job Queen."

Whilst Julie agreed, she also felt she hadn't shown Frank anything yet. She continued driving her head down, forcing the last couple of inches into her throat, so that her lips were on his ball sack, squelching it like a pair of squeezable rubber balls. His eyes rolled and his lips moved. And Julie began to hammer her head back and forth. She felt the slam of the cock in her mouth, filling her and pinning her tongue as it smacked at the back of her throat. Every time making her gag and choke and blink her eyes, but sending him into paroxysms of delight. She knew his cock was soaked and hard, a slimy mess of spit and bile, stiff and ready for cunt. Behind her she could hear Colm grunting and moaning, his calls suggesting that her Mom was going as deep as she was.

Hoisting up her dress with one hand, she began to finger her twat, making it even wetter and loosening it up for his huge dick. She was as slick as he was, soaking with lust, her pussy almost humming with pleasure. She gave no warning as her head shot up for the last time, leaving his erect cock sticking at her face, dripping with her saliva. She stood up, pulling down her dress so that she was left just in her shoes. "Let's fuck."

"Oh God, yes," said Frank in reply. He quickly whipped off his T-shirt as Julie continued to remove his jeans, dragging them down his thighs and leaving the rest for him to pull off with his shoes as she climbed onto the bed.

Her Mom was doing the same, spreading her legs invitingly for Colm and even as Julie watched the young man's huge prick was penetrating her Mom's cunt for the first time. It made Julie's twat even hotter and hornier and she rubbed it vigorously watching both Colm enter her Mom and Frank struggle to get his jeans and pumps off at the same time. Luckily his struggles with undressing didn't seem to be having an impact on the size or erectness of his dick. The teen slid a finger into her slit, knowing that as soon as Frank managed to get his pumps off she'd be getting something bigger and thicker in there. Meanwhile she looked at her Mom, moaning and pushing her pelvis up to meet Colm's thrusts; seeing her getting fucked was even hotter than Julie ever imagined it would be.

"I'm ready," said Frank, tossing a pump across the room.

"Me too," said Julie with feeling. She spread her legs even wider as Frank moved on top of her.

When he entered she went to heaven. His cock spread open her pussy, stimulating it and send waves of excitement coursing through her. He speared down, the huge dong driving into the tight teen twat. She threw back her head and gasped, all her filling the cry, making it shrill and piercing and passionate. He raised himself and thrust down. "Yessss!" her Mom shrieked from across the room, her cries echoing Julie's squeals of excitement. She wrapped her legs round Frank's calves, her heels rubbing at the muscles of his legs as they tensed and stretched as she slammed back and forth, levering his dick into wet pussy. "Yessss, fuuckkk meee, yessss," her Mom was screaming loudly.

"Yes, fuck yes," Julie shrieked as well, "Fuck me hard baby, fuck my cunt."

Frank slammed hard and fast; he might have only been a couple of years older than her, but he was experienced. Of course, so was she and she gripped him with her legs, spurring him on so that he was riding her like a bronco. His dick slammed balls deep into her cunt, driving down the wet, warm hole; orgasms smashed out from her special spot, the erogenous zone going into overdrive. The teen squealed out in excitement, grabbing the bed and wriggling in pleasure, "Oh God, yes, harder, harder, stick it in me all the way."

"Ooohhhh, aaaarrrghhh, fucking yes, ram my pussy with that big dick," Julie knew her Mom was enjoying her fucking as much as the teen was, the brunette Milf shuddering in excitement, her legs round Colm, dragging him into her. Julie could see her Mom tits jiggling as she was slammed vigorously and repeatedly by her new lover, the bed squeaking and shaking as the young man drove down into her. Susan cried out, her hands scrabbling as his back like a falling climber at a rockface. She squealed louder as he went down again, her head turning towards Julie and smiling in satisfaction. Julie smiled back, groaning in pleasure as her own lover banged down, the Mom and daughter feeling a moment of intense intimacy and bonding between them as they then cried in orgasmic pleasure in unison. "AAaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaarrghhh!"

Driven on by their cries the guy went faster and harder filling the Mom and daughter with hard prick. Both women screamed in delight and the young men went even faster. Under them Julie and Susan writhed and rocked, their titties bouncing and wobbling, being squashed by the men's downward thrusts, before springing back like plastic balls resuming their shape. The young stud's cocks struck deep into the women's holes, the sound of the orgasms driving through wet flesh and balls smacking at the flesh almost drowned out by the screams and squeals of the women and the pants and grunts from the guys. Susan and Julie hands were clawing at the men's backs, their naked bodies pressing back against the student's firm chests, their heads thrown back on the beds spraying their hair out over the bedding like they were flames spreading from a burning bush. "Ooooohhh, uuuhhh, yessss, fuck me, ram me hard"

Julie could feel the orgasms hitting her, like a constant barrage of pleasure, creeping higher and higher until it was blasting her all around and blowing her mind. She shrieked in pleasure as her back arched so sharply and her pussy caught fire, metaphorically at least, "AAAarrrghhh, yessss fuuuckkk, aaarrghhh. I'mmmm cuuumminng... aaaaargghhh, yessssss!"

Just for a second Frank seemed to pause. But it was only a moment and then he was pounding her again, slamming his thick dick so hard down her cunt it hurt. But it was more than worth it as the pleasure began to build again, like a bath being rapidly refilled. She grabbed harder at his back and encased his legs with her own, screaming on, "Harder, fuck me harder. Ram my cunt, fill it with your big dick. Bang my twat, slam it. I want it all, I want your huge dick all the way in my hot little cunt."

He grunted something that sounded like he was in agreement and carried on slamming her as hard and fast as he could. The bed squeaked. Julie shuddered and shook, her body bouncing in time with his thrusts, her boobs bouncing and her face twisting. She could hear her Mom's squeals and shrieks as she was pleasured, loud and passionate. There was the slap of flesh against flesh and yet more cries from her Mom, the bed banging at the wall as she was banged. Julie's hands were gripping Frank harder and she began to call out in ecstasy again, "Yesss, yesss, yessss, give it me, bang me with your thick dick, ram it all the way in."

"Yeah, fuck, yeah," panted Frank. His face was puce with effort, the expression twisted like a maniac as he gave it his all. Sweat dripped from his forehead, down his straight nose and his eyes were as wide as his open mouth as he panted and stared down at the naked teen below him. He thrust hard and fast, his ass moving up and down like a steam hammer as he drilled down, "Fuck, God yes, you're so fucking bangable. Fuck, shit, fuck, fuck..."

"Aaarrrrghh, aaaarrghhh fuuuuckkk, yessss," screamed Susan, her body thumping at the bed as she came.

Whether it was the sound of the orgasms which tipped Julie over the edge the building pressure in her pussy blew seconds later and even as her Mom's wails were subsiding Julie's were beginning again, "Aaaaaarrrghhh. my God, aaaaarrghhh, oooooohhh, aaaarrgggghhh!"

Her back arched and her muscles wrenched as her brain shut down and restarted a million times in half a dozen seconds. Frank continued to pound, his expression become more frenzied and animalistic, his breath coming in short bursts and his eyes wild with desire. Suddenly his face slackened and his jaw dropped, as he let out a long guttural groan. His body paused, his cock deep in the teen. Julie felt the cum exploding into her pussy, spurting deep, filling her with his sticky seed. He groaned again and rolled off her, leaving her panting and wet and warm. She glanced across to her Mom, seeing Colm continuing to pound for a few more moments, before he too stopped, grunting and sweating. He stayed in situ for a moment, looking at Susan with a dazed expression, before falling off her, leaving white gooey cum trickling from her Milf twat.

From her Mom's grin it was obvious that whilst she'd enjoyed the banging she was still eager for a second. And Julie was as well. She grinned at her Mom and said, "Swap?"

"Holes or guys?" her Mom smiled back.

"Why not both?" replied the teen, making both of men recover their senses quickly, jolting them into sitting position. The teen beamed at Frank then Colm, "That's if they want?"

"Oh we want," said Colm eagerly and Frank nodded his agreement. Both of the men's hands went to their cocks to bring them back to life as quickly as possible.

Julie and her Mom were nothing if not helpful, standing up and padding across the room to take position in front of the young man on the bed opposite. The naked teen and Mom licked their lips greedily, smiling at the young men and saying almost together, "Let me help." The dicks sprung erect, stiffened by the words and the sight of the Mayer's succulent lips, lips made for sucking.

Julie slid down Colm's rod. It was salty and sweet at the same time and she realised that she was not only licking at the remains of his cum, but her Mom's as well. Far from disgusting her it turned her on, making the dick taste all the better. Her head bobbed up and down, sliding deeper and deeper down the cock that had been deep in her Mom's cunt and would soon be as deep in her butt. Colm moaned and shuddered, his hand lightly resting on her head, rising and falling as she went up and down like a cork bobbing in water. She went deeper, her throat tickling as the tip of the dick slid at it. Moving a hand to her ass Julie extend a finger and found her rosebud, gently pushing it apart. Her mouth went down again; she gagged a little as the dick went past the root of her tongue and threatened to fill her throat; but she was more used to it after her previous deep throating and whist she gagged it wasn't nearly as violently as before. Colm still grunted in appreciation, breathing in heavily as her lips rubbed his balls. The teen went up again and down, slowly mouth massaging his thick prick as her finger relaxed her anal chute.

Behind her she could the slurps of her Mom and the appreciative groans of Frank, like his friend enjoying his second blow job of the night - all in preparation for his dick going up her Mom's ass. That thought made Julie hotter, she fingered her ass more vigorously stretching the hole that was far from virgin and prepping it for the big prick that was going to ram it open.

"I think that's ready," said Susan. Julie popped her mouth off Colm's cock, leaving a trail of saliva from it to her lip glistening for a second like a spider's web after the rain. She turned to see her Mom standing up, she winked at Julie and licked her lips, before turning to Frank again, "Let's get that dick in my ass."

Julie stood up looking down at Colm, "That goes for me as well. I want that huge prick of yours hammering my butt."

"How do you want me?" asked Colm, recognising the women were in charge and that he was just a fucktoy - not that he was complaining.

Julie didn't answer, just looked over towards her Mom. Susan was moving backwards onto Frank, lowering her ass onto his dick and trusting in him to take her before she overbalanced. For a moment the Milf paused over the erect cock and then she took hold off her butt and went down, her face showing pure contentment as it pushed at her hole. Julie smiled and turned back to Colm, "Like that."

The young man held Julie's waist as she lowered herself on his erect cock. Her fingering of her ass hadn't left it gaping, not like it would be, but had opened it enough that his tip found the hole easily and went in half an inch with no effort, like a ball rolling into a small hole. Opposite her Susan was half-way down the cock, groaning in pleasure and moving her legs over Frank's so that he needed to support her waist with his hands. Julie followed her Mom's example, pressing her buttocks down and gingerly lifting first one foot and then the other off the ground, so that she was balancing on Colm's sport enhanced thighs. "Mmmnnnn," she moaned, "I'm going down, keep me in place. This feels good."

"For me as well," grinned Colm. He held her waist tightly.

Julie went down deeper, straining muscles and stretching her anal passage. She loved the feeling of cock in her ass, the way it started out as uncomfortable and alien and ended up like it belonged and was the key to her pleasure. She grinned and continued on down, sliding her well-used hole down the thick prick, watching her Mom doing the same and seeing that her Mom was also looking at her with a happy smile on her face.

"Mmnnnn," the teen moaned going down further, stretching her walls. Colm's fingers dug into her waist, gripping her like a vice as he lifted himself to meet her. The huge dong went deeper, sparks of pleasure flying through her as nerve endings were stroked and satisfied by the gland's passing. "MMmnnn, ooohhh."

Opposite her, Susan was sliding down as well, the Milf's teeth gritted and her breath coming out in sobs. She was balancing one hand on the bed, the other moving over her pussy, lightly massaging and rubbing her cunt. The dick continued to vanish up her back hole and a finger disappeared into her pussy. Her mouth opened and she groaned heavily, her eyes fluttering like her brain was malfunctioning. Julie began to replicate her, playing with her wet twat as she drove her butt down onto Colm. Her Mom squealed, gasping in pleasure "Ooohhh, yessss, this is good." Julie could see that dick was almost all the way in. She rubbed her own cunt harder, lubricating the hole with juice and then sliding in her finger as she watched her Mom rising and falling, getting the last inch of dick up her chute and crying out, "Fuuuckkk, fuuuckkk, this is so good, I love dick in my ass."

Julie knew how she felt, if only because she was the same. Up she went and down, pounding her hole down the waiting dick, crying and gasping as Colm thrust back up, his massive prick tunnelling further into her backhole. Her pussy was almost literally steaming as she worked it hard and fast, her bounces become more energetic. Under her buttocks she could feel his balls squelching, pressing at her as the dick went all the way up. "Ooohhh," she rubbed enthusiastically at her soaking slit, "Ooohhh, aaahh, yessss."

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard," squealed her Mom, bouncing up and down like a champion trampolinist. The Milf's tits jumped and jiggled, swinging and swaying, slapping at Susan's chest as they flew. Her hand was moving so fast over her cunt that it was a blur. "Fuck yes, oh give it me deep, bang my asshole open."

Spurred on by her Mom's enthusiasm Julie went even faster, not regretting it for a second as the large dick of her pick-up discovered nerve spots she'd never even realised were there sending molten waves burning through her like she was being melted in ecstasy. She screamed, fingering her slit and pleasuring that hole, though to be fair it was nothing like the orgasmic intensity that was burning up her butt. "AAaarrrghh yessss, aarrrhhh fuuuckkk."

The teen pounded harder, spearing herself on the big dick. Her Mom was squealing and squeaking as well, shuddering in pleasure as her butt was also penetrated deep and hard, "AAaarrrghhh, aaaaaggghhhh, yesssss, oh God this so good, aaarrrgghhh!"

Julie agreed, the cock in her ass was heavenly, the wondrous feelings it sent through her made her feel like she was serenaded by choirs of angels whilst simultaneously being fed a constant diet of non-fattening magic chocolate. She threw her head back and wailed, her titties thrusting forward and out as her back twisted a bent. The orgasms shot through her, burning, thrilling, satisfying, "Aaaarrrggghh, yessss, aaaargghhh!"

But even as she was gasping and crying, her breath coming in slow jolts Colm was pushing in and up, ramming his dong vigorously into her hole. He was panting and grunting as well as he exerted himself, happily taking her weight on his thighs in exchange for her tight teenage asshole. "Goddamnit, you're so fucking hot, both of you. This is the finest ass I've fucked." He rammed harder, making Julie cry out louder.

"Oooohhh, yesssss, fuck me, fuck my ass," Susan bounced up and down her pick-up's dick, at the same her hand rubbing at her pussy so fast that it was a blur. Her face twisted and contorted in pleasure, her eyes rolling as the dick pounded up. Suddenly Julie could see her Mom's mouth open and she gave a purr of delight. She slid off Frank's prick and the cum slid from her back-hole down her thigh. She turned and spread her ass, giving both Julie and Colm an eyeful of gaping hole and the white goo trickling from it.

"So hot," grunted Colm, even more turned on by the anal cream-pied Milf' pose. His cock rammed even harder and quicker into Julie's butt. If the teen didn't have the same appreciation for her Mom's open backhole as he did she certainly appreciated the result, gasping and shrieking as the cock seemed to find all her sensitive spots at once. Her fingers continued to explore her cunt, slipping in the sopping hole, so that she could use them to feel the pound of the cock through the walls. The young man was slamming deep and she was bouncing to meet him.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yessss," Julie came again, her body shuddering and her tits shaking, her long hair whipping down her back. The pleasure smashed into her like a 100mph crash, blowing her and burning her, leaving her insides a mess of blood and twisted guts. She shrieked louder, crying out to the ceiling, "AAAarrrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarrgghhh!"

"Fuck, yeah, God," said Colm in reply. His cock pounded in, faster and faster, like a jackhammer breaking a concrete road. His hands gripped at her, squeezing her thighs as he drove up, sweating and swearing, each thrust a pleasure. In front of Julie her Mom was on her knees, gazing intently at the huge cock pounding up her daughter's asshole and fingering her own cunt as she watched - Frank was behind her, collapsed on the bed, almost insensible.

Julie screamed again, ecstasy filling her as much as her anal passage was being filled by big dick. Colm's hands grabbed harder at her waist and grunted, "I'm cumming."

A few more thrusts and there was confirmation. Julie let out a sound somewhere between a sigh and a moan as she felt his cock quivering and jerking in her butt, shooting his warm seed into her ass. It stung a little, the salty semen burning at walls stretched and aching, but at the same time it soothed, soft and velvety, sliding down her hole. The teen sat still for a moment as Colm's cock deflated, "That was so good."

Her Mom was pulling out a phone, grinning, "Remember what we wanted - apart from cock?"

"Oh yeah," Julie said, she turned her head to Colm, "Lift me up big boy, so my Mom can take a snap of my ass dripping your cum."

"You're Mom and daughter, shit," said Colm in surprise, "I thought you were neighbours or work colleagues." Still he lifted Julie up by her thighs, so that she was leaning her head on his shoulder and her ass at her Mom, "Damn that's so hot, banging a Mom and daughter."

Susan snapped a photo of her daughter's cum dripping ass and Julie laughed, "It was our first time together." She added mentally 'and hopefully not our last'. From the grin on her Mom's face she was thinking the same.

* * *

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