Description: Another part! Was gonna finish the story in this part, but what
the heck. Same warning as with part 2: There is some combat violence in this
story because it's based on Doom. Plus a chainsaw through the head, which is
what I'd do to anyone tried to make me suck their dick. Demons, chainsaws
and shotguns... this story's crying out for an Ashe Cameo... M-Demon/F-Demon
forced oral sex.

Doom: That's one Doomed Space Marine Part 3 (MF,oral,ncon,demon)
by Knorg ([email protected])

The Phobos Lab (E1M5)

The mumbled slurring of the former humans grew. Voices calling for hot meat,
for a fresh body to possess. They had come in numbers now, with the brutish,
pink, hunched over and short, shaved-gorilla demons. They crowded at the
wall to the secret area unable to open it themselves, drawn by the sounds of
passion and lust.

The female imp's red eyes flickered open. She tried counting the different
noises out there; listening with ears more sensitive than any human's. That
she couldn't number them told her that there were too many out there, perhaps
all those left in The Phobos Lab. Worse, it sounded like there were others
there, demons and former humans returning from other areas of the Phobos
base, distracted on their route back to the Anomaly.

One thing she knew immediately: There were no Imps out there. Relatively
smarter than the others she realised they must already have headed back to
the Anomaly. The growls of the spectres mixed with the howling of the demons.
It seemed that the crowd grew with every new creature passing through. Surely
it could grow no more?

She reached for the edge of one of the crates, the contents looted earlier
by the Space Marine. The imp gripped the edge with a tough clawed hand and
twisted. She barely budged it. She was still a long way from full strength,
from full speed.

The noises outside grew louder, more urgent. She knew with time, they'd find
a way in. The other exit went straight out into the toxic green slime - at
her reduced capacity she wouldn't last long enough to climb the other side.
After the attack on the other former humans earlier they would show no mercy
to her.

She hissed, and twisted out from under the Marine's head. His eyes opened
and followed her. Moving with oiled ease she stood and crossed her mottled
brown arms across her breasts, tapping her foot. She could take some of
them. She...

Armour. Ammo. A shotgun. When the Marine had swapped green armour for blue,
he'd discarded the green here. It was good, strong armour. Neither as
effective nor light as the Blue she'd so effortlessly cut from him it would
still be enough against the enemies arrayed against them.

"Dress yourself. Arm yourself." She commanded.

The Marine rolled over, pushed himself up from the ground. Silently,
efficiently, he donned the old armour. Leggings, chest plate, Helmet. He
took up the shotgun, fitted shells around his belt. He stood before her,
awaiting command. As she looked at the tough marine the Imp found herself
wondering how she'd taken him so easily.

She held her hands in front of her face, each clawed finger resting against
another, her lighter-browns palm flat together. She concentrated and drew
her energy together, felt heat in her hand, and hissed.

She caught her face reflected in the Marine's motionless faceplate. Took in
her narrowed red eyes, her smooth skull and thin brown lips against a cruel

"My pet, my creature... You will kill them all for me, in my name. Now!"

The imp snarled and then howled; her own battle cry resounding around the
small room as she slammed her left fist into the wall switch and raised her
right hand.

The wall began to raise, immediately the Space Marine was on his knees
firing at exposed feet, shins, knees, groins. Loading and reloading,
gun-smoke began to fill the air. The former humans, grunts and sergeants,
couldn't control the possessed flesh enough to dodge, to crouch properly.

As the door shuddered towards the ceiling a pair of pink demons, muscled
flesh spattered with filth, charged through the pack. The Imp's fireball
exploded from her palm and slapped one straight between the horns of its
low-browed head. It growled, hurt but now down, and then they were upon her.
She fought them tooth and claw, glorying in the violence and pain she

The Space Marine continued firing into the mass of former humans, blood
spattering from their bodies as round after round of shot peppered the
closely packed mass of rotting bodies. His faceplate HUD registered damage
to himself, pistol bullets thudding into his armour.

"Help me! Kill them!" the Imp screeched, panicked, as she was being
overwhelmed. Both the wounded demons, one now eyeless, now had her on the
floor, pushing her on her back. The scent of the earlier sex still hung in
the air, exciting their beastlike senses.

The bigger of the two crowded on her muscled brown legs, nudging at her
opening with a throbbing length of meat, the other had it's clawed pink paws
firmly on her mighty brown breasts, it's great plated feet on her arms,
batting her face with it's prick, seeking entry to her mouth.

Reloading the shotgun the Marine ran over, shoving the barrel into the eye
socket of the demon on her legs and pulled the trigger. He was acting
mindlessly and living only to serve his soul-mistress. The added
ruthlessness and loyalty was dampened by a lack of strategic foresight. The
500-pound demon dropped forward heavily onto the Imp, knocking the wind from
even her tough lungs and pinning her harder to the floor. She gasped mouth
wide, long tongue out, and there, finally, the second demon found his entry.

The Imp's red eyes bulged as the demon violated her throat, sinking his meat
half way to her stomach. The Marine reached for another shell and found he
was down to the last shell. As he broke the gun open rotted hands dragged
the weapon from his grasp, knocked the shell from his fingers, as the
forgotten former humans reached him. The mass closed around the Marine and
he disappeared from the edge of the Imp's vision.

Foul drool dripped from the demon's massively over-toothed mouth as he
bellowed his unintelligent lust. The Imp felt truly helpless as the monster
cock plugged her tight throat. She was pissed as all hell with the mindless
Demon, and with the Space Marine's failure. The demon held his meat inside
her enjoying the wet heat as she gagged and choked before slowly hauling the
thick pink shaft most of the way out and then viciously slamming it home
again. Her body bucked against it, even under the weight of demon corpse.

She closed her eyes and concentrated, taking as full control of her muscles
as she could. She didn't need to breath, and stopped trying. She tried
closing her jaw over the beast's cock, but her teeth couldn't break the
tough rubbery flesh.. She made a mental note to sharpen her teeth. Above
her, the demon howled at the extra stimulation of the teeth and began
humping her face in earnest. She drew energy into her hand again, reading a
fireball. Her palm began to warm.

She opened her eyes and saw the demon's meat glistening with her saliva and
it's own precum, the hot flesh throbbing and pulsing. She noted with shock
that the demon's large four-balled nutsack was beginning to tighten up at
the base of his cock. When it came, it would want to feed. She tried to lie
totally still, to provide minimum stimulation along his cock as the creature
violated her. She needed to draw up enough energy for a fireball before it

In her tainted mind she cursed herself over and over for letting herself be
caught like this, face humped by a drooling pink beast. It didn't hurt her,
but it was a blow to her pride.

Not enough. She couldn't stop writhing each time the demon thrust down her
tight hot throat, couldn't stop the strong muscles contracting and squeezing
the length of his pink meat as it impaled her brown skinned face. The ball
sack was ever smaller, tighter. She could feel heat radiating from it on
each inward thrust. The meat throbbing deeply as the squelching of her
throat filled her ears.

Finally, far too soon, the demon wedged his meat as far into her face as it
would go, and began firing spunk down her throat. It gripped her breasts
tightly, pinpricks of blood forming around it's claws and her back was fully
arched off the floor. It kept on cumming, spraying thick demon seed down
into her belly. Some washed up into her mouth, bubbling around the meat,
squelching out of her lips.

This was it. She was doomed. The spray slowed, she felt the mammoth meat
contract in her throat. Slowly the demon hauled his withering meat out, the
end slapping her face, filling her screwed tight eyes with still squirting

Now. She had to have a fireball now. It was burning! She heard a growl, low
and continuous, and frowned. That didn't sound like a demon? It didn't sound
like any demon she'd heard Now she cursed the sticky fluid blocking her
eyes, wiping her wrist across her face, trying to clear her vision.

The Space Marine put the chainsaw blade right between it's horns and twisted
sharply. The demon clawed at the Marine's body, gorging holes in his badly
damaged green armour, but the chainsaw won the battle. With a vivid gout of
blood - which came down and further obscured the Imp's vision - the demon
fell backwards. The Marine stepped over her and kept up the assault, doing
as much damage as he could in the skull of the demon.

Without the demon pushing down on her, she was able to slowly force the
other one off her, wiggling from beneath it. Getting onto hands and knees,
she said weakly "Help me stand..."

The Space Marine walked over, and lifted her. Her compact, muscular frame
was surprisingly heavy as she lent against him for support, finally seeing
clearly again as her red eyes swept the room. There were corpses everywhere.
Former humans lying where they fell, even more of the ugly pink beasts. She
saw some of the former humans looked to have broken jaws, noses, and saw the
fresh blood on the Space Marine's fist, clinging to his brass knuckles. He'd
been dragged away from her, carried off his feet... but he'd fought back.
He'd taken their weapons, found more of his own. Her earlier anger against
him faded, but she would still need to punish him.

Again, he had defeated all that dared challenge her. Reduced them to cooling
meat. She looked at the damage done to him. The armour was close to falling
apart; pistol wounds, light shot, claws and fire had scarred him recently.
He would need a medical pack before another big battle.

She strained her ears, as far as she could tell the Lab was now deserted;
all those who'd remained, or passed into it, now lay dead. Pride flooded
her. There was a little time to heal him, to heal herself, to re-arm. She
felt the demon's seed in her stomach and knew already that she was digesting
it, turning it to energy. Making herself strong again. She scooped the rest
of it from her face, licking the seed from her claws and swallowing it.

She needed more food and fresh, steaming, demon meat seemed the best option.

Leaning on the Marine she directed him to slice off choice cuts of demon
flesh, still too weak to properly bite and feed on her own. Dropping again
to her knees she fed, and regained strength.

Phobos Anomaly (E1M8)

The Duke of Hell watched in considerable surprise as the tall beautiful
woman made her way across the broken surface of Phobos. She walked like an
aristocrat promenading at a racecourse; the high winds and the dusty air
apparently nothing to her. He'd followed her fast path since a series of
working corrupted cameras had picked her up leaving Command Control and
heading towards The Phobos Lab.

It had been many years since anything had interested him on a personal
level, he realised, above and beyond the machinations and plots to bring
about the domination of hell, the subjugation of the light.

"Rabbit goes in... woman comes out..." he muttered, having made the

"A Witch?" he asked himself, drawing his own blood as he scratched his ugly
lumpen chin. Taking revenge on this witch would be a small portion of
vengeance owed against those who'd sent him back to Hell, ages past. More
fun by far than the quick deaths meted to the scientists on Phobos, made
necessary to end any threat their intellects might've posed.

The Male Imp - by far the stupidest gender of the species - standing nearest
to him took it as a question, and began to babble an answer. His line of
thought interrupted; the Duke turned smoothly and decapitated the creature
with a ball of green fire. Now even the Barons of Hell were cowering away
from him. The bustle of activity increased - they all wanted away from the
dangerously distracted Duke.

The Duke of Hell had long believed all of the elder races of the Earth to
have died out. It never even considered an animal spirit or other

"I must have her!" He declared, "Prepare a force to capture her. I want her
taken alive!"

The plans of the Spider Mastermind were precise. There wasn't time for the
Duke's vendetta. The demons still horded about exchanged glances. The
invasion of Earth couldn't be jeopardised by personal hatred. None of them
saw her as a threat. She was a single weapon-less woman. They were not
intelligent creatures.

"Lord! There are more important matters..."

The duke turned with a snarl, to see the Barons standing side-by-side,
standing ready for a fight. They seemed to have the support of many of the
surrounding demons. The Duke new he could take either of the Barons in
combat, but not both, and not with the support of the others. Always angry,
he reached new heights of rage.

"You defy me? I'll take your heads!" He threatened, eyes blazing, voice
twisted by incandescent fury.

"We serve the Spider. Will you defy the Spider? What is a human woman? A
mere Imp defeated the soldier. If she comes here, we'll eat her alive...
starting with the limbs" The same Baron spoke for both; confident, arrogant,
boosted by his fellow's silent support.

The Duke swore he would see the creature dying the worst death the foulest
creatures of hell could imagine. Treachery!

"FARGH! Fools! If you let this witch run loose, she'll destroy everything!
They are far greater a danger than any Soldier! Do you think she avoided the
Spectre we sent for the Rabbit? Weaponless?" The Duke spat green against the
floor, "This is no personal vendetta!" he cried, a half-truth.

He saw it was hopeless. They were far too stupid to listen and revelled in

"I'll take her myself, and return to mete out such punishments as to make
the very darkness cower!" snarled the Duke of Hell, and he stormed away from
the Anomaly. Eternally prideful and arrogant he refused to consider a single
witch to be a match for him. He hoped merely for a little challenge to whet
his appetite before he broke her.

The Barons ordered the demons back to work smug in their new roles. They
thought proudly of the rewards they would reap for loyally serving the
Spider Mastermind; for being instrumental in the conquest of Earth, while
the foolish Duke was off. They thought of the tortures they would be allowed
to inflict on one such as he, who had dared command them.

To be continued in Part 4!


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