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Description: In which six bums bukkake the "bitchy trampoline."

Content Codes: M+F, cons, pwp, silly, bukkake, inter, ts,

Doctor Who: Lady Cassandra's Erotic Embrocation
by JD ([email protected])

The masked assistant completed final preparations for the group. They were all present: Six men, amongst them two bipedal aliens, two 'new humans' and two of the humanoid cat people. His mistress, Lady Cassandra, had chosen them for the visceral revulsion their kind engendered within her. They were all derelicts by the standards of the time; dirty, poor, ill educated and thoroughly ill bred. There had initially been two more, but their contagious diseases proved incurable. They were ejected from his mistress's plan... via the ship's airlock.

A handheld scanner beeped quietly as he ran it across their naked forms. He was quite glad of the mask; it kept the foetid smell at a manageable level. His mistress wouldn't even be aware of the stench. The readings were all as expected. The recently completed course of species-specific genetic manipulation treatments had finished the required changes to their respective reproductive organs. The aliens, tall and green, did not have external testicles; they lacked the enlarged, swollen scrota the others now sported. However, his scanner confirmed their internal seminal reservoirs were close to bursting.

"Scans complete. As previously agreed you will now take your places on this platform. If you perform satisfactorily you will receive your final payments."

The assistant's neutral tones gave no clue to the likelihood of an airlock 'accident' occurring just before the final payments. The men muttered amongst themselves, happy to make easy money but uneasy about earning it. It seemed simple enough; some rich female was paying them to masturbate over her. Apparently, she got her kicks from the idea of sexually submitting to filthy inferiors. That wasn't so strange; they'd all heard of the heads of the big corporations and the politicians getting their kicks from kinky sex games. What was strange was, well, the Lady Cassandra herself.

Two further identically addressed assistants wheeled her into the room and placed her at the edge of the platform, 'facing' the close semi-circle of naked bipeds. After more than seven hundred operations on her once beautiful flesh, she was reduced to a brain in a jar supporting skin stretched within a large metal frame. The translucent, vein-lined sheet of skin was broken only by her eyes and mouth near the top. In the course of a normal day she would be repeatedly moisturised by her attendants, using an advanced embrocating spray.

She looked at each man in turn; thrilled with their filthy appearance, the ugly facial features and, especially, the completely inferior genetic material. Her sexual desires were almost entirely psychological and only slightly enhanced by the artificial hormones in her jar. She no longer had any sexual organs of her own, but she could mentally raise herself to an orgasmic state with the right stimulus.

"You are all scum before me! The last true human! You're devolved little cretins and walking mould aliens!"

On the arranged cue of Lady Cassandra speaking, the men began to stroke their cocks. Spurred on by the thought of lessening their achingly stored loads, they gripped fast and hard, hands blurring before the Lady's eager eyes. She anticipated the slimy heat running down her remaining skin, then the proper embrocation as they rubbed the medically and, indeed, medicinally enhanced semen in with their crusty cocks. She felt an imaginary shiver as she envisioned one of them pressing his organ between her lips.

"Look at you! Not worthy to stand before me; exposing yourselves shamelessly before a true beauty!"

While the Lady Cassandra was rather fond of her slimness, she would normally have admitted her beauty to have been left behind hundreds of surgeries before. She focussed her attention on the left-most biped, the taller of the aliens. He was plainly peaking first. He emitted a kind of high pitched whistle as the yellow-green stream exploded from the flat end of his cock. The heavy blast struck just beneath her mouth, splashing tantalisingly across her lips. She groaned, wantonly, recalling the days when she could still press her body towards a lover.

"Oh! Your repugnant muck stains me!"

One of the cats, teeth curled in a feline snarl, came next. Thicker, whiter, it hung in great globs from the stretched skin, sliding downwards through the alien's green splashes. The rest quickly followed, the Lady's passionate moaning proving more arousing than they'd expected. Their copiously enhanced fluids served to almost entirely cover the Lady Cassandra's stretched skin; an assistant wiped quickly around her eyes but otherwise did not interfere. She was clearly very close to her mental climax.

"Moisturise me! I need your vile embrocation to live!"

The men moved from their set positions and crowded close to the Lady Cassandra. Only four of them could really get in, but they did as commanded and rubbed their crowns against her skin. The filthiest of them all, a pale 'new human', rubbed his cock between her eyes, and slipped the crown gently between her lips. She licked wildly at it, lost in misty pleasure at the intensive moisturising of her skin. Though softening, the men kept their crowns rubbing every free inch of the sperm soaked sheet. Not too hard; they didn't want her to tear and angrily reduce their pay. Slowly, they worked the majority of the sperm in until heer veins were again visible.

"I really, really... I needed that. It's been so long, so very scum."

"Yeah, we come alright!"

"Take them away. Reward them all. Give them my... thanks for their help in this matter. I trust they will never talk of their service here."

Lady Cassandra's final statement had lost its throaty arousal. Her mental pleasure faded fast; too fast. She began to plan the recovery of a true human body. It was no longer enough to be genetically pure, to look down upon the inferior people - all of them - anymore. The mental climax had served to whet her appetite for true physical pleasure once again.

Just like when she was a boy.



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