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Desperate Housewives:
The Perfect Part 1 - The Perfect Present (MFf,anal,first)
by Idanyboy

"Hello? Danielle?" the voice spoke from the other side of the phone.

"Oh, hello, Mrs. Solis. My mom isn't home."

"Oh, that's okay. Actually it's you I wanted to talk to."

"Really?" Danielle was surprised.

"Yeah. You know it's John's birthday Friday, right?"

"Right. How did you know?"

"Well he IS my gardener. He's like, um, Family. To me."

"Oh. Okay. So... what about his birthday?"

"Well, I thought about having a surprise party for him in my house."

"Why in your house?"

"Well... that's the surprise, now is it? Any other place and he'll be
suspicious... right?"

"Umm... Right... I guess," Danielle said with uncertainty.

"Great. The party is Friday, at 8. You'll show up at 7 to help me set
everything up. And wear something slu... I mean, something pretty."
Gabrielle sniggered trough the phone.

"Will do, Mrs. Solis. Bye."

Danielle Van De Kamp was a pretty 17-year-old virgin. She's been going out
with her boyfriend, John, for a few weeks now, and they haven't even done
anything yet, except a few make-out sessions here and there. She thought
maybe having a surprise party for him would've help him realize she is
serious about them, and help them reach the next level in their relationship.
She decided she needed some new cloths for the event was getting ready to go
to the store for a bit of shopping.

"Now, where did I put my phone?" she asked herself, then remembered she lent
it to her brother, Andrew, because their mother confiscated his phone after
she caught Andrew in a strip club.

As she opened the door to her brother's room, she saw him sleeping in his
bed, or so she thought. Her eyes wondered to a bump in the lower part of the
blanket, which moved franticly. She immediately realized that he was
masturbating! "Oh god!" she thought, but didn't want to make the situation
any more creepy than it already is. She shot the door back quietly and
knocked on it, making Andrew jump out of his bed.

"YEAH? What?" he said, panicking whether or not his sister saw him there.

"Umm... hey. Is my cell phone in here?"

"Ahh... yeah," he said and reached over to his nightstand. "There you go."
he said, handing her the phone with his right arm.

Danielle blushed. "Thanks" she said and looked away.

"Hey!" Andrew startled her as she was about to leave. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Danielle dismissed him quickly. "I'm going to the mall. Tell mom.

Danielle closed the door behind her and let out a huge sigh. "Well... that
was disturbing," she thought, and left for the mall.

* * *

Gabrielle Solis was thinking. Her little boy toy, John, has been teasing her
with his new girlfriend, Danielle. She didn't like it at all. She gets
jealous very quickly, and have mentioned to john several times she does not
approve of his relationship with the Van De Kamp kid, but he didn't care. So,
coming to the conclusion that "if you can't beat'em, join'em" she decided to
give John the best birthday present she could think of.

* * *

24 hours later, everything was already set up perfectly. Mrs. Solis was
wearing a hot purple teddy, covered only by a sexy silk robe. She picked up
her phone and dialed.

"John? One hour, my place. Be ready for a surprise," she said and hung up,
not waiting for a reply.

A knock on the door.

"Just a second" Gabrielle yelled out.

As she opened the door her eyes were packed with the view of the young
innocent Van De Kamp kid, dressed with a hot red dress that barely cover her
thighs, and a cleavage so deep you could almost see her nipples. Gabrielle
stared a bit, but swiftly got slapped herself back to reality.

"Umm... Danielle. You look great. I'm so glad you could make it. Why don't
you come right in?" She said, as she watched the hot looking teen walking
through her door.

"New dress?"

"Umm... yeah," Danielle said, looking around the house.

"What's going on? Where's all the stuff for the party?"

Gabrielle didn't flinch. "Oh don't worry, the main attractions are already
here," she said as she smiled at her.

"What do you...?"

"You just sit here... And I'll take care of everything," she directed her to
the couch.

Danielle set down on the couch, the events of the previous day still running
through her mind. She spent all day yesterday avoiding her brother Andrew.
"Well, at least I have this party to try to get it out of my mind" she
thought to herself.

"Okay, there you go," Mrs. Solis broke her train of thought.

Danielle looked over and was stunned when she saw Mrs. Solis in her purple
teddy, holding two glasses in her hands. Gabrielle acted nonchalant. She
handed the teen a glass of soda and set down next to her, she herself had a
glass of wine.

"So... Danielle..." she said, making herself comfortable on the sofa "Are
you and John... serious?"

"Um... not really... we only had a few dates."

"Hmmm... so you haven't had... you know... yet?" Gabrielle said, feeling the
alcohol kicking into her system.

The teen child wasn't too unsettled by the question. She knew her neighbor
had a reputation of an open-minded lady and that she didn't have any trouble
asking these sorts of questions. The fact that she set next to her in
lingerie bothered her more.

"No, we're not that serious yet. Besides, we're in the abstinence club."

Gabrielle smiled. "Of course you are... Good!" she said, "That'll make
tonight all the more special."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

Gabrielle drew herself closer to her teen neighbor.

"Tell me, Danielle... have you ever... kissed a woman?" she said, with a
penetrating look into her eyes.

Danielle moved back a little.

"Um... No!" she said in haughty way. "And I'm not planning to."

Gabrielle didn't hold back.

"Well, that's a shame. You know, my husband Carlos and I once had a threesome
with one of the women I've worked with back when I used to model, and I'd
tell you, it was incredible. Feeling the touch of a woman on you skin, her
lips on top of yours...that's something..." she said as she moved her hand
gently over Danielle's thigh "...unforgettable."

Danielle was getting a bit uneasy.

"Mrs. Solis..." she tried to change the subject "what about the party?"

"Oh honey, there is no party" Gabrielle revealed the truth to the edgy teen.

"WHAT? You mean John's not coming?"

"Oh no, honey, he'll come."

"Look Mrs. Solis, what's going on?"

"You have the most beautiful blonde hair, did you know that?" Gabrielle
ignored Danielle's question while petting her hair. She was now completely
buzzed from the wine. "No wonder John wants to fuck you so bad."

Danielle froze. This was a bit too much from the open-minded neighbor.

"What the hell does he see in you, anyway? Let me take a look at you,"
Gabrielle said, as she pulled denial's face in front of her own. She pressed
on her face, making her lips pucker.

"So... never, huh?" She asked with an evil smirk on her face.

She moved her face closer and kissed the cute child's lips. It was a long,
passionate kiss, and Danielle didn't object at all. As if she was under
Gabrielle's thrall, she just couldn't resist those soft, tender lips.

Gabrielle reached out and grabbed Danielle's hand, guiding it to her breast.
She slowly glided her other hand between Danielle's legs and reached in. She
felt her panties and was a little disappointed by the barrier she had to
break. She just felt it, and rubbed it over and over until she couldn't take
it any longer. She reached over Danielle's head and grabbed it. She broke the
kiss and tilted Danielle's head back, starting to lick her neck and kissing
it. She reached over the 2 strings holding her dress on and yanked on them.
The dress fell over supported only by Danielle's breasts. Gabrielle looked
and saw she wasn't wearing a bra. A little smirk covered her face.

"Ooh, you are such a slut!" she said, and laid her down on the couch. She
started rubbing her hands all over Danielle's body, feeling out her outline.
Gabrielle was getting hot. The whole situation had a very erotic sense to it,
and both girls could feel it.

Finally, after minutes of teasing, Gabrielle reached under the Danielle's
dress and pulled her panties off. She smelled and licked them, then tossed
them aside. Then, she pushed her hand down between the teenager's legs and
pressed very softly on her clitoris with her thumb. Danielle, which this was
a first time someone else touches her down there, started moaning.

"Yeah... you like that, don't cha? I never had a virgin before..." Gabrielle
teased her. "Well, not a female virgin, anyway... "

She stopped rubbing Danielle's clit and stuck her index finger into her
vagina. She shoved it as deep as she could, and then reverted her direction.
The feel of a foreign finger inside of her vagina felt amazing to Danielle.
She just looked up at the ceiling and focused on that feeling with all her
might. Each time Gabrielle would shove her finger in she tried to stick it
farther then before. After about a minute like that, she took her finger out
and brought it into Danielle's mouth.

"Taste it. This is what your slutty juices taste like."

Danielle opened her mouth and allowed Mrs. Solis finger to be inserted. She
enjoyed sucking on Mrs. Solis's finger covered with her own juices. It was an
amazing sensation.

"Yhea. Taste good, doesn't it?" Gabrielle enjoyed talking to the lovable

"John would like it too, I know it."

Danielle didn't even care. She just wanted to get keep this feeling going.
"AHH GOD MRS.SOLIS! KEEP GOING!" she managed to yell out.

Gabrielle smiled to herself. She reached over and wedged her head in between
Danielle's legs, licking away at her pussy lips. Every couple of licks she
would push on her clit with her tongue, which made Danielle scream with

"AHH... FUCK!" she cried out.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Gabrielle was talking to herself when she finally heard the
timid kid letting herself go. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.

"Ooh, that's John!" Gabrielle said with excitement.

Danielle just laid on the couch, completely numb and indifference to what's
around her.

Gabrielle lifted her up, straightened her dress and said, "What do you say
we'll give John the best birthday present ever?"

Danielle looked and all she could do was nod her approval. She was already
way in the moment, and wanted to see how far this thing will go.

John knocked on the door again.

"Come in" he heard his beloved Mrs. Solis call through the door. He opened
the door and entered the living room, seeing his hot little mistress in her
purple teddy sitting on the couch.

"Hey" he said with his I'm-gonna-get-me-some smile on his face. As he moved
farther into the living room area he saw Danielle sitting there next to
Gabrielle. He stopped in his tracks. "Ah! Danielle. Mrs. Solis, why are you
dressed like that?" he tried to save his ass.

"Oh, relax, John" Gabrielle calmed him down. "She knows everything."

John was nervous. "Everything?"

"Yes. And..." she said as she started rubbing Danielle's leg. "... We've been
talking and getting to know each other, and we decided to give a nice little
birthday present." She looked over to Danielle. "Let's show him why we're
here for" she said as Danielle went down on her knees in front of John and
started unbuckling his belt, while Gabrielle took off his shirt, then kissed
and licked his abdomen. Danielle released his belt and lowered his jeans,
exposing his briefs with a huge bulge on them. Danielle was biting down her

"Wanna see it?" Gabrielle asked her and nibbled lightly on her ear.

John had nearly exploded as he saw that. Gabrielle giggled at Danielle.

"You wanna suck it?"

"umm hmm" Danielle nodded.

"Alrighty then" Gabrielle said with a smile and pulled john's underwear down,
causing his humongous boner flying out, pointing up and hitting Danielle in
the nose.

"Oh!" Danielle chuckled a bit.

Gabrielle grabbed and jammed John's member into her mouth, looking over to
Danielle the entire time. Danielle looked at Mrs. Solis and wasn't sure what
to do. She just looked over and started unconsciously fingering herself.
Gabrielle was in amid of licking john's huge 10-inch shaft, massaging his
balls in the process. She grabbed Danielle's head and pushed it into John's
crotch, knowing that a slut like her would have no problem figuring out what
to do on her own. And she was right; Danielle instantly started licking and
sucking John's balls, as if she's been doing it for years. Gabrielle helped
her out by pointing john's cock upwards, and jerking him off while Danielle
sucked his balls.

"Good girl. Isn't she good, John?"

"Oh, fuck yeah!" john responded.

Gabrielle held Danielle by the hair and pulled her head back away from John's
balls. Danielle cried out with a whimper, wanting it back. Gabrielle held her
mouth wide open by fish hooking the sides of her lips and directed it right
over John's raging erection. She pushed Danielle further and further into
John's cock, trying to get her to deep throat him, but Danielle, the
inexperienced, couldn't do it and gagged very quickly.

"That's okay," Gabrielle reassured her. "Let's give it another go," she said
and once again forced John's cock down her throat. By the third time she
managed to go fairly deep without gagging. It did made her eyes tear up a bit
and her make-up to drip down her eyes. John liked that. He grabbed Danielle's
head and forced it down his dick.

"Oh, fuck yhea!" he yelled out.

Gabrielle didn't want to be left out. She went behind John and licked his
asshole, using her hands to spread his ass cheeks.

"Oh yeah!" John yelled out again, holding Mrs. Solis' head behind him. He was
amazed at where he is, two beautiful women, sucking and licking him from both
ends, one woman is old enough to be his mother, and the other is his sweet
teenaged girlfriend. 'It doesn't get any better then this' he thought, though
he knew it would be in a few minutes.

Danielle held on as much as she could before gagging again, releasing her
grip of John's cock on her throat. She fell on her ass from lack of balance,
reveling the fact that she has no underwear on. John noticed that straight
away. "Nice" he said with a nasty smile.

Danielle blushed a bit and was happy that John approved. Gabrielle got up and
joined in, standing next to John, both of them looking down at the slutty
position Danielle was in.

"Yeah, that looks great, doesn't it?" Gabrielle teased John some more. "Good
enough to fuck, don't ya think?" she whispered to John's ear then nibbled on
his earlobe. She walked over and held Danielle's legs in the air, exposing
her naked pelvis completely in front of John's horny face.

"Come on. Do it! Fuck that virgin pussy!"

John stepped out of his briefs and bent over a bit align his cock with
Danielle's awaiting snatch.

"Get ready, baby," Gabrielle said to Danielle who was more than willing and
anxious to be fucked by her stud of a boyfriend.

Gabrielle used her elbows to keep Danielle in position, sitting on top of her
head. She grabbed John's cock with one hand, while opening Danielle's pussy
lips with the other, pulling both objects closer and closer together, until
the inevitable contact. John's cock was right at the verge of penetrating
Danielle, and John held on and watched as Gabrielle lubricated his cock with
her saliva. She sure was agile, that Mrs. Solis. After that he finally
entered his 10-inch boner inside his slutty girlfriend's cunt.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Denial screamed with the pain of her virginity ripping away.

"OH FUCK! FUCK ME, JOHN! HARDER! FUCK! YES!" she replaced the pain with
pleasure. She screamed loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear, and
Gabrielle was a bit worried. To shut her up, she set harder on her face,
bringing her own pussy right into Danielle's mouth.

"Suck me, you bitch."

Danielle did exactly as she told. After all, she wouldn't have been in this
amazing situation if it weren't for Mrs. Solis' encouragement. Danielle did a
good job sucking on Gabrielle's pussy, which was already wet and stimulated
from the current state of affairs. It didn't take long for Mrs. Solis to come
right in her face.

"AHHHH!" she yelled out, arching her back and trembling.

John pulled out of Danielle's now bleeding hymen, and pushed his penis into
Mrs. Solis' mouth. He knew how much she loved sucking cock whilst coming. He
alternated between Gabrielle's mouth and Danielle's pussy a few times until
Danielle was close to climaxing too.

"OHHH GOD!!!!" Danielle screamed as she came.

Gabrielle let go of Danielle's ankles as she started twitching from her
orgasm. She went and set on the sofa, fingering herself, watching John still
hammering into Danielle. He hasn't come yet. She knew how much stamina that
boy had and she was just taking a break.

John kept pounding at Danielle's pussy, looking over to Mrs. Solis as she
masturbated in the corner and smiled at him. He smiled back. He pulled out
of Danielle and finally let her have a break. She was still shuddering and
quivering from her amazing orgasm. She still had her slutty red dress on,
and Gabrielle reached out and pulled it down further, revealing her amazing
breasts to the world. She fondled them and pinched her nipples for John to

"Look at that, John. She still wants more." she said, referring to the fact
the Danielle's nipples were rock hard.

Danielle herself was still pretty out of it, and just went along with
everything Mrs. Solis did to her. Gabrielle moved Danielle closer to the
couch, and rested her head on it, her body still on the floor. She spread
Danielle's legs and went in front of her, bending down to lick her red cunt.
In that pose, Gabrielle's ass was right in front of John, and she knew he
liked the view.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Solis, you've got such a fine ass!" he said, and immediately
wedged himself up her anus. He slowly picked up the pace and was fucking her
asshole, knocking her harder into Danielle's pussy with each thrust.

"OH! YHEA! YOU LIKE IT UP THE ASS, DON'T YOU?" he yelled out.

Both women moaned and panted with each plunge by john. Danielle held Mrs.
Solis' head and pressed it harder and harder into her cunt. She felt another
orgasm coming her way.

"Oh... OH, GOD, oh god... yes, yes, yes! Fuck! Yes!!!" she started with a
scream and her voice faded away as came all over her neighbor's face.
Gabrielle sucked and licked everything that came out of Danielle, while she
herself was on the verge of another climax. She closed her eyes intensely
and came hard with John's cock still hammering her ass.

"OH GOD! JOHN! YOU'RE THE BEST EVER!!!" she yelped with her last few breaths
before her knees buckled and she fell right into Danielle's crotch.

"Oh god," Danielle uttered.

Gabrielle managed to lift herself up and looked at her.

"Your turn, babe."

Gabrielle stood up and guided Danielle into her new position, on all fours.
She raised her red dress again exposing her bleeding pussy and right above
that, her virgin asshole. She looked at john then brought her mouth next to
Danielle's anus, licking it. John watched it and was jerking his cock to keep
it from losing stiffness (as if it was really a problem). Mrs. Solis tongue
felt amazing on Danielle's asshole. Danielle couldn't believe it. Who
would've thought last night when she was invited to a party that she would
lose her virginity and had a threesome with her boyfriend and her neighbor?
Now she was in heaven, closing her eyes as the beautiful Mrs. Solis is
rubbing her tongue on her asshole. Gabrielle kept on licking, using her
hands to spread Danielle's ass cheeks apart to give her better view of her
objective. Gabrielle looked at Danielle's wet asshole and looked over at

"She's ready, sweetie."

John was growing crazy with anticipation. Gabrielle Grabbed Danielle's ass
cheeks and pulled them apart, jamming her fingernails a bit on Danielle's
skin. Danielle hissed a bit when that happened, but immediately adjusted
herself so it wouldn't hurt. John went down on his knees and slowly stuck
his raging cock into Danielle's ass. Danielle shrieked into the sofa as
John's massive erection tear thru her anus.

"OHH GOD!" she managed to muffle through.

Gabrielle Stood up and set on the sofa, putting Danielle's face right between
her legs. Danielle immediately started to suck on it. John in the meantime
manage to get a rhythm going inside of Danielle's ass, pushing it faster and
faster. As he did this, he looked at Gabrielle, who looked back at him with
passionate eyes. It was if they were fucking thru Danielle, with each thrust
into Danielle's ass, it made Gabrielle moan by proxy. At that point John was
at the tip of his endurance.

"I'm coming!" he alerted the girls, and Gabrielle immediately stood up,
flipped Danielle over, bringing her face in front of John's cock and her
own face next to her.

"AHH FUCK!" he screamed out as Mrs. Solis and Danielle were licking the tip
of his cock as he stroked it, then shot a huge load onto Gabrielle's face,
landing on her eyes, and down her chin. She jerked him off, and aimed his
boner to Danielle's face, just in time for another two loads on Danielle's
hair and eyes, then another small load that landed on her chest.

Gabrielle rubbed her hands on Danielle's chest and smeared John's cum all
over her tits. She sucked the remains out of his cock, then licked his cum
off Danielle's face in the most erotic way possible. She picked off more of
his cum off Danielle's chest with her finger and brought it to Danielle's

"Good, isn't it?" she said to Danielle who moaned positively. "How'd you like
your present?" she smiled at John with her cum covered face.

"BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" he concluded.


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