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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Two
The Second Day

Back at Colorado Springs, Dr. Mike was getting desperate. It had
been nearly sixteen hours since Colleen's abduction. But still no
help had returned from the fire line, where Grace had gone for help.

Unfortunately, it couldn't have happened at a worse time, for the
forest fire had broken the line and was more menacing to the town
than it was yesterday. No one could be spared from the fire line,
not even Sully.

Theresa and Horace had alternated watching the patients and Dr.
Mike between them. For she was in no condition to do either. At
the slightest sound outside, she'd run out expecting to see Sully,
Matthew and a posse going after Colleen and her abductors. And
each time it would take both Horace and Theresa to get her back

The previous evening, while trying to console Dr. Mike, Theresa
started caressing her shoulders and her arms. Once, she
accidentally stroked Micheaella's breast, excusing herself. She was
however surprised to hear Dr. Mike telling her not to stop. So she
stroked one breast then the other, keeping an hear open for the
approach of anybody. It wouldn't do her reputation or her
relationship with Jake any good to be caught in such a deviant

Soon Dr. Quinn fell into a restless sleep, and Theresa was soon
relieved by Horace till the next morning.


As morning came at the Bank robbers camp Colleen was regaining
consciousness while they were still sleeping. She awoke to find her
face in the ground and unable to move. Her arms were bound
tightly to her back, as were her ankles. She then realized that she
was naked on the ground, and then she remembered the previous
night. She started sobbing with shame. Shame at feeling pleasure
from what these, these savages did to her.

Her sobbing woke one then the others from their slumber. Samuel
got up and walked over to his prisoner and cut the bindings at her
ankles. He then lifted her and sat her back down on her naked
buttock. In this position they could appreciate her jutting tits that
their bondage forced them into.

"So how was yur rest sweety?" He asked sarcastically.

"Cou... could you untie my hands too, please." Colleen pleaded.

"Can' do that. We got more educatin' planned for ya today."
Samuel responded.

'Oh no! Not again.' Colleen was thinking of last night's experience.

"Jeremiah. Billy. Get her primed. Suck that pussy of her's."
Samuel told his yougins.

Jeremiah and Billy looked at each other with wide grins on their
faces and rushed over to Colleen's helpless form. Billy pushed her
onto her back and noticed that her breast seemed bigger, just as his
father had said they would because of her bound arms. This was
too good to pass up, so Billy went for her tits.

Jeremiah on the other hand wanted a taste of that sweet young
pussy. And so he busily buried his face into her cunt. This two
prong attack on her body was enough to drive Colleen back to her
whorish feelings of the previous night.

Samuel allowed this to continue for a good fifteen minutes before
calling of his boys. By then, they were both sporting raging hard-
ons, as well as himself. And he was sure that the girl was now
ready for further action. And so, he started giving out his
instructions for his son's deflowering as well as his own turn.

"Jeremiah. Yu get down on yur back. She's gonna ride ya."
Samuel instructed.

With glee Jeremiah loosened his cock from his pants and laid down
on his back. Billy and Samuel picked up Colleen easily and started
to lower her spread legs over Jeremiah's body. He was aiming for
her pussy, until his uncle intervened.

"No, not there. Yu had her already. Today's Billy's turn. Go for
her shit hole instead." He said.

This was a strange development, even for Jeremiah, but he obeyed.

They continued to lower her, and Jeremiah aimed his stiff cock for
Colleen's other hole. As the head of his cock made contact with her
bung hole, Colleen came to the realization that something was not
quite right here.

As Samuel and Billy started pushing her down, at the same time
that Jeremiah was shoving up. Colleen was feeling the extreme
pain of her first anal penetration. She escaped by visualizing Dr.
Mike's medical journal. She could see an entry explaining enemas
and she used that to justify the intrusion that was being perpetrated
on her now. As she relaxed, the pain started giving way to
pleasure. This development confused her more then ever.

'How can I be enjoying something like this.' She was starting to
doubt her sanity.

After a few minutes of effort, Jeremiah's cock had fully penetrated
her anus. He was about to start fucking up to her when once more
Samuel stopped him.

"What now?" Jeremiah was getting sick of this game.

"Now, lie her flat on her back, so Billy can get into her pussy."
Explained Samuel.

Jeremiah was getting a mental picture now, and he was liking what
he was seeing. So, following his uncles advice, he pulled Colleen
back by her shoulders till she was flat on her back. In this position,
with her arms still bound to her back, her breast were now sticking
out much further than normal. This was a sight that pleased both
Billy and Samuel.

"Well go on boy. This is yur chance." Samuel tilted his head in her

Billy moved forward, unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants.
He continued on stroking his cock. Getting between Jeremiah's and
Colleen's legs he shuffled forward till his prick head was just at her
entrance. While he was moving in, he noticed his dad undoing his
pants and going towards her head. It finally dawned in his
inexperienced mind what his dad had in mind.

Colleen was oblivious to what was going on around her yet. She
was still reeling from the anal penetration of Jeremiah's cock. But
now her senses were slowly returning to her. As she opened her
eyes she could see that she was now facing towards the sky. She
couldn't understand why, but she was sure that Samuel had some
devious plan worked out, she wasn't wrong.

The next sight that greeted her was seeing Samuel above her, his
cock exposed. She gasped, for it surely must be at least eleven
inches in length. She followed him down as he knelt next to her
head and pointed his huge member towards her face. She could still
feel Jeremiah deep in her bowels, so she knew that she hadn't
actually passed out from its insertion. But now she faced another
double penetration, this time with Samuel.

"C'mon gurly. Yuh know what to do." As Samuel poked his cock
to her lips.

She tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of this
monster. She continued to do so even as she felt hands groping her
outstretched breasts. Then Samuel reached over and started at her
breast as well. Moving forward still, his cock was now pushing
against her closed lips.

"C'mon. Yuh can do better then that. Open up, gurl." He
continued to instruct her.

Reluctantly she opened her mouth more, but Samuel didn't wait for
her to be ready, he shove six long inches into her mouth and started
pumping eagerly. At his signal Billy also shoved his prick into her
unprepared pussy and started pumping himself. Underneath
Colleen, Jeremiah was feeling the action going on above and started
fucking up into her ass.

'God! They're filling me in every way possible, and even the
impossible.' She thought to herself.

As the triple fuck continued, Colleen was being so distracted from
each invasion that it actually relaxed her body for further
penetration. Samuel looked on in amazement as she was
swallowing nine full inches of his cock. No whore had ever
managed that before.

From his position Billy looked on in amazement himself. He'd
witnessed his dad's cock choke whore's in the past. But here was
this young thing swallowing him whole. This vision spurred him on
to fucking her pussy even harder. He the remembered cousin
Jeremiah playing with a little knob down there that really got her
going last night. He released Colleen's nipples in search of that
mystery knob.

From underneath, Jeremiah reached up and started playing with her
knockers. Squeezing, mauling, pinching and back to squeezing.
He liked the feel of them. They were young and firm, but jelly like
nonetheless. Joined in this venture of her nipples and breast was
the ever present Samuel.

He kept on fucking his monstrous member into her eager mouth.
Again he noticed another inch had disappeared into her throat, that
makes ten.

'Only one more to go. I wonder if she'll be muh first.' He thought
to himself.

He pulled out till only his cock head was in her mouth and let her
lick around it. This Colleen did with unabashed pleasure. Licking
the piss hole, the head the length of it then back to the head. She
the opened her mouth wide, an open invitation for him to go back
in. He didn't plan on disappointing her.

He gave a strained shove and the surprise could be seen on his face.
Colleen had managed to swallow all eleven inches of his cock into
her throat. As far as he was concerned, he had found heaven, and
proceeded to fuck in and out with a fury.

Billy and Jeremiah were doing the same and were fast approaching
they're climax. Colleen was engulfed by orgasm after orgasm. It
felt to her as if she'd been having them for hours, but in fact they
had only started a few seconds ago. Everyone was fucking into her
body, but she no longer cared.

Suddenly, the first spurt from Samuel's cock surged deep in her
throat. Samuel pulled back so that he'd shoot in her mouth. Even
though she couldn't acknowledge it, she was glad that he did. For
she wanted to taste and swallow his jism. Spurt after spurt shot
into her mouth. Then for no apparent reason, Samuel pulled his
cock out and started spraying her face and her breast with his cum.

At first Colleen thought this disgusting, but then the heat of it, and
the feel of it against her virgin skin only seemed to excite her more.
She found herself opening her mouth wide and sticking her tongue
out to try and catch any of this precious fluid.

Just the Jeremiah grunted as he started shooting deep in her bowels.
The heat being injected into her caused another orgasm, as she
continued to try and catch more of Samuel's precious gift. Next
came Billy, with a powerful surge, he buried his cock deep into her
vagina. So deep were they that Billy and Jeremiah thought that
their cocks were rubbing against each other.

When they had all finished, they extricated themselves from
Colleen's worn body, and started dressing up for the trip to come.
Samuel walked over to Colleen and cut her bonds. In her excited
state, the relief of the release brought on another orgasm.

'Lord! Won't this ever stop.' She prayed, for she was totally

Getting up shakily, she started looking around for her clothes but
couldn't find any of them. She looked over to the men pleadingly
and they all nodded they head simultaneously towards the fire. She
was aghast, there in smoking campfire were the tattered remains of
all of her clothing. She then realized that she would have to travel
naked, for all to see.

"Please, give me something to wear." She pleaded to Samuel.

He tossed her a half poncho, made of rough canvas material, that
would cover her top down to her waist, but no further.

"Put that on." He ordered. "Jeremiah, you tie her hands together."

She did as she was told. The sight was exceptional. Her pussy
remained fully exposed, and through the slits of the side of the
poncho you could see her naked tits. Worse yet, is that the rough
material of the poncho would be rubbing her nipples as they rode.

Just walking towards the horse, Colleen could feel the friction.
Jeremiah walked up to her and offered to help her up. She was
grateful, until she felt one of his fingers inserting itself into her open
pussy as he pushed her up.

She had to straddle the huge animal to ride him. As she settled into
the saddle she realized that her pussy lips were spread open because
of it. This exposed her sensitive clit to the rough leather of the
saddle. This could prove painful as they rode on.

He then presented her his hand and ordered her to lick her own
juices from it. Before last night, she had never tasted any sex juice.
And now she was being told to taste her own. Her humiliation was
now complete.

Then the two youngsters tied her ankles securely to the stirrup of
the saddle, which were not adjusted to her. Jeremiah got on his
horse and grabbed her reins has he followed his uncle and his cousin
down the trail. With nothing to hold onto, she had to manage as
best as she could by grabbing onto the horse's mane. She knew that
she would be jostled uncontrollably on the saddle as they rode. Her
naked pussy against the saddle was rubbing her and pushing her
once more over the edge.

As her mount caused her to bounce uncontrollably to and fro on the
saddle, her clit would repeatedly hit the saddle horn. Colleen found
it extremely painful, but she kept it in, rather than give satisfaction
to the sadistic threesome.

The bouncing of the her body on the saddle caused her breast to
bounce up and down. Causing them to rub painfully against the
rough material of the canvas poncho. And as she feared the poncho
was indeed doing a number on her nipples. After about an hour of
this, her nipples were now so sensitive, they were in pain. And she
was crying out in pain every few minutes.

Samuel pulled them all to a stop. He came back to find out what
the problem was with the girl. Shoving his hand to Colleen's pussy,
he could immediately tell how wet she was getting.

'She'll be all set for tonight fur shure now.' He thought to himself,
he started them going again.

He ordered them to resume at a gallop. A few minutes into the
ride, something unexpected and dangerous happened. As he mount
jumped over a log, and with nothing for her to hold onto, her body
jumped forward and her pussy landed directly on the saddle horn,
impaling her cunt on it.

For five excruciating minutes, the saddle horn would fuck her
stretched out pussy with every step the horse took. And at the pace
of the ride, she couldn't find enough leverage to pull her vagina free
of this 'dildo'. When she finally did get herself off of that dreadful
horn, she came loose in a loud plop.

Billy heard that, and pulled out his gun looking for a possible

"Yu hear that Pa?" Billy asked his dad.

"I din' hear nothin' boy. Now put that away, we're home."

Colleen was glad that they hadn't noticed her embarrassing
predicament with the saddle horn. At least it would remain a
private moment. As painful as it was, it still caused her to orgasm
three times in the brief five minutes that she trapped on it. That
much she was thankful for.

An old abandoned gold mine was their hideout and home. As the
men got down from their mounts, Colleen found her legs too weak
to lift her off of her saddle, which was drenched with her juices.
Samuel told the boys to go help her. She found herself grateful for
the assistance.

Once on the ground she stumbled into the mine. She noticed the
cot near the entrance and collapsed onto it. Samuel and the boys
just guffawed at her slumbering form.

(continued in chapter Three)

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