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This was another story that was started long ago and never finished. This
was one of the first one's I wrote too I think. Anyways, just two things
before you continue on. This story contains dinosaur/human sex and the end
gets pretty convulated. It had to to explain the rest of the story. If you
don't like any kind of beast story then stop right now and go elsewhere.

That's all from me so have fun, take care, and enjoy the ride.

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Dino Crisis: Cooper's Return (F-best,ncon,viol)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

With Dr. Kirk's Third Energy device now shut down Regina, Rick, and Dr. Kirk
left the island speeding away on a hovercraft. Rick was in the captain's
seat steering the boat and Regina was lost in her own thoughts as she looked
through some of Kirk's files. She looked up briefly and into the back where
Kirk was sitting and saw the smirk on his face.

"I'm glad you find this amusing," Regina scowled at Dr. Kirk. "You will
spend a lot of time behind bars. I'll see to it."

"Oh I will, will I?" Kirk asked in a rather blasť manner. "Yet another
point I'll have to disagree with you on my dear Regina. You heard it from
Gail yourself before you let him die. My death was faked and I was


Dr. Kirk was interrupted as Regina's fist made contact with his jaw knock him
to the floor.

"Bullshit! It was your research and those dinosaurs you brought to our time
that killed him!" Regina screamed at Kirk as he sat up on the floor of the
hovercraft trying to regain his composure.

"Oh geez... What's it going to take to kill that thing?" Rick spoke aloud
as he noticed an object appear on radar.

"You've got to be kidding me..." Regina said in disbelief as she looked out
one of the windows and saw the t-rex follow them.

"Rick keep going and get us away from the island. I'm going to take care of
this once and for all," Regina growled as she pulled several bomb-making
items from the craft's weapons trunk.

After assembling some plastic with a radio controlled detonation, she made
her way outside to the back of the craft and waited for the approaching
dinosaur. Her shotgun in hand, Regina fired several shots in the water to
get the attention of the submerged t-rex.

As it rose from the water, the dinosaur's deafening roar shook the
hovercraft. Regina fired several shots at the t-rex in attempt to antagonize
it and get it to roar. It worked but Regina only had time to carefully roll
out of way as it lunged at her. The t-rex missed her , but struck one of the
hovercraft's engines incapacitating it. Momentarily stunned by the electrical
charge of the engine the now slowing hovercraft was able to put some distance
between it and the dinosaur. Regaining it's composure the t-rex continued
it's chase and when it got close it roared again as it got set to try to kill
Regina. With those few seconds, Regina threw the plastic into the t-rex's

"Unlike that dinosaur movie, you don't get your own island," Regina said as
she pushed down on the detonator blowing the dinosaur's head off killing it
for good.

After a few moments of regaining her composure, Regina made her way back
into the hovercraft and plopped down in the seat next to Rick.

"We've been severely slowed by the damage. How bad is it?" Rick asked with

"I've got good news and I've got bad news. Which do you want first?" Regina

"When you start like that it can't be good... Ah well, give me the goods

"Good news is, unless there is more, the t-rex is once again extinct. There
aren't anymore are there Kirk?" Regina asked glaring at Kirk.

"If there are, I don't know how they got here." Kirk replied with an
innocent look. "Good work though, I didn't think you had it in you."

"Shut up Kirk," Rick replied with a look of distrust and hate for Dr. Kirk
in his eyes. "Anyways, we know it's dead. So my next question is what's
the bad news?"

"The t-rex took out an engine before I killed it."

"You serious Regina?"


"Shit!" Rick groaned.

"What? Can't we make it on one engine?"

"Well... we could, but depending on the weather it'll take twice as look to
get back to the base."

"What about the radio?"

"The magnetic waves from the research station on the island are disrupting
our signal."

"Damn it!" Regina grumbled. "Fine I suppose we're in no immediate danger if
we wait awhile you work on the engine. How long would it take to fix?"

"It depends on what the damage looks like. I'll be right back," Rick said
before climbing outside to inspect the engine.

After several minutes of inspecting the engine Rick reappeared at the
hovercraft door.

"Well?" Regina asked.

"Well, it's not TOO bad. It'll take about two hours though."

"Ah well, I've got Dr. Kirk here to keep me company," Regina replied
rolling her eyes.

"As much as I'd like to sit here and play games with you we don't have any
time. We have company," Kirk said as he looked out one of the craft's
windows and saw one of the research facilities helicopters come within sight.

"Who the hell is that Kirk?" Regina yelled at him.

"I don't know."

"Tell me Kirk!" Regina demanded pointing her shotgun between his eyes.

"I'm serious! I don't know! I thought everyone else was dead like you

"If you're lying..."

"I know I know. You'll kill me."

"Good, so we have an understanding. Now wait here," Regina said as she and
Rick headed outside.

"Who do you think it is?" Regina asked as she loaded her shotgun and stared
down the chopper.

"After what happened at the island who knows? Just keep ready," Rick
replied as he loaded his semi-automatic assault rifle.

The helicopter slowed as it got closer and closer to craft before stopping
and hovering over it.

"Regina! Rick! That you?" A familiar voice rang through the choppers
speaker system.

"Oh my god he made it!" Regina said in shock before running inside the
hovercraft and answering back over its system.

"Cooper!?! Cooper is that you???"

"Ah Regina! It is you! What happened?"

"The craft isn't working, can ya give us a lift?"

"Ah no problem! Just a sec," Cooper said as a ladder fell out of the side
and down to craft.

"You follow behind Rick," Regina growled at Kirk as Rick was already outside
and climbing the ladder.

"Yeah yeah," Kirk replied as the two of them made their way to the outside.
"It's a good thing Cooper's a strong guy."

"Why is that?"

"Well I mean you did leave him for dead didn't you?"

"Shut up!" Regina screamed at Kirk as she hit him in the chin with the butt
of the shotgun.

"Hey Regina, we're going to need him alive," Rick's voice said over the

"Ow..." Kirk said rubbing his chin before starting up the ladder with Regina
behind him.

* * *

"So this is the guy responsible for this whole mess?" Cooper said getting
out of the pilot's chair staring down Dr. Kirk.

"You killed our fellow comrades and your own people, tell me why I should let
you live." Cooper calmly said as he raised a pistol and pressed it to Kirk's

"Uh... uh... cause you need me alive when you get back to the base," Kirk
stammered as fear washed over his face.

"He's right you know," Regina said. "We need him alive. He'll pay for what
he did."

"He'll pay alright, but it'll be right now."

"Cooper don't!" Rick screamed.

"Don't what?"

"Don't shoot Dr. Kirk!"

"Oh... Well I wasn't going to shoot him, I was going to shoot you," Cooper
said as he waved his gun around and fired a single shot at Rick striking him
in the face.

"Cooper! What the hell was that for??" Regina demanded as she advanced
towards him to take his gun away.

"Shut up bitch!" Cooper screamed back at Regina as he backhanded her knocking
her to the chopper floor.

"You know how to fly this thing Kirk?"

"Uh... Yes... yes I do."

"Good. Take us back to the base then," Cooper demanded before picking up
Rick's body and throwing it out of the helicopter.

Regina noticed her shotgun lying where she left while she had been pulling
herself inside.

Seeing her eye the gun Cooper began, "I wouldn't try that if I were you. You
might end up like our buddy Rick."

Regina looked up at Cooper and glared at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why'd you kill Rick?"

"You want to know why? Here's why. You remember when we first parachuted
onto the island and everyone was accounted for except me? You remember when
you left the island without me and left me for dead? Well I'm not dead, and
I'm back for some revenge bitch."

"So just do it then! Shoot me like you did Rick you bastard!"

"Oh no, not yet. I have bigger plans for you," Cooper said as the island
came within view.

"Oh and you won't be needing this," he said kicking Regina's only weapon into
the ocean down below.

* * *

After binding Regina's hands and then strapping her into one of the chopper's
seats, Cooper took the seat next to Kirk.

"Thank you Dr. Kirk, but I'll take it from here," Cooper said as he took

"Uh... No problem. Just out of curiosity though, what're we going to do once
we're back on the island?"

"We're going to do nothing," Cooper coolly replied as he pointed his pistol
at Kirk and shot him in the head.

* * *

"Ouch!" Regina grimaced as she landed hard on a linoleum floor.


"What?" Regina replied regaining her composure as she stood up.

"I said strip," Cooper replied.

"You're insane if you think I'm going to let you feed whatever insane desires
you have."

"It's simple. There's a velociraptor trapped in the meeting room on this
floor. If you choose to live, you just need to kill it. Without your body

Regina just stood there glaring at Cooper.

"Ok fine, I'll just shoot you now then," Cooper said raising his pistol and
pointing it at her head.

"Fine. As soon as I kill it you better hide because you'll be next."

"Ah no problem, but you should really say "if" you kill it."

"Whatever. What do you want me to kill it with or do I have to go Davey
Crockett style?"

"I'm not that cruel my dear Regina. In the locker next over there is your
weapon and just so you won't have to fight naked, there should be some scrubs
in there too."

"I'll be in the monitor room next door watching everything over the camera.
You have ten minutes," Cooper said before exiting the room.

* * *

"I'm really going to strangle his god damn ass after this!" Regina grumbled
as she stormed down the hall towards the meeting room. The scrubs Cooper had
mentioned were just some old tattered pajamas that were torn and barely fit
her and the weapon was a dull machete that was beginning to rust.

As Regina stood at the door she could hear the velociraptor screeching and
running into the wall.

"This is insane. What the hell can he do if I don't go in?" Regina thought
as she turned to head for the heliport.

"One minute Regina. If you try to do anything stupid I'll blow up the
chopper and remaining hovercrafts. I did take the precaution of rigging
explosives before I came after you. OH OH OH, and I will turn on Dr. Kirk's
3rd Energy device and transfer this whole island back to the ages of the
dinosaurs. Good luck."

"Shit... No time like the present..." Regina said as she slipped inside the

"You've got to be kidding me..." Regina said as her confidence quickly

The meeting room had more or less been cleaned out save for a few tables and
some folding chairs.


The raptor had charged the wall while Regina was sneaking in.

The raptor got to its feet and picking up Regina's scent quickly turned
around squawking loudly. It eyed her for a moment sizing up it's opponent.

"It's only one and within a confined space I suppose," Regina thought as she
learily looked back at it.

"RAAAAAAAAAAH!" The dinosaur squealed as it jumped across the room lunging
for Regina's throat.

Regina quickly dove to the side and rolled across the room. Regina picked
herself up in time to hear the raptor scream as it lunged at her again. She
turned just in time to hack at it once striking it across the side of the
face before it knocked her to the floor it's claws ripping her top in the
process. The blade may have been dull and rusting but it was still sharp
enough to put a gash in the raptor's face.

As the raptor squealed for a moment at the new wound in its face, Regina ran
across the room and dove under one of the tables to take shelter temporarily.

The raptor tracked her scent again and lunged at the table sheltering Regina.
Regina tried to roll out of the way as the weight of the dinosaur shattered
the table but a good chunk of it collapsed on her leg trapping her. The
velociraptor started bring it's claw down to strike, but pulled back
screeching as Regina's machine embedded itself in the dinosaur's arm.

While the raptor waved its arm wildly trying to remove the sharp object,
Regina worked feverishly to move the table debris so she could get away.
There wasn't a lot except for a few heavy pieces so the pile was moved
relatively quickly. As Regina got up and started to the door leading back
outside, the machete flew across the room and stuck itself in the top of
the only remaining table.


"I don't think so Regina," Cooper's voice rang as the automatic locks sealed
her inside the room with the dinosaur.

With the dinosaur's attention back on her, Regina started across the room
towards the machete.


"Shit!" Regina grimaced in pain as she felt her ankle snap and she fell hard
to flow a ways away from the knife.

"I'll see you in hell Cooper," Regina said to herself as the raptor advanced
towards her.

For whatever reason it's was taking it's time in killing her so she got to
her knees and started crawling towards the machete with the pain still
killing her even with no pressure on the ankle.

The raptor leapt towards Regina but stopped short and didn't kill her, nor
did it really even strike her. It apparently picked up another scent, but it
wasn't Regina's body odor.

The velociraptor's head sniffed the air for a bit, before ducking down
between Regina's legs. It began to sniff again.

"Oh hell no this isn't going to happen. I will kill the beast or die before
it does," Regina said to herself as she continued to drag herself towards
the table with the knife.

The dino caught up with her and again stuck its head between her legs
sniffing. It apparently found what it was looking as clawed and tore away
at the pajama bottoms Regina had been wearing revealing her warm cunt and
bushy red forest nearby.

"Oh god no!" Regina screamed in horror as she felt the velociraptor's
foreclaws press down on her back. Soon she felt the raptor's prick poking
around back before it found what it was looking for.

"Nooooooooooo!" Regina screamed as she felt the prick force itself inside
and split her open. Feeling the movement beneath it, the raptor pulled its
cock out and slammed it back inside of Regina.

"This can't be..." Regina moaned at the thought of a velociraptor penetrating
her raced through her head. It wasn't so much the size as it was the idea of
being violated by a dinosaur.

"Raaaaar!" The raptor roared as it continued to hump Regina like it had been
programmed to.

"NO! Please god no! Tell me this isn't happening!" Regina thought to
herself as she felt her juices start to flow and an orgasm nearing.

"EAAAAAAAAAAAARR!" The raptor screeched as it pricked Regina one last time
before releasing its semen inside of her flooding Regina's womb with an
ungodly amount.

"Oh god no!" Regina screamed as she felt the raptor's fluids flush out her
insides and her own orgasm shot through her body her fluids mixing with the

After a few minutes the raptor dismounted and made it's way to a corner of
the room before nestling down in a stupor.

Regina laid still on the floor for several minutes desperately trying to
regain her composure. After what seemed an eternity Regina forced herself to
her feet and limped towards the table with the machete stuck in it, ignoring
the excruciating pain pulsing through her ankle at the moment.

Regina removed the machete and limped towards the sleeping dinosaur.

"You fucking freak of nature," Regina said calmly as she starting hacking
away at the neck of the velociraptor.

The raptor woke quickly from the sudden attack, but within a few minutes it
was in an eternal sleep with a pool of blood forming around it's head and

With the dinosaur now dead Regina slumped into a nearby chair. As she sat
there and fully regained her composure, anger started to swell inside her.
Just then the door she had come through opened.

"Good work Regina. A bit odd the way you killed it, seducing it and all, but
still good work," Cooper said.

"Fuck you Cooper."

"No fuck you Regina. It's unfortunate that you killed it. I had so been
looking forward to your death. It's like they say though, if you want
something done right then do it yourself," Cooper said as he withdrew his
pistol and pointed it at Regina.


With a single shot to the back of the head, Cooper fell to the floor dead.

"Who's there?" Regina demanded propping herself up for another fight.

"Calm down Regina. It's me."

"No... You're dead... I saw you die..." Regina began murmuring as she saw a
second ghost and slumped back down into the chair. "Gail what the hell is
going on?"

"Getting Kirk off the island alive was the whole reason for coming here in
the first place. The facility was also needing to be destroyed too, which is
why I faked my death. They've got drugs for everything these days now.
Anyways, I was about to launch the self-destruct mechanism for the facility
when I stumbled across some interesting information. Apparently, Dr. Kirk
was also in the process of creating a new race of mammal dinosaurs and he
succeeded I see. If dinosaurs could give live birth, then there wouldn't be
the problems that came with birth through eggs. Why he'd want to do this I
don't know. He was a madman. Anyways, let's get you cleaned up and that leg
bandaged until we can get back to base."

* * *

As the helicopter carrying Regina and Gail flew farther and farther out to
sea the island soon became a speck on the horizon until the only reminders
were the orange light and flames lighting up the sky.

"You ok Regina?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You've just been quiet is all."

"Oh, I've just been thinking about a few things."

"Look about what happened back there. We'll just say Cooper went mad killed
Dr. Kirk and Rick, and tried to kill you. We've got the files they want, and
essentially it's true if we tell them that."

"Thanks Gail..."

Regina continued to sit there in silence as various thoughts raced through
her head. Of all of them though, the thing she most worried about was Dr.
Kirk's research continuing. After all, they were only ordered to bring him
in, not to destroy his research.


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