Description: ...and so my parody of id Games' Doom reaches the end of the
first episode, Knee-Deep in the Dead. The quote at the is from the Doom
shareware. This story features combat based violence and death, male-pain,
sex between demons, rabbit-spirits and Doom's Space Marine and definitely no
smegging flashlights.

Doom: That's One Doomed Space Marine Part 7 (MFF,F-dom,ncon,demon)
by Knorg ([email protected])

Central Processing (E1M6)

The dimensional turbulence, which had battered the Space Marine on his
initial teleport jump to the Military Base, had died down by the time of his
return. Materialising with the customary flash of green light into Central
Processing Earth's toughest Space Marine he instantly readied himself for
action. There was none to be had; the mighty Duke of Hell lay slain on the
crack and filthy tiled path that ran between green pools of toxic waste.
Lady Cottontail - Daisy - was resting naked on his fallen body. The
rabbit-spirit held Impa's still form in her arms and the Space Marine saw
that the demon's head was at an odd angle. He immediately tried to push his
recent experiences at Woe's hands from his mind and tried to ignore the sore
spots on his body - there would be time for R & R later if he survived. The
rabbit-spirit looked up at his arrival and spoke,

"We need to leave; to get off this moon before their anomaly closes," He
could see that her body and hair were now unnaturally clean, almost...
glowing. Her ass was dirty where she sat, but as she gently stood and
lowered Impa's cooling body to lie on the Duke's corpse a strange gentle
glow cleaned the remaining dirt from her body. The sad eyed rabbit-spirit
ran a hand across the female Imp's brown skull to close her eyes.

"What happened here?" His eyes alighted on the cum dripping cock of The
Duke, "Did it... rape you?" The Space Marine politely turned his gaze from
the naked woman he thought of as 'Daisy.' Blushing within his helmet, he was
unable to shake the image of petting his playful rabbit and feeding her
lettuce. The small cottontail poking just above the rabbit-spirit's ass was
the only sign of Daisy on the tall, beautiful body she wore in 'human' form.
Her white-flecked brown hair hung cleanly about her shoulders having
undergone the same cleansing as the rest of her.

Lady Cottontail smiled at the suggestion the Duke raped her and spoke, "No,
he didn't rape me. I am a creature of mystery and magic, I defeated the
pitspawn and fed on his life force. I've grown more powerful than I was for
many years in my other form." The rabbit-spirit's imperious face seemed to
glow as she spoke; the pride she felt was evident in her voice, "To
paraphrase a noted philosopher... I'm no ordinary rabbit." She quickly
dressed in her rabbit-skin skirt and tunic before coughing politely.

"So what happened here?" The Space Marine asked again, feeling bad inside
about the Imp's death. "Tell me! Please!" Lady Cottontail knew they needed
to get moving, but The Space Marine seemed unwilling to go until he heard
the tale of Impa's death; she sighed, "There's not much time, what if..."

"Please! I need to know what happened to you both!" The Space Marine stepped
in front of Lady Cottontail and looked his helmet and into her eyes. The
rabbit-spirit lowered her head and refused to return the look, for all the
power she felt running through her, for all that she could now achieve...
she knew in her bones she'd accepted him as her owner, and she as his pet
rabbit. Lady Cottontail recalled her silent vow to take back what was hers;
she'd succeeded admirably, she felt, happy that the Space Marine was back in
her company and pleased to be in his presence. The Space Marine viewed her
as another civilian, albeit one with abilities he didn't fully understand.
He would never have considered he had any 'ownership' of the rabbit-spirit.

"Alright, I'll tell you now" she began sadly, "this is how it happened..."

* * *

Impa and Lady Cottontail were taken utterly by surprise, the heavy glazing
of the duke's spunk having utterly masked Woe from them - they'd both
assumed any demonic nature they were sensing was coming from the come. Now
they were faced with a slightly injured but insanely mad Duke of Hell.
Things looked bleak as they prepared for the fight.

"Shit! He's gone!" Lady Cottontail's mouth hung for half a second after
Impa's surprised ejaculation. Shaking her head the rabbit-spirit then
attempted to follow Woe and the Space Marine. Ignoring The Duke of Hell she
charged over to where they'd disappeared but couldn't follow.

"I need to re-open the teleportation portal!" The rabbit spirit was unaware
that the teleport link was still unstable from it's unnatural generation -
which caused the trans-dimensional turbulence to the Space Marine. It was
temporarily too small a teleportation point to use at their end. The Duke
flexed his enormous muscles and began to shout at the pair. Lady Cottontail
turned her attention to him and so as the teleport path started to stabilise
both rabbit-spirit and female Imp had their eyes and thoughts on the threat
of The Duke. Lady Cottontail figured that once he was dealt with they could
find a way after the Space Marine. The rabbit-spirit hoped he wasn't put
through anything worse than he'd already had to suffer and envisioned him
quickly overpowering the spunk soaked female and returning them to aid them
against The Duke.

"I'll flay the skin from your filthy body with my claws! I'm going to pull
off your fucking head and use it to pleasure myself, you'll be kept
conscious in eternal agony, YOU TRAITOROUS WHORE!" The Duke's mightily
muscled torso was smoking and burned from the Space Marine's rocket, and a
hastily thrown Imp fireball served only to increase his legendary rage to
new heights of incandescent intensity. His semi-hard prick bounced between
his legs and threw blobs of demon seed about as he moved.

Impa was afraid; she knew Lady Cottontail wasn't at full strength. Hand to
hand, The Duke would surely destroy the rabbit-spirit. Furthermore, she'd
felt the power of the thing that took the Space Marine in the instant that
the teleport magic took effect. She didn't have any idea whether he'd
survive or whether his attacker would be back to join forces with The Duke.

Lady Cottontail wasn't afraid. If they lost she could kill herself
honourably before The Duke carried out his threats and if they won The
Duke's energy would augment her own. He was well above the Spectre in power
and ability. Lady Cottontail knew that she would need to identify and break
his defences to fully drain his life force. Her stress-heightened senses
felt the remains of Woe's spell as the dimensional transport slowly
stabilised. Lady Cottontail was used to dragging the power of others to her
use. Pulling the powerful wash of Woe's hell-magic to her, she closed her
eyes and muttered a few syllables. Her eyes turned golden beneath their lids
and she laughed, genuinely surprised at her success in the attempt.

"And YOU, Rabbit-bitch! I'll use you a thousand ways and then let every
class of demon in hell loose on you, from Former Human to Cyberdaemon!
You'll regret forever the day you set yourself against the forces of Hell!"

Lady Cottontail opened her eyes and smiled, which turned to a yawn as she
stretched her lithe tall body. She had no taunts, no jeers to offer her
demonic opponent. The rabbit-spirit felt the hell taint in the magic; it was
making her want to hurt the Duke before she drained him. Lady Cottontail
concentrated hard to ignore desires of Hell. It wasn't easy. It didn't
matter if energy was drained through her rituals direct from a demon; the
life force that flowed even in demons was basically neutral. The shining
tendrils of energy the rabbit-spirit had taken had been used in Woe's Hell
Magic, and the corrupted taint of Hell now flowed in the rabbit-spirit; if
she survived the coming battle then she would need to perform a spell of

The Duke's green energy blast hit the rabbit spirit-hard in the chest and
pushed her backwards as her wide golden eyes reflected green fire. Lady
Cottontail was invulnerable to harm, but the force of the blasts could still
knock her about. Resolving to try and dodge the next attack the
rabbit-spirit walked towards her demonic foe. Impa couldn't work out where
the rabbit-spirit had gained the power, but things were suddenly going very
much their way.

"RRRRAAAGGGHHH! I'LL PULL YOUR HEAD OFF!" The duke snarled as he ran towards
the rabbit-spirit long-legged stride. The female imp tackled the enraged
Duke from the side and wrapped her muscular pins around his hairy, heavy
legs. The snarling, angry demon beast was forced down to his knees on the
hexagonal tiled floor. "BITCH!" Impa tried to twist her body against The
Duke, testing her impressive strength against his for the first time. He was
too strong for her, and the Imp felt his hands scrabbling for her throat.

"Open wide!" she threw a fireball from close range into the growling Duke's
face. The reddish-yellow ball impacted between the Duke's eyes and searing
pain shot immediately through his craggy head. A creature of great
durability and stamina, he shook and shuddered and refused to let up his
grip on Impa. The Duke could feel the female Imp trying to pull at his
bulging arms as he closed his hands about her neck, scrabbling like a beast
at bay. Impa's head was pushed back against the floor as she fought the
Duke's attempt to break her neck.

'The rabbit! What about the rabbit'? He thought, just as his eyes were
starting to clear. He felt soft hands on his horns, lifting his head. Lady
Cottontail pushed her tongue into the Duke's mouth as his beyond-animal bad
breath washed over her face. He felt her bare breasts pushing into his chest
as she lent down and realised she must have disrobed. 'What's she doing?' he
thought, so confused he momentarily forgot his anger, 'Trying to appease
me?' The demon's grip slackened on Impa's neck as her pushed his large pink
tongue out across Lady Cottontail's face, 'It must be a trick!' he put all
his strength into a blow which knocked Lady Cottontail back through the air.
She landed in the green toxic waste with a heavy splash and sank beneath the

"Ha! Now for you, IMP!" The Duke forced Impa's hands back down beside her
head and slobbered across her face. The pink demon shifted his weight and
twisted her around, crushing her between his legs. Impa's strong thighs were
less than half the mass of the Duke's. Impa shouted and cursed him, fighting
every second with all her inhuman strength.

"I tried to do this the easy way, but there's just no telling some people."
Glowing waste dripped from Lady Cottontail's body as she pulled herself up
onto the walkway; she hadn't felt the blow and the waste could do her no
harm while she was invulnerable. The Duke for a second time found himself
with two targets to worry about. Lady Cottontail had immediately put the
last of her scavenged hell magic to use with a spell she'd created from
echoes within the Space Marine's mind,

"ID Beholds!" she chanted, instantly granting her berserker like abilities
against The Duke. His problems grew considerably worse as Impa took
advantage of Lady Cottontail's distraction to work an aching leg free
between his thighs and put a beauty of a knee right into his heavy balls.

"ARRRRROROOOOOAAAAAGGHHHH!" Supernova pain burst through the Duke's body as
Impa ground her knee into his crotch. The Duke raised his fists to rain down
huge pain-fuelled blows on Lady Cottontail's bondswoman. Impa was faster.
Putting her freed arms to full use she reached up to grip on either side of
The Duke's head and pushed her sharp-clawed thumbs into his eyes. Like his
balls, the agonized demons eyes were tough and durable even against Impa;
even so the pain was intense as Impa maniacally laughed and pushed her
strong brown thumbs deeper into the eye sockets. The duke brought his fists
down hard only to be shocked as Lady Cottontail leaned over Impa to catch
and hold them with little effort. Grinning, the female Imp continued to hurt
The Duke. Lady Cottontail was still working on controlling the effects of
the Hell-Magic's taint and so allowed it to persuade her to stand and enjoy
The Duke's pitiful moans as Impa redoubled her efforts to burst his

"Ha! Now you feel the might of Impa!"

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAHHHHH" nothing had ever hurt The Duke so much
as when the little female burst his eyeballs; blood and fluid gushed from
the large orbs and streamed around Impa's crushing fingers. His mind was
filled with helpless fury, anger directed at Woe's abandonment, at the

"That's enough for now, Impa." Lady Cottontail relaxed her grip on The
Duke's wrists and ran her fingers through her hair as the green gunk
splattered unpleasantly around her naked form.


Impa rolled away from The Duke as he curled in a foetal position, one mighty
hand on his balls, the other over his face. He was used to causing pain, not
receiving it! Lady Cottontail stood and thought as Impa moved to stand at
her side; both women looked down at the demon. It seemed to the rabbit-spirit
that she had made a good choice in keeping the creature alive to serve her,
in not draining the life force from the mottled-brown skin demon as soon as
she could. She admired anew the female imp's agile tongue as it licked the
eye matter from her dangerous fingers.

He was crippled! The bitches had crippled him! It would take ages to grow
the eyes back! He couldn't make the pain go away; it was too great. The
great Duke chuckled, deep, throaty, and increasingly mad. He envisioned
meting out terrible punishments on the two and meat grew even harder. Soon.
Soon he would show them real pain. His cock started to harden between his
legs and his groaned agony took on a new tone.

"Is he starting to like it, My Lady?"

"I think he's close to breaking... I don't think he's had the chance to
experience much pain before," suggested the rabbit-spirit through a
tight-lipped smile. It felt... good to have the berserker strength
coursing through her; it was something she hadn't ever experienced before.
Invulnerable and berserker strong, Lady Cottontail aimed a brutal kick at
The Duke's chest. There was no pain in dainty toes that would normally have
been broken as the great demon's brawny back slapped against the hard floor.
The duke's renewed howl of anguish caused Impa to hiss with pleasure.

"He's a Duke of Hell... he must have experienced agonies," Impa began to
explain, before considering "...but long ago, perhaps."

The tall rabbit-spirit pulled the shorter, muscular demon close to her and
initiated a sloppy, wet kiss. Their bodies mashed together as Lady
Cottontail took advantage of her temporarily increased strength to cup the
female imp's buttocks and pull her up against her. The semi-processed toxic
waste drying on the taller woman's skin seemed to cause no ill effect to
Impa as she wrapped herself tightly about her mistress. Neither was a fool;
they still paid close attention to the Duke's grunts and moans as they
wrestled tongues.

"Fuck him." Lady Cottontail commanded, dropping Impa next to The Duke. The
rabbit-spirit felt certain that The Duke would still have other protections
against her merely dragging the energy from him; letting Impa draw an orgasm
from him would allow her to see the invisible flow of energies in the ether.
The Duke's cries had lowered considerably, and he turned his head towards
the rabbit-spirit as she spoke. She saw the mixture of blood and humours
still dripping, like tears, down his face.

"I'm going to kill you." The harmonics of anger underpinned the strange calm
in his words. Lady Cottontail felt an uncharacteristic sense of apprehensive
fear. The rabbit-spirit could tell that The Duke didn't mean it as a threat:
The demon was stating fact as he saw it. She knew then that while he was
blinded and pained he was still a long way from broken. Lady Cottontail
walked around by his horned head and pressed her foot down on his chest. Her
golden eyes dispassionately watched The Duke test strength against her leg.
Hellishly strong muscles bulged on bright pink arms as he tried to push the
long limb away, to crush the meat and bone to pulp and powder. Lady
Cottontail said nothing - she was concentrating on flows of energy and
power. He achieved nothing; the berserker strength was far greater in the
rabbit-spirit than even when the Space Marine had used the physical
power-ups. With those he'd reduced Imps to pulp with his fist, in Lady
Cottontail the power was more controlled, more focussed - she was strong
without being berserk.

The female Imp crouched between The Duke's legs and watched the test of
strength with interest. Impa respected physical strength and was impressed
with this new aspect of Lady Cottontail's power. She let a few seconds pass
with her eyes fixed on the straining muscles before turning her attention to
The Duke's semi-hard organ. Sticky cooling spunk from his earlier
ejaculations still hung around it, smelling pungent and dark. Impa realised
that the cock would need to be hard for her to obey her mistress' command
and so put both hands around the slab of meat and gripped it firmly. The
hairless demon began to masturbate the Duke; firmly rubbing her experienced
hands up and down the cockmeat as the cooling globs of demon ejaculate
squished and squelched under her tough brown fingers. Fresh demonic precum
already leaked anew from the giant piss-slit atop his inhuman crown, the
milky liquid flowed down and lubricated Impa's eager stroking. The smile on
Impa's face and focus in her eyes showed she was enjoying herself as she
exerted her control over The Duke.

The Duke's heavy balls shook gently with the hand motion as they hung below
his growing cock, demonically ready to come as many times as he needed. The
mighty Duke squirmed under Lady Cottontail's foot, unable to prevent himself
enjoying Impa's skilled hands. He was no longer shouting and cursing as pure
survival instinct had succeeded where all else had failed and controlled the
powerful demon's anger - he could not win with his temper lost, and losing
meant Death. The lack of eyes in his bleeding sockets failed to prevent him
examining for any opportunity to turn things back his way as he realised he
was involuntarily thrusting his mighty hips up into Impa's hands. She

The heady, spicy scent of demon sex was filling the area even drowning out
the toxic waste that Lady Cottontail was rubbing from her body as she
watched Impa work. A drop of her honey fell through the air and splashed
into The Duke's right eye socket as her own sexual arousal grew. The size of
the Duke's meat told her there would be other benefits to taking him than
simply draining his energy. The Duke's impressive hands were balled into
fists by his side as Impa opened her mouth over the hot, slippery crown of
his dickmeat. Sharp Imp teeth sent tingles up his spine as they brushed the
trembling precum-sticky head.

She closed her mouth around the Duke's crown and then pulled back to slurp
the top. The Duke groaned and his hips spasmed as Impa shut her red eyes and
swallowed, creating perfect vacuum around the jerking pink meat.

"Impa. We don't have much time." Lady Cottontail had realised with some shock
that she'd forgotten the demons were collapsing the anomaly and aiming to
trap them on Phobos.

Impa pulled her head from the shivering demon meat and licked her long tongue
around her lips. Standing quickly the female Imp straddled the jutting,
swollen cock of The Duke between her thighs. The largest prick she'd taken
inside her pussy for a while was the Space Marines, as he'd prevented the
pink-gorrila demons from raping her vaginally earlier. The scent of blood was
in her nostrils from the Duke's wounds, and her thighs were sticky with
demonic juice, though nowhere near as sticky as the Duke's rod, which was
nudging her pussy lips as she crouched lower.

Impa looked up into the rabbit-spirit's intent eyes as she impaled herself,
mewling softly as her hairless pussy lips and then the heated slippery folds
of her pussy stretched to contain the Duke's shuddering crown. Fresh precum
eased the cock's way further into her as the smaller demon grasped her
breasts and began to ride atop her former commander. Fresh girlcum slicked
from the rabbit-spirit's juiced up snatch as a small climax flowered in her
stomach as she hornily watched the demonic copulation.

"UH! Uh! UH!" Impa grunted in time as she fucked The Duke using the inhuman
strength and balance of her legs for control as she filled her hands with
her own firm breast-flesh.

The rabbit-spirit finally identified the extent of the Duke's sexual defences
as Impa raked her nails across his rocket-singed chest and rode him even
faster. Slick demonic lubricant and milky precum glistened on the unnaturally
hard meat as Impa's ass blurred up and down the groaning, trapped, Duke's
tool, sinking more of the Duke's shaft into her griping, grasping swallowing
pussy with each downward stroke.

"I've seen enough. Finish," another terse command from Lady Cottontail.

"Ohhh, yes my lady! Yes!" blood flowed on The Duke's chest, trickling around
the rabbit-spirit's toes. His face was curled into a snarl as he sought to
summon his own power, his own magic. Impa finally swallowed the full length
of his meat into her, the huge phallic shape failed to push out against her
powerfully strong stomach as her merciless muscles squeezed and kneaded his
dick within.

"ARRRHHHHH! YOU BITCH!" The tiled floor cracked when the Duke smashed his
fists down into it as he began to cum, fist-sized balls tight against his
body. Impa gripped him inside of her as hot demon spunk pulsed along his
shaft, pumping into her hellish womb. The heat and pressure, the fullness
and the scent of blood, the friction of the fuck, the domination and command
brought on the lightning bolts of Impa's own orgasm. She collapsed against
his chest with her eyes rolled back as The Duke continued to pump into her
grinding his teeth and enjoying the mind-blowing pleasure of his climax.
Still Impa's strong stomach and cunt muscles pressed back against the mighty
volume of cum and forced it back along the shaft so that spurts squelched
obscenely loudly around the base of their union.

Seconds passed until Impa found herself with a nasty idea; one she hoped
Lady Cottontail would let her carry out. Tightly gripping her pussy around
the still hard rod, she slid herself up the Duke's meat. Impa held the
colossal cumload inside of her, feeling it warm and wet and sticky; filling
her womb and dribbling through even her tightly compressed Imp snatch.
Little tremors still rocked her body as she stood to lazy attention before
her mistress. She'd hardly broken a sweat with the quick exertion.

"Now it's my turn... Duke." Lady Cottontail appeared to think, scratching
the skin just above her namesake tail with her left hand, "Duke? Now why
should such a pitiful creature as you bear a noble title like that? From now
on you will be..." inspiration failed her, and she finished slightly lamely,

It was still humiliating enough and anger flared anew in the Duke. To rise
to his dukedom from the baronage, to serve the Spider in exalted position of
command: these things did not come easily. He howled and twisted and broke
Lady Cottontail's foot-grip on his chest. Moving fast for his great bulk the
enraged demon kicked Impa from her feet. Spunk spurted from her freshly
filled snatch as her brown ass hit the tiled floor and a huge brawny hand
grabbed her skull. She felt immense pressure around her bald head and heard
The Duke's laughter. The mirth turned to a new agonised scream as Lady
Cottontail brought her foot down on his muscled wrist hard enough to sever
the hand. Impa instantly felt the grip on her skull slacken.

the Duke's free hand as he reached for his wrist and cauterised the wound;
the spurting blood stopped almost instantly. Impa tossed the twitching hand
into the pool of toxic waste and enjoyed the sound of The Duke suffering. As
the initial cry died down in his throat, he felt the cursed rabbit-spirit
regain the foot grip on his chest and heard her address him,

"If you don't wish to suffer further such agonies then don't try that again.
You don't need your limbs for the fate I have planned for you, puke, just
one extremity."

The Duke's back was arched and he was cradling his stump across his chest.
His fanged mouth was wide and shouting the most powerful, the most deadly
magical curses he knew. They were too powerful, too hard to control outside
hell, too easy to turn back against the user by skilled opponents and that
last was why he hadn't attempted any against the rabbit-spirit. The
desperate attempts were all for naught as Lady Cottontail directed the hell
magic away from 'the good guys' harmlessly, grounding it into already hell
corrupted walls and Central Processing equipment. The spells were too evil
and too wild to try and control or for her to absorb as she had done with
the weak remnant's of Woe's magic.


A thin wail escaped his lips as he collapsed flat back against the floor and
subsided into mumbling. His flesh glistened and stank with infernal sweat.
Lady Cottontail, for her part, had had the continued danger The Duke still
posed driven home. She decided to lend much of the magical strength to Impa
so that her servant could more easily control him while she drained his
powers. As the rabbit-spirit pushed her restraining foot harder against the
Duke's bloody chest she heard the bones grind within. Impa was on her knees
at the rabbit-spirit's feet, licking the bloody gore of The Duke's severed
arm from her mistress' foot. The rabbit-spirit had earlier made Impa
pleasure her with that imp tongue, and as she watched it slip around her
toes and then the long licks along her foot she decided on the spell she
would use to temporarily add berserker strength onto Impa's already
impressive muscle.

"Impa: taste me. Drink my power." Impa with demon blood smeared around her
face had looked up at Lady Cottontail's voice of command; now she broke into
a toothy grin and cutely scooted up onto her knees. The rabbit-spirit's
whole body shivered as Impa flicked her tongue swiftly the length of her
juice oozing pussy. The blinded Duke could hear Lady Cottontail begin to
speak her magic words; the reverse of the power draining spell. He groaned
as his wounded chest was ground under her magically strong heel, still
desperately looking for an avenue to victory as Impa grabbed ahold of pert
and sweaty buttocks and pushed her impish tongue into the wet folds of her
mistress' swollen sex.

"Akar...yesss... oh shit!" Lady Cottontail began the ritual again, as she
breathily spoke the words of the spell. The rabbit-spirit had been
incredibly aroused before the ritual, now she had to fight to not crush
Impa's skull in her hands as she involuntarily pulled the juice-shiny bald
head harder up into herself. Her voice rose and her body trembled as Impa's
tongue fucking sent lightning bolts of pleasure through her belly; without
warning Impa pulled back and sucked on her clit, while roughly grabbing her
mistress' tingling nipples.

Lady Cottontail collapsed, squealing and bucking her hips against Impa's
hungrily slurping face as spraying girlcum forcefully painted the brown skin
of the female imp's delving face. The spell was complete. The Duke couldn't
believe it! He took immediate advantage of the situation.

"STUPID BITCH! NOW YOU BOTH PAY!" The mighty meaty remaining hand of The
Duke landed on Impa's shoulder as the berserker strength flowed through her
very strong body. He felt her twist easily against his strength! IMPOSSIBLE!
Impa's heavy leg swept the one-handed Duke from his feet to land again on
his increasingly sore butt. He heard the movement through the air just
before Impa's fist fractured his skull; he saw stars with eyes that were no
longer there. The once-powerful Duke lay dazed on the tiled floor as Impa
sat heavily on his chest. The female Imp licked her tongue across the drying
blood on his face, and the strong smell of Lady Cottontail's juices filled
his nostrils.

"Sssss... This is much more fun than serving hell," she whispered, "I always
wanted to take down your kind, puke. Now I can take my revenge on all those
who've looked down on the Imps! We won't stop with you, either... The Spider
Mastermind will fall to us..." she spat in his eye socket, "Hell will be

"Hmm. Mine. Perhaps. I'm not all that sure I want it." Impa flicked her head
around to see Lady Cottontail had finished her climatic multiple orgasms,
though she still had two fingers wedged in her slippery box. Anger flared in
the female Imp, but she could not move against the rabbit-spirit while she
was bound to her. Lady Cottontail's eyes were still golden, but she'd lost a
lot of the berserker strength. She knew that both spells would wear off
quite soon now, and it would be some time before she could work either again
- no matter the power she drained, a body could only take so much of
concentrated magical pressures.

Lady Cottontail stood on unsteady legs and was mildly amused to see that
spunk from Impa's earlier fucking was still leaking from the female imp's
body onto the Duke's chest. Impa noted the target of the rabbit-spirit's
gaze and tensed her nether-muscles harder; she was still holding most of The
Duke's cumload inside herself and didn't intend to waste it across the
muscular chest of The Duke. He was now mumbling incoherently; Lady
Cottontail thought she detected an attempt at some new hell magic.

"You won't have time to finish. Now is the time of your death." She directed
Impa to move so that the female imp could more easily hold him down and
control his mighty arms. The rabbit-spirit stood over the demon's wilted and
slimy cock. Following the rabbit-spirit's instructions, Impa took the
opportunity she'd been waiting for and positioned her bald demon pussy over
The Duke's quietly mumbling mouth and simultaneously grasped each of his
mighty arms in her smaller brown hands. The musky scent of her snatch, mixed
with the pungent odours of his own cum, quickly filled the Duke's nostrils.
All other scent was blocked from the blinded demon, and all sound - at
least in the short term - by Impa's thighs. She felt his horns on either
side trapped between her lower-legs and thighs.

Lady Cottontail smiled down at her servant, "Enjoy yourself," she suggested,
as Impa smiled and finally relaxed her inner muscles, pushing down and out;
the stream of spunk sprayed into the Duke's mouth. Impa groaned loudly as
the pressure was relieved and the warm thick flowing liquid gently stimulated
her pussy. The Duke was coughing his own foul load up, spluttering and
choking, unable to move his head. Globs of spunk spat and flowed between
Impa's grasping thighs as the flow finally began to abate; between her legs
the Duke's pink face was white with his own foul seed; his deep eye sockets
brimming over with his own seed.

Lady Cottontail flicked the Duke's cock up onto his stomach with her toe and
nodded. Impa understood immediately; still tightly clutching their captive's
mighty wrists, the female imp lent awkwardly forward and began to suckle on
the head of the Duke's prick. Pained and puzzled, the defeated Duke felt his
demonic dick lusciously licked by the face-sitting Imp. His own cum still
leaked from the corners of his mouth as he tried to resume his spell, which
was a sophisticated attempt to effect and annul the recent magic transfers
that Lady Cottontail had been working through her rabit-spirit magics. He
was unable to resist the oral skills of Impa as his prick again hardened
under her ministration.

He burbled meaninglessly into Impa's pussy as Lady Cottontail lowered
her naked body and pushed the semi-hard demon dick inside herself;
invulnerability or not, she wanted to fill herself slowly with the mighty
slab of meat rather than attempt the whole hard lot in at once. It hardened
further as she slowly opened her slick passageway with the increasingly hard
meat. Impa turned her attention to the rabbit-spirit's sweat-shiny breasts.
Tiny shudders ran through the rabbit-spirit's rack as the female imp
slathered her tongue over the firm nipples, sampling the scents and tastes
of the skin in the mammary valley.

Lady Cottontail pushed Impa away as she fully impaled herself on the Duke's
cock and felt the base of his hot meat rubbing against her spread thighs.
The rabbit-spirit could feel the heat radiating from The Duke's balls
against her ass. Impa sat back and began to grind her pussy against the hard
ridged bones of the Duke's face, watching as the invulnerable rabbit-spirit
raised herself back up the slick shaft; her lightly furred snatch was
splayed around the inhuman meat, and the rabbit-spirit groaned in time with
the Duke's muffled voice. Impa screeched as she suddenly came, shuddering
and humping on the blinded Duke's face. The big demon felt the fresh spray
of liquid coat his sticky face but his mind was filled with the fist like
tightness of the rabbit-spirit's body around his meat, almost as
exquisitely, painfully, pleasurable as Woe's ass.

Lady Cottontail was breathing heavily as she rode the biggest cock of her
life, prevented from pain and damage by the invulnerability that turned her
eyes golden. She leaned back, grabbing the Duke's legs behind her and
twisted to feel the monster cock moving inside her. She destroyed or evaded
the magical defences earlier detected as Impa had fucked The Duke. The
rabbit-spirit began chanting in a ragged, breathless voice as she moved back
into her original crouching fuck position and began pulling herself up the
full length of the hell hard demon rod before fast impaling herself back on
it. Meanwhile, heavenly pleasures flushed Impa's entire body as she came
again, painfully squeezing the cracked cranium of The Duke between her
thighs and grinding crotch.

The Duke's mind was shattered by pain and pleasure but he could still feel
the beginnings of the rabbit-spirit's spell sucking at him as he lost all
control and started to hump up into her over-stuffed crotch. Lady Cottontail
groaned her pleasure loudly and appreciatively and worked to counter and
match the hip pumps as she continued her spell. The Duke knew this was the
end. Sweet sweat poured from the rabbit-spirit's body as she felt the Duke's
dick shudder and pulse within her, bringing the spell and herself to a
climax. The duke's energy was focussing within him a thin beam of energy
centred on his cock and balls, ready to blow.

"YYYYAAAAAHHHHHHH! YEEEAAAAHH!" Impa was riding herself to orgasm after
orgasm; giving in utterly to the lustful temptations and weakening even her
magically enhanced demon strength and stamina with the spirit shaking
climaxes that tore through her being like tsunami's wiping out entire

Lady Cottontail's ecstatic scream hit a pitch so high that nearby monitors
shattered as the rollicking ride of her crashing climax consumed her. The
Duke's jerking dick blasted demon spunk into her rabbit-spirit womb, as he
felt his life draining from him in every powerful spurt. Calling upon the
very depths of his reserves, he directed his remaining fist into a massive,
final, deathblow at the unwary Impa.

And then he was dead.

Minutes passed before Lady Cottontail gingerly lifted her tall body from the
Duke's pussy-stuffing meat. The invulnerability had worn off and as her
snatch sucked and pulled she felt intense sensations as the ridged dick-meat
rubbed her membranes before it flopped from her body. A stream of spunk
followed it, dropping unnoticed from her still wide pussy lips as the
rabbit-spirit stood, until a pool of demon cum surrounded her feet. Lady
Cottontail felt the immense power burning inside her body. A wave of her
hand was all it took now to initiate a spell of cleansing; Light glowed
around the proud rabbit-spirit and then was clean both physically of the
sweat and the spunk and the remains of the toxic bath and also disinfected
of the corrupting hell taint. Lady Cottontail ran fingers through her soft,
clean hair and opened her eyes to see the corpses of The Duke and...

"Impa. Oh no." The Duke had shattered the female Imp's neck. Death was
instantaneous and there had been no suffering. The rabbit-spirit pulled Impa
into her arms and sat heavily on the Duke's chest. She knew she had to get
on to find the Space Marine and to get them off of Phobos. That was her duty
now but there was time enough to mourn the death of a creature that had
served her only briefly, but well.

* * *

"We need to get to get to the Anomaly before it closes; if we're stuck here
on this moon then we've no chance of stopping the pit-spawn building Hell on
Earth. I would not see the green places further defiled." She looked
beseechingly at the Space Marine and hoped he would finally allow them to

The Space Marine missed her expression as he looked down at Impa's body, and
sighed behind his helmet. Daisy was right, the did need to get going. Impa
had beaten him, she'd raped and humiliated him; she'd stolen his soul. He
wondered what kind of man he was to feel so bad at her needless death, to
wish with all his macho military heart that she, one of the demon enemy,
lived again. Almost like the classic light bulb flicking on it came to him:
he was a good man. There was a flash of green light about the room just as
he said, "I'm going to miss her."

"Don't worry too much, pet. I'm sending you both to join the little bitch."
Woe the ArchVile glowed with auric light as golden flames leaped from it's
tall body; it leaned forward and blasted the Space Marine several feet
backwards as he started to turn to face it. The HUD in his helmet immediately
lit up with damage reports as his body was battered with painful hellfire,
and the blow took out 40% of his armour.

"Run, Daisy! Find some cover!" The Space Marine's military reactions took
over as he turned to face the tall ArchVile, "That's an order!" Cpl. Taggart
had grown used to quite a lot of command before his demotion, and giving
orders flooded back naturally in the combat situation. He pulled up the
rocket launcher and hit Woe right in the chest...


Lady Cottontail turned and ran, conscious of the direct order to find cover -
and she felt she had no choice but to obey. She flicked her eyes around the
processing room; nowhere came to mind that would allow her to aid the Space
Marine. She tried to reason with herself; he hadn't truly accepted the extent
of her power when she gave the order. Then she realised that the wall at the
entrance to the area could serve as cover from which she could 'return fire'.

Woe shrugged off the rocket blast as it stood over the bodies of Impa and
The Duke. Woe instantly made the decision to raise and heal The Duke, and as
The Space Marine feverishly prepared the next rocket for firing Woe raised
its deceptively strong arms out to either side and summoned a column of
golden fire to resurrect The Duke...


The Space Marine put the second rocket in the same spot as the first, and
Woe rocked back on its spindly demon legs. The golden flames died before it
as the ArchVile prepared to send another blast at the Space Marine. He moved
erratically from side to side on the narrow tiled path through the toxic
waste, making himself a harder target. Woe was, like the Duke, a species of
Demon he'd not yet encountered...


Golden Fire leaped from the limbs of the ArchVile as it swung its arms
forward for the next blast until strong hands gripped Woe's legs and it fell

"WHAT IS THIS?" It screeched, inhuman; Woe the ArchVile sounded very
different when not constricted by human vocal cords. Through the fast
dissipating rocket smoke she saw that the traitorous Imp had been healed!
The Space Marine's rocket blast had cut off the process before The Duke
could be raised!

"SHOULD'VE STAYED DEAD!" the golden demon raised her fist to rain a crushing
blow down on Impa's skull, aware that she now had three foes to deal with.
Lady Cottontail had reached the end of the room and found a wall to shield
her fur-clothing dressed body. Deciding her orders were obeyed she lent
around the wall and put her power into a fireball like mass that drifted
over Impa's head and clung still-burning to Woe's face. Woe was blinded,
shrieking with the pain as it pulled at the incorporeal mass with claw-like

Impa had avoided the bone-crushing blow and the resurrected demon pulled
herself away from the agonised ArchVile as The Space Marine closed in. Sight
returned and Woe looked up into the helmet of the Space Marine. There could
be no mercy, no chance of reprieve here. It felt good as he finished the
demon off with further rockets, blasting the bodies of both Woe and The Duke
into meaty chunks.

The Space Marine looked at Impa, who stared unafraid back. Impa discovered
that she was no longer bound to Lady Cottontail's service; death had freed

"My... Lady." She said, bowing her head towards the rabbit-spirit. Impa had
much to think about. Her death seemed like a dreamlike memory, an unreal
event. The female imp was not about to rush to attack Lady Cottontail until
she'd fully assessed her future. She decided to keep up the pretence of
being bound to the rabbit-spirit for the time being. One thing was clear:
She had no mistress, no master. Impa was her own demon again. The
rabbit-spirit acknowledged her graciously, unaware of the change in their
relationship, before turning towards the Space Marine.

"The Anomaly?"

"The Anomaly."

Phobos Anomaly (E1M8)

Cold winds blew across the surface of the Martian moon Phobos. It almost
seemed as if they sought to scour the evil from the satellite's surface, to
wipe away the stains of Hell and humanity. The corruption and the evil were
centred on the Anomaly; the dimensional tear that linked Phobos to Deimos,
brother moon of Mars.

The Trio had encountered no further resistance as they travelled to the
Anomaly; aside from the two Barons of Hell they were the last living
creatures on Phobos. They had talked as they walked and Impa had explained
that she could remember nothing of Death; she thought that as a creature of
Hell there wasn't anywhere to go when she died; whatever made her her had
perhaps been cast into the void, the darkness and the cold at the edge of
the universe where even demons could not walk.

Lady Cottontail had sought to explain the nature of her power, of what being
a rabbit-spirit meant and of what she could achieve fuelled with the fallen
Duke's life force. The Space Marine had listened with interest, learning as
much as he could about magic and demonkind and hell from his companions. He
considered their knowledge extremely valuable intelligence about the foes he
would need to face if he were to save Earth from the demonic invasion Impa
told them about.

When they reached the Barons there was something of an anti-climax. The
Space Marine considered that he could have easily destroyed the pair
single-handed and so with the co-operative violence of Impa and Daisy and
the advice and knowledge of Impa they seemed no threat at all. The trio
watched the fallen barons melt down into dual piles of demonic sludge.

Lady Cottontail's hair blew wildly around her head in the bone-chilling cold
of the winds as Impa led the way up to the Anomaly point. The closing
Anomaly had passed the point of no return; even without the barons to force
it closed it was still collapsing. The evil aura around the place unsettled
her and she felt rabbit instincts to run and hide building inside her mind.

"This will just work like one of the teleporters, then?"

"Yes Flynn... we just need to walk onto it and we'll be on Deimos."

The Space Marine pulled the chaingun into a ready firing position; Impa had
assured them that there would be a lot of demons on the Shores of Hell. He
looked over at Daisy and saw the concern and concentration in her imperious
face, the eagerness that sat on Impa's features as her red eyes glowed with
the anticipation of violence, and of walking amongst the Imps on Deimos.

Her people.

"Frag it. Let's get these S.O.B.s!"

They stepped onto the Anomaly. Everything went dark and red and painful.




End of Episode 1.


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