Doctor Who: Amy Gets Her Fill Of The Doctor Part 1 (F-gang,oral,bukkake)
by ThePonderingLizard

Gallifrey disappeared. The Daleks, caught in each others' crossfire, decimated themselves as the Time Lords were transported safely into another dimension. The Doctors had won.

They all needed a good rest after that, and the Tenth Doctor had the brilliant idea of taking the lot of them to the Zaggit Zagoo bar, an intergalactic tavern he frequented on the planet Zog. They were all in hearty agreement, and soon there were 13 TARDISes all parked in a row outside the lively establishment.

As the night went on, the Doctors all got a bit drunk, particularly Nine, Ten, and Eleven, who had previously believed themselves to have caused the extermination of their own species. The conversation gradually gained a more sexual nature, as liquored dialogue is wont to do, and many of the Doctor's intimate conquests were recounted and discussed.

"I highly doubt," said the red-faced Sixth Doctor, "that in my life, I shall ever meet a woman as ample-breasted as dear sweet Peri! Oh, and she knows how to use them, too- you remember, my dear fellows, I'm sure!" He gestured to his future incarnations; somehow, the Doctors had unintentionally sat in regeneration order. Perhaps each felt most comfortable with the most recent version of himself. They all had a good chuckle, each remembering with a different amount of clarity the buxom companion sliding her assets along the Doctor's member whenever he wouldn't give her something she wanted.

"Aye, you might be right about that," the Twelfth Doctor said, lowering his sunglasses, "But you've not seen an ass like Clara's in your time." They all laughed again, except for Eleven, who looked awkwardly down at his drink. "No, actually, scratch that," Twelve said. "You've had one better, Bowtie- what about Miss Pond? Now there was an ass!"

At this the Eleventh Doctor cracked a smile. "Amy did have quite a nice ass, yes."

"Are you joking?" Twelve continued. "If that wasn't the finest ass in the galaxy...and those fucking legs! Oh, and did she know how to-"

"No, that's enough!" Eleven cut him off curtly. "No need to-" It was too late. Most of the other Doctors were clamoring, raucously chanting for him to tell of his sexual escapades. Finally he gave in. "You know what, fine! You want to know? Here's what happened. I met Amy when she was a little girl..."

"You did not..." the War Doctor began, disgusted.

"No I most certainly did not, Granddad," Eleven retaliated. "Let me finish. I met her when she was a little girl, and I told her I'd be back in a mo', but I'd just regenerated and the TARDIS was in the middle of fixing itself, so the time circuit was all wonky, and when I made it back, she was...nineteen."

Guffaws and whoops echoed from the group as Twelve mouthed the word "nineteen" with glee. "Yes, yes, nineteen. And she was bloody angry with me as well. Apparently the thought of me had...kept her up at night, if you know what I mean. For godssake, she lived in the house almost alone her whole life, and apparently I was the only bloke who'd ever come in...except Rory, if you count him..."

"No one counts Rory," Twelve grinned.

"Anyway, we go on a few adventures and then she's all over me, running her hands over me and kissing me in her bedroom and-"

"And?!" the War Doctor exclaimed.

"And nothing. I pushed her off and went to tell her fianc‚." Disgruntled moans filled the group.

"Wait, wait, you still haven't let me finish. It got me thinking, sure, now, she's engaged but, you know...time machine! So I went back to a few months before she was engaged, and knocked on her door. She was still bloody angry but I was...soon able to calm her down."

"Here's the good part!" the Seventh Doctor chimed in.

"Basically, we and at the end I told her that when I showed up in a few months, she needed to act all surprised and angry with me, and that we couldn't do it again."

"What, that's it?" Nine exclaimed. "That's all we get? No details? No imagery?"

"I don't know what you want me to say. It was quite good."

They all started to clamor angrily again, frustrated with Eleven's lack of description. "You know what?" he shouted, quieting them down. "Theoretically...I mean if you're all so interested, I suppose we could... go visit her again. Before she's engaged, I mean."

There was a moment of silence between the thirteen regenerations. Then, all at once, they grabbed their coats, their neckwear, their decorative vegetables, and rushed eagerly into their TARDISes, disappearing into the Time Vortex.

* * *

Amy lay in bed, unable to sleep. The memory of the Doctor finally coming back- not only coming back but fucking her so earnestly- was still so recent, and she was having trouble thinking of anything else. He was definitely all she had been thinking about at her job. Whenever she was hired to kiss some Leadworth numpty, all she could think about was that night with her mighty Doctor, taking her into his arms and doing what he wanted with her sopping pussy...

She began to rub herself, quietly at first, before remembering that her aunt was spending the weekend in Torquay, and thus she didn't need to contain her moans.

She stopped, however, when she heard the familiar, all-too-enticing VWORP, VWORP, VWORP of the TARDIS outside her window. "Back so soon, eh?" she said to herself. She sat up in bed, ready to go downstairs to meet her lover, when the TARDIS bells began to echo and magnify in volume. It sounded like there was a whole chorus of them outside: a deafening, churning screech of unsynchronized time travel. She paused for a moment and tried to look out the window, but all she could see was her garden, perfectly still in the cool night air. "He must be round the back," she thought. As she raced downstairs in her nightie, however, the front door bell rang, and she cautiously approached it.

"Doctor?" she called apprehensively. "Doctor, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me." The familiar voice of the Eleventh Doctor was music to her ears. "May I please come in, Amy?"

"Come in, come out, come on, come anywhere you like!" she said seductively, opening the door. "There's my big Raggedy Man...and his friends?..." She trailed off as she saw the queue of strange-looking men behind her beloved Doctor.

"Ah, yes, well, about that, Amy... I was just telling my, well, my 'friends' about our, ah, encounter the other night and they were wondering if they could, um, meet you."

"How many of you are there?" she asked in disbelief.

"Twelve-ah-thirteen," he corrected himself.

"Thirteen? Who do I look like, Bilbo fucking Baggins?"

"Listen, Amy, if we could all just come in for a cup of tea, I'm sure I can explain..."

Amy begrudgingly let them into her house, one after another. They all seemed to be eyeing her rather hungrily, which didn't bother her-she was, after all, a kissogram-but it did seem strange that the Doctor would invite such men into her house. Didn't he want her to himself?

They spread themselves out around the first floor as Amy sat on the kitchen countertop, crossing her long legs, which had only the rather skimpy nightie to cover them up. The other Doctors were already clearly enjoying themselves. Amy folded her arms and looked expectantly at Eleven for an explanation.

"Look, Amy," he said. "I know for you it was just a few days ago that we... but for me, for me it was a very long time ago."

"What, you mean we don't fuck again?" Amy asked, surprised.

"Um, no. The thing is, you have to marry Rory-"

"Says who?"

"Says me, says the universe. I promise you, if you and Rory aren't together, the universe will implode. Without...without your children, I wouldn't be here. I can promise you that. It's got to be Rory. But that's why I came here. You're not engaged to Rory yet. I'm not destroying your relationship! We're just having a bit of fun, is all!"

"Fair. But Doctor, you still haven't explained what all your friends are doing here."

"Yes, well...Amy, do you know what happens when I die?"

"I dunno, you turn into a wee green man and fly back to your home planet?"

"No, Amy, the thing with Time Lords is, we can't really die. Not for a long time, anyway. When it happens, we just...change, into another form. I'm the Eleventh. Well, Twelfth, really, but that's a whole other..."

"Hang on a mo'," Amy said. "Are you telling me that these blokes are, from different points in time? Like I'm guessing sad clown here was from, I dunno, the eighties?" She pointed to the Seventh Doctor, who laughed at his own expense.

"Yes Amy, that's precisely what I'm saying. And I suppose the question now is..."

She interrupted him again. "Do I want to fuck thirteen of you instead of one?" He was silent- her bluntness had always made him a bit awkward. Her deep brown eyes stared at him from under a veil of hidden emotion and flowing red hair.

"Wait here, all of you," she said finally, and marched back upstairs.

"What now?" the Eighth Doctor asked.

"I genuinely don't know," Eleven responded. "She could be fancying herself up, although she does have a rather nasty cricket bat if I remember your heads."

"Alright boys, come on up!" They all made for the stairs, but Eleven stopped them, still remembering the clobbering he received the first time he had laid eyes on her adult form. He went first, apprehensively making his way up the stairs.

"Amy, I just want to say, if you're hiding 'round a corner with that cricket bat again, there's really no need- we can all just go if you'd rather..."

"Oh, just come in already," she called. She was in her bedroom, at least. The Doctor made his way to the door and slowly brushed it open.

There, on the bed, lay Amy Pond, nineteen years old, dressed up in her slutty policewoman outfit, sucking her fingers like she was dreaming of something else, and spreading her long legs towards the door so that she had a heel hooked on both bedposts. She gave a sultry wink to her Doctor, and moved one hand down to her treasures, rubbing softly through her miniskirt. The Doctor smiled and shouted to his selves: "The coast is clear! Come on up, lads!" A cacophony of stamping feet followed his remark, and he went forward to kiss Amy on the lips just as the other Doctors burst into the room. It took a minute, until, as the First Doctor hobbled in last, they all managed to crowd themselves into the little slut's bedroom.

"Alright boys, which one of you wants me first?" There was no beating around the bush with Amy. They all raised their hands simultaneously.

"I think I saw Gramps first," she said. The War Doctor looked up hopefully, but it was the First Doctor she was staring at seductively from across the room. "How about it, Old-Timer? You want to be number one?"

"I am number one, my dear," he said in his pedantic manner.

"Oh, that set'les it, then," she purred, rising to her feet. She really did have the loveliest of Scottish accents. She swayed her way over to where he stood, her ass simply dancing under that tight little skirt, and dropped to her knees. "Let's see what we have to work with. You sure you can still get it up, Number One?"

"My dear, I'm a Time-Lord. If we can overcome death itself, do you really think we're prone to erectile dysfunction? Highly unlikely."

"Fair point, Gramps. I hope you don't disappoint." With that, she pulled his plaid trousers down, and out sprang her first cock of the night. It didn't set any records, but it was still impressive considering the Time Lord's apparent age (although technically he was the youngest- she didn't want to think about all that right now.) With a few pumps of her hand and one complete suck of his length, he was hard and bobbing in front of her face like a man her own age. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke up and down as she moved in to suck his balls, licking delicately as she pressed her cute nose into his sack, ensnaring her senses with his scent. His hard cock lay across her face as she sucked, and she looked all the prettier because of it. She licked all around the base of his cock and began to move back up, kissing it occasionally until she reached the top, before wrapping her gorgeous lips around the head and bobbing down on it again.

"Oh, yes, my know you're very good at this, I must say..."

Amy gave a muffled giggle through the cock stuffed in her mouth, making him moan louder. "Oh dear, I, I don't think I can last much longer..." She took his cock out of her mouth and resumed wanking him off.

"Really? Wow, you are full of surprises...I would expect men your age to take much longer..."

"You must remember, I'm the"

She could tell he was struggling to keep it in, that he was trying to go for as long as possible to savor the feeling. "Alright, Pops, where d'you wanna cum?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear. She put her mouth back on his throbbing cock head and used the opportunity to yank her vest open, exposing her tits to the old man. She sucked and sucked, tickling his dick with her tongue as she waited for his response.

"I want...I want drink it..." he muttered, faltering for breath as the fervor overcame him.

She took her lips off of his cock. "Well, that can be arranged, since you've been such a good-OH!" While Amy was speaking, the First Doctor finally lost control and sent his first shot all across her beautiful face. She quickly realized her mistake and leapt into action, stuffing his dick back in her mouth just in time for shots two, three, four and five, each feeling more powerful than the last inside her warm, wet mouth. She began to swallow, clearly savoring the taste. She left the last bit, however, and puckered her lips up toward the First Doctor as she drooled the last of his cum down her chin, letting it drip all over her sumptuous tits. As his cock began to wilt, she lifted her glistening tits up and gave him a soft, slow tit-wank as a thank-you, finally placing a kiss upon his emptied cockhead.

Amy stood up and turned round, ready to pick her next partner. Instead, she saw twelve Time Lord dicks in twelve Time Lord hands, all completely uninterested in waiting any longer.

"Well, this is going to get interesting," Amy said with a grin.

...To be continued...


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