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This episode follows on from the kissing scene between Susan and her colleague, Jessie, in the season five episode 'The story of Lucie and Jessie'... well with a few changes.

Desperate Housewives:
The Story Of Susan And Jessie (Of Gazelle's And Other Beasts) (FF)
by LL

Susan Mayer was drunk, not throwing up in the street, incoherent fighting drunk, but certainly way past tipsy. Her boss, Jessie, stood up and reached for her bag. Susan wasn't sure whether the swaying was the older woman unable to stand properly or her own rockiness on the stool.

"I've had a great time tonight," said Jessie.

"Me too," agreed Susan. She was surprised, she'd invited Jessie over, not as an act of friendship, but because she needed a good evaluation. Small children are expensive, and when your husband is a plumber and your child goes to an exclusive private school, you need every cent you can get.

"We should just keep this between us," Susan continued, "we don't want people talking at work."

"It'll be our little secret," Jessie agreed.

Susan got to her feet and stumbled over to the front door, opening it to let Jessie out. She gave a small sigh of contentment as Jessie turned to face her, framed in the door.

"So you think you might want to do this again sometime?" asked Jessie.

It had been a fun evening, "It's a date," agreed Susan.

Jessie gave a satisfied nod and then leant forward. To Susan's surprise the woman's lips didn't connect with her cheeks in a friendly goodbye, but full onto her lips. Susan rocked back, surprised, her hands for some reason remained locked to her sides, unwilling to move up and push the other woman away. There lips remained locked for at least five seconds, before Jessie stood back and gave Susan a very strange look, before smiling and saying, "Va-Va-Va-Voom."

Susan watched her depart, before closing the door. She was drunk, she thought, and that easily, as she knew from bitter experience, led to all sorts of confusion. But had Jessie just kissed her sexually?

She quickly cleared the kitchen of the debris and went upstairs, her mind still awhirl, but with the final event of the night rapidly sobering her up. She slipped into her nightie and got under the bed covers.

"Did she kiss me goodbye? Or not?" Susan asked herself. She turned over; the bed seemed very big without someone in it and Susan had been sharing a bed pretty much constantly since she was eighteen.

No, she told herself, I must be imagining things. She threw the idea, back and forth for a few minutes as she tossed and turned in bed. For some reason the older woman's smile and her bright red hair, kept popping into Susan's imagination. She almost jumped with shock when she realised that as she had been thinking her hand had crept to her cunt and was lightly massaging her pussy lips.

"I'm not a lesbian," she murmured. She had never even fantasised about another woman, never mind seriously entertained sexual thoughts about one. But Jessie crept back into her mind and Susan's finger slid into her hole. She closed her eyes and tried to think about someone else, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, even Tom Scarvo who she had always found adorable, but they kept being pushed away by Jessie. In the end Susan gave in and masturbated to her first female sexual fantasy.

* * *

Susan was glad the next day was a weekend; not only did she have a hangover that felt like a riot was taking place in her head, but it would allow her to sort out the weird feelings she had experienced last night. Unfortunately, come Monday she was no nearer to resolving them.

She was late getting to school and didn't have time to go to the staff room, before rushing to class. Suspicious minds could have wondered if that was to avoid having to talk to Jessie, more reasonable ones would have just concluded that Susan very seldom made it into work in anything less than the nick of time. In either case Susan was glad that the Kindergarten class made it impossible for her Jessie to discuss Friday evening; it gave her another hour to sort out her confusion.

Or at least she thought so until she bent over Emma and asked to see her picture on the animal of Africa. She held it up for the entire class, "Emma drew a gazelle," though in truth it could have been any animal with four legs and horns.

She stepped over to Zachary, "Is that a rhinoceros?" she picked up the picture and held it next to Emma's "Wow, he looks so big and strong. I love Rhinos"

"Do you Susan?" Jessie was sitting on the desk at the back of the class, "Do you really?"

"Excuse me?" it seemed such a strange question that at first Susan didn't understand the significance.

"I'm just saying if you were on Safari and you saw a sleek Gazelle, next to a grunting sweaty Rhino your eye wouldn't go straight to the Gazelle?"

There it was out in the open, even if the question was over the head of the young children. Susan took in a breath of air; decision time. "Normally I'd look at the Rhino but... but... well I've never looked at a Gazelle, I think it's time I did."

Jessie smiled at her, Susan smiled back. They both understood the code.

At the end of class, as the children ran cheering out the door, Jessie came up to Susan, "Perhaps you'd like to come over for a meal sometime."

Susan nodded, "Mike's got Conner for the weekend, how about Friday?"

"It's a date," Jessie said and her hand lightly touched Susan's.

* * *

Nothing was said during the rest of the week, but every night Susan's fantasises grew more intense. She could almost feel Jessie kissing her, fondling her, rubbing against her most intimate parts. By Friday Susan was both looking forward to the evening, but also a bag of nerves. What if had misread the signals? What if Jessie just wanted to be friends? How did you fuck a woman?

She had prepared as best she could. Her pubic hair was cut so that only a small neatly trimmed tuft was above her pussy, she had dabbed on her most expensive perfume and was wearing a dress which hung so loose out the front her tits were almost falling out. And just in case she had put a small dildo in the bottom of her bag, if the worst came to the worst and she had misread the signals she could pull over on the way home and frig herself off. Pausing on Jessie's doorstep she took a deep breath and pushed the doorbell.

It opened so quickly Jessie must have been almost standing next to it, a slinky black dress clung to her body, "Va-Va-Va-Voom," said Susan.

Jessie eyed the younger woman appreciatively, "Va-Va-Va-Voom, yourself," she replied.

Reaching out she took hold of Susan's hand, her finger caressing against Susan's in a manner that could be written off as an accident if Susan objected, "Dinner's almost ready," Jessie led Susan into the house, "Would you like a glass of white wine?"

"Yes... yes, please," Susan's mouth was dry and she wondered if the resulting sound was sexily husky or frog-like embarrassment. She allowed Jessie's to lead her into the kitchen and felt a pang of disappointment as the redhead dropped hold off her hand to pour the drink.

"Here's to an... entertaining evening," Jessie raised the glass in a toast. Susan noted the stress that was put on 'entertaining'. She felt an itch in her pussy, not a scratchy itch, but a warm horniness.

"I'm sure it will be," replied Susan, she drained the glass in a nervous gulp. Jessie refilled it.

"Why don't you take a seat in the dining room, I'll bring starters through in a minute," Jessie smiled.

Susan nodded and sped through, aware that if she didn't sit soon her legs, which had begun to quiver like jelly in nervousness would give way. And with them would probably go any chance of sex tonight.

If she had any illusions that this wasn't a date they were dispelled in the dining room. The table had space for about six, but had been set for two, cramped in the middle and facing each other. A single rose sat in a tiny vase next to Susan's place and in centre a single candle burnt romantically. Susan sat down, trying to remember the meditation exercises she been taught when pregnant. Gradually she felt the rising tide of fear go away, "Act calmly," she told herself, "don't panic. You've been on plenty of dates before."

By the time Jessie brought in the soup Susan was as relaxed as she ever was on a first date. They began to eat, the conversation about school. Suddenly Susan gave a start, she could feel Jessie's bare foot on her calve. She stared over at Jessie, the redhead didn't seem to notice, but took another sup and mentioned how well Zachary was doing at art class. Susan knew that if she let Jessie carry on, she could no longer deny that they were on a date. She opened her mouth, the foot rubbed smoothly at her leg, "This foot... this soup is delicious."

If Jessie noticed the slip she didn't say, instead she just smiled and said it was from an old recipe. Luckily, given Susan's inability to cook, she didn't offer to share it. Susan took another spoonful, Jessie's foot was had run all the way up her calve. It was relaxing.

Then Jessie moved it, her foot slipped under Susan's dress and ran along her thigh, neither of them could hide what was going on. Susan was almost choking on her soup and Jessie was halfway under the table. But they both pretended not to notice Jessie's movements or Susan's quick squeaks.

"Let me clear the table and get the main course," Jessie stood up. Susan blushed; she was no longer thinking about food, but how close Jessie's toes had got to her panties.

"Can I help?" she asked, making to get up.

"No," Jessie smiled, "You just stay there and look beautiful."

"I...I..." Susan struggled to reply to the compliment. She was still wondering what to say as Jessie came round to her side of the table. Standing behind Susan she bent over to pick up the plate. Susan could feel Jessie's small tits push into the back of her head.

Picking up a napkin, Susan fanned herself, "It's hot in here."

"Perhaps I can help with that," Jessie purred. Her hands reached for the straps that held Susan's dress up. Susan didn't resist as Jessie undid them and the dress dropped down.

"That's better," admitted Susan as Jessie picked up the dish and went into the kitchen.

It was more liberating than Susan had thought it would be to have her tits on display, a feeling magnified when Jessie returned with the main dish. The redhead licked her lips and Susan knew it wasn't the smell of food. As she put down Susan's plate, Jessie hands slid briefly over the nipples and Susan felt a further tingle of excitement. All through the main course she had to fight it down, especially as Jessie's foot resumed it massage.

Finally dinner was over, "That was lovely," Susan politely dabbed at her lips with a napkin.

"I enjoyed it," agreed Jessie, she stood up, "Shall we go into the main room?"

Susan stood up and moved next to Jessie, for a second nothing happened, then Susan put her hands behind the woman's neck, pulling her closer. Their mouths opened in unison and Susan could feel Jessie's tongue wriggling against her own. Jessie pushed forward, driving Susan against the table. She dropped onto it and opened her legs, Jessie moved between them just before Susan closed them in a vice like grip. There was the sound of cutlery and dishes falling to the floor as Jessie pushed clear a space.

Their tongues probed at each other, half reminding Susan of her adolescent fumblings, except this time the person on the other end had plenty of expertise. As did she, Susan reminded herself, just not with women. Jessie's hand crept up Susan's thigh, the brunette making no attempt to stop her, not even when the fingers touched against the thin material of the panties. There was a brief pause, as Jessie moved her lips from Susan's mouth to kiss passionately at her neck, then the redhead pulled at the panties, bringing them just far enough down Susan's thighs that she could slide a finger in.

"Uruh," Susan exhaled a spurt of air as Jessie's finger slid over her labia. The other woman lightly ran her finger back and forth, making Susan damp with lust. Jessie's fingers briefly played with the pubic hair, before returning to the top of the hole.

"Oh my God," Susan moaned in pleasure as one of Jessie's fingers was inserted in her slit. A sliver of juice came out and stuck to her panties as Jessie's digit explored her insides. She gave another shriek as she felt the nail rub against her clit, "There, there," she panted.

Jessie stopped slurping at Susan's neck. She moved her head so she was looking down at Susan, there eyes locked and the redhead gave a small smile, "You want it?"

Nodding Susan blurted out, "Oh God yes, desperately."

Jessie smiled wider, she continued to look at Susan as Susan's face contorted in pleasure with each thrust of the finger. It went in and out like a deranged woodpecker, each thrust slamming against Susan's clit and driving her into a bottomless pit of ecstasy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Susan closed her eyes. Her head bounced against the table, the throbbing motion seemed in tune with the feelings rising from her cunt. Jessie was getting faster and harder, sending shockwaves of orgasmic intensity riding through Susan's entire body, "I'm cumming, Jessie, I'm cumming."

It might not have been the best orgasm, Susan had ever had, but it was the best in a long time. Her body arched with pleasure and jizz leaked from her cunt as she screamed out in pleasure, unable to say anything of sense.

Opening her eyes Susan saw Jessie looking down at her, a small bead of sweat had appeared on the redhead's brow and she appeared flushed with excitement. Susan knew that she must look similar. For a few seconds she struggled for breath, "My God," she finally said, "I didn't know that sex with another woman could be... could be..."

"So enjoyable," Jessie tried to finish the sentence for Susan.

"So damn good," said Susan with emphasis at the same time.

"I'll get us some wine," Jessie pushed herself up and reluctantly Susan unhooked her legs to allow the woman to move.

Susan stood up, her dress flapped at her sides. For a few seconds she considered restrapping it, then she shrugged, Jessie's finger had just been inside her it would be false modesty to cover up now. She was surprised by how much she'd enjoyed the experience, but also guilty that Jessie hadn't got the same intense orgasm. As she walked into the main room, she smiled. It was only fair that Jessie came tonight, she just hoped she could pull it off.

"I was thinking," Susan said as Jessie entered the room and handed her a glass.

"Oh," Jessie smiled and sat down next to Susan on the sofa, so close that Susan was able to rub her knee against the woman's dress.

"That guys... well they can eat us out. Do we lesbians do that?"

There was a smile from Jessie, "We lesbians? Yes, we do that and a lot more besides."

"Good," Susan leant forward and slipped a hand behind Jessie, she fumbled with the zipper and pulled it down, "I probably won't be very good."

Jessie gulped, "I'm sure you'll do fine," she replied. Susan got off the sofa, and pushed up the loosened dress. Beneath it was a tiny thong, Susan fought back a gasp of surprise at the thin strip of material that only just covered Jessie's cunt. She reached her fingers under the elastic and pulled them off, dropping them on the floor beside her. Jessie's cunt was totally bald and already small slivers of jizz were leaking from it.

Quickly Susan licked them away and then without any more preamble pushed her mouth deep against Jessie's slit. Her tongue pushed in, hungrily lapping at the warm, moist flesh. There was a moan from Jessie and she gripped Susan's shoulders. The brunette slammed her tongue in and out, licking up the cum; it surprised Susan how much she enjoyed the taste, like a sweet fruit drink. There were another series of gasps from Jessie and Susan grew more confident, licking harder and deeper. Jessie's sounds and movements confirmed how much she enjoyed Susan's touch, deep gasps and tense gripping.

"AAAaarggghh," Susan could feel as well as hear Jessie orgasming. More juice splashed from the woman's cunt, too much to swallow, it stuck to Susan's lips and chin, like a warm syrup, a not unpleasant feeling.

"That was damn good. You sure you haven't done it before," said Jessie when she'd recovered her equilibrium. Susan wiped her lips and looked up, she didn't reply, just smiled.

"Do you want to stay the night?" Jessie asked.

Susan nodded, "Yes." She looked as Jessie stood up and offered her hand. Susan's took it and allowed Jessie to lead her upstairs.

It seemed so natural to drop her dress to the floor and remove her panties and then watch Jessie slither out of her dress. Susan felt a rush of lust as Jessie turned away and walked over to hang her dress on a hangar in the wardrobe. She turned to Susan, "I want to fuck you, as we lesbians do."

Pulling back the quilt Susan got into bed, she didn't pull it up, allowing Jessie to see her fully naked body, "Yes, I want to be fucked."

She watched as Jessie bent down and got rooted about in the bottom of the wardrobe before pulling on a leather form. When the redhead turned round there was a large eight-inch dildo jutting from between her legs. Susan opened her mouth and licked her lips; she'd heard of strap-ons, but this was the first time she'd seen one in the flesh, so to speak.

Moving apart her legs, Susan gripped her pussy lips and spread them. The bed bounced slightly as Jessie clambered on it, the dildo bounced even more.

"Stick it in me," groaned Susan. Jessie climbed on top of her, her tiny tits squeezing against Susan's, the nipples digging into Susan's flesh. Together the two of them guided the cock into Susan's hole and the brunette let out a howl of pleasure as it rammed deep. Jessie pushed herself up and came down at a slightly different angle, the ribs of the toy scraped against Susan and she let out another gasp as they worked against her insides. Her back arched and she grabbed at her tits, fondling them as Jessie worked herself in and out.

"This is so good," Susan gasped. She closed her eyes and moved in conjunction with Jessie's thrust. Jizz leaked from her twat and stained against the bed clothes. She could hear Jessie's grunts and feel the woman's sweaty skin against her own. Each push went deeper into her, sending shivers of excitement through her body.

"Uurrghhh, aaaaargghhh," Susan couldn't help but scream in absolute pleasure as she came with an intensity she had seldom known before. Her entire body shivered and shook and her mind spun off into a dimension of flashing colours and snapping sparks.

Jessie collapsed across her. For a second the only sound was two of them panting. Then Jessie pulled the cock out of Susan. There was a clunk as she dropped it on the floor. Susan snuggled next to her, rubbing her face against the damp sweat of Jessie's shoulder, "I guess I like Gazelles," Susan murmured blissfully and closed her eyes.

* * *

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