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DR. Quinn Part 1
14-Jun-99 20:42:44

This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter one
The Heist

The forest had been ablaze a few miles away from Colorado
Springs for weeks now. All of the men and some of the women
have been gone just as long fighting the flames in an attempt to save
the town from destruction. Horace continued manning his
telegraph, calling out on a regular basis for more manpower to fight
the fires. Thanks to his diligence, over fifty new bodies have shown
up in town in the past week. Some from the U.S. Cavalry, the
others from mines and the railroad workers.

Dr. Mike, Colleen, Grace and Theresa also remained in town to
treat the injuries at the clinic as they came in. The clinic at present
had fifteen patients. Most of them were not serious, but bad
enough to remove them from the fire line. Dr. Mike was on the
ground level treating a fractured leg that was brought in recently.
Theresa Maria Conchita Slicker, Jake's new bride and the town's
schoolteacher, was tearing cloth for bandages when not assisting
anybody else.

Colleen Cooper, Dr. Mike's sixteen year old adopted daughter, was
upstairs assisting in changing dressings from burn injuries. As
always, whenever she was helping out in the Clinic, her hair was
tightly done up in a bun, hiding its full length and softness. Grace
was over at her restaurant preparing the food for the patients as
well as for the front lines. So far they had been very fortunate. No
serious injuries needed to be treated during this crisis. But with all
of the help coming from around the Territory, hope was high that
this crisis may soon come to an end.

"Colleen! Can you come down please?" Dr. Mike called out.

"Coming Ma." Colleen replied.

"Theresa, I'll need both of you for setting this leg." Michaela

"But of course doctor." Was Theresa's response.

Setting aside the bandage rolls that she was preparing, Theresa
joined Dr. Mike next to the examination table just as Colleen
entered the office.

"Colleen. Theresa. You'll have to hold down Mr. Higgins while I
set his broken leg." Dr. Mike instructed.

"OK Ma." Was Colleen's reply.

"I understand." Theresa responded.

Speaking to Mr. Higgins, the patient, Michaela Quinn tried to
reassure him before proceeding.

"Now Mr. Higgins, I know this is going to hurt, but we have to set
your leg correctly so that it can heal properly."

With those instructions in mind, Mr. Higgins grabbed his belt and
placed it in his mouth and started biting hard on it. With her typical
smile as a sign of approval, Dr. Quinn proceeded in setting the
broken bones. After much grunting and struggling from all
concerned the bone was finally set. After the splint and bandages
were wrapped they helped Mr. Higgins up to one of the empty cots
so that he can rest.

After assuring themselves that all of the patients were resting
comfortably, all three women returned to the clinic's office. Colleen
and Theresa proceeded in cleaning up the examination area while
Dr. Quinn updated all of her records.

After they had finally caught up with all of their work, it was
nearing dinner time.

"Ma, I'm going over to Grace to get us some dinner before another
rush hits us, OK?" Colleen suggested.

"That's an excellent idea Colleen." Her mother replied.

"Yes, I could also do with some nourishment." Theresa echoed.


While everybody was busy at their responsibilities, three riders rode
into the town and headed straight to Preston's small Bank. These
were the Ferguson's, a small gang of robbers, that were also kin.
The leader was Samuel Ferguson, along with his son Billy and
nephew Jeremiah. When they caught sight of the heavy smoke
from the forest fire, some days back, these men assumed correctly
that any town in it's path would more than likely be deserted.

Colorado Springs was the fourth town that they've plundered in the
past week. So far they'd managed to empty two bank safes, while
the other two were evacuated before they had arrived. This had put
them in a foul mood and they were looking towards compensation
from this hick town.

Dismounting they checked through the windows to see if anybody
was inside. Seeing that it appeared empty they broke down the
backdoor, and headed straight to the safe. Seeing it locked up was
an encouraging sign for them. For if it had been emptied, the Bank
manager wouldn't have bothered closing it up.

Billy, the youngest of the three was also their safe cracker.
Somehow he had a natural knack to it. While he was busy at the
safe, his father and cousin were keeping watch at the windows. As
always it only took him a few minutes to get the right combination
of the lock.

As he was opening the large door, it gave out a loud creaking
groan. This caused the other two to turn around and be distracted
from their vigil.

It was just at this time that young Colleen Cooper was leaving the
clinic and crossing the street heading for Grace's kitchen.


As Colleen closed the door of the clinic behind her and stepped
down the porch in the direction of Grace's, she heard what she
thought to be a door creaking. Looking around she couldn't see
where it could've come from, so she resumed her walk.

Then, from the corner of her eye, she thought that she saw
movement from inside of the Bank. She thought this very strange,
for Preston was at the fire line with all of the rest of the
townspeople. Colleen decided to check and make sure that
everything was all right.

From inside the Bank, Jeremiah warned his kin's that someone was
heading towards them. As they ducked into hiding behind the
various furniture's, Jeremiah continued to observe Colleen's
approach. At seventeen, she had developed a body of a beautiful
woman. He couldn't help but notice the smooth curves of her
young body.. Despite the layers of clothing of the period, it did not
hide the curve of her breast line.

'God! Just look at them titties.' He thought to himself, before
ducking behind the door, out of sight.

Colleen reached the front of the Bank and peered inside. Not
seeing anything out of the ordinary, she turned and started back
towards Grace's. Just then, Samuel accidentally knocked over a
vase inside.

With just a look in Jeremiah's direction, he nodded towards the
door. Jeremiah understood the instructions immediately as
meaning, ' grab her.' Bursting out the door he grabbed Colleen
across her chest with one arm, while muffling her scream with his
other hand.

Colleen's eyes popped wide as she was grabbed from behind.
Trying to yell out an alarm, just as this man's hand fell over her
mouth. She could feel herself being dragged back inside of the

Waiting at the door is Samuel with a gag and rope to bind her with.
As soon as they entered the doorway, both Samuel and Jeremiah
busied themselves tying her hands and gagging her mouth. Colleen
could do nothing but look on and fear for herself and the others still
in the town, Ma, Theresa, Grace and Horace.

While these two were busy binding her, she could see another,
young Billy, filling saddlebags with cash from the open safe. When
he finally turned around, he let out a low whistle.

"Watch'a gonna do with her, Pa?" He inquired.

"Gonna leave her behind?" Jeremiah asked.

"Tha'd be best, boys." Was Samuel's answer.

"Maybe we should take her along. You know. As a hostage. Just
in case." Jeremiah interjected.

"I don' know. What do you think Billy?" Samuel asked his son.

"I think tha'd be best, Pa." Billy told him.

"Fine, we'se taken her then," he agreed. "Jeremiah, yuh be
responsible for her. Don' let her loose, ya hear."

"I hear ya, uncle Sam."


Dr. Mike was beginning to wonder what was taking Colleen so
long with dinner, and stepped out the doorway looking around for
her. As Theresa joined her outside they noticed Grace crossing
over with some of the food. So they stepped back inside thinking
that Colleen must be following behind.

A minute later Grace came in and joined them.

"Is Colleen coming with the rest?" Asked Theresa.

"Why I haven't seen her all morning Miss Theresa." Was Grace's

This statement shocked Dr. Mike into action. She burst out of the
Clinic running, followed by the others close behind. Just then the
Bank robbers came bursting out of the backdoor of the town Bank,
dragging a tied Colleen. They stood by helplessly as all they could
do was watch as Colleen was forced up onto the extra horse that
Billy got for her, and they galloped out of town.

"Nnoooo! Colleeeenn!" Was all Michaela could do, as she
crumpled to the ground.

Theresa was the first to take any action. She turned and ran over to
the telegraph office to tell Horace to send a call for help. That the
Bank had been robbed and that Colleen Cooper was their hostage.

Grace, after making sure that Dr. Mike was all right, headed for the
coral to get on a horse and headed towards the fire line for help.
Dr. Mike just starred blankly ahead, sitting on the porch where
Grace had lead her.


The Ferguson gang hadn't even noticed the commotion on the
street behind them. They just wanted to get as far away and hide
out for a couple of days. And with the young woman that they
grabbed with them, they felt comfortable that they could stave off
any pursuit if need be.

They rode for three hours through the woods before finally slowing
down. They kept on for another couple of hours just to make sure
before stopping to make camp.

When they finally stopped, they dragged Colleen down from her
mount and tied her to a large tree next to them. It was Jeremiah's
turn to cook.

Billy was glad. "At least you can cook." He exclaimed.

"Are you insultin' muh cookin' boy?" Was his father's jibe.

"Yup!" Billy sassed back, laughing.

After they had eaten Samuel walked over to his captive to talk.

"If'n you promise not to run off I'll untie yu?" He explained to her,
as he pulled down her gag.

Wetting her lips before responding only made her more desirable in
Jeremiah's eyes. "I promise. Can you please untie me now. It

Samuel reached behind his belt and came back with a huge knife
and cut her bindings. Colleen rubbed her wrists to get the
circulation back. As she started getting up she was surprised to see
a hand presenting itself to her to help. Looking up she saw that it
was the one named Jeremiah.

After considering it, she decided that it would be best not to
alienate any of them, so she accepted the assistance. As she was
escorted to the campfire, young Billy offered her a plate of food
and a cup of coffee. She accepted them both graciously.

She hadn't realized how hungry she was. It then occurred to her
that she hadn't eaten anything in over eight hours. As she continued
eating, the three thieves huddled together in discussion. Colleen
didn't pay them any mind.

"What'cha gonna do wit her now, Pa?" Asked Billy.

"I say we pleasure ourselves. I mean, have yuh seen that body?"
Jeremiah suggested.

"Can we Pa?" Billy asked enthusiastically.

Pondering this notion Samuel turned rubbing his chin as he was
watching his captive near the campfire.

'She is quite a vision.' The old man observed. 'And Billy ain't
been with a woman yet. Sure why not!'

"OK. That's what we be doin' then. But yuh follow muh directions.
Understood boys?" He told his kin's.

"Sure uncle Sam." Jeremiah answered with glee.

"Yahoo!" Was all that Billy could say.

Turning back and surrounding her started to get Colleen worried.
After seeing that she had finished her meal, Billy removed the
fixings from her hands, and returned back to the circle. Samuel
took her by the shoulder and had her stand up again.

"Now look here Missy." He started.

"Colleen. Colleen Cooper." She corrected.

"Fine. Misssss Cooper," he said with spite. "We been on the run
now the better part of a month an' we need some distractin'. And
we all figured you's it."

"Wha... What do you mean?" She asked. Concern showing on her

"Just what he said," Jeremiah chided in. "We's want company an'
yuh just volunteered."

The realization of the statements just sank in and she turned to try
and escape. But since she was encircled, she was easily prevented
from doing so.

"Now listen here Misss Cooper. I'll have none of that. Either you
behave or I'll knock yuh out. Yuh understn' me?"

"Ye... Yes." She answered meekly.

"Fine, now you stand up straight on the other side of the fire and
yuh stay there. Understood." He ordered.

Colleen walked over to where she had been told and stood there,
too scared to do otherwise. Samuel told his youngsters to sit and
make themselves comfortable for the show he had in mind. So they
all sat back and looked at their prisoner across from the fire. The
glow cascading over her features was erotic in a way.

Now that they were settled down, Samuel was ready to begin with
his instructions.

"Now Misss Cooper. Let's start with yur hair. Why don' yuh show
us what yuh truly look like." He started.

Colleen slowly complied with his command and undid the bun,
letting her shoulder length brown hair cascade down to drape itself
around her soft neck and shoulder.

"Now tha's nissse." The leader lisped. "Now then, I want yuh to
start peeling off them clothes of yours nice and slow like. Yuh can
start with that there skirt." He leered at her.

Colleen couldn't believe her hears. Was this animal telling to
undress in front of the three strange men.

"Please. Not that." She pleaded.

"Listen Missy, iffen yuh don', then I'll cut yur clothes off an' leave
yuh naketh in the woods. Now yuh start gettin' them thingys off right
now." He told her harshly.

With trembling hands, she reached behind her to undo the bow that
held her skirt. After having undone the bow, she reluctantly let the
skirt slip down her white petticoat. This drew lewd catcalls from
her captors.

"Now the top, gurly." Samuel continued with his directions.

Resigning herself to the inevitable Colleen started unbuttoning her
shirt top.

"Slower. An' from the top." Samuel instructed.

She followed his instructions without further back talk. Slowly,
enticingly she unfastened one button after another, working her way
from the high neck collar, until she reached the last. This opened
the front of her shirt, exposing the corset and camisole that were
squeezing her tits towards the top, forming a deep cleavage that
pleased the three lecherous men. Her modesty instinctively had her
hands trying to close the front of her shirt.

"Tut, tut, tut. Now yuh know better 'an that." Samuel critiqued her.
She immediately dropped her hands to her side.

"Hav'er take it off, Pa." Billy was getting impatient.

"Patience Boy. I'm a doin' this for yuh, yuh know. Yuh'll enjoy it
more this way." His father told him.

"Now Missy. What do ya think should go next." The father asked.

'God! He's trying to humiliate me.' Colleen was beginning to see
where this was heading. But what choice did she have. She was
going to have to play along if she was to get back home.

"My sh... shirt." She stammered.

"Good answer. Well, go ahead then." He applauded her
submission. 'Things should go easier from now on.' He thought to

Colleen proceeded in removing her shirt. First one arm, then the
other, while trying to cover her front as much as possible.
Jeremiah, who was indeed enjoying the show, had picked up a long
twig to twist. But seeing Colleen's reluctance, whipped it across
her hands. The stinging sensation of that whipping twig was
enough to convince her to not conceal her treasures. Exposing the
front of her corset to the lewd men caused her to blush furiously.
Catcalls came from each of the three bank robbers. Her breast
seemed to want to surge out of its top.

Young Billy was starting to salivate, for what was to come.
Colleen also noticed the bulges building up in each of their
crotches. Soon after, she was blushing again, as all three started
rubbing themselves there. This caused her to blush to an even a
brighter tone to her cheeks.

"Now the petticoat." Was Samuel's next order.

Going this far started Colleen to whimper as she reached behind the
tie strings. As with most dresses of the period, she was wearing
two layers of petticoat. The first one went sliding to the ground,
and she proceeded to the next. This one she hesitated too long as
she felt the sting from Jeremiah's twig once more.

This left her exposed in her under garment, meaning her shoes,
knee socks, knickers, camisole and corset. For the first time in her
young life, men were seeing her calves almost completely exposed.
But she expected that it wouldn't stop here, and she would be right.

"My! My! My! Don' we have nice legs under there." Observed
Jeremiah. "Wha' do yuh think Billy?"

"They sure are purdy!" Was his only response.

"Too skinny for my likin', but she'll do." Samuel retorted.

They're approval of her looks pleased Colleen. But it also disturbed
her more that it did please her. In fact, she was getting a
pleasurable feeling deep down inside her core. As Colleen
continued observing her captors as they never stopped rubbing their
crotch, she was amazed that she was having such an effect on these
three toughened outlaws.

Samuel and Jeremiah, who had had women before, both noticed the
damp spot that was starting to form at the front of her knickers.
Billy was nudged into noticing it, but he couldn't figure out why the
girl was peeing. His father would have to explain it to him later
though. Colleen's breathing was getting shallower has her body
chemistry was starting to take over.

For over five minutes Samuel just left her standing there in her
undies. At first, Colleen thought that they wouldn't go any further,
and she started to relax a bit. Then she was brought back to reality
when she heard Samuel clearing his throat.

"OK gurly. Time to lose them knickers now." He ordered.

She closed her eyes as she slowly proceeded to take off her under
pants. For these she realized that she would have to bend over to
do this. Just as she was starting to bend at the waist, she was
interrupted by Jeremiah.

"No!" he said. "Turn around first." He told her.

Samuel looked over at Jeremiah and nodded. "Good idea, nephew.
You heard him gurl, turn around."

Colleen did as she was told and resumed to remove her knickers.
Bending over in order to slip them through her feet exposed her
naked ass for all to see. She didn't take this into consideration
when bending over, but turned abruptly when they commented on
her two holes that were now on display.

Once more, this brought retribution from Jeremiah and his
damnable twig. This time though, he managed to strike the naked
flesh of her calf. This stung more than ever, being so close to her
vaginal lips. Lips that she hadn't even dared touch with her own
hands except while washing herself.

"Don' disobey us again, or else we'll burn up them purdy clothes of
yurs." Threatened Billy.

Colleen nodded in agreement.

"Good!" Samuel said. "Besides we're almost done."

In the cold of the night, Colleen's body was getting goose pimples
all over, which brought guffaws of laughter from her tormentors.
Billy mentioned that she was starting to look like a plucked
chicken, and Jeremiah responded by pointing out that they were
plucking her. This brought out more laughter. During all this time
she kept shivering in the night air.

"Boys, boys. We ain't done yet." He admonished his youngsters
for their exuberance.

Turning back to Colleen he then proceeded with the coup-de-grace.
"Now gurl. Time to take off that there nuisance of a top."

Colleen was very reluctant at this last vestige of clothing protecting
her virtue, but she started to slowly unlace the front of it
nonetheless. Slowly, but exuberantly her breast were being
exposed to the leering view of three desperadoes and she was
helpless to prevent it. Killing herself was not an option in her

When Colleen reached the point where her camisole was only being
held together by the bottom and last loophole, Samuel got up,
reached for the lace and pulled mightily, which popped open the
corset and completely exposed her now naked firm breast to their
gawking eyes.

As a well brought up young lady, thanks to Dr. Mike, she
instinctively crossed her arms across her breast to cover them. This
brought a slap across the face from Samuel that was standing next
to her. It also had Jeremiah whipping her behind with that blasted

"I told yuh not to do that no more." Samuel said angrily.

Fighting back the tears she replied. "So... sorry. It won't happen
again. Please don't hurt me." She pleaded.

"Jeremiah, c'mere." Ordered Samuel.
He leaped up expecting to have first crack at Colleen. "Sure thing

Jeremiah was walking up towards Colleen while unbuckling his

"Keep yur pants on boy. Just grab one of her arms and hold tight."
Samuel told him.

Reluctantly he did as he was told and grabbed one arm, while his
uncle grabbed the other and held her in an outstretched position.
Samuel then called on his son to come to have a closer look at what
he was about to receive for his birthday.

"C'mere boy. Cop a feel of them titties."

Billy did as he was told, squeezing, and mauling the flesh of her

"Good, good. Now yuh see them pointy tips, well yuh can go
ahead and suck on those. Don' worry, nothin's gonna piss outa 'em.
She's too young yet, but she'll like it plenty. Go ahead, suck on
'em." He instructed his son.

"Yeh Billy. Suck them titties before I do." Chided Jeremiah.

Billy did as he was told. He stuck out his tongue and started to lick
her nipples, then proceeded to suck on them. This brought out an
involuntary moan from Colleen's lips. Realizing that he was the
cause of her moaning only encouraged him further. While he was
sucking on one, he'd be squeezing the other in an almost painful

As Billy continued mauling her chest, Colleen couldn't help but to
squirm trying to escape this ravaging of her body. But the two
strong men on either side had her firmly in their grasp. As they
continued watching young Billy attacking her breast, the other two
almost simultaneously had the same idea and started to kiss and lick
her arms up to her shoulders. Then they each took turns inserting
their tongues to her hears and alternating to her mouth.

Colleen had only experienced the gentlemanly kisses of Dr. Andrew
Cook, her suitor in Colorado Springs. But these brutes where
trying to invade her throat with their vile tongues. But as Billy
continued to devour her breast, her body was getting more and
more out of her control. She was actually starting to respond to
their throat invasion.

After what seemed an eternity of this manipulation, Samuel ordered
Billy that that was enough of that. His next lesson would be in a
new area. Samuel told him to stick his hand in between her legs
and to rub her there. Billy was reluctant to do so, saying that he
didn't want to get her piss all over his hand. At this both of the
elders burst out laughing.

"That ain' no piss, Boy. That be her love juice." Jeremiah said

"That's right son. Ain't nothin' better to make yuh intuh a man."
Samuel agreed.

Hesitantly Billy started rubbing Colleen's cunt. He grimaced as his
hand made contact with the dampness that was getting abundant,
even before he had touched her.

"Don' fret son. Smell it. Lick it even." Samuel encouraged his

Billy brought his hand to his nose and sniffed. Finding the odor to
be different but not unpleasant, he then licked some of it up. This
he found really tasty, and so returned his hand to the source for
more. He proceeded with gusto, which was almost tortuous to
Colleen. He kept on alternating from her cunt to his mouth for so
long that Colleen's knees were starting to buckle from exhaustion.
She was literally being held up by the two elder Ferguson's.

"Give me a taste Billy." Pleaded Jeremiah.

Billy reached out his hand to his cousin to let him have a taste, he
then offered the same to his father on the other side.

"Yuh know what's even better Billy. Go right to the source. Lick
her down there." Jeremiah urged him.

Billy, no longer concerned, took the suggestion wholeheartedly and
pressed his lips to her vaginal lips.

This sudden intrusion to her nether region brought Colleen back to
life. Never in her young life had anything even gotten close to that
area of her body. Looking down and seeing only the top of young
Billy's head made her head spin.

"Stick yur tongue deep in there boy." Urged his father.

Billy did as he was instructed and stuck his tongue into her vaginal
tunnel, licking the walls on either side alternately. Sending Colleen
to new ecstatic heights.

While Billy was busy below, and Colleen was no longer offering
any form of resistance, both Samuel and Jeremiah attacked a tit
each. Colleen could barely stand by herself as she was being
ravaged by three sets of lips. Two sucking furiously on her nipples,
while the other continued to explore her insides.

After ten minutes of this ministration, they finally tired of this part
of the game and sat back after releasing Colleen, upon which she
simply collapsed to the ground from shear exhaustion. There she
lay on her back, her chest rising and falling rhythmically with her
breathing. This scene only gave new ideas to the three

"What do we do next, unc." Queried Jeremiah.

"Well the boy still's gotta christen his dick, right." Samuel joked.

"Yeah, but I thinks she's a virgin. Maybe I should do her first."
Was Jeremiah's idea.

"Yuh 're probably right. We'll hold her while you do." Samuel

Billy was nonplused. He didn't understand the big deal about her
being a virgin. He couldn't understand that for her breaking her
virginity was gonna be painful as hell. He would've probably
panicked at her screams. So he went along with his father and
cousin's instruction, after all, they hadn't led him astray yet. So
following his father's orders, he straddled her chest, pinning her
arms beneath his legs, facing her head while Jeremiah undid his

Colleen was just beginning to regain consciousness when she felt
the added weight of Billy sitting across her chest. She started too
struggle, but soon gave up and resigned herself to her fate. She
then felt hands on her legs, trying to pry them open.

Though she first considered resisting, the punishments and the slaps
from earlier made her comply. So she found herself willingly
opening her legs for those hands, not yet realizing that something
else was planned for her virgin pussy.

Suddenly, the hand on her legs disappeared, only to be replace by a
body. From Dr. Mike's medical books, it suddenly dawned on her
that someone was attempting to fuck her. She felt more
experienced fingers than Billy's rubbing her clit, exciting her more.
Causing her to lubricate her love tunnel.

The next thing that she felt against her vaginal lips was something
warm and rubbery.

'It must be his penis.' She thought to herself.

Remembering the drawings in the medical journals, in which she
had snuck a peek when Dr. Mike would be out of the office. She
recalled that the pictures showed them to be flaccid pieces of meat.
So she wasn't prepared when the hard presence of a STIFF cock
made itself felt. The texture of it against her pussy lips was much
different then what she had anticipated.

Then suddenly, without any warning, Jeremiah plunged his entire
length deep into her, drawing out a painful yell from her lips, and
also causing her to buck furiously. He had broken through he
hymen in a single, devastating stroke. Almost tossing Billy off of
her chest. But with her arms pinned, she had no leverage to offer
any resistance. Colleen could feel the warmth around her entrance,
not because of Jeremiah's presence, but rather from her own warm
blood oozing out of her cunt from her lost virginity.

Jeremiah stayed motionless for a minute, so that she could get used
to his size, then he started a slow in and out action. Driving his
cock deeper into her crevasse. Colleen was responding as any good
whore should. This surprised Jeremiah, but not Samuel. He knew
from experience that every women has a point of no resistance, and
he could see that they had succeeded in reaching this point with
Miss Colleen Cooper.

Samuel then chided in. "Get yur thingy out son. Let her have a

To Billy, this sounded a bit perverse, but he obeyed his father with
no objections. He unbuttoned the front of his pants and pulled out
his rock hard dick. In fact, it had been hard for the better part of
the past hour. Why just watching Colleen's stripping had brought
him to his full length of nine inches, which hadn't subsided any with
time. He then bent it down so that it was in front on Colleen's face.
But with her eyes closed since Jeremiah burst her cherry, she wasn't
aware of it's presence yet.

"Hey gurl, open them eyes of yur's. We gotta a treat for ya."
Samuel told her.

Colleen obeyed and upon opening her eyes, she came face to cock
with Billy's stiff cock. With every breath that she took through her
nose she could smell his sex. Rather than being repulsed by the
smell or the presence of the dick, she found herself curious about it.

Samuel got up next to her head and whispered into her hear: "I
want yuh to lick it gurly. Lick it like yur life depended on it."

As he talked to her, she could feel the blade of his knife on her
neck. And so, reluctantly, she stuck out her tongue and made
contact with Billy's cock and pulled it back. The pressure of the
knife blade made her stick her tongue out again.

"C'mon. Lick it all over." Whispered Samuel once more.

Colleen raised her head higher so that she could make contact with
more of that cock. The more of it that she tasted, the more that she
found it pleasurable. She continued to minister her tongue all over
the tip of Billy's cock.

Billy was finding this experience to be the best yet. He was
enjoying it so much that instinct was starting to take over his own
body. Without realizing it he was starting to rock back and forth.
This action was pushing his cock steadily deeper into Colleen's

At first, she was considering removing her mouth from his member,
but then she would feel a slight pressure from Samuel's blade and
continue on. At the other end of her body, Jeremiah was
continuing to fuck into her at a slow pace, which was also driving
her up the proverbial wall. Then Jeremiah did something
unexpected to her. While starting to increase the tempo of his
fucking, he also started rubbing her clit with one of his hands. The
combination was excruciating to her sexually.

Almost as if on cue, Billy forced even more of his prick into her
mouth. Actually, he was getting so excited that he was holding
onto her head and was fucking her mouth almost as fiercely as his
cousin was attacking her pussy. At this point he was inserting five
inches of his stiff member into her mouth, but because of the angle
no more would go in.

Her sexual excitement was so high by now that Colleen wanted to
be fucked. She wanted to taste Billy's juices, that she knew was
coming. She wanted to cum.

Next to her head, she could hear encouragement from Samuel.
"That's right gurl. Suck that jism outa my boy. Make a man of

Colleen was now sucking of her own free will. Licking the head,
along the length, and then taking it back into her mouth for more
sucking. Suddenly she felt an explosion down at her crotch. She
could literally feel Jeremiah's cum as it was hitting her vaginal walls.
After all, they had said that they hadn't had a woman in months.
There was a lot of pent-up energy there.

Just then Billy exploded in her mouth. The first shot caught her by
surprise, and she instinctively spit it out, but she found the taste not
unpleasant. So when the next shot came she swirled it around in
her mouth, savoring the flavor before, to her own surprise,
swallowing it.

Samuel was enjoying this performance immensely. His son was on
his way to being a man. But best of all the girl as finally
surrendered herself completely. When his turn comes, there'll be no
resistance, this he knew.

Billy continued shooting his load into Colleen's willing mouth.
Jeremiah was still shooting into her pussy. And the final act,
Colleen experienced her first orgasm. So powerful was it that she
passed out with Billy still shooting in her mouth, but she continued
to swallow instinctively.

Finally, both Jeremiah and Billy finished their own job. Samuel
instructed them to tie Colleen's arms together. Not at the wrist, but
at the elbows. They flipped the unconscious girl onto her stomach
and proceeded to tie her arms as instructed with the laces from her
own corset. It only took a few minutes to do it up to Samuel's

This forced her shoulders back, causing her pert young breast to jut
out and away from her chest. It also forced her to suck in her
stomach, which amplified the curves of her young body.

He then told them to tie her ankles together and then they'll rest up
for tomorrow.

They then left Colleen unconscious and on her stomach that whole

(continued in chapter two)

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