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This story is based on the characters from the ABC TV show,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature
audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, rape, kidnap, gang-bang, lesbian,
bondage and bestiality.)

P.S. the use of the word negro is not meant to be derogatory in
any way, but was part of the vocabulary of the time period this story
unfolds in.

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on. If on the
other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Colleen Gets Educated
by David Oberman
[email protected]
Chapter Three
The Second Day

She didn't know how long she was out this time, but when she tried
to get up, she found that she couldn't move. Trying to comprehend
why this was, she soon discovered that she was naked once more,
and tied. Spread-eagled fashion on a cot. She realized that she
would be available for their pleasure once again, and helpless to
stop any of it.

Just then the three men came back inside and noticed that their
playmate was awake. Billy approached her with a cup of goats
milk, which she drank thankfully. He then offered slices of meat,
which she also gratefully accepted. Samuel shoved his son aside
and leered at her.

"So gurly. Yuh enjoyed the ride." He said shoving his stubby finger
in her vaginal tunnel.

This caused Colleen to draw in a deep breath from which a low
moan escaped her lips. This drew a satisfying grin on his face, and
looking back he could see the same expression on his boys. He
then presented his soaked finger to her lips for her to lick clean.
Colleen knew what was expected of her now and licked her juices
from his fingers without objecting.

While she was licking his fingers, Samuel rubbed his other hand
over her raw nipples, that had remained rigid and reddened, even
after a half hour since she had been stripped. Because of the
friction of the poncho they had become hypersensitive. This cause
her to suck in a deep breath that sucked in his finger even deeper
into her mouth. He was pleased that his expectations were met,
thanks to the poncho. He then withdrew his hand and told his son,
Billy, to take care of her. So Billy resumed feeding their prisoner.

Occasionally, Billy or Jeremiah, would feel her up along her inner
thighs. Approaching, but never making contact with her. This
relentless teasing on their part was driving her crazy, and she
involuntarily started squirming against her bindings.

"Enough of that boys. We don' wanna tire her out to fast, now do
we?" Samuel scolded them.

They relented and left her alone to recoup a bit longer.

They left her alone for nearly an hour, before deciding that it was
time for further educating. She had a restless sleep for she knew
that more degradation was going to be put upon her young
innocent body. She could hear them coming down the tunnel, but
also a clip clopping sound that she couldn't identify. Then, out of
nowhere she heard the baying of a goat, a ram to be more precise.
Tilting her head up she could see that Billy was leading the ram into
the chamber followed by Samuel and Jeremiah. He was a large
white beast with a big set of horns at his head.

'What in the world have they got planned this time?' She wondered.

"Tie that billygoat at the foot of the bed there son." Instructed

"Shure thing pa." Following the instructions given him, he then
rejoined his dad and cousin.

The ram came from a small coral that they had set up nearby.
Neither Jeremiah, nor Billy could figure out why Samuel had them
bring the animal inside their hideout.

"Okay boys, she's all yur's for now." Giving his blessing to both his

Jeremiah and Billy both ravaged her body simultaneously. Samuel
had mentioned to them how sensitive her tits would be following
their last ride, so they attacked her nipples relentlessly. This
brought a painful groan from Colleen and her pleading to stop.
This only encouraged them further.

Because of the long hours of friction from the poncho, it had been
like rubbing sandpaper over her nipples, the sensitivity from them
was intensified ten fold. Colleen was soon cumming uncontrollably.
The scent of her sex did not go unnoticed to the men, nor
apparently was the ram oblivious to its presence either. Samuel
was pleased to see that the goat was catching an interest.

Billy presented his dick to Colleen's lips, she instinctively sucked it
in. This allowed her to momentarily forget about the pain/pleasure
of her tits. Jeremiah, seeing that her mouth was occupied decided
to straddle her chest for a tittie fuck. Settling his own cock in her
cleavage, he then squeezed them together to form a tunnel and
proceeded in a fucking motion. Best of all, this position allowed
him to continue torturing her sensitive nipples at the same time.

Looking on, Samuel had a broad smile crossing his lips. 'This is
even better'n I planned.' He mumbled to himself.

He picked himself up to join the group on the cot. Colleen could
just see him off the corner of her eyes, despite the tears that have
been flowing from the pain of her breast.

'Not all three again.' She prayed, as she continued sucking on
Billy's cock.
Jeremiah continued in his own slow way to fuck up her cleavage,
aiming his cock tip towards her face.

But Samuel had no intention of joining the group. No, he had other
plans in mind. Instead he untied the ram from the nearby post and
lead him between Colleen's outstretched legs, guiding it towards her
flowing pussy.

The closer the ram got to the source of the scent that was slowly
arousing it, the harder her was to control, but Samuel managed
nonetheless. As soon at it was close enough it snaked its long
tongue into her love tunnel, reaching depths that Colleen felt was
impossible for Samuel to reach. But then she considered the cock
that he had presented to her the previous night, and fooled herself
into believing that his tongue could also be unusually long, and
returned to sucking off Billy.

Billy was the first of the boys to notice what his father was doing
and nudged his cousin to let him in on it. Jeremiah followed his
stare and a wide grin spread across his lips. They both returned to
their business at hand, increasing their tempo so that they can sit
back and enjoy what was about to happen.

Colleen was confused as to why they had both increased their
speed. And that devishly long tongue was sheer ecstasy to her
young body. It felt as tick as Billy's cock and almost as long. It
was going so deep that it was almost like getting fucked. All of this
triggered yet another powerful climax.

Just then Billy started shooting his load down her, now, greedy
throat. Sucking, licking, trying no to lose a drop of, what Colleen
now came to consider, the delicious fluids. Jeremiah was also fast
approaching his, but he was experienced enough to hold back until
his young cousin got clear.

As Billy pulled himself away from her, Jeremiah let loose with his
own barrage. Sending his jism up her cleavage, striking her chin.
As Colleen looked down toward him, another shot hit her square in
the face. Forcing her to close her eyes, but she still had the
presence of mind to open her mouth to receive the remainder.
Jeremiah was happy to oblige, aiming his cock for the opened
orifice. However, he would intentionally aim for her eyes a few
times to splash them good.

Samuel looked on in approval, as he continued coaxing the goat in
its licking of her pussy. Its long, thick tongue was in fact almost as
big as Billy's cock. Billy joined his dad in watching the
performance of the ram. Jeremiah finally finished with his own
pleasure and got a whiskey bottle from the back of the mine before
joining them. He pulled the cork with his mouth and took a swig
before passing it around.

Colleen, still blinded by the cum over her eyes, remained oblivious
to the presence of an animal at the entrance of her nether region.
The three men just stood watching the action in front of their eyes.
One by one they pulled out their pricks and started stroking them
back to life.

As for the ram, he was just a beast acting from instinct. Though the
scent was different from his harem, he could definitely identify it as
being a female in heat. So, oblivious to the men surrounding him, it
just did what he considered natural. Preparing a bitchgoat for

Its bestial tongue could reach so deep into Colleen's love channel,
that she was now convinced that one of the bandits had started
fucking her there. So, with all of the depravity that they had
inflicted upon her, she was now quite accustomed to it and even
found pleasure in the acts. As her body started reacting to the
pleasure of the beast between her legs, she began moaning and
struggling against the bindings once more.

"Ugh! Yes! Yes!" She was saying without conscious thought.
Upon hearing this, the men's grinning broadened.
"Deeper. Go deeper. Please don't stop. Fuck me deeper." She

The goat couldn't understand her demands, but deeper he went
nonetheless, for its own reasons. Colleen's juices had managed to
seep deep down inside of her, and the ram wanted every last drop.
This deep exploration brought another orgasm from Colleen,
spraying the ram's nostril. This caused him to back away
momentarily, but he returned to his treasure throve before Colleen
even noticed that her cunt had been vacated.

The ram was enjoying itself immensely, the orgasm that had hit him,
only excited him more. The three men watching all noticed that the
ram's cock had steadily been extending itself from its furry sheath.
It was already longer than any of theirs. A full twelve inches of
black cock meat could be seen, with still more to come.

The ram then discovered where the juices had originated and
started suckling on Colleen's clit.

"Eeeeeeeh!" Was all that came from her.

The ram continued this action of sucking the clit, and then sticking
his tongue deep into her, and back again for another fifteen minutes
before he was ready to proceed. By this time, Colleen, still blinded
with cum, was so far gone that she hadn't even considered of how a
human could alternate as the goat had managed.

"P... ple...please, fuck me some more." She begged, shame in her
voice. "don't stop. I... I want you inside of me now, please."

"Be glad tuh oblige Missy." She heard Samuel's answer.
So bracing for 'him' to enter her, Colleen waited.

As soon as the ram backed off in preparation of mounting her,
Samuel told the boys to grab its forelegs. Explaining that he
wanted them over her legs, on either side of her belly. This they
understood, and waited for his signal to do it.

Samuel went up to Colleen's face and wiped the cum from her eyes
with his hanky. He wanted her to see her latest conquest.

Colleen was grateful for his attention. She scrunched her eyes a
few times to help clear her vision and looked at her ravaged and
naked body. That's when she noticed the ram between her legs.
Both of the younger men holding it.

"Wh... what are you going to do." She asked Samuel.

"Why were gonna let yuh have what yuh asked for and return the
favor to yur loverboy there." He answered back with a grin.

"What do... what do you mean, return the favor?" She asked
fearing the worst.

"Who do yuh think's been pleasurin' ya the last quarter hour, sweet
cheeks." Jeremiah teased her.

This confirmed her fears, and with that the boys starting moving
closer with the ram. Lifting its forelegs, just as the elder Ferguson
had instructed them. With its forelegs lifted, Colleen caught sight
of the black rod that was about to invade her. Its size sent a shiver
of terror throughout her body, and despite herself another orgasm.
She could clearly see at least fifteen inches of its cock aimed at her.
In fact, it was seventeen long inches with a girth of six thick inches.

'That will surely kill me!' She feared.

"No, please. Not this, you can't. It's not right. It's immoral." She
was pleading desperately.

Those pleas fell on deaf hears as the advancing ram got closer.
"Oh please don't. I'l... I'll do anything. Anything you say." She
tried to barter her body.

"Anythin' yuh say." Samuel asked. Giving a painful twist to her still
sensitive nipples.

A glimmer of hope. "Yes. Yes, anything you ask." Colleen agreed.

"Fine. Well, yuh heard her boys," Samuel said, pausing. "Let the
goat at her."

Colleen was speechless. He was only teasing her. "No, you agreed
not to." She yelled.

"An' yuh agreed to anythin'. Well this is what we want."

She struggled desperately against the ropes that had her bound.
But she remained helplessly spread-eagled. An open invitation for
the ram.

Billy and Jeremiah continued approaching her with the ram, Samuel
joined them so he could guide the beast's sex thing into the young
woman. Colleen could only watch at the approaching animal. As
the boys set its hooves down on either side of her belly. The ram's
weight was now on top of her, the cot underneath was at just the
right height for it. She could feel the soft texture of his furry belly
tickling her slightly across her body.

The ram's head was almost level with her breast and it took a lick.
This sent a shivering feeling deep in Colleen's belly as she could
only watch. She noticed the length of the animal's tongue and
realized that this was, in fact, what had given her so much pleasure
earlier. This thought almost had her gagging, but her body hadn't
objected then, and neither had her mind.

Bracing herself for the bestial onslaught that she was about to
receive. She shut her eyes tightly so has not to see this degrading
act. This wasn't in Samuel's plan, he pinched one of her nipples so
hard that her eyes almost popped open from the pain. She turned
her head towards him pleadingly.

"Yuh pay attention now gurl." He told her.

She resigned herself to bear witness to her own bestial rape. Tears
flowing down her cheek. All during this exchange with Samuel,
never did the ram stop licking her breast, which Colleen couldn't
help but enjoy. Samuel returned to her pussy area and grabbed
hold with his hanky the stiff black cock of his goat and started
rubbing it over her pussy lips.

Colleen drew in a deep breath upon feeling that rubbing action from
the animal's cock.
The boys had sat down nearby for the show about to be presented
The ram just kept on merrily enjoying his snack of her breast and
occasionally reaching her face, licking some of the remaining cum
off of her.
Samuel continued teasing her pussy with the heat of the ram's rod.

On one occasion, as Colleen peered down to look at the ram, he
had stuck out his tongue up to her lips. She surprised herself, when
she found herself sucking it into her mouth and French kissed the
beast. This brought catcalls from her three captors.

Once Samuel saw her taking that goat tongue in her mouth, he
knew she was ready for him. So he guided the ram's cock to the
entrance of her channel and inserted the first inch to let the animal
know that he had reached his goal.

When the ram felt his prick entering her vulva, it was the only
incentive that he needed to start his fucking motion. Never
stopping his licking relentless licking of her breast and face.

Colleen was aware of that first inch going into her body. Then she
could feel the ram starting his own fucking motion, pushing another
three inches into her. He held her breath at this intrusion. When
she started breathing again, it came in short breath after each
inward stroke of this animal. In and out. In and out.

The restless beast was acting on instinct now, and that called for a
continuous rocking motion on his part to drive more of his cock
into this new addition to his harem.

In and out. In and out. Another two inches. Six thick
inches of the ram had now been wedged into her vaginal tunnel.
She was surprised that little pain was accompanying this... this
invasion. For sure, she would have expected something so long and
thick to have hurt severely. But this lack of pain had a downside
for her mental well being. For now her body was once more
betraying her. She was instinctively fucking back in concert with
the ram.

This did not go unnoticed by her the three spectators hooting and
hollering. But Colleen couldn't even hear them. All of her attention
was focused on her new 'lover.' Trying to shove her pussy down so
as to capture more of that fuck rod.

In and out. In and out went the ram.

Colleen was astounded at the flexibility of her vaginal lips. She was
positive that the thickness of the ram's cock would never have
gotten past them. But now, after the fact, she was actually glad
that she could take him. Never had she felt such pleasure as now.

Once more she tried shoving her body downwards. The ram
obliged her efforts and shoved yet another three inches into her, and
pulled it back for another shove. That made it nine full inches
inside of her, past the halfway mark. The ram was even finding it
easier by the second to penetrate this bitch as she was continually
lubricating herself now.

The kidnappers were amazed at her hidden talent, even Samuel.

"That's twice now that this gurl is taken somethin' too big for the
best of whores." He swore.

Billy and Jeremiah had to agree with him, as they kept on looking in
amazement. In fact they all started putting down bets on how much
of that ramrod she will actually take.

Billy, the na´ve one in such matters put down all seventeen inches.
Jeremiah figured probably no more than eleven.
While Samuel placed is bet on the middle ground, from his
experience he figured that she would probably take fourteen or
fifteen inches before she bottomed out.

To cover their bets they dug into the cash that they got from the
Bank at Colorado Springs. One hundred and fifty dollars were at

Of course Colleen was completely oblivious to their goings ons.
She had other matters preoccupying her at the present.
Specifically, a sexually crazed ram. Throughout this ordeal it kept
licking her breast, which she was finding was actually soothing its
hyper sensitive pain/pleasure. Occasionally, its tongue would still
delve into her sucking mouth.

In and out. In and out. The onslaught continued of her cunt.

So far, Colleen stopped counting her orgasm at the dozen point,
and still they were assaulting her senses every few minutes. And
despite the cock plug at her pussy a puddle was forming under the
cot, and still she continued with more orgasms.

The three men were enjoying the show immensely. And
occasionally, they would be so engrossed that they would actually
stop stroking their own pricks, so as to pay closer attention to the
ongoing action.

In and out. In and out. Another shove from the ram sent yet
another couple of inches deep into Colleen's bowels. This made
eleven inches, and still she wanted more shoving again downwards.
The boys just whistled, mesmerized at the scene before them. At
this time, she was actually wishing that they would untie her so she
could accomplish what she wanted. Namely the deepest fuck on

The men each took another drink from the bottle while never taking
their eyes away from Colleen's show.

"Yuh know Unc. I think that she's enjoying herself." Jeremiah

"Yuh know nephew, I do believe yur right." He agreed.

Getting up, he pulled out his knife and cut her bonds. Immediately,
Colleen wrapped her legs around the ram, and pulled with all her
might by his horns, shoving another inch of his cock into her
quivering twat. This brought the count to twelve hard inches of
animal flesh merged with her own. She reached her head down and
grabbed its head and sucked in its tongue once more.

And every time the ram followed through with his fucking motion,
it would pull most of it out just to drive it back in. Now with so
much of it to move in and out, it was an agonizingly long rubbing
against Colleen's clit that was driving her out of her mind.

"yes! Oh God forgive me, but yes!!" She yelled out. "Deeper, go
deeper you beautiful beast."

The ram was only happy to oblige shoving still another couple of
inches more into her.

"Ugh! Yessss!" Was Colleen's response.

"Fourteen inches. I just don' believe it." Said Jeremiah dejectedly,
having already lost on the bet.

"Yuh go gurl!" Encouraged Billy.

Samuel remained silent and stunned at this youngin'. Why just a
day ago she was still a virgin. They had only yesterday busted her
cherry. And here she was fucking a damn goat and wanting more.
He sat in stunned amazement.

Colleen's nipples were so stiff, she felt as if they would burst like a
pimple any second. Her pussy was filled as much as she felt it
could with fourteen long inches of this beast going in and out at a
maddening pace. Pulling almost completely out then shoving its
way back into its quivering body, rubbing against its over excited
clit with each stroke. Another powerful orgasm and she passed out
yet again.

The men noticed her unconscious state, but the ram just didn't care.
It carried on. But now, with this bitch unconscious, her body
relaxing, he found her twat loosening enough to allow his final
three inches. Unbelievably, the ram's full seventeen inches of cock
meat had actually made its way into the deepest recesses of
Colleen's quivering body.

"Yahoo! I won." Billy yelled as he reached for his winnings, while
never taking his eyes off of the girl/goat show.

This final shove from the ram stirred Colleen from her dazed sleep,
she needed a second to remember how she got here. This was as
the ram was sending back his full cock into her. This brought out a
long, long moan from her lip.

"Oh yes!' She lisped. "That is so good."

The ram started pulling back again. Not wanting him to leave, she
grabbed for his horns again. But before she had a chance to pull
him back, it shoved its ramrod in once more. Another moan came
from her.

As this action was continuing, the three men were slowly
approaching her, still stroking their now stiff pricks. As they got up
to her face Colleen looked up as the first spurt hit her. She
gleefully opened her mouth to receive their load as the ram
continued slamming into her cunt.

One after another the three desperadoes sprayed her face. Hitting
her in her mouth, her forehead and her eyes. All the while, she was
smiling as she continued to try to swallow their offering.

It was at this time that they were all four interrupted by the loud
braying from the ram as Colleen could feel the high pressure hosing
that the animal was sending deep in her body. Her body jerked
once and collapsed, both from exhaustion and ecstasy.

As for the men, they just kept showering her face with their jism.
And with Colleen's mouth agape, they simply aimed for the
opening, and she instinctively kept on swallowing it without even
realizing it. All the while enjoying the climax of this show that
Samuel had arranged for them.

With her pussy already filled to the brink with seventeen full inches
of goat cock, the ram's sperm had nowhere to go but out of her
orifice, puddling underneath the cot that she lay in. Colleen just
dreamily enjoyed this final act of perversion that she has learned in
just two very long days.

Now that the ram had finally finished seeding the bitch, he started
pulling himself out of her cunt in a slow but steady fashion. Colleen
feeling him start to exit tightened her cunt muscles, trying
desperately to trap him in her. It was a lost cause, but the squeeze
she was putting on the ram did excite it.

After what seemed like an eternity the ram pulled the last of its
prick from her vagina with a loud plop, that brought the three men
found hilarious.

Colleen, for her part, was weeping. After being so full, the
emptiness in her pussy was devastating. Samuel noticed her
longing and looking over to the ram's semi-hard cock, led it to the
head of the cot near her face. He gave a few slaps across the
cheeks to get her attention. Colleen looked over in his direction
and immediately took notice of the ramrod that had just vacated her

With great effort she rolled off of the cot onto the ground. On her
hands and knees she crawled over to the ram and took hold of its
cock and started a jerking motion to it, trying to revive it.

"C'mon gurl. Yuh can do better." Samuel said as he shoved her
face next to it.

Without objecting, Colleen started licking along the length of that
monster cock. Not only was she tasting its spermy residue, but also
her own juices that still coated it. She found that she thoroughly
enjoyed the salty mix.

The three men once more surrounded the strange couple before
them and started jerking off again. Colleen moved to the ram's
cockhead and inserted through her lips, sucking it feverishly. The
ram, feeling his rod in another channel fucked forward slightly,
shoving in the first three inches of his immense tool.

Colleen gurgled with pleasure at the invasive cock, sucking and
licking as it entered her throat. The ram pulled out before plunging
yet further with five inches of stiffness. But her throat, not being as
flexible as her vaginal muscles couldn't accommodate any more of
it. So she had to be satisfied with what she had now.

Billy, now fully erect knelt behind her and inserted himself into her
pussy and fucked into her. As he continued shoving in, it only
helped her with her suck/fuck of the ram. This combination only
increased her pleasure. With everything that he did and saw this
day, Billy didn't manage to hold it in too long. He shot his load
into her pussy and vacated her cunt.

As soon as he got out of the way he was replaced by his father.
Samuel had held off on pouncing on this young nymph during most
of the action today, but he discovered that he needed release.
Colleen had managed to conquer this master of sexual depravity.
So in went his eleven inches of man meat. But after the workout
her pussy had gotten from the ram, she hardly felt it as he shoved it
all in on the first try. Pumping his cock in and out of her as he kept
watching her eating up the animal's cock.

After a few minutes, he too shot his load and was soon replaced by
the last, Jeremiah. Though he enjoyed the show as much as his
uncle and cousin, he didn't want to stick is cock where an animal
had been. So instead he chose her shit chute. He had enjoyed her
tightness there the previous night, so that's where he planted his

Plunging his cock down that forbidden passage surprised Colleen,
but she never stopped her job on the ram's rod. Occasionally
pulling her mouth off of it so that she could lick its length. A length
that her throat would be denied because of his size. So she made
sure that it wasn't ignored.

Jeremiah, having the best control of his loins of the three, tried to
time his climax to the goat's coasted along while enjoying the show.
Colleen was enjoying the feel of his presence in her anus while she
continued to suck on the ram's cock, and using her hand to jerk the
remainder of its monstrous length.

Her hand was the first the receive the signal that the ram was ready
to cum. Through her fingers she could actually feel the juices
flowing within the cocktube, just a few seconds before the first shot
hit the back of her throat.

This was Jeremiah's signal as well, as he banged her butt furiously
in order to cum before the goat could finish. Colleen for her part
was sucking desperately to swallow every drop of the beast's
offering. But the cum was flooding her mouth faster then she could
swallow. So it was inevitable that some would escape her ravenous
hunger and drip down her chin to the ground.

Jeremiah finally started cumming himself and Colleen shoved her
butt back to him, enjoying the feel of being filled at both ends

She continued swallowing what felt like gallons upon gallons of
animal jism before the horny ram finally tired of this game. And
forcibly removed his satiated cock from her ravenous mouth and
ran back out the tunnel towards his harem at the coral.

Once Jeremiah finished his own climax he just collapsed on top of
her. Colleen was so weak from all of the exertion that she suffered
that she crashed to the ground under his weight. The other two just
left them like that laid back to sleep off this day's exercise.

(continued in chapter Four)

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