Desperate Housewives:
The Perfect Part 2 - The Perfect Secret (Ff,inc,BDSM,exhib,voy)
by Idanyboy

It was Saturday morning. Susan Meyer entered her kitchen.

"G'morning, honey. Did you sleep okay?" She asked Julie, that was already
sitting at the table.

"Not really." Julie replied, "There was something going on at Mrs. Solis'
last night. There were screaming and stuff. They must have it pretty rough
over there."

"Well..." Susan said as she set across from her daughter. "...not everyone
are such gentle lovers like you, honey," Susan said with a smile. Then she
reached across the table and kissed her soft on the lips.

Susan Meyer and her 13-year-old daughter, Julie, have been fooling around
with each other for the past year. It all started when Julie comforted her
when her dad left, but soon Susan found more than comfort in her beautiful
teenage daughter. Everybody in the neighborhood always wondered how is it
that they have such a good healthy relationship, and only they knew the

"Speaking of which, I have tonight completely free if you wanna..."

"Oh. I... I sort of have a... date... tonight."

Susan's expression changed quickly... "Really? a-a date? With who?"

"Just some guy from school."

"Oh. Okay..." Susan said, frustration is evident in her voice.

Awkwardness filled the room.

"I could cancel-"

"NO. No. I would never ask you to do that. Not for me. I mean, you're your
own person and you should do what makes you happy."


"REALLY. GO. HAVE FUN. HAVE SEX, SEE IF I CARE!" Susan yelled out as she
walked away frantically up the stairs.

"MOM!" Julie called out, guilt eaten.

Eventually, Julie went on her date. When she got back at around 2AM her
mother was sitting in the living room, waiting for her.

"SO HOW WAS IT?" she said out loud.

Julie's was startled. "Umm... okay."


Julie looked over and noticed a wine bottle next to Susan.

"Have you been drinking?" she asked critically.

"HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKING?" Susan countered.

Julie has had enough of this.

"I'm going to bed," she said with scorn.

"THE HELL YOU ARE!" Susan jumped out of the sofa and grabbed Julie by her

"LET GO OF ME!" Julie howled out.


"STOP IT! MOM!" Julie cried out, trying to break the hold her mother had on

pulled on Julie's hand and dropped her to the floor. She went down after
her, holding her down with force.

"NO! STOP IT! MOM!" Julie bellowed out in pain and started to cry.

Susan came to her senses when she saw Julie's tears. "Oh god..." She began
tearing up herself and let go of her hold.

"I'm sor- I'm sorry, baby," she talked quietly for the first time. "I just...
I love you so much, I don't want anyone else to have you." she cried.

"Oh, mom..." Julie felt the same way. The date was meaningless for her, she
didn't want to go, and when she went, she couldn't stop thinking about her
mother. "...I love you, too." she said after she had stopped crying.

Both girls, still lying on the living room floor, looked at each other with
loving eyes. Susan brought her face closer in and kissed Julie softly on the
lips. Julie kissed back with an equal softness. They rolled over and Julie
was now on top of her mother. She unzipped herself from the dress she had on,
and was now only in her bra and panties. Susan set up, having Julie's body
swallow up in her lap, and stuck her face into her daughter's chest, kissing
every bit of skin her lips could find. Julie wrapped her legs around her
mother, and grabbed her head, driving it tighter to her chest.

"Oh. Mom!"

"Oh, baby"

Whimpers and groans came from both women. They were so close it was like they
were one entity, locked in an embrace that only a daughter and mother could
comprehend. Susan lowered her hand down from Julie's head and brought it to
the clasp of her teen bra, unhooking it with ease. Julie's bra remained held
by Susan's face that was still pressed against her chest. She lowered her
hand even further, patting Julie's butt through her panties, then she stuck
her hand down the panties and fixed her finger between the cheeks, inside
Julie's Asshole. She lifted her head to see how Julie is closing her eyes and
sighs as she did it. She was happy her actions were validated. Julie's bra
fell down between their bodies. Susan kisses her chin and neck and went down
to her bosoms again, putting Julie's breast in her mouth and rubbing her
tongue all over her nipple.

Julie was still feeling the sensation of her mother's finger in her butt,
and just kept moaning and whimpering. Susan enjoyed the pleasure sounds her
daughter was making. She wasn't selfish; she didn't care that she wasn't
getting anything herself for now. Her pleasure was watching an hearing the
sweet 13 year old getting off. She started slowly moving her finger inside
Julie's rectum. Slow, rhythmic motions sent Julie over the wall. Her
breathings became heavy and shallow. Susan looked as kissed her neck over
and over as she accelerated her motions. She knew exactly what her baby

"Umm," Julie moaned out. She moved her pelvis to match the movements, faster
and faster. She started sweating and her hair was sticking to her forehead.
Susan knew she was close. Her little girl is coming, and there's no stopping
it now.

"Come on, baby. Come for mommy" she said as they engulfed themselves in a
chain of constant movements.

"Oh god, oh god!" Julie cried out as if in a trance.

"Tell me when, baby."

"God, god, god, god... NOW!" Julie screeched! As she came, pee gushed out of
her vagina, broke through the panties, getting Susan's legs and the floor all
wet. Susan Grabbed Julie by her back and leaned her over, aiming the pee to
the floor, as she kept on fucking her ass with her finger.

"AHHH, GAAAAAD!" Julie yelled out with her body shaking in her mother's
embrace. Susan patted Julie's cheek as she came down from her orgasm.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you too, mom," said Julie and they remained in their position for a
few seconds, eventually, Julie climbed off her mother to look at what she had
done. The floor was covered with her urine and her mother's legs were wet as

"Oh god, look at this mess. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it," Susan appeased her as she got back on her feet.

"At least let me-"

"Hey. It was my doing. Sort of. So I'll take care of it," Susan said with a

"You should go to sleep, we've got church tomorrow," she said and kissed her
forehead. "...Good night!"

Julie giggled in her head at the irony of still going to church. She also
felt bad that her mother had to do all the work and get almost none of the
fun. Unwillingly she went to bed.

"G'night... Mom" she said with a bogus smile.

* * *

The next morning Julie put on her most innocent looking church dress and
walked out with her mother. It was pretty empty there, like it usually is.
Susan found a place in one of the middle rows and set down with her daughter.
The sermon began. Everybody in the hall was either looking down in their
bibles or up at the priest.

Julie looked over at her mother. She looked great. Sexy black dress, her hair
held up in an innocent way and held on by a clip. Susan noticed Julie staring
at her and gave her a motherly smile. At church, Susan was very tame; she
didn't let any gutter thoughts enter her mind the moment she entered those
doors. For her, every Sunday morning was a sort of a purification ritual from
all the sins she'd committed. And there was a LOT! Julie, on the other hand,
found it absurd to even go to church. Her ideology was that if they're going
to hell anyway, so might as well have fun on the way down. That was exactly
her string of thought when she started feeling up her mother's thigh. Susan
looked down without moving her head, and tried to ignore it. She saw Julie
isn't taking a hint.

"Stop it," she said vigorously as she kept looking forward at the reverend.

Julie looked over her shoulder and around the church to see if anyone sees
her, and then squatted down slowly.

"What are you-" Susan became edgy. Julie managed to lodge herself between
Susan's legs, her hands on her ankles. She began lifting up Susan's dress.
Susan was getting frantic.

"Would you stop that?" she said in a quiet scream. "We are in a CHURCH!"

Julie didn't listen. She put the dress over her head, Susan's knees on her
shoulders, and wedged her face in her crotch, sticking her nose in her cunt
through her panties.

"AHH!" Susan shrieked.

The people in church including the reverend looked over to her.

"Ahh... Hallelujah!" she awkwardly yelled out, trying to save herself. Susan
looked down nervously, seeing the bump on her dress that is Julie's head
bobbing up and down her crutch.

"Julie. Stop it. Oh, god" Susan panicked again, looking all over the place to
see if anyone noticed them.

"He won't help you now," Julie said from under the covers, and moved her
hands slowly and firmly up Susan's thighs and over her abdomen, bringing both
her thumbs in a great position to move Susan's panties with one, revealing
her mother's slightly hairy pussy, and with the other to chafe Susan's clit.
She brought her tongue in and started licking the side of Susan's pussy lip
and biting it.

"MMM!" Susan muttered, trying to keep it together or else her secret would be
a thing of the past. Julie moved her face forward and started intensively
licking her mother's clit, still rubbing it with her thumb. Susan shrieked
and lowered her body a bit. This gave Julie bit more leverage. Susan checked
if nobody's looking again, then grabbed and pushed Julie's head harder and
harder to her. Julie intensified her licking and rubbing, inserting her index
finger into Susan's pussy and throbbing it with force into her vagina! The
preacher was talking in the background.

"AMEN!" yells Susan, feeling herself close to coming. Julie is now biting
down on her mother's clit whilst rubbing her cunt.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Susan silently screamed to herself as Julie sucked
and gulped the mouthful of juices that were gushing out of her. A few more
licks and throbs and Susan came.

"PRAISE THE LORD!!!!" she screamed out as her juices immersed her daughter's
face. Everybody around, thinking Susan is just being a good Christian, caught
up in the enthusiasm and yelled out as well. This served as a distraction for
Julie to get herself out of her mother's crotch and get back to her sit. She
looked around and saw all the people yelling.

"Man, I am good!" she said proudly, her face covered with Susan's juices.

"The best," Susan responded with an exhausted smile on her face.

After everything had died down, the sermon was finally over, and Susan and
Julie walked outside.

"Susan!" a familiar voice. Susan turned around and saw her friend, Bree Van
De Kamp, looking perfect as usual in her meticulous church outfit.

"Wasn't it a good sermon today? So much passion."

"Oh yeah," Susan replied "the best sermon I ever had." she said, leaning over
to Julie and smiling.

"Especially you. Looks like the Holy Spirit went through you."

"Yeah. Spirit."

Julie and Susan giggled. Bree stood there, feeling irrelevant.

"Julie, hello. I don't think I've seen you during the sermon."

"Oh, I was there, Mrs. Van De Kamp. I was in another sit."

"Oh. And how are you?"

"Fine, thanks" Julie said and nodded.

"Oh, honey, you got something on your face" Bree said and pulled out a tissue
from her purse. She wiped Julie's face of what she thought was just dirt.
"There. All better," she said with a smile.

"Thanks, Mrs. Van De Kamp" she said politely.

"Well, we better get going," Susan terminated the conversation.

"Oh. Right. Certainly. Bye."

"Bye, Bree."

"Bye, Mrs. Van De Kamp."

Bree watched as Susan and her daughter walked away, holding hands and
giggling to themselves. She looked at the tissue still in her hand, covered
in what was on Julie's face. It seemed weird. She sniffed it, trying to
figure out what it was. She looked at Julie and Susan again.

"I can't believe you did that," Susan said as they walked away from the

"Are you angry?"

"Oh, yes. Very. I'm gonna have to punish you when we get home," Susan said
with an sly grin on her face.

* * *

That night Susan and Julie did a little role playing. Susan was a teacher,
and Julie was a naughty student. Susan was wearing a tight black skirt that
stopped at her upper thighs, and a white buttoned shirt. Her hair wrapped in
a bun at the top of her head, and a pair of glasses on the tip of her nose to
complete the outfit. Julie was wearing a catholic schoolgirl outfit, with a
short skirt and tube sucks up to her knees, and two cute ponytails at the
sides of her head.

Susan set on her chair, legs crossed and looked at Julie.

"Well, miss Meyer, you're late again."

"Sorry, Mrs. X," Julie said in a naive way.

"You know what this mean."

"Yes, Mrs. X," Julie said and walked to Susan, then laid down on her lap.

Susan caressed Julie's legs up and down then slowly grazed her finger up her
inner thigh. Julie was shivering at the touch of her mother's hand.

"I think about 10 should do it," Susan told her and raised her hand even
more, lifting Julie's skirt. Julie had no underwear on. Susan chafed her hand
quickly over her pussy lips, then moved her skirt over her back, revealing
her nice ass. She reached over the desk that was behind her and picked up a

"Count with me," she ordered the teen.

Susan slammed the ruler on her daughter's plump butt so hard the sound echoed
throughout the room. Julie didn't scream or showed any sign of pain. On the
contrairy, she grinded her teeth in pleasure, closed her eyes intensely and
cried out "ONE!"

Susan sent another smack with the ruler on Julie's cheeks.

"TWO!" Julie yelled out, feeling herself swept with passion.

Susan felt her pussy getting wet from under her hot black skirt.

"HARDER!" Julie yelled out, looking over at her mother with lustful eyes.
Susan was getting ready to slam another blow on Julie, when suddenly she
heard a noise from the outside.

"What was that?" Susan was startled.

"I donno. Sounds like it came from near the window," Julie stood up, fixing
herself up.

"Oh my god, you don't think anyone saw us, do you?" Susan walked over to the
window and opened it, scanning around.

"Well, if there was someone there, he's not here anymore," she said and
closed the window, and this time the curtains too.

"Back to the game?" She asked.

"Oh, yea." Julie said with a smile.

What Susan didn't notice in the darkness of the night was that right next to
the window laid a single red hair...


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