This story is a parody and should not be read under the age of 18.

Digi-mon: Digi-fuck Part 1 - Kari And Izzy (mg)
by Cybotron

Izzy and Kari were heading to Hong Kong to send the evil digimon back to the
Digital World. On route,they decided to camp in the forest.Their digimons and
Izzy fell asleep immediately,but Kari couldnt sleep because she missed home.
She crawled to Izzy's tent and whispered Izzy. Izzy woke up and let Kari in.
Kari said, that she was scared and wanted to sleep next to him. Izzy thought
for a while and agreed. Kari jumped in. Kari hugged Izzy and he realized that
his dick was going hard. He had always thought that she was beatiful, but he
was Tai's sister....

Kari thought why Izzy was feelling uncomfotable, because she felt that
something is wrong. Then she saw the erection under the blankets and said.

Kari: What is that?

Izzy replied uncomfortably.

Izzy: Uhh ohh it is a penis every men has it.

Kari: Why is it so hard. I never noticed that Tai's penis is hard.

Izzy: It goes hard whenever you see a beautiful girl.

Kari: I'm the only girl here so you must find me beautiful.

Izzy: Uhhhhhhhhh... yes.

Kari blushed and giggled.

Kari: Can I see it?

Izzy: WHY?

Kari: Because I have never seen one before.

Izzy: Okay than but don't tell Tai.

Izzy pulled the blankets away and removed her underpants. He was lying
completely naked, his 6 inch cock standing like a flag pole.

Kari: Wow its big....

While Kari watched his cock, Izzy had a devious idea. Suddenly he said.

Izzy: Now that you have seen me naked. I wanna see you naked. A fair deal.

Kari: Ok.

Kari pulled her shirt over her head,exposing her small breats. Then she
removed her panties, causing Izzy to drool, because her small hairless cunt
is very beatiful to him.

Izzy: You have a nice body. Do you ever play with it?

Kari: Sometimes I rub my pussy with my fingers. It makes me feel good.

Izzy: Do you ever let anyone else touch it.

Karo: No never, but...

Izzy suddenly grabged Kari and kissed her on the lips. Kari was in shock and
tries to scream. Izzy released Kari and appologized but Kari then hugs and
French kissed him. Izzy than pushed him over and started to rub his cunt with
his middle finger. Kari started to moan, because Izzy was doing a great job
of rubbing her cunt. Izzy started to use her tongue, pushing it as far as it
can go. Kari was in heaven. She moaned loudly and her hands were caressing
her own breasts. Kari started to shake and Izzy face was sudddenly covered
with Kari's pussy juices. While Izzy licked the juices, Kari took his hard
cock in her mouth. Izzy came fast, because Kari was a natural cock sucker and
Izzy was already on the verge of an orgasm. Izzy stood up on his knees and
guided his cock to the entrance of Kari's beatiful pussy.

Izzy: Do you really want do to this?

Kari answered by grabbing Izzy's cock and pushing it to her cunt. Izzy
pushed, until his cocked reached her hymen. With one big push Izzy broke her
cherry. Kari screamed and she accidentaly knocked one of the tent poles down.
Altough the tent had fallen over, Izzy still pushed his cock in and out of

Kari: UHH....OHH. I'm cumming...OU MY GOD FUCK ME IZZY... I'm cumming.

Kari came first, her pussy juices flooding all over Izzy cock. Kari then
kissed Izzy and he, tasting her beatiful lips, came as well. They both fell
asleep in each others arms, Izzy's limp cock still at the entrance of Kari's

Soon Part 2


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