I don't own the characters of Dollhouse, they belong to Joss Whedon. Nor am I implying that any celebs in this story would a) do this in real life b) have any knowledge of an illegal slave trading organisation. It's all just fantasy

This episode based on an idea by MTL

Dollhouse: Hiring Echo Part 2 - The Revenge Doll (FF,FFF,anal,celeb)
by LL

"The check," Jennifer Aniston passed it across the desk to Adelle DeWitt. The other woman didn't even look to confirm the amount, but instead just slid it into her desk. The impression of complete control was enhanced as she leant back in the chair and pressed her fingers together.

"I thought Victor, he seems the right type," Jennifer spoke.

There was a pause before Adelle replied, "I don't think so. We've been examining the target's speech patterns, her eye movement, breathing and heart rate; it gives us a strong idea of the type of doll. Victor's not the right... sex."

"Oh," said Jennifer, the thought that the Dollhouse good tell what people wanted so simply both scared and comforted her. Still she was paying close to a million dollars for their expertise, so she expected them to be thorough. She looked at Adelle, waiting for the other woman to say more. She didn't and for a few seconds they just sat looking at each other.

The silence was broken by the door opening. "Hello Echo," said Adelle, the voice was kindly, much removed from the brisk businesslike tone she had adopted a few minutes before.

Turning Jennifer looked at the newcomer. She was a pretty brunette in her late twenties, her hair was tied in a neat ponytail with bangs framing a guileless face and wearing what looked like pyjamas to complete the impression of an overgrown child.

Adelle briefly turned to Jennifer, "After close scrutiny of the target we came to the conclusion that Echo was the best bet; especially when we implant the right personality."

"She... she looks a bit innocent," Jennifer said, she was paying an awful lot of money and she didn't want the Dollhouse to screw it up.

There was a curt nod from Adelle and then her faced changed to one of motherly love as she turned back to the Doll. "Echo, could you remove your top?" she asked.

There was no self consciousness from Echo as she took of her vest, only a moment of confusion as she looked where to put it, before Adelle instructed her to drop it on the floor.

"Nice tits, I admit," said Jennifer as she looked at the twin pert mounds.

Adelle ignored her and instead pointed to Jennifer, "Sit on her lap, Echo, please."

Jennifer gave a whinny of surprise as the brunette did so. The actress moved her hands so that they were by her side, unsure what to do as Echo's tits wobbled in front of her face.

"You can touch her, if you like," said Adelle icily. Slowly Jennifer moved up her hands and gave a small squeeze of the tits. They were firm and the nipples sprang erect as Jennifer touched them.

There was a small schoolgirl like giggle from Echo, "That feel's funny," she laughed.

"I still... I still don't know if she's the right one," said Jennifer slowly.

Adelle leant back in her chair again, "Ms Aniston... you come to us for a service. Please do not take this amiss, but if you don't like what is on offer feel free to look elsewhere. I understand you can hire men who'll break your target's kneecaps, in half the downtown bars in this city. But if you want that extra humiliation to your revenge, well we are the only ones who can give it you and we do know what we're doing."

Jennifer nodded, it was time to trust the professionals "I'm expecting results."

Adelle smiled, though there was no warmth in it, "Don't worry Ms Aniston, you'll get them."

* * *

"Ya ready," Echo spoke with a broad New York twang.

"Sure," replied Angelina Jolie. She dropped her robe, revealing just a tiny swimsuit and walked over to the towel by the rented swimming pool. Sitting down she drew her legs up to her chin and pouted sexily as Echo began to snap with the camera. Angelina wasn't new to photoshoots, but this one was too good to miss. A new celebrity magazine was launching and to make sure it hit the newsstands with a bang, it was doing a photoshoot of Hollywood's sexiest stars. Nothing tawdry of course; some skin, but anything which would have the readers jacking off would be hidden by a strategically placed hand or pot plant. And to make sure they got the actresses the magazine was paying twice the normal rate. Angelina wasn't sure that made good business sense, but then it was their money.

"Looking good," called out Echo, "Pout those gorgeous lips and look at me."

Doing as she was asked Angelina pressed her lips together and gave a sultry look at Echo. That the photographer the magazine had sent was a sexy brunette was a bonus as far as Angelina was concerned. She had never kept secret that she had sex with women; they turned her on as much as men, but there was something so alluring about the hard bitten snapper that stood in front of her that Angelina knew she'd be dreaming about her that night.

"Hey sweetie," called Echo, "Don't drift off."

Angelina blushed, "What?"

"I said are you ready for the topless shots?"

"Yes," Angelina stood up, "What do you want me to do?"

"With a body like yours, what I want you to do is unrepeatable," Angelina almost flinched in surprise as Echo winked at her. She looked at the photographer, who was busy changing the lens on her camera - it was obviously a joke; wasn't it? Still she snapped of her bikini top with more sensuousness than normal and made no effort to her hide her titties or move into a less revealing pose.

The camera lens on Echo looked up and smiled, "Nice pair."

From anyone else Angelina would probably have thrown a fit at their nerve and stormed out, but from the good looking brunette in front of her it seemed such a natural compliment that she blushed, "How do you want me?"

She hadn't been wrong about her feeling for Echo as the brunette licked her lips, before flicking back into a professional mode, "Turn to the side and put your hands over them."

Doing as she was told Angelina covered her tits with her hands and stood sideways to the snapper. Echo began to take pictures, calling out instructions and gradually moving round to Angelina's front until they were standing opposite each other, about six feet apart.

"Okay, sweetie. I want you to push your tits together and make a face like you're about to cum," Echo instructed and took a step back. Angelina groped at her tits, enjoying the feel of them in her hands and pushing back her head made small animal groans of passion.

There was a tut from Echo and Angelina dropped her hands to look at the photographer. Echo had put down the camera and was shaking her head, "That ain't it sweetie; it's not doing anything for me and it sure as hell won't for the reader at home."

Angelina blushed, she was an actress and had thought it was a damn good pose, but obviously not.

"Let me show you," said Echo and whipped off her T-shirt. Angelina watched open mouthed as the photographer unsnapped her bra and started to grope and push at her pert titties. Moans of pleasure escaped from Echo's lips and she pushed back her head, so that you could see the underside of her chin move as she groaned. Angelina gulped; and had to remind herself she was married with kids, but she didn't take her eyes of Echo's naked tits. Suddenly, as quick as she had started, Echo switched back to professionalism, "Give it a go sweetie," she instructed.

Angelina did so, getting a rush of pleasure as Echo snapped away, saying, "That's better sweetie." The rush wasn't in any way dampened by the fact that Echo had neglected to replace her T-shirt and that her tits, unhampered by hands, were bouncing sexily as she moved.

"Let's get those bottoms off as well, for the ass shots," Echo said. Angelina made sure the snapper was directly in front of her as she peeled off the rest of the bikini. There was a sharp intake of breath from Echo as she looked as the smooth hairless twat, "Sure you don't want any from the front," the photographer said, "that's prime pussy."

There was no doubt that Echo was flirting, that she wanted Angelina. It made choosing the next words important and Angelina paused for just a second before replying, "Not for the magazine... but, perhaps..." she left the next words unsaid, but the smile from Echo showed that she had deciphered the code.

"'K, turn around and let's get started," Echo said. She started to snap away as Angelina moved from side to side, put her hands on her ass and then took them away and generally moved as told to. She was aware that Echo was getting closer, creeping forward until the camera was just inches from her butt.

"That's the photo's done," said Echo with finality. Angelina could hear the sound of the camera being put down, but no noise of Echo moving.

She turned round, Echo was crouched in front of her, the brunette's face just inches from her cunt.

"I want you," said Angelina, "I want you now."

"Oh God," replied Echo, "I want you too, but you're married."

"Fuck Brad," replied Angelina, "I want you to fuck me."

It seemed to be all the encouragement that Echo needed. She leant forward and pushed her face into Angelina's pelvis. The actress groaned as Echo tongue came out and slid into her slit. She reached down and grabbed at the photographer's hair, ruffling it like it was a furry dog. Echo tongue was exploring her cunt, roughly probing against the warm flesh and slurping away at the jizz as she did so. With each lick Angelina felt like an electric cattle prod was being thrust inside her and she leant her head back and gave a more realistic orgasmic moan than earlier. And when Echo found the clit it was like Angelina was in heaven, she cried and moaned and gasped as waves of pleasure shattered her body. She knew she was dripping her jizz, she could feel the warm liquid slide down her thigh and hear the slurps as Echo gulped down the remainder.

"Oooohhh," her neck ratcheted back like it had been snapped and she let out an unholy cry of lust.

Staggering over to the towel Angelina slumped down. Echo was sitting on her hands and knees, watching her. A trickle of Angelina's girl cum dribbled down from her lips, glistening in the sun. Wiping it away the brunette stood up and removed her jeans. There was a small sprout of hair above her cunt, it was matted with juice, "A second," she said and walked over to her bag.

Angelina watched lustfully as Echo bent over, her firm buttocks swayed slightly as she rustled around in the bag, before straightening up and presenting out a double-ended dildo, "I always come prepared," Echo explained as she walked over.

Angelina spread her legs as Echo approached. The brunette stroked at Angelina's naked cunt, before sliding in the dildo. The actress gasped as the toy ran within her, running over her clit. Echo grinned and wrapped her legs round Angelina, sliding forward and guiding the other end of the double-ender into her own twat.

"Let's fuck," Echo grinned and began to thrust forward. The toy slid easily up Angelina's wet twat and pushed hard against her G-spot. She gave a groan, her eyes fixated on seeing the other end of the toy disappear into Echo. It didn't take them long to develop a rhythm, pulling out and then pushing themselves together, so that their legs clashed and their cum intermingled. Sweat dripped from them both, only partially caused by the warm sun beating down and soon the towel was damp with both it and jizz. The wetness soaked against Angelina's skin, as she slid back and forth.

"Uuurrghhh, aaarrgghhh," Echo's head was back and she let out animal noises of pleasures. Without either of them saying anything they began to speed up and Angelina felt the excitement rush through her body. She opened her mouth and copied Echo's cries of pleasure, until the feeling coursed through her like a flaming sword.

"Aaaraagghhh" "Aaaarrggghh" both women climaxed in an explosion of sound.

Afterwards they lay intertwined, their naked bodies pressed against each other, "Will I see you again?" asked Angelina.

Echo leant over and lightly kissed her lips, "If you want, but I have a confession. I've a girlfriend."

A sinking feeling developed in Angelina's stomach, but Echo smiled as she saw her face, "It's an open relationship, so she doesn't mind. You might even get to meet her. But what I mean is let's keep things simple, no talk of leaving our partners and setting up home together."

"It's a deal," said Angelina and kissed her back.

* * *

It was a couple of weeks later than Angelina discovered who Echo's girlfriend was. They were lying in bed in a rented hotel room; Echo's relationship might have been open but Angelina's certainly wasn't. The sheets were tucked around them, the silk almost see through, soaked as it was with cum and perspiration. The TV on as background to mask the sound of their lovemaking, switched from adverts to the familiar sound of the Friends theme. Angelina lifted her head from Echo's tit and groped around for the remote, "I can't stand this programme."

Echo stopped her, "I love seeing Jenny on TV."

"Jenny," Angelina dropped the remote control back in place and smiled at her lover, "You sound like you know her," she joshed.

Echo went red.

"You don't know her do you?" asked Angelina, surprised by the reaction.

Echo went redder, "I've been meaning to tell you for weeks, but... but... well Jenny's my girlfriend."

The contents of Angelina's stomach did a boomerang. It was bad enough to steal one husband from Jennifer, to poach her girlfriend as well made it just on the legal side of stalking.

"She's.... she's... your girlfriend," she stammered.

Echo reached out and brushed a strand of hair from Angelina's face, "Yeah, but don't worry she's fine. I told her about us after the first time; I told you it's an open relationship."

Angelina stared at her for a moment, "You told her. You know we have...a past."

"Sure, sweetie, I read the magazines; it's kinda comes with the job. Jenny was fine, in fact you're pretty much forgiven. She was in a relationship with a man; and well that's not where Jenny's needs lie. If you hadn't come along she'd have been stuck in a miserable marriage for years. You know, but don't tell anyone she's a lesbian; not everyone in Hollywood is as cool as you."

"She's alright with me," Angelina felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. It had gnawed at her for years that she had broken up a marriage, something as a little girl she'd sworn she'd never do.

"Yeah, she's good," Echo pulled Angelina back down and snuggled into her, "In fact she suggested you come round one night for a threesum."

"A threesum!" Angelina sat bolt upright, the sheet falling from her body.

"Yeah, sweetie, it'll be fun," Echo gave her lover a puppy dog look and then burst into laughter, "C'mon Jenny won't eat you... well she probably will, but in a good way."

"I... I don't know," Angelina said; part of her wanted to, she'd never had a lesbian gangbang and it was something she'd always wanted to do, but at the same time doing it with her husband's ex-wife was a bit weird - even for her.

"Go on," Echo's head disappeared beneath the covers and Angelina felt her move between her legs. There was a muffled "Pretty please," and then Echo's tongue was out and lapping at Angelina's cunt.

"Uuurrhhh" gasped Angelina, she gripped at the bedding as the familiar jolts started to run through her, "Sure... why not."

* * *

It was weird, though not as weird as Angelina had thought it would be. Jennifer had been reserved at first and Angelina had been shy, it was left to Echo to make the conversation during the meal. But the brunette had kept the wine flowing and gradually the other two relaxed, even going so far as to swap anecdotes about Brad. Echo came back from taking the last dish into the kitchen and leant against the doorframe, "How about a quick dip in the Jacuzzi before we go upstairs."

Across the table Angelina and Jennifer looked at each other, then Jennifer stood up and held out her hand to Angelina. The other took it and they followed Echo through the house to the bathtub.

The Jacuzzi's waters bubbled and frothed as the three women got undressed. Echo was in first, giggling as the water played against her skin; it was a tie between Angelina and Jennifer.

Angelina dropped her head against the back of the Jacuzzi and closed her eyes; the wine, the warmth and the water led her into a relaxed state and she gave a sigh of contentment. She could feel the water swirling round her and the other two moving closer. Her sigh got louder as Jennifer and Echo clamped their mouths on her titties. Their tongues and teeth played against the hard flesh of her nipples, each touch sending little burst of pleasure through her. The burst got louder as someone's hand, she couldn't tell whose, reached down and started to stroke her cunt. At first the mysterious groper just stuck to the outside, but soon they were pushing their finger in. Angelina gave another groan as the exploring digit found her bud. Excitement ran through her as the finger rubbed at the clit, jizz merging with the bubbling Jacuzzi.

"That's so good," moaned Angelina.

"Uh-huh," said Jennifer, her mouth full of Angelina's tit.

Echo stood up, solving the mystery of the hand, and stood over Angelina. Moving her head forward the actress's lips connected with the shaved slit of her shared lover. She stuck out her tongue and began to waggle it in the hole. It was already damp, but soon a new liquid was surging out of it and coating Angelina's tongue in its taste. Echo leant forward and rested her hands on Angelina's shoulders, massaging the blades as she did so. Little grunts and groans of "Yesss baby, stick it in," came from her.

Until she gave a sudden shriek and moved backwards, her pussy juices covering Angelina and dripping down from her lips. Jennifer removed her mouth from Angelina and began to kiss Echo passionately, leaving Angelina looking on jealousy. It only lasted a few moments, before Jennifer broke the kiss and wiped her lips.

"Shall we head upstairs?" she held out a hand to Echo and one to Angelina and three of them trooped hand in hand to Jennifer's bedroom.

The blonde had obviously prepared, not only having a leavening of sex-toys spread through the room, but scented candles already burning and sending a sensuous aroma into the air.

"So how do we do this?" asked Angelina curiously.

Echo jumped on the bed and threw her a strap-on, "You do me."

"You are such a slut," laughed Jennifer as she buckled on her strap-on, she turned to look at Angelina, who was pulling on her own toy, "Do you want to go first or me?"

There was a pout from Echo, "I was thinking you could both do me together."

The two actresses looked at each other and in unison a smile crossed their faces, "I'm in," said Jennifer; "And me," added Angelina.

"Cool," grinned Echo, she bounced impatiently on the bed as the other two tightened their straps, "If you're ready..."

"Ready..."said Jennifer.

"I'm too," Angelina added micro-seconds later.

"Angelina, get on the bed and lie on your back," instructed Echo. Echo was jumping up and down so hard with impatience that if the bed had been more bouncy she'd have gone through the ceiling. As soon as Angelina was lying down Echo squatted over her and pulled her butt-cheeks apart. Slowly she lowered herself on the erect toy, groaning slightly as it entered. She carried on down until it was fully in and she was sitting on Angelina. The actress sat up so that she could fondle Echo's titties and started to lick at the young woman's neck.

"What you waiting for, babe," Echo gasped at Jennifer, "An invite?"

Jennifer laughed, "If you're ready..."

"I was born ready," said Echo, her hands slid to her pussy and she pulled apart the lips so that Jennifer could guide the cock into the pink hole.

The weight of Jennifer pressing down forced down Echo, who in turn pushed down Angelina so the actress found herself back lying on the bed, albeit with her hands still firmly attached to Echo's titties. Each thrust from Jennifer went deep into her girlfriend, slamming her ass down deep into Angelina. The actress felt the end of the dildo rub against her own pussy and she let out a groan of pleasure, before pushing upwards, squeezing Echo between her and Jennifer. The yelps the young woman gave showed her enjoyment and she kept calling out "Harder, faster, fuck me hard babe, fuck my ass sweetie."

Echo's jizz, running from her twat and was wash against Angelina's thighs. The warm liquid had a sensuous feel and Angelina began to redouble her efforts. The pounding of Echo continued until the woman couldn't speak and her only sounds were screams of pleasure. Angelina lost track of time, her entire mind concentrating on the fucking and the feelings which flooded through her, she wasn't sure how many times she came, but from Echo's squeaks she guessed the younger woman had cum twice as often. Eventually Echo's squeals became mere burbles and her body slumped into a rag doll state.

With a sigh, Jennifer climbed off her and together with Angelina they hoisted the exhausted Echo off and let her drop to the side of the bed.

"That was awesome," said Angelina.

"It was fun, wasn't it?" Jennifer's hand reached out and she began to lightly rub at Angelina's nipple, "I'm still horny."

"I'm pooped," moaned Echo, "Can't do a thing. If you to want to carry on playing I'll just lie here for a bit."

Tweaking Angelina's nipple, Jennifer started to slide the strap-on down from Angelina thigh's, before transferring her hand to rub at the other's labia. More liquid slid out, allowing Jennifer's hand to run across with no friction, "Up for more?" the blonde whispered.

Feeling the familiar itch of horniness Angelina nodded, then gave a brief moan as one of Jennifer's fingers penetrated her, rubbing against the clit. Jennifer's slid in and out, each thrust sending a shiver of excitement through Angelina. More cum trickled out, and there was a splurting sound as Jennifer's finger splashed in and out of the sodden cunt. Angelina gave another moan, which turned into a whine of disappointment as Jennifer pulled out the finger and licked in clean. Angelina started to get up, but Jennifer put her spare hand on her midriff, holding her down, "Angelina - you fucked my girlfriend's ass - can I fuck yours?"

Angelina nodded excitedly; she always felt her best orgasms were anal. The bedclothes already crumpled, were messed even more as she swung onto her knees and waggled her naked ass at Jennifer. The blonde actress didn't jam the toy in straight away, instead she started to lick at the hole, pushing her tongue in as deep as she could. It gradually got deeper as Jennifer's hands pulled apart the cheeks, but still nowhere near as far as the dildo would reach and Angelina was soon shaking with frustration, "Hurry up, fuck me."

Jennifer continued to tease, her only reply the sound of her tongue slurping at the top of Angelina's hole. Eventually she disengaged and still holding the other woman's ass apart stuffed her strap-on up it. The tip went in easily, lubricated by Jennifer's spit, but the rest went in more slowly. Angelina gasped and grunted, thrusting herself back against the toy; she loved all of anal sex, but the initial penetration was the best, combining pleasure and pain in just the right amounts. Jennifer gave a whinny of pleasure as the last of the cock disappeared into Angelina and her hands gripped the other's side as she began to pound in and out.

"Aaaarrggghh" gasped Angelina. Leaning on one hand, she used the other to rub at her pussy, feeling the moisture of the cum soak her fingers.

"Hey," Echo got off the bed, "Let's get some souvenirs."

There was no reply from Angelina or Jennifer as Echo padded over to the cupboard and got out a camera. Angelina was dimly aware of Echo fiddling around with the camera and then starting to take shots of her girlfriend and lover in the act. But Angelina's main thought proccesses were concentrating on the waves of pleasure flowing through her. She failed. The explosive orgasm trembled in her ass and then flooded through her body like the biblical flood, reducing her to screams of pleasure.

There was a grunt and an exhausted Jennifer fell on top of her. Angelina's muscles gave way and she collapsed on the bed, Jennifer's tits wobbling against her back as the blonde fell with her.

"Cheese," said Echo and then pushed the two of them apart so she could lie in the middle.

It was way past midnight when they finally stirred.

"We ought to do this again," said Angelina.

There was a nod from Jennifer, "It was fun."

* * *

Leaning forward Adelle switched off the computer. The pictures of a soon to be divorced Angelina Jolie were all over the net. They'd all been artfully taken to conceal who her partner was, but they couldn't disguise that the actress was on her hands and knees being taken up the ass by a giant dildo. Angelina's career was, if not in ruins, relegated to the odd B-Movie, especially her increasingly desperate assertions that the other woman was Jennifer Anniston. A charge Jennifer had vehemently denied, after all why would she have sex with the woman who stole her husband, and anyway she wasn't even a lesbian. The injunction against Angelina repeating the libel had just gone through the courts and a very satisfied Jennifer was sitting opposite Adelle.

"It will be our little secret," Adelle nodded at her client.

Jennifer smiled back, "I'm impressed with how smoothly it went and Echo..."

"Her mind's wiped; she can't remember a thing."

"No; I meant I was thinking of hiring her again."

Adelle did some swift calculations in her head; yes, Echo was a very profitable part of the Dollhouse.


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