Description: Another part for this Doom Parody, just the Duke of Hell/Woe
going at it in this part.

Doom: That's One Doomed Space Marine Part 5 (MF, demon)
by Knorg ([email protected])

The Phobos Lab (E1M5)

Impa held the Space Marine's gaze for long moments as he targeted the compact
rocket launcher at her. The advanced design allowed up to fifty rockets to be
carried by a single Space Marine, or one hundred with a backpack. Impa
doubted the fearsome weapon would take many shots to kill her, though it
could put a group of male Imps down with one shot. She'd seen the technology
bonded with the cyber-demons, a sure sign that even Hell respected their
fearsome power.

The Space Marine quickly adjusted to the return of his soul; his mind fully
his own again. He remembered everything that had happened, the shame of
defeat, the degradation of lying with, of submitting to a demon. Now she was
the one on her knees before him, weak and defeated, unarmed and awaiting
death. His units orders had been to assess the situation at the UAC base and
provide all needed help to the staff. His own orders had been to secure the
perimeter, and while he'd followed them his buddies had been killed in

And now? He was the last living Space Marine on Phobos: all he had left was
killing the demons, fighting his way through the base to the source of their
invasion. Getting some payback for his friends and comrades. Preventing Hell
on Earth. He was armed to the teeth, though his armour was down to 30% from
prolonged contact with the slime.

He realised he didn't want to shoot Impa. He remembered being ordered to
fire on unarmed civilians. He'd beaten down his cowardly commanding officer
for the order and been busted down from sergeant to Corporal and sent way
out to Mars as a reward. As he held her gaze he felt the same compassion
even though he knew Impa was far from an unarmed civilian. The other demons
had torn apart his comrades, overwhelmed them by numbers and shown no mercy.
He hadn't even found all his friends bodies. She'd beaten him; but once he
was helpless before her, she hadn't killed him. She was different.

He lowered the rocket launcher's barrel, and silently cursed the firing
harness that left it in an unfortunate flaccid position. There were old
stories about misaligned kick suppressers and rocket launcher
kick-castrations. Tension seemed to drain from the air as the space marine
turned his attention to the other woman, barely out of range of the rocket's
splash damage, who he'd believed unconscious.

Impa felt worthless. She'd been sent against the Space Marine because he was
killing everything in his path, hordes of Imps, former humans, the accursed
pink demons. She'd bested him only to be defeated by this unexpected foe, by
luck, and now he didn't even want to finish her off. Impa dropped her head
only to meet Lady Cottontail's eyes as they flicked open.

The rabbit-spirit sat up, and reached to pull her rabbit-skin skirt up her
legs, bouncing slightly to pull it under her arse. "You're good. I think I'm
going to keep you... I haven't had a demon servant in a long time - Just
can't trust your kind, can I? Even with you bonded to my service..." the
rabbit-spirit's voice cut through the remaining tension, lazily satisfied,
though still holding its cold imperious edge. Impa had the impression that
Lady Cottontail viewed everyone as inferior.

"Why did you help me regain my soul? What manner of demon are you?" The
Space Marine called over the waste. He'd seen her tail as she sat up and
come to the easy conclusion that she wasn't human. His thoughts were a
little disordered after his experience, but he knew there was something
familiar about her tail.

"I am Lady Cottontail," she told him, "and I am no demon. I am the last of
the rabbit-spirits, you know me as.."

"Rabbit? Of course! That tail was just like..."

"Daisy, your pet." Lady cottontail reached up and fingered her ear tag. The
Space Marine recognised the tag for what it was, knew his serial number was
stamped upon it. The Space Marine trusted her, he realised. Since
encountering his first demons he'd opened his mind to the possibility that
there was a lot in the universe he knew nothing about. There was certainly
no reason, unlikely as it was, why Daisy shouldn't be able to turn into a
stunningly beautiful woman and force his erstwhile captor to kneel before

Even so, he was far from stupid, and felt justified in a little paranoia.

"Are you really Daisy? Can you prove it?"

Lady Cottontail thought hard and frowned as she thought. Impa remained
kneeling, but she was alert for any threat to her, or her new mistress. She
watched with interest the interaction between the space marine and the
rabbit-spirit. Impa realised that all trace of imperiousness was gone from
the woman's voice when she addressed him. Impa realised why at the same
moment as a smile careened across Lady Cottontail's face like sun through
storm clouds. It was obvious, really.

"Do you recall that night when you were very much the worse for drink, many
months without a woman, and you and Hudson..."

The Space Marine raised a quick hand "Game over, man! I believe you!" He hit
the barely functioning switch on his armoured combat suit; once activated he
moved as fast as he could across the slime lake. The last of his armour was
trashed and he suffered new burns. Cursing the reading on his suit HUD, he
asked, "You were on the Joseph Conrad, How did you get down to Phobos,

Lady Cottontail recounted her usage of the escape pod and went on to tell of
following his trail. She left out all the detail about how she'd stolen the
demon's energy and did not correct his calling her Daisy. Impa knew then she
had guessed correctly, though it seemed to her that the Space Marine didn't
know the full truth of it.

"I can take more power from demons if I find them. I could drain this one,"
she pointed to Impa, "If I needed to, I don't have to keep her. Do you want
me to?"

The Space Marine shook his head, he hadn't withheld from killing the Imp
only to have this rabbit-spirit kill her in his stead. He saw Impa was still
sitting with her head hung. The only thing differentiating her from a normal
captive, he thought, was that her hands lay on her thighs, not her head.
Lady Cottontail followed his gaze, "She's my creature now, she'll do you no
more harm."

The Space Marine wasn't sure he liked the idea of Daisy holding this woman
as her 'Creature' having recently been freed from his own soul enslavement;
a military captive was another matter entirely. He checked his weapons again
as he thought over again what had happened, what he needed to do.

"Damn pistol's gone..." he recalled hearing pistol fire as he'd slowly
crossed the waste, and looked questioningly between the ladies before
spotting it on the floor near the waste. It had been knocked from Lady
Cottontail's hand when Impa had surprised her. The Space Marine picked it
up, checked it, and holstered it. He'd made his decision.

"O.K. We need to get off Phobos, we need to get out a warning about what's
happening here. Can either of you two pilot the Drop-Ship?"

Lady Cottontail shook her head, then waved her hand encouragingly to give
Impa permission to speak, saying, going on to explain to Impa that she was
keeping the demon around as more of a Vassal than a slave, and that she
wanted to see some independent action and thought. The Space Marine had
problems following some of it, as a lot of the words she used meant nothing
to him.

When she finished, Impa nodded, "My Lady. The hell corruption throughout the
machines around us will have spread to the drop-ship. We couldn't use it
anyway. The only way off this moon is through The Phobos Anomaly. We must
hurry, for it will be closed soon."

"How soon?" The Space Marine asked/

"I do not know. The forces of Hell have been summoned there, those that you
did not kill. I do not think it will be long."

"Then that's where we're going. Keep on the lookout for weapons, armour,
medipacks. I'll go first, then Daisy, then..."

The Space Marine suddenly realised he didn't know his former captor's name.
Shifting his shotgun, he held out a hand.

"Hi. Corporal Flynn Taggart."

"I am Impa."

The Space Marine wasn't entirely comfortable at the idea of putting a
'prisoner' in combat, but he'd seen how fast and strong she was, and with
all the demons against them he wanted the help. Surely they didn't expect
him to defeat everything Hell had on his own, especially when he could get a
little co-op?

He spun the shotgun out around in front of him, and walked towards the door.
He made a point of turning his back on them, a gesture of trust, though he
was still alert for the possibility he was being set up. Lady Cottontail
followed him, and then Impa. Impa knew if the other two were captured their
suffering would be nothing compared to hers. She was serving Lady Cottontail
against Hell itself, and there could be no forgiveness.

Central Processing (E1M6)

"Something has changed."

The Duke realised Woe had stopped, and turned back towards Woe. The 'UAC
researcher' had her eyes closed and her head to the side. The duke felt his
ever present anger bubbling up.


Woe said nothing. Around her green radioactive waste bubbled, semi-processed
and highly toxic. The Duke felt like holding her head under until she was
more forthcoming. Woe opened her eyes, revealing all black spheres. The Duke
was a creature of Hell, he'd seen horrors beyond human reckoning and been
responsible for most of them; yet he still felt almost spooked to see such
hateful voids in a human face.

"Eddies of power shifting, always moving. On this dead moon I feel a human
truly live again."

Woe blinked a few times and returned her eyes to normal. The Duke shivered,
uncomfortably aware that Woe was expecting something of him. As intelligent
as he was it still took time to make the connection. He roared, and slammed
a mighty fist against the wall.

"ROARAGH! The human soldier has his soul back!"

Woe grinned mirthlessly, awaiting the Duke's instruction. She began to
wonder if there might be some amusement, some challenge, for her in this
summoning. The Duke was taking his rage out against unfeeling stone,
slamming clawed pink fists into heavy stone. He wanted something to kill,
but Central Processing was deserted and he didn't dare attack Woe.

"He is the most dangerous human I've ever seen! Those fools! I told them to
fear the witch!"

"It is unwise to go now and face them. We should prepare for them here."

His anger momentarily spent, The Duke saw sense and accepted his summoned
creature's plan. Woe turned around and began to walk back the way they'd
come. The Duke followed her considering the best place to meet the humans.
Woe turned the corner ahead, and when he caught up she was kneeling by the
body of a fallen Space Marine.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to see them."

Woe pulled the helmet from the hours old corpse, the back of it mangled by
an Imp's fireball. She looked down into a dead face, cold and blue, with a
puddle of mostly-dried sticky blood around it. She paid no mind to the dirt
and gore that was adding new stains to her ragged white coat. Woe pulled a
chain around the corpse's neck, to hold dog tags in her hands.

"PFC A E Sanders? We're going to make some magic."

Woe called The Duke over and had him slice some fat from the body with a
clawed finger. She rolled it in her hands and little sparks flew around. The
fat went black, and part of the wax seemed to alter, and become more like a
wick. The Duke recognised the magical candle, they would last a very long
time without burning down.

Woe stood it on the floor before pulling the left eye from the corpses head
and holding it above the candle. The Duke stepped back and shielded his eyes
just in time, yet it seemed as if the green flash was visible through his

"ARRRGH! Why didn't you warn me you were doing that?"

A large malevolent yellow eye floated above the candle, a pulsing green
triangle and circle about it. Woe was looking into the eye and The Duke knew
she was looking through the eye upon the Space Marine. She watched them as
they left The Phobos Lab into a harsh and heavy storm. He moved around
impatiently and marvelled at how the eye and its candle appeared exactly the
same from every angle he viewed them.

"That is no ordinary witch. She is a rabbit-spirit, powerful, old and
cunning. She has bound the Imp to her service and now all three stand
against Hell. She is... not at her strongest, a creature of Earth. She'll
need to take magic from others and lacks much now. There are swirls of
destiny and fate about them and much is unclear, only this I know: He can
defeat the forces of Hell and set back all that we've worked towards...
perhaps permanently."

"NO! Perhaps he shot down some incautious Imps or some flesh-sated minor
demons, but against anything stronger he's nothing! A lone human. Pah!"

"With the aid of the Rabbit-Spirit it is perhaps a certainty. We cannot risk
letting him live."

Woe staggered back and suddenly her eyes were black again. When Woe spoke,
it was in a harsh inhuman voice, as bad in its way as her eyes.

"No, he shall live! Such powerful destiny in Hell's sway would win the war
with heaven. I must take him and the destiny of his soul. You will assist me
for the glory of Hell!"

Woe's phenomenal evil intelligence formulated a plan even quicker than The
Duke's anger could rise, and she was on her feet before him, her little
'human' body pushing the mighty duke back against the wall. He towered over
her, with muscles bulging out all over his hefty body; her strength was

"I can take him by surprise and trickery. This body will shall be my lure."

The Duke sneered, "A lone human female utterly unharmed amongst all the
corpses, untouched by horror? He'll be on the watch for demons after that
damned turncoat-Imp. Are you foolish?"

Woe looked up into The Duke's big angry eyes and smiled icily. The Duke
screamed internally at himself to show more respect to the powerful being,
he knew how to be diplomatic, he was just thrown by her appearance, he

"I did not say I would be untouched. I need you."

Woe took ahold of The Duke's hanging cock between her hands, small against
the oversized demon, yet possessed of firm strength.

"In the 29 years of this body's life, these hands never caressed a phallus.
When they come through here, I'll break away from you and run screaming into
his arms. Then transport both of us through the ether."

The Duke realised that he would then be facing the rabbit-spirit and the
strong female Imp alone. He'd summoned the creature before him to aid him
against the witch and now she was leaving him in it. Hell's damned will to
try and sway the soldier again. Still, she had given him useful information
on the rabbit-spirit, and now her skilled hands were very rapidly bringing
his mighty demonic dick up hard.

"This rabbit-spirit... if she isn't human, perhaps we can turn her to Hell's
path too, for her power? Offer her a deal?" Since she wasn't a human witch,
The Duke would have preferred to return to his position of command at the
Phobos Anomaly and send subordinates to deal with the new threat of the
re-ensouled human and his companions. It wasn't an option - He and Woe would
have to prevent them passing.

Woe impaled her face on the demonic dick that had 'fathered her' into her
current form, and made no answer. The Duke was truly awed to see the
scientist's body swallow his meat down, and suddenly paranoid at the
calculated lust in Woe's eyes, muttered a protective spell about himself.
Woe was holding herself at an awkward angle, stretching her mouth around the
massive meat and trying to swallow it all. As The Duke did nothing but
stare, and Woe quickly noted this. She angrily pulled the hardening cock
from her mouth and smacked it hard. The Duke groaned.

"How am I to convince this human I am your victim, if he sees you slackjawed
and staring?"

Woe's words sank in. The Duke grabbed a hold of Woe's head and pushed it
back down onto his meat, twisting the sexy woman as if she were a victim. He
began to thrust himself down her throat, building to a new climax. Woe
enthusiastically rubbed at his shaft and cupped his balls, urging the seed
up his giant pink shaft, sucking with infernal lung strength.

The Duke worked his buttocks, his hands about her head, he was thrusting
hard enough to pull Woe off the ground as his passion rose and he used
himself in her face. Woe could feel his climax fast approaching and
lightning fast hooked her legs behind his, incredibly lithe and flexibly,
yanking him to his knees. The Duke dropped as Woe twisted her legs away,
swinging like a rag-doll, and her lips kissed his balls at the bottom of his

He gowled mightily and began to cum, shooting a second load of the day into
Woe's belly as she pulled her head off in time to catch The Duke's
continuing loads in her face, spattering her glasses her hair and her upper
body, coating her breasts with slimy demon cum, which dropped to the floor
in heavy splats.

"More!" Woe told him, and The Duke again reacted slowly. It had been long
since he'd tasted Earth's pleasures and he'd only rarely found any human
woman willing to service him with such enthusiastic willing. He missed the
screams. Woe grabbed ahold o behind his knees and pulled his legs painfully
out as if he weighed nothing. He lifted his head as it banged against the
floor and shouted curses at the lack of dignity forced upon him. She pulled
him across the floor and then stood over him. His cock reared angrily out
from his body, hairy and malevolent as Woe crouched over it.

The Duke was worried about physically hurting Woe with his meat if she
impaled herself on it again - he really didn't want her pissed at him - but
consoled himself that with her strength and durability he could apparently
do her no harm without really trying or unless she wished it. Thinking
harder, his weakness against her then made him feel worse. He suddenly saw
himself as no longer a duke, but a grunt, a pawn in Hell's plans.

Woe reached down for his clawed muscular pink hands and pulled him up onto
her hips. The bottom of her lab coat hung down onto The Duke's leg, dripping
his still hot ejaculate. The Duke waited while Woe positioned his cockhead
at her crotch and then at a nod pulled her hard down onto it. The cum slick
demon dick bust straight through into the formerly virgin body Woe wore; a
third of his length at the first thrust.

Woe ripped her blouse open and began to massage and maul her breasts as The
Duke raised her up, and then pulled her down hard again, managing to fit
almost all of himself into her. Woe laughed and clenched herself about The
Duke's cock so hard he groaned again. Panting heavy breaths, he raised her
again, his shaft now slick with his own cum and Woe's mixture of juice and
virgin blood, her lips stretched wide about it as she continued to play with
her mounds. The blood surprised him.

"NOW!" Woe demanded, and The Duke slammed his full length inside her causing
the summoned creature to start a screaming orgasm of her own, which she
tried to muffle with her fist. The Duke couldn't pull out while Woe's tight
contractions spasmed about his cock, contenting himself with the exquisite
sensations and ever ready for an attempt to trap him, or drain his power
from the summoned creature. Now she had decided she was working for the
greater benefit of Hell, The Duke trusted her far, far less. Woe pulled The
Duke close and kissed him, an act of lust not love, her beautiful lips
against his twisted, evil features. He tasted his own spunk even as it
smeared against his body and was tossed about from Woe's cum-sodden body,

Taking her by the ass, claws rending her white lab coat, he began to hump
into her again, as Woe found it necessary to bite on her own wrist and try
to stop her evil pleasure as she got off on The Duke's huge meat. Pushing it
aside, The Duke covered her mouth with his again, and pushed his foul tongue
into her mouth, looking through cum smeared glasses into her eyes.

Woe was really into the fuck, twisting and moving on The Duke's cock,
moaning lustily every time he sank his length to the balls in her, wanting
it to last while knowing they were short on time. She felt The Duke begin to
shudder again, and expertly squeezed his shaft as he fired a heavy load into
her womb, then another, and another, until it was squirting heavily around
his shaft as he came.

Woe pulled herself off, dropping The Duke flat back on the ground as she
stood. The spunk was literally streaming from her still gaping hole as she
stood; thicker, stronger smelling than human spunk. Corrupt. She looked
contemptuously at The Duke as he rubbed his still hard shaft, and more spunk
squirted from the end.

"When you've finished playing with yourself there's another hole that needs
filling. I can feel their approach now, they are at the entrance to this
place. They must discover us in union, hold my hips and then release them in
the shock of discovery. I shall then run to him as a victim."

Woe dropped to her hands and knees at the bottom of steps, facing towards
the yellow-key-door she knew they'd come through. She looked impatiently
back at The Duke. Woe felt prepared to work her magic as soon as she was
close enough to the Space Marine, to carry him out of 'harm's way' and away
from his friend and her demon servant. She wiped the spunk from her glasses
as best she could for a clearer view, deciding not to remove them for the

The Duke watched her flick the lab coat up onto her back to reveal the torn
crotch of her lab pants, her gaping cum leaking pussy, and the small, tight
asshole. Now he felt sure he would harm her despite her powers, especially
after he'd burst her hymen with such ease. As he stood and started towards
her, he moved almost nervously.

"Fool. You can cause me no pain. I am more than able to protect and heal
myself from anything you could do. Now just do it!"

The Duke snarled as Woe called him a fool, and ran up behind her. Dropping
behind her he licked he tore her pants away more to fully reveal her pert
ass. He slathered his tongue down the crack and then poked the tip inside
her. Woe wiggled back on it, and he worked more into her. The Duke put as
much of his tongue as he could into her ass, licking it around and up and
down trying to lubricate. He saw Woe reach up and stoke her pussy though she
kept her face locked on the door. The duke stood behind her again, spitting
one last time between her cheeks. He towered over her, and had to point his
cock downward in a half crouch to aim it at her.

"HURRY!" she called. The Duke slopped cum around quickly, and began to push
his cock into her, the heat and pressure was greater than he expected. Woe
began to cry and scream, a display of false grief. Taking her hips as she
had said, he continued to drive his way into her ass the lubrication making
it the best ass he'd ever taken and being a demon got off on the screams,
even though they were faked. Pulling out a little he rammed in again, and
Woe obliged with an extra large fake scream in time.

The Duke noticed her pussy gushing juices as he did his best to fuck her
too-tight hole, grinding his teeth at the pleasure and almost pain on his
cock. He didn't think he'd last long even with demonic stamina. Taking an
even tighter grip on her hips he growled fearsomely and put all his strength
into a thrust that slapped his balls against her ass.

The duke was beyond words, almost beyond sense at heat and suction on his
cock as he slowly pulled himself out. Sweat gleamed over his huge pink
frame, and his balls were tight and ready to blast. He gripped his horns and
calmed himself as Woe kept up her act. He thrust back in with a bestial
howl, barely aware as the door opened at the top of the steps.

"What the frag?" The Space Marine stood in shock at the sight before him,
the largest demon he'd yet seen raping a clearly human woman. He felt sick,
and readied the chaingun - He wanted to use the rocket launcher, but didn't
want the splash damage of the explosion's to further hurt the woman.

"HELP MEEEEE!" Woe screamed, as Impa gasped "The Duke! The most powerful
demon on Phobos, my lady!" Lady Cottontail began to prepare herself for
another magical battle, concentrating power from her being. She hoped for a
chance to drain The Duke and take his power. Impa moved to protect Lady

The Duke was starting his climax, and only just remembered to let go of
Woe's hips and let her slip from his cock. As she scrambled forward powerful
cum shots landed on the back of her head, then her back, then finally
another blast on her ass before hitting the floor, he dropped to his knees
still firing, leaving him almost dazed.

Seeing the woman out of the blast radius, and running wailing up the steps
towards him, The Duke returned to his first idea and flipped up the rocket
launcher. The rocket went screaming down the steps towards The Duke and hit
him full in the chest. Finally shaken from his orgasmic reverie, The Duke
roared to his feet greatly pained by the rocket.

"FRAG ME!" The Space Marine cussed, having expected a one shot kill. Then
Woe fell into his arms and shouted the mystical word "AYEDEEVLEV" and they
vanished in a flash of green light, taken away.

Impa and Lady Cottontail were taken utterly by surprise, the heavy glazing
of the duke's spunk having utterly masked Woe from them - they'd both
assumed any demonic nature they were sensing was coming from the come. Now
they were faced with a slightly injured but insanely mad Duke of Hell.
Things looked bleak as they prepared for the fight.

End of part 4!

Cpl. Flynn Taggart's the doom guy's name in the novels - I looked it up - so
that's what I used. Sanders was apparently his friend, of course there was
no marine corpse in central processing. It got eaten in the game or
something. Never read the novels myself.

Special thanks to Wakboth, who made a suggestion to use with Woe.


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