Disclaimer: This story is made for entertainment purposes only. None of the
events are real. This does not partake in any of the actual story line to
the Dr. Dolittle movie series. This story takes place a bit after part Dr.
Dolittle 2.

Extra credits: The Porn Cat for giving me an idea of what to add in the

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Dr. Dolittle: Blackmail
by Dragon333 ©September 13th, 2006

Cherise Dolittle threw away her cell phone bill that she got in the mail
that was over $300. She was certain that her dad wouldn't see it now that she
put it in the trash. Now he wouldn't have to listen to her talk about how
embarrassing it was to have such a high cell phone bill, and complain about
how he had to pay extra because she couldn't keep track of time. That is
until the next day when her dog Lucky would find the cell phone bill.

Cherise was listening to her music in her room, wearing a purple du rag,
purple shirt, and white jeans. She danced to the music in her room while
letting her huge 16 year old tits bounce freely. She had really big bouncy
tits, and they were bouncing quite nicely at the moment. She loved the
feeling that her tits would bounce so freely and so high; it made her
joyous that she could feel the realism and gift of having natural big tits.
Lucky scratched the door of her room. She opened the door for Lucky and then
got right back to bouncing and shaking her tits. Lucky held a paper in his
mouth and mumbled something and got one of his owners attention.

"Lucky, are you trying to say something?" Cherise said finally stopping her
titi dance. Lucky then dropped the paper from his mouth.

"Cherise, looks like someone doesn't want to see a certain someone else see
a high bill that he would have to pay. Something that she…. Put in the trash

Cherise's eyes lit up horridly as she gasped in fright.

"Lucky! No, please don't! Dad will take away my cell phone, ground me, and
probably even take my TV!" Cherise whined.

"Maybe I won't show him this if you do something for me." Lucky said winking
at her. Cherise was starting to hate the fact that she could talk to animals.

"Give me that, Lucky! You won't be blackmailing me!" Cherise said as she
power walked to Lucky while her big breasts would bounce up and down with
each step. Lucky struggled to not allow Cherise get the paper from him as
he re-picked it up with his mouth and moved it side to side making it
difficult for Cherise to get the paper. Cherise managed to get it despite
Lucky's struggle.

"Ha! See, Lucky! Don't mess with a human! Human's are a higher life force and
are better than any kind of animal." Cherise said cockily with the paper in
her hand. "We're much smarter than you too." She added.

"Oh really? Why don't you take a look at the paper you just took away from me
then." Lucky told her tauntingly. Cherise then glanced over at Lucky and then
looked at the paper and saw it was just a crayon colored drawing that her
little sister Maya did.

"I knew you had nothing on me." Cherise told her dog with a grin.

"Oh, don't I? You were dumb enough to fall for my doggy trick. That paper you
have there is a decoy."

"You're bluffing!" Cherise said defensively.

"Cherise Dolittle. Payment due for over usage on cell phone: $385.05. I've
hid the real bill and if you don't do what I want you to do, then I'll show
this to John Dolittle himself."

"How did you learn how to read?" Cherise asked surprised.

"John taught me."

"OK, but I'm not being your damn slave. No way! You probably don't have the
bill of my cell phone anyways."

"So you don't believe me?" Lucky said in an evil genius sort of way. "Oh

"WAIT! OK, Lucky! I'll do whatever you say."

"Now we're getting somewhere. You can start by taking off that disgusting
long, big sweater that covers up all that sexiness in you." Cherise sighed
as she pulled her purple sweater over her head revealing a sexy purple
silky bra, exposing the cleavage of her wonderful 38DD's. "Now you can
remove your pants and panties." Cherise stomped her foot.

"No way, Lucky! This is going too far! I'm NOT showing you my tits and

"John!!!" the dog said imminently having Cherise's father seeing the bill.
Cherise grunted loudly knowing that the dog outsmarted her and was in total
control of her.

"OK, fine!" Cherise said as she had reluctantly removed her pants and big fat
purple panties revealing a cleanly shaven vagina. She instinctively covered
her pubic hair with both hands. Cherise was disgusted at what she was looking
at. She was watchingLucky's doggie dick come out and grow long. "Ewe! Lucky,
I can see your boner!"

"You won't just be seeing it, Cherise! Get down on your hands and knees."

"Lucky, you can't be serious!" Cherise said whining and felt like she was
about to cry.

"What you're thinking is precisely what I'm going to do. Now get down on your
hands and knees unless you want John Dolittle to take your cell phone away,
and ground you for a year!"

Cherise, still dressed in a purple du rag, and silky purple bra, got down on
her hands and knees just like a dog with her bare ass in the air.

"Come on, Lucky. Do it, Lucky, and get it over with!" Cherise cried out as
she literally invited him into her vagina.

"Yeah baby!" Lucky said excitedly as he put his paws on Cherise's waist and
penetrated his dog dick inside of her loose vagina. Lucky kept panting and
literally drooled on his owner's back. He kept humping her and humping her
feeling ecstatic with each thrust in his dog dick inside of his owner's human
love hole. Lucky decided to take things up a notch, after all, the girl he
was fucking was one of the very few humans he could actually talk and
communicate with.

"Say it! Say you're my bitch!" Lucky barked. Cherise's face grew red with
shame. Cherise felt more and more drool go all over her back as she felt her
humungous 16 year old double D's bouncing up and down through her purple bra.

"I...I'm your bitch!" She mumbled.

"Louder!!!" He howled.

"I'm your Bitch!! I"M YOUR BITCH!!!!!!!!" she screamed out and she felt
Lucky's cum flood into her, filling her to the brim and leaking down her
thighs. "You know I'm your bitch, Lucky!" Cherise didn't want to admit it
to herself, but she kind of, somewhat enjoyed it. She found herself
actually panting after she felt Lucky's sperm reach inside of her ovaries.
As Lucky got off of her, Cherise stood up. "I'm glad that's over with."
she said aloud pretending that she didn't enjoy it even in the least.

"Cherise, it's not over just yet." Lucky told her right before he barked.
"Take off the bra, bitch. You're my bitch. I own you now. Bitch means female
dog." he reminded her. "You're the dog now. You're my little bitch."

"No! There's no way I'm letting you see my goodies!!!" Cherise said crossing
her arms to cover up some of the eye candy of her great big black tit
cleavage. "Only my boyfriend gets to see them!"

"Last time I checked, Eric dumped you for a white girl!" Lucky said.

"I mean you have to be my boyfriend to get the privilege of seeing my DD

"John!!!" Lucky said.

"OK! FINE!" Cherise said as she unsnapped her bra and allowed her purple bra
to drop to the ground. "There, ya happy? I hope you like what you see." she
said somewhat sarcastically as she was well aware that her big black tits
were in full plain frontal sight for her horny pet to see. Lucky could see
the beautiful big dark nipples on Cherise's big breasts. He had the position
to do whatever he wanted with her, and it would probably only last one day,
so he knew he had to do it now, if he wanted to taste what he was lusting
after at the moment.

"Wow, those are really nice big tits. Get on your knees, bitch!" Lucky
demanded. The bitch did exactly what her new master told her. She was now
wearing nothing but her sexy purple du rag. "Walk to me on your knees." She
walked to her dog on her knees, and even on walking on her knees would cause
her big light black natural tits to jiggle all over. As soon as she was in
licking distance, he ordered her to stop. Lucky then licked her right tit,
making sure he got her nipple in the center of his tongue while he gave it
nice hard continuous licks. Cherise looked down and watched as her pet kept
licking her tits. She then let him continuously lick her other big breast
without interrupting him with any words or anything. "Tell me you're my doggy
slut, Cherise." Lucky said as he finished licking the big black tits of his

"I'm your doggy slut." Cherise said with ease.

"Now it's over. Since you did everything I said, I won't show your dad the
cell phone bill that was over $300."

The End

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