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Desperate Housewives (with the Gilmore Girls): One-Night Stand 5 - A Lesbian One-Night Stand (FFFF,anal)
by LL

Over the last couple of months Bree van de Kamp had got an education in the bars of Fairview and the surrounding towns; she knew where the college guys hung round, which were meat-markets for single professionals and the ones which were rougher and where a middle-class white woman could be virtually guaranteed one or more huge, rough dicks. She'd been fucked as many times in half a year as she'd managed in close to twenty with her husband, and whilst several guys had fucked her twice or more, they'd seldom done it in the same hole and never on more than one night.

She was almost certainly the One Night Stand Queen of Fairview. Even her friend Susan Mayer hadn't managed as many as her, having to miss nights so as not to arouse the suspicion of her teenage daughter. The third member of their triumvirate, Gabby Solis, was further behind still - married women had even less freedom to go out on fucking expeditions than single Moms. She couldn't make tonight, having to attend a business dinner with her husband, but Susan was right beside Bree - Julie was spending the night with friends. Bree wasn't sure where her own daughter was, knowing Danielle probably getting banged by some boy or boys... she really was a chip off the old block.

Except tonight Bree and Susan weren't questing for cock. Bree looked round the bar, in some ways it was similar to so many she'd been too, music blaring, the small dance floor crowded, bar staff pouring pitchers and filling wine glasses. The only difference from normal was the clientele and staff, not a guy - good looking or otherwise to be seen. For a moment Bree stood in the door, Susan beside her, the two women looking around Fairview's lesbian bar, then Susan said, "You still up for this? We can change our mind and go to a college bar, get some hot studs to take us home."

"No, let's do it, let's find some sexy pussy," Bree stepped forward and into the bar. Susan followed immediately behind her, looking relieved that Bree wasn't going to take her up on the offer and change her mind at the last minute. It had been Susan's idea that for a bit of variety they pick-up some other women for a lesbian fuckfest. Bree hadn't been sure at first, she wasn't homophobic - after all she'd done lesbian make-outs with her friends to turn on some of the guys they'd picked up and that had been fine, even enjoyable. However having sex with another woman who was a stranger, that was something different - a line she hadn't crossed.

But, as Susan reminded her, only a few months ago she'd not had a one night stand, done anal, been doubly penetrated or taken part in a gangbang - all of which she'd now done and enjoyed. It was an argument Bree wasn't able to counter and so she agreed that if Susan wanted she'd join her friend. Now stepping in and pausing to look around and see who was on offer she felt both trepidation and excitement, like she was an even bigger slut than she'd previously thought.

"Anyone?" Susan asked, her eyes also sweeping the room. "What about those two?" The Milf gently inclined her head towards a couple of brunette's sitting at a table, sharing a bottle of wine.

Bree followed her friend's look, subtlety checking out the two women. Susan's taste was as impeccable as ever, they were certainly hot and the way they were looking round the bar, eyeing up the talent on offer rather than each other suggested that they weren't a couple either. In fact Bree could detect a family resemblance, despite the age difference, "Do you think they're sisters?" she murmured to her friend.

"Let's find out," Susan murmured back, turning her head to look at the two women and smiling back at them, without words signalling her and Bree's interest and having a positive reply silently beamed back.

They walked over to introduce themselves, "I'm Susan Mayer, this is my friend Bree van de Kamp. Would you like a drink?"

"Lorelai Gilmore," the older of the two brunettes said, "This is my daughter, Rory. Yes... two white wines."

Susan gestured for a waitress as she and Bree took their seats. Lorelai seemed to want to give an explanation, "We don't normally do this; go to lesbian pick-up joints together."

"No?" said Bree, she didn't really mind, all she could think was that the two Gilmores were hot.

It was Rory who answered, "No, normally we're chicks for dicks, getting fucked by well-hung studs in all our holes. You wouldn't guess how easy it is for a couple of cuties to pick up men." She didn't seem to register the knowing smile that went between the housewives, but continued, "But I've been experimenting now I'm in college and I've really being enjoying some pussy, so we thought this weekend rather than cruise for cock me and Mom would tease for twat."

Susan smiled, "We're not looking for long term relationships either, normally we're after one-night stands with guys, but we decided to mix it up, get some sweet cunt for a change."

"It seems that we're all in luck then," Lorelai gave a seductive look towards Bree, which suggested she was an interested in the fortysomething redhead as Bree was in her.

By the time the waitress arrived back with their drinks the four women had picked up their purses and were hailing a cab back to Wisteria Avenue.

* * *

To make up for the fact that they'd left before the wine Bree had opened a moderately expensive bottle when they'd arrived back at her house and was doing her second favourite thing after casual sex, showing people round her spick and span home. Normally is was fellow homemakers, who cooed in delight at her matching cushion covers, her artful floral arrangements and freshly polished mahogany dining set. The Gilmores seemed less interested in any of that, dutifully sipping the wine and nodding as Bree guided them onwards. However, from the way their glances moved swiftly from the wooden legs of the dining table to those of Bree and Susan it was obvious that the only floral arrangements they were interested in were those decorating the Milfs lingerie. Luckily that was similar to Bree's plan and she knew, even without asking, that it was one Susan was whole-heartedly in agreement with.

She opened the door to the next room and stepped in; it was new, paid for out of the generous cheques her deceased husband's pension company sent her monthly. The tiles on the floor were a deep lilac, freshly shone and gleaming beneath the lights; the towels on the rack were a matching shade, freshly laundered and folded sharply; the wall was suitably decorated, flowery tiles at the bottom and deeper painted blue above, fresh and clean. But the centrepiece was the hottub in the centre, the water bubbling away as Bree had left it before she'd gone - confident she'd not be coming back to it alone. She turned to the others, "So do you like my hottub?"

"Very nice," purred Lorelai stepping further into the room and running a finger sexily over the rim, before sipping her wine and turning back to look at her daughter, "We went in one when we were in Europe. Do you remember Rory? With those French exchange students."

"Mmmnn, I remember," for a moment Rory looked far away, her expression dreamy.

Bree smiled as well, glad that she and Susan had met such absolute sluts. "Do you want to try it?"

"We haven't any swimming costumes," said Lorelai failing to appear coy as she said it.

"I'm happy to go naked if you are?" Bree said, putting down her wine glass and reaching up to undo the strap of her cocktail dress.

"It would be impolite not too, as we've been offered," said Rory, starting to pull her sweater over her head.

It only took a few moments for the four women to get nude, leaving their clothes in the hall outside and one after the other go up the few steps and hoisting their legs over the rim dropping into the effervescent liquid. Naked and with water bubbling around them the Gilmores looked even sexier than closed; both with slender, hot bodies and lovely handful sized tits, Rory's just a little tighter, her Mom's bouncier - but both suckable. Down below Lorelai was as smooth as a professional con-artist, Rory favoured a carefully trimmed landing strip, just enough to show she was a full-grown woman. Bree took her glass and raised it, "To new friends," she said, making sure the two new friends realised she was admiring their sexy bodies.

"To new friends," giggled Susan replicating the toast and moving even closer to Rory.

"To new friends," Rory sipped the wine and made sure that Susan was welcome on the small seat.

"To new friends," Lorelai finished the toast and slid across so that she was inches from Bree.

The hottub wasn't the largest model, but nor was it small and it could easily fit four women. Even so they clustered together in the two pairs, leaving the side benches and unused, only their feet crowded in the centre, touching and bouncing under the water. Lorelai didn't waste any time, her hand sliding down to Bree's pussy and rubbing at the lips gently before moving to the tiny bush Bree kept for decorative purposes, "I see you're a natural redhead," the younger Milf giggled.

"Did you doubt it?" Bree arched an eyebrow. Her own hand went down to Lorelai's twat, her fingers exploring the lips and holes. Her lips curled slightly upwards in response to Lorelai's giggle, "I can't tell whether you're a natural brunette."

"I'm a blonde in disguise," quipped Lorelai.

"Liar," laughed Rory, from across the hottub. In the few seconds that Bree had been moving in on Lorelai Susan and the teen hadn't been still and Rory was almost sitting on the other housewife's knee, so close had she come. "We're both dark."

"In more ways than one," murmured Lorelai seductively, moving even closer to Bree so that just a few inches of bubbling water separated their naked bodies.

"I can see," smiled Lorelai, her hand continuing to tease at the cunt; it was as wet as hers and in neither case was in just the result of hot-tubbing. She moved even closer to Lorelai, sliding her legs and ass along the slippery plastic bench until she was pressed at the brunette. Lorelai was waiting, ready and wanton, her mouth opening for Bree's as the redhead leant in. They connected, lips moving without words, if not soundlessly as their slurps and laps, competed with the hum and patter of the tub. As Bree spare hand moved up to take one of Lorelai's titties in her hand, she could see - from the corner of her eye - that Rory and Susan were also starting to make out, the young teen beginning to clamber onto the older brunette's legs as she got closer. She could feel her own and Lorelai's feet entwining with Susan's, the three Milfs shuddering in excited pleasure.

The four women made out, their bodies heaving against each other, their titties pressed together and their hands sliding and exploring at the cunts of the sexpot beside her. The warm water bubbling round them added to their pleasure, relaxing and cleaning them even as it popped and fizzed over and around them.

"Mmmmnn," Lorelai moaned, thrusting her head back. Bree's mouth moved down to the bottom of her neck, suckling and kissing the smooth skin making the younger Milf shudder with delight. "Mmmnnnn, oooohhhh." The brunette's legs were open, her twat an easy target for the housewives hot fingers. In and out Bree went, exploring the sexy slit and making the Lorelai squirm and stretch, arching her back at the solid plastic of tub. Bree pushed harder, working her fingers deeper.

"OOooohh, yessss, ohhhhh," Bree she could hear the moans of Susan. She wasn't at the right angle to see what the younger Gilmore was doing to her friend, but from Susan's groans she was enjoying, "Ooohhhh, yesss, ohhhh." Her feet were scraping at the bottom of the tub, banging furiously at Bree and Lorelai.

The redhead moved back, both to see what Susan and Rory were doing and to let Lorelai return Bree's favours. The younger Milf did that, her mouth sliding down to kiss and lick the top of Bree's chest, with one hand gripping her chest and the other thumbing at the Mom's mons. "Oooohhh," Bree gasped in pleasure. She could see why Susan was also moaning loudly as Rory was almost draped across her, the teen's elbow breaking the surface of the water in a series of splashes that were dwarfing the popping bubbles as her fingers drove deep into the brunette's cunt. Seeing her friend's face contort and twist in ecstasy, made Bree even more excited and she squealed again as Lorelai's thumb rubbed at her clit, making her zing go zang. The water bubbled more fiercely around the four women, waves of water shooting up and over as they rubbed and played against each other, fingers and tongues finding spots which drove their partners wild with delight.

"OOoooohhhh, yessss," Bree moaned, "Rub my pussy."

"Mmmnnn," giggled Lorelai, "It's so hot and slippery. I love that sexy cunt of yours, it's so fuckable." So saying she slid a finger in and demonstrated, rapidly, what she meant. The brunette smiled wider, enjoying Bree's reactions. "I'd like to get to know it better," the smirk on her face suggested that she wasn't intending to ask it twenty questions. Her next words confirmed that, "with my sexy, lithe, tongue." The younger Milf swung it round her lips to remind the redhead how supple it was.

"OOOOhhhhhh," Susan's body arched, almost lifting her out of the tub; only the fact that Rory was half-sitting astride her kept her in.

As the housewife fell back, Rory slid her fingers out of the Milf's cunt and turned to look at Bree and her Mom, her expression lustful and expectant, "Did I hear that we're going pussy licking?"

"You did," Bree stood up, letting the water fall from her sexy body in cascades. She stepped out of the tub, briefly pausing to switch it off, before heading to the towel racks. Between the four of them there were only two towels. She looked at the Gilmores as climbed out of the tub; dripping wet, the water running down their bodies; Lorelai, with her dirty smile and sexy, swinging boobs, Rory with her equally slutty grin and tits that were tighter and firmer, but still wobbled. Bree passed one towel to Susan and took the other herself, smiling at the Gilmores, "We'll have to share."

"That works for us," said Lorelai stepping forward to stand in front of Bree, her hands raising high above her head like she was surrendering. The redhead gracefully took the submission, moving the towel sensually and sexually over the other Milf. Beside them Rory giggled as Susan did the same, sliding Bree's clean and freshly laundered towel between the teen's wet legs, the woollen material brushing over the teenage twat. Susan knelt down, kissing and licking Rory's stomach as she dried her cunt and thighs.

Bree concentrated on Lorelai's top half, she knew she'd get plenty of pussy in a few minutes. Her hands delicately held the towel as she patted and padded at Lorelai's stomach and back, moving up to massage the brunette's boobs, making them bounce as she gently rubbed the towel over them. Lorelai gave a low growl of appreciation, her breathing getting deeper in excitement and her smile widening. Bree gave the titties a squeeze as she said, "I think you're dry."

"In some places," grinned Lorelai cheekily taking the towel, "In others I'm soaking."

"I think we all are," her daughter giggled as she rubbed at Susan's chest, making the Milf titties jangle.

"Mnnnn," said Susan, her hand slipping down to her slit, "Perhaps you need to dry down here."

"I can give it a go," Lorelai winked before moving over and dropping to her knees.

For a second Bree was left standing on her own as both Gilmores concentrated on her friend. But only for a second, Rory gave a giggle and stepped away from Susan, "Do you want me to help you get dry?"

"Yes," smiled Bree, "though you may not manage it."

"I'm not sure I will," agreed the teen dropping to her knees in front of the older Milf and threading her towel through her thighs.

"Oooohh, urrrrhhh," Bree vibrated in pleasure as the woollen towel was pulled over her pussy, the friction making her warm and massage making her wet. Rory tugged it gently back, repeating the motion. Bree shuddered, drawing in a quick breath and placing her hands on top of the teen's shoulders - for balance. Rory's towelling technique was hot, sexual and completely useless for drying; soon Bree was even wetter than she had been when the young brunette had started. Not that she was complaining, she'd masturbated herself after a shower and it had felt good, but it was nowhere near a practised a sensuality as what Rory was bringing; soon the towel was damp with pussy juice. Bree shuddered again, "Ooooohhhh."

Lorelai and Susan had dropped any pretence of drying, the towels dropped in a messy heap by their feet as they made out hard and furiously, the two brunette Mom's slurping each others face off and their hands and fingers played passionate concertos across each other sides and back. Rory turned her head and, seeing what Bree was looking, at giggled, "It seems they're dry enough."

"I am as well," said Bree, hungering for some teen quim and after that some sexy Mom as dessert. She took a step away from Rory, reaching down for the teen to take her hand so she could help her up, "Let's go to the bedroom and eat each other out."

"Works for me," grinned the teen temptress. The two of them held hands as Bree led the younger woman away from the bathroom, leaving Susan and Lorelai still engrossed in each other, and into the bedroom. Rory didn't waste any time in getting on the bed and opening her legs. She looked hungrily at the redheaded housewife and said the words Bree was longing to hear, "Let's sixty-nine."

"Mmmnn, mmnnn, yum, mmnnn, yum, yum," within seconds the room was filled with the sound of the two women, as their tongues hit each other's snatches and their lips connected with the warm, sexy flesh, opening and closing as they drunk for juice.

"Yummy, ohhhhhh, uuurrrh, yum," the bed creaked and moved as Lorelai and Rory joined their daughter and neighbour, the two Milfs immediately replicating the other Mom and teen in a mutual twat slurping competition. The four women's mouths hammered down (or up), driving their cunts at the frenzied flickering tongues. Their hands gripped and pawed at each other's sides and asses, grabbing and squeezing their partners round asses, pulling apart the lovely sexy cheeks and scratching at the round mounds with their nails.

"Mmmnn, oooohhhh, yuuuummm!" the bed shuddered as the women groaned with pleasure. "Oooohhhh, mmmnnnn," their tongues slammed at the moist holes making them even moister and mixing saliva and lady cum. Bree couldn't believe how great a pussy eater Rory was, the teenager showing an expertise which belied her years. She was enthusiastic as well, going fast and hard at the pussy, inching up the slit to smack at the clit, before burrowing deep down again to find spots untouched. Bree returned the licking with what she hoped was the same passionate intensity, sucking deep down the juice of the teen. She disappeared into a dream of wet, tasty pussy, her tongue thundering out automatically as her ass rose and fell, grinding at Rory's cute face.

"Shall we fourway?" Lorelai lifted her head from Susan's slot and looked at Bree and her daughter, a wide grin spreading over her face, "Have you ever had your cunt licked by a daughter whilst you pleasured her Mom with your tongue?"

"No," grinned Bree, "but I'm willing to try it."

"Yes," said Susan and seeing Bree looking at her in surprise, gave a non-committal shrug, "It was in college." Her face brightened as she looked at Rory's twat as the teen rolled out from under Bree, "but I'm going to say I'd do it again."

"You won't regret it Bree," said Rory, twisting round so that she was lying horizontally between the two housewives, "It's a speciality of me and Mom... well that and being tag-teamed by a big dicked stud."

Lorelai giggled, as she moved into position, lying parallel to Rory, but the opposite way round so her lovely pussy was near Bree's mouth and her luscious lips inches from Susan's shaven haven. Bree watched as the Milf's mouth moved even closer to her friend's cunt, opening as she reached it. For a moment Bree watched the tongue stab forward, licking over the labia and then her eyes closed and she gave a groan of heartfelt pleasure as Lorelai's daughter's tongue shot at her own cunt. Susan giggled as well, "I'm going to so enjoy your pussy, Rory." The words were hardly out of her mouth before she was putting them into action, her slurps loud and quick. Rory's own tongue shot harder at Bree, diving over her labia lips. She gave another groan and then, aware she was the only one of the four without a twat in her mouth, lifted Lorelai's leg to get better access and went in.

"Mmmmnnn, ooooohhh, urrrrhhhh, yum," if the moans slurps of satisfaction had been loud before now the four women were in a pussy licking circle they were even noisier, seeming to merge into a vortex of groans and grunts and slaps of tongue swishing over wet flesh. Bree's hands were clasping at Lorelai's round butt cheeks, massaging and playing with them as she licked the hole on the other side. The brunette's daughter started to join her own tongue with a finger, interspersing her licks with slow, but firm, prods down Bree's slit. "Mmmmmnnn, urrrrrrhhhh." Lorelai received the benefit as Bree sped up her own tonguing, slapping and sliding over and into the hot and wet Milf hole. "Mmmnnnn, so good, so tasty," she said in one of the brief pauses before resuming tonguing the younger Mom.

Lorelai shuddered in pleasure, shaking her fuckhole at Bree's face, coating the redhead with girl-cum. Not that it mattered, it was so tasty and sweet and she was doing the same with Rory, her cunt rubbing at the teen's pretty face, smearing it with her juice. Rory fingered and tongued harder, obviously caring as little that the cum was covering her juice. And opposite Bree, she could tell Susan was enjoying the lapping as hard as she was.

But whilst pussy eating was fun to a pair of nymphos such as Susan and Bree it wasn't enough. Bree broke her head from Susan and swivelled round so that she was half sitting and looking at Lorelai, smiling as she sensually licked the other's cum from her lips. "That was nice - now do you want something harder?"

"Always," said Lorelai, she rolled away from Susan and spread her legs, wiping away the cum on her pussy and she stroked it hard, making the labia vibrate. "I'm horny for toys..."

Bree got up, after allowing Rory one last fingering tonguing, walking over to her dresser. Opening it she pulled out a pair of strap-ons, dangling them from her fingers, "I hope you like big ones...".

Lorelai grinned widely, "Oh, yes," her daughter said with an equally slutty smile.

Bree held one out to her friend and then attached the other; silently thanking the practice she'd had with Susan and Gabby on equipping the fake dicks she looked like a pro. She pressed the end against her clit hood, feeling a stir of passion as the toy pressed down against the flesh and at the bud. If that was how it felt when it was free and loose, it would be even better when she was pounding pussy and the toy was springing back at her clit. She got on the bed, waddling on her knees towards Lorelai who was opening her legs in invitation, beside the Milf her daughter doing the same as Susan moved towards her.

"Come fuck my cunt..." Lorelai invited.

Within moments Bree and Susan were pounding the pussies of the Gilmores, the two housewives up on their knees driving forward at the wet, sexy holes. The two Gilmores gasped and cried in excitement, their legs spreading wider so that Lorelai's was resting over her daughter's, the two of them gripping at each other's hand, holding them in a parody of mother-daughter bonding. Bree slammed harder and deeper, thrusting the toy further into the Milf twat in front of her. It vanished between Lorelai's sexy twat lips, making the hole between spread.

"AAAaarrrghhh," Lorelai let out a squeal, her back raising and arching, her hand squeezing at her daughters. Rory wasn't far behind, shrieking in ecstasy as Susan's plastic prick penetrated deep.

"Yes, oh, yes," moaned Bree and upped her speed, realising as she did so that Susan was racing up to match her. The two horny hotties on her bed, bucked and jolted, crying out in pleasure. Bree slammed harder, her titties bouncing and jiggling as she slammed forward. Looking down she could see Lorelai's jumping and swinging, like two jellies on a shaking plate.

The feeling of excitement in Bree's own pussy was mounting. The toy's haft doing it's job, pressing hard at her clit, stimulating and exciting the hard bud. The redhead could sense the dampness of her pussy, feeling the little trickles of cum juice forming inside, bouncing and sliding over her lips and down her mons as she slammed forward and back. Beneath her Lorelai was as wet and slick as a melting ice-rink, shrieking and gasping as the large toy rammed in and out of her soaked twat.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me please," Lorelai gasped out, though Bree had no intention of doing anything else. She slammed down sending the toy shooting down the Milf fuck tunnel.

There was a loud series of moans and squeals from beside her "Ooooohh, aaaarrghhhh, yessss," Bree briefly turned (without pausing in her fucking) Rory was enjoying the fucking as much as her Mom, her back bending and arching. She had let go off her Mom and one hand squeezing a tittie, the other rubbing at her clit as below it Susan filled her hole. Bree grinned at her friend and Susan smiled back, and without saying anything they both sped up, their plastic cocks ramming harder at the sexy holes in front of them.

Bree turned back to Lorelai, the other woman's face was contorted in pleasure, beads of sweat on her hair. One hand was gripping the bedding, inches from daughter's head, the other was strumming at her clitoral hood like it was a guitar. It made Bree even hotter and she sped up, mentally telling Susan to keep pace with her.

"Aaaaaaarrghhhh," Lorelai's shriek was loud and passionate, her mouth opening like a siren starting to sing.

"Yessss," cried Bree, "yesssss." Her own cunt felt like it was afire, burning, flaming - and all in a good way. The juice which had been building up in her pussy exploded, shooting at the toy and surging down it to splatter over Lorelai's slick cunt; the two women's juices mixing together to form streams, sliding down to pool on the quilt. "Yessssss, arrrrrrghhh, yesssss," Bree was out of control, slamming forward with a frenzy she had never experienced. Was this what it was like for guys? An explosion of bliss with an explosion of cum and their brain's blowing at the same moment... "AAaarrrrrghh, yesssssss," she slammed into Lorelai, again and again. She had one advantage over men, cumming didn't leave her spent and floppy.

It was an advantage Lorelai was making full use of, her back bent and she screamed so loud mirrors almost shattered, "Fuuuuckkk, aaaaaarrrrrrggggh, fuuuuuckkkk, aaaaarrggghhh aaaarrggghhh, aaaaaarrrrrggghhh!!!!"

Bree hadn't heard anyone cum so loudly or for so long, if it wasn't for the fact that Rory was replicating her Mom's screams and shrieks, Bree would have said it was a one-off. She pounded harder and faster, giving it deep to Lorelai and not letting her own pleasure subside. Within seconds another orgasm hit her and Bree discovered her toes really did curl.... "Yessss, yesssss, aaaarrggghhh, ooooohhhhh, aaaarrghhh!"

It was Lorelai who squirted next, blasting her cum up and over Bree's fake phallus. The redhead continued to ram through he spray, making it fan out like from a high-powered shower. "AAAarrrgghhh!"

"AAArrrrrggghhh," screamed Rory as well, "Fuck my ass, Susan, fuck my sweet butthole."

"Me as well," her Mom squealed, "Take me anally..."

Bree and Susan pulled out their toys, both liberally dripping cum. The two Gilmore's turned over, rolling towards each other so that they were face down with only inches behind them. They both reached to their cheeks, pulling the buttocks apart to reveal their rosebuds. Their heads turned as they looked round at the housewives, "Fuck our butts," said Rory with her dirty smile and Lorelai nodded an enthusiastic agreement.

Even if the pussy lubed cocks didn't push down deep at first shove, it was obvious that these were no virgin assholes. Not from the way both Mom and daughter raised their butts to meet the invaders, wiggling to encourage them down. Nor from the deeply satisfied groans which escaped from both Gilmore's lips. These were two experienced ass-fuckees, ready for a deep and hard reaming.

And Bree knew she and Susan were ready and willing to give them one.

The two housewives took their plastic pricks in their hand, the slick juice which coated the toys damp against their palms and guided them towards the waiting holes, the Gilmore's spreading their rosebuds so they bloomed open as the strap-ons approached.

"Oooohhhh yes," moaned Lorelai as Bree entered her, the younger Milf raising her cheeks to help the toy in, the wobble of her cheeks an enticement to Bree to carry on down. Beside her Susan was doing the same, slowly pushing and lowering herself onto the teen sexpot she was sodomising. "Deeper," groaned Lorelai, "Deeper." Bree pulled back an inch with her pelvis, before thrusting it down again. This was no virgin butt, the cherry had been popped a long time ago, the tunnel expanding with ease as the toy pressed down it; Lorelai moving with a long-practised experience. "MMMnnnn yessss," the brunette moaned.

"I'm going harder," said Bree, "I'm really going to pound down."

She was as good as her word, speeding up her pace and passion, thrusting deeper and deeper into the sexy asshole. At first her body perpendicular, but as she drove further in shifting so he was parallel, her body lying on top of Lorelai so it was like she was doing press ups with Lorelai as the mat. The younger Milf squeaked and squealed in pleasure, one of her hands gripping at the bedding, the other resting on her daughter's back, rubbing and squeezing the flesh. "Oooooohhh, urrrrrhhhh, yesssss."

"Fuck," grunted Bree, "You are so hot, this is amazing."

"You're great as well," gasped Susan to Rory, "Your asshole is the best hole I've fucked; if all women were as hot as you I'd go one hundred percent lesbian."

"Ooooohhh," Rory squeaked in reply, "Your strap-on is so hard; it's like being butt-fucked by a guy."

"Better..." corrected her Mom, "Uuurrhhh, aaaaarghhh, oh shit..."

The two housewives slammed down on the naked Gilmores, ramming their dildos all the way down the younger women's anal passages. The Mom and daughter bucked and screamed, their bodies shuddering in excitement as they were driven to furious bouts of pleasure. Their hands grabbed at the bedding and each other, gripping hands so tightly that it seemed that they were worried if they let go they'd plummet. Sweat covered them, juice as well, shiny on their backs and buttocks. Bree and Susan's titties jiggled and jumped, bashing against their new lovers, the nipples hard and stiff.

"MMmnnn, yeaahhh, ohhhhhh," Susan moaned in excitement.

Bree matched her, "Ohhhhhh, yessss, uuurrrhhh." Lorelai's asshole was so bangable and hot; it was relaxed enough for easy fucking, but Lorelai was pushing it back at her for maximum enjoyment, making the strap-on rub at Bree's clitoris with every violent thrust. She was soaking and dripping, her pussy aflame with passion, waves of pleasure rippling outwards through the rest of her body. From the grunts from Susan and the wide grin on her friend's face she was equally enjoying Rory's butt. Harder and harder the housewives pounded, until they were panting with exhaustion and the Gilmores were screaming.

Needing a brief break Bree dropped off Lorelai and onto her back, beside her the panting Susan did the same. The break only lasted a few seconds before Rory said, "Let me suck your dick, Bree."

Her Mom laughed and nodded as Rory clambered over her and positioned herself so that she was leaning over Bree's strap-on, her ass in the air. Her mouth went down, opening wide as she took the toy between her lips. Up and down she bobbed, her hair flopping over her forehead and into her eyes as she cleaned up her Mom's anal juices, at the same time pushing the toy into Bree's cunt. The redhead gave a groan of pleasure, "That's good," as she began to rub and play with her titties.

Lorelai moved to a sitting position, resting against the bed's headboard and spreading her legs open so she could rub at her wet twat, massaging it in a circle as she watched her daughter slurping at the cock that had been in her ass moments before. She grinned widely, "She's good, isn't she?"

She was, Bree agreed, the teen was an expert at giving head, taking the fake cock nice and deep, slurping passionately at it and covering it with her bile. If Bree had been a guy the bj would have made her blow, as she wasn't it just made her hot and horny again and when Rory's head popped up and the teen smiled and said, "Now fuck my ass," she was more than inclined to accept.

Getting up Bree moved round, Rory on her hands and knees and wiggling her ass, and inserted the dripping dick into the teen's butt. Her friend had left the opening gaping and ready and the toy slid easily in, making Rory gasp and grunt in pleasure. Bree took hold off her waist and slowly began to move in and out.

"Mmmnnn," Rory moaned, her eyes moving to Susan. The brunette was half-sitting, watching in enjoyment as the redhead analised the teen. Rory gave another groan of bliss as Bree's dick entered her. Then she smiled at Susan, "Come fuck my mouth, let me take you both together."

"You won't regret it," said Rory's Mom, rubbing harder at her pussy.

And that was how moments later Bree had Susan opposite her, both housewives on their knees, gripping Rory, their tits swinging as they pumped into the teen enthusiastically and the teen bounced and jiggled between them with equal eagerness, her slurps and gulps loud and passionate. In and out, in and out, they both went, Bree possibly a little faster than Susan as the brunette held back from totally ramming Rory's throat. Bree grinned at her friend, "This is so much fun..."

"I knew it would be..." Susan grinned, "but I didn't know we'd pick up such a pair of hotties..."

"Good, you're enjoying. We are as well," Lorelai was up on her knees, kneeling behind Susan and taking hold off the housewife's tits, to play and knead with them. "Mmmnnn," the younger Milf moaned, squeezing the boobies harder as Susan turned her head and the two brunette's tongues flickered at each other. "Mmmnnn, don't you enjoying spit-roasting Rory, isn't she so sexy?"

She was and Bree was definitely enjoying sharing the teen with her friend, and seeing Lorelai join in was adding to the pleasure. She gripped Rory's waist harder, leveraging in her fake dick deeper and harder, so that it's full length was drilling the teen and her thighs were slapping at her. In front of her Susan and Lorelai continued to grapple with each other, Susan removing her hand from Rory to move them behind her and onto Lorelai's side, encouraging the hot Mom to press deeper at her. Lorelai seemed keen to do so, her hands grasping at Susan's boobs, squashing the two mounds so that the flesh quivered and popped between her fingers. Their tongues continued to press and wiggle at each other, never quiet sliding into the open mouths, but always threatening to. And all the time Rory continued to bang back and forth between the housewives, sucking deep on Susan's fake phallus as she enjoyed Bree's up her ass.

"Fuck my butt as well," Lorelai broke from Susan and moved onto her daughter. She rested her pussy on the top of the teen's head and then pushing it down so that Susan's toy popped from Rory's moth and the older Gilmore's still open rosebud ended up exactly opposite the other brunette's cock.

"Fuck her, Susan," giggled Rory, "She loves anal. We both do."

"Oooohhhh," moaned Lorelai. Bree paused from butt-fucking her daughter to watch in excited fascination as the younger Mom shuddered and shivered as her friend pushed the dildo into her ass. "Oooohhhh, that's so good, fuck it hard."

Susan began to thrust in and out, sending vibrations through Lorelai and Rory and Bree. For a few moments Bree remained halted, letting the shudders run through the Gilmores and up her plastic prick to her cunt. It felt good, but it'd feel better if there was more pressure pounding on her clit and she resumed banging Rory's ass. The teen squealed in pleasure, "Ohhhh, that's it, that's it, ram my asshole, fuck my butt."

"Stick it in my mouth, let me suck my girl's juices," cried out Lorelai.

Bree couldn't say no. She popped the dildo out of Rory's ass and held it for Lorelai. The Milf slammed forward, driven by Susan, her mouth opening. In the toy went, Bree moving to follow it so that it went with Lorelai as the Milf fell back.

"Mmnnnn, that's it Mom, clean Bree's dick, suck my hot ass of it," said Rory. The teen giggled and laughed as her Mom see-sawed back on forth on her back, her pussy scraping at Rory's head, the hair getting mussed with juice, the Milfs titties rolling over her daughter's back, the nipples hard like rock. At either end the two housewives slammed away, their rubber dicks ramming into Lorelai's orifices and filling them with their sexy goodness. Rory giggled some more, balancing on one hand as she rubbed her wet pussy with the other. "Oh my God, this is so hot, I love sharing with my Mom. Stuff it back in my ass now.... ooooohhh God yes."

Bree rammed at Rory's butt again. It seemed she was able to go even faster and harder now that Lorelai had lubricated the dick, Rory's ass stretched and willing. "Aaaaarrrghh," the teen screamed in pleasure, wobbling on one hand as she used the other to stroke at her cunt, "AAAaaarrrghhh."

"OOooohhhh, fuckkkkk, oooohhh, aaaaaarrghhh," her Mom was shrieking as well, Rory's hair acting as a mastubatory aid as her own ass was hammered by Susan.

Bree knew how they felt, her own pussy was soaking wet, waves of pleasure shooting from it with each thrust into Rory's butthole. Lorelai's mouth was just inches from it, the Mom, interspersing her screams and squeals with attempts to ram her tongue at the narrow gap between Bree's toy and her daughter's walls. Bree was moving to fast for the brunette to have much success, but it didn't seem to stop her trying. "OOoooohhhh, aaaaarrrghhh," Rory shook in pleasure again.

"Yes, yes, yes," grunted Susan. Bree could see her friend's tits wobble and jiggle and jump as the brunette pounded Lorelai's ass. Tiny streaks of sweat trickled down her face and between the bouncing boobs as Susan panted and strained, her face red with exertion, "Yes, yes, yes."

Bree was gasping and panting as well, she was pounding Rory as quick, hard and deep as she could and the pace was telling. Her heart was hammering in her chest, her skin flushed as the blood pumped and burning like it was molten lava flowing through her veins. It was worth it; her pussy was leaking cum, almost singing in pleasure as the strap-on ground at her; waves of pleasure rushing through her body. She hit as hard as she could, "Ooooooohhhh, oooohhhh, urrrrrrhhh, aaaaaarrghhh."

Exhausted she popped the cock out of Rory's ass. The teen remained in position for a few minutes, acting as stand for her Mom to lean on as Susan drove the dildo in and the Milf to orgasm. Lorelai screamed in pleasure, "Fuuuuccckkk, aaaaarrrgghhh."

"Yesssss," Susan cried seconds later. She pulled the dildo out and collapsed backwards, breathing heavily.

The two Gilmores dropped away from each other Lorelai rolling towards Bree and Rory towards Susan. The two housewives were waiting for them, mouths open and soon the dour women were kissing passionately, their toes wiggling as their tongues entwined.

Finally they broke. "We better get dressed," smiled Lorelai, "It's getting late"

"Okay," Bree said. She briefly looked at Lorelai and Rory as they got up, slender and sexy, with lovely pussies and fuckable asses. For a moment she was tempted to ask for their numbers, then she paused; it had been fun but it had been a lesbian one-night stand, not the start of a relationship. She smiled, "I'll call you a cab."

* * *

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