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Desperate Housewives: One-Night Stand Part 7 - A Mother-Daughter One-Night Stand Part 2 (MMMMFF, anal, DP)
by LL

Julie Mayer shut the door to the dorm room behind her, leaving two very well satisfied college students to talk about how they'd just managed to bang a mom and daughter. Beside her in the corridor her Susan Mayer was still adjusting her dress; it was so low cut it always threatened to come off, which is why Susan had picked it. Satisfied it wasn't going to slip down immediately, at least without her help, she turned to her daughter, "We better see about getting a cab, otherwise it's the night bus." Susan had been forced to take the night bus more than once; it wasn't that she thought itself above it's users, but at two in the morning they tended to be either very drunk or vagrants using it as cheap accommodation. Neither passenger type smelt nice and sharing space with them always put a small downer on an evening that usually been filled with fabulous sex. Plus some cabbies accepted blow jobs as tips.

"Okay Mom," Julie nodded and smiled, flicking a damp strand of hair behind her shoulder, they'd both had a very quick shower whilst the guys were recuperating, before getting dressed and picking up their purses.

"Did you enjoy tonight?" Susan asked. She had just discovered that, like her Susan, her daughter was a cockaholic, though the teen had less experience of going out to pick up guys, so far limiting herself to fellow students and a few of the teachers. Still from the squeals she had been making and the massive grin on her face as she showered herself down Susan was sure her daughter had the time of her life.

"Oh yes," giggled her daughter, "I loved it, I mean what's not to... I got fucked in the pussy by one massive dick and then butt-banged by another."

Susan agreed with the sentiment as she felt the same. And whilst she didn't say it, getting fucked with her daughter had been an added turn-on. Susan enjoyed having sex at the same time as her friends, she must be a bit of an exhibitionist-voyeur, but watching her daughter watch her had made the sex even better than normal. She nodded, "We got a good shot for your profile."

It was Susan coming in as her daughter was trying to set up a profile on the same fuck-finder that her Mom used that led them to discovering that they were alike in more ways than they'd been previously aware. Susan had helped her daughter in setting one up, but it had been missing a good cum shot to show the male users what a slut Julie was and entice them in (to her). It was to get one that they'd gone out tonight and on her camera Susan had a good one of Julie's open asshole, dripping cum. Julie nodded in agreement with her Mom, "It was only a shame we didn't get one of the two of us to put on my profile, like you have with Bree and Gabby."

To Susan that sounded like her daughter had enjoyed fucking with her Mom in the room as much as she had, as the only reason to have other women on your profile was to show that for some sex dates you had friends you liked to bring along. However before Susan could ask whether that was true a bunch of four guys appeared at the top of the stairwell, walking down the corridor towards the mom-daughter twosome.

Susan eyed them appreciatively, despite being out until way after midnight they were happy rather than drunk; their fit, sporty bodies obviously soaking up the alcohol effectively. All of them had the handsome faces of all-American heroes, with the darker hair ones having a touch of stubble, not quiet a beard covering their jaws and cheeks. All were in jeans and T-shirts, which were short enough that Susan could see biceps bulging. Most importantly even as she was looking at them Susan could see they too were admiring her and Julie, in their sexy 'fuck-me' dresses. She moved to the side of the corridor, letting the guys pass and seeing their looks as they blatantly goggled her and Julie's cleavage. They carried on past, one of them nudging another and murmuring something.

Susan looked at Julie, her daughter's head was turned behind her, watching the guys pass. "Hot," murmured the teen, licking her lips.

"You interested in more cock tonight?" Susan glanced at her daughter, hoping she was.

"Oh, yes, am I ever," purred the younger Mayer.

Susan stepped into the middle of the corridor, pulling down her dress. Julie quickly saw what she was doing and did the same, yanking her teenage titties out so they were bouncing free in front of her. "Hey boys," Susan called to the retreating quad. She began to shake her chest so her tits bounced and jumped, Julie replicating her Mom. The quad turned and Susan could see their smiles as they looked at four titties jiggling and shaking. "What do you think?" as Susan continued to wave her tits at them so vigorously they'd have to had hearts of stone and dicks of water not to like. The Milf and her daughter wiggled harder as the guys' grins got wider and they began to turn and walk towards the Mayers. "Do you think you can handle?"

"Oh yeah," said the nearest of the guys, a muscular blonde who looked something like a shaved Norse God, reaching out to cup Susan's breasts and squeeze them, "We can handle. I'm Sam."

"Susan," the Milf smiled, letting the young man play with her titties as the others looked on, "This is Julie..." she paused before deciding to give the full introduction, hoping it wouldn't send the guys scurrying away, " daughter."

There were a few raised eyebrows, but the young men were gentlemen and didn't comment, instead the nearest guy, also the shortest at 5"10 slipped his hands over the teen's titties and squeezed them. He grinned, "Cooper..." his fingers pressed into the flesh tighter, " name."

No surnames were given, none were required - it wasn't a James Bond. Sam's arm slipped down round Susan's waist as she glanced down at his package; it was bulging. The young man grinned, "Do you want to join me and Coops in my room?"

"Oh, yes," Susan answered for her and Julie. Then she smiled at the other two guys standing behind their buddies like second place contestants in a beauty contest, "What about your friends? Are they going to join us?"

"All four of us?" it was Cooper who spoke, he sounded surprised.

"Sure, all four of you for the two of us..." she paused, smiling wickedly, "...unless you think me and Julie will need more to satisfy us."

Sam grinned and shook his head, "I'm sure the four of us can manage."

"Are you going to introduce us then?" Susan purred seductively.

Sam jerked his finger over the shoulder, "Joe, Donnie..." Susan wasn't absolutely sure which was which, not that it mattered. She decided that until she was told otherwise Joe would be the one with the lighter brown hair with the flames of a tattoo just visible under his T-shirt and Donnie was the one with jet black hair and a Mediterranean complexion. She wasn't likely to be inviting them round for canap‚s after tonight so it didn't matter.

"So you were saying your room?" Julie said, now that the guys had worked out they were all invited to the fuckfest.

"Yeah," Sam slid his arm round Susan's waist, Cooper round Julie's. Joe and Donnie nodded and moved down the corridor in front of them. There was a pause at the door as Sam fished in his pocket for a key and another pause as everyone stood aside to let someone else enter first, leading to a few seconds of general milling like the politeness society waiting for an overcrowded train. Then they were in the room, the door closed and the light on.

Susan briefly noted that in decor it was very similar to the room they'd just left; all college students' rooms seemed to be made up of scantily clad posters, clothes strewn around and books half-read. But she wasn't here to see how young men, on the cusp of adulthood and responsibility, lived, but to suck and fuck them. The door had barely closed before she was down on her knees, Julie quickly joining her. The two Mayers began to undo the belts of the nearest two guys, Sam and Donnie. The other two saw where this was going and unbuckled themselves. Within seconds there were four rock hard dicks pointing at Susan and Julie, none of them under nine inches. The Mom and daughter smiled at each other, both knowing that they wanted the same thing.

"Those dicks look very dry," said Julie, "We should deal with that."

"Mmnnn, we want them nice and wet," confirmed her Mom. She looked up wantonly at one of the guys, Donnie she thought. He stared down at her, his face painted in lust. Susan smiled as she added, "They need to be soaking for where they're going."

"Nice and tight," Julie giggled. Her hands had slid over Joe and Cooper, her mouth was going for Sam, leaving Susan, hands free, for Donnie.

The Milf opened wide and slid her lips down the rock hard rocket. The young man groaned happily, his eyes rolling in his head as Susan used one of her free hands to reach under his balls and stroke them sensually. She slid further down, whilst the cock was large, she was experienced at giving bjs and it was the work of moments to get it half way into her mouth and pressing at her cheek. She glanced at her daughter, Julie was also way down the dick, straining a little, her eyes widening and her jaw stretching, but still giving it a go. As she was concentrating so much on giving Sam head her hands were only moving slowly and not in the working up to it, teasing way. Susan was a Mom who cared. She reached out, gently easing Julie's hand from Joe's dick and gripping it herself. With only two dick to service Julie began to hand job quicker, whilst more effectively sliding her lips down the huge dong in front of her.

If Susan's mouth hadn't been full she'd have smiled in pride. But as it was she just concentrated on sucking and tossing the dicks, her jaw opening further as she took the huge dong further into her gullet. She gagged a little, the price of a deep-throat, but forced herself on, filling her throat with dick. Down she went as her hand jacked at the dick, beside her Julie also sliding her head up and down thick dick - both Mayer's getting further down the shaft and near to the balls. Susan blinked away the water filling her eyes and drove down, feeling the touch of the cock on her tonsils, almost suffocating as it filled her throat. Julie was the same, her eyes wide and leaking, but like her Mom showing no sign that she was stopping.

"Fuck," grunted Donnie in admiration or surprise or both, "Fuck."

Susan's lips pressed at his ball-sack, squishing it in. The young man didn't complain. He held her shoulders tight, looking at his buddies as if they'd all stepped down a rabbit hole and ended up in a sexual wonderland. Susan's head jerked back and forth, her hand moving as quick, Julie jerking and bobbing almost in unison as the Mom and daughter showed what they could do.

Susan didn't want Donnie to cum yet and Julie was the same with Sam. Showing that great minds think alike both women brought their mouths up from the dicks at the same time and swapped it with the dick in their hand. Without words, like the communication was telepathic they also swapped guys so that Susan was running her hand over Sam's prick, slimy with her daughter's spit while Donnie moved over so he could enjoy the tender ministrations of Julie's palm. Up and down Mom and daughter bobbed, their heads rocking like they were at the front of an Iron Maiden gig. Cooper and Joe grunted in enthusiastic glee high fiving each other and their two buddies.

Up went Susan's head and she swivelled round to Cooper. Julie saw her Mom's intention and let go off Donnie, transferring her mouth to him even as her Mom's was going down Cooper. The women's vigorous jerking had removed the saliva and the cocks were, if not dry, at least not dripping. Susan's head went down, she had got her mojo for deep-throating big dicks and was comfortable in taking it towards her throat, gagging momentarily as it went further in, but still able to take it. Her head went down, her mouth being filled with huge dick and her eyes watering. She shoved deeper, forcing the tip of the cock into her throat, almost choking as the massive member seemed to expand to occupy the space available. She was almost suffocating, little sparks of light flashing in her brain from lack of oxygen, as she went further, gagging up bile and drowning the cock in it, the white liquid flooding what space was free in her mouth and spilling out the corners of her lips. She pulled back, gasping. She wasn't the only one, Cooper mouth was working and guttural sounds of joy and surprise were coming from him.

Susan licked her lips momentarily and went for Joe's cock, sliding her mouth down it. Beside her Julie was also switching, Cooper getting his cock into a second Mayer mouth inside a minute of the first finishing with him. Susan winked at her daughter, to show she approved, but Julie didn't notice as her head was already shooting down the prick and she was giving all her attention to that. Susan didn't mind her daughters lack of response, she had other things on her mind as well, and she slid her lips half-way down the massive ten-inch prick in a half a dozen bobs. The young man grunted, his hands gripping her shoulders for balance. Susan drove her head forward, feeling the thick member invading deeper into her mouth and throat, tickling her tonsils. She coated it with her saliva, gagging and choking and loving every second. She quickly withdrew, leaving a trail of saliva between the engorged prick and her mouth, realising that the longer she sucked him the more likely he was to cum and not wanting that. Julie was moving as well, going for Donnie again.

The Mom and daughter spent the next few minutes going round the guys again and again, deep-throating their massive dicks and leaving them both soaked and hard as iron. Each deep-throating was quick and brutal, with little finesse, but lots of passion. Thirty seconds of driving their mouths down the huge members before switching, at random, to the next cock which was thrust in their face, the guys clustered round them, so close together that the two Mayers were presented with what looked like a solid wall of dick. Susan wasn't complaining and by the enthusiasm her daughter was sweeping down the pricks, neither was Julie. Saliva leaked from their mouths, dripping between their lips and spewing out as they brought their heads back, gasping for a second before they moved to the next large prick; the white, transparent liquid staining their dresses like they'd just been cum over.

It was the fear of ruining the dress that made Susan take the next step. She pulled her head back from Donnie and, gently pushed away, the cocks of Sam and Joe, who were both vying to be next. She stood up, tapping Julie on the shoulder to hint the teen should follow her look. Taking a step backwards she smiled at the young men who were all looking at her with undisguised lust, including Coops, who Julie was just wrenching herself away from so she could join her Mom. Susan reached for the side of her dress and pulled, bringing it down over her titties so they popped out and down over her pussy, exposing the shaven hole. "So boys, you want to fuck?" She smiled as beside her Julie was following her example.

In front of her the four guys were showing their enthusiasm, "God damn, yes," said Cooper, speaking for them all.

"Me first," said Joe, grinning.

Susan smiled and held up a palm stopping him coming forward, "I think me and Julie were thinking we could do you all together."

"Together?" Joe gasped and then grinned as what the Milf was saying sunk in.

"Oh yes," Julie piped up, "We've got plenty of holes... well three to be exact, which makes six for four cocks - that's even leaving a couple left over."

"Shit, I'd be up for that," said Cooper, again speaking for all his buddies.

"Good," giggled Susan. She climbed onto the bed, getting onto her hands and knees. Julie paused to see how her Mom was positioning herself before doing the same herself, the teen wiggling her ass enticingly at the four young men - not that, with their dicks as hard as stone, it seemed that they needed much encouragement. Cooper and Joe were first up, moving behind the Milf and daughter. "Let me suck it," Susan said with a smile as Julie nodded to show that she was agreeing.

Their mouths closed round the two cocks, sliding up and down the huge pricks, quickly returning to where they'd left off as Sam and Donnie climbed onto the bed designed, making it squeak as the weight of six bore down on it.

To Susan's disappointment they didn't ask which hole she preferred and slid their cock into her and Julie's cunts; the Milf wasn't adverse to pussy fucking, but she was so horny she wouldn't have minded some anal. She consoled herself that even if they started with a pussy/mouth spit-roasting there was a strong likelihood they'd change positions and holes as they continued. Anyway, she thought, as Donnie drove into her, his cock was big and long and not to be sneezed at. Soon he was slamming his length all the way into her pussy, slick with lust, lubricated with cum. It rammed at her erogenous zone, filling her with excitement. His hands clasped her sides and gripped her tightly holding her in position as she sucked Cooper hard, her head bobbing down his shaft so that it was slamming at her cheeks and over her tongue, pushing at her throat.

With a cock in her mouth she couldn't turn her head, but she could still see Julie in the periphery of her vision. It looked like the teen was equally enjoying herself, shuddering as she was fucked, her head jerking up and down Joe's large cock, her long hair covering her face like a sheet. It made Susan wet, just like earlier, seeing her daughter being a big a tramp as her Mom; except this time it was two studs she was servicing, getting spit-roasted between them. Susan's hand crept to her pussy and she began to rub at her clit, feeling the vibration of the cock pounding just fractions of an inch away, slamming into her with passion and vigour.

"Damn this is hot," grunted Donnie as he pounded her hot wet cunt.

"Shit yeah man," said Cooper as he held her head in position, encouraging it down his large member, He raised one of his hands and Susan heard the crack of their palms against each other as they high-fived. If one of her hands hadn't been balancing her on the bed as the other pleasured her clit she'd have high-fived her daughter and for much the same reason; as it was she just shuddered in enjoyment and sped up her sucking, really giving her mouth to Cooper's cock.

The four young men slammed at the Mom and daughter due, feeding their cocks into the pairs willing and wet holes. Susan and Julie eagerly and loudly slurped at the dicks in their mouths and drove themselves back and forth to get maximum benefit out of the two ramming their cunts. Their tits bounced beneath them, wiggling like grapes on a tree, bouncing and swinging like there was a storm whipping across them. The pleasure burnt within Susan and she could see from Julie excited shudders her teenage daughter was being rammed into orgasm as well. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," the teen suddenly cried as Joe pulled his cock from her mouth.

There was a brief conversation between him and Sam before the two young studs swapped positions, Joe moving to the pussy position and driving it in. Julie didn't seem to mind the swap, her head moving down Sam's prick with same enthusiasm it had been bobbing down his buddies.

Palms slapped above Susan as Cooper and Donnie high-fived again, but this time Cooper called, "Swap," and pulled his dick from Susan's mouth.

"Mmnnnn fuck, fuck, fuck," Susan gasped as for a few moments Donnie carried slamming her twat before dragging it out, the hard cock dripping with her cum. The Milf gave a satisfied moan as Cooper moved behind her and slid his cock into the hole so recently vacated by his friend. Despite's is girth it slipped in easily, the cunt lubricated by her juice and flexed by the other's equally huge cock. It felt great and Susan always loved the feel of hard dick in her pussy, but she enjoyed it equally, or more so, elsewhere. She quickly turned her head before Donnie could fill her mouth and said to Cooper, "Not that hole, bang my ass."

For a second the young man looked stunned, but to give him his due he recovered quickly and even as Susan was slipping her lips down the cunt coated cock in front of her he was dragging apart her ass and introducing his dick. He didn't know that she'd already had dick up their tonight and it was still flexible and ready for action, so the "Shit" he grunted out was as much surprise as appreciation that he violent first thrust took him deep. He soon recovered and slammed hard and fast, driving his cock balls deep into her asshole. "Shit," he said again, this time fully in appreciation, "Shit, shit, shit." Which is Susan had thought about it was not a totally appropriate expression to use for this particular hole.

She didn't... her mind was elsewhere, blown apart by the pleasure of a dick thrusting deep into her back hole.

"Oooohhhh, fuck yeah," screamed Julie as she pushed Sam out of her mouth, "DP me guys, DP me!"

"Fucking hell yeah," said Sam, quickly adding, "I get first in her ass."

Joe was pulling out of her pussy as Julie got up. "Sit here," she pointed to the bed inches from her Mom.

Sam sat where she pointed, so close that Susan could smell his sweat and aftershave, a heady brew of masculinity. She bounced and swayed, as her ass was slammed back and forward, her sides scraping at Sam's muscular arm as he rested it on the bed, waiting for Julie. The teen span and swivelled, showing the two guys exactly what they were going to get, her hands on her ass as went round, easing the cheeks apart to show her hole - to the eagle eyed not fully puckered from before. She ended up with her back to Sam, slowly starting to sit down. He lifted his hand from the bed, one taking hold of her waist as the other held his prick and guided it to the waiting, wanton hole. The teen gasped in pleasure, "Mmnnnn, urrrrhhh, oooohhh," as the large dick penetrated her hole. Susan could hear her moans as she slid down the prick, taking it all the way. "Mmnnn, yesss, mmnnnn, so good."

Susan shuddered more, shaking as her own ass was rammed deep. If she was turned on by the fact her teen daughter was taking dick next to her it seemed to be doing the same for Cooper, the young man ramming with almost supernatural speed.

"MMMMnnn, oooooh, that's right, stick that huge dick in my cunt," Julie called out, squeaking and squealing as Joe's large cock joined his friend's in her. He moved slowly at first, as if he was scared she'd break. Julie groaned out, "Harder, fuck me harder. Ram my cunt." Joe began to slam in and Julie squeaked in pleasure.

Susan pushed her head back, dropping the slippery dick from her mouth. "Fuck my ass and pussy as well," she squeaked. "I want both holes banged together."

There was no lack of enthusiasm from the guys, Cooper taking his cock out of her butt as Donnie took a position right next to Julie, so close that the DP'd teen's hair was stroking his shoulder. Susan got up off the bed and then returned, lowering herself on Donnie's rock hard dong, yet another young man's cock sliding up her asshole. She groaned in pleasure as it filled her, pushing up the already stretched tunnel as easy as knife through hot butter. She continued all the way down, only stopping as her cheeks nestled against his balls, the ten inches of cock fitting snugly into her backhole. The young man grinned and grabbing her thighs spread them apart - the left leg not going as far as it landed against the shuddering Julie. Susan could feel her daughter's vibrations, as the teen squealed and gasped. The Mom felt so proud. But she was also wanting her own pussy to be filled. She looked at Cooper, standing patiently, albeit obviously lustfully. "Cooper join us. Fuck my Milt twat."

"Coming in," the young student said. He was as good as his word, sinking his hard dick into her wet fuckhole, sliding it down the tunnel, running it over her g-spot and filling her with cock.

"Mmnnnn," the Milf moaned in pleasure, letting herself be pushed back so that she was almost parallel to the bed, under her Donnie grabbing her tits and squeezing them as her ass completely covered his prick. On top of her Cooper was raising himself again and thrusting in, ramming his huge member balls deep into her wet pussy. The Milf gasped again and again and then again as the well-endowed stud rammed her, taking control of her body and turning it into a temple of sexual ecstasy. Her hands balled into fists as the waves of orgasmic pleasure began to take her. "OOooohhh, yessss, oooohhh, fuck me, fuck me both of you."

"Aaaarrrghhh, yessss, fuuuckkk my holes," beside her Julie screamed, her feet up in the air and her hands flailing around like she was a rag doll. In and out Sam and Joe went, squeezing her between them. "Aaarrrrghhh, my God, fuuuckkk, yessssss, aaaarrrggghh!"

Donnie and Cooper began to hammer at Susan, trying to keep up with their buddies and working together to give the Milf what she wanted a la hard thrusting by their big cocks. The Milf shook in pleasure, her body rocking as it was hit hard from two different directions, the cocks connecting in the middle and sending explosions racing round her pussy and ass. She cried out in pleasure and her hand found her daughter's. Julie grasp it hard, the orgasms she was having making her grip like steel. Susan squeezed back, in love and because she too was cumming like a nuclear reactor, the ecstacy burning her body and making her muscles tense like piano wires. "Aaaarrrghh, " she squealed, "Yesss, yessss, fuccck meeee!"

"Me as well," screamed her daughter, "Pound my pussy, bang my butt! Aaaarrrgggghhh, yesssss, like that... only more and harder."

The four guys slammed, two up and two down. The two Mayers bounced and rock and screamed, still hand in hand. Susan had never had sex like it, sure she'd had good sex, great sex, sex so great it was not just out of this world but out of the whole Galaxy. But nothing had felt so intimate and exciting as now, holding her daughter's hand, connecting with her as they both were DP'd, there were no secrets or half-concealed lives, everything was out and on show, Julie was like her and she was like Julie. Susan turned her head, looking at her beautiful daughter. The teen's eyes were screwed shut and her mouth open in an O as she panted and gasped through it, her forehead was contorted with pressure and concentration, her hair everywhere like it was an out of control fire. Susan knew they'd never be so close as when they were getting fucked together in a Mayer sandwich.

The two cocks pounded deep into her and Susan screamed, her entire body shaking as the orgasm tore through her like a knife in the heart. Julie screamed as well, shuddering like her Mom, crying out so shrill that it was a miracle the windows didn't break and to guys all down the corridor it must have been like a high-pitched alarm clock was going off early, "AAAAArrrrghhhh, yeesssss, aaaaarggghhh."

The four studs continued, slamming and pounding, working together and alone, grunting and panting, sweating with effort as they gave the women the full length of their cocks as hard and fast as they could. Susan and Julie, rocked between them, their feet off the ground and waving in the air, their own support the young men sandwiching them. "AAaaarrrrghhh, yessss, aaaaaarggghh, fuuuuckkk, fuuuuckkk!"

"Oooohhhh my Goddddd!!! Fuuuucckkk, Moooommm, fuck this is so gooooooddd!"

The four large pricks speared home, spreading cunt and ass, driving the Mom and daughter to orgasm after orgasm. After a while they switched position so that it was Cooper and Sam lying on the bed with the Mom and daughter pussy-riding them as Donnie slammed Julie's ass and Joe had a go with her Mom's. Susan didn't complain, his cock was easily as large and thick as the one it replaced and he was just as skilled and vigorous, ramming her ass like it was a boxing ball and he was working out. Susan grabbed Julie's hand again and Mom and daughter squealed and squeaked and rocked in joint abandon, both feeling the others orgasms as they vibrated through them. "AAAarrrrghh, my asssss, my pussy. Ohhhhh, it feels so good, fuck me both of you."

The two pairs of tits bounced and dangled over the guys, smacking and rubbing against them, squashing down as Susan and Julie were driven forward and drilled down, swinging free as they were released and pounded upwards. Their holes were aching and sore and excited and pleasured, all the time being filled by hard dick, one cock pounding in even as the other pulled back. And it was fast and vigorous and forceful, the four guys going as hard as they could like they were in a competition to fill the Mom and daughter's holes as quickly as they could.

"AAAAArrrrghhh, yesssss, fuuuckkk, aaaarrrggghhh!!" the two Mayer's orgasmed again and then continuously, screaming and squealing through the DPing.

"God, I'm about ready to cum," Joe said in warning.

"Me too, I can't hold it much longer," Sam speared away.

"Let us get on our knees and you can cum over our face and titties," Susan said. The four guys seemed to be up for that as they disentangled themselves from the Mayers. Susan and Julie got down from the bed and onto the floor, looking up at the guys like two puppies begging for a treat. The young men moved round them and the two women, reached out to grab their dicks and work them with their hands. It didn't take long for the first fountain of cum to spurt out, shooting all over Susan's face and then a second burst over Julie. Almost immediately another one of the guys was geysering, his seed blasting over the Mayer's faces and tits, coating them in a white silvery goo. The last two came together, a simultaneous explosion of cum that hit Mom and daughter like a pair of fire hoses.

The cum dripped from them, smothering their faces and covering their tits, bits were stuck to their hair or dropped from their chins, leaked down their cheeks and ran down their cleavage. Susan quickly reached into her purse and pulled out her phone, entered the pass and threw to Donnie, "Quick take a picture of us together."

Julie moved her head closer to her Mom to ensure it got her in all her cum covered glory. Donnie snapped one of the two women smiling. Susan said, "One more." She turned and ran her tongue up her daughter's cummy cheek.

Julie laughed, "That's one for my profile."

"And mine," her Mom said and gave her daughter's cheek another lick like a cougar cleaning a kitten.

* * *

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