Description: Woe takes the Space Marine to the Military Base and does both
pleasant and unpleasant things to him in this continuing parody of Id Games'

Doom: That's One Doomed Space Marine Part 6 (MF,demon)
by Knorg ([email protected])

Military Base (E1M9)

Green light bounced off the dull brown walls as Woe and the Space Marine
materialised on the red star in the military base. A candle burned brightly
at each of the star's five corners unnaturally providing more light than
the failing electrics in the small room. Woe had scanned out through the
hellish corruption that ran through the Phobos. She had been looking for a
concentrated node of the corruption and had found it in the Military Base.
Using her own dark powers she had successfully created a link between the
centre of the red star and patch of the floor in Central processing.

The Space Marine's own platoon had been the only real military unit anywhere
near to the Phobos UAC facility, so 'military base' was a bit of a misnomer.
A small security force, more like police than soldiers, had been based there
as a skeleton crew. Their job had been to keep the base ticking over in case
it was ever needed and theoretically deal with any security problems that
arose. Against the demon invasion they'd been massacred with ease. There
were a few bodies lying around the base, but most had been virtually killed
in their beds and the rest were now zombie former humans. With the recall of
the demonic forces to the Phobos Anomaly, the base had been left utterly
empty of life until the Space Marine arrived with Woe.

The Duke's spunk was still slowly draining down her tattered lab coat, from
her hair, he back, then staining her thighs amost her ripped open pant; the
heavy liquid was hitting the star around her in saucer-sized splats of goo.
The Space Marine groaned quietly and then went limp in her arms. The demon
woman realised that the forced transference path had caused some turbulence
in the near instantaneous journey that she'd hardly noticed but which had
buffeted the Space Marine around; she doubted his unconsciousness would last
for long.

Woe scanned her surroundings, wondering if they could be immediately
suitable to her aim. She noted the two large health packs in the room, along
with a rocket launcher and a box of rockets. There were also various bits of
base garbage around the apparent storeroom, including a set of long chained
prisoner manacles. She saw that the red star was intermittently sparking
around the edges and realised that the teleportation points were stable, and
would probably remain open for anyone else to travel through.

Cpl Taggart, the Space Marine, was starting to come round. Easily holding
his heavy armoured form in one arm, Woe pushed his helmet off so that it
dropped it to the floor. She ran her fingers down his neck to feel the pulse
of his blood. The demon woman smiled and then wrapped her slim arm about his
neck to apply a chokehold over his carotid artery. He shortly dropped back
into full unconsciousness. Woe decided that she would take the long chained
manacles and the Space Marine from the room, and leave everything else
there. The shredded fabric of his top hung down as she detached the Space
Marine's armour and stripped him naked of underclothes and weapons.She
pulled the naked Space Marine up into a firemen's carry and picked up the
long chained manacles. Unbowed by the weight, she carried his unconscious
form up the stairs of the military base, managing to leave a trail of the
Duke's spunk behind them.

Woe had been looking for somewhere that she could secure the manacle chains
too, and she found it at the top of the stairs. There was a grate between
two pillars with a forgotten yellow keycard glowing behind it. Deciding this
was more than far enough away from his weapons and armour, Woe set about
securing the chains to the grate, and locking the manacles about his wrists.
Unlike many of the other demons on Phobos, Woe didn't fear the time limit on
making it back to the closing Phobos Anomaly. Woe's demon-kind were amongst
the most powerful in Hell and she could force the Anomaly back open if she
needed too.

Happy that the Space Marine was secure in his chains Woe dropped her damp
lab coat with a splat, and cleaned her glasses absent-mindedly on a dry part
of her ripped under-blouse. A draft of air played across her exposed and
reddened pussy, the sodden flaps of her torn pants flapped gently.

The Space Marine began to stir again as the creature that was Woe thought of
the period she'd been under the Duke's control and of the luck she'd had in
divining the Space Marine's destiny. It seemed within his power to destroy
the Spider Mastermind, to drive the demon-kind from Earth and end centuries
of planning. It seemed extremely improbable to Woe, who knew far more of
Hell's plans than the Duke, and incredible that one man alone could stop the
forces of Hell. Yet that appeared his future, his destiny.

There were three real options before her. She considered them as she
replaced her glasses upon her nose. The first, to simply draw out the Space
Marine's soul - if he'd come to willingly hump his seed into an Imp, then
she foresaw little problems in getting his load and lust into her. She
would control him then and could prevent him reaching his destiny. Impa had
tried the same tactic.

Woe stretched herself as the Space Marine fully awoke and sat up before her.
He rubbed at his neck and head and ascertained that he was unhurt. The
second option Woe had was to leave him his soul but still make him serve
her, to break him to her will and to destroy his humanity. If she was
successful on that path then she could end up with the Space Marine's
destiny leading her personally to great power; greater than she already

Alternatively, she could just snap his unprotected human neck.

"How are you?" she asked genially, sounding like the scientist whose body
she wore, "I enjoy unwrapping gifts, as I get so few. Sometimes I go a
little wild but I wasn't too rough stripping you down there," she indicated
the stairs to the star-room with a casual wave.

"What are you?" the Space Marine shot back, the manacles clinked and clanked
against the floor as he tested his captivity. He had the benefit of years of
training and experience and so immediately recognised the manacles as an
older, almost entirely unused line with a serious stress design flaw. The
Space Marine assumed they'd probably dumped on the military base as a UAC
cost saving manner. He was optimistic that with enough uninterrupted time he
could release them from about his wrists, make it to a weapon and...

"Where is Daisy? And Impa?" He was concerned for the well being of both,
even though Impa had raped and abused him and would have continued to do so
if the rabbit-spirit hadn't intervened. As for the rabbit-spirit, he somehow
recognised on a subconscious level she was his pet rabbit from The Joseph
Conrad - though he had no inkling of what that actually and truly meant.

"They are... dead, in all likelihood," Woe shrugged her shoulders, bouncing
her unfettered breasts, and continued, "your rabbit friend was weak, drained
of her powers. I could feel the weakness. I think I would have liked the
chance to fight her at her best. I would have relished the challenge to
defeat such a foe as the Duke had intended and to make her obey me as she
obeys..." Woe broke off in mid-sentence and smiled, enjoying knowledge that
was secret yet obvious to her.

The Space Marine had no idea of how much time had passed while he was
unconscious. The fresh wet spunk still leaking from Woe told him it wasn't
too long. He felt uneasy as her use of the past tense unsettled him. Woe
continued to talk,

"As for the Imp? I think she would have been little enough challenge for the
Duke, let alone me. Yes, they'll both be dead by now."

Woe decided it was time to put her chosen plan into action. The demon woman
moved and stood closer to the Space Marine, standing over his legs. He
turned his head away from the rank-demon smell of her duke-spunk coated
crotch and thighs.

"Faugh...!" the Space Marine wrinkled his nose.

Woe danced her right hand down the back of his head and gripped his skull
through close-cropped hair. He realised what she intended as she looked
intently down into his eyes.

"Oh frag..." he started to protest. Woe cut him off as she pulled him
forward and mashed his face into her crotch. The demon rubbed the folds of
her sex across his face enjoying his struggles as he tried to pull back. He
grabbed hold of her thighs and tried to prise her from his face.

"This is your life now. You eat fresh demon spunk from my pussy. I don't
need to take your soul like the Imp Bitch. When I'm through with you you'll
beg for it. You already failed humanity when you gave yourself to that
brutish Imp."

Woe gripped both her hands on the Space Marine's head as she was rubbing
herself off on his face. She felt him stop stuggle with her thighs and try
to get a grip on her slippery buttocks. Hiding his real intent the Space
Marine went to work on the manacle's weak points, while putting up a show of
trying to pull her off with a free hand. Woe was moaning, roughly pleasuring
herself, utterly in command. Demon spunk and pussy juice washed over his
face as Woe brought herself to a quick climax, getting off on the
humiliation as much as the physical sensations. She held the Space Marine's
heads tightly as she gushed into his open mouth, and then forced him to
swallow her gushing girl-cum.

She stepped back to see him gasping for breath with his head bowed. He had
had dropped his manacled wrists against the floor between his legs and they
now shook on the ends of their long chains. He'd stopped working on the
manacles the second Woe stood back. Woe removed the torn remains of her
blouse and dropped them to the floor. The demon now only wore her
crotch-torn trousers, her functional white ankle boots, and her spectacles.
Her blonde hair had been spattered with one of the Duke's heavy loads. Woe
ran her fingers through it and then flicked them at the Space Marine, who
shuddered at the liquid contact.

"Can you believe this fine blonde body never got laid while she was alive?
You human men must all be limp-dicked worthless...."

Woe stalked forward and lifted her leg to push the Space Marine hard in the
cheat. She forced him back until he lay flat on his back on the cold floor.
The demon woman walked slowly around him, stepping over the manacle chains.
He waited for her to distract herself again so he could get another chance
on the manacles. Considering his own options he decided to keep his mouth
shut and not taunt her or anger her unnecessarily.

Woe stopped and stood with her pussy over his face and her booted legs
astride his head. The Space Marine looked up into her well-fucked cunt at
the spunk and fresh juice coating her flesh. He hardly saw her legs move as
Woe sat heavily on his face; his back arched from the floor at the impact.
His nose was mashed into her butt-crack as Woe's crotch-slime again smeared
his face.

"Eat me. Make me cum again."

The Space Marine, stunned from the impact, refused and tried to keep his
mouth shut. He shook his head as he tried to get air into his nose. He was
pushing his hands against her ass, but couldn't budge it. Woe reached down
and stroked his scrotum with her right hand, before closing her fingers
around the warm sack. Feeling deliciously cruel she gently squeezed and her
pussy juiced a little as the Space Marine's back arched up from the floor
again. He grabbed her arm with his hands as the chains clinked loudly, but
he just couldn't pull her off. She squeezed more, and was rewarded by a
heartfelt moan from between her thighs.

For the Space Marine, the pain was minor, bearable; the anticipation of a
harder squeeze however, chilled him. The Space Marine started to go to work
with his tongue, as Woe adjusted her position to give him better access. She
kept her grip on his balls, ignoring his hands on her arms, and began to
gently stroke his cock with her free hand. As he worked on the folds of her
sex with his mouth, the Space Marine felt his cock start to respond. He felt
ashamed, wondering if he truly had no self-control. He couldn't deny that
the firm grip on his balls along with with Woe gently rubbing his foreskin
up and down the head of his penis with her pussy in his face was turning him
on. The demon woman saw it as well.

"You can't resist me, can you?

Woe was jerking him faster and firmer as his meat grew to its full size.
Woe's voice grew breathier as she talked. Sweat sheen coated both their
bodies as the Space Marine worked on her pussy. Woe felt his balls starting
to tighten up in her hand. Her gently rough treatment of his balls was
driving him wild.

"Aaaaahhhh! I could piss in your mouth and you'd still be hard for me
wouldn't you? OOooHHH!"

The Space Marine could hear her voice between her thighs, and realised he
was failing again. He was now willingly gripping her hips, holding her to
him, as he fed on her juices. His manacles and escape were forgotten as Woe
skilfully jerked him to orgasm.

"You're... ooohhh... less than human. YOU'RE A FUCKING ANIMAL!"

Woe exploded against the Space Marine's face, as he simultaneously sprayed
his cum across his stomach in jerking pelvic bursts of semen and lust. He
felt defiled as he was forced again to cum by a demon. His will was
weakening fast. Even so, with the honesty of his post climax thoughts he
felt a surge of duty, and of guilt - the fires of his heroism flared anew.
Woe's weight fell fully on his face as she juddered through her powerful
demonic climax, making the Space Marine writhe beneath her, heroism quickly
driven from his mind as his air was cut off. The sticky taught flesh of her
buttocks was wedged on his face, as pain built in his lungs.

Woe pushed herself up onto her hands and knees just as the Space Marine was
losing consciousness. She looked down between her legs to see him drawing in
massive gulps of air as his facial colour slowly started to return to normal
in the shadow of her sticky crotch.

"Fragile... little animal aren't you?"

The blonde demon-woman reached down and scooped some of her own juice up to
her mouth and tasted it, finding most of the Duke's load had been washed
away in her two climaxes. Woe was disappointed; degrading the macho Space
Marine by making him taste a huge male demon's spunk had been exciting for
her. Woe was ever imaginative and soon had something even better. She
positioned herself so the Space Marine's head was gripped between her legs,
beneath her ass.

"Open your mouth. Close it and I'll crush your balls to a red pulp." 'Soon,
I won't have to threaten to know he'll obey,' she thought.

Balancing in her new position, she took a buttock in each of her hands and
gently spread her cheeks. Pushing, she forced a stream of the Duke's vile
spunk from her ass, dropping it into the Space Marine's open mouth. Woe saw
the look of horrified disgust in his eyes as he tasted the vile ass-cream
and felt another tremor run through her stomach and pussy. Much of the
Duke's spunk had already washed back out of her ass when he withdrew his
prick, but there was more than enough to fill the Space Marine's mouth and
overflow until a white trail ran down the side of his mouth.

"Hold it. Don't Swallow."

The Space Marine was at his lowest as he felt the warm fluid fill his mouth
with his own semen drying on his chest. A dim part of his mind entertained
images of Daisy and Impa extracting terrible revenge against Woe for the
humiliation - he just couldn't see himself ever holding the power to do it,
or be the kind of guy to do so, because of how human the woman looked.

His train of thought derailed as Woe began to gently stroke his wilted prick
again, looking between the valley of her breasts at her chained victim as he
held his mouth open. She could tell he was desperate for her permission to
either spit the load, or at least swallow so he could try and clear the
taste from his mouth. Instead she dropped her pretty lips around his shaft
and swallowed the tip of his hardening shaft just into her throat.

She was bringing him back to a full erection with a mouthful of demon spunk!
The realisation and the shame it carried finally brought a tear to the eye
of the proud Space Marine, which dribbled slowly down his cheek as the wet
slapping noises from his crotch sounded the enthusiasm with which Woe
carried out her blowjob. Soon the demon had him hard as his cheeks burned
with shame and tears. Woe leaped bodily to her feet and stood over him.
Balancing easily on her left leg she poked the toe of her boot against his
balls. She was now earnestly using her hands to rub her dripping pussy and
play with her bare mounds and hard nipples.

"Swallow," she commanded, nudging his balls with her toe.

The Space Marine took two gulps to empty his mouth, looking the demon right
in the eye as she furiously rubbed her pussy through the gaping rip in her
pants. Woe was skilfully playing with her sensitive clit meat as she
attended to her breasts. He thought he was going to vomit as the cooling
slimy liquid went down. Not wanting to give Woe a pool of vomit to use, he
controlled himself.

"Good little animal. Would you like a treat?"

The Space Marine nodded, feeling almost like a dog. Woe was impressed with
the ease at which she was wearing him down, and forcing his submission to
her. Impa's treatment had surely contributed towards it, but Woe suspected
that there was a previously unexplored streak of submissiveness in the Space

"Good boy."

Woe removed her boot from his balls and sat down on the Space Marine's
stomach midriff. The wet heat of her pussy weighed down on his penis and
made him even harder. He found he was no longer sure how much of it was his
body instinctually responding to her, and how much of it was his conscious

"Do you want to fuck me, pet?"

The answer seemed clear to the Space Marin: Damn straight he wanted to fuck
her. He wanted to cum inside the slickly warm pouch of her sex and to serve
her as he had Impa. He still had his soul as he thought these things, and it
was providing the voice in the back of his head that told him he needed to
escape, to save Earth. It was giving him some small measure of control that
he'd lacked with Impa. The core of his being was untouched by Woe.

"Yes, mis..."

Woe snarled angrily and backhanded him across the face. A tooth flew from
his mouth and skidded across the floor as the iron taste of blood flowed
into his mouth.

"ANIMALS DON'T TALK!" Woe's voice lost its human qualities, becoming a
harsher demonic thing. She seemed to have lost control, but much of it was
an act, instilling fear - both of her and of other unknown mistakes the
Space Marine could make. The Space Marine prodded the raw hole in his mouth
with his tongue and winced. He nodded hurriedly to show he understood, and
heard himself whine through the mouthful of blood.

Woe allowed herself to appear mollified.

"Well. Good. You shouldn't swallow all that sweet blood I can smell."

Woe moved on his penis, gently rubbing her pussy lips along the slippery
length of his shaft.

"So. You do want to fuck me?"

Blood spilled from the Space Marine's mouth as he nodded again, ever so
slightly bucking his hips between her legs. Woe smiled and leaned down to
lift his face to hers. She passionately kissed him, swirling her tongue
around, tasting and then swallowing, his blood. Reaching down with her free
hand, she slipped his meat into her and then took his hands and moved them
onto her stomach, wordlessly announcing that she wanted him to use them to
pleasure her. The Space Marine had had a good look at the size of the Duke's
cock, and so was surprised to find her tightly gripping his shaft as he
returned her kiss. The slippery sheath surrounded him as he pushed as much
of himself inside her as he could.

Woe finally broke the kiss with his blood running down her mouth and over
her breasts. She laughed joyously as she began to ride the Space Marine,
high on blood and control. Having cum not long before he knew he could last
longer and was greatly enjoying the wild demon fuck. Woe could tell he was
falling fully into her control, and she rode him steadily with her eyes half
closed. He didn't have the sheer size or power of the Duke, but she was
equally in control and able to keep herself tight about him. The Space
Marine knew how to handle a woman's breasts, paying attention all over the
mounds as he fondled and caressed, equally carefully flicking and squeezing
her blood and sweat slicked nipples between his fingers.

Woe was stoking his head as she fucked him, running her hands over his scalp
and down the sides. She was moaning in time with each self-impalement upon
his meat, enjoying the simplest pleasure of the flesh. Slowly her hands
dropped around his neck, and he felt her fingers closing around his muscular
flesh. Woe rode him faster as she started gently to squeeze off his airway,
drinking the fear and excitement in his eyes as he realised what she was

The demon didn't want to kill him, but the evil act was tempting her sorely
and more so as the Space Marine humped harder to meet her impalements, his
shaft hardening still further. It seemed to Woe that he was ready and
willing to die for her as the ragged breaths started to be closed off from
his throat. He was just an animal beneath her, to be slaughtered and used
for her pleasure and sustenance.

Sweat poured from them as similar thoughts ran through the mind of each as
they fucked incredibly hard upon the cold floor. It took Woe's duty to hell,
and a massive juddering climax tearing through the demon, to save his life.
Her screaming climax reached, he too violently blew his seed inside her
twitching gushing grotto. He slammed his arms out to the side and humped
into her. Neither heard the loud clank as his manacles burst apart upon

Woe's back was arched forward as she collapsed onto him with his spunk
drooling out of her pussy around his shaft. The Space Marine worked on her
nipples and breast-flesh with his mouth between gulps of air. Woe's hair
wildly spread around as her forehead hung down over his left shoulder and
almost rested on the floor. Finger bruises were forming about the Space
Marine's neck as he lifted his arms to hold Woe like a lover.

It was only then that he realised his wrists were free. It has been said
often and truthfully that a man is at his most honest to himself in the
moments following a climax, and this was true for the Space Marine; the
dutiful and heroic core of his being found its voice again. It called upon
him to escape, to save Earth, to do the right thing. It almost warred with
the newly forming part of him, the less than human part. It won. He knew it
was right, he knew what he had to do. He focussed his mind on that challenge
and made quick plans. Flexing his fingers he quickly pulled Woe's head back
hard by her hair.

He had the element of surprise and saw confusion in her eyes. He didn't look
for long; instead he head-butted her and rolled her off him. Woe was
confused for long seconds before furious demonic anger overcame her. She had
thought the human totally dominated and under her control, and now he was
twisting to his feet and running for the stairs, to his stripped equipment.
With inhuman agility the enraged demon kicked out between his ankles and
destroyed his balance. Woe saw him drop and heard him falling down the
stairs. Wild triumph split her face as she leaped to her feet and ran to
follow him.

The Space Marine smiled for the first time since he'd regained consciousness
in the military base as Woe stopped in mid-grin a short way down the stairs.
The demon was faced with the naked Marine pointing a loaded rocket launcher
right at her in the narrow stairway. She started to turn, as the first
rocket smashed into her, followed by the second and then a third. Pain
shocked through her and the Space Marine heard her angered cry cut off as
the ceiling collapsed into the stairway,

The fall down the stairs had hurt, but he was a Space Marine. He knew how to
fall. Looking around he saw his discarded armour and weapons and dressed as
quickly as he could. He knew that he didn't have much time to follow the
demons off of Phobos, and he knew that Daisy and Impa could be in urgent
need of his help. He knew this but he also knew that there was little point
in trying anything naked and unequipped. The medipack in the room helped his
mouth as he eyed the green sparking around the Red Star. He realised it was
a teleporter pad and probably the means with which the demon had dragged him
away from the others. He didn't know what he was going to find on the other
side and feared the worst. Steeling himself with his recent escape he
stepped onto it. Green light flared anew in the red star and then he was

Long minutes passed as the dust settled in the stairway as the Military Base
lapsed back into silence. An explosion of golden fire shattered the silence
as Woe stepped from the rubble in her true tall golden form, arms spread
wide and palms ceiling-ward.

Woe the ArchVile.

End of Part 6!

Thanks again Wakboth for that Woe idea!


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